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Thursday, July 16 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Dining Table = DT

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Head of House Room = HOHR

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12:00 AM BBT Vanessa, Clay and Shelli up in the HOH chatting.  Vanessa says at the end of the day Jeff made the mistake and he’s going home because of it.  Vanessa admits she wasn’t really friends with him so it’s not hard on her.  Clay agrees.  Meanwhile down in the Cabana room Jackie and Jeff chat.  Jeff doesn’t know if Shelli trusts him enough to change her mind.  FoTH.


12:04 AM BBT Feeds back and Audrey has joined Shelli and Clay.  Audrey feels “they” got in her head.  Vanessa wants to know who.  Audrey says she can’t talk about it (referring to production).  Vanessa tells her to be vague.  Audrey can’t.  FoTH.  Feeds back Audrey says about a plan to get “me” out next week.  Intermittent FoTH.


12:07 AM Vanessa tells Audrey that maybe she just feels too comfortable and that’s why she’s feeling paranoid but she just needs to chill out.  Vanessa needs to touch base with Steve to see where he’s at.


12:11 AM BBT Clay heads down to get something to eat and Audrey says her fairy session (DR) really brought her back down to Earth.  Audrey is planning on saying something to Becky about calling Becky out for trying to backdoor her.  Shelli doesn’t like it because she was HOH with her and it will look like it came from her.  Audrey says Jeff told her with Clay in the SR.  Shelli says it will be throwing her under the bus.  Audrey says she’ll instead say that she knows there was a plan to backdoor her and it fell through.  Vanessa comes in and warns them that James and Steve playing chess can probably hear their conversation.


12:14 AM BBT Down in the CR Jeff is campaigning to Becky trying to run votes to see if he’ll survive this week.  Audrey whispers briefly before her voice returns to the same volume saying that she’ll tell Becky that she’ll backdoor her if she (Audrey) wins HOH because she would have done the same to her if she won HOH last week and it was heard by a room full of people “Well you all know who I want out…”  Shelli advises her to say it that way if she must say anything.


12:17 AM BBT Audrey is now planning a conversation to have with Steve about him never giving up any information and she’ll give him amnesty if he throws the HOH this week.  Shelli can only hear parts of what Audrey is saying.  Vanessa suggests she come sit on the couch.  Down in the CR Jeff finishes his talk with Becky (running votes and such) saying he needs to pack.  He walks out into the OR and tells Meg he’s going to pack.  She says she’ll sit with him in the HNR while he packs.


12:19 AM BBT Shelli and Audrey head into the HOH BR to continue their conversation so Steve and James won’t hear them.  Audrey says she won’t do anything to throw Shelli under the bus.  Audrey wants to make sure Shelli and Clay understand that she defended the two of them when their back was against the wall.  Shelli wishes she’d stop saying that because Shelli doesn’t keep going to Audrey to remind her that she could have put her up the week before but she didn’t.  Audrey says she’s insecure.  Shelli wishes she wouldn’t be and her insecurity is making her nervous.


12:21 AM BBT Meg and Jeff are in the HNR whispering.  Jeff is rehashing the conversation he had with Audrey earlier.  Up in the HOH BR Audrey runs her Becky conversation by Vanessa.  Vanessa says it’s risky because Becky doesn’t have numbers to backdoor Audrey.  Anyone sitting next to Audrey would go home.  Shelli agrees.  Vanessa says making that deal with her would take a potential target away from her (Audrey) if she were to win HOH.


12:23 AM BBT Jeff begins packing in the HNR.  BB calls out Liz (elsewhere in the house) for talking about her DRs.  Meg wonders why everyone is talking about that tonight.  Jeff needs to talk to Liz but he needs Austin to leave her side for one minute.  Austin better hope Jeff goes home this week.  Other people will hate him next week because Audrey won’t go home, he’ll go after other people that he’s mad at right now.


12:26 AM BBT Up in the HOH Shelli wonders who Jackie would target if she won HOH.  Shelli wants to have a discussion with Jackie to make sure she know she’s not a target just because they went after Jeff this week and that they had their reasons for going after him.  Vanessa says she made a deal with her (Jackie) for not putting her up on the block this week because she put Johnny on the block who’s been on the block three weeks in a row.  Vanessa just cautions Audrey not to have a lot of unnecessary conversations.


12:29 AM BBT Vanessa is going to lay down and Shelli is going to take a shower in the HOH BR.  Vanessa turns off the HOH lights so hopefully the cameras won’t creep on Shelli in the shower.  Audrey leaves the HOH and asks if Clay is cooking fish.  FoTH.


12:31 AM BBT Feeds back and Vanessa needs to talk to James (who is walking in the door).  Shelli tells her to let her know when the room is empty because she won’t take a shower as long as people are in there.  Vanessa tells her that she was just told she’ll be called to DR in like ten minutes.  Vanessa wants to make a deal with James.  Vanessa says Jeff is campaigning like crazy and she’s discussed with everyone to make sure that they’re going to vote to evict him (Jeff).  Vanessa says tonight was really hairy and even people that were 200% going to vote him out were like 50/50.  But Vanessa used facts and she thinks she has things under control again.


12:33 AM BBT Vanessa will keep James off the block if she’s HOH the following week if he’ll keep her off the block if he’s HOH next week.  James says he already was going to offer that deal to her.  Vanessa is glad to hear that and she knows James included her in a deal with Austin next week but she just wants to make sure.  James agrees.


12:35 AM BBT Down in the HNR Meg and Jeff continue to chat.  Jeff is grumbling about the way things went down for him.  Jeff wishes people would vote individually and not as a house.


12:37 AM BBT James says Jeff tried to pump him for information earlier and it would be reported back to others and then Jeff would turn around and try to do it again later on.  Vanessa says Jeff is doing what he has to do to try and get the vote.  He’s pulling heartstrings and everything.  Vanessa questions James if he talked to Steve.  James talked to him and Steve said he’s 100% going to vote to keep James.  Vanessa is glad to hear that.  Down in the HNR Meg and Jeff continue to chat.  Jeff feels like he has very good relationships in the house but what happened with Vanessa was very strategic and he’s not sure how it happened but it was genius.  He says the whole thing seems staged.  Jeff points at the wall and says “that person staged it” (Audrey?) and he knows it’s cliche’d but tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum didn’t come up with that plan.  


