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Saturday, July 4 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Activities of Daily Living = ADLs
Battle of the Block = BotB
Back Yard = BY
Bedroom = BR
Cabana Room Lounge = CRL
Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR
Da'Vonne = da
Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR
Head of House Room = HOHR
Kitchen = KT
Indoor Lock Down = ILD
Living Room = LR
Ocean Bedroom = OBR
Outdoor Lock Down = OLD
Storage Room = SR
Washroom Area = WA
Water Closet = WC
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Thank you!

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 5:33 am BBT Good Morning USA and Happy 4th of July! Most of the houseguests are sleeping except for James, Jeff, Meg and Jason. They are all in one bed in the dark telling stories.  James is talking about one of his disgusting sex stories and the other houseguests are grossed out. After James is done telling his story he realizes that the cameras are on him and now with live feeders watching and now it is out there on the internet. Conversation changes to bucket list and what the house guests want to do before they die.

 5:50 am BBT The conversation changes to what is their worst fear. Jeff’s worst fear is being trapped in a very confined space. Meg’s worst fear is fire, James’s is being stranded in an ocean and thinking that you are about to crash on a plane.  

 6:01 am BBT The group is breaking up and going to bed leaving Jeff along in his bed. Jason steps outside and is surprised that it is sunny out and wonders what time it is. He went over by the lounge chairs to smoke a cigarette and said happy Fourth of July California.    

 6:07 am BBT Jason is still outside by himself smoking his cigarette and doing some Jedi training about what days things happened in the house. Jason doesn’t want to go to bed because he does not want to get in that damn chair (in HN room), but he put his cigarette out and went inside to go to bed anyway. As he entered the room he told the others that it is sunny out and they can’t believe it.

 6:13 am BBT The HN group are talking about texting each other and how all of the live feeders are getting to know them as well as them getting to know each other. Meg said that being a HN is horrible and James replied that they volunteered for it. Meg said never again. James is wondering if the next HOH will put them up as a HN again. The bed is the worst for Meg and Jason hates the slop. James has not had very much to eat since being a HN. Jason asked us live feeders to give them food on Wednesday. Jason would sleep in the bed the whole time if he could get a slop pass because now he said he is okay with sleeping in the chair.

 6:17 am BBT All is quiet in the BB house now with the houseguests sleeping.

 6:30 am BBT Other than some tossing and turning, all is still quiet in the BB house with all the house guests sleeping.

 6:45 am BBT The only action in the BB house is the HN’s tossing and turning in their chairs.  

 6:58 am BBT Still quiet in the BB house.

 7:27 am BBT House guests are still sleeping. 

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 7:45 am BBT The house guests are sleeping so sound (it would be hilarious if that phone was in place and ringing right now!)

 8:15 am BBT We still see sleeping house guests.

 8:30 am BBT The BB house is still silent while the house guests get their beauty sleep!

 8:45 am BBT Still quiet in the BB house, even Giselle the giraffe is getting some rest in a HN chair.

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9:27 AM BBT - Audrey is up, Austin was up and went to the bathroom, now is back to bed. Steve is up, waiting his turn for the bathroom. John is now up and heads to the bathroom, now waiting his turn as Steve is in there. Steve brushes his teeth when he's done in the WA. No signs of life from anywhere else in the house.


9:30 AM BBT - Steve heads to the BY and is joined shortly after by John. John says it feels good to be outside, Steve wonders if he's always cold in the AM too. John says yes. Steve tells John they (production) want him to bring the POV inside when he goes in and asks if John has been in the DR with the necklace yet. We get FoTG (presumably to Steve can be told to stop talking about production) and when we come back, both are silent.


9:35AM BBT - John sits alone by himself in the BY while Steve moves about in the KT. Jason gets up and joins Steve. Steve says he gets more sleep in the HN room than he thought he would. Steve comments they were up late last night, Jason agrees and tells him they were talking about James' silly life stories. When they went to bed around 6am, the sun was up. He'll definitely be going back to sleep later. Jason joins John outside, asking if he has to go to DR as well.


9:40AM BBT - Jason just got out of the DR; he wasn't sleeping much in the dentist chair anyway. We get FoTH. When we get back (2 mins later), John and Jason are talking about laundry. John wants to wash bed sheets today, Jason says it doesn't really matter for him since he's not in a bed.


9:45AM BBT - Jason thinks they'll wait till Monday to do the veto ceremony due to the holiday. However, since he thought Have Nots wouldn't be till Friday, who knows? Day is up now and moving about in the WA. In the BY, Jason and John can't figure out who Shelli will put up. Only Audrey might go over Day. Anyone else would probably stay if up against Day, they decide. Audrey has to rebuild the relationships she has in the house, Jason says. John says she needs to calm down, played too hard too fast.


9:50AM BBT - They think it's possible Jace is in sequester. In seasons 15 and 16, they brought back jury people, Jason says. They have brought back non-jury people too so maybe that will happen this season. Jason randomly mentions he saw a hummingbird the day before; he'd never seen one before in his life. They then discuss birds building houses in trees. Jason hopes they'll get to see the fireworks tonight. They do them on CBS' lot; it's the only time it's open to the public. Jason hopes that the Have Not's will get to eat actual fod for the holiday. Jason says they cut the feeds usually because of the music that is played. We get FoTH (presumably to tell Jason to stop talking about production) for about 60 seconds. When we come back, Steve is making slop in the KT and Jason and John are heading back to the BR's.


9:55AM BBT - The cameras are on Steve in the KT and Day doing her ADL's in the WA.

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10:04AM BBT Steve and John in the BY. They plan to make the BB slip and slide today.


10:09PM BBT Steve and John discuss who is flirting with who in the house. They decide Liz is flirting with everything.


10:17AM BBT Steve asks John to do him a favor and if he becomes to annoying to please let him know. He says he sucks at reading people and at times he doesn't know. They start to come up with a signal to let him know. He says he tells people in his life that if he does anything that bothers them, to let him know. He says he doesn't get annoyed so he isn't sure what is annoying from him.


10:26AM BBT We have FOTH - maybe wake up call for the HG

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10:38AM BBT The HG are slowly getting up. Vanessa is called to the DR


10:40AM BBT Shelli enters the HOH room and rings the doorbell. Clay gets up and says something about making coffee. As he heads out the door he says he is doing the walk of shame.


