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Wednesday, July 1 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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#BB17 1200 AM BBT Audrey and Steve are whispering to each other, they are talking about who are in the big alliance and that the others are making fun of him behind his back, and how the other are talking about how they look around to make sure Steve is not lurking around under beds or somewhere before they talk.


#BB17 1210 AM BBT Clay and Shelli talking about how there is so many conversations all the time with bantering back and forth and how it exhausting to keep with everything that on.  That the only thing they have to do is talk and it tiring.


#BB17 1218 AM BBT Audrey and Austin talking about Becky being put on the block because Da’Vonne told Jason saying that Becky was making passive aggressive racial slurs. And that Steve can verify it and that it is all on tape


#BB17 1225 AM BBT Jason, Liz and Meg in WA talking about how you make your own personal friends in the house.  They are talking about how Audrey is lying and how everyone has figured it out and how she is blaming others for what is going on.  Jason says he thought he was prepared for thie game, he ever read strategy books before he entered house.  But she (Audrey) must of wrote them 


#BB17 1230 AM BBT James and Audrey are having a talk about how Audrey has blown up her own game.  James is asking her why she is doing all the self-destructive things.  They are talking about who the mole was and how Audrey is going renegade to everyone.  Jace comes in and gets into conversation and tells James that he doesn’t care and that James has been playing him as a friend and he wasn’t a good person.   


#BB17 1235 AM BBT James is still confronting Audrey about how she is into all the drama that is going on in the house.  James told her she needs to get her story straight, and he wants to know what she is up to, and she is lying to him about what he conversations have been with others today.  James tells her she has blown her own game up.  James wants to know why she blew up everyone’s game. 

#BB17 1245 AM BBT Audrey and James still discussing what she has done to cause the drama in the house.  James is basically putting Audrey in her place for her actions.  She is playing victim in all the activities of the day. 


#BB17 1247 AM BBT  All the houseguests not involved in the Audrey and James conversation are quietly sitting in the living room listening to their conversation.


#BB17 1255 AM BBT James and Audrey still talking and the rest of the house guests have gotten bored with conversation and have gone back to the back yard


#BB17 105 AM BBT James and Audrey still talking and rehashing everything over and over.  Austin is trying to calm down Jace.  Jace is giving up and hurt by all the actions.  Austin is telling Jace that he should say his peace, Jace is saying these people are horrible and they don’t know how to be in an alliance. 


#BB17 115 AM BBT James and Audrey are still talking.   Other houseguest in backyard just general chit chat going on playing around with all the rumors going through house and joking about the craziness of it.


#BB17 118 AM BBT Outside houseguests are testing production and are getting repeated warnings about talking about production, and they are laughing about it.  Audrey and James are still talking and Audrey is crying again.  James is telling her to get out of bed and play the game.  Liz comes in to conversation trying to boost Audrey and telling her that she is okay and that she is okay with her, and she is not mad at her, that this is a game. 


#BB17 128 PM BBT James and Audrey are still talking.. Audrey is still trying to defend herself.  Backyard houseguests are talking about how James and Audrey are still talking. 


#BB17 132 AM BBT James finishes conversation by walking out and telling James he needs a beer, not just one beer but 6. 


#BB17 140 AM BBT James goes to other house guests and apologizes for the confrontation with Audrey and said it needed to be done.  His overall goal was to put it into prospective with her and to remind Audrey that this is a game. 


#BB17 148 AM BBT Vanessa is talking to Jace and telling him that he is a good person and he has talent.  That if he doesn’t have an agent he needs to get one.  Jace is telling her who is controlling the house.  Jace is talking about how most of the houseguests don’t have a clue what an alliance is about and they have no clue.  Vanessa is telling Jace this not real life and shared with him about a real life situation, concerning losing in life, and how you have to learn to live life and how to be a better loser.  


#BB17 155 AM BBT Jace talking to Steve and telling him he is being played heavily and he wants him to know that.  Again Jace is talking about how alliances this season are not alliances and that they need to learn what an alliance is about. 

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02:00 AM BBT In the WA Jace says he feels a lot of BB fans will hate him for the things he just said.  Austin doesn’t think so.  Austin says everyone has seen every conversation that has been had.    Over in the Ocean Room Audrey and Shelli are whispering but Meg’s voice in the back ground is drowning them out.  Shelli says she doesn’t really know and it’s easier not to know.  Shelli feels Audrey has done a really great job at playing this game but other people have started to notice.  Audrey says Da’Vonne and Jason have been speculating.  Vanessa walks in and says the house needs something fun.  She wishes they could pump some happiness through the air vents.


02:06 AM BBT In the Ocean Room Austin says he can’t go to sleep until everyone else goes to sleep because the lights have to remain on.  Shelli says she’s consoling Audrey because nobody is hearing her side of the story.  Shelli says she cares for Audrey.  Shelli says she doesn’t want to go outside and sit just because people are afraid of someone whispering behind her back.  Audrey is upset.  She said everyone was laughing and giggling while Audrey was crying and it bothers her.  Back in the WA Jace says this season started with a lot of lies.  Jace says he’s a dead man walking so he’s making sure the secrets are getting out.  Jeff and James are also in the WA and remain quiet.


02:10 AM BBT Shelli tells a crying Audrey to not give up.  If she wins HOH she’ll have the power and the people that are against her will get their chance to speak with her.  Shelli says Jace feels like crap right now and there’s nothing he can do.  Shelli says Audrey feels like crap but she has every chance to do something.  Up in the HOH John asks if everyone’s asleep because he doesn’t want to get cornered.  Meg tells him that there’s some things going on in the front (Ocean Room) so he can probably sneak in.  James wonders why Jace can’t accept that he’s the first to go home this week.  Meg agrees.


02:15 AM BBT Audrey says she is only one person in the house.  Audrey tells Clay that if he thinks he can play better with another group then go.  Clay says he’s not.  Clay tells Audrey that he knows for a fact that she didn’t tell him something last night.  Audrey swears she did.  Clay says she didn’t.  Up in the HOH Meg is telling John to run down stairs and go while he has the chance.  Becky tells him to wait for her to use the restroom and she’ll run with him.  


02:20 AM BBT In the HN room Da’Vonne says she needs to make sure she doesn’t explode like she did today.  Vanessa doesn’t think it was that bad.  Da’Vonne says everyone has their moment.  Vanessa says she (Vanessa) is otherwise boring so it’s good things happen like this.  Over in the Ocean Room Clay continues to argue with Audrey (in hushed tones) about why they don’t trust each other.  Over in the WA James is talking to Jace.  James says there’s too much unnecessary tension in the house.  Jeff brushes his teeth and walks through.  James says if someone is thrown under the bus that feeling will be felt.  He can’t help it.  James says he has not changed since he walked in the door.  James doesn’t think Jace is trying to do it intentionally but he is doing it.  Jace said he wanted to voice his opinion which he did.  James says Jace calling the cast horrible was not cool.  Jace says the alliances were horrible but players are very distasteful.  Jace says you can’t win the game alone and the alliances have been stabbing themselves in the back since day one.


02:28 AM BBT Clay and Audrey continue to defend their own thoughts and feelings in the Ocean Room.  Audrey says she’d rather just stay to herself now.  Clay says she’s deflecting his questions.  More distrust continues.  Back in the WA James and Jace continues to talk  Jace says everyone’s been picking on him the whole time and it’s not cool.  Jace knows about the song.  James knows he does.  Jace says he’s never said any mean jokes about James and it’s horrible hearing that people have been doing that to him the whole time.


02:33 AM BBT Shelli is telling Jason about how “these three people laid here giggling” while she was crying.  Jason says he can’t try to smooth things over just because.  He commends Shelli for trying but he’s not that way.  Shelli points out that Audrey has not left bed all day.  Both James and Jason realized that.  Shelli took her a sandwich today.  Jason doesn’t want to ostracize her but he can’t be nice to her face just because.  He’s trying.  Jason doesn’t think he wasn’t unkind.  The argument was game basis.  Shelli agrees it was.


