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Tuesday, July 7 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05 PM BBT Jason and Jackie chat on the couches in the BY while other HGs set up a talk show in the Living Room.  They are taking the show on location!   Jeff welcomes all the HGs in the LR to the 4th and final Jeff and Austin show.  They start off with Meg on the hot seat.  They use the “shell phone” to simulate callers to the show. 


12:08 AM BBT Jason and Jackie agreeing again that the twist will make no difference because there are not enough people who would vote against Meg.  Jason points out that even if Da’Vonne had the last laugh, and that is the only way that Jason’s vote would not get cancelled, the twist will not make a difference.   Jason tells Jackie that Steve was talking game with John while playing pool, and also notes that Steve talked to Clay on the hammock for like an hour and a half. 


12:12 AM BBT Jason and Jackie join the “podcast” in the Living Room.  Meg is still talking about her “heartbreak” with James…she thought she was the one and only.  They are joking around and spoofing a podcast with call-ins and making up story lines.


12:19 AM BBT Jackie is next on the hot seat.   Before they interview Jackie, Jeff takes a straw poll about whether people prefer Austin with or without a shirt.  Based on the results, Austin agrees to wear a shirt in the house, except when he’s working out.  Jackie tells the HG a little about herself…where she has lived and her job.  She says she is a dancer, but she has never been and will never be a stripper, but she was a topless vampire in a Vegas show called “Bite”….they stop for a commercial break (which they act out), and they are back with Jackie in the hotseat.


12:26 AM BBT Jackie continues on the Hot Seat and Jeff continues to put her on the spot as much as possible, asking her if she is seeing any romantic potential in the BB house….Jackie does her best to side-step the question, saying “we’ll have to see”.  Vanessa “calls in” to ask about her to name the high-point and the low-point of her month-long blind date [with Jeff on Amazing Race].  The low point was being called a name by Jeff, and the high point was “Nagano Japan”….she is being vague and declines to elaborate.  The next caller asks Jeff the same question.  The low point for Jeff is the top of Alter Peter Tower when he and Jackie fought…Jeff goes into some detail, with Jackie adding color commentary.  Jeff’s high point was the ice skating rink because they pushed past a task that they thought they couldn’t do.


12:34 AM BBT:  Things get serious when “Chris” (James) “calls in” to ask if Jeff has feelings for Jackie.  They both say they care about each other as friends, but they clearly have their differences.


12:36 AM BBT:  Jackie gives advice to the HGs telling them that each of them are going to need to be there for each other because there will be people on social media who both love and hate them and the only people that will understand will be their fellow cast members.  Jeff agrees with Jackie’s comment and reiterates what she said.


12:38 AM BBT:  Introduced as a musical performance, rock star dentist Johnny Mac is next up on the hot seat!  John comes up playing air guitar.  Asked when his last relationship was, he says “I wouldn’t call them relationships”…his longest relationship has been 9 months.  Jeff continues with more questions about relationships, trying to be provocative.  Vanessa calls in as “Dr. Phil” and tries to help John solve his relationship problems. 


12:52 AM BBT:  Clay “calls in” on the “shell phone” as James from S. Carolina and asks about John’s ideal first date….which is at the driving range.  The convo turns to driving ranges.  James then “calls in” as “Clay from Texas” and asks a risqué question.  The final question is about John’s rock star status…he has 10,000 views on one of his guitar covers on YouTube.  His favourite is “Air Tap”


12:58 AM BBT:  Clay is next on the hot seat.  Asked about his ideal first date he says he likes to cook, so he likes to have a girl come over and they each cook a dish and get to know one another while preparing the meal and sharing some wine.  They razz him about that being a very forward first date, and he outlines another option.  He likes painting with a twist….it has to be something where they have the chance to interact and get to know one another.

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01:06 AM BBT Jeff asks Clay if he’s ever had a girl pull a move on him before that he wasn’t expecting.  Silence.  Moving on.  Jeff asks Clay if anyone caught his eye or he’s still talking to them.  Clay thinks all the women are very lovely.  There’s one very very lovely one that he relates too on a very personal level.  Clay asks for the question again.  They ask if there’s a possibility of a Showmance.  He would not be opposed.


01:11 AM BBT Da’vonne is now in the hotseat.  Jeff asks her about “Pooter” they’ve heard so much about (aka: James).  Jeff’s highlight reels begin to play.


01:13 AM BBT Feeds are back.  We’re in the middle of a story.


01:16 AM BBT “Pooter” is an emotional guy and she misses not being able to roll over and grab him when she needs to.   Da’vonne’s father was not in her life at all. Brief Highlight Reels


01:18 AM BBT Feeds back.  Da’vonne is crying saying she has a wall up and she hates it and even after 8 years he’s still not through her wall.  Jeff tells her that she’s an amazing person.  Jeff asks for callers.  Jeff and Austin are trying to figure out to lighten the heavy mood.  Jeff says it’s courageous to open up the way she did.  Da’vonne tells girls that are watching that she doesn’t want girls to go through what she went through.  If your father is not in your life, don’t try to find a man to fill that gap.  It’s not right.


01:21 AM BBT Becky calls in and says in 5 years with her perfect man “Pooter” where would be the first vacation spot.  Da’vonne says on an island with just Pooter and her daughter Cadence.


01:25 AM BBTJeff starts to ask about her close friend Jason and she says not to start.  Jeff says no big deal.  Da’vonne wonders what he wanted her to say to him.  Jeff said just to tell him how much she appreciates him.  She says it’s already too emotional.  It’s just about time to roast Austin.  Jeff, Austin and the rest of the house agrees to roast tomorrow.  They want to interview Audrey, and Steffan tomorrow and Jeff and Austin will be roasted after.  Austin needs a protein shake.


01:30 AM BBT HGs mill about the house.  Clay and Jeff in the BY racking up the pool table.  Johnny sitting nearby watching.  Clay asks Jeff if he’s ever done painting with a twist before.  Jeff has and says it’s a lot of fun.  Over on the couches James is talking to Da’vonne thanking her for sharing her story.  Da’vonne thanks him for listening.  Da’vonne tells James he has to always be there for his daughter.  No girl deserves to not have a father in her life.  She turns around and says it’s equally important that men are there for boys as well to teach them to be men.


01:35 Jackie and Audrey are chatting in the WA about being on the show.  Jackie says people that have lived in the house are the only ones that can know what it’s like.  They have to stick together and not to worry about what people say that don’t live in the house.


01:37 AM BBT Audrey crawls into bed.  Out in the BY Meg wants Jason to go ask DR for chocolate protein.


01:41 AM BBT Austin is talking to Vanessa in the Comic/Colorful room.  Vanessa tells Austin it’s ok and she would tell him if there was something off.  Austin said he spent some time with Clay today which was nice.  Mingling with everyone.  Vanessa says the nightly podcast is helping with that as well.  Austin says Da’vonne is a beautiful person and she has to go this week strictly as a game move.  He has nothing negative to say about her otherwise.  Austin wishes Vanessa a good night and flips the lights off before heading out of the room.  Steve is going to take a shower.


01:43 AM BBT Random real life chit chat in the BY near the couches.  Jeff and James are playing pool with Johnny still watching.  It sounds like Becky might be there as well.  


01:47 AM BBT In the KT Liz, Austin and Jeff are chatting.  Jeff says he’s into some weird…in the bedroom.  Austin says that conversation is for the late late show.  Jeff and Liz say Johnny Rockets are only in Florida.  Liz compliments Jeff for the show.  Jeff says yeah but they have to end the show soon.  One more night.  Meg called to DR.


01:52 AM BBT  Da’vonne says since Cadence was born he always says “I want to be in her life….she’s my grand daughter” and Da’vonne is like “What the hell?”  Jason points out that sometimes the birth of the first grandchild really starts to put things into perspective for you.  Da’vonne agrees.


01:54 AM BBT Jeff and Becky play connect 4 using the chess board upstairs.  (Both players sit on the same side of the board and put their pieces on the side closest to them as if the pieces were falling from the opposite side of the board.  They hear something inside the HOH and say “They must be having a good time” and the feeds switch to a darkened HOH room.  Clay and Shelli see the red lights of the cameras focused on them.  Clay likes Steve and wants to keep him around.  Clay said he talked to him quite a bit today.


01:55 AM BBT Da’vonne and Jason laugh telling a story about Julia/Liz not knowing stories they’ve been told.  Da’vonne needs the votes.  Da’vonne says they need to watch Jackie.  Da’vonne needs to cancel Becky’s vote.  Liz, Steve, Jason, possibly Vanessa, possibly James but James has to believe he’s the only person voting for her.  They’re trying to figure out the logistics of when the other HGs are going to be told their votes are cancelled (before or after the vote).  Da’vonne believes she can get Vanessa to vote for her.  Audrey won’t vote for Da’vonnne.  Da’vonne says her life depends on James.  She can get Johnny Mac’s vote.  Jason points out that Steve and Clay had a long chat today.


02:04 AM BBT Clay and Shelli continue to chat in the darkened HOH.  Clay had a talk with Steve last week before HOH that they would have each other’s backs.  Jeff comes into the HOH and asks if they’re going to bed.  Shelli was going to go to bed.  Clay is shortly behind him.  Jeff says he thinks everyone else is going to bed.  Jeff is going to go check.  Idle chit chat on the couches in the BY between Jason and James.  Becky walks outside.  Jason says Drunk Becky drinks a lot of caffeine but no alcohol.


02:10 AM BBT Johnny checks outside.  Feeds switch to Da’vonne speaking with Vanessa in the CR.  She wants to talk to her tomorrow.  People are coming now.  She goes out as Liz and Johnny come in.  Vanessa says Steve standing there was weird.  Vanessa says Steve didn’t know “she” was there (Da’vonne?)  Vanessa says she needs to warn him to not be creeping around.  Liz agrees.


02:12 AM BBT Da’vonne in the BY near the hammock asking Steve for his vote.  Steve asks to talk later because he’s not in the mindset right now.  Liz says it’s kind of weird that he’s always listening.  Vanessa says she thinks Austin has a crush on Liz.  Liz says not that Vanessa is saying it she can kind of see it.


02:15 AM BBT Up in the HOH Johnny is telling Jeff and Shelli that Da’vonne came to her for a vote.  They’re surprised she’s campaigning.  They think it’s pretty obvious Da’vonne got the twist for the week.  Shelli pressures Johnny about what votes she thinks she has.  Jonny is a swing vote she told him.  She thinks she has Steve.  Clay says Steve is on their side.  Johnny is going to talk to her about the votes tomorrow nonchalantly.  Johnny doesn’t think she has the votes.  Shelli asks if he’s heard anything else about votes.  Johnny says no.  Johnny questions why Meg went up instead of Liz.  Shelli apologizes for him not knowing.  He wasn’t surprise because he was told last night, but he never heard the reason (Johnny Mac is flying so far under the radar people don’t even realize they did or did not talk to him! - Niteslacker).  Shelli explains that if Liz was up then she could campaign and she might get the vote this week.  With it being Meg she’s down a vote and people won’t vote Meg out.  Johnny gets it.


02:23 AM BBT They’ll talk more tomorrow.  Johnny starts to go out and questions where Da’vonne is.  They turn on the spy screen and realize that she just walked out the door.  They let out a gasp of relief (fearing that she might have caught him running upstairs to talk to them).  He hurries out the door.  Shelli says he’s smart for thinking about checking the screen.  Call it Johnny Mac’s Alliance!  Some of the outside crowd has come inside and are talking in the CR with Vanessa, and Liz.