12:41 AM BBT Jeff tells Meg that James and he has her back.  Up in the HOH James and Vanessa continue to chat.  Vanessa expects the vote to be 8-3 or maybe 7-4 if there’s an America’s vote.  Vanessa recommends James make rounds in the morning and ask for the vote.   Even Johnny, but don’t waste the time on Jackie.  He’ll never get her vote.  She agrees.


12:43 AM BBT Jeff wishes he knew why Austin was trying to get him out of here but he knows the house will blow up if he tries so he won’t.  Meg doesn’t know how to decide who to vote for.


12:45 AM BBT Vanessa reassures James that Austin won’t vote to keep Jeff because Jeff drug his name through the dirt.  James understands.  Down in the HNR Meg and Jeff continue to chat.  Meg just doesn’t know.  Jeff tells her to think what’s best for his game.  Meg agrees.


12:47 AM BBT Vanessa says Jeff campaigning is showing people that he wants to stay and people may question whether or not James wants to.  James needs to tell people that he’s there to play and to tell them about his daughter.  Down in the HNR Jackie walks in and does something in her bag before telling them goodnight and leaving the room.


12:50 AM BBT Vanessa continues to chat with James in the HOH explaining why she put Jeff on the block.  Down in the HNR Jeff says he’s not throwing James “under the dirt” and he can absolutely help her as well.  Meg understands.  Meg points out that he (Jeff) has his own loyalties as well.  Jeff doesn’t really think he does.  He says people don’t mess with him because of Jackie.  Jeff wishes he wasn’t up against James because then he could slander them, instead he just needs to talk about himself.  Meg says Jeff shouldn’t waste his time campaigning to her.  Jeff understands.


12:53 AM BBT Up in the HOH James told Jackie to vote to keep Jeff because of their relationship obviously.  He also spoke with Johnny and Johnny told him he was going to vote to keep Jeff because Jeff hasn’t done him wrong yet.  James understands.  James talked to Becky and Becky will vote to evict Jeff because James kept his word when James was on the block.  Steve also will vote to evict Jeff.  Vanessa tells him he needs to work on Meg and Jason because they’re very close to him.


12:55 AM BBT Jeff crawls in bed with Johnny.  Becky, Jackie, Liz, Austin, Johnny and Jeff are chatting in the CR.  Up in the HOH James says he’s talked to Liz and Liz says he (James) has her vote to stay.  Vanessa tells him to talk to Audrey.  James says he has already talked to Audrey.  FotH.


12:59 AM BBT Vanessa and James continue to chat in the HOH about Jeff being a great campaigner.  Down in the WA Meg and Steve chat.  Steve says it’s a hard decision.  Meg agrees.  Jackie walks through to use the WC.  Both agree that it sucks to have to decide.  Steve says he has to tell himself that it’s just a game.


01:01 AM BBT Steve says asks Jackie how she’s doing while she washes her hands.  Feeds switch to Clay chatting with Meg in the KT.  Meg says it’s just wrong that people are telling him one thing while planning another.  Up in the HOH Vanessa and James continue to chat going over why Jeff was a good target this week because of his lies, etc…

01:05 AM BBT Meg heads into bed in the darkened OR room.  Audrey can be seen in bed already.  Over in the CR we have car talk.  Feeds quickly switch to Clay cooking in the KT with Jackie sitting at the counter and Becky hanging around as well.  She tries a piece of Clay’s fish.  She says it’s good but stinks.  Vanessa and James’ conversation ends.  They hug it out.  James thanks Vanessa for all she’s done for him today, he knows it was also for her game but he appreciates it.  HOH feeds switch back to the CR and the car chat continues.


01:07 AM BBT James comes down from the HOH and says he and Clay can go hang out in the sketch-sketch (Cabana) room.  James just wants to talk Clay once more before tomorrow.  James begins to campaign for himself in a positive manner (not attacking Jeff’s game).  Meanwhile over in the CR the car talk continues.


1:11 AM BBT Clay says he’s worried about people that mention splitting he and Shelli up and he doesn’t know who said it but he heard James did.  Clay says it’s hard to jump feet first into a “thing” especially after hearing that.  James understands and can swear word to mouth that that conversation was presented to him when he did hear that.  Over in the CR Jeff tells the room he’ll see them tomorrow.  Johnny turns the lights out.


01:14 AM BBT James and Clay continue to talk.  James and Clay agree that they felt that they had a connection especially after that first night.  Clay says things still haven’t changed between them except for his plus one which is only a benefit for James other than maybe a target because of the duo.


01:16 AM BBT Jeff and Steve chat in the HNR.  Steve misses his family.  Jeff says sometimes it’s great to just get away.  Steve says if he’s fortunate to make jury then he’s a quarter of the way through.


01:19 AM BBT Jeff and Steve chat about Johnny.  Jeff and Johnny have been close on the down-low.  Steve likes Johnny and Johnny likes Steve.  Steve likes Jackie and then Becky.  Over in the Cabana room talk has turned to James pulling away from Jeff because “it felt weird”.


01:22 AM BBT Jeff reassures Steve that he’s not anyone’s target.  Jeff points out that when he is to get targeted he needs more people to help get his back.  Jeff threw him a bone to Jackie and Johnny and he could help get his back if he sticks around.  Over in the Cabana, the conversation continues.  James says there will be no tricks from James and James will come to him and let him know if he hears anything about the two of them being targeted.  Clay thanks him.  James says he (James) can’t win HOH this week and he’ll have to throw the comp because he doesn’ t want to get blood on his hands.


01:25 AM BBT Austin and Liz are whispering in the darkened CR room.  They can’t believe something.  Austin says they have to win tomorrow.  Liz agrees.  Austin says this place is crazy.  They wonder where Steve is.


01:26 AM BBT James and Jackie in the Cabana room chatting.  Jackie says she will be loyal to James once Jeff is gone and she hopes he understands.  James absolutely does.  James tells her to be there for Jeff.  Back in the CR room Liz likes the lighting in the HNR room.  Talk turns to her past when she was younger and whether she would be scared of monsters under bed and such.


01:29 AM BBT James will have Jackie’s back.  Jackie is glad to hear it.  James says even if her vote were to be the deciding vote to him staying or going home James would understand if she evicted him (James).  Jackie understands.  James wonders what Jeff is up to right now.  Jackie says he’s just wandering around aimlessly.  She thinks he knows what’s about to happen (with the vote).  James says it’s going to be a rough day.  Jackie says she put her whole game on hold just to be there with him.  They both agree that it’s a game and has to happen to everyone.


