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Monday, July 6 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT In the WA Jeff, Da'Vonne and James are chatting.  Da'Vonne doesn't want to be shunned just because she's on the block.  Da'Vonne asks them to look out for Jason if she goes home.  They agree.  Da'Vonne tells them to watch their back if Shelli doesn't put up Audrey.  She calls them a pack of cowards.  Da'Vonne says she's not a threat to anyone's game in this house this week.  Jeff agrees and says he wouldn't have targeted her this week.


12:13 AM BBT Jeff whispering to James in the WA.  Jeff wonders who told Liz that the guys hung out all night last night.  Jeff says he saw Audrey as he was going to bed and said good night.  Jeff worries that Audrey is back to collecting information and sharing it again.


12:18 PM BBT James and Jeff checks on Meg whom is sleeping in the HN room.  Meg says she's tired and not feeling well.  James goes and gets Jason so they can do their cheer with her.  They agree to meet up later.  Jeff says it's time for the podcast.  Meg gets up and follows them out into the KT.  Meanwhile out in the BY Shelli, Vanessa and Audrey chit chat.  Shelli spilled some of her water on her jeans.


12:27 AM BBT All four feeds on Austin and Jeff interviewing Meg for their podcast.  James watching.  Audrey called out for talking about production in the background (Audrey was rehashing the story about how her story broke during the interviews and she didn't get to finish her interviews that day).  BB again reminds HG not to talk about production.


12:31 AM BBT Meg called to DR mid-question asked.  Jeff and Austin grumbles.  Clay jumps into the hot seat.


12:34 AM BBT Jackie calls into the podcast.  Jackie asks Clay to describe his perfect date.  Clay says the woman would pick him up.  Clay says they'd go somewhere nice for dinner like Golden Corral or Ryan's.  Liz calls in and calls in as Ellen and calls Clay out for taking the girl out to Golden Corral or Ryan's.  They guys disconnect the caller.  Austin asks who will make the first move.  Austin says she should start it on the way to the Corral.


12:36 AM BBT Austin asks if it's a turn on if the girl eats more than he does.  Clay says yes.  Jeff asks what he thinks about his date taking extra rolls home.  James calls in from Texas and wants to know if the girl stuffed rolls in a baggie into her purse and takes them home what he'd think.  The question gets interrupted again.  Liz calls in and asks if Shelli likes Golden Corral.  Shelli wanders over and they have her call in.  They ask her thoughts about the first date of her picking up Clay to take him to Golden Corral.  Shelli asks if they can change it to Ryan's Steakhouse.  Everyone cheers.  Jeff points out that Clay had said that.


12:41 AM BBT Questions get directed to Shelli about proper texting procedure.  Shelli says don't blow her phone up.  Audrey calls in as Pam.  Pam wants to know if Clay's ex-girlfriend was here what would she say he needed to work on and nothing super obvious/cliche.  Clay says he eats too much ice cream late at night.  Everyone says boo.  Pam gets angry and says it's a BS answer.  They disconnect the caller.  Clay says he's too honest sometimes.  They ask Pam what she thinks about his answer.  Jason says honesty is good.  Shelli agrees.  Pam asks what Clay said.  Clay said he told a girl she was wearing too much make up.  Pam asks if he would tell her she was putting on weight.  He wouldn't.  He would start working on making sure healthy foods are eaten.


12:46 AM BBT Pam says too much honesty is controlling.  She asks if he would consider himself controlling.  The crowd wants to know who this is asking such deep questions.  Pam starts shouting vulgarities and they disconnect her.  "Never forget!  Never forget!"  They thank Clay for his answers and he thanks them for calling in.  Commercial break.  Shelli is called to the hot seat.  Most of the house is gathered around the lounger in the BY.  Becky and Johnny are playing pool.


12:50 AM BBT Shelli will only have dates with high quality men.  Steffan calls in and asks what she considers high quality.  Shelli says a family man is important with integrity.  Jeff and Austin wants her to move onto the superficial stuff.  Shelli likes strong arms and shoulders and square jaw.  Shelli says women know what she's talking about.  Liz moans out in agreement.  Austin tells Ellen (Liz) "Easy there Ellen!”.


12:53 AM BBT Shelli likes big black trucks.  They wonder if this is a euphemism for something.  Pam (Audrey) calls in.  Shelli says if a guy acts smooth she can see through them.  Pam wants to know what an appropriate way for a man to seduce her.  Shelli says wine and tira misu (Clay said it and Shelli praised him for listening).  Jeff wonders what would happen if someone bought it and acted like he made it.  Shelli says she'd give them a second chance.


12:54 AM BBT Shelli tells a story that there was a time where she loved broccoli and a guy brought her a bouquet of broccoli and it was one of the most memorable things that a guy did for her.  Shelli calls out "Hey Peter!"  Shelli says it was a learning experience.  She chose the bad boy and she regrets it.  She doesn't know what happened to him.  Becky and Johnny continue to play pool.

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BY-Jeff and Austin are hosting the podcast. Vanessa is on the spot. She talked about her girlfriend Mel and their relationship.

All HG's are in BY watching.

BY-Jeff and Austin are hosting the podcast. Vanessa is on the spot. She talked about her girlfriend Mel and their relationship.

All HG's are in BY watching.

BY-Jeff is asking Vanessa about her Poker career. She is talking about how much she loves it. She is saying she doesn't have an addictive personality which helps her.

They wrapped up the interview with Vanessa.

BY-James is now in the spotlight on the podcast.

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BY- HG's are asking James about kissing and dating. Da asked why they call James the "Bakery Man". James did not tell the story because it's inappropriate and he podcasts are live.

Becky asked what would make James settle down. James said his ideal girl is a Southern Bell.

BY-Da asked James what his number 1 is on his bucket list. James said to kiss Meg. Jeff had Meg come up and sit on the podcast couch. Meg is now sitting next to James on the couch. Jeff asked Meg if she put on Chapstick today, she giggled and said she put on Vaseline. Liz said she noticed Meg is wearing James' sweater. Meg said her and James have become very close.

Da asked Meg if she was going to kiss James. Meg turned to kiss James and he went in for it, but Meg only kissed James on the cheek.

BY-Jeff and Austin are rambling on the podcast.

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01:00 AM BBT Questions to Shelli continue.  (I'm getting most of the content, but I'm missing a lot as well as the overall laugh factor being had.  This is quite entertaining.  Flash back to 12:30-12:31 AM BBT Feeds 3-4 - Niteslacker).


01:03 AM BBT Vanessa called to the hotseat.  Drunk Ellen (Liz) calls in and says it's hard to date a DJ because of the hours and the people they're around.  Liz asks how her Boo handles it.  Vanessa says she goes with her most of the time and hangs out with her in the booth and she (her Boo) is usually the one getting hit on.  Liz met her Boo (Mel) on plantyoffish.  Meanwhile the pool game has ended so Johnny and Becky join the group at the lounger.


01:09 AM BBT Steffan calls in and asks what's the sweetest thing about Mel.  Vanessa loves when Mel is super excited to see her she'll run and jump and wrap her legs around her.  They're very affectionate.  Vanessa says the most affectionate she did for Mel was she printed out a calendar and had something to do every day of the calendar using groupon.


01:13 AM BBT Vanessa tells a story about going to a French School for the first time.  It's rather traumatising but ends with her mother going and slapping the teacher that was half the size of her mother and asked her "How do you like being slapped by someone twice your size?"  Vanessa says she and her sister learned that French schools are much more strict but she loves them for their structure.


01:21 AM BBT Vanessa is off the hotseat.  Meg is out of DR.  The crowd wants James in the hotseat.  Tiffany from Texas calls in (Vanessa).  Tiffany:  When you go for the kiss what are the deal breakers, the things that make you say there is no one night stand potential.  James says it's a tough question.  As long as the woman as good breath.  Lulu May calls in (Da'Vonne).  Lulu May wants to know why they call him the Bakery Man?.  James says it's time for a bathroom break.  Jeff and Austin agrees.


01:24 AM BBT They're back.  James says he's a jack of all trades and he likes to bake bread in the oven.  Drunk Becky (Becky) calls in.  Becky says James is a scandolous fellow in the BB house.  She wants to know who can save James from the hookers.  James is a straight shooter.  James says Texas folks are straight shooters.  Drunk Becky points out he's from NC.  James asks her to repeat the question.  Becky wants to know what kind of woman he would settle down with.  James says he's had a crazy teenage, college, lifetime experience.  James says he's not that guy any more and he's ready to settle down.  He's looking for a Southern Belle.


01:29 AM BBT Lulu May calls in.  The question is asked...and James' answer is:  He'd like a kiss from Meg.  Meg is called to the Hot Seat to join James.  Drunk Ellen (Liz) calls in and says she's noticed that Meg has been wearing his clothes and wonders about how close they've been.  Meg says they've been spending a lot of time together in the Dentist's Office together.  Lulu (Da'Vonne) calls in and asks if Meg is going to give him his kiss.  James goes in for the big kiss and Meg turns his cheek to the side and she kisses his cheek.  The show is now ending.  Jeff and Austin thanks Steffan (Steve) for not screening any of their callers.

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BY-Jeff and Austin closed up podcast.

BY-James, John, Jason and Da are talking on couches. John is going inside.

They are talking about being on the hot seat for the podcast. Da is mad because she heard Shelli say "Everyone deserves a second chance."

James then asked Da why she doesn't get a second chance.

BY-Da said they aren't putting up Audrey. Da, James and Jason are mad about it.

Meg came outside and they got quiet.


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BY-Da and Jason are saying Jeff is very arrogant and acts like he is king of the house. Meg is going inside to sleep. John is called to the DR.

1:49 BBT-BY- Da is telling Jason today, she saw Meg, Becky, Shelli and Vanessa come out of HoH room. Da speculates they could be strategizing.

Jason is telling Da hoe him, Jeff, James and Meg have somewhat created a secret alliance last night.

BBT-1:55 All feeds are on BY. James and Jeff are playing pool. Meg, Clay and Audrey came outside. Jason and Da are still on couches talking game.

