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We are going to turn this space over to a young man with big ambitions - to spend his summer vacation writing about Big Brother 17.  Pixxilate will be jotting down his thoughts after each episode and posting them exclusively here on the Morty's TV Fan Forums.  Please thank him by posting your own reactions and comments.  Because your readership is the only reward he's going to get!  :clap:



Who welcome's Pixxilate to the Morty's TV Fan Forums and looks forward to reading his blog...

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Hello everybody! My name is Pixxilate, and I'm here to review last night's episode of #BB17. I will discuss the strategic decisions made and put in my own opinions. Read to the end if you're a feedster, because I discuss some things that you may not have seen on the show, although briefly. I hope you enjoy this, and make sure you share it with the hashtag #BBAB17! Anyways, enjoy the blog!


The show opens with the HGs re-entering the house after doing their HOH competition. Shelli is telling us how excited she is, but is also worried about the responsibilities of being HOH. – Shelli winning can only mean a couple things. She will stick with the girls and get out a strong guy like Jeff, or Clay will get in her ear and get either Audrey or Da’vonne evicted.


Becky, who hasn’t had much of a presence in the house as of yet, is excited to win HOH with Shelli and hopes to work with her. – Becky winning means that Audrey will be her target. One hundred percent. This is either because she doesn’t want to make waves, wants to please the house, or is fueled by another reason only the feeders will see.


Vanessa hears talk that Audrey is spreading a rumor about her that she is at the forefront of an all girl alliance. This somewhat angers Vanessa, who asks her about it. Audrey, who is worried her lies will backfire, pins it on Da’vonne. Vanessa feels betrayed by her, and when the three of them are back in the same room together, she brings it up, and is not happy. Vanessa tells Da’vonne that Audrey told her that Da’vonne is the one spreading the girls alliance rumors. Da’vonne quickly denies it, and confronts Audrey. Audrey denies that she said anything about Vanessa, so Da’vonne decides to get Meg, James, Jason, Shelli, Clay, and Jeff. Everyone agrees that Audrey was the one spreading the rumor, and Vanessa calls Audrey a “f***ing two-face” and she thought she could trust her. Jason also butts in and tells Audrey that she is the reason there is so much mistrust and angst in their entire group. Audrey gives up and says there is nothing else to say, she is backed in a corner. The argument ends with Da’vonne walking out telling Audrey her “s*** hit the fan.” – Most of the people in that argument got off clean, but those who didn’t severely messed up their game. The target was taken off Vanessa’s back, and she was the only one who benefitted. Meg, Clay, Shelli, and James kept their mouths shut (and so did Jeff, somewhat) which was the smartest thing to do, because if they had, anyone in there could’ve spun it negatively, and even more enemies could’ve been made than just Audrey/Vanessa, Audrey/Da’vonne, and Audrey/Jason. However, Da’vonne and Jason really messed themselves up with that entire argument. Audrey presumably won’t go home this week unless Da’vonne wins veto, so if she wins HOH next week, her targets will probably be the people who put her at the bottom, who are Jason and Da’vonne. Audrey obviously lost a lot in that argument, as in one fell swoop, she lost Da’vonne, Jason, Vanessa, and potentially James. Personally, I think Da’vonne made herself look volatile in this “house meeting” because she accomplished nothing by calling out Audrey but making her a bigger target, even though she is the biggest target in the house either way. In general, I just think this meeting was a big failure on the parts of Jason and Da’vonne, who will probably go out in the next couple of weeks.


The HOH rooms are nothing special this week, as we see the HOHs get their letters and we see the typical target for the week bash the HOH, and of course this week it is Da’vonne. Clay is getting sappy for Shelli’s baby pictures, which she is embarrassed by. – I personally don’t care about the HOH room reveal very much. For the HGs it’s great, because they get to learn a bit more about each other, get some good food, and listen to some music. But for viewers, it doesn’t make a difference to me. At least we have people like Da’vonne who keep it real.


Shelli and Becky sit down to discuss who they should nominate, and decide that Audrey is the target, but has to be backdoored. – This proves nothing except the fact that they are weak competitors. Audrey is one of the easiest people to get out right now, and anyone can do it no problem. The fact that either one of these girls is so intimidated by Audrey is ridiculous. I’m a huge fan of Audrey, and I think she is extremely easy to evict at any point in the next two or three weeks. But either way, at least one of them had some sense.


After seeing Jeff and Clay were in the same room (talking about her, ironically), Audrey decides to talk to them about working together, she says she’s hit rock bottom, and asks for any opportunity to redeem herself. – I think in her position, she did probably the best thing she could. Associating herself with that side of the house was probably an intelligent decision, but they must accept her before she is safe, and I think they won’t accept her unless she makes it through this week and next week. This week, it seems like Da’vonne is the target, and if that is the case, Audrey will not go up on the block. Next week, she really needs to kill it in one of the three competitions, or she is most likely going home. If she makes it through next week, however, targets will shift to other, bigger targets, with more potential to make big moves. Audrey has no power, and she really isn’t a good target unless you want to have a clean, easy week with no blood on your hands.


Clay, of course, drills into Shelli’s head that Da’vonne is the best target, and Shelli buys what he is selling. Of course, Da’vonne has shown no aggression to Shelli, but towards Clay. Shelli completely agrees, and her targets shifts from Audrey to Da’vonne. – Ugh. Once again, women in showmances believe that threats to their showmance is a threat to them. Props to Clay for being able to manipulate Shelli, but she was just tricked into sending someone home for no reason. I hate how often HOHs are influenced by showmances, better players, and more intimidating HGs. Hopefully this will be the first and last time that happens this season. Or ever again.


Shelli, Jeff, and Clay, discuss who should go up as a pawn next Da’vonne that would throw the BotB. They decide Johnny Mac is the best candidate for the position, to which he reluctantly agrees, for the sole purpose of gaining the trust of Clay’s Clan. – I don’t mind this decision, even though I love Johnny Mac. There isn’t much to say about aside from the fact that they should’ve chosen someone who wasn’t already on their side, essentially. I also don’t like how Clay’s Clan thinks that they are one side of the house, and everyone else is the other. There’s Clay’s Clan, and extras. Can’t wait to see them blow up. > :)




Shelli: Da’vonne/John – This was expected, her target next to her new minion who promises to throw the comp. Don’t succumb to peer pressure kids!

Becky: Jason/Steve – Safe nominations. The person who nominated her last week, and just another random extra. Hopefully Steve picks up a presence in the house soon, because I really do get Ian Terry vibes from him.


James, Jason, and Da’vonne are seen in the Vegas room, and are discussing why they’re targets, and think Audrey should be the primary focus. – UM, DUH, BECAUSE CLAY IS THINKING WITH HIS BRAIN AND NOT HIS BUTT. Audrey, like I said, is an easy target that they can get out any old week. Also, Audrey was lucky enough to have shown some sort of allegiance to the people in power. You three are most likely the most dangerous trio in the house and need to be broken up, and quickly. But you couldn’t figure that one out, huh?