10:50AM BBT Vanessa and John putting up the awnings. Shelli doing ADLs in HOH.


10:59AM BBT Jason wandering through the house. Tells John that he didn't even hear the wake up music.

11:03AM BBT Vanessa talking to Shelli. Says that she is going to wash the sheets. Says it is disgusting her. 2 weeks of different people sweating and sleeping and it grosses her out. Shelli can't find a clean coffee cup. Says they are all dirty already.

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HELP!  We've gone an hour without coverage, and none of our team is expected in until 4PM BBT, that's a long time!  If you have the live feeds, please, post some updates, let other know what's happening in the BB house.  Don't have the feeds?  Wouldn't today be a good time to start your one week free trial.  Just CLICK HERE

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11:04 AM BBT Clay,John and Jason in the BY talking about beer.  Clay leaves to get coffee.  Jason and John begin chatting about music and wishing they had their favourite music with them.  John thinks others would not appreciate his music taste.  Jason likes a lot of variety. 


11:08 AM BBT Clay goes to the KT where Becky and Vanessa are hanging out.  Vanessa compliments Clay on his haircut.  Becky and Vanessa decide that Clay's look is edgy.  Vanessa is considering shaving the left side of her head.

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11:11 AM BBT Becky and Vanessa in the KT.  Clay has re-joined them, and James walks in.  James wondering if there will be a meal for the Have-nots when they get off slop.  Clay says you have to request it.  John and Jason in the BY talking about a movie.


11:15 AM BBT Jason has joined the KT group, leaving John flaking out in silence in the BY.  In the KT, they are laughing at how they were all excited about the giraffe.  Jason goes back out to the BY and he and John continue their music discussion.

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12:25PM BBT - Shelli is cleaning up from breakfast/lunch in the KT while Liz is cooking. Liz jokes that she "Totes gots the votes" once Shelli puts her up as the pawn against Day. LIz feels like she lost weight while she was on slop. She didn't feel that till after because while on it you're so bloated. Austin says it is brutal. Vanessa comes in, Liz offers her banana pancakes and Vanessa groans - she's had more food in the last 24 hours than the entire time in the game.


12:30PM BBT - In the BY, Jason and John are on the loungers. They're talking about one of the fights involving Audrey. Jason says if he will talk behind someone's back, he will talk to their face too. He'd rather go out not being manipulated than look like a fool, as Victoria/Derrick last season. They are interrupted by Liz who begs John to have a pancake since she made so many. He agrees and goes inside to get some food.


12:35PM BBT - Shelli is telling other HG's she didn't even put syrup on hers because they taste like a muffin. Vanessa is helping Shelli clean the KT. Jeff is told to put on his microphone by BB. Becky comes in the KT for some food. She loves Liz's pancakes, very doughy. Jeff is wearing a tank top with an American flag, red shorts and a red bandana. He is complimented for how festive he looks as he grabs some food. Vanessa is complimented on her bandana, which is an American flag. Shelli had sunglasses in the shape of the American flag on the eyes; she couldn't find them before she left.


12:40PM BBT - Vanessa moves on to doing laundry, adding the dish towels from the KT. Becky is hoping for watermelon today. Shelli says likely not infused with vodka. Jeff wants gummy bears infused with vodka and explains how to do it. (Put them in a ziploc bag covered in vodka in the freezer for a few hours and then take them out till the dry. They don't leave the vodka) The HG's are amazed and want to try it. James and Steve are on camera 4, still sleeping in the HN room.


12:45PM BBT - Meg comes to the KT for some slop, looking wistful that she can't have some of the pancakes everyone is raving about. Meg compliments Jeff on his outfit. Shelli is now up in the HOH room doing ADL's. Jason comes in to get some protein powder to make a shake with. Jason feels like Paris Hilton - she doesn't eat. She's anorexic, he says. In the BY, Jeff is rubbing sunscreen on Austin. Meg is on the couch drinking a protein shake.


12:50PM BBT - Clay and Shelli are cuddling in the HOH room, in bed. Clay still hasn't gotten up yet. He loves the music from the CD she got. Clay can't hear a camera sound that Shelli hears every time she walks around. She mimics the sound; he teasingly calls her crazy. In the BY, Meg is teasing Jeff about how he's been acting like an 8th grader. At least he's not as bad as James, Jeff retorts chuckling. Jeff and Austin begin walking around the BY. Vanessa complains that the washing machine isn't accurate. It told her there was a minute left over a minute ago. Meg comments that she needs to do laundry today too.


12:55PM BBT - Up in HOH, Shelli is telling Clay about how Steve is like Clay's shadow and wants Clay to always work out with him. Shelli then comments on John, his stomach is full of muscle. (She felt that when she hugged him after he won veto) Shelli teases Clay will have everyone ripped by the end of the summer. Clay says he'd love to help out anyone that wants to work out. That's the base issue - most people don't find their motivation. Shelli says the more you sit around, the harder it is to find that motivation to work out. In the BY, Jason is complaining to Meg that the HN's aren't getting another food besides slop. He thinks that will lead to HN's being allowed to eat at the 4th celebration that night.


1:00PM BBT - Jason and Meg don't believe Becky is working with anyone specific. Meg and Jason want Shelli to put up Audrey but neither think it will happen. They think Kathy Griffin is going to save Audrey anyway because Kathy is all LGBT. Jason thinks Audrey will be able to put someone one slop for a week, Meg thinks it will be bigger than that. John joins them on the loungers. They're discussing how the chlorine tye-dyed some of their outfits. It sounds like Austin and Jeff are playing pool now. Meg wants to put on a swimsuit, but she feels bloated from the slop. Jason hasn't eaten slop since yesterday; BB will have to give him bonus food because he's refusing to eat. He should've said he was allergic to oats.


1:05PM BBT - Jason and Meg discuss how cool it is to work in production for BB. Jason says he is only interested in BB, Nicki Minaj and fashion. Meg says she's not even hungry, she is just so bloated. Jackie comes out wearing red, white and blue and Meg says she looks so cute. Becky comes outside for sunscreen; she's ready to suntan. Jackie wants to work out today. Becky goes to lay by the pool. Jason, Jackie and Meg then talk about how they fell asleep last night and how they didn't hear the music that much this morning.