01:32 AM BBT James and Jackie continue to chat in the Cabana room.  James says Vanessa is a straight shooter and she told him that she was going to backdoor Audrey and then the whole Jeff thing happened.  Both agreed that it was weird that it happened that way.  Jackie says you can’t fight it or force it and things will just happen like they happen.  Liz and Austin continue to whisper in the darkened HOH room.  Austin will tell her something with the music is on, something that someone told him.


01:36 AM BBT Jeff gets into bed with Audrey and says that someone hates him.  Audrey is sitting up.  He tells her that he’s never had so many rumors brought up about him in his life.  Jeff just doesn’t know any more.  Audrey appears to be looking for something.  She puts her glasses on.  Jeff says every time he turns around someone was telling him something new about him.  Audrey questions what.  Jeff says he tried to talk to Steve but Steve wouldn’t talk to him.  He claimed he was missing his family but Jeff knows it’s something more.  Audrey says Steve doesn’t like talking game in rooms with people alone.  Jason comes in and hits his hand on the chair and yells a vulgarity.


01:39 AM BBT Audrey continues to sit up in bed.  Jeff is laying down saying the game is crazy.  Jeff says whoever wants him gone wants him gone bad.  Audrey wonders who it is.  Jeff says when he says it’s one person he means multiple people.  Jeff needs to figure it out.  Jeff gets back up.  Audrey starts to follow behind and stops beside Jason and starts to whisper about how Steve and Jeff going in and out of the HNR was coordinated.  Meanwhile in the Cabana James and Jackie continue to chat about the vote and having each others backs moving forward.


01:42 AM BBT Audrey says Jeff is trying hard while James isn’t doing anything.  Jason thinks it’s better for James that way.  Jason and Audrey agree that Steve and Jeff did not talk about Steve’s family for 10 minutes because Steve never talks about his family.  BB calls Jason out to put on his mic and Meg grumbles.  Meg says Steve was told that Jeff is gunning after him next week.  Meg says she told him he should becareful as to who he is listening to.  Meg told him to think logically after the week he had and Steve would not be his target next week.  Meg says this conversation happened just before she laid down.


01:46 AM BBT Jason wonders who is talking to Steve.  Audrey says Clay, Shelli and Johnny.  Over in the Cabana Jeff says to Jackie he had to put a fire out with Steve because Steve asked him his target list is Steve, Audrey and Becky.  Jeff says no.  Jackie wonders who told him that.  Jeff had no clue.  Jeff then says the order was Audrey, him and Becky.  Audrey saw him with Meg just a bit ago.  Jackie points out that he played chess with James earlier.


01:47 AM BBT Over in the darkened OR room Meg, Audrey and Jason continue to whisper about how horrible it feels with the things that are being said.  Meg says Steve was never in Jeff’s sights.  Back in the Cabana Jeff and Jackie continue to talk.  Jeff wonders if Meg and Jason would ever throw him under the bus.  Jackie doesn’t know


01:49 AM BBT Steve passes through the OR and Audrey walks out of the room.  Jason joins Meg in Clay’s bed (she was sleeping there because Jason was sprawled out).  Meg says “they’re being shady”.  Jason agrees.  Out in the KT Audrey and Clay whisper.  Audrey tells him about the conversation Meg, Audrey and Jason just had about Steve hearing about Jeff targeting him.  Audrey thinks Meg and Jeff were talking earlier and she thinks they’re going to pin the lie on their side.  Clay tells her not to get involved and just to go to bed.


01:51 AM BBT Jason and Meg continue to chat in the darkened OR room.  Jason says Jeff is definitely ruffling feathers on his way out.  Shelli and James walks through and Jason and Meg wonder what’s up with that.  Meg has it figured out.  Clay does the talking while Shelli comes up with the plans.


01:54 AM BBT Audrey comes back in wondering if Shelli went to bed.  They say no and say she went with James into the CR, they wonder what that means.  Audrey doesn’t think James started that rumor.  They agree.  Audrey points out that Steve went into the HNR 10-15 before Jeff and then they were in there a long time which is a calculated meeting.  Meanwhile out in the KT Clay and Becky chat.  Becky clarifies the vote is still to evict Jeff.  Clay says yes.  Becky says Jeff came in and told her that he thought he swayed Clay and Shelli to keep him.  Becky says Jeff will count her as his vote but she’s just telling him that.  Clay wonders if Becky spoke with Vanessa.  Becky did.


01:56 AM BBT  Audrey, Meg and Jason continue to chat in the darkened OR.  Jason says Jeff is very much campaigning.  Jason says Jackie told him repeatedly to be nice to Steve because they’ll never know when they need him.  They wonder if that’s weird.


01:58 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie in the Cabana chatting and Jeff is called to DR.  James and Shelli in the HNR.  Shelli says they asked him point blank if he ever tried to target them and he said no.


02:00 AM BBT Shelli and James continue to chat in the HNR.  Shelli wonders if James ever threw their names out there.  James says no.  James says Jeff has though several times when he was present.  Clay has joined Meg, Audrey and Jason in the darkened OR.  Meg and Jason give up Clay’s stolen bed and shoo him out of their bed.  Clay stays in their bed and they lay down beside him.  Meg says Clay’s bed is so comfortable.  



02:03 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH.  Shelli and James continue to talk in the HNR about James having their backs.  Clay gets out of Meg and Jason’s bed and head back to his bed.  Meg says Clay smells good.  Audrey tells her not to feed his ego.  Clay and Audrey begin to swing pillows back and forth at each other.  FoTH.



02:06 AM BBT Clay gets up to get some water.  Meg and Jason roll over to get some sleep.  Audrey walks into HNR.  Shelli tells James he’s good.  Audrey has some things to ask Shelli that has nothing to do with James.  James says he’s out and hugs Shelli.  Audrey rehashes Jeff and Steve being alone together earlier and what Jeff said to her.


02:09 AM BBT James and Austin chatting in the KT.  James says Austin should be a spokesperson for GNC.  Austin agrees and says it’d save him so much.  Austin says the only alliance he can count on his his protein.  Austin is going to bed and asks James if they’re good.  James says they are.  James heads into the darkened OR room asking when they’re playing dare again, he needs another kiss.


02:10 AM BBT BB calls out Audrey for obstructing her mic.  Shelli and Audrey leave the HNR.  Shelli jumps on Clay…Audrey jumps on the two of them.  James joins in.  Lots of screaming and yelling (playful).  James gets off and turns on the lights in the CR and gets yelled at for blinding them all.  Someone says he came in just to fart that’s why they are yelling next door.  FoTH.