02:35 AM BBT Feeds switch to Jace whispering to Clay in the WA.  Jace says he’s had Clay’s back.  Clay understands.  Jace says he just can’t take it.  Clay says he was just talking to Audrey and that she’s alienating herself.  Clay begins to tell him how Shelli was upset that Audrey feels alienated.  Meanwhile over in the Cabana room Jeff, Austin and Liz are whispering, Jeff said he came in with target on his back.  Talk turns to winning HOH and the veto this week.


02:39 AM BBT Jeff says if Audrey somehow stays next week then they know who she’ll be going after (Jason) the following week.


02:42 AM BBT Jace continues to talk to Clay in the WA room.  Jeff and Austin have joined them.  Jace is worried about being made fun of for crying when Shelli came into his room crying.  Jace says Shelli is the most beautiful girl ever.  Jace doesn’t want any votes or for them to throw any of their games away.  Over in the Ocean Room Shelli continues to talking to Jason.  She wants to know when Jason went from trusting her to not trusting her.  Jason said he kept giving her the benefit of the doubt thinking then maybe she was only treating others that way before all the factors began piling up and they realized she was the common denominator.  Jason says Audrey wants her own agenda which they all have.  Jason says that’s fine because everyone has their own agenda.


02:45 AM BBT Jace tells Clay that he (Clay) will go onto do big things outside the house.  Clay wishes he would have done more to save him.  Clay knew about the BD but what could he do.  Jace understands and says it’s ok.  Jace doesn’t hate him and loves him even more for telling him.  Over in the Ocean Room talk continues about Audrey.  Jason feels she owes him an apology.  James says it’s apparent and he told her this, but it’s apparent that she was playing the game too hard and too fast.  Jason says you have to expect that to happen when you’re talking to everyone.  Jason says Audrey was Queen in the house but she got nervous.  Jason says in real life he would have removed her from his life days ago but he gave her the over the benefit of the doubt.  James and Jason agree that they don’t want her to feel alienated but she did it to herself.


02:50 AM BBT In the WA Jace tells Clay that he can still be Clay Honeycutt and win the game.  Clay feels bad.  Jace says he tried every game move he could.  He tried to pull a Dan and save his backside but upon waking up and hearing his name being thrown around this morning really lit a fire underneath him.  He tells Clay to go win the game.  Jace tells him he would have carried Clay on his back to the end of the game and never turned on him.  Clay knows.  Over in the Ocean Room Jason says that if she’s going to behave the way she is in the game then it says a lot for her character.  James agrees.  Jason says just like he can’t be fake with her.  He’s clear, cut and straight to the point.  That’s just not who he is.  James said he tried so spend time with her for 30-45 minutes to help her get her head straight.


02:55 AM BBT Jace and Clay’s conversation is over.  Clay hugs Audrey in the KT.  Audrey says she just got out of the shower.  Clay says it’s f’d up how people treat other people in the house.  Audrey agrees.  Audrey says the way he’s acting makes her feel that he doesn’t see any integrity in her.  Clay doesn’t understand how people can just abandon themselves from people and he’s not that kind of person.  BB calls out Audrey to put on her microphone.  Audrey walks up stairs to the HOH.  Meanwhile over in the Ocean Room Jason continues to talk to James and  Shelli.  Clay joins them.  Audrey comes down from the HOH to get her mic where Meg and Jeff were hanging out on the bed.  Jeff wonders if she wore the sunglasses in the shower. 


02:59 AM BBT Jace asks Audrey to talk outside.  Jace apologizes for arguing with her throughout the game.  Audrey doesn’t hold him responsible.  Jace tells Audrey that he blew up on everyone tonight and called them fake.  Audrey says she got yelled at for telling him everything.  Jace says he didn’t tell that she told them anything.


03:00 AM BBT Jace is setting up the pool table while talking to Audrey.  Audrey asks why he doesn’t think he has a chance to get votes.  Jace says he pretty much ruined his game tonight.  Audrey asks Jace about hearing that he heard the song from her.  Jace says he won’t tell her and he will tell everyone that he heard someone singing the song which is the truth.  Audrey wants to know who.  Jace won’t tell her and throw someone under the bus.  She says this is effecting her game.  Jace says she effected his game by helping him get backdoored.  Audrey is frustrated.


03:06 AM BBT Jace and Audrey continues to talk.  Audrey says Steve is no fool because he knows that there is an eight person alliance in the house and may be willing to vote to keep him.  Audrey whispers to him to not give up before heading inside.  Meanwhile in the LR James and Shelli chat.  Steve wanders in and asks if he’s interrupting and can join them.  They say sure.  Jace wanders in and apologizes to Shelli.  He says he thinks the world of her.  Shelli says thank you.  Steve agrees that Shelli is great.  Meanwhile Clay is on the hammock with Jason sitting on the couches in the BY.


03:13 AM BBT James comes up to HOH and tells Meg and Jeff that he feels that the anger in the house has turned to remorse.  James tells them that Clay feels bad right now because Jace told him that this show was his dream and Clay had a part in the BD plan.  Meg says the show was everyone’s dream.  Jeff asks how upset Clay is.  James says he’s pretty close to crying.


03:15 AM BBT  Meanwhile in the BY Jace is talking to Jason.  Jace says he’s rather bitter and doesn’t want to feel that way.  Jason says he doesn’t think he’s bitter.  Back in the HOH James says Clay and Shelli are both very upset emotionally.  James says Jason says he can’t be fake to Audrey.  She won’t be his friend outside and he won’t be friendly to her now.


03:20 AM BBT In the HOH Meg says everyone knows the game and they all signed up to play.  Meg says it’s killing her that everyone agreed when they sat around the table that they were all human and were going to play the game.  But the first moment someone is supposed to go home then someone’s dream is hurt.  Meanwhile in the BY Jace and Jason continue to chat.  Jason understands the frustration of the game.  He tells Jace that he should be conscious about what may make it to air.  Jason doesn’t think the things tonight will make it to air.  Jace says if he has to he’ll go on Youtube to fix it.  Jason says you don’t want to be seen yelling with a Bible in your hand.


03:25 AM BBT In the HOH James says he thinks it’s good everything happened because it will weed out the weak players.  Jeff and Meg agree.  James points out that Da’Vonne and Jason are really tight.  The other two agree.  Meanwhile in the BY Jason tells Jace to calm down and that it’s possible that they may only show a small clip of it.  Jason says he’s not really religious so he’s not the best to talk about it.  Jason really continues to praise Jace telling him that he’ll be something when he leaves the house.  Jason says the rest of them will take their stipend and return to their boring lives.  (Jason seems very very sincere here).  Jason is going to bed.


03:30 AM BBT Jason is whispering to Audrey in the darkened Ocean Room.  Audrey wants to know if Da’Vonne lied saying Becky made a passive aggressive racial comment.  Jason said no and that he possibly read too much into something but it was not Da’Vonne.  Jason said he didn’t like something she said and made a comment about it.  Jason says he wants Audrey to know that he will never personally attack her.  They have similar backgrounds but he’s hurt and bothered by the game moves she made against him.  He wishes her well in the game but negative comments will never be personal.  Audrey says the things he says are personal though.  Jason says he’s trying to send her good love and karma right now.  Audrey disagrees.  Jason says ok and takes his mic off and goes to bed.


03:33 AM BBT Jace and Steve chat in the WA briefly, they agree it’s just a game.  Steve says the game never ends while you’re in the house.  He’s been waiting for a commercial break but this episode in particular has lasted for 14 days.  Meanwhile up in the HOH James and Jeff don’t trust Austin or Steve (Meg was called to DR).  Jeff trusts Johnny.  James agrees.


03:38 AM BBT Meg out of DR talking to Jace in the WA.  Meg saying the game is complicated and hard.  Meg says she knows it’s cliche but not to take anything from anyone personal.  Jace understands.  He likes her.  Jace says he may have said some mean things but he didn’t mean them.  Meanwhile in the HOH James and Austin continue to discuss other HGs and running scenarios about who might have won veto if they played.


03:43 AM BBT Clay is whispering to Shelli when Jace walks in and lies between them.  It’s difficult to understand what is being said due to blanket on the mic.  Jace says the game is hard.  Audrey’s eyes are open briefly and look toward the bed without her head moving.  Audrey closes her eyes.  Meg has returned to the HOH, general chit chat.  Meg says too many feelings today.  She’s over it.  James says it was Soap Opera Central.  Meg says it’s a game.  They should have fun.