02:27 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the CR about sleeping arrangements.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Clay and Shells are discussing which votes she might have and who she would cancel out.  *Flashback Alert!*  Feeds 3-4 Out in the BY Da’vonne is talking to herself.  Liz is a twin but she has to know which twin she made the deal with.  She has Jason’s vote.  Johnny is questionable.  She knows he threw the BOB and because he’s connected to Becky whom wants her out.  Steve is connected to John who is connected to Becky who is connected to Shelli.  Vanessa is connected to Shelli.  Maybe because she’s in power right now but that will die soon.  Maybe she can get her vote now in preparation for Shelli to be dethroned.  Da’vonne says the two Liz’ are in an alliance with Austin and she doesn’t think he knows she is a twin.  Austin won’t give her his vote at all.  She needs to convince these people that they are not her targets.  Audrey will be her target even though she won’t.  Clay and Shelli needs to be broken up.  She can’t leave them hanging out there after they put her up this week.  She knows revenge isn’t the best move in this game but she has to.  Meanwhile Shelli and Clay continue to try and count votes upstairs in the HOH.  They feel solid.


02:31 AM BBT Da’vonne wants to get Clay out of the game.  Getting Clay out would be a blow to get rid of him and one at Shelli because he’d be gone.  Da’vonne says she (Shelli) is going to pay the price for Audrey staying in the house.  Da’vonne says that’s thinking ahead but she’s got to figure out the votes first.


02:34 AM BBT Da’Vonne continues to run scenarios.  She wonders if “they” will get Meg out of the house because all of the guys like her and then they can use the guys.  That wouldn’t be blood on her hands because she didn’t put her up.  She doesn’t think she has the votes still.  Jason comes outside and asks her what’s up.  She tells him she’s running scenario.  Jason asked what Steve said.  Apparently someone snapped at Steve so he’s not in game mode right now.  Jason says he’s being extra nice to him.


02:36 AM BBT Da’vonne says she’s not sure if Clay is bullying Steve and if he is she thinks she can get Johnny to vote for her to stay if she goes after Clay.


02:38 AM BBT Jason and Da’vonne agrees that James has to be flipped, but James cannot be flipped unless he thinks he’s the only pity vote.  Jason says it’s unlikely it will happen because of pack mentality.  Up in the HOH Jeff and Shelli continue to run scenarios for upcoming HOHs.


02:41 AM BBT Jason says Shelli and Clay need to be flipped.  Da’vonne says she won’t be able to flip them especially after she took Clay’s number.  She knows Steve and John are a pair.  Something in her gut is telling her that he threw the BOB.  Shelli called to DR.


02:43 AM BBT Idle chit chat about the beds in the CR.  Austin does’t fit in any of the beds.  Out in the BY Da’vonne just can’t trust Johnny.  Jason questions how much she thinks she has Liz.  Da’vonne feels good about Liz.  Da’vonne is trying to figure something to do without slandering Meg.  Jason agrees.  Jason says it’s becoming obvious that James and Jeff are a thing and Meg is their tag-along.  That is not slandering Meg.


02:53 AM BBT Jason says Becky’s theory is that America voted for Da’vonne to win this.  Da’vonne says it’s possible and that is why it is so important to get this right otherwise it’s a waste of twist.


02:57 AM BBT Da’vonne kills a flying bug with a stinger.  She calls it a smart bug.  She appears to be using her shoe trying to scoot it out from between the couch cushions.  Idle chit chat continues in the CR.


03:00 AM BBT Austin says he came into the house telling everyone he was a few cards short in his deck.  Someone wonders which cards.  Austin says a few kings.  Johnny says those are important.  Austin says a joker.  Johnny says that one’s not as important.


03:02 AM BBT Da’vonne says this is the ultimate growth for her this summer is to go to “this girl” and swallow her pride and ask for her vote.  After a moment of silence Da’vonne says it’ll be a last resort.


03:06 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the CR while Da’vonne continues run scenarios and keeps telling herself to think while swating at flying bugs in the BY.


03:09 AM BBT Jason comes out into the BY and says they’ve lost their minds and they’re straight up drinking condiments in there.


03:13 AM BBT Da’vonne says she’s good knowing the two people she was loyal to will be loyal to her.  James has joined Da’vonne and Jason in the BY.  James says one of the twins has a mark on her right foot and they need to keep watching to see when it changes.  They said the thick one puts on a bunny cap.  The twin tonight didn’t know the twin story.  The twin didn’t know she was Ellen in the podcast.  One of them wears a bikini all the time.  Jeff joins the BY crew.


03:21 AM BBT Meg has joined Da’vonne and Jeff in the BY.  Jason comes outside.  Jason starts to talk to Jeff about Liz/Julia and we get Jeff’s Highlight Reels.


03:23 AM BBT Da’vonne, Jason, and Meg are telling Jeff and Jackie about Liz/Julia.  They make fun of Jackie for telling the twin tonight what her podcast name was.  They were using that as a test.  Da’vonne says the mean was in the house right now.  Jason says the mean one is from Brooklyn.  Up in the HOH we have idle chit chat between Shelli and Clay in a darkened bedroom.


03:28 AM BBT Da’vonne says they may think they’re crazy but they’ve been investigating this all day.  Jason points out in season 5 they had two extra sets of twins in the house as well which clearly they do as well.


03:30 AM BBT Jason would put money on it that it’s the twist.  Jeff laughs saying he’s been trying to figure out why she’s begging him to make it to Jury.  Jackie noticed the weight difference today.  James tells them to watch her right foot for the mole/mark to see when they swap them out.  Jason says he said from the get go that season 5 was his favorite season that’s why he’s here.


03:31 AM BBT Jeff asks if BB would try to help their game.  Jason says no way.  Jason says the game has integrity and it’ll be up to the twins to protect their game.


03:34 AM BBT They all agree that they like the “thick one” more than the “skinny one”.  Meg says Jeff just wants both of them to make it Jury just so he can have time with both of them.  Da’vonne points out that ‘thick’ems’ has a bit frizzy hair while the “skinny one” has long straight hair.


03:38 AM BBT Da’vonne says ‘thick’ems” was here this morning and skinny minny is here tonight.  Jeff agrees that the skinny one is meaner than the other.


03:39 AM BBT Jason says that Audrey wanted to come in and keep it a secret that she was TG but she was flown out to Cali and had a 10 minute meeting for CBS to tell her that she can’t keep that a secret because it would be bad for the TG community and then flew her back home.  Jason says this came out of Audrey’s mouth and he believes her.


03:41 AM BBT Jason continues to explain the twin twist from season 5.  Jeff is speechless.


03:44 AM BBT Steve wanders outside and the continue to talk about it in spurts before Jason asks Steve if he’d like to be included in this conversation.  Jeff says he’s going to go make tea.


03:47 AM BBT Jeff runs upstairs and tells Clay and Shelli (who have been on the other set of feeds whispering for the past hour).  Out in the BY they’re running through the lists of differences between the two.  Jeff says the fun one plays pool but the other one doesn’t.  Shelli busts out laughing.


03:49 AM BBT Shelli wonders why they’re doing this twist again.  Shelli points out that the twin always paints her nails the same color.  Shelli wonders who figured this out.  Jeff said “We did!”  She wonders who.  Jeff repeats “we did!”  Jeff just took credit for helping discover the twist.  (…simply wow….   He was told about it by Jason, Meg, and Da’vonne - Niteslacker)  Jeff says he, Meg, Jason…James…and Da’vonne because she was out there while they were running through the differences.  Clay wants to know how Austin didn’t figured it out.  Jeff explains to Clay that if she makes it very far in the game they’ll both end up in the game.  Meanwhile out in the BY they continue to tell Steve to keep it quiet.  Steve swears he won’t say anything.  Jeff heads back down.


03:54 AM BBT Shelli laughs saying this is so funny.  They want to keep it quiet and watch it.  Shelli rehashes that Liz did great last night as Drunk Ellen the night before but was super quiet on the podcast tonight.  Meanwhile out in the BY they’ve brought up the fact that there are 5 chairs in the HN room.  Jackie agrees that there is something about that chair in the room.


03:57-03:59 AM BBT Out in the BY they continue to talk about the twins.  Jason points out that they did intricate designs on the nails and she randomly had it removed later on and nobody else remembers seeing her remove the painting.  


03:59 AM BBT *Flashback Alert* 03:59 AM BBT Da’Vonne, James and Jeff point out on the memory wall photo that it’s a combo photo of the two.  One half is one and the other half is the other.  They run outside to tell everyone.  Shelli and Clay run downstairs and the BY crew wonders what they’re doing.  Everyone is talking rapidly.  Meg wonders if Shelli and Clay saw them acting crazy in front of the memory wall and came down to see.  They blow off the question.  Everyone is laughing and whispering quite loudly at once.


04:02 AM BBT Shelli scolds them for calling them the thick one and the skinny one.


04:06 AM BBT Meg, Steve, James, Da’vonne, Jason, Shelli, Clay and Jeff continue to whisper about the twins looking at her picture on the memory wall.


04:07 AM BBT Meg is glad they (Shelli and Clay) saw the rest of them on the spy screen acting crazy.  Shelli laughs and says yeah she saw James running comically.  Da’vonne tells them that they need to get the twins out next week.  Jason points out that Adria and Natalie became demons once they came in.  Shelli starts messing with the keys on the wall and Jason tells her to stop because BB will yell at them.  Jason looks up at the camera and tells it they’re sorry they didn’t mean it.  Everyone is shocked that Austin doesn’t know.  Maybe he does?


04:13 AM The group continues to whisper about differences between the twins in front of the memory wall.  Jason says the twins cover their faces for a while which is probably so people won’t notice and forget the facial differences.  Da’vonne out of DR.  Da’vonne says keep speculating.  They look at her quizically.  Da’vonne says to continue speculating or they’ll get buzzed.  They go back to the memory wall and begin to whisper about differences again (Jason leading the charge).


04:17 AM BBT Steve is going to bed.  


04:18-04:29 AM BBT The group continues to talk about the differences in the twins, rehashing most of the information thrown out earlier in the evening.  BB says to stop that and the party breaks up.  Shelli heads up to HOH, while Jackie, Jason and Da’vonne head to the BY.  Jeff, Clay and Meg head to the WA where Meg begins to brush her teeth and Clay uses the WC.  James now brushing his teeth.  Clay in and out of the WC.  Clay heads up to the HOH.


04:31 AM BBT Shelli tells Clay not to repeat this but the day that she was flown out for her interview she was asked to call her twin brother to see if he was interested in being on the show.  Feeds switch to the BY.  All four feeds on the BY.


04:33 AM BBT Feeds switch to Jeff’s Highlights.


04:34 AM BBT Feeds are back.  Shelli can’t wait to start doing detective work.  In the BY Jason says they need to target her some next week.  Put Audrey on one BOB team and Liz on the other BOB team.  Da’vonne says this twist might have saved her if it was figured out earlier in the week.  


04:38-04:43 AM BBT Jeff’s Highlight Reels.


04:44 AM BBT Jason says there was a story that Liz told her about a guy from Tulane in which she took off her shoes and ran away.  They wonder if they should ask her.  “Thick’ems told us that”.  They realize that the sister may know the story.