02:13 AM BBT Lights are on in the OR now.  Meg called to DR.  She blames them all.  Shelli and Steve in the WA doing nightly ADLs.  Back in the OR we have pillows flying back and forth between Audrey and Clay and James joining in.


02:15 AM BBT Steve hums some music for Shelli’s musical.  Shelli says he has a good voice.  Jeff is in the shower.  Shelli walks into the OR with Steve and tells the group that Steve wrote some of the music in his head.  Shelli has him sing it.  Everyone is impressed.  The CR busts up laughing because they hear him singing.


02:19 AM BBT Becky comes out of the CR.  General laughter and playfullness between the two rooms.  Jackie gets up as well.  Lights stay on in the OR while, the lights stay off in the CR.  BB calls Jackie out to put on her mic.  James and Jackie play fight.  James runs in after her and Steve sits in front of the door in an effort to trap them inside.  James and Jackie both ask each other repeatedly if they’re ok.  Jeff still in the shower.


02:21 AM BBT Shelli apparently sung her musical song in the DR.  Someone hopes they play it as a wake up song.  Clay, Audrey, Jason, Becky, James, Jackie and Steve are in the OR with the lights on.  Steve wonders why there are condoms next to Clay’s bed.  Meanwhile in the WA Jeff is out of the shower.


02:24 AM BBT Steve comments that he imagines wearing a condom would be uncomfortable.  Shelli runs in and jumps on Audrey’s bed.  James throws another pillow.  Pillows once again begin to fly.  Jeff walks into the OR.  Jeff called out to better place his mic.


02:28 AM BBT General pillow fights and playful fights continue in the OR.  Liz and Austin can be seen in the darkened CR feeling rather annoyed.  Meg comes out of the DR and hints at putting on performance for them.  James tackles Steve onto Meg and Jason’s bed almost knocking Meg over.  She chases Steve out of her bed and wonders what’s wrong with people.

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3:58 AM BBT:  So, Jeff and Jackie and in the CLR talking about other players, mostly Shelli and Clay.  They point out the age gap. Jeff calls Clay a "little kid" because he is 23, and Jackie agrees and adds that he is great "but he's still 23 at the end of the day."  Then, she tries to ego boost Jeff and says, "You are 27; you're five years older than him."  [LOL]  Jeff laughs, and he says she can't do math.


Jeff talks about how many passes people have given Audrey and says she could even win the game.  Jackie says no way she wins because she plays too hard and can't last until the end.  Jeff says its because she stirs up to much stuff and wouldn't it be weird if she voted for him. Then, FotH.


4:01 AM BBT:  Jeff says he feels screwed because no one has approached him.  He says the game turns you into a lunatic; it's paranoia.  Jackie asks him why he was paranoid.  Jeff reminds her that she hasn't had her name thrown around like he has.  Jackie wants to know what he could have done the first week to have his name thrown around like that.  Lots of whispering and stretching made the response hard to hear.  


Jeff says people feel threatened because he is "very well versed"  that he puts too much thought into what he says.  He says he shouldn't have said he is in sales because people want trust what he says.   Jackie says that she thinks she should just keep playing the dumb card and then show how smart she is later.  She points out that Jason thinks she is just dumb because she doesn't talk to him like she does with Jeff.


4:06 AM BBT: Jeff talks about Vanessa's "blow-up"  and says that he feels like she planned it out.  Jackie says if she did then Shelli and Clay must have been a part of it.  Jeff says it is also weird because Shelli and Clay are always up there with Vanessa.  And, then he cautions Jackie about talking to him too much because people talk about who other people spend time with (like they are right now).  Jackie says that Shelli is so fake.


Jeff advises Jackie to align with Becky and stay with her.   Jeff says that he has learned so much in this game that if he stayed now no one would have a chance.  Jackie says for him to tell her what he knows then. Someone walks past the door (Audrey?).


Jeff tells her that Austin will lie to your face, that he says he has your back and then goes and lies to other people.  Jeff says that Becky is the opposite because she is a beast in competitions and then get rid of who she wants.  He says that either James, Meg, or Jason has been ratting him out to Vanessa.  Jackie says it has to be James because Meg is too nice and Jason has wanted to stay out of the drama since he was on the block again at the beginning.


4:23 AM BBT:  Jeff continues sharing his BB Knowledge...he says that who gets called into the DR the most is relevant.  He points out that Clay was called in a lot.  There is someone in the bathroom, and they speculate who is out of bed.


Jeff says there are too many people here for him to leave now and that he doesn't want to be the third person to leave.  Jackie says that she cannot believe they have been here this long and that only two other people have left.  Jeff says, "I'm the Devin of this season."


4: 27 AM BBT: Jeff wonders how he will be portrayed by the show.  Jeff says he is ready to go to bed. 


4:29 AM BBT:  Jeff and Jackie in bathroom getting ready to call it a night/morning.  Jackie proves that the bathroom door slams.  Jeff says that he jinxed this week when he saw Vanessa get HOH because he said that this (Vanessa's turn as HOH) was not going to be good.


4:32 AM BBT:  They move to kitchen and talk about how disgusting it is.  They leave kitchen and go to bedrooms. All HG in beds.

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9:38am BBT: looks like Jeff comes out of the DR and goes straight back to bed. 

9:54am BBT: WE have FOTH  maybe a wake up call

10:04am BBt: Hg are up  and moving around Getting food and coffee and clothes together.

10:05am BBT: Jason and Steve eating cereal, Becky and Meg are getting milk, Clay is getting peanut butter Vanessa is sitting watching  everyone walk around. Austin is getting out of the bed and heading to the KT, Jackie looks to still be sleeping.

 10:16am BBT: Hg are doing ADL's or getting a shower and some are eating breakfast. Everyone is silent and just looking around in the KT.

10:22am BBT: Vanessa is packing her things in the HOh rm to move downstairs. Austin is in there talking to her  and helping her clean. Austin says hopefully he will throw it tonight. Austin then says hopefully Jeff is not programming jacking to come after us with a vengeance. Vanessa says we will have to deprogram her and Austin agrees.

 10:29am BBT: HG in the WA doing ADL's and sitting around with general chat going on. Vanessa still cleaning and packing in the HOh rm.