03:46 AM BBT Jace continues to whisper to Shelli and Clay.  Jace says he forgives Clay and they’ll be friends forever.  Audrey’s eyes appear open again.  Jace says he won’t watch the show when he gets out of the house.  Meanwhile back in the HOH Meg, James and Jeff continue to run scenarios for the week.


03:50 AM BBT Jace continues his whisper fest with Shelli and Clay.  Jace says he knows it’s just a game and that he doesn’t want them to get hung up on them.  Jace says wants to give his mom a hug.  He knows it’s cheesy but he wants to be held by his momma.  Shelli “Awww….”.  Jace says he’s good and he let it all out tonight.  Meanwhile back in the HOH Jeff, Meg and James now ask about who heard what and when.


03:55 AM BBT Jace has left Clay and Shelli’s bed.  Clay and Shelli continue their whisper fest with static from a failing mic.  Clay says if he has to play the game alone (but with Shelli) he will.  Clay says he does play (the game) with his emotions.  Shelli says once eviction rolls around the game will start to get fun because the schedule will start to pick back up.  Meanwhile up in the HOH the HOH crew continues to run scenarios about who Audrey would put on the block if she won HOH.  Meg expects herself to get put up.  James says it’s been a crazy day.


04:00 AM BBT BB tells Clay to not obstruct his microphone.  Shelli whispers that they’re not talking game.  Back in the HOH James is telling Jeff about the first HOH.


04:04 AM BBT The HOH crew says this would be a good week to be HOH because Audrey will be such a good target.  Jeff wonders if it would be a wasted week.  Meg doesn’t think so.


04:07 AM BBT Shelli and Clay continue to whisper.  Idle chit chat about Shelli and her family.  Back in the HOH James says Shelli had commented on the fact that some of the guys (Jeff included) were giggling while Audrey were laughing or ignoring her in nearby.  Jeff says Audrey almost ruined his BB game so of course we weren’t very sympathetic.  Jeff says Audrey should have stuck with the alliance but she didn’t which is her own fault.  Jeff liked Audrey a lot.  He doesn’t think she’s a bad person but her trying to get him replaced as the BD it doesn’t sit well.


04:09 AM BBT James asks to reconvene the meeting in the AM.  The other two agree.


04:15 AM BBT Shelli gets out of Clay’s bed and heads into the KT.  Jace is in the KT making something to eat.  Clay and Jeff are in bed together.  Meg is in bed with Jason.  Lots of inaudible whispering.  Jason’s mic improves.  Jason tell’s Meg about his earlier conversation with Audrey and how she is taking things personally even though that’s not his goal.  Shelli walks back into the room and crawls into Audrey’s bed.


04:20 AM BBT Jason continues to talk to Meg about his conversation with Audrey and his frustration with her.  Jace is in the kitchen pacing around while making something to eat.


04:25 AM BBT Jeff and Clay and Meg and Jason are the only four HGs visible in bed.  Jeff and Clay are whispering.  (Jeff?) says people from the original eight are trying to jump ship.  Very difficult to hear the conversation.  Across the room Jason says “he implied that it was James idea to BD me.”  BB calls Clay out for obstructing his mic.  Clay is annoyed.  It’s still very difficult to hear the conversation.  Jeff holds a pillow up between the two of them preventing the camera from seeing them.  Someone says “ride or die”.  “He never likes to talk game that much…”  


04:29 AM BBT Cameras switch angles and we can now see Jeff and Clay.  It’s still hard to hear what they’re whispering about.  Back in Jason and Meg’s bed….Jace walks in and turns around and sits down near the door.  He walks over and kneels down beside their bed and whispers.  Jace says it’s easy to know when game is being talked because the cameras were following him and then just randomly stopped.  Jace laughs.  BB:  “The bedroom lights must remain on!”  Jace apologizes and walks out to the WA.  Jason and Meg are going to bed.


04:32 AM BBT Jeff and Clay continue to whisper.  Still very difficult to hear.  One of them points out that Jason is loyal to Da’Vonne.  Something something James.  Meanwhile in the WA Jace is brushing his teeth.


04:38 AM BBT The whisper fest in Clay and Jeff’s bed is ending because Jeff put up his microphone.  Well…it’s continuing.  BB calls out Jeff and Clay to not obstruct their microphone.  Jason calls them dicks.  Clay says Jason is on the block next week.


04:40 AM BBT All four feeds currently show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


05:10 AM BBT Three of the four feeds display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  The fourth cam is currently showing us the HG display in the darkened KT.


05:27 AM BBT Jace is up and heads outside.  A loud bird can be heard chirping.  Jace begins to run laps around the BY. 


05:40 AM BBT Jace walks back inside a darkened BB house.



05:35 AM BBT Jace is trying to look in one of the two way mirrors in the BY before giving up.  He walks a few paces down and tries another one.


05:40 AM BBT Jace walks back inside a darkened BB house.


05:44 AM BBT Jace begins to gather things from the BY and makes a pile near the work out bench.


05:50 AM BBT Jace continues stacking things near the workout bench in the BY.


05:55 AM BBT Jace tries to balance several pool cues near the work out bench.


06:02 AM BBT Jace appears to be the only one up and is taking random things from the BY and making a shrine out of them?


06:05 AM BBT Jace is finished with his creation and lies down on the hammock in the BY.


06:07 AM BBT *FLASHBACK ALERT* Jace talks to the camera from the hammock.  Jace says in case any of the live feeders want to know what the creation is and that it’s live art.  He says it’s because he doesn’t have a pen and it’s the only way he can express himself.  Jace says he can’t believe how crazy this house is.  The camera pans to show the "live art".  He blew up on some people last night and he dosn’t think he stands a chance to stay.  Jace is not giving up, but hope is fading.  He’s grateful to be here but he’s probably going home.


06:12 AM BBT Jace continues to talk to the cameras explaining what folks should do if they come in the house (don't trust anyone).


06:18 AM BBT Jace takes a look at the art he created in the BY before heading inside to a darkened house.


06:24 AM BBT We have all four feeds showing horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


06:49 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


07:07 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Someone is restless in the HN room.


07:30 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Wait….Austin sat up…and he’s laying back down.


07:54 AM BBT Three of the four feeds display horizontal HGs in darkened room.  The first feed displays a darkened living room.


08:16 AM BBT All four feeds remain on horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Austin got up about 10-15 minutes ago and used the toilet.  He was seen going into DR after his toilet visit.


08:37 AM BBT All four feeds....continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


08:54 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs.

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9:00 AM BBT All is quiet in the Big Brother house.


9:04 AM BBT We get FOTH - may be wake up time.


9:24 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show Vanessa, Jason, Steve, and John out on the patio talking about Jace. Jason is telling them that he was telling Jace not to yell at people holding a bible. Becky and Jackie join them and he continues to explain it. They are told my BB to raise the awnings. Becky tells them that she said a prayer for Audrey last night and Jason says that was very nice of her. Feeds 1 and 2 show sleeping HG.


9:30 AM BBT Jason tells everyone he is a homosexual male so he doesn't want anyone to feel any certain way. So, he went to talk to Audrey about stepping out of the game a little, but she can't seem to do it. He did the same thing with Jace. Vanessa tells them she had a dream where she slept for 24 hours. Becky had a dream she was on America's Got Talent but she didn't have a talent. Jackie starts talking about her dream, but her mic isn't working, so it's impossible to hear her. [This group of HG dreams a lot! --Morty] Feed 3 and 4 are on Shelli asleep.


9:35 AM BBT Jason says he thinks they pick the songs they play in the morning by the things they say the day before. Someone says, "Thriller?" He says, "No... In da Club." He says that all the time. John asks how they got Annie Lennox this morning. Jason says, "I don't know... Sweet Dreams." --and we get FOTH. We come back and Jason is saying "...is that because we were talking about the Spice Girls the day before? So what do we want to here tomorrow?" Jackie says that tomorrow is eviction day and that it's a long time to sit and wait when you know you might be going home.


