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Wednesday, July 8 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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 1:20 am BBT John is up in the HOH giving Shelli and Clay the 411 on everything Audrey has talked to him about the others. John told them that Audrey confused him but he was good enough to not let on. Shelli asked John if he came up with a name for their alliance yet for a group of five, but earlier she said the group is her, Clay, John, Meg and James & Jeff (not sure who she is leaving out). John replied no he wanted them to create one. They are all talking out loud at ideas for a name of an alliance.  

 1:35 am BBT John left the HOH room then Jeff and Audrey joined Shelli and Clay in the HOH room. Audrey is crying because DaVonne hurt her feelings because she (DaVonne) was laughing. The other three told Audrey not to worry about it because DaVonne is going home anyway this week. Audrey doesn’t know why no one is setting DaVonne aside and telling her that it is not right. Shelli said that she just sees DaVonne as being quiet and everyone is voting her out this week anyway.  

 1:43 am BBT Audrey said that if other people would have acknowledged it then it would not have hurt her feelings so much. Clay said that is her character and she is going home and Audrey is not. They continue to console Audrey and tell her that she is adapting into the group. Jeff said that DaVonne is upset right now because Steve would not play pool with her saying it was not good for his game to be seen with her.

 1:45 am BBT Audrey said that she overheard DaVonne telling the others that she has five votes. Shelli said even if she does have five votes she (Shelli) gets to break the tie. They discuss the votes and Shelli wonders who DaVonne thinks she has the votes from. Clay said that she can’t get five votes.

 1:48 am BBT The HOH group are still talking about the others and thinking DaVonne does not have the five votes. Jeff asked about Johnny Mac because he does not talk game to him and Audrey said that he does not talk game to her either. (Clay and Shelli do not offer up any insight on Johnny Mac).

 1:52 am BBT The HOH group are just talking about how everyone else was acting weird today and just laying around. Shelli said that she is going to bed because she did not sleep today. Audrey is leaving the HOH telling them goodnight and Jeff said that he will be down in a minute. Jeff told Clay and Shelli that today was weird vibes and they discuss how Liz was for sure not the same person. They are talking about the podcast today and Jeff does not want America to think he is a womanizer. Jeff asked what was said to Johnny Mac. Shelli is now telling him things that Johnny Mac said to them.  

 1:57 am BBT The HOH three are still talking about the podcast and then the subject switches to Liz not acting like the same person.  

 2:00 am BBT Clay is asking if they confirm that Liz is switching, would they rather get out Liz next or Audrey? Jeff said that Audrey is trying to build an alliance and that she is trying to play the game a little bit harder now. Jeff said that one of Liz is pro Jace and Austin and the other Liz is anti Jace and Austin. Clay thinks the one that is here now is playing that she don’t talk game and just is here to fill in. The real liz is the one that talks game and he thinks Liz going can wait. Jeff said to see what happens when they see who wins HOH and then he heads downstairs (so we will too).

 2:04 am BBT In the BY Becky is talking to James, Steven, Jackie and Audrey by the hot tub about her parents getting a hot tub. Becky can’t talk about her parents because they did not sign the release. James asked if there is some slop left and Meg said in the fridge. James is going in to eat.

 2:06 am BBT Audrey asked the others if they are doing the all nighter thing? Meg said that James is the one that is putting that out there. Meg said when the music goes off she is not getting out of bed. Steven said that when the music goes off he gets up to change his batteries and goes back to bed. Becky got up and went inside. Audrey is asking Steven about his living arrangements.

 2:10 am BBT In the WA Jeff told Jason that he did a good job at not answering questions. DaVonne walked in and Jason asked her if she was okay and she said yea then she left the room. Jason said that it accomplished what they wanted. Jeff said that it erased suspicions. Jeff told Jason that he is trying to protect his image in the house and if he is ever out of line to let him know. Jeff said that Liz was sweating bullets and she did not like the situation tonight. Jason doesn’t think that she knows what’s up they just put her on the spot. Jeff asked Jason if he was going to bed and he said he was just changing.

 2:14 am BBT Jeff is now in the KT telling James, Becky and DaVonne that he has to protect his professional image. Becky said that she gets shy in front of cameras. They are talking about the podcasts and how someone was getting into their business. Jeff said that at least they are up at night for the late at night feeders and the others laugh. Jeff left the room and James is still making his slop while Becky and DaVonne watch.  

 2:18 am BBT Becky left the KT leaving DaVonne and James talking about slop.

 2:20 am BBT Shelli and Clay are in the HOH room with the lights off hugging and talking about the age difference between them. Shelli said that Clay will have a lot of life to figure out because he is so young and who knows what is going to happen after this. James is still in the KT making slop and talking to DaVonne about what he put in it.   

 2:26 am BBT Out in the BY Audrey and Meg are trying to save a moth that she wants to save. Jackie, Becky Jason and Jeff are on the couches talking about batteries in their mics. Audrey and Meg went inside. Becky and Jackie are talking about working muscles. Jeff said that he is kind of tired for once.  

 2:30 am BBT The BY group said that doing nothing is exhausting. Meg went back outside and Jeff asked her to play ball and she agrees. Becky, Jackie and Jason are sitting there watching and not saying a word.

 2:33 am BBT Becky got up to try and throw the ball and then said that she is going to bed because she is in pain. Jackie got up and went to lay down on the couch by Jason but we cannot hear what they are talking about because we are watching Meg and Jeff playing ball.

 2:36 am BBT Up in the HOH room Shelli and Clay are still laying in the dark and talking about college and degrees.

 2:43 am BBT Jackie and Jason are on the BY couch talking about wanting to be up in the HOH room next week. Jackie wants to have a space. Feeds switch to Audrey and Liz whispering in a BR with the lights out. Audrey asked Liz if DaVonne said anything to her about votes. Liz told her no and that she told DaVonne that she shaved her. Audrey told Liz that DaVonne said that she has enough votes to stay. Liz said that she don’t know and she has to think about it. Steven walked in and the conversation broke up.

 2:47 am BBT Feeds switch to James and DaVonne sitting in the KT then the feeds go back to Jason and Jackie on the BY couch just talking about Jeff and Meg playing ball. Jason needs someone for him to flirt with in the BB house. Jason said that Austin is a wimpy man because he cried during an argument. Feeds switch to Audrey in the BY talking to Meg and Jeff now about her conversation with Liz.

 2:50 am BBT Jeff said that he would rather have Meg here than DaVonne then he and Meg go back to playing ball while Audrey watches.

 2:53 am BBT BB just told Meg and Jeff to stop throwing the ball. DaVonne stuck her head out the back door and said good night. Meg and Jeff sit back down to talk to Audrey. They are going to talk to Johnny because Audrey said that she overheard someone saying that DaVonne has five votes. Meg’s plan is to talk to people tomorrow because it is too early to do that now and she doesn’t think DaVonne has the votes. Now they are speculating who has the last laugh. Audrey thinks it is Becky. Meg said that Liz and Johnny Mac approached her so she don’t know why they would approach her if they were going to vote her out. Audrey said that Liz just told her that she was going to keep DaVonne. Meg is going to talk to them tomorrow. Audrey asked if Meg heard what Steve said to DaVonne and Meg said yes because DaVonne told her. Meg said that she will be so pissed if she leaves. They speculate that Steve, Johnny, Becky, Liz and Austin will vote for DaVonne to stay.

 2:58 am BBT Meg is going to talk to Shelli and Clay right now and Audrey said that she is going to bed. Jeff is talking to Jason and Jackie about what just happened between Meg and Audrey and why they just left so quickly. Audrey went in and Meg walked over to ask Jason if Audrey is playing her or what. Meg said that Audrey is saying that James and DaVonne are the ones that are saying that DaVonne has the votes. They are all speculating that Audrey is trying to start shit and get turmoil going with everyone. Jason is mad right now because he is getting dragged in this because he is not talking game right now because his two best friends are on the block. Jason wants to go and call her out right now.

 3:03 am BBT Meg is absolutely telling people what Audrey is saying. Meg is going over everything that Audrey just told her. Jason speculates that Liz’s vote will be America’s player. Meg is freaking out and Jason told her that three votes are getting canceled then they speculate who has the last laugh. Jackie said that Audrey did the same thing to her last week. Jason told Meg that everyone thinks that Jeff is running Meg’s game. Jason said that he loves DaVonne to death but it is not good for his game if she does stay.

 3:09 am BBT Jeff came back outside from using the restroom and getting chips. He said that Steve is in there talking nerdy then we get FotH.

 3:10 am BBT Feeds come back and Meg is asking Jeff why Audrey was whispering to him. Jeff doesn’t know why she was talking to him first. Jason is so pissed that she (Audrey) was talking about him and he is just sitting here waiting for Thursday. Jeff said that Vanessa, Liz and Austin are working together. Jason said that Vanessa is in an alliance with Shelli and Clay so she would not work with them. Jeff said that Shelli is the middle piece and she is going to have to go first. Jeff is going to start talking to Austin to see where he is at. Jason said that Vanessa would be the one to run those three and they are probably just saying to DaVonne what she wants to hear and there is no way she has the votes to stay.

 3:14 am BBT Jeff said that he could get the insider on those three because Vanessa came to him talking game and wanting to align with him. The only reason that he is telling them this is because he does not want to work with her. Jason and Meg are so stressed out. Jason told DaVonne that he would give her his vote but he don’t want to ruin his game. Jason said that the alliances are becoming clear and you can see the pairs. Meg said that Audrey just freaked the shit out of her. Meg is telling Jeff that Audrey is throwing his name out too. Jason said that Audrey is back to her game of throwing everything out there. Jeff said that Johnny Mac came to him and they talked about Audrey and she said that she trusts Jeff the most in this house.

 3:18 am BBT Meg thinks it is weird that she threw Johnny Mac’s name out. Jeff said that the whole twin thing has to be put on the back burner and they need to get Audrey out. Jeff is going to talk to Becky and Meg said that she can talk to Becky. Jackie told Meg not to play into Audrey. Jason is not going to be able to sleep after what is going on. Becky walked out and Meg told her guess who came out and started shit then she explains to Becky what was said. Becky said that there was hope that they wanted her but she did not take them seriously.

 3:21 am BBT Feeds switch to Audrey talking to DaVonne and we caught the end of the conversation where DaVonne asked her to send her a sympathy vote. Audrey left the room and went in the KT to talk to Steve about how it has been a long day 21. Steve just talks to Audrey about food.

 3:23 am BBT Audrey and Steve are in the KT talking about astrology.

 3:24 am BBT Out in the BY Becky and Jackie and Meg and Jason are talking at the same time. They are still talking about Audrey and how Meg is now freaking out. Becky wants Audrey to get her name out of her mouth. Jeff said that she has put his name in her mouth. Jason said that Audrey is going to make sure he has nowhere to go. Becky said that she is glad that Audrey pulled a stunt like this because it reminds them of how she is. Jeff said that she is trying to make others draw lines and put targets against each other so that she will be safe.

 3:28 am BBT The BY group is talking about making it to Jury at least and then go from there then we get FotH.

 3:30 am BBT Feeds are back and Meg told the others not to say anything to Audrey right now and she will talk to the others. Meg said that her plan was to talk to everyone tomorrow. Jason said that he doesn’t think that DaVonne was going to talk to people until tomorrow either. Jason said that maybe Audrey is the one that wants to save DaVonne now. Jeff wonders if James is really sleeping right now.

 3:33 am BBT Jason is shitting bricks right now and he doesn’t want to go back on his word to DaVonne but he does not want Meg to go. Jeff thinks it is a joke and he thinks he might have created a target for himself calling Audrey a pathological liar during the podcast and the others laugh about it.

 3:36 am BBT Jeff got up and went to go inside and came back to tell the others that Audrey and Steve are in the KT. Jason speculates that Audrey is Americas player now and that she has to vote Meg out. Jeff doesn’t get why Clay and Shelli though that DaVonne was more of a threat than Audrey. Meg said that Becky doesn’t know about the twin thing so Jason explains to Becky about Liz.

 3:41 am BBT The BY group is still explaining the reasons that they believe that Liz is changing with her twin.

 3:44 am BBT Jason said that every time that Liz gets called to the DR he parks it on the couch. Becky said that Audrey better not find out about it. Jason told Becky that DaVonne is the one that figured it out.

 3:47 am BBT Jason told Becky that Liz has to go after Audrey and the others are still explaining the differences that have happened with Liz. Jeff said the easiest way to identify them is because one wears the hat and the other one don’t. Jason thinks that they will not switch Liz out again until after the live eviction. Jason is explaining to the BY group that America loves the twin twist and talks about when it was done before.

 3:54 am BBT Steve walked out into the BY and Jason told him that they just let Becky in on the twin twist. Steve asked how confident he is on it and Jason said 100%. Jeff asked what his thoughts are on it and he said that at first he did not think it was true then things happened. One of the girls asked what if they are triplets. Jason starts talking again about all of the differences again then we get FotH.

 3:58 am BBT Steve wonders what America is voting on? Jason said that he thinks we are voting on what the twins could do or they could be the sabator twins.

 4:00 am BBT Steve and Jason are still speculating what America is voting on.

 4:01 am BBT Jason said that this whole season is a repeat of BB5.

 4:02 am BBT Jason said that BB picked him and Steve to play in BB this year because they are super fans and they could figure the things out.

 4:03 am BBT Meg suggests they investigate the twin thing but don’t focus on it. Jason said that he will know for sure about the twins the next time they switch out. Steve asked if Helga is Liz and James said yes and the other one is Cruella. Steve feels bad for her (Liz) because that has to be emotionally challenging.   

 4:08 am BBT The BY group thinks the Liz that was here a few days ago was Liz and the one that is here right now is her sister. Jeff said that the Liz that was here a couple of days ago can’t leave her hands off of him and the one that is here now does not even know he exists.

 4:11 am BBT Steve asked Jason if he had any idea of the twin thing before DaVonne said anything to him and he said no. Jason and Steve are going over season five again.

 4:14 am BBT Feed three and four switch to Austin getting out of bed and walks through the house to the WA. He does a stretch and goes in the stall. When he finished using the restroom he went back to bed.

 4:18 am BBT Jeff got up from the BY couch and told the others that he is going to be and said goodnight. Meg said that she won’t be able to sleep. The BY group starts talking about Audrey again and how she is trying to convince Meg that the others are trying to flip the house. Steve asked if anyone know anything about the last laugh that they can’t share. The others tell him that they don’t know who it is. Meg again said that she is freaking out. Becky said that she got out of bed just to go to the bathroom. Jason said don’t think that you can come out at four am and think that nothing is going to happen. Steve asked why the twin thing is a secret. Jason said that it is clear that they are in an alliance with someone. Meg said that we have to know 100% that it is for sure. Becky said the twin thing might be a twist but no one is safe with Audrey.

