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Friday, July 10 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

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Head of House Room = HOHR

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Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

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12:00 AM BBT Liz and Austin talking in the HOHR about how Jeff holds the other group together.  They could work with Jackie once Jeff is gone.  They think Steve is a big question mark and that he’s secretive.  They talk about how Jeff set up the podcast so he could grill people and put them on the spot.


12:04 AM BBT In the colourful BR, Jeff asks John who Steve is…if Steve won HOH, who would Steve go after?  John replies that Steve would try to break up a big alliance.  FotH briefly, and then Jackie and James are talking about the HOH comp.  John talks about the advice that Austin gave on how to work the lever.  Jackie says that she thinks it’s going to be okay this week.  She’s not worried about Liz staying up in the HOHR because she’s not one to target others.  She just agrees.  Jackie thinks Liz is just Liz and there is no twin, but she wants to play along because it’s fun.  Jeff points out that there Liz is seriously confused … BB interrupts saying that Jeff and James are not to talk about their DR sessions.  John says he needs to see this Liz.  John shares a story about noticing that Liz had a crown [the dentist would, of course].  If he can get a closer look he can tell if there are two different people.  Jeff and John head up to HOHR to get a look at Liz.    


12:11 AM BBT Jackie tells Clay, Shelli, Becky, and Steve that Jeff and John are going upstairs to see if Liz has a crown or not.  Jeff and John arrive in the HOHR.  Liz, Austin, and Jason are on the couch, and Vanessa is sitting on the bed eating ice cream.  Jeff says he heard Liz ditched him.  Liz repeats a quote she heard from Audrey “I’m like Marilyn Monroe.  I only sleep with the people in power.”  She jokes that she’s took good for the comic book room.  James comes in and leaves, then Steve comes in.  Jeff says they came up to talk about tomorrow’s podcast.  Austin says “let’s set it up” and both Austin and Jeff move to the other HOHR.  John asks about whether they get the camera soon.  Vanessa says that’s for the HOH that doesn’t get de-throned.  John pretends to hold a camera and take a picture….of Jason, then Steve…he turns to Liz with his imaginary camera and says “smile!”  


12:15 AM BBT Jeff and Austin re-join the room.  Jeff goes straight to Liz and sits next to her.  Liz tells Jeff he is acting weird… he is “McShadesters.”  Vanessa asks them to clear the room so she can talk to people one at a time.  She suggests that someone talk to Austin and someone talk to her …they could do it separately or together.  Jason goes to the other HOHR with Austin.   Jeff opts to have his “interview” tomorrow.  John stays to chat with Vanessa.  Liz leaves to give them privacy but she takes the music with her.  Vanessa says she hasn’t made up her mind, and invites John to share his thoughts.  John says #1, I think we were right about Da’.  He says if he wins a future HOH he won’t put Vanessa up….that’s all he’s got.   Vanessa says that’s easy and tells him that he is not a target for her.  John asks if she wants him to do anything.  Vanessa knows he already had to do something and she doesn’t think it would be fair for him to have to do anything this week.  She reassures him that they could work together and he is not a target.   Vanessa asks John if he has an idea of who had the Last Laugh power last week.  John has thought about it, but he is wondering why didn’t Audrey’s vote get blocked if Da’ had the power?  He thinks that either Audrey or Da’Vonne had the power.  They try to figure it out based on whose votes were blocked.  Vanessa wonders if it was one of the people whose votes were blocked, and their choice was meant to stay neutral and not get in trouble.  Vanessa asks John who he trusts most in the game.  He says that even though he doesn’t talk to her a lot, he feels like Becky has his back.  Vanessa says she will think about what he said and she may have a deal to offer him, but he has nothing to worry about. 


12:18 AM BBT  Jeff, Steve and James hovering around Liz as she sits outside the HOHR door listening to music.  She is feeling creeped out and tells them she just wants to listen to music.  Jeff sits down next to her, and James hunkers down, while Steve stands at the railing.  Jeff is looking closely at Liz.  They joke about sleeping arrangements.  Liz asks for alone time with Jeff, so James and Steve move away. 


12:21 AM BBT  In the other HOHR, Jason and Austin are talking about votes.  Austin asks Jason if Steve votes for Da’Vonne or Audrey?  Jason thinks it was Audrey and he thinks that either Audrey or Steve is “America’s Player”.  Audrey actually told Jason during the HOH comp that Audrey voted for Da’Vonne to stay.  Austin wonders why Audrey would do that.  Jason relates a conversation that happened between Audrey and Da’Vonne after Audrey had just done a DR session.  That made Jason wonder if Audrey got instructions in the DR.  They talk more about how Audrey is always blowing up peoples’ games.  Austin encourages Jason to tell Vanessa all this stuff.  Vanessa interrupts to let Austin know that John wants to talk to Austin. 


12:26 AM BBT  Austin tells Jason that he’ll do his best to make sure that Jason doesn’t go up on the block.  Austin and Jason agree that Vanessa is one of the most trustworthy people to work with.  Jason confesses that he was crying earlier, and that maybe he’s not as good at this game as he thought.  Austin agrees that it is much harder than he expected, and just when he thinks he has a handle on things, he realizes he doesn’t.


12:30 AM BBT John comes in to talk to Austin, and Austin immediately tells John he doesn’t want to use John as a pawn.  John was frustrated with Da’Vonne’s campaigning because she couldn’t tell him who her other votes were.  John is thinking back to the PoV and glad he used it because otherwise Da’Vonne may have been able to flip the house.  Austin doesn’t want to risk putting John on the block, and will try to protect him.  John repeats that if he wins HOH that he won’t put up Vanessa and Austin.  John says that Da’ was good…he really felt strong-armed.  Austin asks John if he knows where James stands, and John says he doesn’t know.  Austin asks if he knows whether Austin is a target for anyone.  John says he hasn’t heard anything….basically not until the alliance runs out of people.  Austin says he’s been told he is good until jury.  John says no one has told him that!  Austin just wants to figure out who might be targeting him.  Austin is frustrated because he feels he is trustworthy but no one seems to want to work with him.  He wonders if it’s because of his friendship with Jace.  John points out that Audrey is the easy move, but Austin asks what happens after that? 


12:31 AM BBT Jason and Vanessa begin their talk in the HOHR.  Jason says this is weird for him because it’s the first time he has talked game with anyone other than Da’Vonne.  Jason just asks Vanessa not to put him up.  He is a small fish in a big pond and he is not part of a clear-cut pair.  Vanessa asks if Jason knows who had the Last Laugh power last week and Jason confirms that it was Da’Vonne.  Vanessa asks why Da’ didn’t take James out.  Jason says that James told Da’ that he would be a sympathy vote for Da’.  Jason tells Vanessa that Audrey is the one who voted to keep Da’ and then he shares his theory that Audrey is “America’s Player”.  Vanessa asks why Audrey would want Da’ to stay and Jason reiterates that he thinks that Audrey is taking instructions from America and had to play America’s game.   Vanessa asks Jason if there is anything that he thinks she needs to know and tells him that he is not a target.  Jason advises that Vanessa and Austin work together to pick one target.  Vanessa tells Jason that she really liked Da’Vonne, and Jason replies that Da’Vonne liked Vanessa too. 


12:40 AM BBT  Jason points out to Vanessa that he is on his own in the game and he is willing to do what she wants.  Vanessa doesn’t think it will be an issue but she needs to talk to Austin.  Vanessa asks Jason if there is anyone who doesn’t like her.  Jason tells her that everyone either loves her or hasn’t mentioned her.  Jason thinks that the groups are Jeff and James, Becky and Jackie, Steve and John.  Plus he thinks Jeff and James work with Meg.  Jason would not want to be a fourth in a group with Jeff, James and Meg, because he thinks he would be the first to go.  Jason thinks that if there is no America’s player twist, that Audrey voted for Da’ believing that Da’ had the votes to stay. 


12:50 Vanessa asks Jason if he is okay with Vanessa asking Audrey why she voted for Da’Vonne.  Jason tells her that she can ask Audrey IF she voted for Da’Vonne and then see what she says.  If she admits it, then she could ask.  Jason thinks that Audrey may have wanted it out there, for whatever reason.  Vanessa shares views with Jason….that she is a big picture person, and that they have in common that they are both gay.  She thinks that there is a misconception that gay guys and gals don’t get along, but she really likes Jason and she is very genuine.  Jason tells Vanessa that he has that impression as well…that she is very genuine.  Jason tells Vanessa that Da’ thought her second vote was from Liz.  Vanessa thought it was Liz up until Jason confirmed that it was Audrey.  Vanessa reassures Jason that she likes him and she thinks it would be cool if they did well together in this game. 


12:58 AM BBT  Vanessa reassures Jason that she is very discreet.  She asks Jason what he thinks of Shelli and Clay.  Jason likes Shelli and gets along with her, but feels he made himself a target with Clay because they had a difference of opinion.  The minute Jason didn’t agree with Clay, he felt ostracized by everyone.  He feels that if Clay was HOH, that he would be a target.  Vanessa tells Jason that Shelli thought Jason handled things with class.  Vanessa asks Jason if anyone threw comps when Jason and James were HOH [in week 1].  Jason tells her no, but supposedly James told Steve to throw it.  When Jason learned that Steve was supposed to throw it, he realized that James was intending to back door him if he was de-throned, but that James later changed his mind and told Steve not to throw it.

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01:00 AM BBT In the Beach room Jeff, Clay and Austin are worried that Clay is going to target random players because Da’vonne went home.  Jeff thinks Jason will go after Shelli first.  Jeff says Liz is pissed at her saying she’s onto him and she’s tired of all the questions but she wants to know what is going on.  Jeff says he told her Da’vonne told him some things and now that she’s gone it’s no big deal.  Liz blew up at him.  Jeff just doesn’t understand how someone can forget so many things from five days ago.  Clay says he hasn’t seen enough things but he’s keeping an eye on her.  Austin may think there’s a 10% chance that there could be a twin thing but he’ll be watching as well.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Vanessa is talking to Jason telling her about James telling him about the plan to be back doored.  Jason and Da’vonne heard that James told Steve to through BotB and they confronted him but then James ran to Steve and told him to throw it.


01:04 AM BBT Clay, Austin and Jeff continue to whisper in the Beach room about Liz and the possibility of the twin twist.  Austin continues to play clueless.  Jeff and Clay continue “fill” Austin in on it.  Jeff also points out that there were two people with twins in Season 5 and both seasons had a player named Jace (Season 10) and Jase (Season 5).  Up in the HOH Jason and Vanessa continue to chat.  Jason says everyone thought he was gonna be the kid that could be shoved in a locker and told what to do.  Vanessa laughs.  Jason says he really would like a week in which he didn’t feel like he was playing in everything.  Vanessa asks if she does that for him, whether it’s next week or five weeks from now he’ll do the same.  Vanessa thanks him for the amazing offer and asks him to send Steve up.


01:11 AM BBT Becky heads up to the HOH asking if she’s busy.  Vanessa offers her time until Steve comes up.  Vanessa tells Becky that she’s more physical that she is but they’re both going to be a beast at mental comps.  Vanessa would like to make a deal that if one stays off the radar, the other will stay off her radar until a certain point.  Becky agrees.  Vanessa feels Becky is a good person.  Vanessa offers her some advice.  Vanessa says originally everyone thought she would be someone that could be walked over initially until they saw her compete and now everyone realizes otherwise.  Becky said she felt on the outside when the “inside” people were having the meetings.  Vanessa says the inside group isn’t at the inside.


01:14 AM BBT Down in the Beach/Cabana room Austin, Jeff and Clay continue to whisper.  Clay’s mic is difficult to understand.  Austin wants to know where Jackie is.  Jeff says Jackie will always go with the house.  James knocks on the door and comes in and asks if they knew Da’vonne had the power the whole time.  Jason confirmed it to James.  Austin says Jason denied it.  Clay thought Audrey had it.  They think Audrey is the cause the crazy votes.  Clay points out that immediately after Jace’s eviction she questioned him about the mystery vote.  Clay said after tonight’s vote she did the same thing.  Jeff says after Audrey they have to go after Steve.  Austin says Steve has been throwing his name around.  Austin and Jeff laugh about the fact that Steve are calling them bullies because they make fun of them.


01:17 AM BBT Up in the HOH Becky is telling Vanessa that she’s had a talk with him because he is frustrated at getting put up every week.  Becky says it’s great though that he hasn’t thrown around anyone’s names yet “Billybob I’m coming after you because you put me up!”  Talk turns to how she and Shelli both told their teams to go out and win it and not to throw it because the know how this (BotB) is played at times (asking people to throw the comps).


01:21 AM BBT Down in the Cabana the group continues to talk about previous events in the house.  Austin says Audrey has been throwing Vanessa’s name under the bus.  Austin has heard his name has also been thrown out.


01:24 AM BBT Meg stops by the Cabana room briefly and Jeff and James jokingly congratulate her on staying in the house for for another week.  They guys agree that Audrey and Steve have to go soon.  They said Steve used geometry to bounce the ball off the camera in the HOH today.  They wonder how he had that much strength.  Jeff and Austin head out.  Clay and James stay behind.


01:27 AM BBT Austin heads up to the HOH and passes through to HOH2 and then the HOHBR while Vanessa and Becky continue to chat.  Becky warns Vanessa that if she puts Audrey up then she has to have whoever she puts her up against and make the person throw the comp.  Austin leaves the HOH.


01:29 AM BBT Meg joins Clay and James in the Cabana room.  Meg is eating yogurt.  Meg asks how things are.  James says they’re trying to keep their group safe.  Clay asks who the group is.    James, Clay, Shelli, Meg, Jackie, Jeff and Jason.  Feeds switch.  Shelli is going to bed.  She came in to lay down and everyone got up  and left.  She says whatever.  Shelli says she’ll lay in bed until someone comes and wakes her up that’s how it happens in the Purple (Ocean) Room.  Austin tells her goodnight.  Up in the HOH Liz and Jackie stop by but Vanessa wants a few more moments with Becky.  Down in the WA room Jeff says it feels like Clay is worried about him and Jeff wonders if they should pull back a bit on trusting him.  Talk turns back to Liz.