9:40 AM BBT Feed 1 shows sleeping HG in the chains BR (I believe it's Clay and Jeff with Shelli). Someone is snoring. Feed 2 is a close up of Shelli sleeping. Feed 3 is Vanessa and Jackie on the patio. Feed 4 is Vanessa, Jackie, Jason, John, Becky, and Steve sitting outside on the patio. Jackie tells everyone it's July 1, day 14. Jason says that they are doing BB Prom tonight. John asks if that's for real. Jason says that he thinks so but that he's the last person who would be planning a prom. They all agree that they may show up but they will definitely go to the after prom party.


9:45 AM BBT Steve goes inside. Cameras 1 and 2 follow him from the KT to the WA as he whispers to himself. Jason is rehashing talking with Audrey last night. Jason says that Da'Vonne said they will not attack anyone in this game on a personal level...she's a mom and she won't go there. Becky said that one of the reasons she feels she can go and keep talking to Jace is because he hasn't attacked anyone on a personal level whereas Audrey always goes there. Everyone continues to bash Audrey. Feeds 1 and 2 switch to James doing ADLs.


9:55 AM BBT James comes outside and goes to the BB shrine Jace built last night. He says he's confused as hell. Jackie and Beckie have gone back to bed in the comic BR. Vanessa says that she has bruises on her hips from the dental chairs. James says that he thinks cold showers would be the worst. She says she does as much as she can outside the shower...shave, wash her face. James says he thinks he will try to shower in the outside shower in swim trunks and then jump in the jacuzzi. Vanessa heads back inside to bed. Austin asks her what time it is.


10:00 AM BBT James and John are the only 2 awake, sitting on the patio. James says that everyone plays the game differently, but when it's all said and done, this is just a game. John says that it's hard because the game is their life right now...that when you play Scrabble you can get up and walk away, but you can't from this. James asks John what he thinks so far and John says that it's getting ugly, but he loves it. James called to the DR. Feed 1 on a sleeping Austin, Feed 2 on the have-not room, Feed 3 on John alone on the BY couch. Feed 4 focused on the patio.


10:10 AM BBT John is the only one awake. He moves to another spot on the patio couch where he can get a "better" view of Jace's work. He says aloud, "I don't know what the hell is up with that shrine." Da'Vonne wakes up in the have-not room and heads to the storage room to change her battery and then heads to the WC. James is out of the DR, heads outside.


10:14 AM BBT  James is talking to John, but his mic isn't working so we can't hear what he's saying. BB tells Austing to get new batteries. Da'Vonne comes out of the WC and Liz goes in. John and James are talking about how uncomfortable it is for John to be around Jace begging him for his vote. An announcement is made, "HG...this is a lock-down. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door." James tells John that he thinks his family is rooting for him. John tells him he thinks his family is rooting for him, too because he had to make a tough choice and he did it well.


10:18 AM BBT  HG doing ADLs. Jace comes outside and James tells him they were just admiring the art in the corner of the yard. Jace doesn't admit to it being something he created, but lays down in the corner of the couch.   Jason speculates that they are just going to fix a glass panel in the door so it doesn't look like that during the live show. Someone comes outside (?) sees the shrine and says it looks ridiculous. Jace continues to lay down with his eyes closed. We get FOTH


10:25 AM BBT  We return from FOTH. Feeds 1 and 2 are James and Becky in the hammock. They are talking about wanting to get away from the drama. Feed 3 is Clay and Jackie. Feed 4 is a wide view of the patio couch with Meg, John, Jason, Da'Vonne, Jace, Austin, Clay, and Jackie sitting there talking about the music played this morning.


10:30 AM BBT  Feed 3 and 4 switch to Jeff and Liz laying down on the circle chaise lounger. Jeff says that the worst part is that no one in the house trusts each other. He doesn't know why it got to that point so quickly, but it did. They wonder what Jace will do between now and the live show. Liz thinks he will come up with a rap about everyone, kind of like Zingbotting them. She says that he had an anxiety attack yesterday. James creeps up behind the chair. Jeff says he felt ants in his ear (it's James playing with it).


10:35 AM BBT  Vanessa and Jace get in the hammock and Jace tells her that he doesn't think he's gone yet but that she doesn't trust one of the people. He wants to see what she thinks. He says that it would be her, him, Austin, Clay, Shelli, Steve, and Audrey. He says that Clay was crying to him last night to say that he thinks it should be him. He wants to bring them in the storage room to talk to them and tell them he knows they were bullied into it and call it "The Revolution." He would guarantee them safety for the entire game. He would be their loaded gun. He would be their bullets. He doesn't think he could convince Shelli, but he thinks he can convince Clay and if he can convince him, he'll have Shelli.


10:40 AM BBT  Vanessa says this would be good for her because she's not with the numbers in the house. He says it would be a compelling argument for all of them. He made up a name that people have been calling Steve, so if he asks her, she needs to back it up. He says it may have been f'ed up what he did, but whatever. She says it's part of the game. He says that if this doesn't work he's going to tell him before he leaves the game. He says that he really likes Steve, so he felt really bad after he did it. He says if Clay isn't willing to listen to reason, he will go to Becky with it.


10:45 AM BBT  Jace says he only got 5 episodes of this show and he's very capable of playing this game. Vanessa tells him that 5 is better than none. Jace tells her that Clay told him yesterday that he would do it. Vanessa asks her not to throw her name out when he's planning it because she's in a bad position right now. Meanwhile, on the circle lounger, Jeff asks where Jace is. Liz says that he's on the hammock with Vanessa. He says there's a reason for that. Liz says she doesn't get it because there's no hope. Jeff says that some people just aren't self-aware. They don't see what's happening around them.


10:50 AM BBT  Jeff and Liz are reviewing what happened on each day. Jace and Vanessa are talking about his shrine. Then Jace begins to practice the rap he has planned for his speech on the live show. Feed 3 moves to Audrey laying down in a lounger by the pool.


10:55 AM BBT  Feeds 1 and 2 on Vanessa and Jace on the hammock. Audrey is still on the lounger by the pool laying down. Feeds 3 and 4 are on all the other HG talking about sitcoms on the patio. We got to FOTH as they continue to mention the names of sitcoms.

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11:00am BBT: BB tells the Hg this is a lock down please go inside and close the sliding glass door. 

11:02am BBT: Hg head inside taking their things and  some Hg are going back to bed to sleep. Liz in the WA with Jace says she is sad today and he ask why cause of what i said yesterday? She says no i am just sad.

11:05am BBT: Austin, Jeff and Clay in the KT taking vitamins and talking general talk. In the WA Jace is talking to Steve He is whispering low with out a mic on. He then puts his mic on and tells Steve that when he comes up and taps on him to go to the HOH rm and wait there is going to be a meeting. Steve says ok and Jace starts to leave then turns and says i will know if you say anything you hear me? Jace then goes to the have not rm and looks in then leaves. Austin says jace won't stop following me around.

 11:14am BBT: Liz is cooking  as Jace walks through the house and into the KT listening to Austin read what all is in the vitamins they are taking. Jace then goes to the lounge to talk to Clay He whispers really low then leaves the rm. 

11:19am BBT: Jace is now laying in the WA talking to Steve about hard drives.Liz is still cooking in the KT. Most HG are in bed going back to sleep.

11:22am BBT: Austin in the WA whispering to Jace about Jeff and telling him if Jeff does not do it then Jace should blow him up before he goes. Jace whispers back to Austin about his plan to get to stay in the house.

 11:30am BBT: Austin,Liz,john and Steve in kt talking about maybe getting a practice run for the hoh tomorrow night.

 11:34am BBT: James and Jeff in the HOh rm talking about how Shelli is a floater. Jeff says grab a life vest floaters and James says grab a life vest Shelli.

11:42am BBT: Liz is washing her dishes as she talks to John and then says she is going to clean the toilet cause it is kinda gross. Austin is heading to bed for a nap and other Hg are already in bed sleeping or just laying there.

11:46am BBT:Liz, John and Austin talking about tonight at midnight the have nots can eat. Liz gets excited and says we get steak cause they saved us some steak.

11:51am BBT: Just general talk going on through the house as Most Hg are laying down and the have nots talking about waiting till midnight so they can eat and sleep in a real bed.Austin goes to the lounge rm with Liz and tells her that Jace is calling a meeting at 5am tomorrow morning. Austin says he plans to get everyone to vote for him and he told me that if I do not vote for him then he is the next Audrey. Austin then says he is the next Audrey and Jeff and i figured him out yesterday.