1:15PM BBT - Liz comes out for sunscreen and both Jason and Meg tell her they don't know how she did Have Not last week. Jeff compliments Liz on her outfit; she was wearing a non red, white or blue outfit earlier and he made her change. The rest of the HG's tease him about it. Jeff tries to make Jason change into something pink, it's closer to red. Jeff says it's not him enforcing the dress code for the holiday, it's Giselle. They ask where she is; they say she is in chair 1 in the HN room. She won't get up till James does. Steve is in there too, they add and then discuss how crazy last night and the late night chatting was. They are so excited to get out and see tumblr about them. Jackie will post them all and tag everyone. Jason's best friend is going to save them all while he's in there - he will send them to everyone. Was there any from Amazing Race? Jackie says one, she was screaming at Jeff.


1:20PM BBT - Jason says he was burping and farting in the DR and production told him they've been told about the slop gas before. A plane flies overhead, and Jason says nothing better be spelled out on the plane so they're locked inside or he'll be very angry. If so, no one read it! Up in HOH, Clay and Shelli are talking game. Shelli is telling Clay how she and Becky came to the decision for their nominations. Shelli said they had to put up one pawn and one target on each side because back door plans don't always work. Becky's secondary target was Steve, so was Day's. Shelli wondered about that coincidence. She doesn't want Steve going before Day or Audrey. Shelli say you can't tell anyone your entire plan; she didn't tell Becky she was going to have a pawn through BoTB.


1:25PM BBT - Shelli indicated to Day prior to nominations that she'd likely be going up. She comments how well Day has been taking it, even though she's mad; who wouldn't be about being on the block? But overall, Day has taken it well. Shelli says she will not be the one to send out Audrey. Shelli comments there has to be a reason Audrey played so hard so fast, the reason she started a rumour about the Twin Twist, a reason she took the "Black Alliance" out of context. Clay was asked prior to coming in the house if he was down for a showmance, bromance, etc? He wasn't against a showmance. BB tells them to stop about production. Shelli groans and says it's so fun to talk about it!


1:35PM BBT - FoTH.

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1:40PM BBT - Shelli asks Clay if they should go outside for the next 30 minutes to get some vitamin D. He agrees and heads down to get ready to go outside while Shelli gets ready upstairs. In the BY, Jeff is hoping BB will give them a slip'n'slide to play with. John and Jeff are playing pool. The rest of the HG's are laying by the pool. Shelli and Vanessa are on the circle chair. Vanessa says she has a load of wash in the washer, but she wanted to dry them before a lockdown. Shelli says it may only be till tomorrow. Vanessa had 2 shirts shrink from Forever 21 because she couldn't get them from the washer. She offers one to Shelli. Shelli is interested. 


1:45PM BBT - The discussion from the pool is about James' story and how everyone was mortified. Steve is now in the BY with his feet in the pool. Jason, Audrey and John move to the loungers. Jason explains that sometimes there are competitions where you can earn a prize for the group - like a margarita party. Jason thinks the margaritas would be weak. The HG's aren't trusted by BB, he says. They discuss the drinks they wrote down for their HOH baskets. Jason's first choice was Corona with Lime. Jason comments that he is surprised Jeff hasn't enforced his dress code with Audrey. She says she will shower and change into something different. Audrey offers Jason a crop top. He says he normally doesn't wear them but in here, it's ok. He's already sold his dignity.


1:55PM BBT - Jason talks about how where he lives and works, it's very common for people to take Portugese instead of French and Spanish. There is a woman he works with who is fluent who they call on for help quite often. The pool group is trying to figure out how to get more alcohol. BB tells the HG's they are being locked down and to head inside. The HG's think BB said they'd be locked down for half an hour. The HG's all head inside.


2:00PM BBT - Meg tells the HG's that Jeff is on a 24 hour game that he can't say anything mean to her. Jeff says today will be filled with compliments for Meg. Clay will have to take over for him, being mean to Meg. Jason goes to talk to Day, who is just waking up in the colourful bedroom. The HG's are excited, they think something is going down. Jason says BB was nice to them today, letting them sleep in. Becky says once lockdown is over, she's going outside to tan again. Meg and Jason are going to shower and change. They think when the lockdown is over, there will be a grill outside for them.


2:05PM BBT - In the KT, they talk about how hard it is to workout around a busy work schedule. Meg is laying on a bed and comments about how comfortable it is. Jeff was never on time for one job he used to work, they used to congratulate him if he arrived on time. In the colourful BR, they're discussing slop and how gross it makes you feel again. Becky stealthily makes her way to HOH to listen to music. General chit chat in the KT about jobs and working in a clothing store.


2:10PM BBT - Austin is called to the DR. Day says she was called to the DR very early this morning. Jason says they asked him about an HG meeting that took place. They discuss how it will be shown on the show. Meg is so curious to see how Jace was portrayed. Jason thinks well, and Day agrees because the audience cheered so loudly. Jason says probably all will be like that. Day got laughter when she voted to evict Jace. Jason says it was weird for Julie to say his name. Jason used to call everyone honey, especially in the process of getting into BB. In the house, he has not called anyone honey. Day has her speech planned in terms of shout outs but nothing else. She knows what she will say if Audrey is next to her. If not, she's gunning.


2:15PM BBT - Liz is called to the DR. Meg can't wait to her Day's speech; she's good with her words. Meg is shocked that Clay moved upstairs. They went from not sleeping together to them living in the HOH room.... Day says she's been legit with Jason and Meg. And James, although Jason says he hasn't been as open with James. Jason thinks Meg will be on a ton of previews for the show because of her bubbly personality. BB tells the HG's they cannot talk about their DR sessions.


2:25PM BBT - Jason, Day and Meg ignore BB and keep talking about them. BB gets firmer this time and tells them again they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions. Meg, Day and Jason decide he's serious and stop. Austin and Vanessa are in the Cabana room talking about the group that was up all night together with the wild card Audrey. Talk then changes to how long the lockdown will be. They then go back to whispering, but it is very hard to hear with all the background noise.

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2:34 PM BBT Austin goes looking for Clay and finds him in the WA.  Austin complaining that Meg, Jeff, Audrey, James and Johnny Mac all working to flip the house.  Audrey comes in and as Clay is getting in the shower, she asks Clay if there are going to be some modelling photoshoots that they are going to hear about later on.  Clay tells them he did a portfolio.  Audrey says she did a Harry Potter photo shoot, but when they say “that’s cool” she says she is just kidding.