BY-Jackie and Meg have joined Jason and Da on couch. [Da seems very irritated and in deep thought]

They are literally talking about the weather and how bored they are. Jeff was called to DR. Jason said he hopes he doesn't get called to DR. They are talking about production and it cuts to FotH.

BY-Da asks Jackie if she has her vote and Jackie says yes.

BBT 2:00-BY-All feeds still on BY.

BY/Jeff joins them on the couch and complains of a negative air all around.

BBT-3:02-Feeds cut to HoHr and Steve is talking to Shelli. He begins to tell her he noticed Da knows what's up. [steve is trying to up his social game because Austin told Steve he needs to give info in order to be trusted.]

2:05-Shelli is telling Steve why she wants Da out. She is telling him she wants Audrey to have a second chance because everyone only heard Da's side of the story and that's not fair. Shelli then tells Steve Da was the first to speak with her after she won HoH. Shelli is telling Steve how Da doesn't trust her and how Da told her she wouldn't target Shelli. Shelli said Da told her how her(Da) first targets would be Audrey then Steve because she can't trust her.

Steve asked Shelli if he has done anything to cause Da no to trust him and Shelli is praising him on how he is very kind and joins conversations and understands when he needs to walk away. Shelli told Steve she thinks for anyone to be suspicious of Steve is ludicrous.

Steve asked Shelli to tell him if he does anything suspicious or weird.

But-2:14-HOHR-Steve asked Shelli what her approach is to picking a pawn. He asked her not to name names because he doesn't need to know. Shelli asked Steve if he has any ideas. Steve wouldn't throw out names. Steve told Shelli he thought she was going to pick Meg as a pawn. Meg comes into HOHR and Shelli asks her to wait a second. Shelli and Steve end convo and Steve leaves. Meg enters HOHR and Shelli tells her she will be right back.

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01:38 AM BBT Out in the BY James, Jayson and Da'Vonne discuss the podcast.  Da'Vonne says she picked up on the comment during the podcast in which Shelli said "Everyone deserves a second chance".  She knows Audrey isn't going to get put up.  Meanwhile Shelli looks lost in thought in the KT.  Feeds switch to Johnny in the SR saying "Liz I got you a present!"  He hands her what looks like a Swiffer Sweeper.  She calls him an A-hole.  He says nobody ever likes his gifts.  FoTH due to Meg complaining about being in DR for so long.


01:44 AM BBT Feeds back.  Jeff is telling Da'Vonne that he and Austin are saving the last night of the podcast for Da'Vonne and Johnny Mac and are going to let the rest of the HGs roast them.  Meg will need time to prepare.  Talk turns to sleeping.  They wonder when the POV ceremony will be.  James and Jeff are going to play pool.


 01:49 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the KT as some of the HGs graze.  Out on the couches in the BY Da'Vonne and Jason run scenarios for Jury.  Over at the pool table Jeff and James continue to play.  Audrey and Clay watch them.  Jackie and Meg join the couches.

01:57 AM BBT Steve wanders up to HOH to talk to Shelli.  Steve says on the patio today it was brought up that Da'Vonne would probably want to see a picture of Cadence.  Steve says Da'Vonne said she wouldn't get to see a picture in the house because she was going home.  Steve said it was in passing and nobody responded to it.  Shelli thanks him for the information.


02:03 AM Meg comes up to the HOH and Shelli asks her to give her just one moment with Steve.  Down on the couches in the BY Jackie, Da'Vonne, Becky and Jayson are discussing why or why not Shelli won't target Audrey this week.


02:07 AM BBT Shelli goes down and gets Jeff and Jason from the BY.  Becky follows them up and Shelli asks for 5 minutes.  Down in the BY Da'Vonne spots the BY empty and tells Jackie "Here we go...."  Jackie is shocked that the BY emptied as quick as it did.  Shelli tells James, Meg and Jeff that her feelings for Da'Vonne was from pre-Audrey break down.  Shelli knows who Da'Vonne is close to and she is going to put someone close to Da'Vonne up on the block next to her.  Jackie came up and was turned away.  Jackie told her that Da'Vonne saw the group and sent her up.  


02:09 AM BBT Audrey comes up and Shelli sends her away.  Shelli says it's crazy that everyone keeps coming up.  Down in the BY Jackie, Jason and Da'Vonne are discussing how annoying it is that they went up.  Jason says he'll be asking them what they were talking about later on tonight if they come outside.


02:15 AM BBT Johnny goes up to HOH and Shelli sends him away.  Clay is out of the shower in the HOH shower.  Meg and James say that 'they' suspect Da'Vonne is the target.  The question is they don't know who the person is they'll put her up against.


02:17 AM BBT Johnny wanders up to the BY group and Da’Vonne asks him if she can count on his vote.  He says yes.    Up in the HOH Meg says she’s terrified of the TWIST.  Shelli doesn’t think it’ll matter.  Brief FoTH>


02:20 AM BBT Down in the WA Becky is upset while brushing her teeth.  She's talking to Austin and Liz.  Becky said she was hoping she could get on the inside of that group by winning that HOH but clearly she's on the outside.  Becky brushes her teeth and the conversation stops because Liz heard something.  Up in the HOH Meg tells Shelli not to let her go home.


02:23 AM BBT Austin reassures Shelli that the group up in the HOH isn't tight.  He says he doesn't think all of them are going to backdoor the outsiders.  James does scare Austin because they've seen what he wears.  Up in the HOH Shelli is telling the group that she does not talk game to Audrey and usually listens to music.  She said it's not sketchy she promises.  Austin and Liz walk outside.  The HOH party breaks up.


02:27 AM Meg and James are going to go talk to Da'Vonne they knew this was going to happen.  Up in the HOH Jeff is going to go talk to Johnny.  James pulls Jason over to the hammock and explains the impromptu meeting. 


 02:31 AM BBT Da'Vonne is going to bed.  Shelli explains what she was talking to the other group about.  Shelli questions whether or not Da'Vonne sent them up to break up the meeting.  Jackie says no, Da'Vonne just pointed out that the BY emptied right after Shelli came out and talked to the guys.  Out in the BY Jason and James are talking.  Jason says he would like to try and talk to Shelli tonight.


02:43 AM BBT Da'Vonne back out into the BY on the couches with James, Clay, Meg and Jason.  Up in the HOH Shelli is pointing out that the same people keep getting put up and they have no idea who else might be talented and they might find out too late.  They all agree that BotB needs lots of pawns and that's why people keep putting them up.


02:46 AM BBT Down in the BY James said there's a hamburger on the table and he's ready to take a penalty nom/vote to eat it.  Up in the HOH Becky says Jason will be the only person effected by Da'Vonne going home.  Next week Audrey will go home.


2:50 AM BBT Da'Vonne in the KT tells Jason that she sees his face.  She repeats it (realizing that Audrey is not going up).  Up in the HOH Shelli points out that Audrey has not talked game for 7 days.  Audrey worries Becky because Becky says Audrey doesn't like her.  Idle chit chat in the BY.

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2:20-Shelli runs downstairs and gets James and Jeff. They come back up to HOHR together. Shelli proceeds to tell them she is on board to get Audrey out and isn't going back on that. She tells them long before the drama unfolded, she felt pushed away by Da.

Jackie enters room and Shelli asks her for a minute. Jackie tells them Da sent her up to see what was happening. Jackie leaves.

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2:24-HOHR-Shelli said nobody has talked to her and she assumes it's because people assumed she was backdooring Audrey. Shelli tells them it was not part of the plan for John to win POV and remove himself from block because he was the pawn. Shelli then tells them she needs to put someone up close to Da to ensure Da goes home and her only thought is Meg. She tells them she knows nobody is going to vote out Meg. Now Audrey comes up to HOHR and Shelki asks to have a minute. Shelli tells Meg how much she adores her.

2:24-HOHR-Shelli said nobody has talked to her and she assumes it's because people assumed she was backdooring Audrey. Shelli tells them it was not part of the plan for John to win POV and remove himself from block because he was the pawn. Shelli then tells them she needs to put someone up close to Da to ensure Da goes home and her only thought is Meg. She tells them she knows nobody is going to vote out Meg. Now Audrey comes up to HOHR and Shelki asks to have a minute. Shelli tells Meg how much she adores her.

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 3:00 am - 3:55 am BBT Mostly general chatting.

 3:55 am  BBT Good Morning USA! Some house guests are still up and talking. Jason is up in the HOH room crying while talking to Shelli and Clay. Shelli and Clay are trying to comfort him letting him know that he has nothing to worry about because he already has relationships in the house and he is an awesome player. Shelli told Jason that they really want to work with him. Jason continues to cry and said that he feels like he has nobody after DaVonne leaves. Shelli said that they have to be here for each other. Jason said that he can’t leave DaVonne alone while she is on the block and that he will be voting for her to stay. Shelli told Jason that she totally gets that he will be hanging out with DaVonne and voting for her.

 4:02 am  BBT Clay told Jason that he thinks he will be a better player after DaVonne is gone. Clay told Jason he has them to play the game with. Jason said that he totally gets it. Jason gave Shelli and Clay a hug and said from this point on they will talk game and as he left he shut the lights off. Shelli told Clay that she loves Jason; he is such a sweetie pie. Clay told Shelli that it made him mad that she called his relationship with her a flirt thing.

 4:06 am  BBT Shelli told Clay that she is the type of person that if she has something to say she is going to say it. Clay said that she was abrasive. Shelli is rubbing his back and telling her she didn’t mean to and she is sorry. Clay said that he told her that he is honest. Shelli said that he does not know what he is talking about.

 4:08 am  BBT In the WA we see Jeff taking a shower while Jackie, James and Meg sit on the lounge talking to him about getting to vote this week.

 4:10 am  BBT Jackie asked Jeff if they could practice his vote this week so they know what he is going to say. Jeff said that he would tell them but they are going to steal it. Jeff said that he is going to tell Julie that she looks hot. Meg said that it will not be her name that he says. Now they are talking about saying the wrong name at the vote on accident.