04:49 AM BBT Shelli and Clay continue to chat in the HOH about breath smells.  Out in the BY they talk about Steve and who snapped at him.  They wonder if it was Austin.  There is a Tupperware container that smells like sperm and they made people smell it including her.  But they don’t remember which one was here so they agree to avoid asking her about that story.  One has a higher voice than the other.  Meg is going to ask her more about the bread story that she supposedly doesn’t know anything about.


05:53 AM BBT Jason says the whole point of the twist is to figure it out and to get her out of the house.  Da’vonne says the fairies are probably pissed off at her right now for figuring it out.  Jeff’s Highlight Reels.


05:56 AM BBT Clay asks Shelli for shorts to put on.  Clay says his underwear is longer than her shorts.  She says obviously that’s why she’s giving them to him.  Clay stands up and takes his pants off and slips into her shorts.


05:58 AM BBT Out in the BY they continue discussing differences.  “Thick’ems” pointed out that a bunch of them stay up at night.  Meg says they could have Jackie ask the “skinny one” about the group of people she mentioned were up late the other night.


05:02 AM BBT Intermittent FOTH as they talk about production in the BY.  Jeff and James are going to play pool.  Jackie says she’s going to sit back and watch the rest of them investigate this.


05:10 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY about the show as a whole.  James and Jeff continue to play pool.


05:17 AM BBT Jason, Meg, Jackie and Da’vonne begin questioning which twin was here for which thing happened in the house.


05:25 AM BBT Jason, Meg, Jackie and Da’vonne head inside in between intermittent Jeff’s Highlight Reels.


05:34 AM BBT Feeds back.  Jeff and Meg on the couches in the BY.  Jason inside.  Someone is playing pool.  Jason back outside.  


05:35 AM BBT Jeff says we may as well get rid of her now (Liz).  They all agree.  Da’vonne comes outside and tells them that they need to break up the party.  They wonder why.  Someone says Austin is up.  Jason agrees that they should filter in one by one.  Da’vonne heads into bed.


05:37 AM BBT Meg, Jason, Jackie and Jeff continue to talk about Liz.  “Thick’ems” likes to wear spandex but the other one likes to wear the skimpy bathing suits.  Meg feels like they both wear the same thing.  Jason says one has a booty.  Jeff agrees.  Meg and Jackie will have to observe more.


05:45 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues with a mixture of topics/scenarios now trying to figure out how to go after Audrey and Liz most efficiently.  Da’vonne asleep in her room.


05:47 AM BBT Jeff, James, Jason, Jackie and Meg head inside.  Jackie into the WC.  Everyone finally heading to bed for the night.


05:49 AM BBT Meg and Jackie whispering in the WA about who they would like to see in jury.  Hushed whispers, difficult to hear.


05:54 AM BBT All four feeds display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


06:31 AM BBT All HGs appear to be sleeping in darkened rooms.


07:21 AM BBT  All HGs remain sleeping in darkened rooms.


07:40 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


08:12 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


08:47 AM BBT All four feeds....continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

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9:06 AM BBT Everyone is  alseep

9:46 AM BBT Wake up time we get fishes.

10:12 AM BBT We see Clay , Shelli and Vanessa in the KT talking about stuff .

10:16 AM BBT We see Vanessa , John  , Clay and Shelli in the BY talking and fixing the curtin thing in the backyard .

11:19 AM  BBT We see Austin and Vanessa talking clay throwing compettion's soon to keep Shelli safe.

11:20 AM BBT  We see Jason hanging out in the LR couch waiting to see Liz/Julia .

11:28 AM BBT  We see da in the BR brushing her hair .

11:30 AM  BBT  We  da in the LR couch with Jason waiting for the twins to switch.

11:33 AM BBT da was just called to DR for something .

11:34 AM BBT We know see Jason in the backyard smoking.

11:36 AM BBT  We know see Clay and Audrey playing a game of Pool  in the BY talking about how they feel about each other.

11:38 AM BBT  Clay and Audrey are fighting .

11 :40 AM BBT  Now  Audrey and clay are talking about trust and the lies she is causing.

11 :42 AM  BBT Now Audrey is talking about that they will give Clay the knight and shining armor edit and Clay doesn't want that .

11 :43  AM BBT  da is alone in the KT eating and now Jason walks in and says go in there god dammit it . Fishes

11:47 AM BBT  Austin walks in to KT telling da he can't stay awake  but slept great.

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9:47am BBT: WE now have FOTH . Maybe a wake up call.

 10:04am BBT: Shelli and Clay up in the HOh rm. Shelli washing her face and says i am so tired. Clay is yawning. In the BY John is sitting alone on the couch.

10:12am BBT: Clay is asked to change his mic for one in the STR. He goes to STr. Shelli  and Vanessa in the KT getting ready to go to the BY. Bb tells Shelli to put on her mic. Clay says he is going to make coffee then go outside.

10:15am BBT BB ask Vanessa and John to lower the awnings. Vanessa says way to put us on blast. They start lowering the awnings and Clay comes out and tells Vanessa he will help John and she can go. Vanessa and Shelli now going to workout.

10:34am BBT: Clay and John in the BY talking about power rangers. Austin,Vanessa and DA in the Wa. Vanessa says maybe they want us to get ready to get things done this week. Austin says yeah probably for Wednesdays show.

 10:45am BBT: HG sitting around the BY  just general talk going on. Some HG still in the WA doing ADL's.

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11:02am BBT Clay breaks a cold pack for Becky's back. She says she has asked for a foam roller for the house. She would even pay for it.


11:06am BBT Vanessa and Austin talking in the hammock. She says they should divide up among the house so they will have info from them all. Vanessa says her instinct on James is not good. He lied to her face. Austin says he(James) is one of the main threats to win HOH cuz he is good.


11:17am BBT Austin and Vanessa continue to talk, about Audrey, about James, about Jeff. Vanessa jokes and says Austin would make a good Americas favorite.

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11:22am BBT Vanessa and Austin say Steve is socially unaware but he is knows the game. Steve was outside Vanessa's door for 4 minutes, he will walk into a room and just stand there, he is never the one in the convo. Steve doesn't understand the awkwardness of it, he really doesn't get it.


11:24am BBT Vanessa asks Austin about Da, is it better for her to go home or not? He says if they were trying to split things, then no. They dont have to betray her. Austin says she cancels our votes. Vanessa doesnt know who has that power.


11:39am BBT Vanessa asks Austin if Becky's back injury is faked. He says no, the way she is walking cant be fakes, her pelvis is tipped and her spine is seized. He could fix it for her but she doesnt want him to yet. She wants to wait 3 days.


11:41am BBT Austin doesnt like BOtB, its to easy for the house to control the HOH. That screws the HOH.


11:45am BBT Audrey and Clay playing pool, she tells Clay she would be a good buffer for them. He asks if she has ever played pool before, she says no.


11:52am BBT FOTH again, we have had it off and on all morning. 11:56am BBT Still FOTH.

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Noon BBT Jason and Da in BY. Jason says he doesnt think Vanessa is involved with them (?) You cant work with Meg cuz she is surrounded with alliances. Da says being realistic, if her gut is correct they are out for blood for Jace. Jasons fear is if someone like Vanessa wins HOH it would be Him and James up. Da says she can only stick her neck out so far.


12:14pm BBT Da says she has to talk to this one, talk to that one. She wants revenge... has to win HOH go for him then go for her. Take him out first it will be a gut punch to her. Jason says he is afraid to leave these 3 chicks.


12:16pm BBT Audrey and Clay in WA, She understands playing too hard but you have to think ahead. He says not too far ahead. She says if two of those ppl in that group get in power he is F'd. She says Jeff has brought up Austin and Steves names. He may target Steve directly but not Austin, he wants me to do that. Vanessa comes in saying she feels really sick, if they want to go somewhere else its probably better, she goes into the WC and they leave the WA.


12:17pm BBT Audrey and Clay go to the Lounge room. He says he understands what she is saying. They cant come off looking suspicious. They need and want her here. She is a target right now but they can do things subtly for her to stay. (she replies but I cant hear her...something about Jeff.)BB: Audrey please do not obstruct your microphone. (TY BB)


12:30pm BBT Audrey/Clay still hashing things over in the lounge room. Da and Jason still hashing things out on BY couch. They are all repeating themselves.


12:31pm BBT Da says she doesn't think the phone call was coincidence, she thinks oh Da answered it, hit the button. Jason says she hasn't told them she won the power. She says no.

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12:33pm BBT IDLD called. Jason had just lit a cig and Austin had just started lunges. Austin says they cant be building for Thursday already can they?


12:41pm BBT HG settle inside. Talk is about past seasons, slop and working out.


12:57pm BBT Steve and Liz talk about her older (by 1 year) sister, her name is Angela Grace. Steve asks her a few more questions. Liz says her full name is Elizabeth Clayton, she was named after a race car driver. Momentary FOTH. Back and Liz is talking about the foam roller with Austin.


1:05pm BBT Only HG out of bed are Liz, Austin and Clay in the LR. They are talking about maybe BB is setting up a game for them to practice for HOH. Jason and James get up and lay down with Da in her bed. FOTH

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1:11pm BBT BB: Meg stop that. Meg: what my eyes weren't even closed. (she laying down in a bed, not the HNR)James LOL and yells that being a HN sucks....as the camera zooms in on Jason with is eyes closed and mouth open laying next to Da. FOTH


1:17pm BBT BY is open, the HG that are awake head to the BY...and nothing new in BY.


1:23pm BBT In WA, Clay and Jeff mention that "her" nose is bigger, more pointed. Clay says the one that was her yesterday morning, her legs are way more bigger. Jeff says this one is not nice. Clay says she isnt as laughy, giggly.


1:32pm BBT It's picture time!! Shelli gets the HOH camera.


1:41pm BBT The HN dont feel well today. Vanessa doesnt feel well either. Jason says there are a lot of nick names this season. Pics continue outside.

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1:47pm BBT Shelli wants selfie pics with them all but its hard with a camera so several of them gather for the pic and the center one holds their arm up to the camera and Clay takes the pic.


1:56pm BBT Group pics in the BY, Girl pics. Guy pics. (I don't see Da or Vanessa anywhere tho)


2:10pm BBT Jackie, Meg, Jason, John, James and Steve in BY. Jason says the other one has the personality, this one is evil. She just kinda goes along with everything, she doesn't even know where she lives right now. Liz is heavily medicated.

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3:01 PM BBT Jeff & Clay goes to the HOHR. Jeff tells Clay that he thinks whatever that Liz is may be on to them. He says, when someone wears that small of a bathing suit, she shouldn't be covering her stomach. Clay says, he thinks this Liz keep trying to cover up with hats, glasses & other things. He says, the other one is more bubbly. He says, she tries to cover up more. Jeff says, he asked her to take pictures with him to reenact their memory wall pictures. Clay says, she's weird. He says, this one has a little freckle on her right shoulder. Jeff says, she has a birth mark on her back, on her left shoulder blade. He says, that will be the determining factor. We see FOTH.


3:13 PM BBT Feeds come back HG's in the KT are talking about how much luggage they brought, what was taken, & what airlines they flew. Shelli says, if she knew then, what she knew then, she wishes she can have a redo on your packing. Becky says, when they say no black, they mean they don't like black, & when they say, no white, it means you can not have any clothes with white, unless you're Jeff.