10:35am BBT: Jeff whispering really low to Liz as Jason and Steve and Clay are doing ADL's and talking about getting hair cuts today. Audrey, Shelli and Vanessa in the hOH WA doing ADL's

10:42am BBT: Audrey talking to Vanessa in the HOh rm about things will work out fine. Vanessa says i understand.Jeff is talking to Liz about her having a twin  and how Johnny Mack tells him that one of them have a cown and one doesn't and Liz laughs.

 10:46am BBT: Vanessa is laughing at Audrey and Shelli about their ex's as she packs her things in the HOh rm. Liz telling Jeff that James came and campaigned to her and she told him that she was alot closer to Jeff and if he could give her a reason to change her vote then tell her.

 10:50am BBT: WE are now on Jeff's Reels as the HG prepare for tonight's live eviction.

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1:04PM BBT Feeds are back. HG just move out of the HOH room.


1:13PM BBT Jeff under the covers next to Meg. He is whispering and can't hear him. Meg is laughing. Vanessa eating in the kitchen.


1:18PM BBT Grooming going on in the WA. Meg and Jeff still whispering in bed. Jeff talking about going out. You can hear the name Steve but the rest is very difficult. Meg lying on her mic and not sure where Jeff's is.


1:28PM BBT Jeff talking to meg about the different HG and who they have in the game. He says James doesn't have a sidekick Still whispering. He says he will check back with her.


1:30PM BBT Jeff says he asked Liz if she and her Dad had a nice date last night. He says Liz told him to shut up. He says that Liz told him that she is terrified to turn Austin down.


1:39PM BBT Jeff telling Meg how ridiculous it was that he was nominated and that Audrey is still in the house. He says that he dares anyone to make it through the game and not lie. He says even not relaying convos is a lie and that's how he got in trouble.

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1:45PM BBT Austin, Vanessa and James in the WA. Austin says that Jeff caught in his own mess. Austin says he has no respect for Jeff. Vanessa says that the true character is how you act when you are going home. Austin says if Jeff attacks him tonight then he will interrupt his speech. Austin say that Jeff is being a bully.


1:48PM BBT We are back to Jeff's reels.


1:51PM BBT Feeds are back. HG still prepping in the WA. Jeff is getting off of the bed. Liz is in the room now. He tells Meg he is going to cuddle with Liz. She says no. They all laugh.

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2:01 PM BBT Austin and Liz in the Cabana Room Lounge.  Liz is telling Austin about what Jeff has said to her.  Jeff commenting on Austin “turning” on Jace and not even giving Jace a sympathy vote.  Austin is miffed, because Jace told him not to vote for him.  They keep talking about how sick they are of Jeff. 


2:09 PM BBT In the Ocean Bedroom, Jeff is talking to Meg and James about how stressful this game is.  James is reassuring Jeff that he has a lot of things going for him, and that he will be known just having been on BB, and that he has a line on a job.   


2:14 PM BBT Audrey at the dining table, chatting with Clay, Shelli and John in the KT.  Audrey jokes with Clay: “I can’t wait to make you a have-not”  Clay responds that he will make her a HN every time he gets HOH.  Audrey zings back “if you win one.” 


2:18 PM BBT Austin talking to Vanessa in the WA.  Vanessa has a mud mask on.  Austin telling her how ugly things are getting, with Jeff saying he is telling everyone that  Austin and Vanessa can’t be trusted and how he is turning the house and that he’s going to stay and stand up and say “Blindside!”  Vanessa isn’t buying it.  She doesn’t think Jeff as the votes.  Austin speculating about Steve’s and Meg’s votes.  


2:23 PM BBT Audrey comes into the WA and Vanessa is stressing about being thrown under the bus by Jeff.  Becky comes in and points out that it’s to be expected that people will be campaigning hard on the last day.  Anyone on the block is gonna be stressed until the vote is done.


2:28 PM BBT Vanessa, Audrey and Austin in the WA.  Vanessa notes that Austin is stressed, and he agrees that he doesn’t know how to handle this sort of stuff.  It’s not the sort of thing that happens in his regular life.  Austin is called to the DR.


2:31 PM BBT Liz and James are cleaning mirrors in the WA while Vanessa gets ready for a shower. 


2:34 PM BBT  Audrey vacuuming in the WA while Liz wipes the counter and Steve looks on.  Shelli and Clay washing dishes in the KT.


2:37 PM BBT Clay and Shelli talking about Audrey as they wash dishes, and speculate about her being America’s player.  Clay suggests confronting her, but Shelli says that Audrey probably wouldn’t be allowed to tell them anyway.


2:45 PM BBT John vacuuming in the colorful BR.  Shelli and Clay still in the KT washing dishes.


2:49 PM BBT Vanessa is out of the shower and blow-drying her hair in the WA.  Jackie’s turn in the shower.


2:50 PM BBT In the colorful BR, James is telling Austin and Liz about a conversation he overhead between Jeff and Clay where Clay said “if anything you backstabbed me” … Jeff claimed he was joking.  James says Meg and Jason were also there.  James feels sure of Clay and Shelli’s vote and knows that Jason and Meg will vote to keep him.  James is sure he has the votes to stay. 


2:54 PM BBT James, Austin, and Liz talking about the upcoming HOH comp.  Liz is anxious to win it.  All three of them were very close last week.  James thinks it might be an egg-through-chicken-wire competition.  They discuss what gives a person an advantage for that type of competition.

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3:02 PM BBT Becky is in the KT, & says, that they cleaned out the HOHR just now. John tells Steve that a pillow from the cheese room (CBR) is in the BY, & he keeps forgetting to take it back in when he's out there. Clay is getting himself water from the refrigerator door. He sits at the glass table with John to eat. Steve asks if they have any tuna left? Clay says, they don't have much left. John says, they have Campbell's. Steve asks if they have any protein left? He decides to make some chicken & rice soup. Jason walks in & says hi to them.


3:06 PM BBT Jason says, he really wants a sandwich, but they only have nasty a** roast beef. Jason says, the whole house smells like fish. He decides to make turkey dogs instead. Steve comes back from getting his soup. John gets up to get some water to drink. Steve gets water as well. Jason is looking for hotdog buns.


3:08 PM BBT In the CBR, Liz is trying to take a nap. James makes fun of the fact that Becky was using a potato to help with her back. She says, the foam roller that doesn't get to some places. Becky says, every time she uses something else, they (BB) take it. Austin is laying in bed with Liz. Becky asks for her llama stuffed animal, & she is laying next to James. Audrey is sitting on the third bed.