01:34 AM BBT Vanessa and Becky agree to make a truce until Jury.  They agree to keep it between them.  There will be 3-4 more weeks before that happens.  Vanessa says she tries to talk to Jackie but she can’t.  Becky says the reason she is close with Jackie because she doesn’t talk a lot of game and when they do it’s very general terms, they don’t use names.  Vanessa says she and Da’vonne had that same kind of relationship.


01:37 AM BBT Austin into the HOH and he brushes his teeth.  Vanessa wants to talk to Steve.  Austin doesn’t.  Austin goes into HOH2 and starts to talk with Jackie.  Liz goes to track down Steve.  Down in the Colorful room Jeff is telling Johnny that Liz is onto them.  Feeds switch to the HOH where Steve tells Vanessa to give her a hug.  Vanessa warns Steve that Austin says people are throwing Steve’s name under the bus.  Initially Austin agreed not to put Steve up, but just now Austin seemed upset at Steve.  Vanessa is going to work on fixing that for Steve.


01:41 AM BBT Over in HOH2 Austin and Jackie continue to chat.  Austin said he got the vibe that people were disappointed with HOH last week.  He says he felt people weren’t super happy that he won this week.  Maybe it was Vanessa that people didn’t like winning because they didn’t know where she would stand.  Austin wants to work with Jackie.  Over in HOH Vanessa says the fact that Steve came to her and told her about Liz is awesome.  Clearly it shows trust.  She said that people say he takes info and won’t give info.  Vanessa says that’s good because he doesn’t give information and clearly he gave it to her.


01:43 AM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he was close to Da’vonne because they both idolized Danielle Reyes (Season 3) and they bonded over that.  During that season Danielle was close to a quiet, well mannered guy and were in a power alliance together.  But then Jace told Steve during his one on one session in the Cabana room with him that he knew Steve was her (Da’vonne’s) Jason to her Danielle.  Vanessa gets it.  Clearly she told everyone.  Steve agrees.  Steve is also concerned about something else Jace said he told him that Steve had a nickname in the house.  Vanessa says he told her that he lied about that and he felt bad.


01:44 AM BBT Over in the HOH2 Austin and Jackie talk about the HOH comp tonight.  Austin says he’d like to put Steve up this week just to scare him.  Austin doesn’t want to put Jackie up.  Austin is now trying to open himself up and get away from the Jace stigma.  Jackie understands.


01:46 AM BBT Back in the HOH Vanessa continues to chat.  They both agree that Jace is a sweet guy.  Steve says they both have similar social problems.  Steve would stand back and it would look like he’s watching people but with Jace he was in your face.  Vanessa says it’s good that Steve is very aware of it and wants to be coached through it.  Vanessa is going to offer him some advice.  Vanessa says he needs to act like he doesn’t care about things so much.  He needs to seem like he isn’t playing the game all the time.  Vanessa thinks this will help him so much.  Vanessa says people talk and they’ll focus on him doing that and it will get him evicted.


01:48 AM BBT Over in HOH2 Jackie and Austin continues chatting.  Austin wants Jackie to have a relaxing week.  Jackie says they can talk more tomorrow.  Austin says alright.  They start to go out and the door and Jackie sees Vanessa talking to Steve and closes the door.  Talk turns to the room being nice but flimsy.  Austin says he was told by Jeff that Steve is calling them sketchy.  Jackie says she heard she was being called sketchy as well.


01:52 AM BBT Vanessa asks Steve who he thinks she put up.  Vanessa tells him they’re working together and he needs to trust her.  Steve doesn’t like giving up names for the same reason she doesn’t.  She tells him to trust her.  Jason tells Vanessa about the alliance he was a part of with Meg, Da’vonne, Jason, James, Jeff, Clay and Shelli.  Steve steers the conversation towards Audrey.  Steve points out she’s alone.  Vanessa doesn’t want to put her up initially because she will tear the house up.  Steve agrees but points out that she’s alone and will do the least amount of damage.  Vanessa asks Steve if he trusts Audrey.  He says no way.


01:55 AM BBT Steve asks if Audrey would put her up next week.  Vanessa says yes if she puts her up.  Steve asks what if she doesn’t put her up?  Vanessa pauses and say she’s not sure.  Vanessa asks who then to put up.  Steve says anyone in the inside alliance.  Vanessa says Jeff has thrown Steve’s name out there.  Steve isn’t sure.  Steve points out Jeff did really well during the puzzle comp.  Vanessa wonders who is a bigger target Jason or Jeff.  Both like him as a person.  Steve isn’t sure though.    Steve says he thinks people will be leaving him alone because he’s solo.  Vanessa asks how he would feel working with him.  Steve wouldn’t be opposed to it.


02:00 AM BBT Steve points out that Jason is close to Meg still.  Jackie and Austin pass through the door.  Vanessa asks if Jackie wants to talk in a bit.  Jackie says in the morning.  She leaves the room and Vanessa laughs saying she has to make a decision tomorrow.  Talk turns less serious as Austin continues toying with the door from the outside while he talks to Jackie and Liz on the balcony.  Liz was laying on the couch outside the balcony door.


02:03 AM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if anyone is specifically targeting him.  Steve doesn’t think so.  Feeds on the balcony (1 and 2) switch to Austin and Liz in HOH2.  Austin says he had to play dumb about knowing about the twin thing.  Meanwhile Vanessa and Steve’s feeds switch (3-4) to Clay dragging Shelli into the Cabana room.  Shelli can’t stay long.  She doesn’t want to seem like a sketch right now.  Clay says everyone is sketchy and whispering in the bed is sketchy.  They have a bit of a lovers quarrel over what looks sketchier.  Clay tells her to calm down.  Clay wants to go with her and she says no.  She says he’s already had conversations.


02:06 AM BBT  Meanwhile up in HOH2 Liz and Austin snack, Austin tells Liz that James told him that Da’vonne had the power.  The conversation turns to what Jeff told him about the differences in Liz and her twin.  Austin says Jeff told him that the podcast was what helped him piece the things together about the twin twist.  Austin says Jeff doesn’t know if the twins have switched yet, they should switch either day or tomorrow.  Liz laughs.  Feeds switch to the WA with Meg and Jeff whispering.  Jeff is telling her about the fight with Liz.  Liz comes into WA briefly.  Vanessa and Steve’s conversation ends. 


02:09 AM BBT  Austin and Vanessa goes into HOH2 to talk.  Austin tells her that Jeff came to him and offloaded a lot of information on him.  Steve in the KT briefly  Jeff mouths that he wants Steve to go home.


02:13 AM BBT Austin and Vanessa move to HOH and will watch the camera to see if anyone comes up to chat.  Steve says he was told by several people that Steve was a sketch-ball and was throwing his name under the bus.  Vanessa tells Austin that Steve just told her that he really wanted to work with the two of them.  Austin says “but they said…” and Vanessa laughs and says because they don’t want to be on the block.  Vanessa says you can’t trust them because they’re game is not best for his.  Austin says they seemed so nice though.  Vanessa laughs and says he’s cute.  James rings the doorbell and comes in.


02:17 AM BBT James wants to talk to Vanessa a bit because he hasn’t had a chance to talk game with her yet.  Knock knock on the door.  Becky wants to talk to Austin.  Vanessa sends him into HOH2.  Becky wants to work with Austin.  Austin agrees and says they will work with them but then they’re not going to be truly with them.  Austin says the “they’re” telling them that they want Audrey, Steve and then Becky out.  Austin doesn’t believe them.


02:20 AM BBT Over in HOH Vanessa and James continue to chat about things that have been said.  Vanessa rehashes the conversation she had with Da’vonne yesterday morning.  James said he told Da’vonne that he would give her his sympathy vote if Jason’s vote got cancelled by the Last Laugh power.  Vanessa said that was smart to do.  Ultimately she had to do what she had to do.


02:24 AM BBT Conversations continue in both HOH rooms.  Becky points out that Audrey is throwing (poop) between the groups hoping they continue to battle it out hoping that they’ll all take each other out so she can sneak by.  Austin laughs and agrees saying that maybe Vanessa should do this would be his best game play.  Austin wants Becky to trust him and work together.  Becky trusts Vanessa.  Austin agrees.  Austin says they’re all being honest in the house.  Becky says the guys are talking zero game with her.  But when she was hanging out with Johnny they were all saying “Showmance.  Showmance.  Showmance.”  Becky says has nothing against Liz but she plays an emotional game and that’s not who Becky is.  Becky says she may talk to Austin first, but it’s not that she doesn’t like Liz, but she can’t connect with emotion.


02:27 AM BBT Over in HOH Vanessa says nobody ever said anything about James to him.  James says that’s good.  Audrey is a target.  She’s a slippery piece of soap.  James agrees.  Vanessa says it’s worse than that.  She’s like a slippery gun.  If you drop her she may go off.  James says that was a good acronym.  He corrects himself.  Metaphor.  Liz comes in and passes through to HOH2.  She sees Austin talking to Becky and wanders back through HOH to get back outside.  Back out in HOH Vanessa says Audrey takes small pieces of info and can spin tales to get them.  Even when she (Audrey) isn’t HOH then she can spin tales to go after them.


02:29 AM BBT James says Vanessa and Austin has the house’s support if they go after her.  Vanessa says she’s not a front door option, if she was on the block for that long then who knows what kind of damage could happen.  James understands.  Vanessa wonders what he thinks about the backdoor option.  James agrees it would work.  He’s not trying to tell her how to run her HOH but he is just offering up information for her to what she chooses.


02:33 AM BBT Over in HOH2 Becky says James woke her up from a nap because they’re scared.  Becky said “they” said repeatedly it’s going to be a hard week while her and Johnny are having tea.  Austin says he told Johnny he won’t be a pawn.  He’s been a pawn far too long.


02:35 AM BBT James and Vanessa finish up.  Meg heads up to HOH.  Feeds switch briefly to the WA.  Vanessa called to DR.  Meg knocks on the door and says “It’s not allowed!”  Vanessa says she hasn’t even had a chance to put on some makeup.  Meg says her makeup looks done.  Vanessa says it’s left over eye makeup.  Vanessa invites Meg to stay behind and wait.  She says that’s find because she wants to talk to Austin as well.


02:38 AM BBT Becky and Austin finish up their conversation and head out of HOH2.  Meg busts out laughing saying she’s creeping.  Austin asks if Meg wants to talk to him.  Meg says yeah.  Meg asks what’s up.  Austin asks her what’s up.  She doesn’t like him wearing shirts.  He apologizes.  She asks what’s up again and he says he’s talked to people and the general consensus seems to be the house wants Audrey gone.  Meg says right.  Austin asks what she’s heard.  Meg says she’s heard that the house wants Austin to get to Jury.  Austin says great.


02:40 AM BBT  Meanwhile down in the Cabana room Clay and Shelli continue to whisper.  Clay is worried about Shelli sleeping with Audrey because it looks sketchy if they’re laying in bed at night whispering.  Shelli understands.  Shelli says this season it seems like everyone is a big target or a big game move.  Clay agrees.  Feeds switch to James and Jeff in the WA.  James says Jeff’s name has been thrown up a bit.  James says he has his back.  Jeff wonders who he has to worry about the weeks moving forward.  James says Steve so far.


02:45 AM BBT Austin says that Vanessa may be the better HOH this week because she sees things way clearer that she does.  Austin says he doesn’t know if Vanessa would use her as a pawn.  He hopes not.  Meg hopes not.  She doesn’t want to be pawn girl this season.  Down in the WA Jeff and James continue to chat about Vanessa and James’ chat just a bit ago.  Jeff says that whoever Vanessa puts up they’ll have to convince them to throw the BotB.  This is the easiest decision to send someone home this week.  James says he didn’t mention Steve because Vanessa and Steve are good friends.  Jeff wonders if he should talk to HOH tonight.  James would because nominations are tomorrow.  BB says “Please clean the mirror above the sink!”  James grumbles because he is the one standing there.


02:48 AM BBT Up in the HOH Meg and Austin theorize why Da’vonne was voted to get the Last Laugh.  Austin mentions that it could have been random really.  Austin points out that Da’vonne walked out to loud cheers.  Meg thinks Audrey is being portrayed as a bad girl.  They look up at the spy screen and catch Jeff near the door being sketchy.  Meg laughs saying Jeff wonders why people say he is sketchy.  Austin goes down to the KT to get a drink.  Jeff and Meg walk into the HOH, they banter back and forth a bit.  Down in the Cabana Clay and Shelli continue to chat.  Shelli says if she tells him he’s annoying her, it’s because she’s trying to prevent them from fighting.  Clay says when she says he’s annoying or scowling at him or she says he’s immature it bothers him.  


02:55 AM BBT Austin goes to the HOH2 door and says he’s going to bed.  Jeff says he’ll talk tomorrow.  Austin flips the light off in there and asks Liz if she’d like to join him in the very dark room.  Austin says he tried to invite Jackie up but she’s snuggling with Becky.  Talk turns to Steve scampering.  Austin says he talked to Vanessa for a long time.  Jeff says she needs to ignore what he said.


02:58 AM BBT Jeff heads out of the HOH.  Meg is going to wait for Vanessa to get out of the DR.  Shelli and Clay continue to chat in the Cabana room.  Jeff comes in and says he doesn’t have any friends awake.  Clay says they were just about to head to bed.  Jeff says Audrey and Jason are talking nonstop.  Not whispering.  Jeff says Vanessa is saying she doesn’t want to be HOH this week.  Jeff tells them about the conversation James had with Vanessa.