Audrey announces it is time for the BotB competition which has cameras all over the place and looks like a TV shoot. The completion has the nominees position cameras to be pointed at a set of props matching a list that flahes on on a screen near them. They don’t know which camera is what part of their screen, but the first team to have each proper camera pointing at each proper prop wins the prop! I mean comp! Sorry, I got it mixed up since the word prop was used so much. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! But first, let’s stick each team in the same oversized shirt and pants! – While this isn’t really a strategic point of the episode to be discussed, I would like to commend whoever created this competition. It is interesting and original, and I was definitely impressed by how it went. Hopefully more new competition ideas like this one come to us, as I would love to see more great competition ideas.


Team Jeve (Jason and Steve) decided to open two camera lenses at a time and see which parts of the screen they corresponded with. This strategy made Jeve a very difficuly team to beat, but it didn’t seem like Da’John (Da’vonne and Johnny Mac) was trying too hard in this competition, and Da’vonne noticed. Da’John’s strategy was to open all the lenses at once, and go one at a time. John decided this was the worst possible strategy, and he didn’t even need to do anything to throw the competition. Which essentially, he did. Da’vonne had to drag him around, and she noticed that he wasn’t trying. In the end, the clear winner was Team Jeve, who beat Da’John by 7 cameras, which considering what they were doing, was quite impressive. Wrapping up the episode, Becky is confident that the Audrey backdoor plan is going to work, while Shelli is excited that her plan to evict Da’vonne is in motion. – I think this competition was very predictable, since John threw it. That’s the problem with BotB, and it frustrates a lot of viewers. There are very few BotB competitions in which both team members on both teams are actively trying to win. It makes Sunday episodes very predictable, and honestly, is the reason we all hate this dual HOH twist. “Fan Favorite.” What a joke. Anyways, it’ll be interesting to see what Becky thinks of Audrey NOT going home this week, and if Shelli will be able to get Da’vonne out.

That’s all for today’s episode! All in all, I think this week will really come down to who wins the Veto competition. If John comes down, a pawn will most likely go up, sending Da’vonne home. If Veto isn’t used, Da’vonne will still go home. If Da’vonne gets off the block, either James (one of Da’vonne’s closest allies) or Audrey will most likely go up, and be evicted. I’m personally hoping Johnny Mac gets pulled off the block, and Da’vonne flips the house on whoever comes up. Fingers crossed for a Clay/Jeff fight, and Jeff going up! It seems that Da’vonne will go home though, neither Jason, Da’vonne, nor James will win Veto if Clay, Shelli, and Jeff have anything to do with it. Casual viewers and TV show watchers will have to wait until Wednesday to discover Da’vonne’s fate, But live feeders, make sure to join me in watching the feeds this afternoon, when the Veto ceremony occurs, and see Da’vonne’s fate sealed, or maybe even saved. Here is where we hop into live feed talk, so if you don’t watch feeds, I thank you for reading my first, post, and hope you have an excellent day. Enjoy the #BB17 season, and thanks for reading Pixxilate’s Big Brother Analysis Blog. Share it with the #BBAB17 on all your social medias!



Alright feedsters, we know what’s really going on. First off, the argument in the Have-Not room discussing Vanessa didn’t start with a casual conversation between Da’vonne and Audrey. Audrey was already trying to convine Da’vonne that she had never said anything negative about her, and Da’vonne was almost convinced, but Vanessa walked in, and from there, Audrey’s game plummeted. I guess production didn’t have time to show us that Da’vonne was mostly mad because Audrey had just finished filling her ear with lies. Also, Jason and Audrey went on for about 4 minutes before we saw him butt in. She kept asking for examples, and he wouldn’t give one. He then said “Every example there is! The mistrust between them, the mistrust between everyone and Vanessa, them, etc.” Audrey then gave up. When the show showed us her saying “It could’ve been much worse” she was actually referring to the nominations. Then again, this argument did happen before Jace left. Next, Becky was targeting Audrey for reasons far off from what production showed us. Audrey called Becky a bigot, which got back to her, and Becky was pissed. This is why her main target was Audrey, and I think we weren’t shown this due to the simple fact that BB15 was so filled with racism and bigotry that production was still recovering, and wanted to steer clear from any more of it. However, we know that John won the Veto, is coming down, and as of the time I’m writing this blog, Meg will go up as the replacement pawn so that Da’vonne will go home. Meg has suspicions she’s going up, but to my knowledge, she doesn’t know it’s set in stone. Luckily for Liz/Julia, they were able to convince Shelli that she/they were a bad replacement nominee because she was an “outsider.” I think that’s ridiculous, but at least our Twin Twist is 100% safe. There isn’t much else to say since nominations, BotB, Veto picks, and Veto competition happened in less than 24 hours, and half of it was covered last night. So in conclusion, Da’vonne will go home this week unless her and Jason can pull off some serious magic. I’m hoping they can, because I think Meg is extremely obnoxious. Anyways, that’s all I have for feed coverage. I’ll see you all again Thursday at noon, when I’ll post my thoughts and opinions on Wednesday night’s episode. Expect posts at noon the day after every episode of Big Brother, and I hope you will all read again, as I have so much to talk about with this season, which looks like it’s going to be very exciting! So thank you for reading Pixxilate’s #BBAB17, and I hope you’ll come back again Thursday. Remember, expect the unexpected!

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I understand and agree with the urgency to get rid of Da'vonne .. .it is the play I would make, but putting Meg up is just stupid for 2 reasons: 1) The TakeOver twist that KG said would affect the eviction and 2) Meg has no real allies.. ..Day, Jason and James could easily sway 3 votes (if one of them gets the KG 3 vote twist) which would make a 5-4 majority of the eligible votes . . .  Why wouldn't Shelli put Jason up?. . .  he's shown himself to be competition threat, he is a sure vote to keep Day and he's about as trustworthy as Audrey...   Jason should have been put beside Da'Vonne.. .. .but let's face it, neither Shelli or Clay are particularly smart players.  .  .

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Pixxilate’s Big Brother Analysis Blog, where we break down the events of last night’s episode with a bit of pizzazz and sarcasm. I hope you enjoy reading it, and make sure you read to the end if you’re a live feeder, so you can read all the extra dirt. But anyways, without further ado, let’s go ahead and review last night’s Power of Veto episode!


The show opens with Jason and Steve excited that they have won the BotB – As much as I love these two, they haven’t “won” anything. You got thrown a comp. Period. Love them though.


Becky is still in convinced that Audrey is going to be backdoored, and is excited she doesn’t have to get the blood on her hands. – First of all, what blood? If Audrey has no one in this game, you aren’t getting any blood on your hands. You’re actually the one that got out the person everyone wanted evicted, by your logic. Also, with Da’vonne on the block, how can you not see that SHE is the ultimate target? I don’t know, Becky’s mind is just sunshine and rainbows anyways, not much substance up there.