11:57am BBT: Austin and Liz are talking about how they can get other people to turn on each other without blowing up their own games. But once Jace is out of the house they will be fine but if Jace is still in the house they are  screwed. Austin says we need to make sure our people get HOh this week. Austin says James has been in HOh for 2 weeks now and he is thinking he has all the power.

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12:05pm BBT: Austin and Liz still in the lounge rm repeating themselves about the hoh comps and they need to win hoh and take power.

12:08pm BBT: DA is in the WA getting ready for the day. Austin and Liz are in the lounge rm still talking about who needs to win HOH and who doesn't. Austin says i wish i could talk to Jason more then BB tells them to clean the mirror over the sink. Austin says i am tired and Liz says me to but i am not sleeping in that room anymore.

 12:15pm BBT: Austin says to Liz this is not going to be good i feel like  Jace will have hard feelings and not be friends with any of us after the show. Liz says yeah he is leaving first and he wanted to get to be a little more known.

12:20pm BBT: Liz and Austin talking about everyone wanting Audrey out next week and who will throw a comp and who won't. Liz says they will backdoor Audrey though. Austin agrees.

12:25pm BBT: HG sleeping and Liz, Austin in lounge rm talking general talk. DA in WA doing her hair.

12:41pm BBT: DA is in the KT making slop. Austin and Liz still in the Lounge RM talking and repeating themselves about looks they get from people and the alliances in the house.

12:44pm BBT: Austin ask Liz if she has talked to James and she says hell no all he does is talk about sex stuff. Austin says what??? Liz says yeah. Austin ask what is his relationship status? Liz says i do not know he says single but he spit out a kid.

12:47pm BBT: Austin and Liz talk about who they would put on slop if they could put them up and  they say they will put Steve, Audrey. Shelli, and James.

12:52pm BBT: DA still in the KT making slop. She is getting pans out and to finish baking them in the oven. Liz and Austin are still in the lounge talking about their alliance and who they need to get out and  how other alliances have power but not numbers but our group has numbers. Austin says Audrey is going to blow up her own game and Liz agrees.

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12:56PM Liz and Austin are talking in the CRL, They are talking about Jace and bring Jeff into their alliance.


1:01PM BBT Liz is messing with her mic. Da'Vonne continues to make slop. 



1:04PM BBT Clay awoke from his nap and is in the KT with Da'Vonne. 


1:07PM BBT The rest of the house is in bed still. John is listening to music in the HOH. Clay is walking around the house.

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1:11PM BBT Liz is cleaning the mirror in the Bathroom. Austin is eating slop.
1:14PM BBT Vanessa is up and moving. Liz finished cleaning the toilet 

1:18PM BBT Clay and Austin are in the pantry. Vanessa is making Honey Slop. 


1:22PM BBT Vanessa is putting her mic on.
1:26PM BBT Austin, Clay are grabbing food from the SR. Da'Vonne is cleaning dishes Liz is still cleaning the BR and Vanessa is sleeping in on couch.
1:31PM BBT Clay, Austin, Da'Vonne are discussing food for tonight's party.
1:37PM BBT John is up and moving around the house. Shelli is getting ready. 


1:41PM BBT Liz finished cleaning the BR. Shelli is getting in the shower. Austin, Vanessa, and Shelli are talking about prom tonight.
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1:46PM BBT Da'Vonne is eating slop. Vanessa and Austin are talking in the WA. 

1:50PM BBT Vanessa and Da'Vonne are is sleeping in the Havenot BR. 


1:55PM BBT Austin joined Vanessa and Da'Vonne in the Havenot BR.

1:59PM BBT John is brushing his teeth in the WA. Clay is making food in the KT.
2:02PM BBT Steve is John in the LR. 
2:05PM BBT Clay and John are talking in the KT. Shelli is out of the shower.
2:22PM BBT Clay and John are talking about life before Big Brother.
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3:44 PM BBT: In the bathroom, Shelli Steve and John are talking about the presidents while Audrey does hair hair. Becky does ADL's while Jason showers. Shelli does her makeup.



Meanwhile in the Vegas bedroom, Jace is appologizing to Audrey for being mean to her because that's not what he wantsto be remebered for. Jace leaves but soon returns. He mentions that Jeff was using him to get to Audrey. He says Clay has been lying to him the entire game.


Jackie is called to the DR.

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4:08 PM BBT: Vanessa reads the Bible to Clay and Shelli in the Living Room. Jace joins them, eating something.


Becky and Liz [ well technically Julia] are in the bathroom doing ADLs. John is also in the bathroom just laying there.


4:12 PM BBT: There is some screaming coming from the kitchen and it appears the housguests on slop get some sort of meat (according to Clay).


Vanessa continues reading the Bible.


4:15 PM BBT: Since the house seems set on getting Audrey out the next week, she has been talking a lot with Jace. They chat in the Vegas Under the Sea bedroom. Audrey tries to find a way to save herself next week, and Jace says she needs to talk to Jason [a possible alliance brewing ;) ]. Jace goes to the bathroom and Liz says that its his own fault that he's going home. He says he has been the target since day 3,


James is summoned to the DR.


Jace plans a secret meeting at 5 a.m. to try and save himself. He admits its a long-shot but anything's possible in the BB house. Jace asks Liz why he is going home and she says its because he is too much of a competitor. He came out too strong and put a target on his back. He hasn't played the game right.



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2:30 PM BBT In the KT, Steve, Clay, John & Shelli are chatting. Steve asks who cleaned the WA, because it's so clean. Clay says, he thinks it was Liz. BB tells Shelli to put on her microphone. She goes to the WA to get it. When she comes back Clay asks her, if she's o.k., because she took a long shower? She says, yes, I took a long shower. John says, do you think there will be new HN's by tomorrow night? Shelli says, oh no.


2:32 PM BBT Steve says, he knows one of the results of the lock-out today. He says, the storage room door is silent, that is one thing that happened in the lock-out today. We see FOTH.


3:24 PM BBT Live feeds are back with Da'Vonne brushing her hair in the HN BR. In the KT, Clay, James, John, Steve, Jeff & Becky are all doing different things. Jason says, he thinks it's going to be a crap shoot with whatever BB is building the BY. BB tells Jackie to please exchange her microphone. Vanessa & Austin walk in the KT. Jeff walks out.


3:27 PM BBT Jason goes to the LR. Da'Vonne & Meg are sitting on a couch. Meg tells them she tried to talk to Audrey, & she told her she was sleeping. Meg says, she won't try to be nice to her anymore, & she walks to the KT. She tells other HG's that she needs a shower. Da'Vonne tells Jason that Jace needs to take his a** home immediately. Jace pushes the button for the DR. Liz goes to the HN BR


3:30 PM BBT Someone yells that they are having a BB Prom tonight. Vanessa goes to the LR, where Jason is chomping his food in his mircophone. Liz goes to the LR, & Vanessa asks her to play a game with her. Vanessa asks her what games she wants to play. Liz says, 20 questions. They begin to play. Jason says, he's going to turn into an M & M & Skittle hybrid since they are mixed together.


3:32 PM BBT BB tells Jackie to please exchange her microphone again. Meanwhile, Meg is in the hot shower in the WA. Shelli is fixing her hair, & John is lounging on the couch in there. Meg asks them what time the Live show is tomorrow. Shelli says, she thinks it's at 9 PM ET, which is 6 PM BBT. Steve comes out of the WC. John says, they will have dress rehearsal all day tomorrow. Meg asks Steve to get her blue razor for her. Da'Vonne gets toilet paper out of the WC to wipe her nose.


3:35 PM BBT Steve sits on the couch in the WA & tells the HG's he's never heard the word swoll until being in the BB house. Meg says, she didn't either. Shelli says, she would think that Meg new what it was, because she knows cool things. Steve asks, then what does that mean for him? Shelli says, it's not a real word. John says, yes it is. Shelli says, selphie is in the dictionary now. Steve can't believe that.