2:40 PM BBT Jason, Da’Vonne, and Meg in the Grey Room.  They are talking about getting a chance to dress up nicely, when BB announces that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms.  They wonder who is sleeping, and they start talking about trying to sleep in the HNR.  BB says “no singing” and Jason comments that BB is on them more than they have all week.


2:42 PM BBT  Audrey comes in wearing a US flag shirt and Jason asks if everyone thought of 4th of July when they were packing.  Jason didn’t pack anything for 4th of July.  They start talking about how hard it was for their families to be quiet about them being on BB.


2:45 PM BBT Da’Vonne, Meg, and Jason talking about how horrible slop is and ways they try to make it bearable.  Talk continues about food.


2:48 PM BBT Shelli goes to HOHR where Vanessa is listening to music.  Vanessa starts whispering and tells Shelli that Austin told her that he overheard Da’Vonne campaigning by telling others she is going after Clay and Shelli, mostly Clay.  Shelli asks if people were on board with her.  Vanessa suggests she ask Audrey.  Shelli asks if James was in the room. Vanessa didn’t know because she was sleeping but that Austin had mentioned that Meg was there, James, Jason and Johnny Mac.  Vanessa is worried that Johnny knows too much.  Vanessa thinks Johnny is smarter than people think. 


2:52 PM BBT Shelli was planning to talk to people this afternoon, but now people are sleeping.  She is not overly concerned and feels she still has time to talk to people so she is not going to push too hard yet.  Vanessa starts adding up votes.  James and Jason are tight, and could turn Meg.  Meg and James have told Shelli they are on board with voting Da out.  Neither of them trust James.  Shelli complains that Clay trusts James.  Shelli wants to keep Audrey so that she would be a target in future weeks.  Vanessa agrees with not backdooring Audrey. 


2:54 PM BBT Clay comes in, closely followed by Austin.  They talk about the group that was talking about keeping Da’Vonne.  Shelli asks who was in the room when Da’Vonne was campaigning.  Austin and Clay her Jason, Jeff, Audrey…Jeff was just “in there” but they trust him. Austin feels like Jason and Da are setting up Clay and Shelli as a target, and he’s worried that things will get flipped.  All Austin could hear was phrases like “this group right here, we need to keep it together, and those people upstairs are not with us anymore”.  Clay is worried that Da and Audrey might come together. 


2:58 PM BBT Audrey pops her head in with a question about where something is.  Clay observes that Audrey came up on purpose so she could report back to others.


3:02 PM BBT Liz comes into HOHR.   They question Meg’s choices in the competition, and whether she threw it.  Liz pitches for Meg to be the replacement nominee.  Liz is afraid to be on the block with Da’Vonne because she thinks it could go either way.  She thinks that putting Meg up against Da would be more certain to get Da out.  Liz made a deal with Da that she would save her twice, but Da has not talked to Liz since.  Austin doesn’t think Da is playing a very good game and points out that Da lied about her job.


3:06 PM BBT Austin and Vanessa both think that Audrey would be smart to work with Da’Vonne because having Da in the house helps keep a target off Audrey’s back.  Shelli says that Da is going home, and she is gonna do what it takes to make that happen.  Liz repeats her pitch for Meg to be the replacement nominee…that Meg is 100% safe against Da’Vonne because everyone loves her.


3:17 PM BBT Meg, Jeff, Jason, James, and John lounging in the Grey BR talking about sleeping with your eyes open.  Audrey doing her hair, but not taking part in the convo.  Joking around and chit chat.


3:27 PM BBT Shelli, Becky, Vanessa, Audrey, and Jackie in the HOHR.  Shelli asks Becky about a nail polish party, and Becky goes off to get the nail polish.  Shelli admires Audrey’s 4th of July sweater.  Clay is called to the DR.


3:38 PM BBT Da’Vonne and Liz in the WA doing ADLs.  John is sitting close by and chatting about moles and skin tags.  Jason comes out of the WC. 


3:46 PM BBT Nail party still going on in the HOHR.                                   


3:50 PM BBT Audrey primping in the WA while John lounges.  Da’Vonne and Liz also in the room, but no discussion over Audrey’s hair dryer.


3:51 PM BBT Austin has joined the nail party in the HOHR.  They are talking about the pros and cons of soy protein.  Becky asks what they get in the military for a protein ration.  They talk about Clay and James and how good their hair cuts are. 


3:55 PM BBT Liz asking...if they are locked in tonight, what should they make for dinner?  They want American food…hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, mac ‘n’ cheese. 

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4:01pm BBT: James ask Meg if she thinks if he walks in her town would he get mugged and meg says yeah.

4:05pm BBT: James says lets take a nap. Jason gets up to follow him to go nap. In the HOh rm they are still doing nails and general talk

4:09pm BBT: Steve and James in HNR talking about there being 15 people in the house but when you have to put 4 people on the block then it does not seem like alot.

4:13pm BBT: DA is cleaning the stove in the KT talking to jason about the nail party upstairs.  In the Comic rm Vanessa and John are laying in bed talking about going to sleep in the DR.

4:23pm BBT: Audrey and Clay in the WA. Audrey ask Clay why he is so sketchy and he says he is always sketchy and walks out.  In the Comic rm John is telling Vanessa they you just have to talk  patients through what he is doing to them but the injections are the worst.In the HOH rm Shelli, Liz and Austin are doing their nails just general talk going on.

4:28pm BBT: Audrey is telling Clay that she feels like Becky loyalty is to James. clay says that DA will do anything to stay and Audrey says i call her Mamma Demon and she will not have my vote to stay. She ask Clay who is going up on the block if i don't go up and clay says i don't know.

 4:35pm BBT: Clay is telling Audrey that he does not trust her to tell secrets to cause she tells other people to help their game. Audrey says i did not do that and he says yeah unintentionally but you did but i want to work with you. Audrey says i am just waiting  to hear what you and Shelli want me to do.

4:45pm BBT: Audrey is now in the HOh rm showing Shelli and Liz and Austin her hair and clothes they love it then Audrey leaves to go down stairs. Meg,Clay,Jason, Jeff, Becky Steve and DA in the KT eating with general talk.