 4:22 am BBT The BY group wish that Liz would have been put up against DaVonne instead of Meg. Steve blamed the stuff on DaVonne and Meg said no it was not her it was Audrey. Becky explained to Steve some of the stuff that Audrey said tonight.

 4:24 am BBT Jason explains the list of people that don’t know about the twin thing is Liz, Audrey, Vanessa and Austin. Meg said that Johnny Mac doesn’t know but she doesn’t think it would harm telling him.

 4:26 am BBT Jason is hoping that Liz is switched out again tomorrow, but he thinks that they switch every four days and that means they will have the one in there now for two more days then we get FotH.

 4:28 am BBT Meg cannot wait to talk to Shelli tomorrow. The BY group is explaining to Steve the things that Audrey was saying about who was going to vote out Meg.

 4:30 am BBT Jason is explaining to the BY group that one and eight are money numbers in numerology. He also tells them that Audrey has mic one and Vanessa has mic eight so they are the ones that have to go. The BY group just chats about the number of the mic that they have. Becky asked the others if they would judge her if she got steak to lay on her back and they tell her no.

 4:36 am BBT Jason told the others that he is going to make Audrey a have not next. Meg said that Shelli is going to be pissed about Audrey. Steve asked if they told her that she was safe and Meg said that is why they put her up because they knew she would be safe at least that is what they told her. Steve did not know Meg was going up and then Meg asked if there are two of him. They all get a laugh out of that.

 4:39 am BBT Jason said that he read that there was going to be triplets in the house this year. Jason and Steve compare sources that they heard it and realize it was two different sources so it must be true.

 4:42 am BBT Steve and Jason are rehashing being two BB historians put in the house to discover the twin thing (even though it was DaVonne that discovered it)

 4:43 am BBT Becky was called to the DR. Steve and Jason now speculate that Jace is in sequester in case they get Liz out.

 4:45 am BBT The BY group is again rehashing the stuff that Audrey said tonight. Steve asked what he could do to support DaVonne emotionally until she leaves because he misread her and hurt her today. The others tell him just to act normal and make it the easiest days for her and make sure that she is not alienated. 

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5:55 AM BBT We see Steve in the BR brushing his teeth and washing his hands.

5:57 AM BBT Steve is in the BY alone talking to us about the compettions he has to win and now talking to us about the alliance and the problems it has.

5:59 AM BBT Steve telling us about how he feels bad about hurting and da .

6:00 AM  BBT  Steve is still BY deciding about he should trust in the game .

6:01 AM BBT Steve is talking about Becky being in a strange postion .

6:03 AM BBT Now he is talking about how much he hates the Jackie / Becky relationship and how Becky said some werid things about Jackie when she was HOH.

6:04 AM BBT More of him talking about the teaming up with Jason.


6:06 AM BBT More of Steve talking about his alliance and the Quackpack as well as him as comparing himself to Ian.


6:07 AM BBT More of him talking .


6:10 AM BBT He wants maintain relationships with everyone and when he is head of household he will nominate Audrey.


6:12 AM BBT  He is so determined to win .


6:18 AM BBT Now Steve just gave himself a recap of the past weeks.


6:20 AM BBT Steve is going to bed.


6:22 AM BBT Steve , Jeff , Jason and Meg are fooling around talking  and celebrating that its their last night in the HNR .


9:37 AM BBT Everyone is asleep .


9:47 AM BBT Fishes.


Feeds are back

9:58AM John is in the BY  alone .

9:59 AM Clay and Shelli are in the HOHR  cuddling and then Clay gets called to the DR and Shelli is walking to get batteries .

10:01 AM Vanessa , Audrey and Shelli are talking  in the LR.

10:16AM  John , Jason  and James are disscussing about HNR bed and how they hate it .

10:18 AM Now we hear Meg , Clay and Shelli talking about  how worried they are about if Audrey was HOH in the BY and her spreading rumors.


11:23 AM BBT We see Clay , Shelli and Vanessa  in the HOH talking about Audrey and how dangerous she is .


11:26 AM BBT Megan now joins Clay , Shelli and Vanessa in the HOH still talking about Audrey and Meg is really sad what Audrey did to her .


11:30 AM BBT Now Vanessa  and Shelli are telling Meg not to campigan in the HOH.

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 4:52 am BBT Feeds are back and they talk about Shelli reminding them of Kristin from a previous season and then we get FotH again.

 4:56 am BBT The BY group (Jason, Meg, Jackie, Becky and Steve) continue to talk about previous seasons of BB and the things that they did.

 4:59 am BBT The BY group talk about this seasons BB cast is all young.

 5:01 am BBT The BY group is talking about lying in the house and risking your game for a little lie and they continue to talk about past season house guests.

 5:03 am BBT The BY group is glad that no one has lied about their life outside the BB house this season.

 5:06 am BBT Becky was talking about filling out the application for BB and then we get Foth again.

 5:08 am BBT Feeds are back and Meg is going to try and sleep. Becky, Meg and Jackie all get up to go inside. Steve told Jason that he does not know where he is going to sleep tomorrow. Steve started to go inside the house and Jason said that he would be inside about four minutes. Steve came back to Jason and asked if this is reality and said that he did not realize his social game was substandard. Steve asked if there are people that annoy him in the house. Jason said there were but he is getting used to that. Steve said that he does not have a sense of what is annoying so he does not know when he is annoying someone.   

 5:13 am BBT Meg and Jackie are in the WA getting ready for bed. Meg said that she is going to talk to everyone tomorrow. Meg said that Audrey told her that Liz said she was voting for DaVonne to stay. Jackie said that is what she did last week so don’t worry about it. Meg is glad to hear that is what happened last week and it makes her feel better and then asked if Jackie thinks Jason is shady right before Jason walked in the WA. Meg repeated that she thinks Jeff is acting shady. Jason said that Jeff is in love with her. Steve walked in the WA and Meg asked him if he was going to vote for her to stay and he told her yes. Meg thinks that Shelli is going to be pissed that Audrey is starting something because she has been trying to keep Audrey around.

 5:19 am BBT Jason just told Meg that she has his vote to stay if the others filp. Meg is going to act like she was and talk to the others. The WA group (Meg, Jackie, Steve and Jason) are rehashing who could be the last laugh and who will get canceled out and if Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Audrey vote for DaVonne to stay then Meg is out. Jason told Meg to make a deal with Audrey. Meg said that Audrey keeps promising her every day that she has her vote to stay. Steve said that he loves DaVonne so much and she is such a phenomenal person but for anyone of them to achieve their goal, DaVonne has to go. Jason said it would not be good for his game if DaVonne stays.

 5:27 am BBT The WA group talk about the veto hanging on the wall instead of being in the SR so they think there might be a secret veto. Jason thinks it is a mistake then we get FotH. When the feeds come back the four are in the KT getting something to drink. Meg and Steve are left in the KT talking about being a have not and they do not want to complain because they get to be on BB. They both realize what time it is and say the music is going to start soon.

 5:30 am BBT Everyone else heads to bed and Steve walks outside to see the camera follow him. He is going to talk to us feeds. Him and Vanessa have an SOS alliance but she is on the do not tell about the twin thing. He is surprised that people think that Vanessa, Austin and Liz are together. Steve cannot believe he is on the feeds even though he is. The camera turns away from him and he is disappointed that he is not interesting anymore. He keeps walking around the yard and he tells himself that he needs to shut up. He thinks that he could have done a better job in the conversation if he would have kept his mouth shut. If the twin thing had not been brought to his attention he would have never guessed. He has to vote out DaVonne because everyone is questioning him. He wants to trust Jason and he thinks Jason and him are going to be on the opposite side of the house and clearly they don’t think he is with Vanessa and Austin. He wonders what he needs to do moving forward. Austin and him are talking behind closed doors and Austin told him to start giving info that others already know to build trust. Steve is nervous because he wants to form this outsiders alliance but they don’t have it yet.

 5:40 am BBT Becky approached him today and told him that Austin is being noticed and he is not clearly the smartest person because he let himself fall on Jace’s ship that was sinking. Steve thinks he wants to win the next HOH and he threw the last HOH because he thought Vanessa was going to win it. he is happy with the repor that he is building with Shelli and Clay. Audrey is screwing him over because he was listening at the door. The disadvantage of him winning HOH is because it would mean that he won a comp each week. Steve is now reviewing the comps and who won them. Steve thinks the advantage of winning the next HOH is because he could establish trust in the house with nominating James and Becky because they nominated him. Steve thinks he could go after Jeff who he thinks wants him out but that would make so many more people that want him out. Jeff is the number one person that he does not trust in this house. He could do an Audrey back door and he would establish trust.

 5:46 am BBT Steve thinks everyone would see him as doing them a favor if he got rid of Audrey. He was hoping to be able to throw comps but he feels like he wants to win the next HOH even though it will mean that he has won the most comps but he has played in every single comp. Then Steve reviews the comps that were played and who played in them. Steve is the only person up to this point that has beat James in a comp. The question now is how to get the alliance that he wants. The outsiders would be Austin, Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Steve, John, Becky and the twins, the inside alliance would be Audrey, James, Jason, Jeff and Jackie.  

 5:55 am BBT Steve went in to the restroom. Meg is in the HN room talking to Jason and they keep speculating who has the last laugh. Back to Steve outside in the BY. Steve wants to win the HOH and the target for the number of comps that he won would be down because he played in so many. The problems with the theoretical alliance are there could be so many tensions in a big alliance. If he wins HOH he wants to make an alliance. Steve feels so bad for hurting DaVonne. He wants in the worst way for Vanessa to tell him about the alliance that she has. Steve said it feels weird that he is breaking the rules telling Vanessa about things but he is not telling Austin because he has shown loyalty to him. Steve said that he could see a situation arising if he tells Vanessa about the twins. His original question is what the hell to do. Steve is good with Clay, Shelli, Austin and Vanessa. Steve thinks it was a good move on Becky’s part coming to him about Austin.

 6:03 am BBT Steve hates the Becky and Jackie connection. Steve feels like he can’t align with John because he would not be in an alliance that would not include Becky. People don’t connect him as being with Jason. Steve thinks the twins are a guarantee on his side if they make it into the house. For the record Steve wants live feeders to know outside the house he is Steven but it is too close to Ian so he just wants to be known as Steve in the house. Steve wants to make a quack pack with him, Shelly, Clay, Vanessa and Austin. Then Steve figures who that leaves out but an eight person alliance is too big. Steve wants to maintain his close relationship with John and Becky. The best way to make an alliance is to win HOH. No one will be mad at him for evicting Audrey. Steve wants the next HOH and it is decided so now he is doing some jedi training of the days that things happened in the house.

 6:14 am BBT In the HN room Jason, James and Meg are still whispering about the other houseguests and Meg told Jason to not tell DaVonne what is going on about Audrey. Jason said that DaVonne is already going to talk to others about votes today. James just told Meg that she needs to win HOH. Meg said that she needs to not be evicted first.

 6:18 am BBT The HN room is wondering who is coughing because you don’t cough in your sleep and they wonder who is awake and might be listening to them. Meg gets up to go and see. While Meg is gone James asks Jason what he is supposed to do because he told DaVonne he would give her his vote. Jason told him not to decide yet and make sure to see who gets to vote. Meg returns and said that it is Steve that is up. Steve walked in the room and they say what’s up.

 6:22 am BBT Steve went to the SR to check on the batteries and returns to the HN room and said no batteries. The HN’s are excited that this is their last night.

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12:00 AM BBT Ring-ring-ring-ring.  Jason calls in and wonders if it’s true that if Austin is the son of Howard Stern and Bob Saget.  Austin says he didn’t think they were really going to roast him.  Austin says it was mean.  Liz asks if any of the guys are on any of the dating sites.  Jeff yes.  Austin no.  Becky asks which five photos he has on Tinder.  Jeff:  Headshot.  Cuddling with dog.  Jeff, his brother his dad and his best friend.  One at the beach/working out.  Austin isn’t on Tinder but his photos were conservative when he was on there.  He was wearing a shirt.  Jeff asks Austin a question.


12:03 AM BBT Austin says he can’t.  James says it’s allowed.  Jeff questions Austin about him hitting on Jason.  Austin says Jason is playing hard to get.


12:05 AM BBT Austin was bit by a girl somewhere too hard.  Jeff says ouch.  Jeff wonders what’s the weirdest thing Austin has done in the bedroom.  Austin says a girl went into a trance once and was speaking in tongues.  Clay asks another bedroom question.  Jeff builds on the question and shouts “What?!”


12:07 AM BBT Liz asks the guys what their best assets are, what makes the ladies keep coming back.  Jeff says you have to be open to good conversation.  Austin agrees.  Jeff says if you show interest in conversations and give feedback and let them do all the talking you’ll get far.  Austin agrees.  Austin adds eye contact as well.



12:10 AM BBT Audrey asks how many “fat bets” you’ve participated in.  Austin says if you connect with someone you just do it doesn’t really matter.  Jeff asks James if he has.  James has gone twice.  Meg keeps whispering “Oh my God….”


12:12 AM BBT They are asked how many girls they’ve been with.  Various numbers are thrown out.  Jeff says less than 100.  Audrey asks how many times they’ve been tested.  Jeff says twice a year.  Audrey asks if he remembers their names.  He replies “Huh?!”  Everyone busts out laughing.  Audrey asks if he cuddled the next morning.  He says no way.  Shelly wonders what the percentage were one night stands.  Jeff says 90%.  Shelli scolds him.  James wants to hang out more.  Meg says he’s foul.


12:14 AM BBT Another bedroom question is asked.  Austin says the questions are getting intense.  Jeff says they’ve not had many really good questions.  Another bedroom question is asked by Audrey.


12:17 AM BBT James asks another bedroom question.  Meg and Da’vonne say he’s fired and banned from asking questions.  Meg says everyone’s face is livid right now.  Da’vonne rings in quickly trying to change the subject.  She wonders how long until you feel comfortable enough to fart around girls.  Both agree that the girl has to initiate the farting.


12:20 AM BBT Da’vonne says Austin has a nice butt.  They question Jason about what kind car Austin is.  Jason rattles off a car and they point out the model doesn’t match the make.  Austin asks what color.  Jason “Mmmmm….you’re asking the gay kid about cars….”


12:22 AM BBT Steve runs to the WA.  He rinses his mouth out.  He’s whispering to himself  “It’s not official yet…” and he heads into the WC.


12:24 AM BBT Austin would like to have a little girl eventually when the time is right.  The women of the house go “Awwwww….” and they say Austin has collectively won the hearts of all the women in the house.  He thanks them.  Meg says “Jeff however has done the opposite.”  Jeff clarifies that his number is closer to thirty.  Steve out of the WC and whispers something else to himself.


12:27 AM BBT Jeff and Austin agree that the show has to end.  They’ve had a great run.  It’s the final show for them.