3:17 PM BBT Shelli, Audrey, Becky, Clay, & Jackie are all in the KT area. Austin is eating at the DR table. In the BY by the couches, Jason says, he thinks BB is getting more lenient as the season goes on. The camera view switches to Jeff & Shelli laying on the hammock together. Clay tells Shelli, jokingly, that he's breaking up with her. He says, Vanessa told him earlier that she wants to talk game with him later. Clay tells Shelli, if he's coming off rude or like he's trying to tell her what to do, she can always tell him. She says, she knows that. He says, he was told that he seems like he's trying to be controlling.


3:20 PM BBT Clay says, Audrey is telling him he's on a power trip. Shelli says, if he's worried about being portrayed like that, he needs to stop saying "I" about everything, when she's the HOH. She says, it makes him seem like they are both the HOH. Shelli tells Clay, she won't make any decisions without running them by him, so she's cool with people thinking they are working together. She says, she made a comment about it in the DR.


3:23 PM BBT Clay says, Audrey made the Hitler sign to him earlier. Shelli says, wait a minute, that's just so disrespectful, not only to Shelli, to anyone, & to the Jewish community. Clay says, she made the sign to the sky. The camera view changes to the KT, with Audrey making herself something to eat, & washing off a knife at the sink. Jason is sitting at the glass table eating pickles with a fork, straight out of the pickle jar. Audrey asks what day they are on? Jason says, they are on day 22. Audrey asks if it feels like that long? Jason says, it's been about a month since he's been home, but the time will go slow. Audrey says, it feels like it was a couple weeks ago that Jace went home. Jason gets blue cheese dressing out of the refrigerator, & is eating it by the spoonful. He says, James would just squirt it in his mouth, at least he's putting it on a spoon. He says, slop is disgusting. He says, it's not actually disgusting, it's just vile afterwards. Jason talks about live feed polls. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's. Jason says, not me. He tells Audrey what food he wants when he's not a HN anymore.


3:31 PM BBT Jason tells Audrey that Steve wants Chinese food, & he wants sloppy, greasy, pub type food with dip. He says, he wants mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, potato skins, & food like that. He goes to the BY. Austin came in to get something to drink, & goes to the BY also. Audrey gets up from the DT, & walks around a little. Liz walks in from the BY, & Audrey asks her if she knows where the lotion is? Liz goes to the WA, & says, it's there, but it's low. Liz goes to the WC. Audrey says, good morning to the camera, & walks out of the WA. She asks Vanessa how she is? Vanessa says, she ate something that didn't sit well, but she's feeling better now. Audrey says, she's stress eating.


3:34 PM BBT Audrey says, her parents warned her not to stress eat. Vanessa says, she probably should go a little longer without eating. She says, she'd rather feel hungry, than sick. Liz comes out of the WA, & she still has a huge sunhat on her head. Liz, Audrey & Vanessa all look out the door to the BY. Liz says, she thinks BB is adjusting something. She says, there are bubbles coming up that they can see. They discuss it might be for a competition coming up.


3:36 PM BBT Shelli & Clay are still on the hammock in the BY. Shelli tells Clay not to be to eager in his emotions. He says, he's just so excited. She says she knows, & tells him, he needs to tone it down. Clay says, he is thinking about going with the outsiders side of the house. Shelli says, she's leaning that way also. She says, James is not in the 5-person alliance. She says, they & Jeff seem to lean towards the ins. She tells Clay not to say anything, because Jeff will lean when they do. She tells him he doesn't need to talk about everything. She says, you can have these thoughts, but you need to hold them in, & wait to see what happens. She tells Jeff, she would be so pissed if that was her boyfriend right now, & the camera zooms in on Austin rubbing Liz' back. Shelli asks Clay if he'd be pissed if that was his girlfriend & he was outside the house? She says, that's pretty sexual what's going on over there.


3:40 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli that Audrey is up in the air about Jeff. Shelli says, she can just be telling you stuff, so just be careful. Clay says, they need to think about who will be next to go. Shelli says, she needs to talk to Vanessa, because it they bring Jeff on-board, she's o.k. with it. Austin walks by the hammock. Shelli asks him what's going on? Clay says, we're just laying here being sketchy. Austin says, he just likes to talk, & they should have free love in the house. Clay says, he looks like a swinger. Austin says, no, everyone in the house just needs to be chill. They can share things & get along. He grabs his towel to sit by them. Clay asks Austin if there's anything new? Austin says, just Steve getting on his nerves the past couple days. Shelli asks how come? He says, Steve has been at the doors everywhere in the house. Shelli says, like sketch fest? Austin says, yes, he keeps following him everywhere. Austin says, Steve was in the BY yesterday counting votes for Da'Vonne. He says, he even counted Vanessa. Clay says, she would never.


3:44 PM BBT Austin says, when they got the phone booth, he saw Steve shake his head at Da'Vonne. Austin says, this is the one time it doesn't matter, if someone else was up there it would be different. Clay says, what if Da'Vonne still goes home, but if 2 or 3 people vote for her, what would you think? He says, then someone is lying. He says, it's a checkmate move, she's gone. Clay says, ahhh, Shelli making some big moves.


3:46 PM BBT Austin says, he even made nice with James, because he doesn't know who will be HOH next week. Clay asks Austin who he would go after next? Austin says, he thinks James, but not sure, he may want to leave him alone for a while. He says, James may want to eliminate strong guys, & he lied to his face about Jace. Austin says, Jason to him is the wild card, because he may be out for revenge. He says, he will talk against that now, because he will be alone. He says, he's a wild card, & could eventually go after them. He says, John is just a pawn, & may be all season.


3:48 PM BBT Clay asks about Audrey. He says, Audrey is trying to be his best friend now. He says, Jeff told Audrey that he's going after him next week, but she hasn't said anything to him about it. He says, she may be playing Jeff. He says, Jeff wants her out. He says, they are trying to get a jury together right now. Austin says, if they were going to go neutral on HG's to get out, you go after Jason, James, Steve, & John. He says, you don't want to go after Becky or another strong player right now.


3:51 PM BBT Shelli says, you want to weaken that side. Austin says, he really doesn't know how close that group is, because they haven't gone in the room to talk, since he asked them not to. He says, he really doesn't know how strong they are anymore. Audrey goes by the hammock. Shelli says, "What's up lady friend?" Audrey says, "Not much." She sits down on a pillow on the ground, & says, she has ants crawling on her. Austin tells Clay what he wants to do for his workout. Clay tells him it gets chilly at night now. He says, you can put your hand down on the ground, but you couldn't do that the other day. He says, he feels they are trapped in a wind tunnel. He says, summer nights are usually hot, but it's starting to cool down already. Clay yawns, & says, he can't wake up today.


3:54 PM BBT Austin gets up, & says, he's feels he's getting dehydrated. He goes to get some water. Clay moves to the ground. Audrey asks Clay, if it was them that got in trouble earlier for talking about DR sessions? Clay says, it wasn't them. Audrey says, she's surprised they didn't get in trouble for it earlier. Audrey starts to talk about a DR session again. Shelli asks her if she's trying to get them in trouble. She says, no, & continues. We see FOTH.


3:56 PM BBT Audrey says, from her perspective, the reason she's acting like the whiny little cry baby, is because she was being bullied, lied to, & people were just making things up. Audrey says, there are more things going on than what they see. She talks about a question she was asked in the DR, if things are going the way she wanted them to, with they way they were spun? Clay says, he is just going to be blunt & honest, & that's just how he is as a person.


3:58 PM BBT Jason & Jeff are playing a game of pool in the BY. Jason tells Jeff that the Liz twins are not in the house at the same time, so it's hard to compare them. Jeff says, he sees what he means. They continue with their game. Audrey tells Clay & Shelli, that it looks worse from their side. She says, she's been an advocate for them with the group. Audrey tells them, that they jumped ship when the group started questioning things, so she was left to deal with it all. Shelli asks if it's her? Audrey says, it more Clay.


4:01 PM BBT Audrey tells Shelli & Clay, the idea of just wanting to get to jury is so dumb. She says, you have to play, & can't rely on being taken there. She says, there's no guarantee that you will be picked or play. She says, Jeff has been subtle, but he wants to get Steve out next. She says, Austin has a good instinct about trusting Jeff, but that may be going away. She says, it may be because they are reassuring him. Clay asks what she's saying? She says, it depends who wins. Clay asks Audrey if she thinks Jeff should leave? Audrey says, she thinks that's impossible. He says, if the opportunity presents itself, would you want him to go? Audrey says, if she gets HOH, that's not who she will go after. Clay says, what about when the HG's start going down? She says, they can't do it by themselves, & you will want to get him out before other players, because he will win stuff. She says, you can go with like James or Jason, & then he'll have to choose. Shelli says, she's going to be a target, & she's prepared for that. Clay says, Jeff would bring it to their attention. Audrey says, she can see Becky putting the two of them up. She says, James has some pull on Becky.


4:07 PM BBT Audrey tells them that Vanessa asked her last night if Sleeper Cell is still a thing? Shelli asks what she said? She says, she hopes so, but doesn't know. Audrey says, Becky is delusional if she thinks she's playing her own game. She says, she's just like Nicole. Audrey says, they don't need to stick with the let's make it to jury group. Shelli says, do you mean the original 8? Audrey says, there are more. Shelli says, that's not accurate, there's no big group like that. Clay says, he told Audrey to do what she's been doing. He says, after everything exploded, she was the biggest target. Shelli says, things can change. Clay says, she's been working on people, & he thinks that she's not as big as a target. Shelli says, she's completely fine with Sleeper Cell, even if she's a back-up pawn. Audrey says, she thought the bigger group was there, was because of the people she was saying they can't target if she makes HOH next week.


4:11 PM BBT Shelli & Clay tell her, they just said that to guarantee they would vote Da'Vonne out this week. They wanted to make sure they were at ease, & wouldn't target them. BB tells Shelli, to please not obstruct her microphone. (She wasn't talking.) Clay says, he didn't want them to be skeptical of what was going on. Shelli says, it's pretty obvious the way she's doing her HOH, that she doesn't have ties with that group.


4:15 PM BBT Jason is filling Da'Vonne in on everything that's going on, & he tells her where everyone in the house his. She says, she needs to get up, because she's laying around like she's safe this week. Jason says, he was running around outside looking at the bubbles that where coming over the fence, & they may be for a comp coming up. Jason called someone in the KT Cruella. Jason says, they did group pictures outside that Da'Vonne wasn't in. He says, even Cruella got up from the hammock & jumped in. He says, this isn't summer vacation, & he's staying out there to smoke his cigarette, when Shelli said they were done with outside pictures.


4:21 PM BBT BB tells Da'Vonne to please relocate her transmitter. Jason repeats what they say. Da'Vonne says, it's under the pillow. John & Liz come in the OBR, & Da'Vonne says, hey sexy. Liz says, that has to be Johnny Mack. They leave. Jason tells Da'Vonne that Cruella doesn't know songs. Da'Vonne says, Shelli can't play in the next HOH comp. Jason says, her & Becky have no chance.


4:23 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, she needs to pull these votes. Jason says, can you guys please send Helga back in, she's the one we trust. Meg comes in the OBR, & says someone is sleeping somewhere. Jason says, there's different rules for different people, they told them the game wouldn't be fair. Jason tells her to go & sleep somewhere & see if she gets called out. Meg leaves. BB tells Meg to please put on her microphone. Da'Vonne says, she said no. Jason says, how about, there's no sleeping in the BB house except in the BR's. He says, you won't say that, because there's different rules for different people. He starts to talk to Da'Vonne. BB says, this is a reminder that sleeping in the LR is not permitted. Jason says, Thank you, BB.