3:37 PM BBT Shelli tells them that she likes reading & having books at home. She says, it's the written word & it's important. Meg asks John if he's daydreaming. John says, yeah. He says, he wondering if he likes books or a Kindle better. He says, he doesn't really read a lot. Shelli says, she likes learning historic things, & she's obsessed with U.S. History. She likes learning about the founding father's & what our country is based on.


3:39 PM BBT Steve asks Shelli about a list of President's that were ranked. He asks her why the first one was Abraham Lincoln & why the two Presidents by him are ranked at the bottom? She says, she really doesn't remember all of it, & if he asked her like 2 years ago, she could have told him more that she remembered.


3:41 PM BBT Shelli says, she was so obsessed that she read books constantly. She says, it's a shame that she hasn't retained the information. She says, she needs to go back & read the books again. John asks her if she knows anything about the Free Mason's? She says, it's so cool, but there's not a lot out there about it. Steve asks what the Free Mason's are?


3:42 PM BBT Shelli says, she has watched one documentary on it, & it's really cool. John says, it goes back further than the President's. Shelli says, it's cool to know some of the things that relate to them, like the things that are on U.S. currency. Steve asks her if she agrees with the Electoral College. She says, she likes learning about the Presidents personal lives


3:44 PM BBT John asks if George Washington really chopped down a cherry tree? Shelli says, she doesn't know. Shelli says, one of the Presidents died from drinking buttermilk & eating cherries. She can't remember which President it is. She says, she's researched it, & it's on Wikipedia. She says, it says the day he eat & drank this was an day it was hot. Steve says, one of the Presidents may have died from pneumonia from not wearing his coat or something.


3:47 PM BBT Steve asks Shelli if she likes math? She says, she can add. She says, her favorite subject was English. She likes writing short stories, & doing the grammar. She says, she got good grades in it also. Steve asks John if he likes Science & Biology? John says, not really. Steve asks him how he became a Dentist then. John says, you just go for it. Shelli says, she loved Geometry.


3:49 PM BBT John says, he remembers parts of Geometry. Shelli says, she wishes she could go back to school now. Steve asks Shelli if it wasn't school, then what sparked her interest in U.S. Presidents? She says, she doesn't know. She started her studying because of her fascination with Abraham Lincoln. She likes George Washington also.


3:51 PM BBT Jason is in the WA in the shower now, & asks what President did two terms at two different times? Steve says, Grover Cleveland. They all begin talking about actors & actresses they really like. Meanwhile in the grey BR, Jace is sitting with Audrey on her bed. Audrey tells Jace, she thinks the things that Austin figured out Jeff may have told him.


3:54 PM BBT Audrey says, she doesn't know where John's head is. She says, he's smart enough to know things, & they will turn on people. Audrey says, she really needs to talk to James. She taps Jace on the shoulder & tells him to go, because Shelli came into the grey BR. Audrey asks Shelli if she can ask her something that stays between the two of them? Shelli says, yes. Audrey asks her if Jeff started saying things to exploit her.


3:58 PM BBT Audrey says, Jeff told Jace today, that Jeff started from the beginning saying they needed to blow up Audrey's game. Audrey tries to tell Shelli about other rumors that were started. Shelli says, she can't do it. She says, she can't do the he said, she said anymore, she's ready for new drama.


4:00 PM BBT In the colorful BR, Jace is telling Steve that people are coming to him & saying they are sorry for trying to back-door him. They both say they like each other, & exchange hugs. Steve says, he's really happy Jace isn't giving up. Jace talks to Steve about him being bullied by the HG's. Jace says, James has Napoleon Syndrome. Steve doesn't know what that means. Jace says, it's because he's short & there's more to it.


4:03 PM BBT Steve tells Jace that James told him on day 1 that he was putting him up. He tells Jace that James told him on day 3 that he was going to back-door Jace. Jace & Steve keep trying to find a way for Jace to stay in the house. Steve says, he's in a position where he has nothing to lose. He tells Steve, he has everything to lose. Steve says, they all need to be at the meeting. Jace says, he's going to do some thinking, & lies down. Steve walks out.


4:06 PM BBT Steve walks to the LR, & asks Vanessa about reading her Bible. Vanessa tells him she is technically a Christian, & it's the easiest Bible to read, because it's written in modern day language. Da'Vonne comes in & takes a blanket. Clay sits on the couch by Vanessa. Steve says, there is this fascinating rule book in the SR. Clay says, he's read it. Steve says, he thinks they all have. Steve walks out.


4:08 PM BBT Jace sits on the couch next to Clay, & asks him if he's known since day 3 that James wanted to back-door him? Clay says, a little after that. Jace says, so you've known the whole time? Clay says, yes. Jace is upset & walks out. Shelli comes to the LR eating an apple, & asks Vanessa what she's reading. She says, she's reading Proverbs in the Bible. She says, there's a wealth of information on every page. She reads to Shelli & Clay.


4:10 PM BBT Vanessa comes to a part she's reading & says, her mom always told her one bad apple spoils the bunch, & she kept her from certain friends. Vanessa tells Shelli that what she is reading is important. Shelli says, they are so pertinent also. Clay says, his mom banned him from certain girls. Vanessa says, she was banned from the bad kids. Shelli says, she hung around very good kids. She tells Clay, he looks good with his hat on backwards.


4:12 PM BBT Clay asks Shelli how Audrey is doing? She says, the same. Jace talks to Vanessa about other things in Proverbs. Jace walks out. Shelli says, it's a juicy apple. Clays says, he see's her over there smacking it & juice going everywhere. He says, he likes peanut butter on his apples. Shelli says, she likes to cut hers up. She says, honey would be good with it, or on ice cream. Clay says, it would be so good.


4:14 PM BBT Jace is back in the grey BR standing over Audrey. He tells her that they've known since day 3 about him being back-doored. Jace says, they tricked him, & he's sorry that she got brought down with him. She asks him if he can talk to people. He asks her, why they want to get rid of her. She says, she doesn't know, but she wants to know why Jeff wants to blow up her game.


4:16 PM BBT Audrey tells Jace to try to talk to Austin, because he's been going back and forth. Jace says, he's still going to try to call this meeting tonight, & invite Clay to try to sway him. They continue to talk about what HG's may vote to keep him, & what he can do.


4:18 PM BBT Audrey tells Jace she really needs to talk to James. Jace tells her to start acting like a baby & crying to talk to him. He tells her to trust him, & he walks in & out of the HN BR. The cameras follow Jace to the WA. He tells Liz he doesn't blame her for not talking to him. He says, he didn't seal his fate, because they've been planning to back-door him since day 3. She says, that's horrible.


4:20 PM BBT James gets called to the DR. Jace says, he better see Liz after they get out of the house. She asks him where he's going to be? He says, Atlanta. She says, she definitely wants to go see him for sure. Jace tells Liz that he got confirmation from Clay that he knew about the back-door plan also. He tells her he's sorry, & there's nothing he can do. Liz says, you have to completely not be yourself, you have to be fake.


4:22 PM BBT Liz says, Jace is the type of person that she wants to be around. She tells him if he would have won the HOH, things would be completely different. He says, he was up until 9 a.m. this morning thinking about everything. He says, he was working out & talking to the feeds. He tells her things he was saying.


4:24 PM BBT Jace tells Liz that Jason is a big f***ing p***y, & he probably has a d*** as big as his f***ing pinky. Liz says, that's funny. She tells him they can get drunk when they leave the BB house. He uses the WC & comes out. Austin comes to the WA. Jace tells him that he knows they've been trying to get him out since day 3, & Clay confirmed it. We see FOTH.


4:28 PM BBT Clay is now in the WA & Jace tells him not to say anything, even to Shelli. Liz is using the small mirror to do her make-up. Clay & Jace walk out of the WA. We see FOTH again.


4:29 PM BBT The feeds come back for a  moment & go to FOTH again.


4:32 PM BBT The feeds come back with Clay talking to Jeff in the HOHR. Jeff says, he needs to get dressed & asks Clay to go to the comic room with him. Clay says, he has to use the bathroom first. The camera view switches to the grey BR. Audrey is talking to Vanessa about a mole in the house. Vanessa says, this is the first time she's hearing about a mole. Audrey says, Jeff said something about it.