12:29 AM BBT The show breaks up.  Clay out of the WC.  Audrey heard him fart in there.  Vanessa and Liz sitting in the WA waiting to use the WC.  Vanessa felt like tonight’s show was weird.




12:34 AM BBT *Flashback Alert*  Feeds 3-4  Da’vonne tells Becky she’s going to play pool with Steve.  Becky tells her to go spend some time with him “Mamma Dae!”.  Da’vonne walks over and asks if she can join him.  He says sure.  As he is racking up he realizes that everyone left him alone in the BY.  He says he’s going to pop inside.  Da’vonne questions and thought he was going to play pool.  He begins to stutter and stammer and say he doesn’t want people thinking they’re having conversations.  She points out she just wants to play pool.  She tells him never mind and walks away.  Steve tries to recover by saying she’s welcome to play.  She goes in briefly before coming back out.  Steve again tries to reconcile by saying it was a mistake.


12:36 AM BBT Da’vonne says she didn’t like the feeling that she had.  She says everyone is doing it.  Jason tells her to not get upset.  As she’s said before, everyone in the house are cowards.  Da’vonne wipes at her eyes repeatedly, clearly upset.  She gets up and heads over to the hammock.  She doesn’t get it.  She leaves Jason behind.


12:42 AM BBT Elsewhere in the house we have idle chit chat.


12:43 AM BBT Jackie comes out into the BY and Jason explains the situation to her.  Jason says there are many people that play pool together and it doesn’t look like they’re talking game.  Jason doesn’t know what to say to her.  Meg comes out and asks if she’s alright over there.  Jason tells her to come with him and they’ll make sure she’s ok.  Steve leaves his private pool game behind and follows the two towards the hammock.  Jason drops down onto the hammock.  Meg suggests they give the two some time.  Steve stays behind and asks if she wants him to stay or go.  She just gives him a look and he says ok.  He walks away.


12:46 AM BBT Da’vonne doesn’t know what she’s done to anyone.  Jason says she’s done nothing.  Jason says Steve is the definition of a coward.    Da’vonne says she was confused as to why he’s been avoiding her over the past couple of days.  Da’vonne says she was going to play pool with him because everyone left him.  Jason says they’re all cowards and are made of nothing.  Da’vonne calls Jackie fake as well.  She won’t talk to Da’vonne one on one but when everyone else is out she’s gathering intel.  Jason agrees and says look at her face.  She’s fake.


12:50 AM BBT Up in the HOH Clay and Shelli are discussing differences in the twins.


12:54 AM BBT Da’vonne says everyone remembers the fact that she yelled at Audrey but they don’t remember that Audrey lied.


12:55 AM BBT Steve in the SA telling Becky about the twin twist from Season 5 and explaining why Liz was being questioned tonight.  Steve doesn’t know if it’s true, but that’s what everyone is saying.  Out in the hammock Da’vonne is trying to figure out who’s votes to block.  She can’t pick Clay in an effort to keep her power anonymous.  Jason.  Audrey makes sense.  Jackie and Becky.  Jason:  “No no no no.”  Jeff, Jackie and Becky.  Audrey doesn’t think it matters who she blocks at this point.  Jason agrees.  9 votes because they’re canceling three.  Da’vonne has to cancel Jackie and Becky.  Jason, Austin, Liz and Vanessa should vote for her.


01:01 AM BBT Da’vonne and Jason continue to try and count votes.  Jeff watches from the couch.  Jason warns about using fingers because people know they count votes.  Jeff and Meg hanging out on the couch with Becky.  Da’vonne and Jason trying to listen to the other group’s conversation.  They’re talking about Audrey for the moment.  They hope Jeff isn’t playing Meg.


01:04 AM BBT Feeds switch to Clay, Austin, Vanessa and Johnny in the CR talking about the podcast tonight.  Meanwhile out in the BY Da’vonne continues to count votes in an effort to figure out who to cancel.  Jeff, Jackie and Audrey.  Jason points out that Audrey might be America’s player so they may want to keep her vote.  Jeff, Jackie and Becky should have their votes cancelled instead just in case America wants to vote to keep Da’vonne.


01:06 AM BBT Meg wanders over and asks if they’re alright.  Jason says Steve is a dick bag.  Meg asks what happened.  Steve asked several people to play pool and they all left to go inside.  She saw him by himself and offered to help play and the rest is history.  Meg says clearly his social cues are off which is not an excuse.


01:08 AM BBT Meg says she made things awkward in the house by saying everyone was disrespecting women.  Jason is mad they missed it.  She should have came and got the feminist with the penis and the feminist without one.  Da’vonne is mad she missed it.  In the CR Austin and Liz are crawling into bed.


1:10 AM BBT Da’vonne said she missed her moment because she was crying over Steve’s ass.  Meg says she just says things were way too sexual and it’s no one’s fault but she’s just trying to clear the air.  Meg was offended by the word “hogging”.  Meg walks back across the yard.  Jason follows.  Da’vonne stays behind for a bit.


01:12 AM BBT In the CR Liz is talking game with Austin.  She wants James out of here.  Austin got close with Jeff because he has pull with James and he might be able to save them.  Liz wonders if Da’vonne will get the votes to stay.  Austin doesn’t think so.  Liz tells Austin she told Da’vonne she would vote to keep her.  Liz and Austin doesn’t trust Da’vonne.  Liz points out that if Da’vonne stays in the house she’ll go after Audrey.  Austin says others should go after her but he’s not sure.  Austin will lay off Steve for a day and tell him he’s sorry.  Liz and Austin think Clay got it.  Clay doesn’t remember what his call was.  


01:15 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY, namely about Jason being asked to kiss Austin.


01:17 AM BBT Liz hates James.  BY feeds switch to Johnny, Clay and Shelli in the HOH.  Shelli wants to know what “she” said about the other HGs.  Johnny and Shelli start to work their way through the list of HGs.


01:20 AM BBT Austin in the CR doesn’t trust Jason because he’s tight with Da’vonne and she’s getting hosed this week.  He hopes Jason doesn’t come after him.  Up in the HOH they continue to discuss “her” saying Clay and Shelli are at the top of the totem pole.  They say they’re not.  Shelli says he’s good for collecting info.  He doesn’t know who to trust Da’vonne or Audrey.  Shelli says Audrey is good and cannot be trusted.  Clay says this alliance that Audrey is talking about is non-existant and she’s been doing this for the past three weeks.


01:22 AM BBT Down in the CR room Austin wonders what Johnny would do if he won HOH.  Liz wonders if he talks game to anyone.  Austin doesn’t know.  Up in the HOH Johnny Mac says the conversation kept spinning different ways.  Clay says that happens when you talk to Audrey.  Shelli says that’s good info for today.  They wonder what their alliance name should be.  Shelli would love to call it Johnny Mac and the game.  Johnny wonders if Jeff came up with a name.  Shelli doesn’t think so.


01:25 AM BBT Down in the CR Liz and Austin continue to try to piece together alliances in the house.  Liz doesn’t trust Da’vonne.  Up in the HOH Shelli wonders if everyone is asleep downstairs.  Johnny says they talked briefly about Da’vonne is being voted out.  Shelli wonders if Johnny found who Da’vonne thinks her votes to stay are.  Johnny says he hasn’t been able to figure it out.


01:27 AM BBT Liz wonders who Audrey’s targets would be.  Liz fears it would be them.  Austin doesn’t think so.  Johnny leaves the HOH.  Clay and Shelli says Audrey is going home next.  She is America’s player.  Shelli is mad.  Clay knew she wasn’t loyal.

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06:42 AM BBT Meg says she is so excited about not being a HN tonight.  Jason says it won't be the last time she is one tonight.  James says she'll get to get her cell phone and talk to Julie on Thursday.  Meg hates them.  James questions if she hates Julie and that's why she doesn't want to talk to her.


06:45 AM BBT Steve keeps whispering telling Meg to shut up.  Meg says it's not her talking.  He says it is.  James says to tell her he's voting her out on Thursday.  Steve thought that had already been established.  Steve is tired and wants to sleep.  James wonders why.  James says they only have 18 hours until they are no longer HNs.  Idle chit chat/playfulness continues.


06:50 AM BBT General goofiness continues in the HN room.  James says they're going to BD Meg next week.  Steve points out she's going home this week.  James sarcastically says they should go to sleep.  Steve really does want to go to sleep.  Jason wonders what they're going to play for her last wakeup song.  Meg hates him.


07:00 AM BBT The HN room appears to be settling down for the night...day?  All other feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms.


07:28 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms.


07:46 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


08:20 AM BBT James is restless in the HN room.  Everyone else appears to be sleeping.

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9:00am BBT: All HG are still sleeping.

9:33am BBT: Hg still in Dream land.

10:10am BBT:Vanessa and Audrey  in the LVR . James and Shelli in the KT talking about what the have nots will eat tonight after they get off being a have not 

10:13am BBT: Meg goes to the BY where Clay and Shelli are and John is sitting on BY couch. 

10:16am BBT: Meg is talking about Audrey starting things lastnight and how she came to her talking about the nominations and starting  crap with people and talking to Jeff about her. Meg says she freaks me out.

 10:21am BBT: Meg tells Shelli and Clay that earlier she spoke her mind about how she felt about the women in the house but i will have to talk to her again later.

10:23am BBT: John and James are on the BY couches talking general talk and Meg is still talking to Shelli and Clay about DA and Clay says we might have to tell her that she has the votes so she will stop today. 

10:34am BBT: Jason talking about the comp they had that they had to get naked in the bubbles and he says that was gross. Shelli, Clay and Meg just repeating themselves about Audrey and DA and tomorrows eviction.

 10:43am BBT: Clay goes to the HOh rm to talk to Shelli and says as soon as i come out of the bathroom Vanessa was right there and ask what is going on with DA? He says he told her i do not know and she said she is voting for DA to stay. HE says Audrey is saying things. Shelli says Audrey is feeding people information.

10:46am BBT: Austin and Meg in the BY on the round lounger talking about Audrey causing  problems again and talking about everything. Meg says i know and i really want to freaking stay. Austin says i know you got my vote.

10:52am BBT: Vanessa talking to Clay and Shelli about  She seen Liz and Austin talking in the open rm and  she says i feel like Austin and Liz  was talking but i couldn't hear anything and it was like they was spooning and i seen motion. I feel like i am betraying him by telling you this cause he asked me not to. Clay says Austin and Audrey  was snuggling and Vanessa says no Austin and Liz i think they might be hooking up.

 10:57am BBT: Shelli asking Vanessa who all did Da say she had the votes to stay from. Vanessa says Jason, Jackie, Steve, Shelli ask did she say Liz and Vanessa says no no. Vanessa says i just got up and  my brain is not working right now let me get my head together right now. Shelli says ok i really need to know cause she is throwing around alot of five names right now. we get FOTH

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 11:02am BBT: Vanessa says i swear to you  and Shelli says i understand we have to be careful about Audrey cause we have information that Liz is playing with an identical twin cause the girl that was here yesterday was not Liz she would not be interviewed by Jeff and she wouldn't  socialize so she is a different girl. Shelli says The one that was here lastnight is not as bubbly as the other one cause Liz is probably the one that came in at the beginning and got to know us all and then  the one lastnight isnt as bubbly she keeps a hat over eyes.

11:05pam BBt: Shelli says did you notice when we do nails she keeps her colors the same cause her twin would not have time to change her nail color. Shelli says  Liz told us that she works for her mom but her sister works more for her mom than she does  then lastnight  that she works for her mom all the time so that alerted me to something.

 11:08am BBT: Clay says if you look at the memory wall they have merged the pictures and one eyebrow is different and the jaws. 

 11:12am BBT: Shelli says we got word lastnight. you know how we talked to Audrey yesterday and she was trying to get us to realize that the other side if the house is you Liz and austin and others but she is always trying to get becky out there and how she wants us to side with a certain side of the house and i thought no big deal. Now we received word that she talked to someone else that she believes there is an alliance of me, clay, Jeff ,James and Meg are an alliance. BB calls Liz to the Dr and Shelli says she might be switching and Vanessa says lets go watch.

11:20am BBT: Shelli and Clay still talking about the different alliances in the house and how John told them that he was told by Audrey that they was in an alliance with Meg and Shelli says i did not tell John why i thought that was interesting but i told Clay why.

11:23pm BBT: Austin in the Kt making eggs as James is drinking  his protein shake. In the HOh rm Clay and Shelli tell Vanessa that Jeff told them that Liz needs to go before Audrey and we were like why would Liz go  before midway since she is no threat to anyone.

11:28am BBT: Jason takes his clothes to the BY to wash them. James and Austin and John talking about music as Austin cooks pancakes to go with his eggs. Bb tells Austin to go to the STr and change his mic. he says i have a broken pancake cooking. James says they like messing with you don't they? Austin says they do. Austin heads to the STr and James says what is up John and he says there is some crazy shit happening around here and James agrees with him.

 11:43am BBT: Jason and James sitting in the BY talking about LIz and James says when she comes out later we will study her close and see if  this is the facts. Jason says yeah  we will watch her closely. James says doesn't she wear the hat when she works out and Jason says yeah she wears the spandex, and the other one  covers her face with a hat all the time so we can't see her.

11:48am BBT: Jason says as soon as i see liz come out of that DR i will know if i am right or not. He then sits down with James.Meg, Vanessa and Shelli still in HOh talking about Audrey and how  Audrey corners Meg asking if she gets HOh is she going to backdoor her and if so then she is voting her out. Meg says i am not Hoh yet so i do not know what is going on yet. BB calls shelli to the DR.

 11:51am BBT: Jason goes to the WA where Liz and Da are doing ADL's  James comes in as they are watching Liz to see if she switched with a twin.

11: 56am BBT: Liz leaves  the WA and Jason and james and DA talk about Liz and Jason says i did not see her face so i am not sure yet.

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12:00 PM BBT On feeds 2/4 we have Meg, Clay, and John in the BY talking about Audrey and how she keeps trying to put them on guilt trips for changing sides. On feeds 1/3 we have Vanessa, Clay and Shelli in the HoH. Vanessa is rehashing a conversation with Audrey. She feels that Audrey is trying to pit her and Austin against Clay and Shelli.


12:09 PM BBT In the HOH Vanessa is telling Clay and Shelli that Audrey is trying to plant seeds to make her not trust them. Audrey is throwing Shelli and Clay under the bus to her. She is throwing her and Austin under the bus to Clay and Shelli. FOTH


12:15 PM BBT On feeds 2/4 we have Austin, Liz, John, Jeff and Meg in the BY talking about how it is hard to be creative in the house. On feeds 1/3 are Shelli, Clay and Vanessa talking about how none of them trust Audrey. They also have misgivings about Jeff too. Shelli says that Jeff is the male Audrey.


12:19 PM BBT Shelli and Clay tell Vanessa that Jeff is also one who likes to plant seeds and pit groups of people against each other.