02:59 AM BBT Liz says Johnny is trying really hard to stare at her tooth and she’s trying to keep her mouth closed.  Liz says she was questioned about adjusting her bathing suit.  Austin says it broke his heart when he thought she was going to sleep down stairs.  She says of course she doesn’t want to sleep downstairs.


03:01AM BBT Vanessa out of DR.  Austin called to DR.  He tells Liz not to go to bed.  Meg says she wants Audrey out this week.  She thinks the house will feel a lot “cleaner” this week if she does go.  Vanessa understands and tells Meg that Audrey is good about collecting facts.  Down in the Cabana room Shelli, Jeff, and Clay continue to chat about Steve.  Shelli says there is a Steve and then there is a Stevie.  When he’s talking game he’s very normal, but then he’ll randomly try to act chipper or younger and he puts a smile on his face.  Shelli and Clay agree that he does it quite a bit.  Jeff suddenly gets it.  Jeff says he does need to go.


03:04 AM BBT Jeff says Steve said he was harassing Liz.  Jeff says harassing is not a word he should use because he didn’t have his hands on her or anything.  Jeff says Liz knows that everyone is onto her.  Talk turns to Johnny.  Shelli says Johnny is a beautiful jewel because he brings them information without even being asked to.  (The tone in her voice is very villain like…-Niteslacker) Up in the HOH Vanessa and Meg continue to chat about Audrey.


03:08 AM BBT Jeff points out that Jason is alone and he would be a great historian to keep and add to their numbers especially if they get rid of Steve.  They need to either side with him or send him home.  Clay points out that it will be hard to side with him because Shelli sent Da’vonne home.  Up in the HOH Meg and Vanessa continue to chat.  Meg says she feels like last week it felt like people tried to break the house in two and this week there is a chance to put some relief in the house.  Vanessa understands and says it will be hard to do though.  She says if they get a chance they will certainly try.  Vanessa says she had terrible sleep last night because of cramps so she’s going to talk to Austin.  Vanessa does want to talk to her more especially more game.  Now is a terrible time though.  Both agree they’re very tired.


03:13 AM BBT Shelli, Clay and Jeff talk about Da’vonne’s goodbye speech tonight.  Feeds switch briefly to the Colorful room with the lights on and numerous HGs talking randomly.  Audrey, Steve, Jason’s voices can be heard.  Johnny and Jackie are listening/observing from their respective beds.  Feeds switch to Vanessa chatting with Liz in HOH2.  Vanessa says Da’vonne and Liz were fighting but working together.  Liz says Julia voted 100% to keep Meg.  Jeff is seen running from the Cabana room on Feeds 3-4 saying he wants to run upstairs (after Meg walks down).


03:15 AM BBT Jeff and Meg head into the SR saying it stinks.  Bantering back and forth.  Up in HOH2 and Liz is rehashing conversations had throughout the evening.  Liz is angry scolded by BB to put on her mic.  It’s about the third to fourth time tonight.  Austin out of DR.  Down in the SR Meg and Jeff don’t like where Vanessa’s head is at.  Jeff says she did it to Jeff and Clay.  Meg wonders why.  Jeff says because she wants them all to be in an alliance.  Jeff says she needs to be dethroned.


03:18 AM BBT Vanessa and Austin in the HOH BR.  Difficult to hear what is being said because of running water.  They’ll talk tomorrow.  Difficult to hear the conversations due to echoing voices/whispers in the HOHBR.  The other side wants Audrey out because they don’t want to do it.  Austin points out that they’ll go after Steve next week.  Vanessa wonders why because Steve has no one.  Austin agrees.  They poor wine and offer to share some with Liz.


03:21 AM BBT Shelli and Audrey whisper in the Ocean Room.  Shelli says “he thinks he controls my game but doesn’t”  Jason walks in commenting on how random cameras follow you through the house “I can’t be the most interesting thing in the house.  There’s a party in the CR room there’s people upstairs, there’s gotta be something better than me having tums in my belly walking through the house!”  Talk continues about cameras again and they switch to Meg and Jeff leaving the SR.


03:23 AM BBT Up in HOH2 Austin, Liz and Vanessa continue to chat randomly (non-game related).  Liz and Julia got the same exact score on the SAT.  They both went to Loyola?  Liz says this is the longest they’ve been apart from each other.  Meanwhile Meg and Jeff head into the WA to chat.  They knock on the WC door to make sure no one is in there.  They start chatting about life outside the house.


03:26 AM BBT Back in HOH2 they continue to chat about how the other side keeps putting Steve’s name out there.  They agree it’s just a smoke screen.  Austin says Meg regurgitated everything that Jason and James already said.  Vanessa agrees.


03:28 AM BBT They wonder who to put up.  Vanessa says Jackie.  Austin already told Jackie that he won’t do it.  Vanessa wonders why.  Austin says because he thought he could.  Jeff or James should be their target this week.  Someone volunteered to be put up.  She wasn’t going to put them up but they volunteered.  Johnny Mac and James on the same team nominated by Vanessa.  Vanessa knows nothing about him and he’s very passive aggressive.  He’s very offensive to women.


03:30 AM BBT Meg and Jeff continue to talk in the WA.  Meg says Clay and Shelli played dirty this week by putting Da’vonne up against Meg.  Jeff agrees.  Up in the HOH2 they say it will be obvious that they’re going after the other side but it is what it is.  Austin says he will put up Meg and Jason.  Or put James and Meg on one side.  Austin worries they could pull off a win.  Worse case scenario that Jason could go home.  Austin says that wouldn’t do any good for them.  Liz and Vanessa says it would because he’s the on the other side.  Austin gives up.  He can’t trust anyone.  Liz laughs.  


03:34 AM BBT Down in the WA Jeff says there are a lot of cool people in the house and it sucks.  Back in HOH2 Austin will put up Jason and Meg and Vanessa will possibly put up James and Johnny Mac.  Vanessa says she hasn’t talked to Jackie and she walked right on by her tonight and said they would talk tomorrow.  Vanessa says she may have to wake up and make nominations in the AM.  Vanessa laughs saying she can’t tell when Austin is BSing her.  She thinks he does it 50% of the time.  Liz asks who completely wow’d Vanessa tonight.  Austin says Jackie.  Vanessa says he’s easily wow’d by women.


03:37 AM BBT Vanessa says Jason surprised her and if he stays she thinks there is potential to work with him but she’s not stupid he’s working with the other side.  Down in the WA Becky walks through to the WC.  Jeff says he’s going to try and sketch everybody out the rest of the season.  Becky washes her hands and says they have James going in the CR tonight.  Jeff wonders if they should go join them.  Becky called out by BB to put on her mic.


03:40 AM BBT Vanessa says to tell Jason that he’s close with the other side of the house.  Austin thinks they should play stupid.  Austin says they should play it that Vanessa picked different people than he thought he was going to.  Austin says they should act annoyed and separate from each other this week if/when the backdoor person gets put up.  Vanessa says that’s good.  Vanessa says she can’t put Jeff up because he’s too squirly.  Austin worries that they may not be able to pull Johnny Mac off the block.  They start to run numbers.  FoTH.


03:46 AM BBT Becky has joined Jeff and Meg in the WA.  Meg is tired.  Energy levels in the house come and go.  Meg says Jeff is the worst.  Up in HOH2 Vanessa says they’ve been in the house for 22 days but she’s never talked game with her which is annoying.  Austin says Meg tried even before Jace went home.  Liz says the other side’s connecting force has to be removed and that is Jeff and James.  Vanessa wonders what to offer him to throw another competition.  Liz wonders where his head at.  They’re not sure.  Jeff offered to come up with Johnny Mac tomorrow.  Liz worries he’s a mole character.  She doesn’t trust Steve or Johnny.  Vanessa sees where she is coming from.  Vanessa says they had a hunch that Johnny threw one comp and just failed the other one.  Liz is surprised but wondered about it.


03:50 AM BBT Down in the WA James is taking a shower while Meg, Becky and Jackie chat a bit.  They agree they need to settle down and go to bed.  Up in the HOH Vanessa says Audrey needs to go during the a Double Eviction so they can put her up, and chop her out without giving her a chance to talk about it.  FoTH.


03:53 AM BBT Steve into the WC.  Clay comes into the WA eating while Meg and James banter back and forth.  Up in the HOH2 Liz says she has her and her sister’s word that they will help out however they can.  Vanessa says it’ll be great when they come into the house.


03:55 AM BBT Austin casually puts his arm behind Liz’s back while she’s sitting up on the HOH2 bed.  The camera man sees it and zooms in on it.  Austin begins to lightly tap/stroke her back and again the cameraman zooms in on it.  Talk is about Jeff probably wanting confront her about the twin.  Idle chit chat continues in the WA.


04:00 AM BBT James out of the shower in the WA.  Jackie and Meg chat on the lounger.  James joins in and was kind of shocked that Da’vonne didn’t say goodbye at the eviction.  Clay now getting in the shower.  Vanessa and Liz swears Austin can trust Steve.  Austin says the Freaks and the Geeks.  Vanessa is getting confused with all of the alliances.


04:03 AM BBT Austin says he may have to eat (poop) with Jason and put him up on the block.  Vanessa says he’s really silly if he thinks the other side isn’t against him.  Vanessa points out that he voted to keep Meg and she kinds of owes him and he chose to put her on the block.  Austin is scared.  Austin is resigning his HOH.  Austin says they should just get Steve out (jokingly).


04:06 AM BBT Clay out of the shower.  Meg, Jackie and James continue to chat in the WA about Da’vonne and the Last Laugh.  Clay says Audrey is America’s player and he thinks she has it.  Meg doesn’t think so.


04:10 AM BBT Chat in HOH2 is about the twins.  Vanessa says her sister isolates herself more.  Liz agrees saying Julia told her it’s hard for her to play Liz.  Down in HOH2 Jackie and Meg chat about Audrey.


04:16 AM BBT Meg and Jackie continue to chat in the WA about Jeff.  Jeff is not used to not being liked.  Jackie says Austin wants to backdoor Audrey.  She needs to talk to Vanessa.  Meg says she doesn’t trust Vanessa.  Up in HOH2 Liz, Austin and Vanessa continue to chat.  Austin says Becky said she doesn’t talk much game to Liz.  Vanessa laughs and says it’s probably a good thing that they don’t talk game.


04:21 AM BBT In the WA Meg and Jackie continue to chat in the WA about recent events and conversations within the house.  Meg is worried about Vanessa wanting to talk game tomorrow.  She figures she’s sloppy fourths in this alliance she’s trying to put together.  Up in HOH2 they continue to talk about the twins.  Vanessa also wonders if there’s a male twin in the house.  Vanessa points out that Jeff and Johnny may also have twins.  Clay’s hair changed, he may be a twin as well.  Austin laughs and says it’s crazy because they’re cloning alliances.  Liz says they found her from a twin show.  Vanessa is going to watch Jeff’s bruises today.  BB says “LIZ!”  <dramatic pause> “You are not allowed to talk about production.”


04:27 AM BBT Chit chat continues in the WA.  Jackie says she doesn’t think Liz is a twin and it’s too far fetched.  Meg says Jason talked about it too long in DR and that does’s make her curious.  Jackie says it’s funny.  Up in HOH2 Vanessa is standing up and headed for the door.  Liz and Austin are going to bed.  Vanessa out of the room and turns their lights off for them.  Austin and Liz continue to chat with no video (video on fish tank) about what Austin will say when he puts his noms up.  Liz says either or needs to go.


04:33 AM BBT Austin says Liz is going to have to try and tell people that she denies that she is a twin.  Down in the WA Meg and Jackie continue to talk about Shelli.  Meg can’t believe that Audrey is still here.  Jackie says as an outsider it was just looks bad.  Jackie points out that Shelli is in bed with Audrey right now.  Jackie and Meg agrees that Audrey and Clay hanging out in HOH last week was very uninviting for her.  They agree they should go to bed because noms are going to be tomorrow.  Jackie into the WC.  Meg brushes teeth.


04:38 AM BBT Jackie out of WA and washes hands.  Meg into WC.  Up in HOH2 Liz and Austin continue to giggle and joke.  Austin says he didn’t hear it from Julia about Liz being a twin because he was never alone today.  Meg out of the WA and heads towards the SR.  She gets something out of the cabinet and heads into the darkened bedrooms.


04:41 AM BBT Austin thinks Liz/Julia will make it to week five.  Liz thanks that it’s probably better to let Vanessa go after the other side this week because they won’t target her later.  Austin says it’s risky.  Meg is getting ready for bed in the Ocean Room.  Someone can be heard snoring.


04:43 AM BBT Liz doesn’t want Steve to go to the Jury house.  Austin agrees but says they’re making an alliance now.  Liz doesn’t want him to go yet but certainly not make it to Jury.  Austin starts in on the male twin rumor.  That will help blow some attention off of Liz.  Austin says it is the season of twists.


04:47 AM BBT Liz and Austin continue to chat in the darkened HOH2.  Liz wants a cliff notes about the final podcast.  Austin says James was pretty raunchy during the show.  Down in the CR we have a darkened room with horizontal HGs.


04:52 AM BBT Liz and Austin continue to chat, Austin getting Liz caught up on everything.  