4:27 PM BBT Jason & Da'Vonne talk about the next HOH comp. Da'Vonne says, she hopes it's a back & forth comp, because she can do that, she can do that. Jason says, OTEV wouldn't be this soon. Someone goes in the SR, & Da'Vonne says, there's a big bowl of candy out here, & he always goes in there to get a piece of chocolate. Jason says, they never say anything to him about that, & there's cameras in the SR. The camera view goes to the BY by the pool. Clay, Jeff & Austin are talking about Austin getting more tattoos. He says, he likes contrast. Jeff says, fully tatted doesn't really looks weird. Clay says, you don't want to do a whole lot more. Jeff asks, how much money is on his body with tats? Austin says, probably thousands, but he got in good with the artist, so he didn't pay the full price. He says, they are done by Tattoos by 12 in L.A.


4:32 PM BBT Austin tells them what order he got his tats in. We can hear fire trucks in the background. We see FOTH.


4:33 PM BBT Feeds come back on with Clay, Jeff & Austin still talking about Austin's tats. We can still hear the fire trucks in the background. Jeff says, alright gents, I'm going to bed for a little while. They all get up. Jeff goes to the WA, & asks why everyone is so lazy today? Meg says, she doesn't feel so good today. Jason & John are on the couch in the WA. They are talking about the upcoming HOH comp being something lanes. Jason tells Clay, it looks like he has lipstick on his a**.


4:37 PM BBT In the CBR, Vanessa tells Austin she's going to get up & make some oatmeal right now. She says, it's nice out also, & she can't go out there. The camera view goes back to the WA. Meg says, she's going to get food & go to bed. Jason says, everyone will probably do that, because they don't know what's coming up tomorrow. Jason says, it's the night before, & they may be plotting her eviction. Meg tells John not to change his mind on her. John says, he doesn't think anyone got the last laugh, because no one has said anything. Meg says, they may not say anything, because they have to pick 3 people. Jason says, it might be to not tell people in the future. Meg says, someone has to know, & they aren't saying anything. Jason says, if someone was really smart, they would not tell a soul. Meg says, maybe it's Steve. Jason & John both say, he would say something. Meg says, you would think they would tell Shelli.


4:41 PM BBT Meg says, it's a weird week for them to do that. Meg hears a noise in the walls, & says, stop dropping things. Jason says, he doesn't have anything to worry about this week. Clay comes in the WA with towels. Jason says, really, they don't even look that clean. Jason asks if they are clean, & he can fold them right now? Clay says, yes. Meg says, she needs 5 votes. Jason agrees. Meg says, James is being funny about it. Jason says, there's only going to be one winner. Steve walks in, & says, there's slop in the KT, if anyone wants any. Meg says, she will probably get some. She asks Steve how he's doing? He says, he's not complaining. He says, he needs food. Meg says, food is not her issue, she needs sleep. Steve says, food is his issue, & he walks out. Jason talks about the towels, & how some may be from last season.


4:45 PM BBT Jason says, he's just glad he got a**. He says, his obsessive a** may pay $40 for one on CBS.com. He says, he's not against that. He tells anyone that wants to do that to go to CBS.com & get them. He says, you can get the HOH robe also. He isn't sure if you can get the slippers. He says, he gave his away, so he hopes he gets HOH again to get another one. Jason tells Meg & John where the towels go, & he says, he's going to be like Santa Clause going & delivering all the towels everywhere. He tells the prices on how much towels are at HG, not the TV.


4:47 PM BBT Jason asks if the cream is someone's personal towel from home. He says, it's Mainstays, & might be from Walmart. BB says, please, stop singing. Meg wonders who would bring a towel. Jason says, that's very weird, have you seen any other Walmart stuff in the house? He says, he's seen target & other decorative stores. The camera gets a close -up on Meg putting her mascara on. Jason says, the comp might be a slip n' slide. Meg says, she doesn't want to wear active wear, & she wants to get dressed for once. Jason leaves to put the towel up, while Meg puts lipstick on. Clay walks in eating an orange. He says, it sucks, it's gross, you're not missing anything. Meg says, that looks so good. Clay says, he knows it's not good when James is asleep. Meg says, they aren't feeling well. John says, he got up for about an hour, & went back to bed. Clay says, once he's up, he's up. Meg says, her eyeballs are about to pop out of her head.


4:51 PM BBT Meg says, she's going to eat tomorrow night, & go to sleep. She says, she's going to sprawl out on a nice bed also. John asks her what bed she's going to get? She says, she doesn't know, but it will be a good one. Jason is going around the house asking everyone who the cream towel belongs to, because it's soo random. Meg asks what time it is? Clay says, 4 something. John says, it may be closer to 5. Clay says, maybe 4:45 PM BBT. We see FOTH.


4:53 PM BBT Feeds come back for a moment, & we see FOTH again. Feeds come back with John & Meg still in the WA. Meg says, it's weird not having people in the house that know them. She says, they all sleep so much, & all take naps. John says, he's not used to living in such a loud environment. He says, he's usually the quiet one, & he thinks he's the loud one now. Meg asks if they are doing another Pod Cast tonight? John says, his favorite question was when the question was when James asked him if his pull-out game was strong enough. We see FOTH 2 more times. Meg walks out of the WA. Jason walks back in. John tells him, he's killing it. John asks him if he want's his protein cup? He says, he will grab it eventually. John says, they are dying left & right, he had to throw a lid away that was smashed in.


4:57 PM BBT John tells Jason that Da'Vonne is giving him sass. Jason says, Da'Vonne is not sassy. John says, she's being sassy & eating her bagels. Jason says, who cares about her bagel? He says, he's sick of people eating in this house. (Referring to pretend John was thinking that). Da'Vonne walks in the WA, & walks out. They go back & forth with the fake insults. They all walk out of the WA.


4:59 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Jason & Meg are in the KT. Vanessa, Steve & Audrey are sitting at the DT. Vanessa is telling Steve about her dogs. Meanwhile in the HOHR, Shelli tells Clay that his allegiance to the other side of the house needs to be kept close. Clay says, he would hate to say that James was safe, & then Audrey would put him up. Shelli says, he could say that he can promise Shelli wouldn't put him up, because they make decisions together. Clay says, he knows that he can't promise him longer safety. Clay says, he's o.k. with going to the other side. Shelli says, they should have a Sleeper Cell meeting today.


5:02 PM BBT Shelli runs down the events that happened when Sleeper Cell was made with Clay. He asks her if she's sure it was before the freak out? Shelly says, it doesn't matter. Clay says, he's perfectly fine with going to the other side. He says, he needs to see if they have the numbers after this eviction. He says, it's kind of funny how it's divided inside/outside.


5:04 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay, she thinks Steve is talking to Audrey more than he's saying. She says, Steve brought up the inside/outside, which Audrey was talking about. They keep going back & forth about the two sides of the hosue. In the KT, Jason is looking in the refrigerator. He says, there's left over chicken, & no one else in the house eats left-overs except him. Steve walks in the KT, & says, until tomorrow. Jason says, if it is tomorrow. Meg says, it has to be tomorrow. She says, she can't go another day in the HNR. Steve goes to the DR to ask. Jason says, they need some hot sauce.


5:07 PM BBT Jason pulls a container out of the refrigerator, & says he'll eat whatever it is tomorrow, but it needs to go in a real Tupperware container. He transfers the food, puts it in the refrigerator, & says, he's not even licking off his fingers, because he doesn't want a penalty nom. Steve says, the DR is not open, but there is chocolate milk in the SR. He went to get some. Jason says, they casted narcolepsy boot camp in the house this year. Steve comes back, Vanessa follows, & says, it smells like something is burning. Meg says, it's the slop, because they do burn it on purpose.


5:10 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, she's going to get a new bottle of Sprite. Jason says, BB, you better not cast someone his size on the show again, unless they want them to die. He says, people his size can't handle not eating. Da'Vonne comes back to the KT, & sings a little. She says, it's from PBS kids. Jason talks about his condiment slop being softened, but not wet. Vanessa walks in, & says, she's never seen anyone eating straight condiments like Jason does.


5:12 PM BBT Da'Vonne tells Vanessa to make sure every dish she uses she washes again. Vanessa says, she actually thinks that's what it is. Steve asks if you should wash the dishes twice then? Jason says, no, you just want to make sure, if the person was lazy when they washed it, that's it's really clean. Da'Vonne sits at the DT. Jason & Meg are sitting at the glass table. Da'Vonne says, Michelle (from a previous season) said she got the runs from the slop. Meg says, that hasn't happened to her yet.


5:15 PM BBT Jason shouts out to Michelle from Season 10, & asks her to send him Portuguese food. He says, he should shout out every Portuguese restaurant back home, & see who sends him food. Meg says, she misses Ty food. Da'Vonne asks where everyone is? Meg says, they're sleeping. Steve walks in & asks if their cast sleeps more than other casts? Jason says, they sleep more. He says, only a few are day people, the rest are night owls. He says, the reason the HG's stay up until 6 a.m. BBT, is because they sleep all day. Steve says, he thinks the only sleeping in the BR rule is so they stay awake more.


5:19 PM BBT Jason says, he loathes his picture soo much. Steve says, it's a good picture. He says, he touched his chin for 1 second, & they picked something he wouldn't do in real life. Steve says, what about James? Jason says, he would do that in real life. They discuss pictures from previous HG's. Jason says, he did about 400 other things, & picked that one.


5:20 PM BBT Jason says, he has Chiclet a** teeth. He says, they should play that game of everyone going next to their pictures, & making faces again. Jason gets up & makes the faces of everyone in their pictures. When he gets to Liz' picture, he puts his hand in the middle of his face. Everyone is laughing so hard at him. Jason sits back down to eat his slop.


5:22 PM BBT Steve says, he wants to see the bathing suit pictures. Everyone else says, they don't want to see theirs. Steve says, he just want to see how they turned out. He says, he wonders if they gave them any Photoshop help. Jason says, they may have given them Photoshop help in those. They are try to figure out if they were sitting or standing when they did those pictures on the Memory Wall.


5:24 PM BBT Jason says, thanks for the vomit Meg. Meg says, thank you for the clean-up. Jason starts beat boxing & dancing while washing his dishes. Meg says, she hates him. Steve asks who him is? Meg says, Jason. Steve says, that's not singing is it? Da'Vonne says, he** no. Jason says, he used one glass for milk, otherwise he's been using his protein shake cup. Steve says, there's more protein mix. Steve says, thank you again to BB. Meg says, she's going to make a chocolate protein shake. Jason starts singing. Steve asks where it's from. Jason says, it's a Vine that people are singing.


5:27 PM BBT Steve says, he only found out about Vine, because about Christine. Jason says, Steve won't trash talk anyone, but he must have trash-talked someone to get there. Steve says, no. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Steve says, you can talk about other people, without trash-talking them. He says, he lied, at the open casting call he did. He smiles, & wants to say something. Jason says, they will probably get in trouble for talking about it. Steve asks if he can talk about this one time he went to the casino. Jason says, yes, he can talk about the casino. Steve says, he didn't gamble at the casino. Jason says, the same thing. He starts to talk about it, & we see FOTH.