 4:52pm BBT: Vanessa tells John that she feels like they are not going to get the BY back tonight cause i asked if we aren't i need my sheets and we get a brief FOTH. Austin says we will get it back but it will be awhile cause i live close to here and they do fireworks and they sell tickets but we will get it back just might be awhile.

 4:58pm BBT: Audrey and Shelli in the WA talking and Shelli tells Audrey she will not be going on the block cause she feels she deserves a chance in this house. Audrey says i appreciate it but we will see.

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5:02pm BBt: Shelli ask Clay what he is wearing top the 4th of July party tonight and he says i don't know i only have the red and blue shirt and she says that will work. He says he only has white shorts and she says that works but they are khaki but men always call them white. 

 5:07pm BBT: Audrey, Shelli and Clay talking about the HOh comp they played and how they have high GPA"s and they still could not do them puzzles. Shelli says i didn't even hear my name being called. Audrey says i was taking the little pieces first and should have done the large ones. Caly says i did the corners first.

5:15pm BBT: In the WA Becky is talking to Shelli, Austin, Clay and Liz. She says she loves beer and red wine and wants so coke with lime in it. Liz leaves and  goes to the have not rm . Jeff is in the purple rm talking to DA. He says this is what i do not get , If they wanted to get you out of the house why wouldn't they just backdoor you  it just does not make any sense. DA says unless they put Liz up cause she is in tight with them. Jeff says i just didn't expect to see you up there.

 5:22pm BBT: Shelli and Audrey in the WA and Audrey ask does DA think i am going up with her on the block and Shelli says i do not know i have not talked with her. Audrey says the only people i feel that will take you to the finals is me, Clay and Vanessa.  Liz walks in and sits down and talk stops.

5:25pm BBT: Jeff and Clay in the LVR then head to the  Lounge rm where Austin is laying down. Jeff is telling them about the talk he had with DA and he told her that he was out of the loop and he does not know any more than she does. he told her that he has not been in the HOH rm and Da told him yeah i know i have not seen you up there. Jeff says i told her i did not know what their agenda is.

5:32pm BBT: Jeff, Clay and Austin talking about lifting weights and working out.  In the WA Liz, Audrey and Shelli talking while Shelli trims her hair.  Jackie comes in and they ask her how her little snooze was. 

 5:38pm BBT: HG are thinking they may not be able to go back outside tonight. Austin says how can they deny us our Independence day. 

5:42pm BBT: Liz is making her bed after washing her sheets earlier. Steve and  John are watching her. Jeff in the Purple rm talking about how many beers you can drink in an hour to be at the legal limit of being drunk. 

5:45pm BBT: Audrey goes to bed and says they should at least let us turn off the lights. Jeff agrees. Jeff then says i do not know about you guys but the excitement of living in this house has faded now. In the HOH rm Clay and Shelli are talking and  Shelli says if she puts up Liz then she will go home and if i put up Meg then DA goes home but do you think they are making that up and clay says i do not know and we get FOTH.

5:47pm Clay says in the WA Audrey tried to turn it where we might back door Becky. Shelli says Becky does not like Audrey  that is why she says that. Shelli says that it is to dangerous for me to put up Liz and i will not do it cause i want DA gone.

 5:51pm BBT: Audrey says i have to put up Meg cause they will absolutely not vote her out. Clay says yeah i see that but meg is on both sides of the house but you are right. Shelli says that is why i tell you do not give out information. Clay says you are right.

5:55pm BBT: Clay and Shelli repeating themselves in the HOh rm about their alliances and how Meg and Jeff will never turn on them but then Shelli says they might if i put up Meg.

 5:58pm BBT: Shelli says we need to get some people up here and talk it out. Clay says but who we want to talk to and Shelli says that's why we need to talk about it but i want to have a conversation with Meg Jeff and James  before the veto ceremony but i do not know when that is but want to tell them they will be safe.

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6:01pm BBT: Shelli says she needs to talk to some people but she is not ready to make an alliance with anyone for it to be broke up.

 6:03pm BBT: Shelli repeats herself  about who and why they should go up and about not making alliances and she says no one has come to talk to her this week and they do not give a damn. I feel i have a bond with  Liz and Austin they are the only ones who have talked to me this week so i feel there is that bond there. 

6:07pm BBT: Clay ask Shelli if she is going to take a nap and she says no i am about to get ready for our big indoor party. She tells him he can take a nap as she leaves the HOh rm to get a blow dryer. IN the purple rm Meg, and Jeff and Steve are talking general talk.

 6:13pm BBT: Shelli and Clay in the hoh rm still repeating themselves about nominations and Shelli is laying on top of clay. In the purple rm Steve and Jeff are talking about logos and sunshades.

 6:20pm BBT: Clay tells Shelli the worst case scenario is for Jason and meg to win HOh if you put her up but then i do not see meg winning anything. He says we need to talk to others before you put up Meg. Shelli says yeah.

6:26pm BBT: Steve is talking about going and making slop. Vanessa goes to the HOH rm and ask if Shelli is there and Clay points to the bathroom area. Shelli ask is that Vanessa and  she says yeah try to take me seriously right now and stands up with blue cream on her face and ask if she looks like a biker dude right now with the bandanna and sunshades on. Shelli laughs and says yeah.

6:28pm BBT: Steve, Beck comes to the HOh and Shelli says come on in lets get the party started. In the purple rm Audrey, Jason, Meg and Jeff are talking  about having a party.

 6:35pm BBT: Hg are just lounging around talking and  snacking  just general talk going on.

6:40pm BBT: Steve goes to the HOH rm as Shelli is called to the DR and says that America is voting on something as they are not voting on food for the have nots like before giving us extra food.

6:47pm BBT: Hg still just talking about drinking and eating no game talk going on at all.

 6:51pm BBT: Austin went in the have not rm and comes out with a shirt on and meg and Jeff and Jason say wow you are so muscular and look like a man now with that shirt on. Meg says he looks hot.

6:53pm BBT: Clay comes in the purple rm and lays down with Jeff. meg tells him he is not napping in this room cause we are  talking. He tells her to shut her mouth and Jason laughs and says shut your mouth. They then talk about how Austin is wearing a shirt for the first time in 3 weeks.

 6:57pm BBT: Hg are  still just talking general talk and lounging around waiting for the big party tonight.