 4:12 am  BBT Jeff is talking about shaving his chest and decided he will do it later then he shut the water off. Jeff said that he will give the guys a kiss on the cheek but that is as far as it will go. James said that he got two kisses on the cheek one from Meg and one from Becky.

 4:14 am  BBT The WA group is now talking about the photo booth pictures and how bad they turned out. James said that he has a cut on his left butt cheek. Feeds switch to DaVonne and Jason in the BR with the lights off. Jason is still crying and DaVonne is rubbing his back. Jason told her that he does not want her to go and she has been his rock. DaVonne starts crying too and said she knows.

 4:17 am  BBT DaVonne said that these people are cowards and that she will be cheering for Jason every episode. DaVonne told Jason that he is a piece of hope and that is what kept her sane, this friendship is for life. Jason wanted to slap somebody in the mouth when Becky was telling her story about getting hit by a train and they interrupted. DaVonne told Jason to watch his back because she does not trust one person and she did not want that bitch (Shelli) to see Jason cry. Jason said that he knew what he was going to do when he was going up there.  

 4:21 am  BBT Meg walked in and sat on the bed by Jason and DaVonne. Jason said that it sucks that he just got caught crying upstairs. Jason said up until this point he was chilling and now they lit the fire. Steve walked in and said that him and John were talking about video games.

 4:24 am  BBT Meg said that it sucks that they are putting up the two closest people. BB just told Jason that the bedroom lights must remain on and Jason said why me because we are all in here. They turned the lights back on and Audrey walked in. Jason is going out to have a cigarette and shut the lights off as he was leaving. The camera follows him outside.

 4:26 am  BBT DaVonne followed Jason to the back yard and Jason is joking about why BB told him about the lights. DaVonne said that when others walked in it was awkward. Jason told DaVonne that Clay said not to worry because he will not be alone. Jason said that he can’t trust none of these people but he trusts Meg. DaVonne said that he will have to put Jeff up. Jason said that he is going to be annoying as hell saying this is for you mama Da. Jeff walked in the BY and asked if they were just chilling. Jeff joined them on the couch and said if they want him to leave to tell him.

 4:30 am  BBT Jason said that he can’t believe they did that to Meg. They could have picked anybody in here and they picked Meg. Jason is going to get Audrey’s head on a platter next week. Jason is getting cruel about what he is going to do to Audrey. Jason said that he told Shelli and Clay he gets it and he don’t hold it against them but that bitch (Audrey) he is going after. They are talking about how Audrey is laying low and will be back to her stuff after DaVonne is gone.

 4:33 am  BBT DaVonne said that putting Meg up next to her is asking her to erupt but she is not going to do that and she is going to live this shit up until Thursday period. Meg joined them on the couch in the BY and Jason told her that she knows that he will be voting against her. Meg said that she knows. DaVonne said that it is a coward move and told Meg that she is the supreme liked person in this house.

 4:36 am  BBT DaVonne said that she knew at the point when Shelli came and got the others to go upstairs what was going on. DaVonne thinks Shelli is a coward because she lied to her face and could not tell her the truth. Now the BY group is talking about Jace. Jeff is sorry that it has to be DaVonne when it should be Audrey leaving out the door. DaVonne is livid how the devil (Audrey) gets to stay.

 4:38 am  BBT In the WA James, Becky and Jackie are talking about how it sucks that DaVonne is leaving. Becky did not realize that Shelli and DaVonne were that much apart. The others did not know either. Jeff walked in the WA and James asked if everyone knows. Jeff said that everyone is outside crying and that is why he left. Jeff is telling the others what he was saying to DaVonne. The WA group doesn’t know how DaVonne found out that she was going. The others speculate that it was when they were called upstairs. James is worried that Jason knows now that he lied and they probably hate his guts. Jeff said that this a game and they have to understand they have to protect themselves.

 4:43 am  BBT James said that he can’t go outside right now because they will blast him. Jeff wonders if Shelli and Clay are up and Jackie said she don’t think so. James wants to go to the HOH room, Jackie said that she is going to bed while Jeff and James head upstairs. Shelli and Clay said whats up guys and James said that all hell is breaking outside. James said that they are trying to find out what is going on. Shelli explains everything that was said to Jason earlier.

 4:46 am  BBT Jeff thinks that Meg cracked under pressure because she was crying. Jeff said that DaVonne knew if Meg was placed against her it sealed her fate and she doesn’t understand why Audrey is not going home instead of her. Clay is explaining that it was a 50/50 chance and if Becky would have stayed HOH then Audrey would be going home. Shelli explained that Audrey was going to be a back door deal with Becky. Shelli said that she put up a strong target and next week they can get out Audrey.

 4:49 am  BBT James is explaining that they just wanted to let Shelli and Clay know what is going on outside and that everyone knows. James is worried that the others know he lied to them and he is going to have to deal with that. Clay said that it was not meant to put him in a rough spot. Jeff said that he wanted to play pool but it is so awkward because they are hanging out there. Clay told the others that DaVonne was not a sole target and then he explains what happened when Jason came up to talk to them.

 4:52 am  BBT Jason and DaVonne are still in the BY on the couch talking about how the others are cowards. Jason said that he told the others the schedule too many times. DaVonne told Jason not to tell them anymore how to study or anything. DaVonne said that she knew James knew because he could not look her in the face then we get FotH.

 4:55 am  BBT Jason told DaVonne that they told him they will pull him in after DaVonne is gone and he knows their game. Jason said if they want him to be an Andy he will be in everyone’s alliance. DaVonne told Jason not to shed one more tear and Jason said that he won’t. DaVonne said that he is trying to stay positive and something is going to happen with this last laugh thing. Feeds switch to the WA where Jeff, James and Meg are. Meg asked where they were at. Meg is explaining that DaVonne is not mad at them at all she knows that it is Shelli and Clay doing it.

 4:58 am  BBT Meg explains to James that they are just upset at how it is being done. James wants to go and talk to DaVonne. Meg told him no to let them have their moment and he is not in their thing. James asked Meg if she would crack under pressure and she does not know what he is talking about. James said that he knew that DaVonne knew when she had tears in her eyes. James asked Meg how far she wants to go in the game and Meg said all the way. James told her to get ready for some more tears then. Meg told James not to question how far she wants to go. Meg thinks that it is going to make her a target going on the block. James said that she had no choice and it was Shelli’s plan.

 5:04 am  BBT Shelli and Clay are in the HOH room with the lights back off and Shelli is going through explaining all of the boyfriends that she had then we get FotH again.

 5:05 am  BBT Feeds are back showing all four in the WA with Jeff, Meg and James. Jeff is eating something while talking about allegiances. Meg asked Jeff what he is freaking about. Jeff said he is not freaking out about anything. James is freaking out about who will go after Audrey.

 5:07 am  BBT In the BY Jason and DaVonne are still talking while DaVonne is rubbing Jason’s back. They wonder who will be up watching the feeds right now. Jason said that he would be. DaVonne said why and told us to take our ass to bed (we would if they would).

 5:09 am  BBT DaVonne told Jason that he is going to last until the end and nobody will remember this week. All feeds switch to the WA with Jeff, James and Meg. They are talking about going to sleep and its 5am. The feeds switch back to Jason and DaVonne in the BY and Jason is crying again. DaVonne told him that he will be okay. Jason is worried about something that he said on the live feeds and it will be on the internet forever.

 5:13 am  BBT DaVonne told Jason to watch them. Jason said that GinaMarie’s ass needs to go. DaVonne said that she wishes she was in there. DaVonne told him not to talk about her going so he doesn’t drag it out. DaVonne wishes Becky would have put her up. DaVonne said that she was pissed when she (?) got houseguests choice. DaVonne said when she pulled Steve’s name out her heart crumbled. Now they are talking about other seasons of BB.

 5:16 am  BBT Back in the WA Jeff told James and Meg that there are a lot of weird bromances in this season. Jeff said that they are confusing themselves and they cannot keep attacking one girl. Clay keeps butting in and Jeff is going to have to talk to Clay. Meg said that Clay is trying to work her and it is not going to happen. Jeff and James are teasing Meg. James and Jeff are teasing Meg about kissing.

 5:21 am  BBT DaVonne and Jason are still in the BY. DaVonne hates to leave but it is kind of going to be good to go because she has been tip toeing around, she has to smile in peoples face that she don’t like. DaVonne wishes they had a room with a boxing ring and she would fight everyone because she isn’t scared of anybody.

 5:25 am  BBT Jason is still worried about something that he said and he thinks BB is going to hate him now. DaVonne said that she was in her bed trying not to cry she wanted to wait until Thursday and when she leaves the house Jason is the only person that she is hugging and she has no other friends in this house. DaVonne said that she knows that Julie is going to ask her what happened DaVonne said that she will tell her that those people are cowards.

 5:28 am  BBT In the WA Jeff, James and Meg are still talking about the game and the weeks coming up. Jeff said that the order of eviction has to be Audrey, Austin and then Vanessa. Meg said that if one of them win HOH next week should they waste it on Audrey. Jeff and James both tell her yes. James said that they could get Vanessa and Austin out by using Audrey as a vote.  Jeff said that we all saw Audrey goes after the people in her own alliance so they can’t trust her. Meg thinks they should get Vanessa out because Austin is not that smart. Meg thinks Shelli has a relationship with Vanessa. Jeff feels like Austin is a wild card and don’t know what he will do. James said that Austin forgot to give his girlfriend a shout out and they had to remind him. Jeff said that he thinks about his girlfriend before his mom sometimes. James is going to bed for real this time.

 5:36 am  BBT In the BY DaVonne told Jason that she has told everyone to look out after him after she is gone because everyone will try to jump on him like leaches then we get FotH.

 5:39 am  BBT DaVonne said that she is probably going to hear it from America because she did not have anything nice to say about Audrey and Steve. DaVonne told BB they need to turn the music up every day until she is gone. DaVonne keeps repeating that she could not fall asleep because she is pissed. Jason asked what he is going to say to the others and DaVonne told him he does not owe nobody any explanation.

 5:43 am  BBT DaVonne said that she don’t want BB airing her with the scarf on her head and told Jason that he needs to get some sleep.