Da’vonne has gotten back her spark and flair in the DR and tells us *snaps fingers* “She knows John threw that BotB” *snaps fingers* “She is very mad, and doesn’t understand how she became a target over Audrey.” *more finger snapping* - This is why I love Da’vonne, she is so funny, and I love people who go to the DR and trash everyone. That’s why Britney Haynes is my favorite Big Brother player ever. Hands down.


I would like to mention that in between these two entries, Audrey and Johnny Mac hugged. I almost died because after watching their 3 hour conversation on the feeds on Tuesday, they became my new favorite ship. I call them “Auddy Mac”


We see Shelli and Clay praising John like a dog for throwing the BotB, as if he had a choice. He is excited he has new alliance members, but unfortunately, he would be the first cut when the going got tough. But he accepts the praise like the submissive player he is, although a bit reluctantly. – I hated this so much because I can’t stand Shelli and Clay (Slay). They are so annoying and gross, and extremely condescending. I cannot stand condescending people at ALL. However, John has aligned himself with them, so I have to deal with them for a few weeks. I also wish John wasn’t so passive. I love him (an acquired taste, no doubt), but he just lets people roll over him, which I find extremely disappointing.


We then see Audrey listening through the wall to Jason, James, and Meg in the Have-Not room speculating about Audrey being backdoored. She says she has been isolated from the rest of the house and needs information any way she can get it. – She’s officially gone off her rocker. Off the edge. Lost her marbles. Gone insane. However you want to put it, Audrey has LOST IT. She has gotten so desperate she is listening through walls to get information. I love Audrey, but I think she has definitely destroyed her game, and any situation in which she makes it past mid jury is influenced by production. I actually think the “Last Laugh” twist was made for Audrey, but since she was safe this week, it was used for someone else. But yeah, Audrey’s gone mad.


We have the privilege (I think) of seeing another Liz/Julia switch, even though nothing special happens except for them talking about who got nominated. – Whatever. I don’t care about the process; I just want to see both twins come into the game.




Shelli- Houseguest’s Choice (Wait for it)/Clay – Woah, I didn’t see that one coming. That was a shocker. Really, I thought Shelli would pick Jason, or someone on Da’vonne’s side, but of ALL people, she picked CLAY? I’m genuinely surprised at how predictable that was. Ugh, they are ALMOST as bad as Brenchel. Almost.


John- Meg – Well, this was production’s way of trying to save Da’vonne, but not being so obvious about it. Nice job Grodner.


Da’vonne- Steve – I love that she picked one of her main targets behind Shelli, Clay, and Audrey. I died laughing when she pulled his name, and her reaction was PRICELESS.


Shelli also had to choose a host, and Audrey was like the small kid in the schoolyard pick. Jumping up and raising her hand like, “Pick me, pick me, pick me!” Then the big team captain looks at them, almost gives them a chance, and picks Jackie. – I enjoyed watching Audrey trying to host another comp, but then I was shocked that this Jackie girl was picked. I’ve never seen her in the house, and I watch feeds. Let me know if any of you have ever seen this girl, as she seems new to me, and I haven’t heard of her. (Sarcasm intensifies)


In the bathroom, as Audrey does her hair, she talks to Clay, who says he is “taking a big risk” by giving her another chance, to which she jumps at the opportunity. – Honestly, Audrey would jump at anything she can take right now. She may even align with this new Jackie Houseguest.


We then transition to James and Da’vonne in the Have-Not room talking about how much Da’vonne needs to win this Veto since nobody else would use it on her, even Meg, since she doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. – Well, Dae, it looks like you better stop laying around all day, and actually put forth effort in something other than trash talking people if you want to stay in this game! Because you also haven’t put forth effort to develop decent relationships with enough people in the house, and now, you have more targets than friends, and everyone else doesn’t matter to you. You might have had a chance if you were nicer to people. But that’s just me. I loved you in the Diary Room though.




Jackie announces it’s time for the Veto competition! – I don’t like this new Houseguest telling the others what to do. She only just got in the house a couple hours ago from my understanding, it’s so strange she thinks she can boss them around! (Sarcasm’s intensity intensifies)


Today’s Veto competition is called “High Maintenance.” Contestants go one on one (one selected by the previous winner and the other selected by the first person chosen) and Kathy Griffin (or at least her voice) will list seven items she needs. Her assistant will then appear in an elevator with 6 of the seven items, and the Houseguests facing off must be the first to come back from her dressing room with the missing item. Is that too much to ask? – This was a fun competition, it sounds familiar, but off the top of my head I can’t remember a comp exactly like this. (Let me know if you can!) It seems difficult to throw, and that’s one of my favorite parts! But I also like the concept, and Kathy Griffin’s voice was fun to listen to every couple minutes.


Without a snarky opinionated comment for each face off, I’ll at least let you know how it went.




John is selected randomly, and he picks to face off against Da’vonne, who is confident she can beat him. John wins, and Da’vonne, while upset, decides he probably the best candidate aside from her, so that he comes off the block and Audrey goes up, which is her only chance.




John picks Steve to play in this round, and decides to face off against Clay, so he can lose and not seem like a threat after winning a whopping TWO competitions. Yup, two. Clay, of course, beats him, knocking over a lamp and a chair in the process. I’m sure production didn’t like that.




Clay picks Meg, who doesn’t want to win, and in turn she picks Shelli. Shelli, the interior designer who clearly can’t do her job well, loses to Meg after bringing the wrong item. To Meg’s dismay, she has won the round against the interior designer who should’ve breezed through a comp like this. Oh well, if things went as planned we wouldn’t watch this show. That’s why nobody watched BB16.




John is the next pick, and he in turn picks Meg. He quickly beats her, and both of them are excited, interestingly enough.




John and Clay are in the final round. Once again, John has finished before Clay has even entered the room to find the item he needs.


Johnny Mac wins veto! In the DR, Da’vonne is hoping that Audrey gets put up as the replacement nominee, and sees this as her last chance. – Girl, it isn’t over until you are talking to Julie Chen at the live show, and outside of the house. Oh well, at least she was confident for a whole 17 days.


Shelli also finds herself in a tricky position, as she now has to put up a replacement nominee. – I’m glad you understand the rules, now can we send you and your boy toy home yet?




After the competition, Shelli is complaining to Clay that she has to put up a replacement unless they can convince John to not use the Veto. Shelli is worried about Becky, and she invites her up into the HOH room. She tells Becky about her ultimate plan, and she agrees, but is adamant on Audrey ultimately going home. – Weak player still thinks she can make a big move even though she has no power and a low chance to win the next HOH, which will probably be mental, and we know that won’t go far.