12:25 PM BBT Shelli, Clay and Vanessa are still in the HOH.  Shelli says they need to stop talking about Audrey all together because she keeps working them (Jeff). They end up trusting her. They just need to let others do the talking. They are going to get rid of Clay, let Audrey feel safe, then target her. Meanwhile in the BY Jason tells Da'Vonne that from what he has heard, Da'Vonne is good on the votes.


12:33 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the BY between Liz, Meg, and Austin. In the HOH Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa are still talking about how Audrey keeps pitting people against each other; by claiming they are making fictional alliances and excluding someone they are loyal too.


12:38 PM BBT In the BR James and Audrey are talking about what Da'Vonne is going to do when she finds out she is evicted. James expects a cussing rant. Audrey says probably because she will be devastated.


12:40 PM BBT Shelli, Clay and Vanessa are still int he HoH. Shelli tells her to be cautious trusting Austin. He was awfully quick to jump ship on Jace. Not only did he not show loyalty to Jace by not giving him a vote, he even stopped talking to him. She would prefer someone who is loyal and comes by it honestly.


12:45 PM BBT Shelli, Clay and Vanessa are now calling themselves the Three's Company and changed the conversation to whether or not they are going to confront Liz about the twin twist. "Come and Knock on my door" FOTH BB "Please stop singing."


12:47 PM BBT On feeds 1/3 we have Liz and Meg swinging on the hammock. Meg says she is aware she is the pawn but words are going to fly if she is sent home. On feeds 2/4 Steve is looking forward to 11 hours when the HN is over.


12:50 PM BBT BB puts the house on IDLD.


12:52 PM BBT Some are slower than others so BB again calls for an Indoor LD. Meanwhile in the BR Audrey tells James that she is aware that some HG hate her, but she is glad that they hate HER, not because of her transgender.


12:55 PM BBT Clay and Shelli are now alone in the HoH. Shelli gets on to him for telling John things and telling him not to tell Jeff. John is loyal to Jeff first. "Don't let John ever think that there is mistrust between the 5 of us."

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1:00 PM BBT Austin has joined Shelli and Clay in the HoH. He wants the latest dish on Audrey. Meanwhile Jason, Meg, and Da'Vonne are in the HN room talking about Liz and how she is always gently trying to hide the side of her face with her hair. They assume it is to hide subtle differences.


1:03 PM BBT Jeff has gone up to the HoH room to take a shower. He turns the water on and leaves it running while he goes into the WC. This annoys Shelli who walks in and turns the water back off stating that it gets hot quickly. No need to keep it running for no reason.  She then makes him say whether or not he is fact going to vote to keep Meg. He says he is on board.


1:05 PM BBT From the HN room, Jason and Meg can hear James having a conversation through a tiny hole in the wall near the ceiling. Jason stands on the dentist chair for a better listen. He jokes "He's talking about bullshit. He's talking about St. Patrick's Day. Why the F is he talking about St. Patrick's Day?"


1:08 PM BBT Jason and Meg point out to Da'Vonne where the hole is in the wall. Everything said in the purple BR can be heard in the HN room and vice versa. Jason said he would crap on sheets to make sure the wrong person doesn't end up getting the bed with the best eavesdropping opportunities.


1:22 PM BBT Jason says Jokers Updates probably hates his guts. John "Will they hate me for napping all the time?" Jason "They'll forget you are in here. Me, they loathe."


1:14 PM BBT Feeds 2/4 are John, Da'Vonne, Jason and Meg are in the HN room discussing bed arrangements since HN ends tonight. Feeds 1/3 are James, Clay and Audrey in the purple BR. James says if he can convince Texas that an Asian country boy is okay, then there is hope for Audrey.


1:19 PM BBT Jason is having a fit in the HN room. It appears that someone from HN week one would floss their teeth and just throw the floss on the ground. There is used floss all over. He picks up a handful. He is grossed out. "Nasty bitches"


1:25 PM BBT Da'Vonne and John are now alone in the HN. She tells him that she knows who has the power and who to cross out. She admits she is scared and that she needs John. She has the votes and John will not suffer repercussions if he does give her his vote. She has his back.


1:35 PM BBT Da'Vonne has been called into the DR. The HGs are in Indoor LD. Just general chit chatin the house since they are cooped up together. Meg is concerned with sleeping arrangements tonight since HN will be over.


1:39 PM BBT Jeff to Austin and Meg "How does one become friends with Steve?" Austin "There's no way. A chatroom maybe."


1:45 PM BBT Austin is making fun of Steve in the WA to Jeff and Meg. He says that Steve is having a hard time. His mama isn't there to make his lunch. Jeff is called to the DR.


1:46 PM BBT Feeds 1/3. Da'Vonne is now in the HN room with Audrey. Da'Vonne asks if Audrey said she was trying to flip this house against Meg right after they talked last night. Audrey denies it. She said she talked before their conversation. Da'Vonne "I am having a hard time believing anything you say right now. If you did, that's a shitty thing because I promised her I wouldn't campaign against her, and I haven't." "If you are actually telling the truth this time, you need to defend yourself because it is being drug into the mud."


1:52 PM BBT Feeds 1/3. Audrey says Da'Vonne can go grab anyone and she will verify the truth with her. Da'Vonne says she has done that before and she still lied, so what's the point."


1:54 PM BBT Da'Vonne "At the end of the day, I'm going home because of your bullshit and I'm pissed about it." Da is now raising her voice and crying. "I'll be damned if I didn't get put up because I defended the house."


1:56 PM BBT Da'Vonne is wiping away tears. She tells Audrey that she is the only one brave enough to go after Audrey and she is now going home. Audrey knew what she was doing last week when she played dead. It worked. Audrey tells her that she is putting the blame in the wrong place.


1:58 PM BBT Da'Vonne to Clay about Audrey "We had an understanding last night. To wake up to this is bullshit." Audrey tries to comment and Da'Vonne "I'm talking to Clay, I'm talking to Clay, I'm talking to Clay."


Flashback alert: Da'Vonne confronts Audrey. The conversation begins on feeds 1/3 at 1:46 PM.

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2:02 PM BBT Audrey is questioning everyone is the house to find out who said she was telling people that Da'Vonne was trying to flip the house? Audrey asks Meg if she said anything, because she takes full responsibility that she talked to her & Jeff last night. Meg says, she did say something, because she wants to stay. Jason is in the KT. Becky, James, Clay & Da'Vonne are all in the KT now.


2:05 PM BBT All is quiet in the KT, & then Audrey walks out. Clay starts to whisper to Da'Vonne. He tells Da'Vonne they all know how Audrey is. Da'Vonne tells Clay, he & his woman put her on the block over her, & to her, that means they trust this liar. Clay says, no, you have to be the bigger woman. Da'Vonne walks out of the KT. Vanessa walks in, & Meg says, good morning to her. Becky gets called to the DR. Jason says, she'll probably get another ice pack. Meg says, they may be doing goodbye messages, & she doesn't even want to think about that. Jason says, no, because Austin would be called first.


2:07 PM BBT Da'Vonne is in the WA crying. She says, she's so mad & pi**ed off, & she's so pi**ed. Vanessa walks in the WA, & gives her a hug. Da'Vonne says, thank you. Vanessa says, don't let the game do that to you, & she repeats it two more times. She says, it's just a game, & don't let it get to you. She tells Da'Vonne, she is strong, & to stay strong. Vanessa says, she has all she needs inside of her. Da'Vonne says, they are going to let her skate week after week after week. Vanessa walks out.


2:09 PM BBT There is whispering going on in the KT. Clay, James, Jason & Meg are there. Becky walks in. Clay says, it's not about picking sides. Jason says, it seems that way. Clay says, what's done is done. He says, Da'Vonne might go this week, & you can't change that. Vanessa walks through the KT. Jason says, everyone in there is very capable of being there. He says, you can't put a pawn up against who you want out. Jason says, they (BB), & they (viewers) hate when they do that. He says, BB has changed, they can't play it like it was played in 2011.


2:13 PM BBT Jason goes to the WA, & he tells Da'Vonne that he just checked Clay to the universe, but he doesn't get it. He says, he's trying to play like it's BB 7, & it's BB 17. He says, they are worried about having blood on their hands, & he probably just made himself a target next week for saying something. Da'Vonne tells Jason, he needs to stop defending her, because he has to stay there, & make it for them. She tells him to take what they say with a grain of salt, & tells him not to pop back. She says, he came too far to get there. She knows, BB knows, & everybody knows, so he doesn't need to worry about it. She says, "These people are freaking cowards, cowards, it's stupid."


2:16 PM BBT Da'Vonne asks Jason what Audrey said to Meg. He says, she was trying to find out who said things. Da'Vonne says, she's about to leave, what's the point, why even say that? She says, these people are not going to vote for her now, because they are scared. He says, it will be only him & Jason. Liz gets called to the DR. Da'Vonne says, John told her in the dentist chair that he says, the house is flipped, & he can't stick his neck out to vote for her. She says, she told him she knows who won the phone twist.


2:18 PM BBT Da'Vonne tells Jason to make sure he watches James. He says, he will. Da'Vonne says, Liz went to Audrey & told her she was going to vote for her. She says, she almost wants to go up to Liz, & ask why the he** she would do that. Jason says, this Liz has her Helga going for sure. Da'Vonne says, this one likes Jace. Jason says, Cruella likes Jace, or this chick has a split personality. He says, if so, find her a da** psychologist. She says, Austin won't vote for her.


2:21 PM BBT Jason says, he called Meg over, & they all came over acting like idiots. He says, they don't care, & they all act like f***ing idiots. Da'Vonne says, Clay told her that she will never find common ground with Shelli. Da'Vonne says, they did find it last night when everything was squashed. Meanwhile, in the HOHR, Clay & Audrey are up there with Shelli. Clay tells Shelli what happened with Da'Vonne downstairs. Shelli asks, if that's why everyone is laying around in the LR, instead of the BR's? Clay says, Becky is laying on meat to help her back. Audrey says, she doesn't know if Da'Vonne really believes this stuff herself, or if she really is delusional? She says, she may even be pathological. She says, why would she not think she would campaign for Meg to stay. Audrey says, she wanted an apology from her. She says, it's spilled milk, & she hopes people are still voting the way they say. She says, she is concerned about it.


2:25 PM BBT Back in the WA, Da'Vonne says, these people have the pleasure of sending her f***ing home. Jason says, they will see everything when they get home. He says, does it look like a season of BB that they are playing? He says, you don't throw pawns up there, that's not how to play. Da'Vonne says, it was hard for her to go to the HOHR, & kiss Shelli's a**. Jason says, it's been hard for him also. He says, they've had to work hard for the things they have in life. He says, these people have kissed a** for everything they've gotten. Da'Vonne says, people wants to be on TV, get discovered or have followers. She says, she has a child. She tells Jason, he doesn't want to work at the supermarket all his life. She says, they both worked hard to get there. Jason says, they'll probably both be sent out of there by these Instagram f***ing models. Da'Vonne says, f***ing a** cowards, big 7 foot f***ing coward.


2:28 PM BBT Jason tells Da'Vonne to enjoy the next 1 1/2 days, so he can enjoy it with her. Da'Vonne says, she hates when Clay talks to her, & she wants to punch him in the mouth. Da'Vonne says, she knows that Clay doesn't even like Shelli, because of the journals. Jason says, he hears feedback. Da'Vonne says, she probably got fishtanked for her comment. Da'Vonne says, they threw the wrong twin in on the wrong week. She says, but this is BB, & they may have done it to get her exposed. She says, if she leaves, it was a waste of a twist. Jason says, no, but she's taking the satisfaction away from some of the HG. He says, she's the only person in this game that can say she ever that. Jason says, it's like clash of the Titans with her & Audrey.


2:31 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, she didn't want to throw Meg under the bus, because she told her that she was put up, because she's the closest person to her, so she wouldn't campaign against her. Austin walks in the WC. She says, she is livid, she won't show it, but she is livid. Da'Vonne says, he's not going to vote against the house. Austin comes out of the WC, & washes his hands. Da'Vonne asks Austin if Audrey is up walking around? He says, he thinks she went upstairs. Jason says, yes, she went upstairs to shower. He says, she can't shower down her with us peasants. He says, that shower right there (pointing to the cold shower) has her name on it next week. He says, that b**** can be there. The camera view goes to the CBR. Jason & Becky go to the LR, where Meg & Jason are. They say that Liz has been in the DR way too long, so they are probably switching.


2:35 PM BBT Jason says, Clay is all about himself. James says, he's protecting Shelli also. Jason says, if she would've put up Audrey, they could have kept Da'Vonne at bay, & things would be o.k. Meg says, that would have made the twist more relevant. Meg says, she can't wait to see who comes out of the DR. Meg says, she doesn't even know those are her underwear. James says, how does she not know they are hers? She says, because they may be her sisters. James says, he'll have to tell Jeff, they are her turkey tracks. James & Jason say they are thickem's underwear. She says, Helga has seen them since yesterday, so they may be Cruella's. Da'Vonne comes in the LR, & all of them are thinking the twins are switching right now. Meg tells Da'Vonne, those are her underwear. She says, she did laundry with Becky & Liz. She says, they took all of their stuff out. Jason says, was it Helga or Cruella's? She says, she doesn't know, because it was a while ago. James says, they have turkey tracks in them. Jason gets up & looks. Jason asks Da'Vonne if she has a slop bucket to take home. James asks her if she's going to take some slop home? She says, she make take some home for her brothers to taste. She says, they are watching, & they are probably pi**ed. She says, they probably want to come in here just one time.


2:40 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, she's going to be pi**ed if Audrey's not in her back pocket next week. She says, ya'll said she would go this week, & she ended up on the block. She says, ya'll need to get her out, before she slides all the way to $500,000, & then you all will wonder how? She says, because ya'll will let her. Clay comes to the LR. He says, Audrey is upstairs taking a shower. Jason says, well guess what? If he makes HOH next week, she will be right in the cold shower, because it has her name on it. Jason & Meg tell Clay that Liz has been in the DR a long time, & they are probably switching right now. Meg says, she thought that's why he was coming in there. They all tell Clay, she doesn't know that's her underwear. Da'Vonne says, BB will see they are all watching so closely, & Cruella will come back out. Meg says, that's cheating. Jason says, no one ever said this game was fair.


2:44 PM BBT The HG's in the LR continue talking about the Audrey stuff going on. Da'Vonne tells Clay that she told Shelli to put her & Audrey up against each other. She says, then Shelli wouldn't have any blood on her hands, because the house would vote out the one they wanted out. Da'Vonne says, the reason that she wasn't talking to Shelli was because of her. Clay says, he knows. He tells Da'Vonne that Audrey went upstairs to take a shower, & told her she needs to go downstairs, so it doesn't look like they are with her. He says, she told him he came up there after she did. He says, he told her, that he can go up there. Then, she asked to take a shower? Jason says, he knows where she is taking a shower next week. Clay & Becky say they will have to wait until the following week if Audrey is a HN.