5:30 PM BBT When feeds come back, Steve says, he did research & was able to talk about someone with that information. Jason says, he doesn't do that much research. He looks straight at your face & talks. Jason goes to the WA. He says, he has to brush his teeth immediately after eating slop. Jason sings the Vine song while brushing his teeth. Steve says, that way more funny that it should be. Jason says, he will find the Vines & send them to him when they leave the BB house.


5:33 PM BBT Da'Vonne is in the WA saying she's so busy, she doesn't know how she found time to do the show. Jason says, being a parent is rewarding, but it's the hardest job. You do so much & don't get paid for it. Jason brushes his hair funny, & does a pose from the pictures again. Steve tells Jason, Vanessa & Da'Vonne about the scientists that are working on making a baby from two men's sperms. They debate how this will happen. Steve says, a lot of friends at school are gay couples, & want children. He says, it would have to be safe before anything like this is approved, once they figure out how to do it.


5:37 PM BBT Vanessa & Da'Vonne are still in the WA. Vanessa asks why people just leave their stuff on the showers. She says, it's disgusting, & she wouldn't want her panties laying on the floor. Vanessa says, so now what? Da'Vonne says, she's fighting for her life right now. Vanessa asks if she knows who won the phone call? Da'Vonne says, no, she wishes she did, because she would be all up in their face right now. She says, she doesn't understand why they aren't saying anything, because they already know the rules.


5:39 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, she needs to find people to vote for her. She asks Vanessa if she wouldn't be afraid to vote for her? She says, it depends on the 3 that can't vote, but she says, she's 95 percent sure. Da'Vonne tells Vanessa that she thinks Liz will vote for her, because she kept her safe last week. Vanessa tells her she should offer something to them, but that didn't come from her. Vanessa says, she can't blow her game up. She says, Meg didn't ask her for a vote, not once. She says, if you don't ask, you can't get.


5:41 PM BBT Da'Vonne continues to try to figure out who to ask. Vanessa says, once she talks to people to let her know, & she can see what they say. Da'Vonne says, provided she stays in the house this week, if they team up now or later, who would her target be? Vanessa says, she doesn't have a specific target, it would depend on what happens this week. Da'Vonne says, she sees her rebuilding with Audrey, & karma can get them. Da'Vonne asks Vanessa if her goal would be to get Audrey out of there, would she be mad? She says, no.


5:44 PM BBT Vanessa asks if it's impossible to go after Clay & Shelli? Da'Vonne says, no, & she didn't take it personal that Shelli put her on the block. She says, it's personal for her, that she wants to get Audrey out next week. She says, it's because of what she did to her. She says, she smoothed things over with Shelli, & it's all water under the bridge. She understands her being put on the block was a game move. Vanessa says, her conversations with Audrey haven't been game. She says, she helped her pick out an outfit today, & offered her soup when she was sick. She says, she hasn't built trust back up with her. She says, it's hard to say who you can get out, & then you can draw a line & create enemies that way.


5:48 PM BBT Da'Vonne tells Vanessa that any game moves they make together, but separate, she will not put her name to it, & she hopes she won't either, if they can just work together in the background, that would be good. Da'Vonne says, she hopes she can get Liz & Austin to vote for her. Vanessa says, also you need to deal with whoever won the phone call. Da'Vonne acts all wack, & says, she also needs to figure out for someone to target next week, because they will ax him next. She goes to the BY.


5:50 PM BBT Clay & Shelli are snuggling together on the couch in the HOHR. Shelli is laughing. Clay asks her about another part of her Tweet, that he desperately wants an answer to. She says, she doesn't remember. Shelli says, last night her & Clay are being compared to Jeff & Jordan. Clay says, Jeff is a smoke show, so why would Jeff say that? Shelli says, he's really good looking. They talk about how cute Jeff & Jordan are. Clay says, he got along with Jeff. Shelli says, she can see that, he's kind of his type. Shelli says, she cried like twice.


5:53 PM BBT Shelli says, she cried over Jace & Da'Vonne, & she needs to just get it together. She asks Clay what he wants to eat? We see FOTH.


5:54 PM BBT When feeds come back Clay says, alright, he'll let it go. But, really? Shelli says, she'll tell him later. She says, she'll double blink her eyes. Clay says, that should be there signal. She says, they can use, "The eagle has landed" in some sort of joke. She says, it was Wes', but he's not there, so she's borrowing it. They discuss how they are going to use it. Shelli says, maybe when ice cream is talked about.


5:57 PM BBT In the BY, Jason, Da'Vonne & Steve are talking about night school while sitting on the couches. Jason says, his school didn't have night school, so he went the next city over. He says, he switched to night school Junior year. He says, he lost some credits, but he was almost failed out of everything Junior year. We see FOTH.

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6:00PM BBT: Jason, Steve, and Da'Vonne are in the backyard chatting, Shelli and Clay are in the HoH talking no game talk.


6:05PM BBT: The HGs have just been chatting, Shelli and Clay are up in HoH and Jason, Steve, and Da'Vonne are in the backyard.


6:31PM BBT: Jason is talking to Steve about Nicole and Frankie from past seasons. 


6:25PM BBT: Shelli and Clay are talking to Vanessa about Austin, Vanessa says, "He is some one that I like." 


Now talking about Meg, Vanessa says, "She is someone that trusts you."


Jason and Steve and Da'Vonne are still talking out in the backyard.


6:33PM BBT: Vanessa is now talking about Audrey, Shelli asked if  Audrey said she would backdoor Shelli, Vanessa says "No."


Clay is saying that we don't know if we can trust her, she will always be a target. Vanessa says she is not my target never will be. 


6:40PM BBT: Vanessa says that she is grateful to be part of the Sleeper Cell, she couldn't asked for a better group of people to aliegn with. 


They are trying to figure out who is Americans Player  She says, "I swear I'm not Americans Player. I swear I'm not." (there isn't one DUH) 


6:45PM BBT: The HoH group is just going over the same things that they have already talked about and John, Jason, and Steve are just chatting in the backyard.


6:50PM BBT: The HoH grew is going over why Jace was back-doored, and how Audrey was setup to take the fall. But Jace got it instead. 


6:55PM BBT: Audrey has been sitting out in the backyard talking to Steve, they are just chatting, while the HoH group is just going over the same thing over and over again, I feel like I'm watching a rerun.


7:00PM BBT: nothing new really is going on they are just going over the same thing. Liz now talking about Austin.


7:07PM BBT: nothing new just same old same old lol.


7:10PM BBT: Audrey is talking to Steve about School and such, and the HoH group is well talking about you guessed it same old stuff. 


7:15PM BBT: Clay says that Da'Vonne"vonne leaving this week is a good thing, it will keep down all the drama in the house, Liz is saying that she is telling Da'Vonne that she is not voting for her, but she is. 


7:20PM BBT: Audrey comes into the HoH to asked Clay if he is making Dinner, She is hungrey, yeah I'll make dinner. Meg, and Jeff are in the bedroom laying in bed talking.


BB17 7:25PM BBT: Shelli asked Audrey if she is voting to keep Da'Vonne? Audrey says yes, Liz says you can't trust Da'Vonne, and now just going over the same thing that she has already said, happy to be working with you five on and on. it's Vanessa not Liz been talking in HoH. Liz is in the washroom talking to Austin now.


7:31PM BBT: Jason is talking to Steve, and Da'Vonne, who is talking about how she got her name Da'Vonne, her mother liked the name Davon, but that's a guys name so to make it a woman's name it became Da'Vonne.


7:35PM BBT: Jason, Da'Vonne and Steve are talking about BBCAN3 and the tasks that they had on there.


7:40PM BBT: Jason is telling Steve about how different BBCAN is verses BBUSA, Meg comes out after her little nap. 


7:45PM BBT: Jason says he doesn't know how to tie a tie, Steve says he learned how to tie a tie when he was a kid, cameras change to Jeff and Becky in bed talking. 


7:50PM BBT: Meg, and Clay and Shelli are eating Meg says she says string beans, Clay says he calls them green beans. Like you say tomato I say tomoto. lol

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900:pm BBT Becky is giving Steve some advice on social skills, like picking up on cues and stepping on toes. He takes it to heart and she was really sincere. 

910 chit chat in the BY with Jackie, jason, Shelli, James, Aubrey about tonights podcasts. In the kitchen Liz  and Johnny Mac are talking about past dates, Becky and Steve join in, Steve wanders around and finds Vanessa in colored BR and asks her if she is alone."yeah, it seems so" and Steve asks if she has a moment to talk ( CLASSIC LINE) Vanessa gets bug eyed and goes " Are you talking to me?" He said I didnt want to wake or bother you and she says "Its a lot better than creepy standing there..." He wants to talk a little game with her and hopes to gain her trust ( he really said that)  Steve " Im telling you this in 100% confidence, did you watch BB5?" Van " No, just 6" Steve "ok, in bb5 there was a twist with identical twins who switched in and out of the house through DR" umhm" " The house is currently convinced that is what is up with Liz.- its been 1/2 Liz, 1/2 her identical twin and they have been switching. I dont know if they have different eye colors or what, Ijust wanted you to know thats whats going on right now. Van "Thats interesting, your the first one to come to me and tell me this, I will look. Steve "Well Ididnt tell you this, I justed wanted you to know to build trust" they fist bump "Look at her face on the wall the speculation is the memory wall is half picture one twin and the other half the other. Steve does the numbers and says that makes sense with the extra week, if they make it 5 weeks.  "Crazy"  they exit seperately.

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9:30PM BBT Boys make a softball out of a roll of foil and play trash basketball in the BY. Austin plays commentator. Jeff hits every fourth try, 

Vanessa, Da, and Liz in kitchen. Van sitting toward memory wall Liz is very chatty and sharing popcorn with Van, alot of smacking going on, Liz remembers a story with Da that they shared awhile ago, then Liz says her stomach isnt that great that she might go to bed early. She goes to the bathroom, Van still in front of wall eating popcorn.

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9:45PM BBT BY crew: Meg, Jackie, Jason, Steve, Aubrey, Shelli, Austin, they are talking about a Target commercial " Ham, bacon, eggs, sausage..."  Jeff, James, Clay, Vanessa playing trashball comparing it to beer pong.

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9:52 PM BBT Da corners Liz in the bathroom and says I cant go into details,  I need  to trust that it stays between me and you" liz "yes" Da "you cant go crazy, remain calm, people are saying that something is going on with you. They are saying you are a twin and switching out. Now  the people that are saying this are the ones that turned on me,  If they feel like that about you , they are afraid of you, at this point I feel like you need me to keep me, I need your vote. Liz"YOu have it, oh my god, I cant believe people are saying that." Da "well people are saying that your sister is more bubbly, soooo get bubbly, see what Im saying..." So get Austin on board. Thats the ammo I need to get them on board. Liz "You know I want you here." topic switches to ho is sneaking around and who is trying to backdoor who.... But Ladies and Gents, the twins have been put on notice.  Way to play the game Da. clap clap

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8:10 PM BBT   Clay, Becky, and Audrey are hanging out at the Hot Tub talking about how quickly they had to pack and the trip to BB.  James and Da’Vonne in the Grey BR talking about what it will be like for Da’Vonne to be out of the house, and that she will be able to re-connect on social media.  She is talking about what it means to her that James and Jason are loyal to her to the end.  Da is looking forward to sleeping in her own bed, having a bath, going to a movie.  She feels that James and Jason are real friends.  Da’Vonne tells James that he will probably be her only vote because Jason’s vote will be “crossed out” [she is still hiding the fact that she was the twist winner].