04:59 AM BBT Austin really does trust Jason and Meg.  Liz agrees.  They have to get rid of “their people” before they try to work with them.  Austin is going to act like he’s afraid Steve would throw it.


~~~~~Under Construction~~~~~~

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06:25 AM BBT All four feeds display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms.


06:42 AM BBT all four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms.


07:15 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Someone can be hearing breathing/snoring lightly.


07:45 AM BBT The house continues to remain quiet.  All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms.


08:25 AM BBT All four feeds continue to remain silent with sleeping HGs in darkened rooms.


08:32 AM FoTH.  Wake-up time?  We have a busy couple of days ahead of us.


08:45 AM Intermittent feeds.  Austin and Liz in darkened in HOH2.  Liz says the music was too loud.  Jason in WA drying his face.


08:50 AM BBT FoTH once more.  Liz and Austin hadn't moved from the bed and still had the lights off just prior to this.


08:53 AM BBT Feeds are back.  James is grumbling about needing food stocked.  Lights are on in HOH2 now and they have their mics on.  Austin doesn't want to leave Liz by herself too long.  Austin says he's going to act like he wants to put Steve up but then will be upset when she (Vanessa) doesn't put Audrey up as a backdoor this week.  FoTH.


08:56 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH continues.  James could eat strawberry jelly straight out of the jar.  Steve says it would be really sweet.  Liz and Austin are getting up.  Liz says "1 hour!  They're going to be running up here!"  Austin says he's going to tell people that they're both on board to get Audrey out this week.

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09:05 AM BBT  In HOH, Austin talking to Clay about nominations.  Says Vanessa may put up Jason or James, or even John if he will throw it. Austin says that everyone is in for backdooring Audrey and if they can't do that then, Steve is the target.  Vanessa comes in a agrees with what Austin is saying.


9:10 AM BBT Jason in shower; Jackie ADLs.  Upstairs, Austin and Vanessa in HOH not talking just doing ADLs.


9:11 AM BBT Vanessa tells John that if he is willing to throw it (BoB), then they will keep him safe from being nominated again by either her or Austin and that she will give him any information anyone says about him.  John wants to know if Audrey is going on the block with him; she says no that she has to backdoor her.  Jeff comes up to HOH, and Austin goes out onto balcony to keep him from coming in. 


9:16 AM BBT  Jeff and Austin come into HOH.  Jeff says, "I think we are all on the same page."  Vanessa says they are.  Jeff says that Audrey is the target and that Steve should be the back-up plan because he is "getting sketchier by the day."   Vanessa agrees that it is hard to get info from Steve and that she doesn't have much of a relationship with him.  Jeff says this is how she should do it if she doesn't want to get blood on her hands.  There is already an agenda in place, and everyone "already knows the deal." And FotH briefly. They rehash the same convo again while Austin and Vanessa pay A LOT of attention to their hair.  Jeff also mentions that Becky might be another target after they get rid of Audrey and Steve.


9:20 AM BBT John tells Clay that he is supposed to go up as a pawn and throw it.  James comes into colorful bedroom and talk changes to shirts.


9:21 AM BBT Meanwhile, back in HOH, Jeff mentions that Clay and Shelly are a concern because they are "a package deal."  Vanessa tells him that she needs to put up two people who understand why she is putting them up and who won't get emotional.  She says to Jeff that she might put him up. Then she says that she IS going to put him up.  Jeff says that he will do his best to keep them off the block next week and that their names (Austin and Vanessa) have even really been brought up.  Vanessa tells him that he hasn't been on the block yet, and that she  is trying to be fair. 

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9:30 AM BBT  Steve come up to HOH.  Austin and Vanessa tell him that everyone is throwing him under the bus and that he is NOT their target.  They discuss the twin and Steve wants to know if they are both going to be with their alliance. They both assure him yes. Jason in other HOH and wants to talk. Vanessa goes into talk to Jason.  She tells him her nominations will be pawns, and that with her, Jason is good.  

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9:00am BBT: Austin in  HOH rm getting his dirty laundry together. Vanessa is in the WA with Shelli and Clay as they are doing their ADL's. James,Jeff and Austin in the  STR talking as Austin changes his batteries and says i do not know what she is doing. James said well she did not want to talk lastnight and leaves the STr.

9:04am BBt: Vanessa goes to the HNR talking to Jackie and Jackie says i will come up and talk. Clay goes to to the HOh rm to talk to Austin and Austin says ok so we are trying to either backdoor James or Jeff and clay says oh yeah? Austin says yeah. Austin says i am going to try to get my people to win  and either way i am staying up here with Vanessa so she can not be alone with Audrey. But here is the thing who do i put up>? James or John as he has already offered to throw it. Vanessa comes in and he says i was telling Clay who we want to backdoor.

 9:10am Vanessa is alone in the HOH WA doing her ADL's getting ready for nominations. Meg in the Purple BR taking pills . Austin brings in John to the HOh rm and Vanessa says i hate to even ask this but i want to put you up and i want you to throw it so Austin remains HOh and you are safe with me and Austin both but i need you to throw this. John says ok we gotta do what we gotta do right??

9:13am BBt: Jeff heads to the HOh rm and Austin walks out and talks to him on the balcony. Austin says he is ready to get this over with today.

9:15am BBT: Jeff goes in to talk to Vanessa and says i just want to make sure we are on the same page. 

 11:19am BBT: Jeff tells Austin and Vanessa that he is sure they know he has talked to several people in the house and we all have the same agenda and that is to make it to jury. Austin says right. 

John goes to the comic BR to talk to Clay.He tells clay that he is going up and is expected to throw the BOTB comp today. clay says really ok we will figure it out.

9:20am BBT: Jeff tells Austin and Vanessa that  shelli and clay are an item  and i was hoping that we could all come together  with shelli for an alliance but then i watched a couple days ago and  when she was HOh their game was on a personal lever and not a strategic leave. Jeff then says if Audrey gets HOh then i think shelli will be going home. Austin agrees. Jeff says i do not like shelli and clay together i like them separate  but not together. Vanessa says it is a package deal.Vanessa says that is why i need two people that are willing to work with me and will not come after me next week.

 9:28am BBT: Liz comes in to hoh rm and Vanessa says they are all gonna hate me and Austin says they are all pawn man and Vanessa agrees. Steve in the hOh rm now and Vanessa says everyone has come up here and said we need to get Steve out and that is not going to happen. Steve says everyone thinks Austin is mad at me and Vanessa says good as Austin says that is what we want. 

9:41am BBT: James goes upstairs to talk to Austin and Vanessa after Jason leaves and Vanessa telling him that he is good. Vanessa telling James that He is good and that she is putting up the two people who is the least emotional cause i want Audrey gone. Vanessa says i promised people that i would not put them up this week so i have to honor that so i do not know if you will go up or not but if you do i want you to win BOTB. James says alright.

9:44am BBT: Audrey comes to the HOh rm after James leaves. Vanessa says everyone thinks we are going to backdoor you and believe me that is not going to happen so do not worry you will not have to campaign or anything. So it is going to be a John situation  and James and Jeff and meg and they will be thinking that we are backdooring you but that will not happen.Vanessa says Austin will not backdoor you either. Vanessa says you ok with that? Audrey says what garentee do i have that after the POV that i will not go up? Vanessa says you will not go up you can trust me and they will hate me and thats ok.

9:52am BBT: Vanessa still talking to Audrey as they repeat themselves alot. Vanessa tells her that  she is safe so just be yourself. In the LVR James, John, Jeff and Clay talking to John about hje will be safe not to worry then Bb calls clay to the DR. Shelli comes to the  Hoh rm and Audrey leaves and Shelli talks about Austin telling people that are a pawn and she tells him to stop it that it ios only week 3 in here.

9:56am BBt: Clay joins the HOh rm and Vanessa talks really quick and they talk about how Austin will be the one being dethroned now if all goes right.

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10:02am BBT: HOHR Vanessa is still reassuring Audrey that she will not be going anywhere and that she is safe and just to continue what she's doing pretending like she's lost all hope basically Audrey leaves and then Shelli. And Clay come up into the room and Shellys ,"tell him no no way no way tell him he's being an idiot no way'" and Vanessa and Austin say why what's up and Shelley says ," Clay wants to go up as a pawn and both Austin and Vanessa say no way. Are you crazy dude." Johnny Mac has volunteered to go up as a pawn and he's going to throw the competition and Shelley says he's all for it he's totally going to do it and Shelley says to Audrey you ask him right and he said yes and Vanessa says absolutely he's totally down for it.

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10:03am BBT: Hg are lounging around or doing ADL's getting ready for the nomination ceremony. Austin talking to Jackie in the WA saying that Shelli got on to him for telling everyone that they are a pawn. Austin says obviously  the target is still Audrey but i do not what to put you up in case things go wrong. Jackie says really? he says yeah like week one when you was up but i have your back.

10:07am BBt: Austin telling Jackie that he does not want people mad at him but i have to put 2 people up and they all want Steve out. Steve goes to the Comic BR and James ask him are you worried about noms? Steve says everybody is. john says i am not and James as your not? John says no.

10:10am BBT: WE just went to Jeff's Reels as the HG are doing Nominations.

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11:56 AM BBT In HOH, Vanessa talking to Audrey to calm her down.  She tells her that she nominated who she did to backdoor someone else.  She asks her not to "get sucked into the fear" of what is going on, and she advises Audrey to get close to John and Becky if she can.  Audrey says she might be able to get close to John but not to Becky.  Vanessa says that's good because she wants to be able to influence as many votes she can.  Vanessa also tells Audrey that she can act hurt or mad if she wants to, but she also reassures Audrey that she is NOT the target. 


12:00 PM BBT Jason and Meg talking to Austin in CRL.  Jason says that people are feeding each other lies.  Austin says that he is worried about turning out like Jace and being blindsided.  Austin says he feels like he is on the outside.  Meg says that Austin is not a target.  Austin tells them both that the picks that he and Vanessa made were the safe picks and that the target is Audrey.  Meg and Jason both say that they get it, but they are worried about POV.  They say if Audrey wins POV there is no way she is using it on either of them, and then one of them (Meg or Jason) will end up going home.  Austin says he feels like he doesn't have a "good pulse" on this game that's not what he intended.  Jason says that's not what it looks like because Austin put two people up against two strong players and he (Jason) doesn't feel like he and Meg have a chance.


12:04 PM BBT Meg says that Austin could have put Becky up.  Jason says there are plenty of other people that Austin could have put up.  Meg says that there are lots of people who are just "sitting pretty" and that she doesn't get it.  She wants to know why people think this is so complicated right now.  She feels like people are acting.  Jason agrees that everyone is just pushing their own agenda and you cannot believe anyone.


12:06 PM BBT Austin promises that he will do what he can to save them. Jason says if it is a Du-Bob they are [screwed].  Meg says she feels like she and Jason are out of the loop and why not target the bigger players.  Then, she promises to be honest and play a clean game (she knows this is BB, right?!?).


12:08 PM BBT In the bathroom, Clay, Jeff, Shelli, and James are wondering why Meg and Jason went up.  They decide that it's in case the backdoor plan doesn't work, then Jason will go home "worst case senario." Jeff tells them that Vanessa asked him not to put her up next week if she doesn't put Jeff up this week.  They comment on how JohnnyMac is freaking out and wonder why he is so upset. James says that next week John doesn't need to go back up.  Jackie comes through and Jeff asks her if Johnny Mac is okay.  She says yes. Then Jeff asks if John is worried, and she says no.


12:13 PM BBT Vanessa and Jason are in HOH.  Vanessa wants to know if he is still okay.  John says that it's going to be hard to throw it since he is up with James.  She says she still wants him to try but he will be okay if he can't.  John says, "I'll throw it, but it will be tough."  They talk about how the other two, Meg and Jason,really want to win.  Vanessa promises that he is not going home that she has the votes.  She tells JOhn that there is a target in addition to Audrey.  He asks her who.  She doesn't tell him, but she does say that it is someone who offended her personally. 


12:17 PM BBT Jason and Meg are discussing possible BOB comps.  They talk about how bad they would be as a team in a physical comp.  James comes in, and they rehash their convo they had with Austin about being on the losing team because they are weaker.  Jason says that they (HOHs) don't want to get Audrey out so that they can keep a big target in the house. James asks if they think JohnnyMac threw the last comp with Da'Vonne.  Jason said yes that it was obvious.

Edited by morty
I didn't change your text, but I'm pretty sure is was Jason and not Austin that he is worried about turning out like Jace
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2:01 PM BBT Becky & Clay are in the WA talking about Liz. Becky says, she's been looking at her forehead for 2 moles. She says, she's been wearing 3 different hats today. Becky says, Johnny Mack knows that one of the twins has a crown & the other one doesn't. Clay asks if that's been proven? Becky says, John would know because he's a dentist. Becky says, the HOH's won't put Liz up.


2:05 PM BBT Clay says, Johnny Mack seemed upset after that. Becky says, he went to the HNR. Shelli comes in the WA, & says, she's on an opposite schedule of other HG's, & she was up cleaning the KT last night when others were sleeping. She goes in the WC. Clay puts on some chapstick. Shelli comes out of the WC, & washes her hands at the sink. Becky says, Meg had to throw up. She says, she screamed to BB that Meg was going to throw up, & they let her go. She says, she came back. Clay says, he was whispering, & BB got on them to stop. Clay says, there's no beds open. We see FOTH.