2:48 PM BBT Jason says, anyone in the HNR with her will want to kill themselves. Becky says, at least she won't be able to lay up in all the beds all the time again. Jason says, she literally layed around like she was in hospice. Meg says, Steve's been hiding in the CRL. Steve comes in the LR. Liz comes out of the DR, & goes to the CBR. James jumps up & follows her. He comes back, & says he can't tell which one it is. Liz comes out of the CBR, & they ask her to come in the LR. She says, she needs to put her bra on, & laughs, as she walks to the WA.


2:51 PM BBT Jason whispers, who the he** goes to the DR without their bra on? Meg says, she does, & then says, not, & laughs. Jason says, nobody wants to see her d*** nipples. They still have the condoms & other stuff on the glass table in the LR from last night's Podcast. Meg says, they probably need to clean it all up, unless they want them to leave it there for the Live show. Jason says, Julie Chen will probably come in there, & punch them in the face if they leave it all out. Clay comes to the LR eating eggs.


2:53 PM BBT Steve says, he can't believe it's only happened once, for HG's to break the HN diet. Jason says, Jen already knew she was going home, so it didn't matter when she did it. Audrey is chomping on a bowl of cereal at the glass table in the KT, while Liz gets a container of food out of the refrigerator. Clay comes in the KT, to put his bowl in the sink (without washing it out), & goes back to the LR, saying that Jason almost popped his back out, when he was imitating Meg.


2:57 PM BBT Da'Vonne goes in the KT. She says, she's going to play stupid right now, because they are all watching her right now. She asks Liz if she told Audrey that she was going to vote for her? She says, no. Da'Vonne says, Audrey told her that she walked up to her, & told her that she was going to vote for her. Liz asks her if they can talk about it in the WA? She says, yes.


2:58 PM BBT Liz takes her food, & goes to the WA. She tells Da'Vonne that she was half asleep last night, & Audrey came up to her. Da'Vonne says, she remembers. Liz says, Audrey followed her, & asked her what she thought about her vote tomorrow. Liz says, she doesn't want to talk to her about that. Liz says, she didn't say that, & she can call her in there to confront her. Liz asks, if she said she said that? Da'Vonne says, Audrey is telling people she's trying to flip the house. She says, Audrey was going around the house, & telling everyone that Liz told her she's going to vote for Da'Vonne. Liz says, that's a complete lie, & she knows it. She says, she would not tell her who she's voting for, she's not on the block, so why is she worried about it. She says, she told Audrey she didn't know, but Da'Vonne saved her a few times.


3:01 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, everyone is looking at her now. Liz says, she didn't say anything, & she didn't even say anything to Austin. Da'Vonne she still needs her vote, & these other people still have the idea that she's a twin. Da'Vonne says, she wants to stay another week to get her out of the house. She says, she's going to tell everyone that Liz didn't say that. They walk out of the WA.


3:03 PM BBT Audrey & Vanessa are talking about D.J. music in the CBR. Austin is laying in the bed with Vanessa. Liz walks in eating her food. Audrey asks Vanessa if she knows a D.J. named Klaus? Vanessa says, yes, she loves him. They continue to talk, & everyone ignores Liz. Liz walks out of the CBR. Audrey asks if either of them can draw? They both say no. Audrey says, she can't either. Austin says, he knows a girl that can paint really well.


3:05 PM BBT BB tells Clay to stop that. HG's in the LR wonder what he's doing. He says, it's his microphone. Steve says, they mentioned something with Danielle Donato, that there was a problem with her whispering, & they heard her heartbeat over it. Jason says, as a feedster, he knows that there are always issues with people talking, & you sometimes have to be able to read lips to figure it out. Jason is handing lotion to Steve, & says, he almost hit Meg in her 4-year-old a** haircut. Steve asks her to hold her bangs back. She says, she looks totally different. Clay says, she looks like a Secretary. Meg says, she lives in New Jersey, but grew up in Pennsylvania. Clay leaves the LR.


3:08 PM BBT Steve walks out of the LR. Meg says, he always questions her more. Jason says, always. Da'Vonne says, he's trying to find out if someone's lying. Clay comes back in & plops back on the couch. Steve comes back in the LR. Jason says, he doesn't have very many clothes. BB tells Liz, to please not obstruct her microphone. Clay says, his suitcase was small, & they took his stuff, he probably could have fit it all in the BB bag.


3:10 PM BBT All HG's believe's BB is building something in the BY. Steve says, they told them they will be back outside tonight. He says, he will go out there to do gymnastics tonight. All is quiet now in the CBR. Liz is laying between Austin & Vanessa on a bed, & Audrey is sitting in the chair in the room. Back in the LR. Jason says, BB is telling those twins what to do, or someone is America's Player, or something else is going on. Steve says, do you think they are voting with Kathy Griffin on who should take over? Jason says, there will probably be more twists this year.


3:10 PM BBT All HG's believe's BB is building something in the BY. Steve says, they told them they will be back outside tonight. He says, he will go out there to do gymnastics tonight. All is quiet now in the CBR. Liz is laying between Austin & Vanessa on a bed, & Audrey is sitting in the chair in the room. Back in the LR. Jason says, BB is telling those twins what to do, or someone is America's Player, or something else is going on. Steve says, do you think they are voting with Kathy Griffin on who should take over? Jason says, there will probably be more twists this year.


3:13 PM BBT Jason says, BB knew they were doing that reset button last year, they just waited until that week. Clay says, it's almost like it's fixed, on who BB wants to stay. Meg says, who would care between #2 or #13. Steve asks if they think BB wanted someone to get it? Jason says, probably. Steve asks if they think Liz got it? They all think she did, since she was in the DR that long earlier. Jason says, whoever it is will not wait until Thursday for sure, & Da'Vonne is sitting right next to him Vanessa walks in the LR, & says, she's not complaining for sure. She says, she's going to clean up. They ask her what's on her socks? She says, strong. Jason thought it was right & wrong foot. James says, she thinks Liz got the phone twist votes, because of that DR session. Jason says, it could be that they were both in the DR together talking about it, because they would vote together. James says, he guarantees she got it. James asks what caller she was? They say #3. They asks about her insult. They say, it was about bad breath.


3:17 PM BBT Steve wonders if Liz does have bad breath. Jason says, not that he knows. Clay & James leave the LR. Jason wants to know what the dental dam thing is in the LR. He reads a paper, & asks why women would even do that? Clay walks back through the LR. Meg is painting her nails, while Jason & Da'Vonne are still sitting on the couch. Jason says, last night's Podcast was definitely bachelor party talk. Meg says, this house, people are soo paranoid. Jason says, hmm hmm.


3:20 PM BBT Steve goes back to the LR with a protein shake. Austin & Liz are taking a nap in the CBR, & all is quiet. The conversation in the LR is about the competitions that will be coming up. Jason says, the spelling competitions will all probably have numbers on the letters from now on, & they will probably change the numbers, so HG's can't pre-plan their words.


3:26 PM BBT Jason says, BB needs to put the Stay or Fold game back to the way it used to be, because all the HG's rig that competition. Steve says, yes they do. Meg says, the cotton balls she is using are awful. She says, she really doesn't care though.


3:27 PM BBT Vanessa walks back by the LR. Da'Vonne tells her, if she doesn't feel well, she should be laying down. Vanessa says, she needs to just burn off her energy. As she walks back towards the KT, Steve asks her if there's anything he can do to help her? Vanessa says, there's a lot to do, & he can help if she wants, but he doesn't have to, she's just doing it to occupy her time. Liz says, atrocious red, for the color of her nails. Jason says, if he gets asked how he feels, he's going to say atrocious. He says, if Julie asks him that question, he will say, "Leave me alone, Julie." Steve says, that's mean. Meg says, that's not mean coming from Jason. Jason says, no one got asked a question last week. Meg says, no one will probably get one this week, because they have the phone booth to do. Steve says, America may not even find out until Thursday who has the power. Da'Vonne gets up, & says, she has to pee. She tells Jason, she needs to put on nipple covers. Jason says, he saw some by the washer & dryer. Da'Vonne says, they weren't hers, because hers are rubbery. Steve asks, don't bra's usually take care of that? Jason says, yes, unless they are really thin, or you have exceptionally hard nipples. Meg says, she only wears them with a fancy dress. Vanessa walks through picking up dishes from the LR. Steve says, he didn't realize there are that many condoms there. Jason says, he knew about the condoms, but didn't know about the dental dams. Steve says, he doesn't think any of the condoms will get used this season. Jason jokes, & says, he & Meg have been having sex since day 3. Steve asks if everyone is sleeping? He says, he may take a nap. Da'Vonne comes back in the LR. Steve says, he make ask if he can shower upstairs. BB tells Vanessa, to please not obstruct her microphone. Jason says, they're being soo loud today. Da'Vonne says, she's talking soo much over there. Vanessa says, they must want to hear the dishes clanking together.


3:35 PM BBT Meg says, she may wear a romper tomorrow. Steve says, they'll know in tomorrow what BB wants him to wear. Steve leaves the LR. Jason says, every time he says something about voting or America's Player, Steve tries to find a way around things. Jason says, it has to be him. They all talk about America's Player or Team America being even bigger this year. Jason says, he has to be something, because he won't swallow that as a possibility. He tells the girls to watch him later, if someone brings it up.


3:37 PM BBT Jason says, Steve probably deflects the theories because it's him. Meg says, she doesn't care about the competitions, she just wants to find out. Jason says, he can talk about that stuff for 9 hours, & some times he thinks he can't go over it again. Steve walks back through the LR, & says, he's going to nap it out. Da'Vonne says, he's not allowed to sleep in there. Jason says, you're going to nap it out in a room you're not allowed to sleep in. Steve comes back with his clothes to use for pillows. Jason says, BB can't tell you it's not a pillow, & that's not a bad idea. Meg says, he's so ready to get Steve out. Jason says, Austin has more patience than he does. Da'Vonne says, she was cool until last night. Meg says, the boys keep taking her shirts out of the drawer to use over their eyes. Steve goes back to the BR area. Jason says, Steve just probably took someone's toiletries from the WA, if he's America's Player. Jason goes to the WA to check. Da'Vonne says, she can't walk. Meg says, girl got foul nails to dry. She lays down on the couch, & says, too much, this is too much. Jason comes back, & Meg says, she'll find out later. Jason says, nothing of his is missing. He says, who carries that much stuff in there. Meg says, he's playing it. Da'Vonne says, he's a theater major. Jason says, he's probably a professional actor.


3:43 PM BBT Da'Vonne says the intro to the BB show, "This week on Big Brother." Jason says, Jason is accusing everyone in the BB house of being a twist. He says, there is an echo when the announcer says, "Previously, on Big Brother." Jason, Da'Vonne & Meg talk about how they eat certain foods.


3:47 PM BBT Steve & James are napping in the HNR. In the LR, Jason says, they may get a vote for food again. Meg says, Steve's been saying he wants Chinese food again, so guess what they'll get? Da'Vonne says, probably Chinese. Jason says, he wants burgers, fries, KFC or Popeye's. Da'Vonne says, you said you wanted In & Out also. Jason says, yes. Da'Vonne says, she can't wait to see how Jason eats his food. He talks about all the food he's going to eat tonight. Da'Vonne says, that hour on the 4th of July could add an hour to the time they have to wait tonight. Meg says, that won't be fair. She says, she gets a comfy bed tonight, & is really excited. Jason says, he's glad they are going to let them back out to devour that crap shoot, he's definitely going to need a cigarette. He says, they are going have a twerk off tonight. Da'Vonne says, they better have her daughter in the audience tomorrow. Meg says, she wishes she could see a picture. Jason says, watch, Da'Vonne will say she has the last laugh. Meg says, she will die. Jason & Da'Vonne talk about people that say, "Or naw" in stuff they say.


3:52 PM BBT Da'Vonne says there's a video with a little girl in a pool, & she goes to a wig & says, "Mommy, is this your wig, or naw?" They all laugh. Meg shouts out to Baldwin Wallace College. Jason says, there are a lot of theater people in the house. Meg says, her college may say she never went there. Jason says, Nicki Minaj wanted to go back to their school to do a presentation, but they said, no. They all say they like The Ellen Show. Da'Vonne shouts out to Ellen. She says, now that she has a child, Ellen will always be Dory to her. They all talk about the new movie getting ready to come out.


3:56 PM BBT Meg talks about a book of cats. She says, it's weird & brilliant. She says, she feels like she does that in real life. Meg says, why do we watch crap like that? Jason says, we did when we were younger. He says, he hasn't been on You Tube in a hot minute. He says, he likes to go on there & see the cover songs on there. He says, there's a Taylor Swift called "Clean". Meg tells Jason he needs to watch some of the videos she has on there. She says, it's a straight girls advice to gay guys on dating. Jason says, he can't wait. Meg says, it's brills (brilliant).


3:59 PM BBT Jason says, the guys that do the videos & walk up on people are going to get hurt. He says, they are crazy. Da'Vonne talks about people that walk into the doors. BB says, HG's, the lock down is over. You are now free to move about the house. HG's in the LR run to the BY. Jason says, let everyone sleep while we practice. Jason says, it's a flipper game. We see FOTH after Jason reads the rules, & says, thank you BB.


4:01 PM BBT Feeds come back up with more HG's in the BY to practice. Steve says, it's going to be like the soccer one last year. He says, they only get 10 shots. James says, this is hard guys. James makes one, & everyone claps. He says, HOH baby. He says, he's just playing, that was luck. He asks how many he's done, & Audrey tells him 6. James says, the platform is hot also. He runs to get the balls that have gone in & out of the buckets in the BY.


4:04 PM BBT We see FOTH again.


4:05 PM BBT Feeds come back with Austin practicing. He says, it's hot up her too. Then he tries another ball, & says, it's difficult. He asks James, how he got soo much air time. James tells them to lift it up when it hits the halfway point. Austin does that, & makes the shot. He syas, d*** James. HG's clap when he makes it. Austin tells HG's to wait until it goes past the halfway. We see FOTH for a moment, & then feeds come back.


4:07 PM BBT James says, man, if we were playing the comp right now, I'd be sitting real pretty. Austin gets the balls back in the bucket that he shot. James says, o.k., next. Austin says, you just have to get it down there, past the halfway. We see FOTH again.


4:08 PM BBT James reads the card. Becky gets up to practice. She asks James to read the card louder. James says, he can't read, so Jason reads the directions. Becky asks someone to borrow their sunglasses, & then she begins to practice. Jason says, don't hurt your back girl. She takes a shot, & then says, ow. Becky finally makes a shot. Becky asks if Jason went down super steep at first? Jason says, he only took one shot. She says, nope. The camera view switches to the HOHR.