4:34 PM BBT Vanessa tells Audrey that she doesn't want to say anything about anyone, so nothing gets back to her. She tells Audrey, she doesn't need to do this. She thinks that people will talk to. She says, she didn't do anything to terrible. She says, it's just game play. She tells Audrey to put herself in general places, where people can talk to her. She asks if she can cook? Audrey says, no. Vanessa asks if she wants to learn. She tells her she needs to get out of the bed.


4:36 PM BBT Vanessa tells Audrey, being in the bed isn't a good thing. She says, she needs to get in the best shape possible & try to win an HOH. She says, things change on a dime in the house, & she knows that from watching the show. Vanessa says, let the HOH play out, & that will tell what direction everything goes this week. She tells Audrey, she's a very strong & great game player. She compliments her, & tells her she's a tough competitor.


4:37 PM BBT Vanessa says, tomorrow is another competition & she needs to be ready. Meanwhile, in the colorful BR, Clay tells Jace he needs to not be riled up. Clay walks out, & James says, aw man. James asks Jace if he got a good experience out of this? Jace says, it's not that he didn't get a good experience. He says, it sucks that he's been a target since day 1, & it's an uncomfortable feeling.


4:41 PM BBT Jace says, he's hurt that James was out to get him out since the beginning. James says, he will know it wasn't personal when he sees his goodbye messages, if he leaves. Jace says, he got his friends to be against him. He says, it made him look bad in front of America. Jace tells James it was a smart game move. He says, he better f***ing hope that he goes. He says, he's f***ed also if they sequester him. He says, he will be his first target if he comes back.


4:43 PM BBT Liz, Jackie, John & Jeff all walk in the colorful BR looking through clothers. Becky walks in also. James tells Jace, if it wasn't for Steve having an IQ of 65 he would have won the Veto. The HG's say 65 is low. James says, he was going to say 6,500, but everyone walked in & messed up his thinking. Everyone leaves, except Jace. The camera view switches to the grey BR.


4:46 PM BBT BB tells Clay to stop that. Jackie, Clay, James, Jeff & Steve are all in the WA. The convo was about saran wrapping people to a dentist chair. James says, BB isn't going to let them do that. They all discuss what they are going to wear to the BB Prom tonight. Everyone leaves, except Jeff. The camera view goes to the LR, & back to the WA. Da'Vonne walks in with a bowl on her head. BB tells her to stop that. Clay & Jeff are in the WA now.


4:49 PM BBT Jeff & Clay are discussing who the final 2 will be. Jeff says, he's been biting his tongue with Jace & Austin. Vanessa comes in the WA. Clay says, he needs to hide something & walks out. Jeff runs down the hallway asking if everyone is getting dressed up now. Clay goes to the HOHR. He picks up two candles & is looking for a lighter. Vanessa & John are in the WA.


4:53 PM BBT Meg is sitting on the bed next to Audrey in the grey BR. Jackie gets told for a third time to please exchange her microphone with one in the SR. Audrey tells Meg, she knows that all this drama started with Jeff. Meg says, they approached her about it. She says, it's a weird situation, because people are saying different things.


4:54 PM BBT Audrey asks Meg why Jeff is going around trying to blow up her game? Meg tells her, she doesn't know, & may want to go & ask him about it. She says, you can't trust anyone in the BB house, that's just how it rolls. Audrey tells Meg, she just wants to make sure when she wins (HOH), she goes after the right person. Meg says, she doesn't know what everyone is doing, so she really can't say anything that she's not sure about.


4:56 PM BBT Audrey tells Meg that she really can't be around anyone. Meg says, she just wants her to know that they, or at she misses her being in the house. She says, they clicked so early, & she misses her. Jace comes in & asks Audrey to be his date for the prom. Audrey says, she really doesn't want to participate. Jace says, it's his last night, & he really wants to go with her. Meg tells him to find someone else. He says, Audrey is the only one he wants to go with.


4:58 PM BBT Jace walks out & Meg takes the glasses out of the grey BR. The camera view switches to the LR.

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5:02PM BBT Clay is in the cabana room with just a tie, pants and a cowboy hat on. He has a honey heart with a peanut butter question mark. Shelli goes in and starts to laugh. She says yes she will go to prom with him.


5:11PM BBT The HG are all chatting about their dates for the prom tonight. Jeff and Liz match up their colors. Jeff teases meg that her date has the penthouse suite.


5:22PM BBT Jace is talking to John saying that he hopes he is sequestered and can come back in and take everyone out. Says that DR warned him that he can not physically harm anyone. He laughs and says "what do they think I am going to do".


5:30PM BBT Prom prep continues. Da says that they tried to include Audrey and she said no. Jason says he tried to make nice last night and she was not interested.

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5:33PM BBT Clay goes in to talk to Audrey. She is still under the covers with sunglasses on. Audrey and Clay start talking about Jace. Audrey says its not right to lead him on. Clay says that he isn't leading him on . Clay tells her that she can not lay there for 9 days. She says that she isn't going to entertain people she can't stand.


5:35PM BBT Clay tells her he doesn't want to talk game with her and that she will regret spending her time in the house laying there in bed. He says he doesn't know why she can't hang out with people who are genuine with her.


5:42PM BBT Clay continues to tell Audrey to stop talking only game to everyone. She says she isn't. She says that she does not want to participate in things that are not genuine to her. She tells him that she does not need a therapist. He says she is being too negative.


5:49PM BBT Jace is talking to Audrey. She says she will approach James about trying to save Jace. She wants Jace to tell James that what Audrey said is correct. To back up her stories.

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5:58PM BBT Jace walked into the WA and asks John when he knew that he would be BD. John says he didn't know for certain but that he was told that someone was being BD. Jace says he just found out that the entire house knew except Austin and Liz.


6:06PM BBT Audrey has gone to the HOH room and is talking to James. She is telling James that Jeff started everything. She tells him that Jace told her about Jeff being the one about the song. She tells him that if James wants to do anything, the only card she has is that she can target the people that they want. She tells him that someone is targeting him.


6:14PM BBT Audrey asking James if he knew about the meeting with Jeff and Liz. He says no and he has no idea why he was excluded. She then brings up why Austin is giving information to Clay. James says that he doesn't know. Audrey says that she admitted what she has said. James tells her that Clay has her back.


6:18PM BBT Audrey and James continue to discuss each of the HG. Audrey is telling him that although you may play with other people, in the end you have to play for yourself. James asks her why she is coming to him now. She tells him that she knows he is a smart game player and that no one would expect that they would work together


6:23PM BBT Audrey tells James that Jeff made up the song. James agrees. She says Clay has a good relationship with everyone. Audrey says that he told her that he isn't going to try to win HOH. James wonders why.

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6:27PM BBT James says he wants to know who has targeted him. Audrey tells James that Jeff is targeting her and then James. She says Jace will confirm it.


6:29PM BBT James confirms that if Jeff or Austin win HOH then he will be second target. She says that is correct.


6:32PM BBT James asks her who her target would be. She said Jeff. She says maybe with Steve and he would throw the comp possibly and then she could BD someone. He says they would have to rally up the votes. She says if it was between Clay and Jeff what would the HG do. She says that no one can know they are working together.


6:39PM BBT Audrey still trying to sell her plan to James in HOH. In the SR Austin and Jeff talk. Austin tells Jeff that Steve is starting to show his hand. Says he may be coming the next Audrey.


6:42PM BBT Austin telling Jeff that he wishes Jace wasn't acting out. Says that he should be upset at James. James pulled the trigger. Austin says that Audrey baited them to be in an alliance. Jeff says that he wouldn't be angry at James then.

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6:45PM BBT Audrey in HOH telling James that she feels she is a strong player and proved it in the HOH competition. He says he feels the same. Audrey tells James that if he works with her she will be a vote for him and will never nominate him.


6:52PM BBT James tells Audrey that he doesn't feel he will be a target this week. She says that Clay and Shelli are not going to try and win HOH this week because they don't want to be pressured to put her up.


6:56PM BBT James says he will talk to Jace. Audrey offers to stay. James says that he would prefer to talk to Jace alone. Audrey says that James has to understand that Jace will not sell out Austin because they are friends.


7:00PM BBT Audrey gets up to leave after James says he will talk to Jace. James says he won't seal anything until he talks to Jace and they will go from there.She puts her hair in a towel to look like she showered.