2:08 PM BBT Feeds come back. Becky tells him to take a nap on her bed. She says, she has herself, & plenty of mirrors to talk to. Shelli says, even when you think you're alone, you're really not alone at all. Clay says, he'll take a nap, & then they can make dinner. Shelli says, let everyone make their own stuff tonight. Clay says, he wants to hide the chicken, because he likes the chicken. Shelli says, BB needs to give them less turkey & more beef, less fish, & more chicken. Clay says, they need to clean out the freezer.


2:11 PM BBT Becky says, they wasted about $120 in salmon, because they saved the pizzas. She says, when the freezer gets filled with more product, it will be better, but because there's not a lot of stuff in there the collness is working well. Clay asks Shelli if she's going to lay by Jackie? She says, she doesn't know, she doesn't like walking in a room where people are already sleeping. Becky says, everyone is already passed out. Shelli talks about her necklace that is a hollowed out bullet. She says, it's a charity necklace. She says, there's a coin that goes on it, but she took it off, because it would jingle to month. She says, she uses Fab Fit Fun for $50, & you get 4 boxes a month, once for each season, & that's where it came from. She says, the proceeds go to saving a child from hungry. She says, she gets compliments on it all the time. Becky says, it's a great conversation starter. Shelli says, she likes when it jingles also. Shelli tells Becky, she fells bad to go take a nap with her still awake. Becky says, she will clean something. Shelli goes to the OBR, & Becky lays down on the couch in the WA.


2:15 PM BBT Shelli lays down in the bed next to Audrey to take a nap in the OBR. In the HOHR, Clay tells Vanessa, Austin & Liz about the moles that people are looking for. Liz says, she probably needs to use make-up or something to put them on, & she looks in a mirror. Becky goes to the CRL & straightens everything up in there. Liz tells HG's in the HOHR that Julia needs to not talk a whole lot when she's in the house, because she's the real Liz. Clay says, we just have 2 more weeks & then both of them will be there. He says, it will be fun to play with both of them in the house. Austin asks who's downstairs, & he sees Becky walking around. He says, "Oh shit, dive under a couch or something." Clay walks out of the HOHR.


2:19 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that they need to take some calculated risks to make it to the end. Vanessa says, she does want to investigate if Da'Vonne had the power of the photo booth. Austin says, Audrey still scketches him out. Vanessa says the same thing. Austin says, we need to see if she's still sketchy this week. He says, the past two weeks there have been float votes. He says, something is up with Audrey that they don't fully know about. Austin says, Audrey is under the impression that they have a final 2 deal. He says, maybe she's just saying that, but supposedly they are supposed to be the soul mates that she's had in her dreams. Vanessa says, Audrey's name means "I dream." Liz leaves the HOHR to get some blankets. Vanessa says, she thinks Audrey is a psychic. She says, he name can be strategically chosen. She tells Austin that she can't believe he didn't catch on to that. Austin says, he really didn't get the twin thing. He says, he really liked Liz, & then didn't as much, & it was because there are two girls with two different energies.


2:24 PM BBT Austin leaves the HOHR to get water from the refrigerator in the KT. He asks if everyone is sleeping? Liz goes back to the HOHR, carrying blankets. In the OBR, Meg tells Jason, she's been laying there with her eyes closed. Shelli has been called to the DR. She is looking through the wardrobe & a drawer. She pulls out something & leaves the OBR.


2:26 PM BBT Shelli goes in the WC. Clay walks out of the WA. Becky & Austin are in the KT. Becky asks Clay if he wants a PB&J? He says, no. Clay wants to make some coffee. Austin says, "Well, it was fun." Clay says, it's getting bad. Austin says, maybe tomorrow night he can hit it, when BB gives them the BY back. He finishes a protein shake, & washes out his shaker. He puts it on the towel to dry out, & says, alright, I'm gonna go. He walks through the house to find his shoes. He goes to the HNR. BB tells Liz to please put on her microphone. Becky walks in the HNR & Austin walks out. He says, "Oh boy."


2:30 PM BBT John & Austin go to the HOHR. John tells Vanessa he has to go to the bathroom. She tells him to go. Austin tells Vanessa & Liz that Shelli is hosting the competition, & she can't talk about it, but it will be soon. He says, they are going to get slimed. Liz says, Vanessa will get slimed. She tells Vanessa she loves her. Vanessa asks if anyone is in the room with them. Austin says, Johnny Mack is. Liz whispers to Austin & Vanessa & asks if he knows. Vanessa says, he suspects, but doesn't know for sure. Liz asks if she should go out so they can talk to John? She asks if they think he came up there to find out? They tell Liz to go out for a little bit. She walks out of the HOHR.


2:35 PM BBT In the WA, Steve tells Liz & Becky that so far, he & Johnny Mack have played every competition. Liz says, Mack attack. We see FOTH. Feeds come back. Liz is trying to attach Becky's microphone pack to her bra. Becky says, she feels like a robot. Liz has a red, white & blue bandanna on her forehead to cover it up. As she goes in the WC, she says, they don't know what temperature it's going to be outside. Becky is trying to figure out what to do with her microphone wire. Steve asks if there is too much of it? Becky says, she usually puts it on her pants, but she doesn't like when they have to sit down & stand up, so she'd rather put it on her bra. Liz comes out of the WC, & washes her hands. She tells Becky, she's been upstairs listening to Clay Aiken. Steve leaves the WA.


2:39 PM BBT Camera 2 has Vanessa's voice coming from the HOHR, & the voices in the WA at the same time. Vanessa says, Austin & Jeff need to have a good Podcast. Becky tells Liz that her hair doesn't grow that often. He says, she still has highlights from 2 years ago. She says, it's genetic. Liz asks her if she takes Biotin? Becky says, yes, & fish oil. Becky says, she has really thick hair though. Steve goes in the WC. Becky tells Liz that her hair probably highlights easier where she lives. Liz says, she feels that she feels her hair is really dark in the middle. She says, if she wins HOH, she'll get the hair dye. She says, she may dye it, but if not, she'll be growing it out. Steve comes out of the WC. Liz tells them, the competition is happening. She says, she probably needs to put on shorts. Becky says, it may be cold in the house, but it will be hot outside.


2:43 PM BBT The camera view switches to the KT, where Clay & John are talking at the glass table. John says, he thought everything was o.k., so things must have changed since he talked to Vanessa. Clay says, it sucks that people are using him as a pawn, even though they know he won't go home. Back in the HOHR, Liz takes off her sweater, & tells Vanessa & Austin that she has a scar from stitches on her left side, & she shows them. She says, she can't take her shirt off, & she's going to have to work out later at night with a sweater, & just tell people she's cold. Liz asks if Julia has been working out with them the past couple days. Vanessa says, Julia used the foam roller. Austin asks if she knows about the foam roller? Liz says, no. Austin says, "F***." Austin & Vanessa tells her that Julia tried it & didn't like it. Liz says, that's good, now she can say she doesn't like it. They tell Liz that Becky got one for her back issues. Austin says, he was pissed, because he wanted one. Liz says, Becky will share it. Liz says, she wants to know how Julia got electrocuted. Austin & Vanessa tell her about the story. Liz says, "So, the dumb b**** broke the curling iron?" Vanessa says, she dropped it on the ground, & it broke open. We see FOTH.


2:50 PM BBT Jeff Schroeder's reels come on. That means the BOTB is about to start.


6:41 PM BBT Live feeds are back!!


6:42 PM BBT Vanessa is in the HOHR. John asks Vanessa if she thinks James was trying to throw that competiton? She says, she doesn't know, but it was the worst competition in the world for James. She tells John, their deal is still good, & he's safe. Vanessa says, she went to hug James after the competition, & he brushed her off.


6:44 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that Steve told her he would do what she wants. John jokingly says, Austin's out. Vanessa asks John if the competition was fun? He tells her that there were soo many bubbles. He says, you didn't know the maze, & some of the fabrics didn't line up. Vanessa says, it was the best case scenario, because no one will know. She says, it really looks like James threw it. John says, he may have been told to throw it. Austin & Vanessa wonder why he would do that. John says, he's going to head back downstairs. Vanessa tells him, good work, & he can come up there anytime. John leaves. Vanessa says, James is trying to stay isolated, so it looks like he's not working with anyone.


6:49 PM BBT Vanessa says, Austin hasn't won anything yet. Vanessa tells Austin, they need to bait James to say something bad about her, so she has a reason to put James up, & keep Audrey safe again. BB tells Austin to please put his microphone on. Austin says, "I know." Vanessa says, they need to get Liz to stop. She says, she's drinking, & she needs to settle down before everyone finds out. Vanessa says, more people don't know, then do know. Austin says, he can tell a difference between them now that he knows. Vanessa says, she is out there drinking, & smiling really big in front of John, & he's going to find out. She says, if she's not going to do the work to help hide this, then she's not going to go down with the ship. Austin says, if it happens, it happens, & it won't be their fault. He says, it's fine that she's up in the HOHR now, because everyone thinks they are showmancing.


6:52 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin if Liz is mad? She asks him if Liz thinks she's trying to big sister her? Austin says, no, she knows. He says, if this comes out, & he pretends to find this out, then he'll go to the other side of the house, & they can flip things. Austin says, they are getting manipulated by people. He says, he can't believe they f***ed up, & listened to these people. Clay gets called to the DR. Austin asks if Clay is a twin? Vanessa says, she thinks he is. Austin says, he has 3 freckles on his right arm, & his hair looks a little lighter. Vanessa says, his hair on top is longer also. Austin says, why would they do this now? Vanessa says, Shelli would know, but they aren't getting naked. Austin says, this season is insane. We see FOTH. Austin says, last year's seasons girls HG's IQ's were low, & all the HG's this season seem to have really high IQ's. Austin tells Vanessa he's watched every season except last year, & he will tell her why when they have music on. Austin says, he's going to tell everyone that he's staying up in the HOHR with her, & they can do the Podcast up there. He says, then it will go insane, & they still have options with the Veto.


6:58 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa, the perfect scenario is that Audrey gets picked to play in the Veto, & then they have no blood on their hands. He says, she doesn't have a reason to be Steve up, but he does. Vanessa tells him she told Johnny Mack to pick Austin to play in the Veto if he gets the chance. She tells him she will choose him also. Austin says, he still wants to keep Liz upstairs with them this week, to keep her from downstairs. Austin says, the twin doesn't come in until week 6, & why would they want to get her out now. He says, they need to keep her safe. Austin says, they need to get Jeff or James out this week. He says, if James or Johnny Mack win the Veto, it's Jeff. Austin says, he doesn't think Jeff's a great competitor. He says, if he lucks into a win, he's going to have to win an HOH. He says, he may get wooed by Liz, because he thinks with his private parts, not his head. He says, he talks to much, & he may get desperate.


7:02 PM BBT Austin says, if they get the chance to get Jeff out this week, then they should. He tells Vanessa they need to start counting everything. He says, he hasn't started doing that yet. Austin says, he gets to play in the HOH competition again next week. Austin says, he was acting like he was sick to his stomach earlier, & he was pretending. He says, they have people in front of them that look like duo's. Austin says, if the twin thing comes out, then he will act pissed, & go to cling to Jackie. Vanessa says, she still needs him to try to win next week. He says, they need to win 2 in a row. He says, if they can take out 2 of them, then Meg will be by herself. Austin says, if James & Jeff are gone, that would be good. Austin tells Vanessa that Becky is really close to him. Vanessa asks if she's closer to him than Shelli? He says, yes, & they made it good in the SR. Jeff is seen on the TV coming up to the HOHR. Austin goes in the other room in the HOHR. Jeff walks in, & says, hello. Vanessa says, hello. Austin says, there's alcohol in all these competitions this week. Jeff says, there was a blonde that was talking to him, asking him if he was a HG, or a spectator? Jeff says, he got a pair of sunglasses. Austin asks Jeff what happened with James? Jeff says, he tanked. Austin asks if the food was re-stocked? Jeff says, yes. Vanessa takes her black BB bag downstairs to get more clothes. Austin goes in the other room again, & Jeff yells to him that they got to keep the headphones. Jeff asks him if he stays upstairs again? Austin says, yes, definitely. Austin tells Jeff, that he told Johnny Mack to pick him for Veto if he can, so Audrey doesn't get a chip. He tells Jeff, they will be sitting pretty. Jeff says, he knows.


7:09 PM BBT Austin tells Jeff that they need to get some people together to figure things out for next week. He tells Jeff, in case Liz is a twin, & another one comes in. Austin says, Audrey keeps going to Vanessa saying she doesn't trust him. Austin tells Jeff that Liz is going to stay upstairs & they are going to three-some in the bed. Jeff says, that will be nice. Jeff says, Liz is acting different. Austin says, the one today is acting different today. Austin says, he likes the one from yesterday. Jeff says, this one is the fun hot one, he wants to go to jury with. Jeff says, the other one liked Jace. He says, the other one would never want to flirt with Austin after he left. Jeff says, this one has the bigger booty. Jeff says, this one doesn't know about the shrine or anything. Jeff tells Austin that she's wearing loser clothes, & she may have the birthmark. Jeff says, this one is Helga Pataki, & the other one is Cruella DeVille, from 101 Dalmations. Austin tells Jeff that he thinks Clay is a twin, because he's staying ripped, & is not working out at all. He says, all they do in sequester is work out. Austin says, he likes this one better. We see FOTH for a moment. Austin tells Jeff he wants to get on the same page.


7:15 PM BBT Jeff tells Austin they need to get in a group. He says, he doesn't want to ax Meg. Austin says, she's fun. Jeff says, he doesn't mind Jason leaving. Austin says, Jason is all over the place, & he won't give him a straight answer. Austin says, he's sick of these people lying. Jeff says, Clay & Shelli will probably get taken out. Austin says, until Clay's twin comes in. Austin says, if he stayed HOH, & Audrey somehow won, they could have taken out Jason this week. Jeff tells Austin that Meg really likes him. Austin asks Jeff if he should talk to her more? He says, he doesn't know what to say. He says, he had to work with the people he's working with. Jeff tells him to tell her that. Jeff says, they both trust Clay. Jeff says, they need to get someone to go after Shelli next week. Jeff asks if they should take Shelli or Steve first? Austin says, if they  have the chance, they need to take Shelli first, because Steve can go at anytime. Austin says, there are so many options, since there are 2 HOH's. Austin says, he wants to talk to Meg.