4:11 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli what happened downstairs with Audrey a little while ago. Shelli tells Clay, the whole idea was that they weren't picking between Da'Vonne & Audrey, they are picking both of them. Shelli says, if you make a big move, you know you are going to have to work harder. Clay says, Audrey told Meg that she only told Jeff & Meg about flipping the house. Clay says, she was trying to make Jeff look bad to Clay, but she didn't say that up in the HOHR. We see FOTH again.


4:14 PM BBT Feeds come back. Shelli says, she probably looks like an idiot, because everyone in the house wanted Audrey out, & she put Da'Vonne up to get her up. Clay says, he can approach Audrey with the fact that she could have went home this week if it wasn't for them. He says, he told Da'Vonne that he won't ever believe Audrey again, & she can't trust her. Shelli says, it makes you look like a Devon. He says, you're not a Devon, you're a Clay. Clay lays on her & gives her a hug. Shelli tells him she wasn't cranky with him earlier, she just wanted Audrey to get out of their room. He says, awww. He tells her, he's going to practice. She says, she may take a shot, but she doesn't have to do 10 shots. Clay leaves the HOHR.


4:17 PM BBT Clay goes to the BY. Audrey comes in, Liz, Austin, Da'Vonne & John are in the KT. Austin says, Steve made all of them. They say, no way. Someone says, he's not taking all of his turns at once. Austin says, so, he's being sketchy, even with this. Audrey walks out the BY. Da'Vonne says, I hope ya'll are watching close, because you all need to win, to get her a** out of here. Liz is looking out the sliding doors. She says, Jackie almost made it in the red bucket. Da'Vonne says, she wants to try it, after everyone has practiced, just to say she tried it. Liz asks if they've ever done one like this? We see FOTH.


4:22 PM BBT Feeds come back with Jeff practicing. John says, he thinks Jeff broke the flipper, & it's tilted a little to the left now. John says, ha, it's not me today. Becky was telling HG's in the KT that BB is trying to get medical approval for something for her back. She says, it will probably be for just her, & she'll have to give it back, so it probably will stay in the house. Becky asks Liz if the underwear in the LR are hers, because they aren't hers or Megs, & they are from the same bag. Liz says, "Oh yeah, I think some of them are mine." Her & Austin are still in the KT. Austin is cooking on the stove, & Liz is looking out the sliding glass doors to the BY.


4:26 PM BBT Liz whispers to Shelli in the WA. Liz tells her that Da'Vonne is probably going around saying she has the votes to stay, but she's still voting to keep Meg. She tells Shelli, she knows she could have put her up, & she's tankful she didn't, so she's not changing her vote. Shelli thanks her & they hug each other. They leave the WA, & Shelli goes to the BY. Liz says, she's probably only going to do a couple & wait. Austin says, "Yeah, great, a crap shoot." We see FOTH.


4:28 PM BBT Feeds come back with Liz whispering to Shelli in the KT. Austin is still cooking on the stove. Liz is telling Shelli about what Da'Vonne said to her earlier. She says, she did not say that she was going to keep Da'Vonne. She says, she wants to confront Audrey about it, & she doesn't know why she would put words in her mouth. We see FOTH. Shelli says, that's a smart thing to do. Liz says, she kind of wants to lay low until tomorrow. Jeff walks in the KT. Liz says, she still has to go. Austin asks Jeff what his favorite color ball is? Liz asks, if he made any of them in? Jeff says, no, but he hit the rims a couple times. He says, it's just a crap shoot really. Liz says, they are only going to have 1 chance to do that tomorrow. Austin says, Steve will probably have his freaking protractor out there tomorrow. Steve asks if he heard James? Steve says, no. We see FOTH again. Feeds come back. Jeff says, he shushed Steve yesterday when he came into the room, because people were trying to sleep.


4:33 PM BBT Meg goes in the house to get flip-flops. She says, the platform is burning her feet. Liz is chomping her food in her microphone. Jeff says, they need to just keep f***ing with Meg. Meg comes back to the KT, & says, she hates them all, as she walks to the BY. Jeff jokingly says, "Ax her a**." Jeff says, James has been mean lately, & Steve is watching everyone. He says, they make you eat slop to drain your a**. Austin says, you still need to eat it. Austin says, he will tell Austin how he eats his slop & makes his protein shakes. Steve says, they want the shots to look good tomorrow, so that's why they are practicing. Jeff tells Austin & Liz they always eat the same thing. She says, keep it consistent. Steve says to Jeff, almost like his attempt at facial hair. Jeff asks when he started growing it out? Steve says, like day 6 or 7. Jeff keeps saying, let's play zoo. Liz asks Steve how he did? Jeff tells Austin he wants him to be the judge in a facial hair competition between him & Steve. Steve keeps repeating that he's forfeiting to him. Austin says, Meg hit 4 in a row. Jeff says, it's her awkward back & posture helping her. Austin says, she didn't hit them, she's missing them badly.


4:38 PM BBT Liz is smacking her mouth with her food in her microphone, as she's the only left in the KT. She leaves her bowl on the counter, & walks to the BY. Meg Cleans up the balls from her practicing. Da'Vonne is sitting on the couch by Jason, who's smoking a cigarette. HG's continue to practice in the BY. John sinks a ball, & all the HG's clap for him. He makes another one, & a third.


4:41 PM BBT Jackie sits down next to Jason. Liz is taking her turn next. She says, she kind of likes it. She misses, & says, this is harder than she thought. Jeff & Austin are playing a game of pool. Meg says, the faster the ball goes down, the higher it pops. Liz hasn't made any of her shots yet. Clay tells Liz, the faster she pushes it down, the higher it goes. We see FOTH.


4:44 PM BBT Audrey goes up to take her turn. Jason tells Jackie, anything they play live isn't going to have a punishment, because they don't have enough time for that. Audrey hsn't made any of her shots yet. She finishes practicing, & didn't make any of them.


4:47 PM BBT All of the HG's talk about the way to get the ball to make it in, while Audrey picks up all of her balls in the BY. Meg says, Audrey had a good idea with the speed. She says, it you lower it that will make it go faster. Da'Vonne practices next. She almost makes a shot, & Meg says, there you go Da'Vonne, close. She makes a shot, & all the HG's clap. Jeff says, good job. We see FOTH.


4:49 PM BBT Da'Vonne makes another shot, after a bounce on her last shot. All the HG's clap. Meg says, good job. We see FOTH. Feeds come back & Shelli practices next. She tanks James for helping her picking the balls up.


4:53 PM BBT Jeff & Clay are throwing a small ball around the BY. BB says, HG's, this is a lock-down, please go inside, & close the sliding glass doors. Jeff picks up Meg, & carries her in the house. He tells her, she's so d*** light. Da'Vonne & Jason get the clothes out of the dryer. They go inside, & Jason says, "Thanks, BB," & then closes the sliding glass door. Austin is in the SR, looking through the refrigerator. Jeff & Jason walk in. Jeff points to the red suitcase, & says, Meg needs to start packing this. Jason takes a bag of clothes in the OBR. Jason tells Vanessa it's not about how high you can get it in the air. He says, it's going to be about timing, & waiting for the right moment. Vanessa says, timing, huh? Jason says, it's all about waiting. Jason & Da'Vonne are folding their clothes in the OBR. Jason says, BB just lets them practice, so they don't go out there, & say, what the he** is this? Da'Vonne says, once you figure it out, you don't forget it.


4:58 PM BBT In the hallway, Jeff tells Meg, he thinks they are getting closer. Da'Vonne tells Jason that Jeff is voting to keep Meg. Jason says, of course, because he's going to take that b**** all the way to the end. Jason says, these people want to act so good, but they are so transparent. Jason tells Da'Vonne, people are scared of her on the social level. She says, she's cussing them out left & right. Jason says, these people are pu**ies, & they will all be going home crying to their momma's. We see FOTH.


5:01 PM BBT Jason tells Da'Vonne to keep some stuff in her BB bag in case she has to do an interview or something tomorrow. He says, people usually leave with their BB bag more full than when they entered the house. He tells her, she won't want to do the interview with Jeff, in the same thing she wears out of the house. Jason tells Da'Vonne her suitcase is big. She says, it is. Audrey is laying down in her bed.


5:04 PM BBT Jeff tells HG's in the KT, that with the help of James at 10 PM BBT tonight, they will have a show with a limited number of guests in the CRL. Jeff says, he's going to have a redemption show, & needs their legal team to help prepare everything for who they need to apologize to. They talk about the pretend audience, callers, & sponsors they had for their Podcasts. James says, the Trojan's are flying off the shelves, they can't keep them in stock. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Clay says, that's louder. Steve says, he thinks Jimmy Fallon says, nice things in a mean voice, & mean things in a nice voice. Clay Jeff whispers, & Steve watches everything going on. We can't hear what he says. Clay says, he wants Meg to lose so she can get her a** on slop. Clay asks if they should be her up twice. Jeff asks how many votes they have to keep Meg? Clay says, it should be unanimous. Meg asks if they should say something to Meg ahead of time out of respect? The camera view changes to the HOHR.


5:09 PM BBT Becky tells John what happened with Da'Vonne downstairs earlier, & how she heard her saying she's not trying to get votes. Becky says, Audrey needs to go next week. John tells Becky that Da'Vonne is trying to get votes, because she told him she needs his vote for it to work for her to stay. John says, he's still going to vote her out. Becky says, Audrey may be right then. She says, Da'Vonne needs to go this week, & Audrey needs to go next week, & they can sit pretty for a couple weeks. John asks Becky who was trying to make her look bad? He asks if it was Audrey & Da'Vonne? He says, they are putting all the trouble on each other, saying the other one did it. Becky says, America can watch the footage, & they will see what's going on. Becky says, people don't need to define their lines, & be in groups.


5:13 PM BBT Becky says, whoever wins HOH next week needs to put someone up that's not a competition threat, or will lash back, they need to go up more. She says, she has done good twice, & thinks she might go up on the block. She says, she may be asked to throw the comp. She says, she's not going to panic, because those 2 can keep going around, & dragging their names through the mud, more and more and more. She says, her's still looks shiny next to theirs. John doesn't want to keep being a pawn. Becky says, Audrey needs to go next week, but that was what was supposed to happen this week. John asks Becky if she's upset? She says, that wasn't the plan, because originally they wanted Audrey to go, but it's o.k.


5:16 PM BBT Becky says, she was o.k. with the fact that Da'Vonne was the target, because she had an issue with her week 1. She says, she didn't speak ill of her or anything, because she wanted people to see her for who she is. Becky says, she just doesn't want to go up on the block if Audrey wins HOH. John says, that's why is good to stay awake to see what's going on. Becky says, she likes to hear everything when it happens, before it gets trickled down, & gets twisted. John says, it got heated earlier. Becky, says, it did, & she sprawled out to listen to what was going on. John tells Becky that he doesn't see her as a person to flip out. She says, she is really rational. She feels he's the same way also. John asks her about her family. She says, she can't really talk about them much, because of consents not being signed. Becky says, it may be because she's a manager. She says, if she loses it, or has issues, it will trickle down to your assistant manager, & other employees. She says, same thing there.


5:20 PM BBT John says, he doesn't want to play to hard to fast, but people keep putting him in situations that he has to play, & he's getting frustrated. Becky says, he is having to play, but he's not dropping names & threatening people, so even if he goes on the block, he won't go home. She says, Audrey has done it to herself. John says, that's a good one, because everyone wants her out. Becky says, everyone liked her week 1, & then they like her week 2 also. She says, great, she's still there, oops. John asks her if she really didn't like Jace? Becky says, she didn't take action by telling everyone in the house about it. She says, she only told John & Jackie about it.


5:22 PM BBT John tells Becky he can't wait to see the HG's in the DR. Becky says, she thinks that Jason's will be funniest, no matter what they are. John says, he wants to call himself "He" in the DR at some point. John says, he's going to head back downstairs. He tells Becky to enjoy the headphones, & walks out of the HOHR.


5:27 PM BBT Jackie goes to the HOHR, & tells Becky to put the LR on the TV. Becky asks if it's a house meeting? In the LR, the HG's are looking for Jackie & Becky. Jeff says, he needs them down there, they are having a very, very important meeting. Jackie & Becky join the rest of the HG's in the LR. Jeff says, so, they are making a last ditch effort to apologize to the community of women.


5:30 PM BBT Jeff says, they came up with a plan. He says, it's called, "A walk in heels." The women & Men will be paired up. He says, they will have a date, & the men can get their make-up done. Jason says, he's gay, he doesn't need to be seen on TV dressed in drag. Then they back-track. They will just have a date. He says, they just want to do something fun tonight, since they are locked in the house. He wants their opinions on it, or if they want to do something different. Meg says, she likes the speed dating kind of thing. She says, it could be fun, asking questions. They say, they can set it up in the kitchen with the chairs facing each other. Becky says, then the girls can give re-caps.


5:33 PM BBT Jeff says, they will have the speed dates, then the women will tell all in a re-cap show. Jeff says, they will fire themselves tonight, & 2 ladies will take over the spot tonight. Austin says, they can figure that out among themselves. Liz says, she was doing Austin's hair, & still wants to get paid for that. Jeff says, their bank accounts are frozen at the moment. Becky asks how they can do speed dating when they all talk at the same time? Shelli & Becky are going to be the hosts for the show. John gets called to the DR. Shelli says, since they can't do the speed dating all at once, her & Becky will choose the couple to do a quick date, & then do the re-cap.


5:37 PM BBT Becky says, they will see how it goes. Some like Shelli's idea. Clay says, he's nervous. Becky tells him to be himself. Jeff says, all of their sponsors are still with them, except the meat. He says, in light of the HN's, they are having the show at 10 PM BBT, so they can be done by 10:45 PM BBT. Jeff says, the men will clean the KT tonight also. Jeff says, Jason is thinking he didn't sign up for any of this. Jason says, they can all do what they want, but he's not going on a date with the ladies. Becky says, he has female friends, & can help with the advice. Jason says, he'll think about it. They all disperse from the LR.


5:39 PM BBT Audrey is the only HG that wasn't in the LR. Jason tells Da'Vonne in the OBR, that these HG's are already on a show. He says, why would they want to do a show on a show? Meg walks in. Jason says, he doesn't know anything about straight people. Meg says, there shouldn't be a difference. She goes in the HNR, & comes back out. Steve is lurking by the BR's. He stands in the hallway. Meg says, they need to have a dress thing. Steve says, that would be good. He says, it will be different with Becky & Shelli hosting tonight. Jason says, they can't get any information from him. Steve says, he's going to unsuccessfully lay down for a little bit. BB tells Clay to please not obstruct his microphone.


5:42 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, she has 3 of her dental picks left. She says, they got them from the 99 cent store. Jason says, he has the Dollar Tree. Jason says, it's the wrong day for them to do this, & he doesn't date, so he's not doing anything. Da'Vonne says, they tried to get her to say something, but she didn't. Jason says, he's going to get his cold shower on now. Jason asks what time it is now? He says, I know you don't have a freaking watch, I'll go & check God d*** it. Jason comes back & says, it's 5:42 PM BBT. He says, so Jason will get his cold shower on in a few.