Vanessa (Current pick to win) decides that if a replacement nominee is going up, it can’t be her or any of her people (Austin, Liz, and Becky, sort of). So she talks to Slay (such a cute ship name for such an awful couple) about keeping them safe, and tells her a girl, who is less likely to be vengeful, should be nominated, such as Meg. John walks in, excited he won Veto, expecting more praise, but Clay has one more task to check off his agenda. Make sure John doesn’t use the Veto. Obviously that idea is shot down quickly, and Slay needs a replacement nominee. – All I have to say here is, props to Vanessa for keeping her people safe while not being a rat, and thank God Johnny Mac was finally independent and stood up for himself.


After everyone has left, Austin enters, and Shelli asks him to get Liz. Shelli then tells her she will go up as a pawn, and she reluctantly accepts. – *Cringes at all these people afraid of a couple who is only intimidating due to their current status of power*


Liz then goes to Austin and Becky and cries about being put up, even though it hasn’t happened. They comfort her, and she decides she has to find a way to get out of the situation. ­­– Well maybe you could’ve just told Shelli you weren’t comfortable with her plan. John did it, and he didn’t get killed. Neither would you.




After some more through-the-wall eavesdropping from Austin on James, Jeff, Jason, and Meg, he decides to tell a little white lie to Shelli that they were talking about flipping the house. To sweeten the pot, he advises putting Meg next to Da’vonne to weaken their numbers. It now seems like Meg is going to be the replacement nominee. – Well of course Liz won’t go on the block, it’s on the rules! No messing with Grodner’s twists. If you do, you automatically get evicted. But also, it seems like Houseguests this year are extreme lurkers. Who has ever listened through the wall to get information in Big Brother? I haven’t seen it, and it shouldn’t be allowed.


Audrey and Clay are having a late night chat, like you do in the BB house, and Clay delivers a pretty low blow. He says (paraphrasing) that Audrey needs to “Go along with our plans if you don’t want to be a target.” Audrey takes it as, “If you don’t do everything we say, you’re going home.” Audrey then tells him he is being condescending, which angers him, and he goes up to his Sugar Momma Shelli and tells her Audrey is pissing him off. This was mostly to plant the seed of someone other than Meg going up on the block, but at least TV fans have something to debate over. – This is what gets Audrey and trouble and I HATE it. She is not in a position to call someone condescending, or anything other than good. This is why she will probably get evicted before jury.




Veto ceremony time! Of course, Audrey hopes to not be nominated while Da’vonne hopes Audrey is the one who goes up next to her. – This is ironic because these two used to be my two favorites. Now I just think they are sloppy. It’s sad.


John, of course, saves himself, and Shelli tells us that she is putting Meg up as a replacement, so that Da’vonne will surely go home.


Meg is frustrated she is nominated, especially next to Da’vonne, and feels a bit insulted to be a pawn. – Oh don’t flatter yourself. You’re a filler character.


Jason is also mad that both of his friends are on the block, and he has to choose one to get rid of. – Go with the decision you can FIX. Just cut Da’vonne, you’ll be fine. It’s not like she was doing much for you aside from taking your rude jokes on the feeds.


Shelli is excited her plan to evict Da’vonne is working, and now just has to make sure it goes through. – Now you can enjoy your boy toy for a couple days. Maybe you can cuddle until you have a child, because it seems to be all you want to do. Not even a kiss yet!


And that’s a wrap! I’m sorry that I’m not sorry for all the sarcasm in this post, I just feel very snarky today, and I enjoy making sarcastic jokes. I love Big Brother though, and I’m so glad you guys read all the way to the end of this post. Tomorrow’s blog will be postponed a few hours due to prior engagements, but don’t worry, my sarcasm and insight will be back tomorrow to review tonight’s live eviction episode! Also, make sure you check out the “Screen This” podcast at www.screenthis.ca to get more BB talk! Check out Morty’s TV on Facebook (facebook.com/mortystv) and Twitter (@mortystv) for real time updates on the Big Brother house live feeds. Finally, check out the live feed update page at mortystv.com/bb to make sure you know what’s going on as it happens! Keep reading if you watch the feeds, but if not, I appreciate you stopping by, and remember, stay Pixxilated!





Alright, here we go. Live feeds have been pretty active this season, and the editors have a lot to squeeze in to one episode. I didn’t like some of the things that were missing, such as Da’vonne’s conversation with Shelli as well as Liz’s. Meg going up on the block was pinned mostly on Austin, and that wasn’t the case. First of all, Da’vonne had a 20 minute conversation with Shelli in the cabana room about why she hasn’t been talking to her as much and why she shouldn’t be her target. She begged her to put up Audrey, as she is the real enemy, but Shelli seemed unresponsive to Da’vonne’s pleas. Also, Meg going up wasn’t even Austin’s idea, but Vanessa’s as we saw in the episode. However, we were to believe that Austin was the final selling point in Meg going up, but it was Liz. I watched the conversation live, and Liz was the one who really hit home that Meg should go up on the block next Da’vonne. Aside from that, not much else happened on the feeds prior to the Veto ceremony that I am aware of. Afterwards, Da’vonne won the Last Laugh, but doesn’t seem to be telling people about it, and has accepted her fate, and is now excited to see her daughter. It was disappointing to see her give up like that and just have to sit around waiting to get evicted. I did love Auddy Mac, my favorite new flirtmance, but other than that and Giselle the Giraffe, not much has happened on the feeds. Maybe I’ll tell you a bit more about Giselle tomorrow night, when I talk about tonight’s live eviction episode! It will have to be postponed until later due to prior engagements, but don’t worry, the blog in all of its sarcasm and analysis will be back tomorrow night! Thanks for reading, and stay Pixxilated!

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Hi everyone, and welcome to Pixxilate’s Big Brother Analysis Blog, where I trash talk on a bunch of people who have devoted their summer to being trapped in a house forced to play a game for our entertainment. We have a lot to talk about, and I have little time, so without further ado, let’s hop right on in to the show!


Chenbot opens the show, and tells us that the two HOHs had different targets, but only one (Shelli) prevailed. – Wow Chenbot, your programmer isn’t very bright either, all he knows how to do is make you repeat the rules over and over. Think about it, when does Julie ever talk about anything other than the game. Let’s face it, the Julie Chen on “The Talk” isn’t the same one on Big Brother, it’s a robot!


However, with the power of the Last Laugh in play, anything could happen, and it’s anyone’s game. – Not really. Nobody wants to go against Slay, for whatever reason, even though they won’t have power in this coming week. Or influence. Or anything.


Da’vonne calls the house a bunch of cowards, and is disappointed that she is going home. – Honestly, you are a MUCH bigger move than Audrey. Audrey doesn’t have anyone. No influence, not a competition threat, and doesn’t have people on her side. She would be a cowardly move, not Da’vonne. Da’vonne has influence and allies, something that can get you VERY far in this game. So Da’vonne, your own logic makes you a better target than Audrey. Stop complaining. Start campaigning.