3:10 PM BBT Audrey talks about there being montage's out there from BB. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's. Austin says, he & Jace did some funny stuff the week before the feeds came on. James talks about him making stuff out of tinfoil. Becky asks James to put her llama back. She says, the llama's name is Larry, & tells James to stop messing with it. James put it back on the night stand. Becky says, she wants to take a nap.


3:12 PM BBT James asks what time it is? Becky says it should be around 2 PM BBT or so. James says, he's ready to see Julie. Audrey says, it would be good to see the musical they did on the TV screen. She says, Frankie might be jealous. James says, he would have killed it. Audrey picks up a yellow pillow, & pretends she's going to throw it at James. James tells her not to do that, because they are in a safe zone. Audrey walks out. James says, Audrey is goofy.


3:15 PM BBT Austin says, it's cold, all that time in the HOHR froze him. He gets under the blanket with Liz. James says, he's going to go home & set his stereo...We see FOTH. Live feeds come back, James says, he will go home & start saying things from the BB house. He says, he will say, this is a lock down, or close the sliding glass doors. He & Becky say, shut it down at the same time. They laugh. Becky says, he got excited. James says, about as excited as she was when she got fresh clean towels. We see FOTH again.


3:17 PM BBT Live feeds come back up for a moment. We see FOTH, & then it switches to Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels.

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Liz' HOH Letter: My darling Liz, it has been a while since I last saw you, & no way to be in touch with you. This is the hardest & most troubling task in my life, to not be able to see you, talk to you, listen to your stories, laugh with you. All of this removed suddenly from me. With a heavy heart, I think about you every day, think of your laughter, your spirit, your love. But, with these thoughts, I also am grateful you have received the lifetime opportunity. My child, take this opportunity & run with it. Never accept the status quo, challenge yourself. Work has been slow, summer in Miami. You know the routine. Angela is working parties every week. So far, the only vacation plans I have is going on a girls trip to Austin in July for a long weekend. We may go to St. Augustine in August, to see daddy's family. Liz, I am the one who gave you life, but you are the one who changed my life forever. I love you my daughter, Angela & your father miss you terribly. Please do not cry when you read this letter. Remember, you are an ugly crier. Love, Mom


Shelli's HOH Letter: Hi mom, my beautiful human. I miss you. Just wanted to send you a little woof & a big hug. I'm trying to help keep the critters out of the garden, & I'm doing a good job. I try to help by not scattering my toys. I can sleep anywhere I want, except for the white sofa. I have been eating some of my food & all of my treats. I am getting to know the dog next door. I try to be nice, but I don't really care for her. I am happy that you are having a great adventure. I am happy that you are mine. I love you, but you know that. Love, Rango Woof, woof, woof, wait, squirrel. Oh, & Lily, your kitty, says hi.

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7:03PM BBT: The HGs are in the kitchen area, talking about the HoH competition and the dancers.


7:10PM BBT: Audrey and James are talking about the show and how she said he was the dirties person. Everyone else still seems to be in the kitchen now coming into the living room  and sitting down to talk. Are Austin, Johnny, and Liz. Jason and Becky and Steve are in the Ocean room.


7:15PM BBT: The group in the living room  are talking about Jeff's votes and who all voted for him. Audrey is now in the ocean room with Jason talking. Clay and Meg has joined the living room  group. Now talking about the dancers in the HoH competition.


7:20PM BBT: Jason and Audrey are talking about the question that Julie asked Audrey on tonight's show.  The group in the living room  are breaking up, James walks off Shelli comes in. Now back to HoH competition. James is now in the ocean room with Vanessa, and Steve and Meg. he says "I don't know how to throw an HoH competition when it's true/false?" Jackie is now in the living room , the girls are talking about facial masks. 


7:25PM BBT: Shelli and Liz are talking about what kind of alcohol  they want, James and Meg are talking about the votes, in the storage room. They think that Audrey voted against James. James says that Steve said he would vote for him. Austin and Clay are talking in the wash room about the votes. Austin is saying that Jeff was looking for Audrey to be that swing vote. either way we are good this week. But I think we have to tackle those four votes. Austin goes to work out.


7:31PM BBT: James is unpacking Steve was in the room, walks out and James says "Yeah I know your did." Now he's talking to Becky about the votes. Clay and Shelli are in the wash room, also talking about the votes. Austin comes in.


7:35PM BBT: Shelli is telling Clay, Liz and Austin that she counts things all the time is real life. 


James is still unpacking, still talking about the votes with Becky, who is asking how Jeff got the votes that he did. cameras change to Vanessa, and Liz talking, Vanessa is asking Liz not to make any decisions until she and her talk. Liz is now talking about a book called "The Secret"


Steve is saying that the people that have been voted out may come back into the game. now talking about how people come back before jury. Clay and Shelli and Jackie and Steve are in there. Jackie is whispering about Jeff. And what all he said to her before he left. Steve says america's loving you to Shelli.


7:40PM BBT: Vanessa, Liz and now Austin are talking about the dancers in the HoH, Jackie, Clay, Steve and Shelli has been called to the DR. Audrey is in the ocean room She says the votes were Jackie, Steve, Johnny, and Becky. Austin is talking about how Jeff tried to get the votes by getting people to jump ship. He was good. Johnny, Jason and Meg are at the round table eating and talking. 


7:45PM BBT: Audrey says "what if they let fallen HGs take-over one week? not come back but take-over. In the bedroom Becky, Steve and James are just talking. Jackie and Meg are in the kitchen cooking. Well Jackie is Meg is eating chips. Austin is working out. Vanessa and Shelli are talking. They are still trying to figure out Jeff's votes. 


7:50PM BBT: The HGs are now just talking, no game talk really. talking about the HoH competition dancers. and the next take over. Liz is called to the DR to get her Key.


7:55PM BBT: Jackie and Austin are now talking about Jeff in the colorful bedroom. Austin is saying how Jeff was mad at him and we get the FotH. 


8:00PM BBT: Austin is telling Jackie that he will try to keep her safe. They are still trying to figure out who the four votes were. "we know you were one of them" He says he thought Jeff was staying right up until the vote. James and Jason and Johnny are just talking Becky is in there too they are waiting for the HoH room. Austin says he is trying to figure out who is lying and who isn't. Jackie is asking him if he thinks that they will put up Audrey. Austin, "I don't know. but I told them the only person right now I trust in this house is Jackie." Who says "Yes I was close to him (Jeff) But I was really just there for him."