7:19 PM BBT Austin tells Jeff if they make it to the final 3, they can do Podcasts all the time, & it would be so fun. Austin says, the HG's were so excited to get the alcohol today. Jeff says, Becky is the biggest gold digger. Austin says, he knows, she only dates NBA players. Jeff says, Becky is not that hot. Austin says, she's a Monday night. Jeff says, she's a Monday night at best. Austin tells Jeff that Liz won't tell her anything about possibly being a twin. He says, he's getting pi**ed off. Jeff tells him to start asking her questions. Liz goes in the HOHR, & says, she needs to get her stuff out of Austin's HOHR. Austin tells her she can stay up there, & he wants to hold on to that room as long as possible. Liz tells Austin they will be locking it soon. Jeff asks why they all get to cuddle up there, & he has to cuddle with Clay? Liz walks past Jeff & walks out. Jeff tells Austin that he should have been there with the blonde. Austin says, he wishes he was, but he got a whole bottle, & took 10 shots A.S.A.P., it was soo good. Austin tells Jeff, he was trying to get Liz drunk so she would talk. Jeff says, she wouldn't commit. Austin says, he was soo close. Jeff asks Austin why they didn't just give him a basket of beers? Jeff says, when he wins HOH, he's going to ask for a full basket of beers. Vanessa comes back to the HOHR. Jeff tells her he's going to grab the headphone to see if the sound is better. Vanessa says, it's probably better than the ones they have. Someone rings the HOHR doorbell. Austin asks if there's a take over. Austin & Vanessa come out asking if there's a take over right now. Shelli says, no. Vanessa goes back in the HOHR.


7:26 PM BBT Jeff comes back to the HOHR, & tries the headphone. He says, they're Phillips.  Vanessa says, they're D.J.ing headphone. Jeff says, they are definitely louder (you can hear the music in his microphone). He says, there's no bass. The camera view switches to the SR. Jason says, some of the models were scared. Austin says, they looked burnt out. Jeff says, they look like they're from Pulchella.


7:30 PM BBT In the CBR, Becky is using the foam roll to help her back. John & James are laying in 2 separate beds. James says, Jason went back into the VIP area, & Meg came back out. John says, the first time through the bubbles you can't tell where you're out. James says, he should have just threw it all. John says, he was ticked off, because James went to one chick like 3 times. James says, he was looking at tops. Becky says, you could see the tops of the bikini's, but you couldn't see the accessories from far away. James says, his brain collapsed. Becky says, it was crazy right before they went in. She says, HG's were thinking it was going to be a sewing contest, & then it was. Becky says, as much as you want to control things in this game, you can't control it. James says, it would have taken longer with 4 guys in there. Becky agrees. James wants to go to the DR, before he takes a shower. John asks him if he's going to cry? James says, no, he just wants to let his emotions out. He says, they should go in together. He says, they got beat down, & they're defeated. Becky says, her back is f***ed up, & it hurts so bad. John asks if it should be better by now? Becky says, no, not when you pull your back muscles. She says, the good thing is her muscles are short, & it happens to her dad & sister as well. James asks when they will have the Veto comp? Becky says, probably tomorrow, if they want to get them in the BY.


7:36 PM BBT Becky says, Jason told her they try to get them the BY for Monday, Tuesday, & part of Wednesday. We see FOTH. Feeds come back with Becky still talking about the comps. We see FOTH again.


7:37 PM BBT John asks if they got anything good for food this time? Becky says, they were really good about listening to what they said about the 80/20 beef. We see FOTH again. James says, they gave them less roast beef, & more ham & turkey. We see FOTH again.


7:38 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Becky says, it may be Steve somewhere. John says, production, production, production. John asks James if he got some numbers? James says, no, he got suds in his eyes, & a lot of girls telling him no all day. James says, he had a girl dragging him out, & he hit into a wall, & then he found the way, & took her out. James says, he's never seen that competition before. Becky says, she hasn't either. James says, BB17 has different comps. He says, even with the spelling, it went to point value, instead of the longest word. James says, we can't let Audrey win the Veto, or get picked. Jeff goes in the CBR, & says, hi. James asks who's out there? Jeff says, you know, Audrey. Becky says, she using the foam roller, & asks Jeff if he wants to use it. Her & Jeff talk about the girls that were outside. Becky says, she had a lot of make-up on, a Kim K style. She says, she had a cute body, & looked a little high-maintenance. Becky says, if you like that, then it's good. She says, she was flirting with Jeff. James asks if she gave him her glasses? Jeff says, no, f*** no. He says he was talking to her the whole time. He says, he was saying stupid sh**.


7:43 PM BBT Jeff tells them that the girl asked him if he's a HG or a spectator. He says, he told her he's a HG, & she shouldn't be talking to him. Jeff says, she seemed to be on Molly or something. He says, he could have had a make-out sesh with her. Becky went to get something to drink & came back to the OBR. James says, it would have been funny if he went in one time, & never came out, that would be funny. Jeff says, that happened to James. Jeff asks him what happened? James says, he smacked one girl one time, & felt soo bad. Becky says, Jason ran in the bubbles & told one of the girls something was hurts, & had her go with him. Austin get told to move his microphone higher.


7:46 PM BBT Vanessa walks in the CBR, & moved the trash can that Meg threw in. James says, he got his knee banged up, got told no 3 times, & smacked a girl. Jeff says, that sounds like a typical Friday night for him. James says, he sat at the table alone for 20 minutes for trying to find a shirt that matched. Jeff left the CBR. John tells James, "You crazy, man."


7:48 PM BBT You could hear Jeff laughing through the CBR door. He comes back in the CBR. James says, you just had to spread that didn't you? Jeff asks why Liz won't let him cuddle her like he wants to. He says, he needs her. James says, he's going to sh** a brick if Audrey gets picked for the Veto competition. Jeff says, she's out there, & you guys will be o.k. Jeff asks James & John if they threw the comp, or if they really tried? They both say they tried, but they just may want to say they threw it. Jeff tells them they should go to the DR together. Jeff says, he dares them to say they threw it. Jeff tells them to go the DR, & tell them, this was like a typical Friday night, & says what happened again. James added, he didn't get any phone numbers either at the end.


7:51 PM BBT John says, he just doesn't want to get sick. He says, the foam went into crazy places. James says, it looks like there's a little rat or mouse sitting above the camera looking at them. John asks, what it is, & gets up to look. John says, it's insulation sticking out. James says, that would freak the girls out, & they would get the room to themselves. They name is Francis. James says, he wishes he had fishing string or dental floss. He says, he could move it around. He says, he wants to scare the girls. He said they would scream. Liz walks in the CBR. John asks her if she met Francis yet? Liz says, no. John says, she doesn't care. Liz walks out. Jeff comes in the CBR. James tells Jeff, there's a mouse in the ceiling watching them. Jeff says, it's a piece of insulation. Jeff says to tell Liz. John says, they did & she didn't care. James says, he wants to scare the females, & make them run out of the room. James says, if they tell Jason & Meg they threw that comp, they would probably not believe them. James asks Jeff what he thinks? Jeff says, don't, it was bad. James says, he's the one that took the most time, because he couldn't find anything. Jeff says, he did so bad that's the only explanation. Becky comes back in the CBR. James says, we threw the comp. Jeff walks out of the CBR, & he took James' clothes with him. James runs after him telling him he has his clothes. Steve comes in the CBR laughing hysterically. Becky says, Steve thinks it's funny. Steve holds his fingers up, & asks how many fingers he's holding up? Steve says, 8, & keeps laughing. James comes back in the CBR & gets in the other bed. Jeff asks Becky why she looks so good today? Becky says, she looks not showered, in her best sweats.


7:58 PM BBT The camera view switches to the HOHR. Austin tells Liz & Vanessa what happened when Jeff was up there. Liz says, he's sucking up to him so bad. Vanessa says, Jeff doesn't understand he's option A. Austin says, they're buying it hook, line & sinker. Vanessa says, she's going to do the same thing that they did to Jace. Austin says, Vanessa needs to talk Liz about options in case the twin thing actually comes out. He says, Jeff, is on this. Steve comes into the HOHR. Steve comes in the HOHR. Steve comes in & tells Liz, they had him fooled 100 percent. Steve says, he knew from Da'Vonne, but wasn't really sure. Liz asks Steve which one she is? Steve says, she's Liz. Liz asks him what the HG's are saying? Steve says, everyone knows. Steve says, when they played zoo, they were another character. He tells her that HG's think her picture is a combination of both of them. Liz says, it's her. She says, it was on press day, & she was the one there for that. Steve says, the entire house knows that they are twins. Steve asks Liz if she knows the number before her twin comes in? Liz says, she thinks it's 7, but it's in the top 10. Steve says, that's brutal, because the other twins had go past 4. Steve says, his guess is that if the 2 of them don't come back together, then they will bring back a jury member, or Jace & Da'Vonne are in sequester right now.


8:04 PM BBT Steve says, he can't tell Liz about everything without being mean. Steve tells her, she did the Podcast, & Julia didn't know who drunk Ellen was. He says, that Liz dumped a date, & She didn't know that. He says, one has a cap on her tooth. Steve says, their faces are shaped differently, their smirks are different, & the eyebrows are different on the picture. She says, the picture is 100 percent her. Vanessa says, Johnny Mack will know because of the tooth. Steve asks what she can say, & can't say. Steve says, the rule with the other twins was that they couldn't be discovered. Steve says, that's not their rule though. Liz says, she can't believe Da'Vonne told everyone. Steve asks if they are triplets? Liz says, they are identical twins. Steve says, it was all over the internet had that there was going to be triplets on the show this season. Steve says, Da'Vonne & Jason knew this, & came in the house looking for this. Vanessa asks if someone thought she was a twin, because people were waiting outside the DR for her to come out.


8:07 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve is he thinks there may be a set of male twins in the house as well, because she has an idea of who it would be? Steve says, every time they've done this on any BB show, it's always blonde twins. Steve asks to use the remote. Steve asks if he's being too dominating? They say no. Vanessa asks Steve if he thinks Clay is a twin also. Vanessa says, after he got the hair cut, it was way shorter. Steve tells Liz, that anything she does to deny the twin thing is a waste at this point. Steve says, no one will be mad at her for lying, because she had to. Steve tells her to go with the fact she can't admit it. Liz says, they are going to test Steve. Liz asks if everyone in the house hates her, because she's a twin. Steve says, the twin thing is cool, but she's there on her own merit. Liz asks if people want her out because of it. Vanessa wants to know the benefit for the group. Liz says, she thought they could fool people a little longer. Austin says, there's a group of people this may be dangerous for. Steve says, Jeff, Jackie, Meg & James. Steve says, he's saying way more information than he should right now. He says, his concern is Becky, John & Jackie right now. He says, it's like BB6. Vanessa says, Becky swears she doesn't talk game to Jackie ever. Steve asks if they want to tell John & Becky. Steve says, there's no information to protect.


8:14 PM BBT Austin says, Jeff is still skeptical. Liz says, everyone is drunk & passed out right now. Steve asks if she wants to keep it quiet for a while? Liz says, yes. Steve tells Austin to keep doing what he's doing. Austin says, they may actually throw next week to him. Steve asks what Jeff is doing right now? Austin says, he doesn't know. Vanessa says, just like Audrey, they all keep throwing people under the bus. Steve asks Vanessa why she nominated John? Vanessa says, because he told her that he wouldn't mind. Steve says, he didn't know that. Vanessa says, she told him he wouldn't go home, & he was o.k. with it. Steve asks what the votes would be if the nom's stay the same. Vanessa tells Steve that Audrey gave her vote to her, if she doesn't back door her. Austin says, if people knows about Liz, & they try to bring someone else in, they can help protect her. Vanessa says, Clay, Shelli & Becky will vote the way she wants them to all day long. Steve says, there's someone obviously voting for the other person. They discuss the votes were 7-2 & they know for sure Jason was one. Vanessa & Austin both believe it's Audrey. Vanessa says, she believes she's America's Player. Austin tells Steve that the house believe either he or Audrey is America's Player. Steve says, it's not him. Vanessa says, there's no way Audrey could have come up with the alliance at the beginning like she did. Liz tells Steve to put the TV on the hallway.


8:20 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa he wants to clear the air. He says, he made a bond at the beginning of the game, because of Danielle Reyes. He says, Steve says, she told everyone. He says, if they heard anything from Jace, it was true for the moment. He says, but then when he heard, he says, he couldn't trust her anymore. In the CRL, Becky, Jackie & Meg are talking about the sunglasses Jackie got. Jackie says, she's been called a sneaky Scorpio. Jackie says, she doesn't know whether Vanessa is really weak, or really strong? Becky says, it depends on the situation. Becky says, they need to stay on her. Meg says, she can't wait to see what she does. Jackie says, it's sad if they put Steve up. Becky says, Audrey's name is in the pool. Jackie says, who do you think will get off the block? Meg says, she wants to get Johnny Mack off. Jackie says, she does too. Jackie says, James already said he didn't care if he went up. Meg says, no one will vote for him to go. Jackie says, James also said if he goes home, then he doesn't care, because no one wants him there. Meg & Jackie both say they felt that way when they were put up. Meg says, the house makes her really paranoid. Jackie says, it's good though, & it's fine. Jackie says, everyone's true colors are coming out, & she doesn't like it. Jackie says, when the going gets tough later, she knows how they will be times ten, & that's not o.k.