Meg is frustrated she has to be on the block next to someone as sweet as Da’vonne, since she has so much kindness in her and doesn’t deserve to go home so early. – Oh, boo hoo. Grow up Meg, if you want to win, accept that you’re a filler character. BE the filler character. Near the end of the game, MAYBE you can do something somewhat useful. You’ll probably go home next to a better player due to your horrible social game. All friends and no allies! Great job Meg, you’re a horrible player.


Audrey is also excited she isn’t nominated. “If you told me I wasn’t going to be nominated this week, I’d tell you you’re crazy.” – Well, tell production they’re crazy.


Shelli, while crying, tells us in the Diary Room how sad she is that she has to send home Da’vonne, and that she feels bad. – FAKE! Ding-ding-ding, what’s that? It’s my Fake-O-Meter, pointing straight at perpetrator Shelli and her bad fake sun tan.


We then see Meg, James, Jason, and Da’vonne hoping that they win the Last Laugh and that it helps them get both of their people off the block. – You realize how bad that would make production look? If the twist literally took people off the block, Grodner would get afwul hate on Twitter. We know how she handles conflict, and we know it isn’t pretty!


Takeover Time! – Shocker, we have to wait until eviction night to see who gets a power that won’t make a difference.


­After Kathy trashes all the Houseguests except Da’vonne, who won the seventh call and the power of the Last Laugh. - I’m finding myself attracted to Kathy’s humor, because she and I basically do the same thing. Make fun of the characters on our favorite TV show to hide the fact that we are truly obsessed and should seek professional help. Really though. Also, thank you producers for trying to keep in one of the two racial minorities in the house, but you didn’t need to try so hard. Maybe you could’ve gotten a more racially diverse cast. That’s just me though. This twist was designed to protect Audrey, and now, used to save the only African-American. I think Aaryn Gries joined production!


Da’vonne tells Jason that she won the Last Laugh, to which both of them jump around in excitement. They then decide she needs four more votes to stay since she already has Jason. – Well, nice move telling the biggest loudmouth in the house (aside from you of course) that you won a power that could potentially keep you in the game. Also, once again, we see that most Houseguests can only perform basic functions, such as doing dishes, or counting how many votes you need. I bet that was really difficult for “I-Live-In-My-Mom’s-Basement-Jason.” Becky probably would’ve had a hard time with that as well.


She decides to go to Vanessa, John, and Audrey, who all say “Oh yeah, of course I’ll vote for you, I want you to stay here.” To which she seemed quite excited. However, she is frustrated that Audrey is basically her ticket to stay if she has James, Jason, Vanessa, and John. – Well doll, looks like you’ll have to swallow your pride, and work with whoever you can to stay in the house. Maybe you could reach out to more people, and have a better chance. But really, as many jokes as I make about Momma Dae, I really like her, and she brought a lot to the show. I was disappointed to see her go.


Shelli and Clay decide that due to Da’vonne’s optimism, she has definitely won the Last Laugh. – Do y’all get tired from all that jumping to conclusions you do? She could just be excited to see her daughter.


And more Chenbot! She announces that Rob Gronk-something is going to do the next BB Takeover! – This is mostly because Tom Brady was busy, probably with his supermodel wife, and this guy was on discount. Thanks Patriots for showing us that humans can be product placement too.




As we get back to the show I notice Devin in the audience and realize he must be the next BB Takeover! If you compromise your honesty or your integrity, you automatically go on the block. – Not an original joke, got it from someone on Tengaged. Clever idea, random Tengaged member!


Liz/Julia have been caught by Da’vonne simply because “Yesterday she was skinny, today she’s fat.” – More unrealistic standards for women to meet. If either one of the twins is considered fat, then what are obese people? Elephants?


She decides to tell Jason, who spreads the word, and the secret is out, and everyone is speculating about Lizia. – Da’vonne, your “Apple’s Scrapple” isn’t doing you much good, telling all your secrets and such.


We now see a blatant attempt at blackmail by Da’vonne on Julia, and says she’ll protect her if she doesn’t go home. – At least we still see one more clutch of desperation from Da’vonne before she submerges into a pit of darkness. I heard it’s called Inglewood.




Chenbot is back, and it’s time for the vote! But first (Get it?), we have to announce the blocked votes. They are: Becky, Jeff, and Jackie. – I could write this entire blog on that decision alone, but I didn’t, so I’ll just say: I’m glad Da’vonne took a stand against this new girl Jackie, I don’t know who she is or why she thinks she can vote, but she isn’t a part of the show! Becky wasn’t a 100% against you if you worked on it, and Baby hands Jeff could also be worked on. Clay should’ve been in this set, and anonymity doesn’t matter right now! There, crisis averted, the whole post won’t be about this decision.


Voting Time!


Jason) Meg – At least he stayed loyal until the end. I’ll miss the Ja’vonne pair.

Clay) Da’vonne – Shockerrrr…

John) Da’vonne – Typical strategic floater doesn’t want to rock the boat.

Audrey) (After a lot of thinking) Meg – She showed a bit of allegiance to her Day 1 alliance! That’s the first time that’s happened in, well, ever.


COMMERCIAL BREAK (To create tension and a sense of paranoia for your favorite contestant.)


Austin/Judas (Ew)) Da’vonne – Well, she didn’t get his vote, but I’m not surprised he went with the house. His “bro” went home last week, he doesn’t want to be a target!

Julia) Da’vonne – Yeah, don’t succumb to peer pressure kids!

Vanessa) Da’vonne – At this point its official, but it’s also disappointing that my pick to win voted to evict my pick to cause the most entertaining drama. Oh well.

James) Da’vonne – Because he didn’t want to vote out Taylor Swift.

Steve) Da’vonne – Because nerds are afraid of loud people.




Da’vonne has been evicted by a vote of 7-2. After being friendly to everyone on her way out, she gets a well-deserved applause from the audience. “I though y’all would hate me!” she said after sitting down.


Without my typical snarky comments, I’ll review her interview with Julie, which was decent.


They discuss the Twin Twist, and Chenbot reveals Da’vonne was right about the twins. Then after a bit of discussion about how Audrey was able to slide by this week, we conclude with the typical loud Houseguest motto, “I would play the same way, because it’s who I am.”




Rob Gronk-Discount tells the Houseguests it’s a party all week long, and that at his party there are no Have-Nots. But you better win comps, because one starts right now. – If no Have-Nots is all we get, I’m going to be very disappointed. VERY disappointed.




We see our next HOH competition (which is luck based) called Gronk Pong. Contestants send a ball down a ramp and try to make the ball land in an over-sized solo cup. Each cup represents a point value 1-55. Whichever two Houseguests have the highest scores win HOH. After all the Houseguests have gone, Austin is in first place, with James, Vanessa, and Liz tied for second. A tie breaker leaves Vanessa as the second winner, and Austin and Vanessa are the HOHs for Week 3! – Yay! A week that the HOHs aren’t just trying to please people, and will think with their brains and not the butts!