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7:14pm BBT:  Jeff, Meg, Clay,Audrey and Meg in the purple rm talking about  dates they have had. In the KT James, Shelli,Vanessa, Becky and Steve talking about the ants in the KT.

7:20pm BBT: Austin in the KT looking for something to eat besides slop and gets the hot sauce out. Steve is eating slop very slowly. Becky and John are going upstairs to play  connect 4 with chocolates  and she tells him he can not eat them. She ask him to carry her coffee up so she won't spill it.

 7:29pm BBT: Meg and James talking about dating older men and James says  let me ask you this if your daughter turned 18 and meg says that is to young so James says ok she is 21 in collage, Meg says no that is to young too. Jason says they just finished high school and James says  he finished high school when he was 23.

7:31pm BBT: James says to finish the conversation now. and Meg says well in the old days there was  arranged marriages. James says true. James gets up and heads to the Other rm and Jeff hugs Meg and they laugh.

7:38pm BBT: John and Steve are playing connect 4 on the chess board with candy bars. Shelli is watching. In the purple rm with  James, Meg, Jason,Jeff, talking about having kids and dating as Clay,Audrey and DA sleeps.

7:48pm BBT: HG are sitting around and  talking general talk.

7:51pm BBT: Vanessa is doing her make up and Jackie is getting her hair done while James walks around in the WA talking about his gas problem and then talks about deer hunting.

7:52pm BBT: Feeds just went to Jeff's highlight reels.

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 8:51pm BBT: Vanessa and Audrey in the purple rm talking and Jeff and Clay in the hoh rm talking about Shelli and Jeff tells him that the other Hg think he is running Shelly's HOh.

8:53pm BBT: James comes in to talk to Audrey and Vanessa. Vanessa offers to get him an ice pack and  she laughs asking if he wants her to hold it too? He laughs and gets up and leaves.

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8:56 PM BBT Liz & Austin go to the ST. Liz gets chocolate ice cream out of the freezer & Austin gets a different kind out. In the grey BR, Vanessa tells Audrey that one of her puzzle piece's magnet didn't stick to the board during the HOH competition. Audrey says, Shelli was complimented that she was doing good. Da'Vonne walks in. Vanessa asks Audrey if she was looking at the puzzle pieces when they walked back? Audrey says, yes. Vanessa says, she didn't, & that may have helped her. She says, it was fun. Audrey says, they get to compete next week. We see FOTH.


9:00 PM BBT Vanessa & Audrey keep talking about the HOH competition. Da'Vonne walks back in the grey BR, & leaves again. In the HOHR, Jeff tells Clay that he really doesn't want to know much about some of the HG's real life, because that makes it worse when they have to f*** them over. He says, he feels that Jackie doesn't even like him anymore. He thinks it's because he's not giving her attention. Clay says, she seems like she wants all the attention. Jeff says, she does. He says, it got bad on TAR, & she punched him in the face. We see FOTH.


9:03 PM BBT Clay tells Jeff, that one of his ex-girlfriends actually came after him. Clay says, Shelli has detached herself, & she's more logical. Jeff says, that's good. Clay says, she's logical with her game play, which is really good. Clay says, he wants to tell Audrey that he really doesn't care what she has to say, because he knows she's going to lie. Jeff says, Audrey approached him in the SR, out of no where yesterday.


9:05 PM BBT Jeff says, he told Audrey that she's not going to keep her stuff up with him, Clay or Shelli anymore. He says, She's not going to be the puppet master. He says, it's like, no, Audrey, we will keep you another week, & then you can go. He says, she can really go this week, or next week, it really doesn't matter. He tells Clay, that because she was close to him & Shelli, that's why she will probably stay another week.


9:08 PM BBT Clay says, Audrey wanted Shelli to back-door Becky this week. Clay tells Jeff that he can't say anything. Jeff says, Audrey said this to him earlier today. He says, they don't have any reason to back-door Becky. Jeff says, Audrey is back to her old ways. We see FOTH. Jeff is picking a spot on his right shoulder, & him & Clay continue to talk about not back-dooring Becky.


9:12 PM BBT Audrey asks Meg if she did group interviews also? Meg says, yes. Audrey asks her if anyone in the cast was in them? We see FOTH. Meg says, Clay, Becky, Steve, Shelli & Jace. Audrey says, she wonders what the others look like. Meg says, everyone was very different. James walks in. James wants to show the girls his butt cheeck. He says, it's cut really bad. He says, Steve told him it is. Audrey tells James they're doing a vanity comp tomorrow. We see FOTH. Then she says, she's just kidding. James lays down. Meg says, the pillow smells like Jeff. She says, his cologne is in the bin that her toiletry stuff is in.


9:15 PM BBT Audrey tells them that she hopes she sees scenes of them making out when she watches the show herself. James says, if they never make out, he can always say, there was that one time, & they laugh. James says, Meg does look like Taylor Swift, & she wears the red lipstick. Meg wants to meet her, & so does James. James asks the fans to Tweet Taylor Swift for him. Meg wonders what everyone is doing. James asks where Jeff & Clay are? Meg says, probably being scandalous. James asks her about her bracelets. He says, she'll probably wear them when she's on the block on eviction night.


9:19 PM BBT Audrey says, the twist could be that there would be an early eviction on Tuesday, & have to redo the week. Meg says, she wants to make it to the jury house, & that would be fun. James says, he & Meg at the jury house, that's where all the magic happens. They discuss how much CBS spends on all the stuff, & what their net worth is. James tells Meg that he's not really into cuddling that much, & she says, she's not either. He says, they are so much alike. Everything they're doing seem to be in sync. James says, sketchy McGee over there to Audrey. Audrey asks, is it good or bad luck to find a feather? James says, neither. Meg says, it's good luck. James says, Becky's asleep. Meg says, she wishes she was asleep.


9:23 PM BBT James asks Meg if she's a dancer? She says, she used to be. James said, then it wouldn't take much for her to learn to two-step. Meg says, she might really like that, because she likes to dance. The camera view switches to the colorful BR. Liz says, Vanessa & Austin look really cute, with nice outfits on. Liz tells Austin he looks good in clothes. He says, so, you mean there might be a chance here? He says, when he's at home he doesn't like to have clothes on, he likes to be free.