8:20 PM BBT In the Grey BR, James tells Da’Vonne that he thinks it’s cowardly that no one knows who won the twist.  Da’Vonne can’t figure out why she is a bigger target than Audrey.  She is looking forward to seeing the episodes.  A bunch of HGs are in the KT making or eating food.   In the HOHR, Clay is talking to Meg about how he expects people will vote.  Meg says that Liz told her that Liz, Austin, and Vanessa were all on board.  Meg thinks it’s weird that they don’t know who holds the last laugh. 


8:27 PM BBT In the KT, Audrey speculates that because there will be an odd number the next comp will not be divided into heats.  It will be questions or luck.  Steve thinks it sucks if it’s luck because then he can’t control his own fate.  He prefers comps where it’s in your control.  Audrey tells him he’s done well.


8:29 PM BBT In the BY, Clay asks Jason how Da’ is doing.  Jason says she’s doing okay.  She knows.  Clay asks Jason if he got the…. [twist].  Jason tells Clay that he thinks that whoever has it is keeping it quiet because they don’t want to be targeted by the people whose votes get cancelled.  Jason tells Clay that he doesn’t have it, and that Da’ doesn’t have it either.  Clay is suspicious that maybe Jeff got it.  Jason agrees because they all got an insult, but Jeff says he didn’t get one.  They both think it would have been an awesome twist if it was later in the game.  Jason is hoping his vote doesn’t get cancelled because he wants Da’ to have at least a sympathy vote.  Jason expects that the people who aren’t going to vote will just be told they are not voting when it comes time for the house to vote.  Jason suggested that since Audrey got dressed up in anticipation of being called to DR, maybe she could be the one with the twist. 


8:36 PM BBT Jason says his insult was that he should try to be less annoying.  Audrey joins Clay and Jason and tells them that her insult was “here’s a hint: All Stars won’t be calling.” They talk about some of the other insults and how they were personalized.  Shelli’s was “burn your wardrobe.”


8:43 PM BBT Jackie and Da’Vonne in the WA.  Jackie putting on make-up while Da’ showers.  James come in to use the WC and then leaves.  In the HOHR, John and Meg are talking.  John is reassuring Meg that she’s good.  Meg say that Da’Vonne told her that she has to at least try and it’s not personal.  Meg is really bugged that she doesn’t know who has the twist power.  She suspects Da’Vonne, but is thrown off by the fact that Jason says Da’ doesn’t have it.  She can’t believe that Jeff has it, or he would have told her.  They speculate on whose votes would get cancelled if Da’ has it.  


8:48 PM BBT Shelli comes into HOHR and they are joking about what Meg should say in her speech. Meg says it's going to be weird having to give a speech.


8:51 PM BBT  John is hoping for a Drew Carey/Price is Right BB Takeover…he wants to win a car.  Meg is hoping to get dressed up for eviction night.  She doesn’t want to have to wear athletic stuff.  Meg is curious what the comp will be.  She says the comps have been fun, and she likes playing them.  Meg thinks that with the comps you have to think of a strategy for doing more than one thing at a time, like with the puzzle pieces…you needed to be figuring out the picture while you bring the pieces over.


8:55 PM BBT Meg thinks she would have Becky’s vote.  John says he’s not sure because he doesn’t talk much game with her.  Meg is surprised because he thought they were close.  John jokes that they haven’t even held hands yet, so how could they talk game.  John teases Meg that her James and Jeff are a love triangle.  Meg laughs.  John asks if Meg misses Jace, and she says know.  John misses him a little.  Meg feels like the energy is much more laid-back than when Jace was there, but she prefers when things are more chill.  John comments that living on the show is way different from seeing the show, and notes that there is a lot they can’t show.  Meg is worried for her family because the show will make it seem like she might be evicted. 


9:00 PM BBT John leaves Meg to listen to music and joins Austin and Liz in the KT.


9:05 PM BBT James comes out to tell all the HGs gathered on the BY couches that the podcast is on at 11.  It’s been approved.  Liz, John and Austin talking about the podcast lineup.  Liz is up, and then there will be a roast of Jeff and Austin.  Liz doesn’t want to take a turn.  After last night, she’s nervous…it’s getting a little too much with Jeff putting people on the spot.  They decide that Jeff’s a mongoose [an aggressive animal].   


9:10 PM BBT In the KT, Liz is doing dishes, Becky and John are eating from a bowl.  Steve stops to chat for a bit and then leaves after Becky heads out to the BY with her bowl.  Steve wakes up Vanessa to ask her if she watched BB5.  She says no…she saw 6.  He tells her about the twin twist.  He tells her that the house is currently convinced that Liz is a twin.  He explains some of the differences people have observed.  Vanessa says that’s interesting and that she will check it out.  He is the first to tell her, but Steve tells her that “I didn’t tell you that.”  He doesn’t want her to even let on that she knows.  He tells her to check out the picture on the memory wall.  The speculation is that half of the picture is one sister and the other half is the other sister.  Vanessa asks about what happened in BB5.  Steve points out that it would account for the number of weeks they have.  He shares an inconsistency where “Liz” suddenly didn’t know about a character that she played in the podcast a few days ago.  Vanessa says that’s crazy and she starts laughing.  He encourages her again to look at the memory wall but not to stare at it too long.  Before he leaves, he reminds her that he has NOT told her anything!


9:18 PM BBT Da’Vonne sitting quietly in the Grey BR, massaging her feet.  She heads out to the KT where Liz is still cleaning up and various HGs are coming and going.  Vanessa stays in the KT with Liz.  Liz shares that she has an upset stomach.  They are quiet for a bit, and then start talking about tattoos.  Vanessa got her first tattoo when she was 27…she waited until something was really meaningful.  Liz is not opposed to tattoos, but she doesn’t have one yet.  Her parents don’t like the idea, and she hasn’t found anything she wants. 


9:25 PM BBT In the storage room, Da’Vonne asks Steve how he feels about voting for her.  He says he doesn’t know and she wants to know why he doesn’t know.  He says it’s because they haven’t been talking to her, but she points out that she was clear with him about why she wasn’t talking to him.  Da’ tells Steve that she has four votes.  He asks if she knows who has the last laugh, and she says know, but she has four votes, and he would be her fifth.  He wants to think about it and talk to her tomorrow.  He doesn’t want to lie to her face, so he won’t give her an empty promise.  They hug, and Steve leaves.  Da’Vonne throws her hands up in the air in frustration after he leaves, and then heads out herself. 


9:33 PM BBT  Clay, James and Jeff playing baseball in the BY while several HGs watch from the couches.  Liz, Vanessa, and Da’Vonne are hanging out in the KT eating popcorn. 


9:53 PM BBT Da’Vonne and Liz in the WA whispering.  Da’Vonne asks Liz to promise that what she is saying will be between them.  She tells Liz that “a group of people” are saying that Liz is a twin [yes!  Da’ is telling people that].  Da’Vonne tells Liz that they need each other.  She needs Liz to convince Austin to keep Da’ in the house.  Liz says “OMG, I can’t believe people are saying that”.  Da’ tells her that people think the other twin is bubbly, so Liz needs to be more bubbly.  And she needs to make sure she doesn’t say anything to anyone that Da’ has told her anything.  Da’ tells Liz that she was told that Liz and Austin made an alliance to try and backdoor Da’Vonne this week, but that she didn’t believe it.   That’s why Da’ needs Liz.  Liz tells Da’ that she has her 100%.  She is so grateful that Da’ told her.  Liz promises she won’t tell anyone what Da’Vonne has told her. 


9:57 PM BBT Liz is absorbing what Da’ told her.  She doesn’t want to take part in the podcast tonight…she just wants to go to bed.  Da’Vonne reminds Liz that the power will change after this week.  Liz tells Da’Vonne that she respects Da’ so much.  They start to count votes until Vanessa wanders into the WA. 


10:00 PM BBT Da’Vonne, Liz, and Vanessa are talking about music in the WA.  Most of the HGs are lounging on the BY couches and talking.  Becky is talking about a kid throwing a sucker at her.  Just one example of things that happen to ruin her clothes. 

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10:00PM BBT Vanessa, comes into bathroom and girls break up . Liz and Van bond over music Da comes in and hair....curling and plucking, complimenting, make up tips...you get it  , Aubrey comes in,Van leaves, back to hair removal techniques. 

10:15 PM BBT "JOHN, Please go to the diary room"

10:17PM Da and Liz whispering in BA but Aubreys mic is on there camera angle only   for a few then Liz say thats insane, I wish I did...dude I have been laying low ever since Jace left I didnt want to be guilty by association, he was the target and I was cool with him,  Da ''' Aubrey was number one- then they turned to me and with information from she - now they all want me out, but with yours, austins, vote, I can get thier asses out and carry us to jury" Liz "lets do it" Me you austin, and jason - we can do it all the way to jury. 

Liz thanks her for giving her the heads up and Da says well I had to have a fact to come to you to ask for your vote. Liz is just freaky saying I cant believe they are coming after me like that sometimes I am moody, I had my period, Da blows it all off and thanks her and leaves. Liz composes herself and goes in kitchen

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10:00 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY about Becky’s job.  If people spill coffee or ruin clothes that her business sells they wash it and give it to the less fortunate.  Conversation turns to improper grammar.  Inside the WA Liz and Vanessa are getting ready by doing their makeup and hair.


10:08 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the BY.  Clay, Shelli, Johnny, Jason, Meg, and Jackie.  Liz continues to get ready by putting on makeup in the WA.  Vanessa is straightening her hair.  Da’Vonne is sitting on the lounger, watching.


10:15 PM BBT Chit chat continues in the BY.  Talk has turned to the introduction to BB.  Shelli loves watching it.  Jason fast forwards through it because he watches the shows consecutively.


10:16 PM BBT Audrey talking to Vanessa in the CR.  Audrey is worried about the votes to keep Da’vonne.  Vanessa says Da’vonne is probably counting on her as a vote.  Audrey thinks Jason, Steve, Becky, Jackie, and John.


10:17 PM BBT Meanwhile over in the WA Da’vonne is whispering to Liz.  Da’vonne says with Liz and Austin’s vote she says she can carry them to Jury.  Liz says let’s do it.  Liz agrees to give Da’vonne the vote.  They wonder if Austin knows about Liz and Julia.  Da’vonne doubts he would stay quiet about it if he suspected something.  Da’vonne thanks her for the vote and reassures her that she’ll take care of her.


10:20 PM BBT Back in the CR Audrey and Vanessa continue to talk.  Vanessa says once they’re out of the house she’d like to talk to her and learn more about what she’s gone through.


10:22 PM BBT James and Da’vonne at the pool.  Da’vonne says everyone kept coming into the bathroom making it difficult to talk to her.


10:27 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues around the house, wondering what they’ll get for dinner tomorrow.  Vanessa and Audrey continue to chat in a round about way about the subject of being transgender.  Out in the LR Austin is trying to pop/massage Liz’s back.  Johnny looking on.


10:32 PM BBT Out in the BY Jason, Meg, James, Shelli, Jackie and Steve? are rehashing differences between Liz/Julia.  In the LR Austin is talking to Liz and helped pop her back properly.