8:28 PM BBT Jackie says, she came into the house knowing she has to fight for herself, because she can't depend on anyone. Meg says, no girl has ever won over a boy in the final 2. Becky says, her fairy told her, that they're sick of the girls not being strong. She says, he told her to watch, if a girl pairs up with a strong guy, she won't be strong. Jackie says, if a guy genuinely likes you, then that's o.k. Meg says, if they genuinely like you, they can wait 2 months to talk to them. Becky says, it helped Jeff & Jordan, but it didn't help Brendon & Rachel. Jackie says, they are all there, because they're capable of winning. Becky says, perfect example today. As soon as you think it's going one way, they bring out patterns. Becky says, they were talking about bedazzling, & then they bring out this competition. BB tells Jackie to please relocate her transmitter. Becky says, even when they tried to throw the comp twice, they still won. She says, both times they really tried to heavily threw it, & then they won. Becky says, can you imagine if James & John were trying to really throw it, it would have taken even longer. They are all laughing about it.


8:32 PM BBT In the HOHR, Steve asks Liz if America has been voting for anything for her & her sister? Liz says, absolutely not. She says, she only knows they are the twist. Steve says, they are a twist. Austin asks if they think there's a twist from every season? Steve says, that would be too many. Austin says, there's a twist every week. Austin says, there's a comp tomorrow. Steve tells Vanessa, not to pick any of them if she gets HG choice. Austin says, Clay or Shelli. Liz says, don't pick Clay, because he was picked last week. Liz, Austin & Steve all say to pick Shelli. Vanessa says, what if they put up someone that is good at comps? Steve says, Becky. Vanessa says, everyone knows she's friends with Shelli. If she puts Becky up she would work hard, & she would save John if she wins. Vanessa doesn't know if they would vote for Audrey. Vanessa asks who she should pick? Austin says, Shelli. Vanessa is worried that Clay or Shelli may throw it. Steve says, if James wins, Jeff goes up. Vanessa says, then, if James gets off the block, she'll have blood on her hands. She says, it's great to have a back-door plan with Jeff, but she's o.k. if James goes home. She says, she's o.k. either way. Steve asks if it's James' comp performance, or Jeff's mouth? Austin says, it's both.


8:37 PM BBT Vanessa says, it could be good to put Liz up, because it would be plausible that Liz wouldn't use the Veto. Steve asks if the house wants to back-door Audrey this week? Vanessa says, yes, but she wants a reason to keep the nominations the same. Steve asks if she wants to keep the nominations the same this week, because then she would have been unsuccessful at back-dooring Audrey? Vanessa says, Audrey may throw the comp. Steve says, Audrey has the gift of gab. Austin tells Vanessa, if she uses Clay or Shelli it will look like they are controlling her HOH. He says, even if they throw it, they are still playing.


8:41 PM BBT Steve asks if they want to stay 4 for now, or do they want to branch out. Liz says, they are 5 in week 5 (forgetting she told Steve it would be week 7 or later). Vanessa asks if they would be o.k. with Clay & Shelli coming in the group? All say they would.


8:43 PM BBT Steve says, Becky came to Steve & gave him advice on how to approach Austin on how to mend fences. Austin says, that's actually really good. Steve says, he's not complaining. Austin says, no one will see this at all. Liz asks Steve what John's deal is since he's close to him? Steve says, he's doing 90 percent of the talking, & if someone wants to shut him up they can. Liz says, no, because he's never up there. Steve says, you have Jeff, Jackie & Becky working together. Austin says, what happens if Jackie goes? Steve says, the glue is gone. Steve & Austin both think Jackie threw the HOH competition. Vanessa says, Clay & Shelli are better, because they have a target on them. Vanessa says, when they go, that leaves the option in to draw others in. Liz says, she has 100 percent loyalty for keeping her safe last week. She says, they should bring 1 more in until they can get her sister there. Steve tells Vanessa to bring Shelli & Clay up there to tell them she wants them in the alliance. Vanessa says, she can bring them up there, & then she can confirm it to all 3 of them at the same time. Steve says, she will confirm her name as Julia. Liz says, it's Julia not Julia. Steve says, that's what he said. Austin says, Vanessa will bring all of them up there together to confirm it. Steve wants to wait, even until Tuesday or Wednesday. Vanessa says, if she does it, they will DR her about it, but she's too tired to do that now. Steve says, they can be the Freaks & Geeks. Austin says, they can rename it when it's 6, but actually 7. Austin wants the name for the 7. Steve says, so this is 4 1/2? He tells Liz to stop being 2 people. Steve asks how often they switch? Liz says, every 3 to 4 days. Steve asks where they go? Liz says, she can't tell, otherwise production will call them out. Steve asks if they get sequestered? She says, yes. Liz says, they don't know the number yet, it's either 6 or 7. Steve says, "You don't know?" Liz says, they don't know yet. Vanessa says, is it 6 or 7, or top ten? Liz says, "Yes, it's top 10." Steve says, then they are halfway. Steve says, he wants to know, there's nothing better to talk about. Steve says, Jason is all obsessed about this. Steve says, he's kind of obsessed also, but Jason is more so. Vanessa tells her to tell Jason by herself. Vanessa tells her to confide in him. Liz says, he will tell everyone, because he has a huge mouth.


8:54 PM BBT HG's in the HOHR see Jackie & Meg coming out of the CRL. They believe they are trying to start an all-girl alliance. Liz says, Jackie doesn't have a personality. She says, she's nothing without Jeff. Liz says, her boobs have personality. Austin says, she can do a good back walkover. Liz says, she was close to her, but now she really doesn't talk to her. Austin says, she may be jealous of Liz, because she wants to get close to her. Steve asks if they can back-door Austin this week? Vanessa says, she actually could, & he says, he starts getting all nervous. They notice that Becky is now coming out of the CRL. Steve says, they're making  an all-girl alliance to protect themselves. Vanessa says, they should come to her then. Liz asks what other girls are in the house? Vanessa says, Audrey. Vanessa says, she wants to ask all 3 of the girls separately so she can compare the stories. Vanessa asks who should be picked for HG choice if they get it? Austin tells Vanessa to choose him & he'll play. They try to figure out who Johnny Mack should pick. Liz says, she's scared of Becky, Jackie, Meg, James, Jeff, & John being together. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Liz says, oh no. Steve says, he's going to run now. Liz tells Steve that everything that was said in there, stays in there. Vanessa says, 100 percent. Steve walks out. Vanessa & Austin tells Liz that she slipped up. They tell her it was supposed to be a rumor, not what really happened, with Vanessa telling Austin. Liz says, she needs nail polish remover, because she's picking off her nail polish from being so nervous.


9:01 PM BBT Liz says, she wants to talk to Shelli & Clay to find out if they are b.s.ing them, or telling them the truth. Vanessa says, it's a great plan to bring Shelli, Clay & Steve all in at once, & they all know, but will think they are all finding out at the same time. Clay comes to the HOHR. Liz asks if everyone is asleep down there? Clay says, yes, & he's getting champagne sick right now. Liz says, they were creeping on the TV. She tells Clay about the 3 girls being in the CRL for soo long. Clay says, it was about 30 minutes.


9:04 PM BBT Austin tells Clay, that Jeff is trying to change the alliance. Austin & Clay talk about everything that has transpired, & how Becky, Jackie & Meg are now talking. He says, they may now be separate from the guys. Clay says, everyone is just spewing information now that they've been drinking. Austin says, they are all flipping on each other. Austin says, Meg & Jason came to him telling him that they were pulled by Clay & Shelli's puppet strings. Austin says, he told Meg she was coasting to. He says, he told her to go out there & compete, & then she did. Clay says, Jason & Meg said they need to ax them. He says, Jason said this just makes it easier. Austin says, as long as Jeff is there, you can't trust Jackie. Austin says, Becky can't be trusted without James & Jeff. Austin asks Clay how to get the information to Meg that Jeff is throwing her under the bus. Austin asks if they should wait until Jeff is on the block? Clay says, yes, wait until this plays out, timing is everything. Liz says, timing is everything in this game. Austin says, they're done, unless they both win.


9:10 PM BBT Clay says, Meg & Jason would be on board with voting Jeff out this week, but they could fix that by the end of the week. Austin says, he's going to get played so hard this week, & he can't wait to give him his goodbye speech. Austin says, but James could go also. Clay asks what Vanessa wants to tell him? Austin says, he doesn't know, & he'll probably get called in after Vanessa. Austin says, he pretty much just filled him in on everything. Austin says, he though everyone was in agreement to back-door Audrey. Clay says, Meg is going crazy because she was up again, but look at Johnny Mack, he's been up 3 weeks in a row. Liz says, he's calm as a clam. Clay asks if James threw the competition? Liz & Austin says it looks like it. Austin says, the other team knocked it out quick. Clay says, that comp was not that hard. Clay says, no one in the house knows they are working together. Clay says, they need to work on Johnny Mack & Steve. Austin says, all of the floaters are going to start aligning.


9:14 PM BBT Austin says, he wants to tell Becky stuff to help her, but not hurt him. Liz says, Jackie can't get any information until Jeff is gone. She says, Jeff doesn't know how to shut his mouth. Liz changes the TV & see's Steve. Liz asks if everyone is sleeping? Clay says, yes. Clay is going back downstairs for now. He says, he will come back up when Vanessa gets out of the DR. Clay walks out. Austin tells Liz she'll be o.k. Liz says, they have the numbers. Steve says, they have to hide her until the Veto competition. Liz says, they need to tell Jason. Austin is worried about telling him, because she can become a target then.


9:16 PM BBT Austin really wants to know what the girls just did. He says, he wants to talk to Becky. Liz says, she can't believe that Jeff & Jackie had sex, but it's Jeff, so of course they did, it's soo gross. Liz says, she can't believe they are acting like nothing. She asks Austin how many times they did? Austin says, he doesn't know, but Jeff said it wasn't that hard. Liz says, Jackie has lost her Amazing Race bandanna, & is going around the house, & keep asking her if it's in her luggage. Austin wants to open his potato chips. He says, his family must have told them he likes them. Liz & Austin are eating the chips. Liz & chomping into her microphone. Liz says, James is still up. She says, ha ha, you twick.


9:20 PM BBT Liz is really scared that everyone in the house knows. Austin says, they aren't going to confront her. Austin says, they are all after Clay & Shelli now, & they are on the outside too. Austin says, o.k., they think they know, you don't have to admit it, & if they ask you, just deny it. He says, they aren't going after her, & Clay or Shelli will go next week. Liz asks what week to say if she is asked? Austin says, tell them top 10, & that's easy to remember. Austin says, that would be the 6th eviction. Austin says, he thinks Jace went home, especially if they showed him both of them. He says, he can imagine his face when he found out. Liz says, he probably sh** his pants.


9:24 PM BBT Liz says, Meg told her today that she looked like Mary Kate & Ashley Olson, because she was so incognito though. Austin wants to know who they can trust. Liz says, she thinks she could tell Jason & John. She says, she's not telling Audrey anything. Austin says, if they tell them they will run to others. Austin says, he needs to be surprised what happens. They may stage a fight at the time. He says, they need to come down from the HOHR after the Veto, grab a bed somehow, & try to tell someone to confide in them. Austin says, Liz can tell Austin & Jeff at the same time, because Jeff will be desperate for their votes. Steve comes back to the HOHR. Steve asks what happened Clay came up there? Austin says, he didn't tell him anything, because Vanessa went to the DR. Steve says, when Clay came down there, he told him it was just Steve & Vanessa. Liz tells Steve to tell Clay they were in the other room if he's asked about it.


9:28 PM BBT Steve is leaving the HOHR, & asks if they are definitely bringing Shay & Klelli? Then he corrects himself to Shelli & Clay. Liz & Austin go to the KT to get water. Liz says, champagne hangovers are the worst. Austin says, there's no working out today. The camera view switches to the OBR, & then to the WA. Liz in the the WA getting nail polish remover from her bin.


9:33 PM BBT Steve is in the KT with Austin. Austin says, don't worry about it, we'll figure it out, we were in the other room. Austin asks Liz if she wants eggs? She says, no, she's doing her nails now. Steve tells Austin he dumped out some stuff & dumped out noodles. Austin walks out of the KT.


9:32 PM BBT Steve dumps something in the trash, & walks out of the KT. Austin comes back in the KT, & says, no eggs, to himself. He cooks the eggs he has in the pan. Steve is in the CRL by himself. He looks at the camera & then lays down on the couch, holding a yellow pillow. He is whispering to himself, which is inaudible for us to hear.

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7:20  PM BBT Austin and Jeff in the HOHR discussing who they want to work with.  Jeff says that he told Meg to her face that he would not take her to the final two.  Jeff and Austin discuss final two plans and podcasting straight through the final three days.  Jeff calls Becky the biggest gold-digger...but not a hot one "A Monday night at best."  Austin is frustrated that Liz did not tell him personally about the twin switch.  After Liz is clinging to him and sleeping in his bed all night, you would think she would trust him.


7:23  PM BBT Liz/Julia walks in to take her stuff out of the alternate HOHR.  Jeff jokes how come you guys get to cuddle up here and I have to sleep with Clay.  Jeff checks himself out in the mirror, turns his hat back around and is making faces in his mirror.


7:25  PM BBT Liz leaves and Austin talks about how he wanted to get Liz drunk but she would not drink.  Jeff comments that they should have just given Austin a basket full of beers.  


7:26  PM BBT Doorbell rings and the houseguests think it is takeover time...false alarm.


7:27  PM BBT Vanessa and Jeff in the HOHR.  Jeff is trying out a pair of headphones likely from the BOB.  Headphones are louder but no bass.


7:28  PM BBT Jason and Austin in the storage room discussing the BOB.  Said the foam was burning and the models/extras were weird.  Austin is glad Jason won and that the plan is moving forward seamlessly.  Austin says after nominations he was sick to his stomach, but now he feels so much better.   Jason wishes he could sit out and watch a competition.  Austin says that as long as one name is not called (sounds like Aubrey) it is all good.  Jason says "She" wants to be picked for veto comp.  (They later use her name - confirmed Audrey.)


7:32  PM BBT Austin says he is still hungover - that he drank at least ten "Shots" of champagne while watching the comp.


7:36  PM BBT HG in the kitchen discussing the BOB, lots of FOTH.  Jeff tried to ask for a guy's glasses and he would not give them up.  FOTH again.

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7:39 BBT: John, Becky and James in the CBR. James says BB17 is all new comps. He says even the spelling was different - it didn't go for the longest word, but for the one with the most points. Becky mentions how it wasn't as simple as just finding endings to tack on words. James says they just can't let Audrey win the veto. John agrees.