 5:44 am  BBT In the WA Jeff and James are looking in the toilet because there is a condom and tampon in there and Jeff said that he is not touching it. Meg said that it is 9am east coast time and her parents are probably watching. Jason and DaVonne walk in the house and head to bed.

 5:47 am  BBT Jason said goodnight and see them in about an hour. Jeff is flossing his teeth while Meg sits on the couch in the WA asking Jeff why he was freaking out earlier. Jeff said that he was not freaking out earlier. Jeff and Meg are talking about all the guys growing beards. Jeff and Meg head to bed.

 5:51 am  BBT All four feeds are showing sleeping house guests so it looks like the BB house will be quiet for awhile. 

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6:50 am BBT All is still quiet in the BB house with everyone sleeping.

7:15 am BBT While the house guests are still sleeping here is a recap: Shelli is HOH and she put John and DaVonne on the block. John won the PoV and will be taking himself down. Shelli will be putting Meg up against DaVonne on the block because she is the most likable person and no one will vote against her. (Except for Jason who will vote for Mama Day).  Shelli told Meg that she is going up as a replacement and now DaVonne and Jason believe that it seals DaVonnes fate that she is going home.   

7:50 am BBT The BB house is still quiet with all of the house guests still sleeping. There have not been any phone calls in the BB house yet. Who is anxiously waiting for them to start?

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8:25 am BBT There is nothing going on in the BB house, the house guests are still sleeping.

8:50 am BBT The house guests are sleeping sound except for DaVonne who is tossing and turning quite a bit.

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9:32 AM The feeds go off and i believe it's wake up time .

9:43 AM We see Vanessa  , Jason ,John and Steve in the BY talking while Jason smokes.

9:46 AM We see Meg walking to the bathroom .

9:48 AM We see Audrey walking to the SR and getting new batteries and going back to BR.

9:56AM We see Austin brushing his teeth in the bathroom  and now we see see Julia brushing her teeth to and now we see da also washing her hands.

9:59AM Now we see Meg ,Clay , Jason , Vanessa , John and Steve in the backyard talking about Meg's evicton speech in the backyard.

10:00 AM Jeff walks into the backyard wondering what's going on .

10:03 AM They are back in the CBR in bed.

10:08 AM da and jason are in the backyard  talking.

10:14 AM Everybody is laying down in the CBR


10:25 AM Nothing good has happened .


10:51AM We see Meg and Clay in the KR talking and now shelli just walked in .


10:56 AM Meg , Shelli and Clay talking about cold showers in the KR.


11:32 The feeds go off and it's time for the twist or POV Cermony.

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9:01am BBT: All HG still sleeping.

 9:29am BBT: All HG still sleeping.

 9:33am BBT: WE have FOTH maybe a wake up call.

9:43am BBT: Vanessa, John, Steve and Jason in the BY talking about what time everyone went to bed lastnight.

 9:48am BBT: Steve says yesterday he only ate slop once and he had like 4 protein shakes. Jason says  that the slop does not agree with him and Meg at all.

9:51am BBT: Meg comes outside to warm up saying that room is so cold in there. Jason says it is so cold in there. Meg puts her feet in the hot tub and says this feels so good. John is called to the DR. Austin is up changing his batteries.

9:54am BBT: Austin doing ADL's . HG getting up to change batteries and use the WC. Jason watching Meg sit in the hot tub.

 9:57am BBT: Clay goes out to the BY and sits by the hot tub talking to Meg. Meg tells him she is warming up in here so she can get a cold shower soon.

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10:04am BBT: Austin has gone back to bed and Vanessa has gone back to bed  with Liz in the comic rm. Meg and Jason are still in the BY.

10:13am BBT: Jason and DA talking on the BY couches. DA says I seen Clay out here  talking to ya'll and  thought coward. Meg is laying on a lounger and says she called Clay out for trying to butter me up. Jason says he was trying to cover you in honey.

10:20am BBT: Jason and DA still talking in the BY about the nominations and DA says she wanted to trust john so bad till he threw that comp. She says i was literally carrying him.

10:23am BBT: DA says that was an easy competition and once i figured out they was gunning for me i froze up.

10:28am BBT: Jason says he is going to go make a protein shake and ask Meg if she wants one she  says no thank you and continues talking to John.

10:35am BBT: Liz in the KT getting coffee, Clay is eating and meg is fixing to make some slop. Jason and DA in the BY talking general talk.

10:45am BBt: Liz and Meg in the WA talking about drinking and going to the jury house. Meg says she needs to shower and become a human being again. Clay is in the KT getting coffee.DA and Jason are still in the BY repeating themselves.

10:51am BBT: Shelli and Clay in the KT reading the label on  the yogurt container she got in her hoh basket. Audrey is up and getting clothes to wear today. 

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10:55AM BBT Jason is smoking and John is sitting on the hammock in the BY. Meg, Shelli,and Clay are talking in the KT. 

10:59AM BBT Clay, Jason and Shelli are talking in the BY. Da'Vonne is getting ready in the WA. Jason said he doesn't want another athletic HOH.
11:03AM BBT Meg is in the shower. Clay, Jason and Shelli are still talking in the BY. 
11:06AM BBT Only Clay and Shellie are talking in the BY. Then FOTH.
11:13AM BBT Austin is making breakfast in the KT. Shelli and Clay are talking the BY
11:20AM BBT Liz and Audrey are talking about what time they went to bed.
11:22AM BBT Liz said "it going to a long 4 days". Audrey agress. James join their conversation.
11:17AM BBT Audrey is putting on sunscreen and is talking to Liz. Everyone else in the WA
11:20AM BBT Liz and Audrey are talking about what time they went to bed.
11:26 AM BBT Jason joins Liz and Audrey conversation. Most of the house is in the KT
11:39AM BBT There a recap going on. Hosted by Jeff Schroeder.
11:46AM BBT The recap is still going. 
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1:02pm BBT: Audrey's in KT making a pita pocket sandwich. Vanessa is in there too making a banana egg omelet. asking who left eggs on the floor, it drives her nuts. Liz is also In KT askin what Vanessa is making, Vanessa is asking Audrey if she wants to try some eggs and she said sure she'd be interested in trying it.

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 12:32pm-12:40pm  BBT: Feeds are back with DA saying I need you. in the STR then she goes to the KT making a drink. Jeff is taking trash out. In the BY Jason, Clay, Audrey are talking general talk. In the WA is Jeff and Steve talking as Steve goes to the WC. DA goes to the BY and says she was dumb. everyone is silent.Liz is in the comic rm in bed  with Vanessa  and Becky and Jackie talking about what the HOh comp might be Thursday night. James goes to the HNR and Meg is laying in her chair. James says we have 2 more days.

12:45pm BBT: Da sitting at the pool talking to Steve and we get Jeffs reels again.

12:53pm BBT: Meg and James in the HNR talking about campaigning. In the BY Jason is smoking on the couches  while talking to Austin about how hot it is outside. DA is sitting in silence. Back in the HNR Meg says her backs hurts so bad  then says she is hungry. James tells her to go eat.

 1:00pm BBT: BB calls DA to the DR. James says in the HNR that Audrey  is probably the saboteur or they are asking her about the nominees. If she wins HOH she is coming after me with a vengeance. 

 1:03pm BBT: Jason and Jeff are playing pool in the BY as Clay watches and they are talking about  going to the panhandle. Audrey, Liz and Vanessa in the KT. Liz ask  Vanessa what she is making and she says an omelet.

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1:07pm BBT: all cameras are on FOTH

1:07pm BBT: Austin in BY working out Jeff and Clay playing pool, discussing how Austin should have been a go go dancer and how much they make. Austin said out here they make 500 a night.

1:09pm BBT: Austin saying how he used to work out 2 hours straight and thinks he was probably overtraining BC here he does 30 here and there and feels better. Jeff says yes you were def over training

1:12pm BBT: Meg is in the KT complaining that she can't get any sleep in the have not room it's so uncomfortable..she asked Vanessa what she's cooking and again Vanessa explain that she's making eggs with bananas and cinnamon and offers some to Meg and Meg says I wish and Vanessa says oh my gosh I'm so sorry I forgot you were on slop

1:13pm BBT: Steve is now in KT with the girls discussing the Chinese food from the other night. Audrey wants to know if he thinks they will get it again. Maybe weekly. Steve says I wish, I would love some Chinese food.

1:15pm BBT: Vanessa give Audrey her egg and says you don't have to eat it if you don't like it. Audrey tries it and says omg this is so good and Vanessa says I know right, why isn't the whole world eating this!

1:17pm BBT: Jason enters KT, Vanessa's telling Jason that she's going to make him when the eggs once he's off a slob and Jason says he wouldn't throw up right now

1:18pm BBT: Megan and Jason are in the have-nots room discussing how uncomfortable the dental chair is Meg saying that she can sleep. Pretty much anywhere we just cannot sleep in this chair.

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 1:10pm BBT: Audrey says she did say she was going to workout tonight so she says I will do it. She then tells Vanessa that she has never seen anyone eat a banana omelet before. Vanessa says it is really good. Meg comes in the KT and Audrey ask how she is feeling and she says ok.

1:21pm BBT: Vanessa and DA hug in the KT and Vanessa says she knows it is hard. DA thanks her and they head outside.James and Meg still in HNR talking general talk. Vanessa and Shelli are in the HOH rm and Vanessa says she just wanted to say it was hard doing that and she respects her. then we get FOTH.

 1:27pm BBT: Austin,Shelli, Liz, Steve in the KT getting a lesson from Vanessa how to make a banana omelet. In the HNR Jason,Meg, James and Da are talking about Meg being on the block and Meg says Come on Kathy Griffin do something for me.

1:31pm BBT: Jason talking about the  coup-da-ta and how Jordan cried all week when Jeff had it. Meg leaves the room. Da says she thought James was going to cry when Meg was put up then laughs. In the KT talk is about food and Steve says he has never seen people eat fruits with cottage cheese.

1:37pm BBT: Jason says when he went  for his background check he did not think they would let him on this show but they did. James says hear that America we are not perfect so if you see anything out there  and we get FOTH.