10:38 PM BBT The Liz/Julia conversation continues in the BY now trying to figure out who was here for which competition.  A mere wall and appliances away in the KT Liz is chatting with Austin.  Liz called to DR.  Jason jumps up and walks towards the door and says she’ll probably just have to redo something in the DR she recorded earlier.  Over in the WA Clay and Jeff are chatting.  Austin and Jeff chatting about the upcoming Jeff and Austin show.  Johnny laying on the lounger listening.


10:42 PM BBT Jason heads inside and camps out on the bed in the OR looking towards the DR door.  Feeds switch to Vanessa and Audrey.  Vanessa asks Audrey how many relationships she’s been in.  Audrey says zero.  She’s had people come and go like one night stands.  Audrey says it’s an insecurity of hers worrying about what her partner’s friends/family might think about her.  Audrey says she’s up front and tells them immediately.  Audrey says all the guys she’s met have been of similar minds as hers.


10:45 PM BBT Da’vonne joins Jason in the OR (Ocean Room).  Over in the CR Audrey and Vanessa continue to talk.  FoTH.  Da’vonne says Steve was whispering to Austin and Austin kept saying “What?  What are you saying?”  Da’vonne says she has Liz’s vote.    Jeff walks into the OR saying they need cocktails.  Da’vonne says she told Steve that the other people will respect him for working with her and she feels bad because that might come back and bite her in the backside.


10:47 PM BBT Over in the CR Audrey says she feels everyone in the house has forgotten about her announcement the first night.  The people that hate her, hate her for being her and not for being TG.  Vanessa laughs saying that’s funny to think about.


10:51 PM BBT Da’vonne and Jason continue to whisper in ultra quiet mode.  They spot Steve looking in the mirror.  He looks like he wants to talk to Austin but he saw James and held back a bit.  Da’vonne gets up and walks out of the OR towards the LR and says “Hey Steve…”  Jason remains on the bed in the OR closest to the door.  Over in the CR Vanessa and Audrey continue to chat.  Vanessa says she doesn’t feel like anyone makes her feel awkward in the house about things in her life.  Vanessa says this is the most open she’s been about her relationship as well.


10:52 PM BBT Feeds switch briefly to DR door before switching away.  Steve, Clay and Shelli in KT grazing.  Johnny into the CR.  Vanessa questions Johnny if he had a lazy day today.  Johnny tells her to shut up, she’s not the boss of him.  Becky in WA getting ready for tonight.  Liz out of DR.  Jason slowly wanders out of the OR.


10:56 PM BBT In the BY Jason, Jackie, Da’vonne, Austin, Meg, Jeff and Shelli chat about how dull they’ve been today.  


10:59 PM BBT FoTH.  In the BY Clay, Jason, Jackie and Meg chatting about Liz not wanting to do the Jeff and Austin podcast tonight.  Clay questions if DR might try to keep her in there and we get FoTH.


11:02 PM BBT The Jeff and Austin Podcast is about ready to begin in the LR.  It is not quite the season finale.  They think their sponsors (products that are supplied in the house by BB.  


11:04 PM BBT Becky is called to the hot seat.  This is not Drunk Becky but normal Becky.  They want to know some things about her.  She works for Abercrombie and Fitch.  She loves hiking and anything outdoors.  Jeff says that was boring and they want to get down to the brass tacks.  Becky dated someone for six months and broke up in March.  Becky has been on 12 Tinder dates.  Becky has never had a second first date.  Becky is a serial first dater.  Jeff wants to know about her first Tinder date.  Becky said it was the first one.  Jeff wants to know who messaged whom first.  He messaged her first.  Becky doesn’t remember what he said.


11:07 PM BBT They went out for bowling and had some drinks.  She doesn’t kiss on the first date.  James moves in and sets something down on the table and Jeff thanks their intern James for helping promote their sponsors.  Becky says she got rid of Tinder just before she left.  Becky says she probably won’t be going back when she gets out of the house.  Becky says she hasn’t found good ones on Tinder.  Becky likes guys that are at least 6ft in height.  Becky says the last couple of guys were like 6’5 and they laugh.  Jeff wonders where she finds guys that tall.  She doesn’t know.  Jeff questions if she finds them near nuclear power plants.  Austin is 6’5.


11:10 PM BBT Austin says they need a commercial break.  James calls cut.  Becky says her mom is watching.  Jeff offers to keep the show rated G.  Austin reluctantly agrees.  Becky says she wants guys that are passionate and good at what they do.  Becky wants guys that push 100% in what they do.  Jeff clarifies that she’s looking for guys with drive and ambition.  Jeff questions why she “Sshshhhhh’s” guys.  Becky says she lived in Germany for a year and they will Sssshshhhhhh you on the street if you’re too loud.  Becky says she doesn’t like guys coming to her place.  She likes her space.


11:13 PM BBT Jeff questions about showmance interest on the show.  Becky says she thought she was but now she realizes that she is more private because of the cameras.  Jeff wonders if the cameras weren’t on if she would.  Becky says we’ll see in Jury.  The house gives a Wwoooooo!”  They leave it on that note.  They thank Becky.


11:15 PM BBT They call Liz to the hot-seat.  They promise not to drill her too hard.  James adds in not until Jury at least.  Liz introduces herself.  Liz is very good at social media.  Jeff wonders if she has any other things she does.  Bartender or origami.  Liz says no.  Liz says she likes to take long walks to the fridge.  She’s a foodie.  Liz says she does bartend.  Commercial break.  Irish Spring.


11:17 PM BBT Red wine or white wine?  She likes Merlot.  Austin does as well.  Ideal first date.  They question if she plays around with Tinder, Plentyoffish, e-harmony, or farmers only.  Christian Mingle.  She laughs and says they got her.  Sugardaddy dot com?  Liz says that’s a good one.


11:20 PM BBT Liz would not be opposed to meet someone at the gym either.


11:24 PM BBT Cam switches to Da’vonne and she looks like she’s going to burst out laughing.  Jeff questions what the worst date was.  Liz says she’s never experienced a terrible date.  Da’vonne gets up and walks briefly into the CR with a smile on her face before walking back out.


11:27 PM BBT Commercial break.  We’re back.  They ask what she looks for in a date.  She wants tall dark and handsome.  She’s blonde.  She’s not into blondes.  They have to be taller than her like Drunk Becky.  Becky points out that was Sober Becky.  Jeff questions bad dates again.  She says none.  (Liz/Julia has told a story in which a date ended with her taking shoes off and running from a vehicle in/near Tulane.  This is a story they’ve been waiting to catch her with - Niteslacker).


11:31 PM BBT Liz is not looking for someone that plays Call of Duty or World of Warcraft.


11:33 PM BBT Jeff again questions the bad date whether or not she ran from a date.  She again repeats no.  They ask if she’s ever been cheated on.  She says no.  They question if she’s ever cheated.  She said she’d rather not answer.  Da’vonne and James in WA laughing.  Da’vonne saying she told them!  James agrees.  Commercial break.  Irish Spring


11:35 PM BBT Audrey is invited up as their last guest.  James says the caller count is down and they need more callers.  Final guest of the night.  They ask her to introduce herself.  She’s from a charming little town and she’s an astronaut.  Jeff wants to know more.  Austin asks if she’s an astronaut or a cosmonaut.  She says both.  They ask how long she has been.  She says all her life.  Jeff says she’s a space cadet then.  They want to know about her dating life.  Describe the best and worst date.


11:37 PM BBT Best date is good conversation.  She likes intimate settings.  Jeff: “Like his bedroom?” Audrey says no.  Audrey says maybe a cocktail but no food.  Audrey says it doesn’t have to be a movie or anything.  It could be a backyard or something.  Jeff asks about the worst date.  Audrey was taken out by a Mormon and thought they were going out to dinner but he took her out to meet the missionaries.  Audrey laughs.  Jeff asks if she converted.  She did not.  Jeff asks her religion.  She doesn’t identify with any one religion she’s open and an overall spiritual person.


11:41 PM BBT Audrey is a digital media consultant.  Audrey’s dream job is to help people.  Jeff asks about social work.  She says yeah.  Audrey says before she can do anything else she needs to be most comfortable with herself.  Jeff wants to know her three pet peeves.  She doesn’t like passive people, or passive agressive people.  She doesn’t like liars.  Da’vonne and James in the KT.  Da’vonne thinks it’s funny that she doesn’t like liars.  The camera can be heared making a “whiiiiiirrrrrr” sound and everyone laughs as they realize it’s looking into the KT.  Da’vonne walks out of the KT and points at the camera and mutters something at them, giggling.


11:43 PM BBT Jeff asks when the last time she was in a serious relationship.  She says never.  Austin says like Johnny Mac.  Jeff wonders when she will feel ready.  She says whenever she really does feel ready.  No time line.


11:45 PM BBT Jeff asks what her typical Sat night is.  Audrey says she is a boring person compared to everyone.  She sits at home with her parents.  She has a cat named butternuts.  Jeff questions why.  Audrey says her dad named the cat.  Jeff asks Austin to ask a question.  Austin says his questions have been great.  Austin asks Hotdog or Hamburgers.  Hamburgers.  Favorite color.  Green.  Jeff’s favorite color is blue.


11:47 PM BBT Vanessa calls in and says words on the street is she has interesting dreams and she would like to know about her most interesting.  Audrey has had dreams about aliens.  She hopes their real.  Jeff wonders if she’s ever been abducted.  She doesn’t know but she’s seen figures when she’s had sleep paralysis at night.  She’s had several dreams in which she was abducted.  Jeff asks if she’s had accurate dreams.  She says yes.  She’s had dreams about the casting process.  Jeff asks if she’s had accurate 5, 10, 15 times.  Audrey says yes.  Jeff asks 30.  She’s not really sure.  Audrey has a voodoo doll.  Jeff asks what it is.  Audrey is a firm believer in karma.  Audrey says she’s not witty enough for this, she doesn’t do voodoo.  Austin questions whether she’s a pathological liar.  She says yes.  Jeff says he’s joking.  Jeff wonders if she really does have accurate dreams.  She says she does.


11:51 PM BBT Jeff  asks if she’s had dreams about the HGs.  Audrey says yes every night.  Jeff asks if she’s had dreams about a winner yet.  She says no.  Jeff thanks her for coming.  Everyone claps


11:53 PM BBT Jeff and Austin says callers can call in and ask them any questions.  They ask for callers.  Meg needs to use the WC.  Drunk Becky calls in and asks if they’ve dated two girls at the same time, how did they get there.  Jeff says his wasn’t recent.  He says his was in middle school.  Becky says it doesn’t have to be an official girlfriend, just like going on one date while texting another girl.  Jeff says yes that’s being a guy.  Jeff said he was on a Tinder date and started lining up another Tinder date because it was going south.


11:55 PM BBT James calls in and says this is a bit XXX rated.  It truly is.  If you’re interested in it, feel free to flashback yourself.


11:57 PM BBT Steffan calls in.  Jeff wonders whether or not Steffan is bitter about being fired today.  Steffan is and that’s why he is calling in to drill them.  He takes James’ question a step further and makes the rest of the HGs go “Ooooooh!”.  Vanessa calls in and says brass tacks and who they would want a showmance with someone inside the house.  Jeff says it’s against his strategy but if he had to…Jeff says Meg or Liz.  Vanessa makes him choose one.  Jeff can’t decide.  Austin says it’s hard to decide.  Austin says Jason.

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