9:25 PM BBT Austin says, if they're going to go back outside, he needs to put on his bathing suit. Liz says, she was surprised that the HN's got to eat today. She says, it's not like she's upset, but the HN's picked a good week. Vanessa says, Jason didn't drink any alcohol. He gave it away, because he was just glad to eat some food. Austin says, they will get allowed in the BY tonight. Liz says, they did say it. Austin says, they said they will let them out when the lot clears out. Vanessa wonders what the lot looks like outside. Liz & Austin say it's either building 17 or 18, & you can see it off of Colfax Avenue. He says, his dad owns a catering business & catered for buildings around there.


9:29 PM BBT They discuss the creepy artwork on the walls in the colorful BR. Austin says, the masks on the walls are Mexican Professional Wrestler masks. He says, he's not part of the scene out there. Liz asks if the CBS lot is more for families? Austin says, yes. He says, they probably got the BBQ from the vendors there. He's not sure where the pizza came from. Vanessa asks Liz if she can speak Spanish. She says, un poquito (very little). She says, her mom is from Norfolk, Virginia. She says, she wants to go to Atlantic City. Vanessa says, she's been there. Austin says, it's dying down though. Liz says, she's been to Las Vegas before she was 21. Vanessa says, she needs to go now that she's over 21.


9:33 PM BBT Austin asks Vanessa about Las Vegas. Liz asks her if she's won more than she lost, or vice versa. Vanessa says, she would say she paid her bills, because she did it for a living. She says, she likes the Wynn hotel, & they give you nice amenities. She says, they open something new every minute, & it's hard to keep up with everything. Liz says, she went on the roller coasters, because she couldn't gamble or anything.


9:41 PM Jeff, Clay, Shelli & Jackie are all in the HOHR. Jeff tells Shelli he wasn't sure if they trusted him about a piece of information from last week. Shelli asks Jeff, what his connection is with Austin, because it seems to be so confusing. Jeff says, they seem to have some sort of connection. He says, he's trying to pretend to be a bro with him, so he won't try to get him out. He says, his biggest threats in the house are Audrey & Austin. Shelli asks, what he threw him under the bus about? Jeff says, Austin said that he made up the plan to back-door Jason, & it wasn't true.


9:44 PM BBT John walks in the HOHR. Jeff says, he really doesn't like Austin, & he really doesn't trust him. He says, there will be comps coming up that Austin will dominate, & he doesn't need him on his bad side. He says, he wants Austin to think that he has an alliance with him. Shelli says, who's his alliance? Jeff says, hopefully us. He says, he's been gravitating towards him lately. He says, Austin has been talking to Audrey a lot. Jeff says, he's not dumb bro, he's been watching this game for a long time. Jackie says, he knows a lot, he has a BB tattoo. Jeff says, he got that tattoo about 10 years ago, so he knows something.


9:47 PM BBT Jeff thinks Vanessa, Steve, & Jason might all try to vote him out. He says, Shelli may not think so, because she talks to them. Jeff says, Becky may leave her alone for a couple weeks, but then she'll go after him. He says, she may only leave him alone because of Jackie. He says, he doesn't know where Liz' actual loyalty lies. Shelli asks if anyone actually talks to her about game. She asks if anyone knows how well she knows the game? Jackie says, no, she has only seen a little bit of it. Jeff says, she will flirt her way through. Jackie says, & she's not even doing that. Shelli says, they just want her to get to jury, & she says, Jackie also. They laugh.


9:50 PM BBT Jeff says, at the end of the day, Clay is not going to affect your private vote. He says, one thing they've been bad about is they've been saying who they want to work with, but they haven't made any moves yet. He says, there are a lot of people in the house they like, but they have to be careful & figure out a diverse group to work with. He says, he knows they are waiting for this thing to go through with Da'Vonne.


9:52 PM BBT Jeff says, they really should have 2 more people in their group to have 7. Jeff says, he would like Meg for sure. Shelli says, she would like James for sure. Shelli asks John who he would put in? John says, he doesn't trust Steve, even though he talks to him. He says, he likes Becky. Jeff says, James will be loyal, but you can't give him all these distractions. Clay says, James is ready to have a group to be committed to.


9:55 PM BBT They are still discussing who to bring in with them for a 7 person alliance in the HOHR. We see FOTH.


9:56 PM BBT All the camera views are on the HOHR. Shelli says, the allegiance that she has with James isn't really that strong, & she isn't sure why they are feeling so strongly for him. She tells them how he knew since day 2 that he was going to back-door Jace. She says, she needs to be convinced why to have James in their alliance. Shelli asks Jackie if she has a loyalty to him because he kept her safe? She says, a little, but it was the house really because they voted.


9:59 PM BBT Shelli says, James is close to Jason & Da'Vonne, & she's targeting Da'Vonne this week, & that may make him a little wishy washy. Clay & Jeff say, James says, he is going to vote for Da'Vonne to go, so if there is more than one vote for her to stay, then they will know. Shelli says, they are wanting the group to have 2 more people. Jeff says, eventually. He says, right now they need this group to be a core group. He says, they need to be friendly, but they need to keep this group secret. This alliance will be Jeff, Clay, Shelli, Jackie & John. Shelli says, the whole person about the alliance is to trust each person, & they need to go to each other about everything, without letting the rest of the house know or suspect anything.

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10:05 PM BBT Shelli points out that if they have the relationships in the house, they don’t really have to bring someone else into their alliance.  They can influence others without making any promises.  Jeff encourages everyone to be up front with others and keep communication open so that there aren’t a lot of rumours freaking people out.


10:07 PM BBT Shelli, Clay, Jeff, Jackie, and John try to decide on a name for their alliance, but they keep coming up with clichés based on including 5 in it.  They decide to decide later.  They’ll each come up with a name and come together again to pick one.


10:12 PM BBT  Jeff re-iterates that they MUST NOT tell Audrey about their alliance of five and then abruptly changes the subject, saying that he and Meg had their first fight today.   Jeff says Meg blew up because he said he’d rather date a girl 5 years younger than him than 5 years older.  Shelli is puzzled why Meg would be upset, since Meg is younger than Jeff.


10:18 PM BBT The Back Yard is open!!  All the HGs in the Grey BR head out to check it out.  Shelli, Jeff, and Jackie in HOHR stay put.  Jason, James, and John are opening the awnings.