 1:45pm BBT: Audrey is in the hoh rm talking to Jeff. Jeff says he does not know where Steve is he just never knows where he is at. Audrey says he just likes to listen to people and he is one of them people if he gets to far. Jeff says yeah he is going to start dominating the house. Jeff then says alot of people  are dominating but  Steve is on my radar.

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4:00 BBT  Da'vonne and Jason are in backyard discussing the difference in the two Liz's.  Day knows they are different.  She said the one last night was the nice one and the one today is not.  Also, she recognizes the hair roots are different on the two which is why the one today is wearing a hat.  Jason says he is going to start watching every time she is called to the diary room.  Day says their noses and eyes are different.  Day wants to ask her to retell the funny story about running out on a date by saying she didn't hear the whole thing.


4:30pm BBT  Day and Jason still talking about the twins. Jason says they should make everyone stand next to their picture. Now they say one's voice is deeper than the other also.  Day went to the Journal room and said she is frustrated by not having control. 

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2:56 PM BBT In the HOHR, Shelli, Jeff & Meg are goofing around talking. Shelli says, it was so crazy that Meg kissed James on the cheek. Meg says, he was so going for it. Jeff asks Meg, if they can just full on make out in front of James today? Meg tells him that he has sunscreen all over his face. Jeff says, he hates them for not telling him. Meg says, Shelli is just too nice to tell him. Shelli says, it's hard to run things in to his scruff. Jeff goes in the HOHR WA to take care of it.


2:58 PM BBT Meg says, Da'Vonne is o.k. & she thinks Steve hates her. Shelli asks why he would hate her? She says, she doesn't know. Jeff says, that Steve told Meg she's cute not pretty. Shelli says, he's extremely wrong, because she's very pretty. Shelli says, she thinks everyone goes in the cheese room to talk. Jeff, Shelli & Meg all want to sleep in the purple room. Jeff says, he's not sleeping very well. Shelli says it's because he doesn't have Jeff. Shelli says, today is Monday, July 6, 2015 & is Day 19. Meg says, nice.


3:01 PM BBT Shelli said day 19, not 16. Meg tells Jeff, she needs him to massage her neck later. Jeff says, o.k. we'll have to do that in private later. Meg says, Austin already did it, & James failed miserably. Shelli says, James legit has a crush on her. Jeff says, he can't make James jealous. Shelli says, Jeff may have a crush to. Meg calls Jeff a school boy.


3:02 PM BBT Jeff says, the guys are going a little crazy though. He says, he's never been in a group of guys that hit on each other this much. Meg says, or paints their nails. Shelli says, they just don't have anything to do. Shelli says, James' toenails still have pink polish on them. Jeff tells the girls that he thinks Austin is going to kill him, because he was massaging Liz. Jeff says, Austin's massages are deep tissue like crazy. They all continue to talk about how their backs, neck & spine get messed up in the house when they sleep. Jeff gets under the covers in the HOHR bed, because it's so cold in there. Shelli tells Jeff he needs socks. He says, he's only found one.


3:05 PM BBT Meg asks Jeff why he has his sunglasses on inside? He says, because he wants to be like Audrey. Jeff says, Vanessa & Audrey do love their sunglasses. Shelli says, Vanessa's a D.J., so she probably wears them for her job. Jeff says, only if you're on Molly all the time. Shelli didn't understand what he said. He explained it again, & she understood then. They all say, they need to make sure they have a pair of the BB sunglasses in their bags to go home with. Meg says, they may get broke. They talk about the 24 hours they had to do everything. They are all excited for a new week. Meg says, she's ready for Thursday.


3:08 PM BBT Jeff says, everyone should have the same target next week, & if they don't, they will be the next target for him. Meg says, "O.K., hot pants." Jeff asks her if that's his new nickname from her? She says, it's because of the outfits yesterday. Jeff tells Meg she needs to get with James. Jeff asks her why she won't give him a chance? She says, James says he's too old for her. Jeff says, Becky only dates 51-year-old guys. Shelli asks why? Jeff says, she did. He says, she only dates basketball players, they have to be 6 foot 6 inches tall, & she doesn't date black guys. They all discuss how tall Austin is, & that he is white. BB says, HG's sleeping is only permitted in the BR's. Meg says, John & Becky have a little flirtmance going on. Jeff says, I just hope he's been blessed. Meg asks why he says that? Jeff says, he believes in proportions, & there has to be a reason Becky chooses they guys she does.


3:15 PM BBT Jeff says, they need to stay tuned to the podcast tonight. Meg says, to give it up. Jeff says, her & James need to do a follow-up. Shelli tells Jeff, that he's really good at the podcasts. Jeff says, he may need to do that when he gets out of the BB house. Shelli says, that she just realized it's a Jeff & Austin podcast & they aren't really besties. Jeff says, he should fire Austin & get Clay to do it. Meg says, she missed it last night, because she was in the DR forever. Shelli says, she missed a night. Jeff says, tonight is the last night.


3:17 PM BBT Jeff, Meg & Shelli continue to talk about John & Becky with the possibility they may BB date. Jeff says, guys get weirded out girls talk about being a gold digger. He says, it's a huge turn-off, & it's a character killer. Jeff says, you see older, ugly, busted dudes with younger girls, & you know those girls are so shallow. Jeff says, in his small town, girls aren't like that. He says, small town girls aren't like that. Jeff says, if he was a girl, he would want a guy that has his sh** together & has money also. He says, they don't have to be loaded, but you don't want to be eating Ramen Noodles all day.


3:20 PM BBT Shelli talks about a guy she dated that was in the restaurant business. She says, the owners have no life, except their restaurants. Jeff says, he doesn't want to put a date on it, but he would like to be married by age 35. Shelli says, you don't want to put an age on it, but he's already in his job. Jeff says, he had a girlfriend that was pushing him in a direction he wasn't interested in. He says, not to say she's superficial, but she wanted a million dollar lifestyle. He says, he may not see that in sales in his 20's or early 30's. He says, it may not even be in his late 30's or early 40's.


3:23 PM BBT Jeff says, he gets upset with his chick friends that want the loaded guy, because they say if they are broke & going to cheat on her, then they can be rich & cheat. He says, that's so not right. Jeff says, he was with his last girlfriend for 4 years, & they've been broke up almost 1 1/2 years now. Shelli asks what she thinks about him being on TAR & now BB? Jeff clears his throat, & says he needs to take allergy medicine. He says, he needs to stop taking puffs on Jason's cigarettes.


3:26 PM BBT Jeff says, he & his ex-girlfriend actually did a video together to be on TAR. The girls give him a hard time over it. Clay comes in the HOHR. He explains the video he made was good, but they didn't get selected, because the video was 1 week to late. He says, he was told to try again the following year. He says, they broke up like 4 months later, & he's going on with his normal life. He says, he had lunch at Hooters, & had beer at work on Friday's. The camera view switches to Liz laying out on the hammock in the BY. All cams on her at the moment.


3:31 PM BBT Austin is by Liz in the BY, & asks why they are locking them down? He says, that's soo weird. Liz says, at least it's nice outside. He says, yes it is, it's not that bad actually. Austin is stretching by the hammock, & then walks around. He says, there's no working out now. You can hear someone break the pool balls on the pool table, but all 4 camera view on on the full hammock, & then 2 different angles of Liz laying out on the hammock.


3:35 PM BBT Two of the camera views switch to the couches in the BY. Jackie says, she's hungry, but they probably won't let her in the SR. Jason, Da'Vonne, Jackie, James & Meg are by the couches talking about food. Jackie gets up & walks away, as James says, he smells corn chips. Da'Vonne says, it might be the tuna. James says, no, he was just trying to say it was Meg's feet. James says, he doesn't know how he's going to sleep on a regular bed now, after being in the dentist chair, because he's used to it. He talks about how comfortable Da'Vonne was the night she wasn't a HN anymore. She says, it was the best.


3:38 PM BBT Liz puts a hat on her head to get the sun out of her eyes. We see FOTH for a moment. We think BB is setting up the phone inside for this weeks BB Takeover. Da'Vonne tells Jason that she thinks the Twin Twist is Liz. She says, it's obvious. Jason asks, could it be triplets? He says, that's what the internet was saying. Jason says, she's definitely more friendly to him on some days, then others. Da'Vonne says, one looks like a cartoon character, & the other one doesn't. Jason says, he specifically asked her about the cartoon character reference, & she acted like she didn't know what he was talking about. Da'Vonne says, as soon as the lockdown is over, she's going to the Journal Room.


3:44 PM BBT Da'Vonne thinks the twist is for the first person to come to the DR to tell them who the twin is. Jason says, one of them acts more hooder than the other. He says, like last night when she says, "F*** that noise." He says, he definitely didn't expect that. Da'Vonne says, the one last night was definitely more friendly than now. Jason says, they use sun glasses a lot. Jason says, that's probably why she's only getting close to one person. Da'Vonne says, it could explain that day she told her she threw a pillow at her, & she acted like she didn't remember it, & then she said she did. Jason wonders when they are doing the switching out, & how often they actually do it.


3:47 PM BBT Jason asks where they would be the twins memory wall picture up when she comes in the house? Da'Vonne says, she doesn't know, her or Jace could be erased. She says, but maybe not hers, if she's the one that discovers the chick. They discuss the key holes next to the pictures on the memory wall. BB tells Liz to please not obstruct her microphone. Da'Vonne says, Liz is wearing that hat, because she has more of her roots showing than the other one. Jason says, she didn't see anyone from her group. Da'Vonne says, she wants her to come over their so he can see how thin her face is. Jason says, he can tell from there, it's definitely thinner.


3:50 PM BBT Da'Vonne tells Jason he almost wants him to go lay in the hammock with her, to take her glasses off, & look at her face. Jason says, her voice is still raspy. Da'Vonne thought with her wearing her hair back, that she just looks skinnier, but the other twin messed up, putting her hair up, & her face was still the same. Da'Vonne asks Jason if the DR will tell her? He says, no.