8:05PM BBT: Jackie is saying that "There's no hard feelings between Us I'll also be there for him has friends," Austin is saying "I hope he's not mad at me, I hope we can still be friends after this, after all it's just a TV show in the end, So I hope there will be no hard feeling in the end, for him." FotH.


8:10PM BBT: Austin is telling Jackie that he doesn't think she will be the target this week, whether are not it's going to be Audrey still I don't know. Jason, Steve and Audrey are in the bedroom just laying around. Steve is sitting in a chair eating. 


8:15PM BBT: Austin and Jackie break up their talk, Austin asked Jason if he wants to workout. Jason says "no maybe tomorrow." Now Steve is talking about running labs. Jackie comes into the room where everyone is just laying around in the beds. James is in the other room Austin is working out. 


8:20PM BBT: BB comes on and says "the storage room is now locked." The HGs are guessing why, they are giving us food, maybe alcohol? Vanessa, Clay and Austin are talking in the kitchen, Vanessa is guessing who voted for Jeff. She still thinks it's Audrey. And also Steve now. They are hungry but there's no food. They are eating chips. Vanessa now is saying it was Jackie, Becky, Steve and Johnny. Shelli, Meg, and Jackie are all that is left in the Ocean room Meg is sleeping, so is the others. 


8:25PM BBT: Liz is out of the DR with her HoH key around her neck. Meg is now up in the wash room with vanessa, Liz is talking to Audrey, she is saying that her gut says to put up Becky. Vanessa is talking to Shelli about putting up Steve, Vanessa thinks that Audrey is america's player and she needs to be back-doored. Now both are talking to Liz, 


Johnny is workout with Austin. Audrey and Clay are talking about america's player and how they don't have a vote that's why Jeff only got four votes. Liz is saying that she isn't going to put up Audrey. 


8:25PM BBT: Austin comes into the wash room and tells Liz that Jeff told him that Audrey is america's player. That Liz told him that. Liz says he lied. Audrey comes into the wash room and sits down. And talk changes. 


8:31PM BBT: Audrey is saying that Becky and Meg are now piss off that Shelli won, Because they think that she will not put me up. Liz says that's prefect let them be mad. Austin and Johnny are in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Shelli has her HoH key now. 

8:35PM BBT: Clay is sitting at the counter, Clay is telling Johnny that they know that he voted for Jeff, The others are hoping for food. Johnny is figuring out who the other votes were. Becky voted for Jeff because she thought he was coming after her next week. Clay thinks that Becky lied just to cover her ass. 


8:35PM BBT: BB comes on "hg's the storage room is now opened." they all rush in, Vanessa is talking to Audrey. Telling her that they think that she is america's player.


No food in the storage room. 


8:40PM BBT: The HGs are looking for food, They are just sitting around, they say they are bored. 


8:45PM BBT: They are still talking about the Jeff thing, going over the same things that they have already talked about, who the four votes were. Shelli is eating flour tortillas and peanut butter. James is in the kitchen now.


8:50PM BBT: Now talking about what they eat for breakfast, Eggs, and rice cakes with peanut butter on them and coffee is the sweet. sweet and salty for breakfast. In the wash room Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Audrey are still going over the Jeff thing. 


8:55PM BBT: nothing new to report, Austin is now in the shower, and they are still talking about Jeff.


9:00PM BBT: still more sitting around talking nothing has changed. I think they are waiting for their HoH room.


9:05PM BBT: Shelli is talking to Clay and James saying they don't have to make any deals this week. And Austin, Steve, Vanessa, Liz and Audrey are still talking about Jeff. 


9:10PM BBT: now they are back to the HoH competition and the dancer's on tonight's show. Shelli is talking to James about Music. 

9:15PM BBT: Audrey started talking about Evel Dick and we get the FotH. 


9:20PM BBT: Audrey is in the ocean room taking off makeup, and doing her hair. the rest of the HGs are in the kitchen, Sitting around the table talking about food. 


9:25PM BBT: Audrey is talking to Clay about Becky and how she thought Audrey was working with Jeff to Backdoor her (Becky) Clay is telling Audrey how no one promised Jeff there vote. Clay says that they can't be sure who voted for Jeff she can't be 100% for sure that Becky was the one who voted for James. Clay says he needs facts and they don't have them. Audrey says "Ive been right more then I've been wrong, you're working both sides." Clay "Im not working with them." Audrey, "well Jeff told me he talked with Steve but I can't prove that." Clay "yeah but you were the swing vote." 


9:31PM BBT: Clay " what you are saying doesn't make any sense, think about it, if anything Jeff would lie and say he had the votes, I think it's Becky or Steve, Jason wouldn't keep Jeff either would Meg. but we don't know but it doesn't matter now." Johnny walks in to use the toilet. Clay walks out. 


9:35PM BBT: Clay and Vanessa, are in the Have-Not room talking about Becky, and how she said she was not voting for James, So she lied, Vanessa says she is working with the other side, Clay is saying that Audrey is america's player. It just makes sense. Vanessa so they need to put up Audrey, Clay is saying that America is having Audrey vote against the house. Vanessa is saying I think they need to backdoor her. Clay is saying that Shelli wants Steve out. Vanessa says that Jeff told her that there are bigger fish to fry then Audrey.


9:40PM BBT: Clay is saying that Audrey is freaking out. Vanessa is asking Clay to support Shelli in Backdooring Audrey "I think I can talk Shelli into back-dooring Audrey." Clay "I don't know about that we need to get out James, Austin, and Meg first. Audrey is america's player her vote really doesn't count. Vanessa is now talking about getting Becky out, "she's too good at competitions." Clay "yeah we have the numbers right now, Audrey is now talking to Johnny. Becky comes in Liz comes in for a minutes walks out of the wash room. Vanessa and Clay are still talking about the same thing, Getting Shelli to put up Audrey, and Becky.


9:45PM BBT: Clay says that Jackie needs to go up with Becky, Vanessa trust Johnny because he told her the truth. Clay says "we need to get him up with us now"


Now talking about letting Becky stay another week. Vanessa is saying "yeah, but she's not like us, she does things differently." Clay "Yeah but that may hurt her in the end."


Now talking about putting James up. And Jackie, Meg and James need to be on the block again. 