Anyways, that’s all for today’s coverage of last night’s BB episode. I am super pressed for time today, so even if anything was happening on the feeds, I wouldn’t have time to cover it. I hope you enjoyed today’s sassiness and such, and if you did, make sure you share it with the hashtag #BBAB17, and follow me @Pixxilate. Also, make sure to listen in on “Screen This” at www.screenthis.ca to get more information on what’s going on in the BB house. Of course, make sure to check out Morty’s TV on Facebook (facebook.com/mortystv) and Twitter (@mortystv) for real time updates on the house and the website! Finally, make sure you read the live feed update page at www.mortystv.com/bb for the best live feed coverage you’ll get anywhere. So anyways, thank you all so much for reading today, I really appreciate, and I hope you tune in on Monday for coverage on Sunday’s episode of Big Brother in which we see nominations and Battle of the Block! So make sure to tune in and tweet me your thoughts and opinions while I scramble for notes and witty ways to trash talk the Houseguests. Anyways, I’ll talk to you guys later, and thanks for reading! Remember, stay Pixxilated!

Sorry this took so long, it got WAY real today with my schedule. It may be similar on Monday (horrible circumstances, I know), but don't worry, everything will come together, and worst case scenario, you get the blog Tuesday morning. I doubt it though! I may be perfectly on time, but I can't promise anything! Anyways, have a great weekend y'all :)

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Hi guys! My name is Pixxilate, and I’m here to review last night’s episode of Big Brother! Now, as some of you may have noticed, this post is late, and Monday’s post was nonexistent. This is because of being out of town and then some other unexpected situations, in which I didn’t even get to WATCH Sunday’s episode until Monday night. Since it was Tuesday evening by the time I could write anything for Sunday’s episode, I decided to just skim over it today, just a couple of major things that happened in that episode, and then we will move on to last night’s episode. Before we get started, make sure you follow me on Twitter @Pixxilate, and share the blog on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #BBAB17. Without any further ado, let’s get started!


In Sunday’s episode, aside from the facts of the nominees and BotB winners, two major things happened. Julia revealed to Vanessa that she was a part of the Twin Twist, and the news spread to Austin, Clay, and Shelli, while speculation still circled the house which was denied by her and the others who knew.


Well, the secret is out in week 3. Great job Lizia! I’m kind of disappointed because this was a pretty cool twist, and it was ruined by Julia’s big mouth. At least she has people protecting her now and we will probably get to see Julia come in to the game on her own. Not much to say here, aside from my overwhelming disappointment.


Now that Austin, Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay know about Liz and Julia, they decide to all make an alliance together called Sixth Sense, the six being Slay, Lizia, Austin, and Vanessa.


I hated Shelli and Clay up until this moment. I still think that they’re gross as a couple, and can’t stand them as people, they are really good players, and that is undeniable. I always loved Vanessa, and I started loving Austin once he began working with her. Liz and Julia were floaters in my book, but then this happened, so my opinion of almost all of these players has risen due to the beginning of Sixth Sense. What I do hope is that one of them is targeted and evicted early jury, preferably Clay. This is because 5 is a more interesting alliance to watch than 6, and also more of a challenge for the alliance. I’m excited to see this alliance go through the game, and hopefully make it to the end, with some interference from Audrey.


I know it seems short, but that’s really all that happened last episode aside from the facts. I really like the Sixth Sense alliance, but I want them to face adversity just for the entertainment value. However, now we can get to last night’s Veto episode!


The show opens with the Houseguests coming back from the Battle of the Block, and Jason is smugly excited that he has won the competition.


Once again, for the second week in a row, you haven’t WON anything. You got thrown a competition. Even though it seemed like James was throwing it himself. Jason is so full of himself, it’s hilarious.


John tells us in the Diary Room that he ACTUALLY thinks that James was told to throw it as well.


This made me laugh really hard, because James is viewed as such a threat, and he isn’t at all. I can’t wait to see him go home.


James says he isn’t too worried about this week, and truly believes that Audrey will be backdoored.


This is funny to watch since he is actually the one who will probably go home.


Clay, Liz (or maybe Julia), Austin, and Vanessa talk about the Veto and how they have to win it and keep noms the same to get less blood on their hands, and go for Jeff next week.


Or, you could put Jeff up next to James and ensure that one of them goes home no matter what. I would like to know what happened to people like Austin who said they could be “Up to their neck in blood.” But I guess everything changes when you get in the house.




In the least racist way possible, this was the blondest exchange I had ever seen. I actually thought they would start talking about pumpkin spice lattes and how much they love Chipotle. Liz tells Julia that she is too introverted and needs to be bubblier, to which Julia takes offense thinking she needs to act like a dumb blonde, which she won’t do.


No one aside from Liz could be more of a dumb blonde, so it won’t take a lot of work.


Audrey decides to go talk to Vanessa to check up on her status in the house, and Vanessa tells her she has nothing to worry about and explains that she should win the Veto.


I’m glad people are finally starting to somewhat trust her again, but she will have to put in some work if she wants to stay in this game.




We come back to Jeff (Babyhands) talking to Austin in the HOH room. The conversation turns to Jeff telling Austin he thinks Shelli needs to go because she’s “dragging down” Clay.


If I thought Jeff was stupid before, he’s of negative IQ now. Why on Earth would Shelli be dragging down Clay, and how is it your business to decide and/or share that information? Honestly, some of the people in this house are REALLY stupid, and Jeff is at the top of the list.




Vanessa draws Shelli.


Good for them, their plan seems like it’ll work.


John draws Houseguests Choice, and he chooses Austin.


This was a move made based on the belief that Audrey was the backdoor plan. Smart for the information Johnny Mac had, but in the long run, it was stupid.


James draws Audrey, much to his dismay, along with Jason and Meg who exchange a pretty questionable look.


I loved Audrey’s reaction so much it is my new Twitter banner. Really. It was hilarious when I stopped to take this note, and her face was like: lol get rekt skrub, u got a problem m8?


Vanessa hopes that anyone but the nominees win since everyone except them will not change the nominations.


Vanessa seriously doubts that the other people in this house also want money, and will go to any extremes to convince your people that saving them is a better idea than keeping noms the same. Don’t trust anyone in that game, because once you rely on somebody, they’ll cut you off and you’ll be out of the house.


Audrey is told by the Sixth Sense alliance that she will be thrown Veto so that she can keep nominations the same as an excuse to the rest of the house for her not going up on the block.


Not even anything sarcastic or insightful to say about this, because this is a pretty good decision. I just wish it had worked.




The competition, Gronk and Roll, involves the Houseguests getting inside giant dice and rotating it so that a number randomly chosen by the host shows at the top. It is similar to last week’s Veto in the sense that one person is chosen by random draw, and the other is chosen by the first. Let the games begin!


I’m somewhat disappointed that this is the exact same competition with the exact same decorations as last year. Not a single prop was different, I guarantee it.


First pick is Vanessa, and she picks Audrey, who gets thrown the round, and Vanessa is eliminated.