7:40 BBT: Jeff enters the CBR and lies down on the bed. Becky asks him if he wants to roll with her (foam roll).

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9:18 BBT: Austin and LIz in the HOHR.  Austin tells Liz that Jeff and Jackie have had sex in the house.  According to Jeff "It's not that hard bro."


9:20 BBT:  All HG asleep except Austin, Liz, Clay and Steve.  Liz and Austin discussing strategy and sweet potato chips.  Austin's plan is to buddy up with Jeff and make him believe he is on the inside - while he is really the backdoor target.  If the nominations stay the same, plan right now is to have James go home....if someone uses the veto, Jeff will be back doored.  BoTB was either very tiring, or all HGs are drunk and sleeping it off.  Not much activity for Friday night BBAD.


9:25 BBT: Liz and Austin discuss how to confirm the twin information.  Austin says we need Vanessa to do the back door and Liz+Austin be "shocked."  Austin proposes that they stage a fight and Liz+Austin act appalled and move downstairs.  Austin and Liz would then pretend to be the lone rangers and try to find alliances to join.  Austin thinks Liz should tell Jeff and Austin at the same time when Jeff is desperate for jokes.


9:27 BBT: Steve comes into the HOHR.  Steve says that Jeff asked him who was up in the HOHR and he told him it was just Vanessa.  He is worried that Jeff would know he was lying.  Austin points out the other room is open.  Liz tells him to not put any more attention on it.  Steve says that they are definitely bringing in Shelli and Clay.


9:30 BBT: Austin, Liz and Steve to the kitchen.  Austin is still pointing out how much he drank at the comp.  Flash camera to Shelli and Clay sleeping in the same bed.  Steve points out that Clay knows about the twin twist and they cannot play him.  Austin cooking eggs, Steve doing dishes.  Liz doing her nails in the HOHR listening to music.


9:38 BBT: Steve in the hammock room staring into space.  Now he is just wandering around the downstairs.  Austin takes his eggs upstairs to HOHR to keep up the strategy talk with Liz.  Liz says it is good that this is so secretive so no one knows who they are working with.  She fears that once people find out who she is working with will put her up against someone like Shelli and she will go home.


9:41 BBT: Austin says they need to figure out Plan B, maybe Becky.  Liz says Becky is so much more loyal to Jackie than LIz.  Austin insists that Becky is loyal to him.  Austin says that Becki loves projects and will love defending Liz and scoping things out.  Their plan is to stick with the ten week plan...and then surprise everyone when the twin comes in in two weeks.


9:44 BBT: Austin asks if this nomination ceremony went quicker than the other one.  Liz points out that she was not here for the other one.


9:49 BBT: Austin tells Liz not to worry about Becky and Jackie because they will not win HOH Comps.  Austin strongly believes that Becky is standing up for him.  Liz is giving Austin hair tips and tells him how to use her hair oil.  Austin points out that her sister already gave him that tutorial.


9:53 BBT: Liz is painting her nails clear because the orange is staining her nails yellow.  She says that she is not switching until Monday.  Austin catches her up to yesterday's hair-straightening session.  Liz wants to be the one to confirm the twin twist because otherwise it looks sketchy.  She says she never wanted to be part of the twist - she just has to deal the hand she has been dealt.  She wanted the cool reality TV moment shock with Julie revealing the twist.  

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9:00 PM BBT Steve leaves the HOHR after Vanessa is called to the DR.  As Vanessa gets ready for her DR session, she cautions Liz to be careful in her wording, and corrects her on an error.  Liz said that Vanessa told Austin something.  Vanessa tells Liz the detail she got wrong is that Vanessa told them about a rumour she heard.  Vanessa encourages them to move away from the door because she thinks Steve is listening outside. 


9:02 PM BBT Clay comes into the HOHR and is talking to Austin and Liz while Vanessa gets ready for DR. Clay has been sleeping the last few hours. Liz mentioning that Meg, Becky and Jackie were in the Hammock room for a long time, and wondering what might be going on.  Vanessa tells Clay she has a question for him later and then leaves the HOHR.  Austin relates that Jeff pulled him aside, saying that Meg and Jason are cutting Jeff and James off since the noms.  Jeff proposed that Austin, Jeff and James work together, but wait to include Clay until Shelli is out of the picture.  Jeff suggested they could bring in Jackie and Meg, and Liz too if she really is a twin…they have to confront her, but not yet until Jeff confirms that she has a birthmark on her back.


9:30 PM BBT  Jason, Meg and another HG sleeping in the Grey BR.  Austin poking in the refrigerator in the KT, while Liz is finds cotton balls and nail polish remover in the WA.  Steve stressing about having impulsively lied to Clay about who was in the HOHR, and then Clay went up there and saw who was really there.  Austin reassures him it will be okay.  Liz goes up to the HOHR to listen to music.  Austin is making eggs in the KT. 


9:36 PM BBT  Steve sitting by himself in the Cabana Room Lounge.  He is muttering to himself and shaking his head.  Austin finishes preparing his food and heads back up to the HOHR, where Liz is still listening to music and filing her nails.  Liz worried about people finding out who they are working with.  Austin tells Liz that Jeff told him that the Liz that is here right now is the one that he likes…that she’s bubbly and has better “assets.”  They are considering Becky for Plan B.  Austin thinks that Becky likes a project so Liz can approach her to ask for help and Becky will likely respond.  Liz can also work it so Becky feels that she is the only one who knows.  Austin rehearses faking surprise if Becky comes and tells him about Liz.


9:43 PM BBT Austin notes that Vanessa has been in DR a long time.  Liz says that she has never been in the house for a nomination ceremony.  Then she corrects herself…she was in the house for the first nomination.  She also missed Jace being backdoored.  They are planning “jedi-drilling” study sessions for comp names and running through what has happened in the house on each day.  They start running through competition names.


9:50 PM BBT Austin suggests to Liz that if necessary they can pretend there is a rift between them.  Austin can use that to make Jeff think that Jeff is his #1, and then he will let Jeff think that he is interested in Jackie.  Austin thinks Jeff wants Austin to be interested in Jackie so that Jeff can get in with Liz, and also so that Jackie can get information from Austin to feed back to him.


9:55 PM BBT  Clay and Jeff in the KT, but not talking.  In the HOHR, Liz is telling Austin more about herself and Julia.  Liz says that the game has really helped Liz and Julia realize how close they are since they were both drawn to the same people. 


9:58 PM John has come into the KT and is munching on something.  Steve is sitting there eating something from a bowl.  Clay leaves the KT to head upstairs.  There is silence in the KT. 


9:59 PM BBT  Clay enters the HOHR and Liz tells him that Vanessa is STILL in the DR.  Austin and Liz continue talking about Liz and Julia and how they are similar and different in their careers and personalities.  Liz's dream job would be to work with Julia.


10:00 PM BBT  Clay leaves the HOHR and Liz and Austin barely notice.


10:04 PM BBT Clay, Steve, and John in the KT.  John asks who they think will be picked for Veto.  They think they will be doing the PoV competition tomorrow.  There is a lot of noise of construction coming from the BY.  Steve says they are “setting up for an intense Veto.”  Vanessa comes out of the DR and joins them in the KT.  She comments that she smells sawed wood.  Vanessa leaves the KT and Meg is called to the DR.  Steve comments on how pleasant BB always sounds when saying Meg’s name. 


10:07 PM BBT  Vanessa returns to the HOHR and asks what Clay talked about.  She wants to be sure they didn’t mention Steve to Clay.  Austin tells Vanessa about Steve’s impulsive lie about only Vanessa being in the HOHR.  Vanessa tells them that just Steve and Clay are up [she forgot John].  Vanessa is worried about Steve spilling information to Clay and Shelli.  They discuss how to approach it.  She’s concerned because they brought Steve in without talking to Clay and Shelli.   Clay enters just as they are deciding how to tell him.  Clay says he is nervous because Steve was in the KT with him, and asks them what is going on.  Vanessa asks Clay if Jeff and James have caught on to anything and Clay says no.  They believe that Audrey is the target.  Vanessa asks if James threw the BotB.  Clay thinks that James firmly believes that he is not a target so he didn’t make the effort to win. 


10:12 PM BBT  Clay has told Meg that she’s not a target, and that Audrey is Plan A, Steve is Plan B.  Vanessa asks who she should pick to play Veto if she pulls HG choice.  Austin changes the subject because he is still worrying about Becky, Jackie and Meg and whether they have aligned now.  They may have lost Becky’s vote.  Vanessa thinks they are okay because they have Audrey’s vote, but Austin says they can’t count on that if Audrey is America’s player.   Clay suggests that Vanessa pick him to play PoV if she gets HG choice.  Clay agrees to do what Vanessa wants if he wins PoV.   


10:21 PM BBT Clay asks Vanessa who Vanessa wants to go home right now, and she says James.  James and Jeff both, but probably James because she doesn’t like him on a personal level. Clay suggests that Jeff has more influence in the house and would be a better target.


10:28 PM BBT  Austin leaves the HOHR while Clay continues to pitch Jeff leaving rather than James.  If James wins PoV, then Jeff would be put up.  Vanessa tells Clay that Jeff told her that he couldn’t work with Clay and Shelli together because they aren’t going the same direction as Jeff would want. 


10:38 PM BBT  Vanessa asks Clay if he heard anyone say anything bad about her.  Clay says that mainly Meg and Jason were upset and didn’t understand why, but he hasn’t heard anyone say anything bad about Vanessa.  She asks Clay if others are viewing her as making her own decisions.  Clay tells her that mostly people are scared because they don’t know where Vanessa stands, and that they feel they are more easily able to influence Austin.


10:42 PM BBT Austin returns to the HOHR after chatting with John and Becky in the WA.  Austin tells Vanessa and Clay that John asked him if he could pick Austin to play in the PoV if John gets HG choice in the PoV. 

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10:44 PM BBT Vanessa recalls that James has lied to her, which gives her a reason to target him.  She doesn’t have a similar reason to target Jeff.  They discuss playing the PoV comp and they agree they want to win it.  If one of them wins it, they will reconvene to discuss whether to keep the noms the same and get James out or whether they will backdoor Jeff.  Austin keeps pushing to solidify their connection with Becky and keep communication open.  Vanessa suggests that she and Shelli could approach Becky for an all-girl’s alliance to help each other to jury.   Clay asks Vanessa to find out about Becky and Jackie.  Vanessa says that Becky has told her that Becky doesn’t talk game with Jackie.,,they are just friends. 


10:54 PM BBT  Becky and John chatting in the WA.  Becky says she is creeped out when the camera follows her.  When everyone is up, she doesn’t notice it, but when she’s alone, she notices the cameras more. 


10:56 PM BBT Vanessa talking about how hard it is to keep track of everything and she is constantly thinking about what she may have missed.  Vanessa laughing and saying that she and Austin got shafted… they have a final four with Liz and Julia, and there’s two of them… it’s a shaft.  Liz is worrying about when everything is eventually revealed with the twin twist.   The conversation turns to Cody and how rare of a person he was to take Derrick to final two.  He gave up 450k just to keep his word. 


11:01 PM BBT In the WA, Becky telling John about her parents’ white cat.  It got sprayed by a skunk and they had to give it a tomato juice bath to clean it …it turned pink!


11:07 PM BBT  The HOHR is darkened.  In the WA, Becky is whispering to John as she talks about Liz.  Becky says that there is a mark on the forehead that she uses as a marker, and notes that Liz is always wearing hats.  She now believes that Liz really is a twin, but doesn't know what to do about it. John points out that they wouldn’t want to freak Liz out and Becky agrees.  She says they just have to sit back and watch the chaos.


11:09 PM BBT  Clay and Shelli are snoozing in the Grey BR.  Steve is in the WA brushing his teeth, and Becky leaves to get coffee.  James comes in to have a shower. 


11:15 PM BBT  Becky, Liz, Clay, Jeff, and Jackie are in the KT.  Austin is called to the DR.  Jeff says he was in the DR trying to formulate proper sentences and we get FotH briefly.   


11:17 PM BBT Shelli is in the HOHR bathroom when Austin is called to DR.  After he leaves, Vanessa and Shelli turn the lights back on and chat.  Vanessa tells Shelli that she is worried about trying to protect Liz, but that Liz is not protecting herself.  She drank alcohol and Vanessa keeps having to remind her what to say and not say.  Vanessa feels like she is having to babysit Liz because Liz is not taking initiative to try and do what it takes to keep their secret.  Why should Vanessa put her game on the line to protect her if she is going to be careless?  Shelli points out that maybe Liz is relaxing because of all the help and protection she is receiving.  Vanessa is stressed.  She wanted to have a drink earlier and couldn’t because she had to watch over Liz, and she is feeling doubtful of having Liz in her alliance.  She asks Shelli to talk to Liz about it.    


11:21 PM BBT Shelli is concerned about it as well.  Vanessa feels like she can’t talk to Austin about it because Austin is not objective when it comes to Liz.  Shelli agrees that Austin seems to have a crush on Liz even though he tries to make it seem like it’s a fake crush. 


11:26 PM BBT James and Clay are talking in the Cabana Room Lounge.  James saying he can’t wait for Audrey to be out of the house….she scares him.  Clay agrees that Audrey is paranoid.  James feels like Audrey is always scheming; like a python waiting to strike.  Then he compares her to an Eagle swooping in to catch its prey.  Clay and James agree that this Veto will be fun.  James says it will be more fun if Audrey’s name doesn’t get picked.  James whispers to Clay that he hopes Steve doesn’t get picked to play either, or if he does play, James hopes that Steve doesn't win.  James feels like Steve would leave the nominations the same, or that he might try to save John. 


11:27 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa and Shelli are talking about Jeff.  They think he might be trying to drive a wedge between Clay/Shelli and Vanessa.  Vanessa tells Shelli that Jeff has said that he wants to be in an alliance with either Shelli or Clay but not both.  Shelli tells Vanessa that Jeff told her and Clay that it was Vanessa that didn’t want both of them.  Shelli tells Vanessa that Jeff is the male Audrey.  Vanessa tells Shelli about how she had to reassure a crying Audrey and then coached her to act pissed off.  Before she went down, she went and wet her eyes to make herself look like she had been crying [even though she actually HAD been crying].  They laugh and shake their heads.

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