9:50PM BBT: Jason, Jackie and Shelli are in the wash room


Shelli is curling her hair, Jason and Jackie are just talking, and Clay and Vanessa are just going over the same thing Jason, says that we don't have boring people on the cast this year. Jackie asked him if he was watching the feeds what would he think, like if it's boring or what? Jason, say that the live feeds are only watching like for three hours a day we are in here 24hrs it's different. (Here at Mortys we are watching 24hrs a day)


10:00PM BBT: and talk turns to survivor and eating bugs and frogs. now talking about it's day 30.


10:05 Shelli and Liz are called to the DR for their HoH room.


10:10PM BBT: Who wants to see our HoH room??


they head up to the HoH room, Liz opens the door and Looks at her pictures, Her baby pictures, and her dad and mom.


Music Shelli got blue moon, Liz got red hot chili peppers


and they got beer. they sit down for the letters. They pass around their treats. 


10:20PM BBT: now looking in the refig, Shelli got gelotto, and Liz got yoplet, Shelli didn't get any alcohol.


She thinks it's because she got sick last time. Shelli is looking at her nail polish. 


10:25PM BBT: Liz got a draw cowboy hat, and Shelli got something that looks like a pet rock that she got in grade school. And Liz got some Almond milk. Shelli is going through their threats. She got Lucky charms. 


10:31PM BBT: the HGs are all enjoy the HoH room, Audrey is downstairs, she is the only one downstairs right now. Shelli is giving James their coffee. They now head downstairs. 


10:35PM BBT: now the only ones in the HoH are Liz,Austin,Clay and Shelli, Austin opens up a bottle of wine for Liz. Shelli wished she got wine and not beer. Liz got the wine, Shelli got the beer. Audrey's is up there too. Talking about feeding the fishies.


10:40PM BBT: Liz is saying that she doesn't like, sweet tea and they got sweet tea, she drinks unsweetened tea, Shelli says she doesn't drink tea at all. She is eating her ice cream. Liz says she is nervous. Everyone else is downstairs sitting around. Austin is now going over the votes again. and the lights are dimmed out in the bedroom Audrey is now going to bed. Oh one of the baby pictures is of Julia. And no one notice, and it's a pet egg that Shelli made in grade school. 


10:45PM BBT: Shelli is playing with Clay talking about back-dooring Clay, who is listening to music and doesn't even hear what they are saying. They laugh and now talking about music.


10:50PM BBT: Becky and Jackie are making pizza's


Jason is down there and Johnny and James. They are just chatting. Shelli is now dancing to music. Becky is not even eating the pizza she is just bored.


10:55PM BBT: Vanessa is now talking to James, in the bedroom, they are talking about who they may put up. Vanessa is saying that she will be a have not. OK Liz and Shelli and Austin are talking about Jackie, and Jason Liz wants to put them up. Austin says there should be more then one target.


Austin says there are a lot of floater now. Austin says James told him that he was throwing it. 


11:00PM BBT: They are now talking about the third vote, and who is the third vote. 

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10:58 PM BBT Audrey and James talking in the Ocean BR about what got Jeff chopped. Audrey points out that Jeff was good if he was able to get four people to vote for him.  Audrey wonders if Jackie thinks Audrey is responsible for Jeff leaving.  James says that Jackie doesn’t say much.  They note that Jeff and Jackie were clearly much closer than they let on based on their good-bye as Jeff was leaving.  


11:10 PM BBT Clay telling Shelli, Austin and Liz in HOHR that Audrey and James were chatting in the Ocean BR with the lights out.  Austin says she [Audrey] just can’t stop making her plays.  They are still trying to figure out the votes, and someone has suggested that Steve is America’s player and was responsible for one of the four votes to keep Jeff.


11:13 PM BBT The group in HOHR are talking about who is clearly on the other side (Meg, Jason, James) and who is up in the air (Becky, Steve, Johnny Mack).  Liz is talking about putting up Jackie and someone else. 


11:18 PM BBT The group in the HOHR are convinced that Becky just “showed her hand” … that Jeff convinced her at the last minute to vote for him.  Becky is friends with Jackie and Jackie is alone in the game now. 


11:22 PM BBT Vanessa, James and Audrey talking the Ocean BR.  Audrey talking about a dream she had that had her dad, a friend of hers and Haydn from BB16.  They start talking about BB16 players.


11:24 PM BBT  Shelli, Clay and Austin giving Liz advice on being HOH.  She should take in information only without giving any information.  Don’t throw out other people’s names so that it doesn’t start anyone worrying.  Shelli recommends asking “who do you see as a threat in this game?” 


11:26 PM BBT Clay suggests that Audrey should be a secondary target.  She could always be backdoored if the PoV doesn’t go as planned.  Austin believes that James threw the HOH competition.  Liz is thinking she will target people who have never talked game with her.  Clay advises Liz to tell Jackie she is a pawn so that if she wins BotB that Jackie won’t feel she was targeted.  Clay suggests that Jason is the one that holds things together on that side.  They consider different possibilities, and it all still depends on who Shelli puts up.


11:32 PM BBT Liz still doesn’t want to put Audrey on the block because Audrey plays so hard, and if she gets put up early, there will be more time for her to talk to people. 


11:38 PM BBT Vanessa in the HOHR with Clay and Shelli, Liz and Austin.  She suggests they should be figuring things out as the “Sixth Sense” alliance.  Vanessa points out that the vote tonight shows how hard it is to control the votes, so make sure you put up people you are okay with going home.   They ask Vanessa who she thinks the votes were from.  She talks through who she thinks it can’t be and concludes that it has to be Steve or Audrey. 


11:44 PM BBT Vanessa thinks it would be foolish to assume that Becky and Jackie are not working together because they spend so much time together.  They talk more about how Becky is positioning herself in the middle.  Vanessa brings out more “evidence” on why Becky is probably the other unexplained vote. 


11:50 PM BBT Shelli talking about how Steve has been loyal and how he did what Shelli asked when Shelli was HOH.  Now Shelli has a theory that Audrey was one vote and that she got Steve on board to vote to evict James so that Audrey could suggest that it was Shelli and Clay that voted to keep Jeff.  


11:54 PM BBT  Becky telling Audrey that she would be game to play Hide n Seek especially since no one is officially on the block yet, so everyone should be in reasonable spirits.  They head to the KT to ask Jason, James, Meg, Steve and John if they want to play. 


11:56 PM BBT Audrey and James go up to HOHR to ask if anyone wants to play Hide n Seek.  Jason follows, and Liz tells Jason she has a surprise for him….Oreos dipped in Nutella.  Jackie, Meg, Steve and John come into HOHR.

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