10:31 PM BBT Jason and Da’Vonne are sitting on the couches in the BY while Meg, Becky, Liz and James are gathered around the hot tub soaking their feet.  Steve is standing near the hot tub looking on.  Shelli continues holding court in the HOHR, talking to Clay, Jeff, and Jackie.  They are discussing that they don’t see anyone voting Meg out.  Shelli thinks that nominating Meg is the only way that she can be sure that Da goes. 


10:36 PM BBT Shelli wants Jeff and James to be with her when she approaches Meg.  She lays out her reasons for wanting that... Meg has said that she thinks James would choose Meg and Jeff over Jason and Da’Vonne.  Having James there will also show respect to James as well.   They are counting the votes and feel confident they have the numbers if Meg is the replacement nominee.


10:38 PM BBT Clay leaves and Jeff says he’ll join in a minute, but stays to confide in Shelli that he really wants to work with Meg more than he wants to work with James.  They discuss what Meg has to offer… her social game and the fact that no one sees her as a threat.  Jeff feels that Meg will be loyal.  He’d like to work with Austin too, but Jeff doesn’t feel Austin is loyal. 


10:42 PM BBT Audrey pops in to use the HOHR bathroom.  Jeff keeps talking vaguely and then being aware that Audrey could hear them, he switches to a fake conversation about whether they have the votes to get Da’Vonne out.   The conversation peters out and Jeff says he’ll listen to one more song before he goes and plays pool with Clay.


10:52 PM BBT John and Steve are in the Hot Tub, Liz and Becky are sitting on the edge with their feet soaking.  They are talking about how the Back Yard transforms so much between competitions and the way it is now.


10:54 PM BBT Audrey, Jackie, Jeff and Shelli in the HOHR talking about pickup trucks.  Jeff talking about moving to San Diego when BB is over.


10:56 PM BBT Becky is worried about having small hands because she thinks it will be a disadvantage in the competition where you have to move an egg through chicken wire.  Becky and Liz compare their hands and Becky realizes her hands are similar to Liz's and not extra small.


10:59 PM BBT Jeff comes up to the Hot Tub and notices that Giselle isn’t there.  Becky says that Giselle is in the HNR and goes to get her.  Jeff sits on the edge of the Hot Tub and wishes for bubbles. 


11:01 PM BBT Shelli and Audrey are in the HOHR.  Shelli is on a rampage to get rid of all the food.  She asks Audrey how she’s doing, and Audrey starts saying something about DRs and we get FotH.  When we come back, Audrey is pondering how calm Da’Vonne has been while on the block.  Shelli has been surprised as well.  Audrey is worried that Da’Vonne is feeling safe because Da’Vonne thinks that she will be up against Audrey.  Audrey is worried that Da’Vonne is going to feel very played when she finds out that Audrey is NOT being backdoored. 


11:04 PM BBT Shelli thinks Da’Vonne has been calm because Shelli pulled her aside in advance to let her know that she was going to be nominated.  Da’Vonne has not talked to Shelli since being nominated.   Shelli asks Audrey if she has talked to Da’Vonne and Audrey says no.  Audrey is encouraged that the rest of the houseguests are not avoiding her so much anymore.   Audrey is being nice to Da’Vonne in case she gets “The Last Laugh”.   Shelli and Audrey start speculating about what the “Last Laugh” is. 


11:08 PM BBT Shelli saying she is enjoying retreating to the HOHR and not having to hang out in the Back Yard.  She feels like she’s been eating way too much and is jealous that Clay can still eat. 


11:12 PM BBT Audrey talking about Vanessa.  Vanessa had approached her to say that they could work together and no one would suspect it.  Vanessa suggested that they have a fake fight to throw off suspicion, but nothing ever seemed to happen with it. 


11:14 PM BBT Shelli asks Audrey who she would target, and Audrey says that she would target Becky because Becky was intending to backdoor her, and also Becky doesn’t make eye contact with Audrey.


11:17 PM BBT Audrey asks about “Sleeper Cell” alliance [shelly, Clay, Audrey].  She’s wondering if Liz has taken her place.  Shelli says she doesn’t think it exists anymore…she had forgotten all about it.  Audrey figured it was just taking a “nap” and they burst out laughing.  Audrey is hoping it isn’t in a full-fledged coma!  They talk about how crazy it is with all the different alliances and how they come and go.   


11:24 PM BBT  Audrey telling Shelli that Jeff has a connection with Jackie and Jackie has an in with Becky.  Jeff is also close with James.  Audrey heard a conversation where Jeff told James he didn’t know if he could fully trust Clay because he didn’t know where he stood with Shelli.  Jason is also close with Meg who is also close with James.  Audrey feels that she has no connection with James and that James would target her. 


11:33 PM BBT Audrey relaying to Shelli that Clay told Audrey that she better play the game they want or she would have no game at all.  If they keep her safe, then Audrey can’t come after James, Jeff, Shelli, Meg or Clay.  Audrey felt that Clay was very abrasive, and Clay later apologized for stating his case so strongly.  Audrey feels like Clay tries to take credit for things.


11:38 PM BBT Jason, Becky and Jackie sitting on the BY couches chatting and laughing, and you can hear others playing games in the BY.  Audrey still telling Shelli her opinions about Clay and James.


11:41 PM BBT Audrey tells Shelli that she doesn’t forget how people make her feel and then becomes extremely emotional when she tries to tell Shelli how much she appreciated that Shelli stood up for her.  They hug, and Audrey tells Shelli that because of Shelli’s support, Audrey will be faithful to Shelli.   Shelli explains that she didn’t feel Audrey got a chance to speak, and that she deserved another week in the house.  Plus Da’Vonne had not done anything for Shelli in the house, and she hated the way that Da cornered Audrey. 


11:46 PM BBT  Shelli encourages Audrey to fight to win the next HOH.  Audrey is feeling hopeful that she still has a chance, and that she just has to remain positive. 


11:49 PM BBT Audrey talking about how she thinks that being alone in the house she actually has a lot to offer because no one really knows where she stands.  Plus she is someone more likely to be targeted.


11:51 PM BBT Clay comes back to the HOHR and Audrey jokingly says to Shelli “So he really has bad morning breath?”  There is some joking and teasing back and forth.   Shelli asks what is going on out in the BY and Clay jokes that everyone is plotting against her. 


11:59 PM BBT Shelli is called to the Diary Room.

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