3:51 PM BBT Jason tells Da'Vonne that when the BB Twin Twist was done before, it was if they were evicted before a certain point, the other one could play. Jason says, he's going to start watching when Liz goes to the DR, to see if they switch. He says, he's going to watch her booty also. He says, she was doing something with her clothes earlier, & now she's talking about doing laundry. He wonders if it's that one twin is in sequester, & they have to give them outfits. Jason says, a set of camera's are on them now (Liz & Austin).


3:54 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, Liz has to get her time. Jason says, it has to be one of those two for sure (Liz or Austin). Jason says, they seemed to be interested in him saying, 5 is his favorite, 5 is his favorite


3:56 PM BBT Jason says, they are out. Da'Vonne says, yes. Austin is telling Liz about muslims regaining the holy land. Da'Vonne tells Jason that Clay wears the same d*** shorts everyday. She says, they probably stink. She says, look at them, king & queen on the thrown, look at this sh**. Da'Vonne tells Jason, if that's something that comes on later on, to hold on to it. Jason says, for sure, you know I ain't going to forget it. Jason says, in that season they had 2 twins that were twins also. He says, they were Diane & Drew. He says, we have that as well, Jeff & Shelli.


3:59 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, it's ironic to have 2 sets of twins in the house, when there is a set of twins in the house. Jason says, the other seasons twins weren't identical, but they were close enough to pass off. Jason says, it goes in with the T her heard about Secrets & Lies. Da'Vonne says, she needs to wash off the make-up off her face, she doesn't know how girls do it. She says, Jackie wakes up with make-up on her face. Jason says, Jackie has to probably wear it, because she keeps getting fired & rehired at her job, because she's the sexy club dancing chick, & can't get caught without it on her face.


4:02 PM BBT Jason says, he doesn't know if she'll get a secret power for figuring that out. She says, she doesn't know, but she's going to try. Jason asks Meg how she feels, & calls her Sleeping Beauty. He tells her she was out for a minute, not a hot minute, but a few minutes. Becky goes to the mini fridge & gets something to drink, & walks away. Jason says, it's really a shame that Liz isn't up on the block, because they could use this as leverage. Meg says, her hands & arms feel like pins & needles.


4:04 PM BBT Meg says, she's never been able to run. Jason asks her, didn't she play Field Hockey? She says, yes, but you stop so much, that you don't have to be a very good runner. She was definitely in the slow pack when they trained. Meg says, this lockdown has been long. Jason says, he's seen them on the live feeds when they've been like 3 or 4 hours. He says, Brittany complained that they were going to give them heat stroke. Da'Vonne asks about the live feed camera's. Jason says, it's 4 angles with 2 views. Jason tells Da'Vonne where all the cameras are. He thinks they are on Shelli & Clay by the pool, & on Austin & Liz on the hammock. He says, they seem to be the most involved conversations right now. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Jason keeps talking about the camera views, & that the pool table is shot through the windows.


4:08 PM BBT Jason says, a lot of people seem to be sleeping. He says, it's not like Jeff needs more sun, he's over there laying out. Jason says, he's cheeks are nasty. He says, his ears haven't gotten any better. He has Da'Vonne feel his left ear. He says, he has cystic acne. He says, they are deep in his skin. He says, you can pop them, but you have to wait until they get really big. He says, it's like having a boil. He say's he has one on the back of his right ear. He says, that's why he went to the Dermatologist. He says, the topical treatments haven't worked. He says, he's going to have to get the pill form after he leaves the BB house, which is probably Accutane. He says, he brought all this make-up with him, but he doesn't really care now that he's there. He lights a cigarette.


4:13 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, come over her girl (referring to Liz). She tells Jason, she wants him to see her face. He says, "Oh, I will, they don't switch them out that frequently." Jason asks how long she was in there? Da'Vonne says, she doesn't remember. Jason says, imagine if there are two pairs. Da'Vonne says, she can not believe that it took this long to figure this out about this girl. Jason says, they do look different. Jason says, which one do you think is in the photo? Da'Vonne says, she thinks the photo is compressed. She thinks the one that was in the HN BR was Liz. Jason asks if there was a comp in between? Da'Vonne says, the Veto comp was there. Jason says, they switched like every 4 days in BB 5, & then they made it shorter. Da'Vonne says, the thicker one came on set with Jason. Jason says, yeah, because she's the more friendly one of them. He says, she thinks she's really on to something here. Da'Vonne says, she could need a big nap, or really have some tea brewing.


4:17 PM BBT Jason says, how can you bait her to tell the story about the date again? Da'Vonne says, she's going to just ask her. Jason says, was that last night or the night before? Da'Vonne says, it was last night, because the other one said it. Jason says, he likes that one better. Jason tells Da'Vonne that they probably won't take the picture off the memory wall, because they need those up there for the face morphing competition. Jason says, BB can put a key in the hole, & put 2 smaller pictures up there if they both play. Da'Vonne says, she's going straight to the memory wall to look at the picture again, to see if it's morphed. She says, one of them has green eyes, & the other ones eyes are more grey.


4:20 PM BBT Steve walks over to the mini fridge to get something to drink. Da'Vonne tells him, she needs some good vibes, & asks him what he thinks will happen on Thursday. He says, his best guess is that they will all be surprised. Steve says, in BB 14 they hit the reset button, & redid the whole week. He says, it may come out before people even vote. Da'Vonne says, "Thanks Steve." She gives him a high-five & he walks away. Da'Vonne says, "If I stay in this house, I can't wait to see the look on their faces, it will be priceless." Jason agrees.


4:23 PM BBT Jason says, last season was supposed to be the most twisted season ever, but he thinks that the best twists are the ones that they don't know about. He says, they have twins, they have people lying about their occupation, & they probably have an America's Player. Da'Vonne asks about the live feeders voting. Jason tells her what all the previous votes have been in the past seasons. Da'Vonne says, this game would have went totally different. Jason says, they would be sitting there chilling. Jason says, these two (Clay & Shelli) look like they are on a Caleb & Amber date. He says, it might be the same chairs from last season. Da'Vonne says, Vanessa is looking straight at them. Jason says, she can't see him, & then she moved & could see him.


4:26 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, she wants Jason to see her face already. He says, maybe they can get everyone to go by there pictures, & make the same face that they have in their pictures. Da'Vonne gives an exact impression of Liz, saying, Oh my gosh, I don't know. Jason tries to imitate her, but doesn't do as good a job. Jason talks about some people being risk takers in their normal jobs. Da'Vonne says, she was writing today about normally being in control in her daily life, & she's having a problem in the BB house, not being able to control things.


4:28 PM BBT Jason tells Da'Vonne that Liz' voice does sound differently some times. Da'Vonne says, this twin’s voice is a little deeper. They are talking about all of this with Meg & James sleeping on the other couch in the BY.


4:29 PM BBT Da'Vonne asks Jason what Liz said about her siblings? Jason says, he can't remember what everyone said about their siblings. Jason says, he can't even remember Da'Vonne's last name is. She tells him, it's Rogers. They go over the counting of everything in the house. Da'Vonne says, you have to count them every day. Da'Vonne says, she didn't count the yellow ones though. Jason says, the ones on the day bed are a different type of yellow. Da'Vonne has a feeling they will be asked about the pillows. Jason says, some of the pillows have been moved because of the HN's, & some may be in the HN BR. Jason asks how many pieces of driftwood there are? She says, she doesn't know.


4:32 PM BBT Jackie goes by the couches & tells Da'Vonne & Jason that she's going to volunteer to be a HN next week. Da'Vonne asks her, if it's to get it out of the way? Jackie says, yes. Jason says, Shelli can for sure go on slop next week, & there will be no more HOH showers for her. He says, she's too comfortable in that bed, & he won't even let her upstairs if he's up there. Jason says, Clay is laying out in the sun again. Jason says, Meg is going to have pins & needles in her other arm now also. Da'Vonne tells Jason to take a nap on the couch while he can. He says, he only sleeps 3 - 4 hours a night away, & he creeps around the rest of the time.


4:36 PM BBT Jason tells them that his dad wondered why he never brought anyone home with him. He says, he told his dad he only has a twin bed. He says, the next day his dad got him a full bed. He says, he told his dad, he's still not bringing any girls home. He says, sh**, I never brought any guys home, & I've never even had sex in my own d*** bed.


4:37 PM BBT Liz goes to the mini fridge to get something to drink. Da'Vonne asks her to see her sunglasses. She says, they are fake Rayban's. She gets yellow Gatorade & water, she says, the Gatorade is her favorite. She walks away. Becky is sitting on a pillow on the ground. Jason says, they have to be fixing something. Da'Vonne says, there's nothing broken. Becky says, she's noticed about 15 or so lights out in the house. Jason says, he wonders if they fixed the one they watched blow out. Da'Vonne asks Jackie if what she ate was good? She says, no, she was hungry, & now she's even more hungry.


4:40 PM BBT They discuss whether they can play Patty Cake, because someone owns that song. He says, it's like Happy Birthday. He says, the person that made the song probably died about 40 years ago, & now their families are loaded. Jason starts talking about his vintage things he has. He says, he wore a Cardigan clip & clip-on earrings together. He says, he loves thrift stores, & the things you can find there. Becky says, she likes thrift stores also, but won't get earrings. Jason says, yes, they were someone's earrings, but they are going in his collar. He says, he doesn't even have his ears pierced. Becky says, she doesn't even wear earrings. Da'Vonne says, she loves her earrings.


4:43 PM BBT Becky says, she couldn't imagine sleeping on the airplane chairs for 3 weeks in a row. She says, she doesn't think anyone in the house would do that to anyone. Jason says, if he's up there Audrey is definitely going to be a HN (not Shelli). Jackie says, she eats a lot. She says, she wants to do it though. Jason says, a good group would be Jackie, John, Jeff & Audrey. He says, Jeff might be a farter on it. Jason says, it makes you mad gassy. He says, everyone probably farts in the DR.