5:44 PM BBT Da'Vonne makes funn of Jason's feet, because his legs are tan, & his feet are white. Meg walks by, while Jason is trying on some tall socks on, he tries to hit her with one, & she laughs. Jason says, because panty liners aren't like that. Da'Vonne tells Meg to at least put a pair of panties in her suitcase. Meg asks if they'll have time tomorrow to still pack? Jason thinks so. Meg says, she doesn't even know what she's going to wear tomorrow. Da'Vonne seems to have her suitcase almost packed. Meg is looking in the hallway mirror. Da'Vonne laughs at her for rolling her sleeves on her shirt. Jason asks if they turned in the nail clippers already? Da'Vonne says, yes. Jason says, he needs to go & request them, because his toenails are crazy right now. Meg asks Jeff & James to pack her suitcase. Da'Vonne says, James is sleeping in the bed with Audrey tonight. She says, Steve won't sleep in a bed with a girl. Jeff asks, why not? Jason says, do I look like Steve? He tells him to go ask him. He says, this twice. Jeff says, he knows what they are doing, & they are trying to make his life a living hell. Jeff walks out of the room.



5:50 PM BBT Jackie tells Becky & Shelli she's in a funk & doesn't know what to do. Shelli asks Jackie why she was upset? Jackie says, she's just upset at the situation. She says, she can't believe that stuff is still going on. She says, for Meg to get upset just pissed her off, because she totally understands. Meg gets called to the DR. Jackie says, it's not her business, so she has to stay after it. They see Audrey is coming to the HOHR. Jackie runs to the table. Audrey asks them what they are doing. Shelli says, she's just laying there, Becky is listening to music, & Jackie is doing her nails. Jackie is using the Punch Buggy nail polish. Audrey says, she thinks the music is depressing. Shelli asks what music she has on her list? Audrey says, they are 10 times worse. Shelli says, then they are more sappy. They still discuss the music. Shelli asks Audrey to throw her the green t-shirt. Then she says, it's Jeff's. She thinks he's giving it to Clay though. She says, Jackie didn't want him to give it to Clay, because it's a good one. Shelli says, Jeff has this shirt in every color. She says, it has the soft V neck, & that's a good tactic.


5:56 PM BBT Shelli asks Jackie if she's going to use the blue on her toenails. Jackie says, she might just use the same pink. Shelli asks if she's taking her nail polish off with her nail polish on? Jackie says, she just filing them right now, because she doesn't like clippers. BB tells Becky to please not obstruct her microphone. Shelli says, she might be obstructing her microphone also. Becky says, she likes coral nail polish, & didn't own any until recently.


5:58 PM BBT Becky & Jackie discuss dressing up tomorrow. Becky says, she might wear her hippie skirt, because they will be elevated, & no one can see up her skirt. Jackie says, that's a good idea. We see FOTH.


6:00 PM BBT Feeds come back with Jackie saying that her cycles are quick. She says, she only gets cramps sometimes. Becky says, she is about to get hers. She says, she gets horrible cramps. She says, she gets the pill, & her insurance won't let her get a 3-month supply at once, she has to fill them every month, & pay $45.00 for each pack. She says, she has one pack with her in case her cramps get really bad. Becky says, she was on the Mirena. She says, it's supposed to stay in for 3 years, but hers came out, & she didn't get it put back in. Becky says, they are more for women that have had children already, & that's why hers probably came out so easily. Jackie gets called to the DR. Becky goes downstairs to do her hair before she's called in to do goodbye messages.


6:04 PM BBT Audrey asks Shelli if she will kick Clay out for one night, because the HG's are downstairs making jokes in front of her about not wanting to sleep in the bed with her. Audrey tells her that Steve doesn't want to sleep with a girl. Shelli tells Audrey, why doesn't Vanessa sleep with her, Steve & Johnny Mack sleep together, & Liz & Austin sleep in the same bed? Audrey says, she doesn't know. Shelli says, that's rude. Shelli asks where Vanessa has been sleeping? We see FOTH.


6:06 PM BBT Feeds come back. Shelli asks Audrey if she got the last laugh, because she's trying to see who it is? Audrey says, she thinks it's Becky or Steve. She tells Shelli that Da'Vonne thought she was going to stay because she has the votes, & she didn't pop off, but then she did today. She says, she probably figured out she's not getting the votes. Shelli says, she hopes so. Audrey says, she feels that she will go, & the chips will fall where they may. She says, plans sometimes fall apart, & karma is going to get her. Shelli says, she wasn't downstairs for the argument, so she doesn't know what happened. Audrey says, there was a lot of people around, & people trying to listen. She says, Da'Vonne called those people out for listening.


6:09 PM BBT Shelli asks Audrey is she thinks Da'Vonne has a speech planned? Audrey says, yes. Shelli says, oh, no. Audrey says, that's o.k., she has a goodbye message planned. Shelli asks if it's going to be mean? We see FOTH. Feeds come back, with Audrey saying she feels she has a clean conscious for what she's going to say. She says, she didn't want to make the trash cans, because she wanted to test out the function of the game. Audrey says, the people that did good are Austin, Vanessa, Jackie, Jason didn't do as bad, Steve got a few in. She says, they got in the closest can. She says, she wanted to test it out, because she didn't get any in. Shelli asks if she thinks they will get 10 balls? Audrey says, it could be a process of elimination, down to the last 2 HG's, or they could get 1 shot, & it can be the 2 highest scores. Shelli says, it's probably luck. Audrey says, it's a little skill also. Shelli says, she wonders if there are punishments attached to the comp. Audrey says, she doesn't know. Shelli says, she wonders if that's why there are 5 dentist chairs. She says, there are 4 HN's, but there could be another one from a comp. Shelli says, she can't believe it's dinner time already. Audrey says, she can't wait to get tomorrow over. She wants to sleep in, get a shower, & get ready. Shelli goes to the WA in the HOHR.


6:15 PM BBT In the WA downstairs, Becky is curling her hair. Jackie is putting on make-up. Liz is using a flat iron on Austin's hair. Becky asks Liz where she got her shades from? Liz says, they're from a small boutique.


6:18 PM BBT James says, the showers are definitely made for short people. John gets up & leaves the WA. Meg is still sitting on the couch. Austin sits down on the couch. The HG's talk about how they look without make-up & their hair differently. Liz is cleaning out her hair brush with a comb & is making noise in her microphone.


6:22 PM BBT Jackie gets called to the DR again. In the HOHR, Audrey says, that's weird, she already got called in. Shelli says, she probably went to put on make-up, & they called her in again. Shelli asks Audrey if she's going to be able to make the whole summer with going crazy? Audrey says, she doesn't think she's going crazy. She says, Jace did. She says, no one is talking game with her this week, & she's HOH. Shelli says, people are only go to her room when people are acting sketchy. Audrey says, she wishes she really did voodoo. Shelli says, they were all wondering if she did, when she said that last night. Audrey says, she thinks they were trying to poke fun at her for her dreams. She says, maybe she should make toilet paper voodoo dolls, & flush all of them down the toilet. Shelli says, that would actually be kind of funny.


6:26 PM BBT Audrey says, she would love to hear from her parents. She says, she feels they are sending her telepathic messages to get the f*** out of there. Shelli asks, does she think they are watching feeds? Audrey says, her mom probably is. Meanwhile, in the KT. Jeff asks if they will be using that contraption for the next challenge? Austin says, yes, & he's excited. Liz asks if they can wear regular clothes, or work-out clothes? Austin says, regular clothes. Becky says, she's going to wear her hippie skirt. Liz says, that's a good one. Becky says, if you wear a short skirt, you may want to wear shorts under it. Liz says, she might wear a long dress or a romper. Liz is eating again, & chomping in her microphone. She says, good pizza. She says, she may wear her romper. Jeff says, they need her to romp around the house.


6:30 PM BBT Liz says, we have a couple more hours until show time. Jeff says, the fact they (BB) asked him about it is great. He says, viewership may have gone up. He jokingly says, they need to cancel Big Brother, & have the Jeff & Austin show. Jeff says, they need to do the apologies. James says, they have to have Johnson's Baby Lotion. Steve says, his favorite sponsor, Johnson. Jeff tells Austin, while he's eating healthy, he's eating pizza. Austin says, hungry plus board equals a bad combination.


6:32 PM BBT James tells Jeff & Austin when people call in, they need to say for legal issues, they need to run it by their EP. We see FOTH. In the HOHR, Audrey was apparently telling Shelli the 5 people that Da'Vonne said she has, but that was not shown. Audrey says, she told Austin that he needs to work as a collaborative, or is he working to help someone else's agenda. Audrey wants to know why no one is talking to Austin, & telling him it's too risky. Shelli asks why? Because there is a rumor that Austin is going to vote out Meg? Audrey tells Shelli the people that still can vote out Meg, Becky, Jackie, Steve, Jason & Liz. Audrey says, if that happens then they are really going to know where this divide is. She says, of course certain people are going to act like they didn't vote a certain way, but she's going to suspect that Jeff knew about it if it goes down. Shelli says, knew about what? Audrey says, if Meg goes, she will think he knew about it, & didn't say anything about it.


6:38 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey she doesn't understand how she feels about Jeff. Audrey says, he's like a politician & has everyone around him. She says, she doesn't trust him. She says, she won't target Jeff, because of Clay. We see FOTH again. Audrey says, Jeff really seems to trust Jason. Jackie comes back to the HOHR. Shelli asks why they called her twice to the DR? She asks Jackie if she was getting ready? Jackie says, yes, & she feels bad about it. Shelli asks Jackie if she can open her nail polish & look at it? Jackie says, yes, she likes the OPI the best. Jackie asks if they are going to do the speed dating tonight? Shelli says, they might. She says, she's glad they aren't going to use make-up tonight. She says, she wasn't going to put her make-up on the their faces. Jackie asks why they would want make-up? Shelli says, they want nail polish & they wanted to wear high heels also. Shelli asks Jackie what's going on downstairs? Jackie says, nothing. Shelli asks what the guys feel bad about from yesterday? Jackie says, probably hogging. Shelli says, so they have to do another one to apologize for that. Shelli says, they got new sponsors. She says, they put panty liners, exfoliating face wash, a loofah, Imodium, & other stuff there. They are watching James make a table cloth out of a blanket, & wash off the LR table. Jackie says, she's fine with them doing the dishes. Shelli says, she's not, because she doesn't trust they will get them clean enough. Shelli asks if they got wine the last time the HN's got done? Jackie says, no, because they had a comp.


6:45 PM BBT Shelli says, it looks nice guys, as she's watching the LR on her TV in the HOHR. She says, they are putting cotton balls out. Audrey asks if James is standing, because she can't tell. Shelli says, no. Shelli says, they have put tampons, weigh protein, a curling iron, & razors out with the other stuff on the glass table. Shelli says, she's tired, & lays her head down.


6:47 PM BBT Jackie asks Shelli if she knows what time it is? She says, no, she' just going to take a nap until she gets waken up. Jackie & Audrey are still watching the TV in the HOHR. In the LR, Da'Vonne helps Jeff & James finishing putting the sponsor stuff on the table. Meg says, you did great guys. Jeff says, if this doesn't empower women, he doesn't know what else will. Jeff asks Becky what she thinks of the sponsors? He says, he & James took a lot of time with this. Becky says, she has a finishing touch. She grabs a bag of jewelry from the HNR, & comes back. She puts some of her jewelry on the table. She says, isn't that pretty? A feminine touch. Jeff says, he may actually wear it tonight. James says, it's nice. Jeff says, the display is beautiful HSN watch out, we may actually have to go on there. Becky asks if she should wear a necklace instead of putting it on the table. Jeff tells her to put it on. She goes to the WA to get another necklace. James tells Jeff, he's the star of the show, but he's running the show. James says, he swears, people forget their places around here.


6:53 PM BBT Shelli & Jackie talk about how people where being mean to Audrey. Jackie says, it's hard, because she say Audrey going around talking about everyone. Jackie says, Audrey told Meg that she needed to work on her social game. Jackie says, she told Meg she was o.k. Shelli asks why Audrey wants to mess with Meg right now? Shelli says, the whole entire house got pissed at Audrey this morning. She says, Meg called her over to her this morning.


6:56 PM BBT Shelli thought it was a good idea to put Da'Vonne up, & not put Audrey next to her. She says, she needs to go next week, before Liz. Jackie says, she's definitely down with it, we need to focus on the bigger issue right now. She says, even if she's a twin, she's not doing anything wrong. Shelli says, she does want to be friends with Audrey outside of the house, but in the house she's making her feel uncomfortable. Shelli says, she hopes Becky is coming back in. Becky says, the fairies were calling in the viewers last night & it's a hit. She asks if they saw the table that's set up. Jackie & Shelli tell her they were watching them set it up. Becky says, America's liking it. We see FOTH.

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7:00PM BBT: James and Jeff are getting set up for tonight's show the Jeff and Austin show which will in two hours at 9 BBT

7:05 FotH

7:10PM BBT: 

Becky is talking to Shelli, about Audrey, Becky is saying how much BS Audrey is putting out there. The others are still setting up for the post cast. 

7:15PM BBT: Becky is saying that Audrey is trying to get a fireworks show out of either Meg or Da'Vonne but she isn't going for it she is going out gracefully, Jackie is up there too. Becky is saying that Audrey is saying that she is saying stuff like Becky is the daughter of the president and stuff and that she is a mastermind. and so on. Shelli says she is messing up everyone's game. Even Jonnymack. who came up scared of Audrey. 

7:20PM BBT:  Jeff, is talking about why they fired, Steve last night, but now they are rehiring him. Steve says he will try to do better and not offend anyone with the sex questions tonight. 

7:25PM BBT: Steve is upstairs making faces at Meg who is laughing. Da'Vonne, and Jason are in the cabana room with Jeff now. The HoH crew is still talking about Audrey.

7:31PM BBT: they are now just sitting around talking about the pod cast. And what all they can do with it. Games like to tell the truth and so on. 

7:35PM BBT: Meg is now packing for the live show tomorrow, James asked her if she has a speech, No I'm just going to wing it. James asked her if she can do a shout out for him, No now talking about getting off the have not and eating.

7:40PM BBT: Meg and James is talking about the votes, Meg says she has been freakin' out. Now talking about what if Jason can't vote. Then what. Vanessa comes in. James asked her who she is voting for, she doesn't say. back up in HoH, it's still Becky, Shelli and Jackie oh talking about dating now. aw "The Golden power of Love"

7:45PM BBT: Jeff comes into the Have-Not room, James asked him what the red mark on his neck is? Is that a hickie? Becky walks into the Canvanna room where Da'Vonne, Jason, and Steve are. They are just talking about speed dating.