Next up, John, who also decides to face Audrey. However, Audrey loses, much to the dismay of Sixth Sense.

Next up, James picks to face off against Austin, and Austin comes up victorious.

Shelli also picks Austin, in hopes he will beat her and then Johnny Mac, which does happen.

This leaves Austin and Johnny Mac as the Final 2, and in the middle of the round, Austin decides he doesn’t want to win Veto, and Johnny Mac is the victor.




We come back to more of America’s Favorite Dentist in the Diary Room excited that he has won HOH.


Nothing to say here, just thought I would note how much I love Johnny Mac.


Vanessa is super pissed at Austin because she thinks he threw the competition. Speaking of throwing, he throws a shirt on the ground because he’s frustrated Vanessa doesn’t believe him. She tells him that she wanted someone she could trust in this game, and now she doesn’t know who to trust.


Overreaction at its finest here. But if you aren’t paranoid in the game, where would you be? Oh, you’d be Derrick.




We see a montage of parties for the BB Takeover. Some in the living room, some outside, a few in the kitchen, and even one in the shower! It seems like the HGs are getting tired of it as it goes on, but I guess all the Takeovers can’t be like Kathy’s.


This was boring. A random football player comes in and makes the Houseguests do stupid stuff at random times in random places. Let’s call it a Takeover! How is this a twist, exactly? I was told that these would affect the game EVERY week, not just some weeks while the others have sorry excuses! Oh well, that’s why we should just get the producers to have a twist free season.


Vanessa and Jeff are talking in the HOH room, and Vanessa reveals that Audrey is not her target, but James. Jeff is shocked, and disappointed.


Once again, why tell Jeff this? He hasn’t exactly shown you enough allegiance to know this sort of information.


Jeff decides to tell James, Jason, and Clay (who already knew). As they discuss, Austin walks up, and Jeff tells him his newly gained knowledge. Austin acts surprised and says he is going to talk to Vanessa. As he walks away, Jason calls out his fake reaction, and they all believe him.


Well, at least Jason actually gets a good read on people, while everyone else claims they can do the same, and get lied to every day.


We then transition to Jeff and Clay talking in the Cabana Room, and Jeff tells Clay that he thinks Austin is working against them and needs to go home. Clay acts like he agrees, but we know that Jeff is digging his own grave.


In one segment, we see Jeff trash his entire game. He just goes around telling people that their closest allies need go home, and then not doing anything about it! Babyhands Jeff is annoying AND stupid!


Clay quickly tells Austin, and they decide to tell Vanessa as an excuse to get Jeff on the block.


Smart move, I can’t even lie.


They go up to tell her, and Vanessa urges Austin to confront Jeff, which he goes down and does. Of course, Jeff denies everything right in front of Clay and Shelli, and then Austin sees the opportunity, and tells Clay and Shelli about what Jeff said to Austin. He says that Jeff believes that Clay can’t be trusted until “f**king Shelli is out of the f***king picture.”


I loved this, because this is probably the best confrontation we are going to get now that Da’vonne is gone.


Shelli is appalled, and Jeff is stuck, still denying all of Austin’s claims.


Denial is the first step in GETTING EVICTED.


Vanessa then comes in and starts grilling Jeff with the basic questions. “Did you see Austin as a target at any point.” And “Did you ever say that Shelli and Clay can’t be trusted as a couple?” He is stuck, and starts to put the blame on Vanessa.


Hell hath no wrath like a woman’s scorn. Have you never heard that Jeff? It basically means: “Don’t mess with the ladies unless you’re looking to be killed.”


Vanessa says if he’s going to challenge her, then Jeff sealed his fate.


I hear bells ringing and angels singing, as I can finally watch the house in peace.






Gronk tells all of the Houseguests who won competitions to go the backyard, because whoever finds a chip in one of the five solo cups set for the 5 winners, will get to go on a cruise with Gronk and his family. Meg wins, and our lame excuse for a Takeover is over.


In houses across America, the word: “Whatever” was said in every home with fans of Big Brother.




John saves himself.


Shocker! At least he wasn’t told to not do so this week.


Vanessa puts Jeff up, clearly stating that it was due to the events that unfolded the night before.


(Angels sing in the background as I see his smug look wiped off his face.)


This concludes the Veto ceremony as Jeff calls Vanessa Audrey’s puppet.


Once again, Audrey has no influence. Therefore, she has no way to BE IN CONTROL. Moron. I am SO excited to see him go home tonight.


Austin is relieved his agenda ultimately pulled through this week without any blood on his hands.


Well, all the Houseguests know you had a hand in this, so you weren’t blood free, but Vanessa surely had it worse than you.


Audrey is also excited that she survived another week and is “Moving on up.”


Yay Audrey! Love you girl!


That wraps up today’s post! I hope you enjoyed the read, I’m sorry it went up late. Tomorrow, you will see another post sometime in the afternoon, hopefully reviewing the glorious eviction of Jeff! Before I sign off, make sure you follow me on Twitter @Pixxilate, and share this blog with the #BBAB17. Speaking of social media, go ahead and follow Morty’s TV on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mortystv) and Twitter (@mortystv). Make sure you stay up to date with the live feeds at www.mortystv.com/bb so that you are in the know before the show even airs! Finally, make sure you check out the “Screen This” podcast with two wonderful Canadians at www.screenthis.ca. That just about wraps up the blog for today, so go ahead and get ready, because tonight, we have a wonderful eviction to watch, and I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for reading everyone, and remember, stay Pixxilated!

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Hi everyone, it’s Pixxilate, once again, here today to talk to you about last night’s eviction episode, in which Jeff, the man with the Babyhands, was evicted, much to my delight. There isn’t much to say about this, aside from moving on to the review, so without any further ado, let’s get snarky!


We come back to the show picking up after the Veto ceremony, and Vanessa tells us in the DR that now that Jeff is on the block, he should be the next evicted. – Even though your main target is still on the block? I thought you were stronger than that Vanessa. But it is smart, so I can’t say too much.


Audrey, although she is acting sympathetic, is internally ecstatic that she has survived another week. – Well, it’s not like you’re a huge target anymore, you’re just an urban legend to be honest. #AudreyIsOverRated


Jeff is still mad and believes that Vanessa is Audrey sheep. - #AudreyIsOverRated


Jason, James, Jeff, Meg, and Jackie are outside all discussing how much the situation sucks. – Well, maybe you shouldn’t have worked against the HOH. Just saying, that was your own fault.


As Austin comes outside, Jeff tries to get Austin’s vote, and in the DR, he shoots the idea down quickly. – Jeff has the audacity to try to get the vote of the person who got him on the block. My exact thought was “’Dis b**ch…”


We then see Jason and Clay in the bathroom talking about James being more trustworthy than Jeff, and maybe they should evict Jeff. – Under exactly what circumstances is James more trustworthy? I don’t know, I feel like there isn’t enough evidence in WEEK 3.