4:46 PM BBT BB tells Jason, he's not allowed to talk about production. He says, they started slop in Season 7. He says, the HN BR started in Season 11. They try to figure out what Season 11's HN BR was like. They figure out Season 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17. Jason asks Steve to come over, because he has a BB question. He asks Steve what the HN BR was in Season 11. He says, it was the flat metal beds, kind of like Season 13, but they weren't padded.


4:49 PM BBT Jason says, they are lucky to have individual chairs this year. He says, at least it's not like last year's ice beds. Becky says, she's already having problems with her back, & she can't work out. She doesn't know what she'll do if she's a HN next week. Jason says, next weeks comp won't be a physical comp. Jason tells them about other comps from previous seasons.


4:51 PM BBT Jason says, they will probably be dressed up this week, so it might be a crap shoot. Jackie says, she could have done the puzzle in her heals. Jason says, he's sure she could have. He says, she could have gone all the way to the ground in a dress. Steve wonders what's going on? Jason says, Becky thinks it might be the light bulbs, because there were about 15 light bulbs out. Steve says, it wouldn't take that long to just replace light bulbs. Jason says, it could just be miscellaneous repairs. They talk about having to go to the bathroom. They have a port-a-potty to use outside. Jason says, it might not be open, so they don't use it as a jack-shack. Steve says, he doesn't know what that means, but can only guess. Jason explains it more, & then he gets it. Steve says, he wants Chinese food when he's not a HN anymore. He says, Meg wants hoagies or ginders, from where he's from. He wonders what James would want.


4:55 PM BBT Meg & James wake up, & Jason tells them they've been out for a while. Jason says, they can walk into a laser light show, & Kathy Griffin can be in there with teddy bears. Jason says, they filled the house with balloons, & Spencer won from popping the balloons. Everyone is wanting to go inside already. Meg doesn't want to use the port-a-potty. Jason says, they don't hear anything going on inside, so they probably aren't building a luxury comp. Meg says, she has to go to the bathroom so bad it hurts. Jason offers to go see if the potty is open. Meg asks if they can hear her that she has to go to the bathroom? Jason says, they can hear everything you say. Meg says, "Please BB, I have to use the bathroom." Da'Vonne says, they may have forgot about them. Meg says, they didn't tell them how long it would be, so she didn't go. Jason says, maybe they are doing so many repairs they didn't have an exact times. James tells her to just pee on the walls. Jason says, he or James would do it.


4:59 PM BBT Jason starts to tell a story about someone he had to drive home when he was 16, because she was so drunk, & gets cut off, because we see FOTH.


5:00 PM BBT Feeds come back with Meg still talking about her having to use the bathroom. Jason says, it's probably the cleanest port-a-potty they've ever seen. They continue to talk about protein shakes & the port-a-potty. We see FOTH again.


5:04 PM BBT When feeds come back, James says, you people may want to let them go to the bathroom, because it's about X-rated out here. Jason asks Da'Vonne if she has laundry to do? She says, no. Jason says, he may have a little to do. Liz says, she has laundry to take out. Jason & James walk away from the couches. James says, what's up to Becky? Austin says, they give them to much ice cream & too much candy. Austin asks why that's part of the shopping list, it's not Halloween? Clay says, he's tired, & Shelli says, she is also. Austin says, he was up until about 4 a.m. Clay says, they were up until like 6 a.m. Austin says, if he sees the sun come up he starts to panic. Clay says, he does also. James is walking around the BY in a hoodie. Meg comes out of the port-a-potty, & says she was about to burst. She tells someone else where the key is to the port-a-potty. Clay & Shelli talk about yogurt. Shelli tells Clay, she eats it every day. Clay asks Becky if her back is still hurting? She says, yes. He tells her, she's walking like it does. She tells him, she had this happen like 3 months ago, & she's going to do what she did then.


5:09 PM BBT Clay & Shelli talk about making dinner. Clay says, he's in charge of the chicken, & she can do the vegetables. She wants to steam the vegetables. He says, he won't use butter or oil. They talk about sodium. We see Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels.


6:34 PM BBT Live feeds come back with HG's in the BY. Liz Da'Vonne, Jason, Jackie & James that she her boobs were mosquito bites when she was younger. She tells them she has fake boobs, & asks if they could tell? She tells them they are a small "C" cup. Jackie says, she has also. Jason says, of course she has, because she works in Vegas. He jokes that Meg had augmentation, but she hasn't. Liz says, all the girls have big boobs in the house. Da'Vonne says, hers are full of milk. She explains how she wants them to dry out. Jason says, he used to stock the breast pads for nursing mother's. Da'Vonne says, they leak everywhere, especially when getting out of the shower. Liz says, that milk is not like the milk you buy at the store, it's more watery.


6:37 PM BBT Liz says, she was worried about nursing a child later in life, because she was getting fake boobs. She says, it won't affect it. Jackie & her both got them through the nipple. Liz says, it was going to cost $8,000 to get it done under the armpit. Liz says, it costs more to get a reduction, than it does to get fake ones. Da'Vonne says, she would be scared to get cut. Jason says, that would be like going to sleep one way, & waking up another. Jason says, the only surgery he would like is to get his teeth done. He says, who wouldn't want fake vaneer teeth? Da'Vonne says, they have to do a DR before she leaves. Jason says, he got his cries out yesterday, & he looked like a sad a** leprechaun.


6:41 PM BBT John is throwing a beach ball around the BY. Da'Vonne asks him what he's playing, & says, she wants to play. Jason is talking to Jackie about a bear. Da'Vonne begins to play with the beach ball with John. She throws it, & says, "Aw, the wind." She says, that was stupid, she had to shoot it from way too far. John asks if they should use another ball? Da'Vonne says, yes. They try to get another ball from the hot tub. John says, he hopes they don't get wet, & she may need to blow up a ball. She says, she wouldn't put her mouth on it.


6:44 PM BBT John & Da'Vonne keep playing with the beach balls, trying to get them in a bucket in the BY. Austin is working out. Steve & Vanessa are sitting on the hammock. Steve says, he felt bad for Jace, but he didn't want to comfort them for his game. Vanessa asks Steve if he planned on keeping it to himself that he attended Cornell? He says, no, but no one has been evicted for being book smart, either. He says, no one that he knows of has been evicted for being too well off either. Steve starts to twiddle his thumbs, & jokes with Vanessa that he could be a college professor. Vanessa asks him if he's been truthful about his background & education? He says, he's the weighted Valedictorian & the weighted Salutatorian.


6:48 PM BBT Steve says, he actually considered lying, because his transfer story is unusual. Vanessa says, it is. She asks about Cornell? Steve says, his last semester at Cornell was rough, & he wanted to get back into music, & Cornell didn't offer that, so that's why he left. He says, he's had this conversation with Rosemary Kennedy, & he was considering not even mentioning a transfer. Vanessa says, it so doesn't even matter. Steve says, most people in this house probably haven't even hear of Cornell. Vanessa can't believe that. She says, most people know the Ivy Leagues. He says, one of his professors never heard of Cornell. Vanessa asks Steve if he can name the Ivy Leagues? He says, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, U.Penn, Cornell, Princeton, & Columbia. He says, he's an MIT reject. BB says, HG's the lockdown is over, you are free to move about the house.


6:52 PM BBT Audrey goes in the grey BR, takes her microphone off, gets in bed, & puts her maroon blanket on. The camera view goes back to the BY, with Steve & Vanessa on the hammock & Shelli is pushing them. Vanessa says, you know you are falling in love with someone when you start doing their mannerisms. Shelli says, Clay is taking a shower, & then he's going to work them out, & then he will take another shower. Steve says, he will probably work out with them also. Vanessa says, she's going to go & put a sports bra on, because the one she has on is awful, & it's almost broken. Shelli & Vanessa walk in the house.


6:55 PM BBT Vanessa asks Shelli does she know who got the phone call? Shelli thinks it was Becky. Vanessa says, she thinks it was Jeff, but she's not sure. Shelli says, her call asked, "How about you stop sucking at competitions?" She says, she said, "How about I start playing in more?" They drew numbers, & Shelli points out who had what numbers on the memory wall. They had a phone booth, & it's gone now. Shelli says, the order went, in this order, she starts with #1, & says, she doesn't know #4. You can't see all the faces she is pointing to. John #1, Jason #2, Liz #3,  Vanessa #5, Jeff #6, Da'Vonne #7, Austin #8, Jackie #9, James #10, Audrey #11, Shelli #12, Becky #13, Steve #14, Clay #15. Shelli says, hers said, "Here's a tip, get a new wardrobe." Then, it repeated it. Jeff says, he feels like it's going to affect nothing. HG's want to pull a prank of Clay in the shower.


7:02 PM BBT Jeff is in the HOHR, listening to the iPod. You can hear the music in his microphone. Clay finishes his shower & puts some cream on his face in the HOHR WA. John, Jackie & Da'Vonne are in the BY sitting on the couches. Da'Vonne is saying that John can't coach, or put on make-up. Da'Vonne says, John was running so fast. They are talking about grabbing items from their POV competition. She tells him he did really good in that comp though. John says, if they faced anyone other than Steve they would have had that. Da'Vonne says, she was excited about it, until they had to both be in the uniform together. Da'Vonne asks if anyone wonders if the numbers in the bags mean anything? She says, it's 5. She says, she's trying to investigate everything in the house, looking for clues. John asks how much money it would take for them to leave right now? Da'Vonne & Jackie both say, $500,000. John says, $40,000 after taxes. Da'Vonne says, $250,000, but $350,000 before taxes. She goes to the WA.


7:14 PM BBT Meg, Shelli, Steve & Jeff are in the KT. Steve tries to guess Shelli's full name? She says, she doesn't answer to Melissa, because it doesn't sound like her. Jeff & Austin both are in the SR. Jeff tells Austin that Audrey asks if she's her target next week? He says, she told him it's Austin. Austin asks if he should just tell her that he's his target also? Jeff says, yes. Austin says, he wishes Audrey would stop talking game. He says, Steve talks game all the time also. It's either about the game, or the history of the game. Austin says, his protein shake is gross. Jeff says, he wants to talk to James also. He says, he will tell him out of respect, but not to throw him under the bus. Austin says, they are both going to be competitors eventually, & there is other fish to fry.