7:50PM BBT: They are actually in the bathroom. Jackie is now in there too. They are talking about the tampons on the table for the pod cast. Steve says that's over the top a little but oh well, He takes Jason's cap tries it on it's too small never mind. Now talking about having big heads.

7:55PM BBT: Jason is talking to Steve about living in the basement. He says it doesn't have any heat, therefore he has to use a space-heater. Steve says those are nice things to have. Vanessa is in the Shower. Da'Vonne, is in there, they are talking about twerking. Meg, and Steve are showing us how to twerk.

8:00PM BBT: Jason is talking about the Zach and Amanda thing, how Zach just wanted attention. That's why people do reality TV.

8:05PM BBT: they are now saying that on the pod cast it's lady's night tonight. therefore the tampons on the table and all the other girly stuff. 

Jason is talking about being a girly girl gay guy.

He says he and Steve aren't that different. He says BB tried to take the sexual thing with him and he wouldn't go for it. I'm not going to be the gay guy that comes on and Kisses Austin. it's not happening.

8:10PM BBT: Shelli is talking to Clay about Audrey, and How she didn't want to be mean to her. But She is making her nervous coming up and asking her if she can sleep in her HoH. it's her last night has HoH and she really doesn't want Audrey in her HoH room. Shelli is now saying that she tells one thing one minute and says another thing the next, She confuses me and she does it on purpose. Now talking about Jeff, Audrey doesn't trust him. Clay says he was going to talk to Jeff about working with him maybe.

8:20PM BBT: Jackie now comes in, Shelli asked her if Jeff is on broad with working with them. Jackie yes. Clay saying that the Audrey thing is making him nervous. Now talking about putting Liz up has a pawn next week. Yeah we can do that Liz and Audrey yeah that will work.

8:25PM BBT: Jeff is talking to Audrey, Jeff is talking about Jason not wanting to sleep in the bed with Audrey because she is a girl. Clay is in there too. Audrey is talking about wanting to know how strong she would be in the HoH competition. And who is stronger then her. Now just talking about the next HoH competition. Jason is a good shot, Jackie is a good shot. Vanessa no body knows where she stands. Also Steve.

8:31PM BBT: Meg, Vanessa and James are still in the Have-Not room, talking about paying for their own luggage. James says he had to pay for his BB didn't. Vanessa leaves and now they are talking about who may win HoH next and who they will put up. Steve may win it next which wouldn't be bad.

8:35PM BBT: now talking about the Shelli and Clay thing. James whispering, says that when they come down it will be different. Meg oh yeah. But we need to get Shelli out soon. Jame says that they are good liars. Meg yeah. And Jeff, Audrey and Clay are still talking.

8:40PM BBT: Steve, Da'Vonne and Jason are in the bathroom talking, Shelli is called to the DR.

8:45PM BBT: Meg and James are now in the room with Steve, Clay and Jeff talking. Da'Vonne, Jason and now Audrey are in the Bathroom talking.

And Steve says Same S*** different day. Talking about dirty dishes. Audrey walks out and Da'Vonne starts talking about her. F***** B**** I want your Blood.

8:50PM BBT: James is yelling about doing the damn dishes and I didn't dirty any of them. Jason says Steve hasn't washed one dam dish. James is still yelling about dirty dishes.

8:55PM BBT: Jason is talking about eating pickles and olives, no one has even opened the jar of olives. And Jeff, Clay, Meg.  are just talking in the room. Jason talking about eating pickles and how sick he is of pickles now. Audrey is just sitting in the bedroom with Da'Vonne.

9:00PM BBT: Audrey calls Da'Vonne into the Canvanna room for a talk. She starts out has to why is was in the bed for two days. She was "Too Emotional" Da'Vonne says she doesn't know if she can trust her. Audrey is whispering saying people turned on her and they turned on me. it's the same group. Audrey is saying the she will vote to keep her. If her vote is still good Jason is called to the DR. Audrey is asking Da'Vonne to trust her now they won't be expecting that. Meg is going to think that she is safe. Audrey is asking Da'Vonne to work with her now. 

9:05PM BBT: Da'Vonne is saying I can try.

Audrey is saying that she didn't have anything to do with her being on the block. Da'Vonne why didn't you come to me early with this? Timing, Da'Vonne OK let me see what I can do. They shake hands on it.

9:10PM BBT: Steve is doing dishes with James, Funny Jason said he never does dishes. Da'Vonne, Audrey, and Shelli are in the bedroom Shelli talking about all the cloths she didn't bring to the show. 

She is doing her hair. Becky is in there too they are now talking about how they do their hair.

9:15PM BBT: Becky is folding towels, 

Jeff and Meg, and Audrey are just talking in the room. Looks like Da'Vonne is now packing.

9:20PM BBT: Da'Vonne goes into the Have-Not room tells the live feeders, The girl wanted to keep me in this game. she just repeats it keep me in this game. She is now getting her shoes out of the Have-Not room. Jason is yelling at her in the hallway. Clay walks by.

9:25PM BBT: Steve show us that the front of his pants are all wet, Looks like he pee'd them he says it's from the dishes. Jeff, Meg, Jason and Da'Vonne are all in the bedroom just talking.

9:31PM BBT: not much is happening right now, The HGs are just chatting.

9:40PM BBT: The HGs are getting ready for the pod cast now. 

9:45PM BBT: Everyone is getting pretty for the pod cast. Meg can't wait to shower and eat tonight. Jason says he will shower after the show. Meg is called to the DR,

9:50PM BBT: Jeff and Austin are at the mirror getting all prettied up. Audrey and Jason, and Da'Vonne are in the living room  James has tin fold on his hat OK show time.

9:55PM BBT: OK James has a tin fold mic on his hat check auto he says, Jeff is sitting on the chair, Austin has yet to show up. In the living room  Is Da'Vonne, Clay and Jason , Jonnymack comes in OK commercial for veto.     


10:00PM BBT: OK Austin is now in the living room  Steve is wearing an orange vest, Meg comes in, oh Steve is playing the roll of security, pod cast is shown on YouTube. (and on Mortys) OK Jeff is there now, and here's your play by play,


10:05PM BBT: Let the show begin, Jason is singing pod cast show pod cast show, James is doing a auto check auto testing 123 and we're on a lot of people were mad about last night's show 10 seconds 10 seconds three two 1 alright we are on.


10:10PM BBT: OK Sponsores, Cotton balls, Yay for Cotton balls, and we have these wonderful facial

wipes, Secruity, can you deal with them thank you, so moving forward, We like to say we are sorry if we offended anyone last night. it got out of hand last night and we are sorry for offending anyone.

moving forward. we are doing ladies night tonight. now comes in Becky and Shelli will be co hosting tonight's show.  


10:15PM BBT: on tonight's show the men will be competing for the "Silver power of love" Jeff will be competing, then Austin the James. they have to win back the hearts of american. They have to answer a few question. then the women will vote on who will win the 

Silver power of love.

10:20PM BBT: our lucky lady for the evening is none other then Jackie. Austin is first up. Jackie,will asked the questions, So Austin this is a blind date with Jackie, so Austin find ways to compliment her, OK First your outfit is pretty, and you are so pretty, now you are sitting at dinner find topics to talk with her , OK first your family. Jackie then talks about her family.

10:25PM BBT: OK question two, artists, 

art and gymnastics, OK question three, OK what are three characters, my humor, I like being the center of attention I come from a family with four sisters. I'm active I like trying new things. I'm into finding new things. OK fourth and final question

how would you behave How would you fulfill these thing if thing are not going well which wouldn't happen. I would make it easy has possible. OK so second one if you do like her,

10:30 I wouldn't bale on her, I would make it easy, OK the third one if you really want to see her again, OK I would text her and tell her. OK phone call for Austin no. send out Jeff. Keep you thoughts in mind for Austin you will be voting after this. 

10:35PM BBT: OK same thing for Jeff, 

Blind date with Jackie, compliments, be charming,

ok first her hair, eyebrows is next.

10:25PM BBT: second questions, what three question would you asked Jackie to make her feel important about herself, to make her feel like you care about her, like she is a special person, to learn about her, OK first question when she wakes up in the morning what makes her want to try to be successful? My passion for dance. it's the love of my life it's something that is very important to me. 

Second question  What is the thing that you think you need to work on? I'm very independant so maybe reach out to people more. Third question when you spend time on your own what are some of the things you like to do? I like to workout and just spend time alone. 

BB17 10:31PM BBT: what are three things that make you stand out from other men? well first I like to think that I'm more then just another good looking guy. I'm a good listener. the second one is sensitivity, I'm a sensitive guy 

10:40PM BBT: OK dates going good you think she's a great gal, but you have no intention on seeing her again, OK if she's crazy I'm going to go to the bathroom call my friend say hey call me in two minutes, then go back to the table when he calls I'm going to act like it's an emergency and oh I got to go sorry and leave quickly. Throw my Credit card on the table get it swiped quickly and I'm out.

10:45PM BBT: OK final question, You really want to see Jackie again what steps do you take to make sure that happens? OK I would asked her what types of things she likes to do, like if she likes hiking I would take her hiking, or if she likes to workout cause she said she likes to workout I would workout with her, I would just bring it up and asked her out, 

10:18PM BBT:  The guys go into the "cheese" room while the others vote.  Austin is red, Jeff is yellow, James is blue.  They vote by placing the skittle of the appropriate colour for the person they want to eliminate.  They count it up and it's close.  They bring back all three guys to deliver the results of the voting.  With a vote of 5 out of 12, they have evicted James from the dating show.  Austin and Jeff continue in the final round. 

10:12PM BBT: The next question from Shelli... what what three things about James do to set himself apart from other guys.  James says she needs to pick him because he is not like any of the other guys....and he has an 8-figure salary and love can come later.   Shelli reminds him he needs two more.  He asks Jackie if she's met a country Asian guy before...he could take her out in the woods and have a good time.  Shelli decides he doesn't need a third. 

10:55PM BBT: Austin is the winner of the silver power of love and that ends the show, Thanks for watch, and now the have nots get to eat yay.


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10:10 PM BBT Shelli explains the rules to James.  He’s ready.  To compliment Jackie, he would tell her she is amazing looking tonight, her eyes are amazing and light up the room, and he appreciates the time she took with her hair.  The conversation starters for James….first he introduces himself, then asks about her family.  He asks if she is close with her family…he says she must be the prettiest of the sisters.  His next question is about what she does for a living.  He likes to dance too, and hopes she’ll teach him some moves.  She would love that.  Commercial break…James does the honours, saying” “Pantiliners, for all your leaky needs.”  For his last question he asks what she likes to do. 


10:12 PM BBT The next question from Shelli… what what three things about James do to set himself apart from other guys.  James says she needs to pick him because he is not like any of the other guys….and he has an 8-figure salary and love can come later.   Shelli reminds him he needs 2 more.  He asks Jackie if she’s met a country Asian guy before…he could take her out in the woods and have a good time.  Shelli decides he doesn’t need a third.


10:15 PM BBT  Shelli lays out the scenarios for follow-up…Jackie is “totes cray” and he needs to get away.  James says he would spill food in order to have an excuse to head to the bathroom, and then he would get in his car and leave.  Next scenario:  he likes her but doesn’t want to continue a relationship. James decides to role-play.  He turns to Jackie and asks how her food was.  He compliments her on her choice of restaurant.  He says he wants to get something off his chest and he “confesses” he is gay and offers friendship.  For the last scenario, he is totally into her and wants a 2nd date.  How would he make sure she knows how he feels?  James turns to Jackie and tells her this date has been amazing and she is an amazing person, everything he heard tonight has been great and out of all the pretty girls in the room he has been focussed on her, and he thinks that is a deep connection and he’d like to see her again.  James parting comment is that Jackie’s dress is beautiful but it would look better on the floor.


10:18 PM BBT  The guys go into the “cheese” room while the others vote.  Austin is red, Jeff is yellow, James is blue.  They vote by placing the skittle of the appropriate colour for the person they want to eliminate.  They count it up and it’s close.  They bring back all three guys to deliver the results of the voting.  With a vote of 5 out of 12, they have evicted James from the dating show.  Austin and Jeff continue in the final round.


10:22 PM BBT Four wanted Austin out and only three wanted Jeff out.  The guys go back to the “cheese” room to wait.  Becky and Shelli explain to the HGs that they are going to have HGs “call in” on the “shellphone” with different scenarios and questions for Jackie to role-play in the next round.  Jackie is going to act “totes cray cray”.  Clay calls in to suggests a scenario of Jackie acting extremely drunk.  Vanessa suggests Jackie keep talking constantly about herself and won’t let him get a word in edgewise.  Meg suggests Jackie always talking/hinting about marriage and kids.  Da’Vonne suggests constantly comparing him to his Ex. 

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11:00 PM BBT  Clay, Becky, Shelli, and Steve helping make food for the Have-nots while Da’Vonne starts a concentration game in the LR. 


11:06 PM BBT The HGs in the LR start a “zoo” concentration game where they each have a symbol or gesture and they have to make the gesture for someone else in order to pass on their turn.  You have to watch and recognize your symbol to know it’s your turn.   Lots of laughter when someone messes up.


11:20 PM BBT  Becky is making enchiladas for dinner… some ground turkey and some beef.   In the LR, Jason is talking about how all their moves are being logged…who they voted for and how they did in comps.


11:23 PM BBT Shelli is shocked that no one knows what a Green Egg is.  She says it’s a type of grill.   She calls out to the live feeders to chime in and she thinks that Jace would have known what it is!  Austin is called to the DR.


11:30 PM BBT Food prep continues in the KT while others lounge and chat in the LR.


11:31 PM BBT HGs in the LR are making up symbols/gestures for those who are preparing food in the KT.  Clay’s symbol would be “fixing the hair.”  Becky’s would be “washing the windows.”  Shelli’s would be a bunny rabbit.


11:35 PM BBT Da’Vonne talking with Jackie in the WA about the blow-up with Audrey over Audrey going to others and telling them that Da’Vonne is trying to flip the house.  Da’Vonne saying that it proved to her that Audrey can’t be trusted.  Jackie agrees that she doesn’t know what Audrey is thinking.


11:38 PM BBT In the LR, Jason and Meg lamenting the loss of some of the iconic elements of the nomination ceremony where they would use the turntable to pass the box so the next HG could remove their key. 


11:47 PM BBT HGs in the LR admiring Becky’s necklaces and talking about Jewellery.    Liz tells Becky that the food looks like perfection.  Becky calls out 12 minutes until the food is ready. 


11:50 PM BBT  Liz thinks there should be a “Chopped: Slop Edition”


11:55 PM BBT The gathering in the LR begins to break up as the countdown continues in the KT.  HGs that were in the LR are starting to migrate toward the KT.  


12:05 AM  BBT  Some HGs are dishing out their food, but most are gathered around the dining table chowing down on their enchiladas.

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