Meg comes in and tries to subtly convince the boys that they should keep Jeff since James has better relationships with the other people. – Meg just wants a sugar daddy, she isn’t thinking game.


We then transition to Jeff and Clay, and Jeff is trying to get Clay’s vote. He says that Clay and Shelli aren’t a threat to him, and in the DR, Clay says he believes in second chances, but has a lot to think about. – VOTE OUT JEFF. VOTE OUT JEFF. PLEASE VOTE OUT JEFF.


Jeff now moves on to Shelli, and tries to get her vote. – This is like trying to get Austin. You verbalized that you think they’re targets! It doesn’t work like this!


She says it’s difficult to forgive him after he threw away all of their trust. – Good for you Shelli, be strong and play the game for you!


Jeff starts fake crying to get sympathy from her, which is exactly what he gets, since she plays emotionally. – All credibility that she just earned was lost in that moment right there.


Jeff then goes to Jackie, and they discuss getting Shelli and Clay’s vote, and how imperative it is that they get it. – First of all, I don’t understand who this woman is that snuck in to the house, and why Jeff is working with her. She may be a serial killer! Secondly, if they think they can get Slay’s vote, then they are really more stupid than I thought.




Twin Twist Switch!

Nothing interesting about this switch, it just happened.


We then see Liz flirting around with Austin, and they even go as far as going on a date in the HOH Room. – This is the strangest, yet most compelling showmance I’ve seen in a long time. I like it!


Jeff starts to grill Liz about the Twin Twist in the kitchen, and he acts like the overbearing drunk at the bar trying to get a hot girl who isn’t interested to go home with him. He finally gets her to lay in bed with him, and he continues to pressure her. They go under the under the covers as Austin walks in, and he’s pissed to see Jeff under the covers with Liz. – As much as I think it’s annoying for a man to be so possessive, this is really dumb and disrespectful, and proves that Jeff has no boundaries, and has no class whatsoever. Then again, how many of these people have class anyways…


Austin talks to Audrey in the kitchen and he vents to her, and he gets riled up. – Calm before the storm.


He then goes upstairs and talks to Vanessa, and he gets even MORE riled up. – The angst before the storm.


As he is talking to Clay, probably getting more riled up, Liz walks in to the room. – The storm has arrived.


He asks what they were doing, and she said that they were just talking, and that he was pressuring her about the twin thing. Austin says that Jeff has to go, and in the Diary Room, Liz disagrees, saying that she can manipulate Jeff, and not Austin, so maybe she should keep Jeff instead. – After your sister specifically told you: “I know you like to flirt with Jeff, but you have to remember the plan, you have to evict him.” Liz is just here for the boyfriend, which is unfortunate. Julia will be a much better game player when she comes in to the house.




It’s eviction time! The speeches, as usual, aren’t very special, just saying how grateful they are for the experience, and that they hope to be friends with everyone outside the house, blah blah blah. Now it’s time to get to what we have all been waiting for, the voting process.


Jackie votes to evict James. – That moment when your partner from a TV show is on a different TV show with you and they’re about to get evicted and you have to try to save them but you can’t because he’s an annoying tool…


Austin votes to evict Jeff. – Don’t mess with Austin’s girl. Ever.


John votes to evict James. – I don’t get it, this was really unexpected and I would like to know the motive behind this vote.


Meg votes to evict Jeff. – Passive player makes a passive vote.




Clay votes to evict Jeff. – Second chance was not given by Clay. Darn shame. (Sarcasm intensifies.)


Shelli votes to evict Jeff. – At least she did that much. I thought Jeff’s fake crying would actually get Shelli to vote to keep him.


Steve votes to evict James. – But why? Also, did this guy sneak in with that Jackie girl? I haven’t seen him much either.


Liz votes to evict James. – I know this makes you think that you’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man to operate, but this actually just makes you look like a… gardening tool. Yeah, a gardening tool. I think you all know what I mean.


Jason votes to evict Jeff. – Probably because he’s “too basic.”


Becky votes to evict Jeff. - #BeckyUpdate, she votes to evict Jeff.


Finally, Audrey votes to evict Jeff. – Good, he was coming after you HARDCORE.


By a vote of 7-4, Jeff has been evicted from the Big Brother house. - *Jumps up and down in my living room because I hated Jeff.*


On the way out, Jeff tells Jackie to win this for him. – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Julie and Jeff talk about Jeff and Jackie’s relationship, and how they remained distant. – Probably because she wasn’t ever in the house. Who’s Jackie?


Julie becomes my actual spirit animal and asks Jeff how he thinks Jackie can win if she’s just floating through the game and not making any difference at all. – In the words of Andy Herren on his Twitter profile: “DRAH HER JULIE. DRAG HER.”


They then talk about how Jeff liked to flirt with Liz in front of Austin just to irk him, and it was his way of having fun. – What a tool.


They then discuss who he got the votes from, and he looks at goodbye messages. At the end, the twins are confirmed, and he isn’t surprised. He says one of them was super flirty with him and touched his butt all the time, and the other didn’t. – Oh aren’t you a gentleman…




We come back to the HOH competition, where all the Houseguests are standing in booths for the first question based HOH competition. It is called “Bustin’ Moves” and here’s how it works. The Houseguests will be shown a dance routine, and at the end, will be asked true or false questions about the dance routine. The last two competitors standing will be the new Heads of Household. – Well, it’s different from the other question based HOHs, which is nice.


After seeing an elaborate -90s inspired routine, then Houseguests are asked their first question. In the first round, Jason, James, Steve, and Clay are eliminated. – I was ecstatic because Jason and James, Audrey’s main problems, are already out. ECSTATIC.


In the second round, Austin and Meg are the only two who are incorrect. – Austin would’ve been a good HOH, but Meg would’ve gone after Audrey, so I’m glad she’s out.


In the next question, everyone but Shelli and Liz are wrong, making them the new HOHs! – This will be good, as long as they go after Jason, James, and Meg.




We come back to Chenbot asking time filler questions to the Houseguests from the audience. It’s all lighthearted and such, and you almost forget that they’re battling for a half million dollars. Almost.


As Chenbot closes the show, we eavesdrop on the buzzing Houseguests, and Liz freaking out in excitement over winning the HOH competition.


That wraps up last night’s episode! Jeff is gone, and I can finally rest. If you enjoyed this blog, make sure you share it on Twitter with the hashtag #BBAB17, and tag me @Pixxilate. While you’re following me on Twitter, go ahead and follow Morty’s TV @mortystv, and on Facebook as well (www.facebook.com/mortystv). Also, if you want to hear more about what’s going on in the Big Brother house, check out the “Screen This” podcast at www.screenthis.ca and keep up with the live feeds right here at www.mortystv.com/bb. That’s all I have to say for today, so look out for the nominations and BotB today and maybe tomorrow, and look out for my next post on Monday, where I discuss Sunday’s nomination and Battle of the Block competition episode. That’s all for now, so remember, stay Pixxilated!

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