7:19 PM BBT Jeff tells Austin that Audrey is his #1 target next week. His #2 is Steve, #3 is probably Vanessa or Becky. Austin says, Becky is starting to open up to him about game. Jeff asks Austin if he likes Clay? He says, yes. Jeff says, eventually they need to break him & Shelli up. Jeff says, maybe they can get her out. Austin says, maybe Becky or Jason will do it. Jeff says, they are the power couple. Austin says, they are the Brendon & Rachel. They don't want the blood on their hands. Jeff walks out of the SR, & then so does Austin. The camera view goes to the KT, & back to the SR.


7:21 PM BBT Austin tells James that he wants to work with him. Austin tells James he had to get Jace out, & it has been better for him. James says, they saw it as a big group, & it did take a big target off Austin's back. Austin tells James he's good with him. They walk out of the SR. BB says, HG's you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's. The camera view goes to the HOHR. Clay says, he wants to Shelli what he wanted to tell her earlier. She says, he can tell her. He says, it's nothing important. She jumps in the bed. Clay says, oh, you're gonna hop in the bed? She says, it's cold. Clay says, when he was sitting on the couch outside, & he heard that Jason heard that this season is supposed to be about lies & twists. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Clay says, he was watching Audrey, & deflected to Vanessa. He says, he thinks she might be America's Player. Clay says, there may be another secret coming up in the middle of the season, or that someone might be keeping something. Clay thinks he may have heard this during their interviews, but he's not sure. He says, someone in the house may have a secret or is supposed to reveal one midway through the season. Clay says, Audrey got called into the DR right during the conversation.


7:27 PM BBT Austin & Liz are working out outside. Austin tells Liz about the plan with Jeff to tell Audrey they are each others targets. He tells her to give Audrey false information, & then let the other person know. She goes inside to get a jacket. When Liz goes to the BY, Austin tells her that he's glad she's not on the block. Austin says, no one is voting for Da'Vonne so who cares? He says, the twist doesn't really matter now, & it's a waste of the twist. Liz asks how he found out about the final 4? Austin starts explaining it, & the camera view goes back to the HOHR.


7:30 PM BBT Shelli is trying to figure out what everyone in the house is upset about. She asks Jeff, what exactly is the Austin & Jeff thing? Clay says, when they were against each other so much. She says, he doesn't even know. He says, it's blown over, so he doesn't remember, because it's blown over. He says, he knew at the time, but it's been multiple things. Clay talks about being told that Jace threw him under the bus. He says, she (Audrey) came up to take a shower, & James came upstairs right after that. Clay says, she lied to his face them. The camera view goes to the HN BR.


7:33 PM BBT Meg tells James he's freaking her out. She gets in bed in the grey BR, & says James is freaking her out. The camera view goes back to the HOHR. Jeff tells Shelli about the alliance that Audrey was trying to start. Shelli tells Clay about her inconsistencies. Shelli asks Clay if he got the last laugh, who would he vote to not have a vote that counts? Clay says, Jason or James. Shelli says, Jason's vote won't count either. Shelli says, she would veto Audrey's. Clay says, it's not going to matter, because she's not going to have the votes. Clay says, side note, back to Audrey. He says, if it came back to leaving the game or selling her out, he would leave the game. Clay says, if it came to Audrey leaving this game or selling them out, he says, she would sell them out. Shelli says, she probably needs to get to a certain point. Clay says, that's understandable, but as a player she would back-stab them. He says, how she feels about her as a person is different.


7:38 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli, he thinks Audrey would cause more drama staying in the house. Clay says, it was weird that Audrey is talking to Austin a lot more. He says, Austin told him today that Audrey is talking more game to him. Shelli says, Vanessa seems to be talking more to him also. Shelli says, she doesn't talk a lot of game with Vanessa. She says, during the lock-down she noticed that Vanessa was talking to Jeff. She says, that may look suspicious now, because HG's will think she sent Vanessa to talk to him. She says, she didn't do that. Clay says, Jeff thinks they should pull Vanessa in to their alliance. He says, that was way to quick. Shelli says, she's on board with Vanessa either way, but it's funny how Jeff keeps wanting to pull people in.


7:42 PM BBT Shelli gets the remote control to look at the memory wall. They continue their discussion about who will vote for Da'Vonne to stay. Clay says, she's stressing with Jeff & Vanessa. He tells her she can revisit it, especially with Vanessa. He says, he can always talk to John.


7:44 PM BBT Clay says, he doesn't think that Vanessa has a reason to keep Da'Vonne here. He says, neither does Jeff. Shelli says, looking at the board they should have 10 votes. She says, Audrey is a toss up, Jason will vote for her, she can't vote, & the 2 nom's can't vote. She says, she only has to convince 4 people to vote for her if she veto's 3 of the votes. Shelli says, she's glad she put Meg up. Clay says, Audrey knows if Da'Vonne stays, her & Jason will be gunning for her. Shelli says, John winning the Veto is the best thing that could have happened. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Clay says, he would talk to Vanessa again before eviction over the next couple of days. He says, you can tell how she answers your questions also, if she's sincere or not. Clay says, you can tell Da'Vonne won it, because her whole attitude has changed, because she is happier & bouncing around. Clay says, if someone in their group won it, he thinks they would share it. Shelli agrees. Clay says, if it doesn't get out in the next couple of hours, then she told Jason, & it won't get out. He says, then they set it up for her to get it, & it's rigged. Shelli says, they picked numbers so it really didn't matter. Clay says, unless it was a predetermined number. Shelli asks Clay if he wants to take his nappy? Clay says, he's tired, but he really doesn't want to sleep. He asks Shelli if she's going to take a nap? She says, she wants to go downstairs & work out with Vanessa.


7:50 PM BBT Shelli goes to her dresser to get something to change into. She tells Clay that Vanessa is all into it, & was asking what she wanted to do. She told him that Steve wants to work out also. Clay asks her if she knows what time it is? She says, it was 7:15 PM BBT when she came upstairs. Clay says, he'll lay down for about 30 minutes or so. Shelli tells Clay she'll let him have his you time. She takes her clothes downstairs. She walks in the WA, & Becky & Jason are doing egg white face masks.


7:52 PM BBT Becky tells Shelli that she thinks America voted for the person to win the phone call. Jackie is laying on the couch. BB tells Shelli to please put on her microphone. Becky says, when she had that theory, the camera wasn't on her. Jason says, he can already feel his face. He has a protein shake in his hands. Becky is waving her face. Jason says, his pores have never felt like this before, & he feels his lips are drying out. Jackie wonders if she should put some on. Becky tells her to put it on. She asks how long to put it on for? Becky says, you will know, because it gets really tight. Jason asks James what his insult was again? James says, to get a new outfit. Shelli comes out of the WC, where she changed her shirt. James asks her if she's going to get her workout on? Shelli says, yes.


7:56 PM BBT BB tells Shelli to please put her microphone on again. James says, he's over being a HN, & can't wait for the next 2 days to be over. The HG's in the WA talk about a bad girls club. Becky & Jason talk about friends they have that are in bad girls clubs. Meanwhile, in the grey BR, Jeff is talking to Meg. Audrey is in her bed. Jeff says hello to James, who is walking by the grey BR. Either Jeff or Meg's microphone keeps getting fuzzy.


7:58 PM BBT BB tells Meg to please relocate her transmitter. Jeff says, she's holding it in her hand. She says, she doesn't even know what that means, & asks if that's the microphone pack? Jeff says, he hates that bedroom, because people go past all the time. Jeff asks, what if they had bunk beds? Meg says, she would probably fall out. Jeff says, they had them at his fraternity house. He says, they made the bunk beds. He says, they had a queen size bed on the bottom & a full size bed on top. Meg says, she's never had a roommate. Jeff says, not even in the Sorority? She says, she wasn't in a Sorority, & she had a single room her freshman & sophomore years. She says, she lived off campus her junior & senior year. Jeff says, he lived in a fraternity house. She asks what if you had a girl? He says, he lived in the fraternity house. She says, what if a girl was there? He says, that's when it got interesting, & he was trapped a lot. She says, that was foul to be in the room with them. He says, he had to go to the bathroom one time, & had to climb down, & she saw him.

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7:50pm Clay tells Shelli Days whole attitude has changed, shes bouncin around, shelli thinks it is because she accepted leaving, but Clay says she got the call and wont say anything. Shelli says "ok, you want to take your nappy?"

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7:23pm bbt Day, Vanessa, John, Jason, Jackie in BY Liz  comes out, Da asks Liz "what was that character you did last night? And she answers, "uh which one?" they had to remind her the drunk character and she answers "oh yeah, that was a good one."  Liz walks away and Da starts humming a tune..... they start talking about good by messages and who they were not nice too and explain that evicted hg doesnt have time to see them all, only the good ones. Jason said he cried like a baby in Da's. 




7:56PM BBT Becky and Jason are putting on egg white masks in the bathroom and hanging out with Jackie and Da, Jason is filling Day in on Shellies theory that it was Americas vote to win the phone call that the HG just picked random numbers but the phone call choices were pre determined.


8:25 James and Becky taking nail polish off in bathroom. 

Girls getting ready to work out. Austin in kitchen eating liquidy ice cream, Liz is doing dishes so she can make a protein shake. Liz asks Austin if he saw Jackie crying earlier, he said no, she is probably just emotional about losing Da. 


8:30pm BBT John, Jason, Becky, Da, talking about how they thought today was going to be boring, but they got a phone booth! Becky says "straight out of UK" They were all hoping they were calls from home. Jason tells them about the UK version of yes/no where hg get phone calls from home but can only answer yes or no.

8:35PM BBT John and Da in BY talking about phone calls how they went quick, John asked Da "didnt you pick 7?" She said "yeah, I dont know, I felt it and jumped up" so she confirmed receiving 7th phone call. But she did not say what it was.

8:39PM BBT Jason in BY joking with Da " Yeah, I went up to her and said damn girl, Liz you look skinnier than yesterday she looked at me like uuuh yeah" laughing, "no, but seriously she looks like a whole 25# different." 

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