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7:05PM BBT James goes downstairs and crawls onto the bed with Meg. He says that every time he tries to say away from certain people he still gets things put in his ear. She asks what happened and he says he can't say.

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7:13PM BBT: Jace and Audrey are in the kitchen, Meg and James are up in his HoH talking, Liz talking about how gross the house is, There are ants in the draws. now talking about how gross the shower is it's green. 


7:20PM BBT: James and Meg are actually in the Have-Not room not the HoH. Audrey is talking to Shelli in the Bedroom. James and Meg are talking about Audrey James says she gets on your nervses.


7:25PM BBT: James tells Meg that the house will be so much better once Audrey's gone, He says that she wanted him to shake on it and he's like naw I'm good. Jeff and Austin are laying on the sofa's talking James says that I know that Audrey told him that if she wins HoH she will go after Jeff. That she will not go after him. everyone else is just talking. Now James is talking to Jace in the Have-Not room.


7:31PM BBT: Jace is telling James that he doesn't really want to help him. Jace is saying if you can give me something I will help you but you are too power hungry. I really don't give a shit about your game. I know all about the song and the allance I can name every person in that allance. So watch your back. They are coming for you. Everyone else is sitting in the living room talking. Jace is saying you now have a loaded gun. 



7:35PM BBT: Jace is going back and forth with James, Saying that he has given him a life line and he has saved his life now, and he will help him with Audrey. If she wins HoH and comes after him next week. And how he was so mad at Audrey. In the Bathroom Clay is blowdrying John's hair Steve is in the shower, And Jace just goes on and on.


7:40PM BBT: Vanessa, is now talking to Audrey who is laying in bed, She thinks she will be a have not next week. Jace is whispering to James, still going on and on about the same thing. Oh now they are done. They walk out to join the others. Clay is now finishing up John's hair. 


7:45PM BBT: it's Steve's hair that Clay was doing they say he looks like Fonzie from happy day's now, Jace is now in the Have-Not room talking Liz and Vanessa who is laying in the chair with a bandana over her eyes. everyone else is in the wash room. Telling Steve how different he looks now.


7:50PM BBT: Audrey is now talking to Austin, about the same old thing. They are all in the Living room where Jeff is talking about the amazing race Jace is now telling Austin what he told James. 


7:55PM BBT: Austin is now talking to Vanessa Jace comes in and is asking for votes, Audrey is now walking around, Jace is saying that James is now scared, I did a really good job on him. And on and on.


8:00PM BBT: Audrey walks into the HoH room James is under the covers on the sofa sleeping, Jace is just going on and on how he is about the make the biggest move in BB history(yeah right where have we heard that one before) Jace walks out of the have not. Now Austin and Vanessa are talking about what the next HoH competition maybe.


8:05PM BBT: Audrey is talking to James. Telling him that she needs to just ride the wave don't stirr shit up and Jace is back to talking to Austin in the Have-Not room. Austin is like dude  we already talked. Audrey is telling James if I win HoH I need some kind of say from you that you won't come after me the next week. Vanessa is talking to Austin or was until Da'Vonne came in. Jace is now up in the HoH going over the same thing with James and Audrey. He says he needs three or four votes.


8:15PM BBT: Austin and Vanessa are back to talking, James is up in the HoH talking to Da'Vonne and Jason now. Telling them what all Audrey said to him, Saying that she is targetting Jeff now. 


8:20PM BBT: Jame is just rehashing what Jace and Audrey told him to Jason and Da'Vonne, we are getting breif FotHs, eveyone else seems to be in the gray bedroom. Da'Vonne says that Audrey is spending a lot of time talking to James now. yeah James is talking about how Audrey is talking about the relationship between Jeff and Jackie now. Austin is now talking to Liz in the cabanna room getting her on board with the Audrey thing. Da'Vonne says if she doesn't win HoH next week it's a walk but if she wins HoH Ill play the game after that she's gone.


8:25PM BBT: The HoH crew are just going over and over the same thing it's breaking up now, Jace is in the Cabanna room with Liz and Austin tring to get votes. James is saying that if she (Audrey) wins HoH next week then we get her out the next week. Jeff will work with us. Jace is saying that Jeff is now in deep shit. 


#BB17PM BBT: 8:31PM BBT: things are now rapping up in the HoH, In the bathroom Jackie, Liz, and Jace are all doing hair. Clay and Meg are in the Storage room talking. 

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8:31 PM BBT Jace goes up the stairs & asks James in the hallway if he can talk to him? James says, yes, & they go in the HOHR. James tells Jace that Da'Vonne doesn't really want to talk game. James says, she says even if Jeff is the leak, they feel that it may be hard to get him out anyway. Jace aks James to help him get some people on board to help get them to vote for him.


8:33 PM BBT Jace tells James that he knows he can get 4 votes, if he can help him get the others. James doesn't understand why the HG's just don't vote the way they want to. Jace says, it's always that way. Jace tells James that he thinks if they can get Clay & Shelli in a room with them, they may vote to keep him. James asks if Jeff feels bad? Jace says, he doesn't think so.


8:36 PM BBT James tells Jace, whatever happens need to be under key. He says, people aren't just going to flip without a good reason, they aren't just going to do it because they feel bad for a guy. We see FOTH. James tells Jace that he'll see what they can work out, & they both leave the HOHR.


8:38 PM BBT Clay is trying to teach Shelli how to two-step in the KT area by the front door. James is watching them. Clay tells Shelli, the guy is always supposed to lead. He's now trying to teach Shelli how to spin. Shelli says, she's going to totally bomb it. James says, he on point, & he's got it. James walks away, & they continue to dance.


8:42 PM BBT James comes back, & Shelli puts on Clay's cowboy boots. James tells her that it will speed up or slow down depending on what song is playing. Shelli says she likes the closeness when they dance slow. She says, she feels like she's on Dancing With The Stars. Meg walks by, & says, the camera's are following them. Vanessa walks by them now. Clay wants Shelli to get some bounce in their step. James wants to have a line dance competition.


8:44 PM BBT In the HN BR, John is telling Da'Vonne what he does at work at his dental office. Vanessa walks in & tells them that people are seriously practicing out there for tonight. She says, they need to get ahead of the curve & start practicing something. John walks out. Meanwhile, In the KT, Steve, Jackie, James & Meg are all by the glass table. They are talking about their talents that they want to do tonight.


8:48 PM BBT Meg says, look at this beautiful country pair, we can not do that. Shelli says, Clay is all upset, because they are seeing all of their dance moves. They continue to practicing dancing. Liz walks in the KT, & we see FOTH. Liz is doing cheerleading moves in the KT when the camera views come back on. John walks through the KT.


8:50 PM BBT Austin walks through the KT, Becky follows. James goes up to the HOHR to get his outfit ready. Steve & Jackie are trying to figure out what they are going to do. James comes back downstairs. Jackie has Steve practicing different moves with her. Austin says, they are going to do the Dirty Dancing finale. He walks out of the KT.


8:52 PM BBT In the HN BR Vanessa & Da'Vonne are discussing being Mime's of their real world jobs as a D.J. & Teacher, & then coming into the BB house & shaking hands. Vanessa is trying to find a way to show them as individuals before the BB started, & then coming together as a cast & being integrated together in the BB house.


8:55 PM BBT The camera view switches to the LR. Everyone that was in there scatter, & go other places in the house. Liz is practicing cheering in front of the big mirror in the LR. James goes to the HN BR. He says, Vanessa is a creative one, she's got it, & he walks out. John is sitting by himself in the CRL. Becky joins him. She is acting out a scene that has to do with him being a dentist.


8:58 PM BBT Jeff, James, Austin & Shelli are in the KT. James says, he put a 2 liter of Coke in the freezer 2 days ago, & it's only slushy. He says, that's how he knows it's not freezing like it should. He walks out of the KT, & we see FOTH.


9:01 PM BBT Becky is now in the KT with Austin & Jeff. Jeff says, he really did wake up with a b**er from this sh** (whatever he's holding in his hands). Becky walks out. John walks in & out of the KT. Steve is sitting at the glass table. Austin walks out of the KT. Becky comes back, & gets Diet Coke out of the refrigerator. Jeff says, hi to Steve. Steve asks him if he's with Liz? Jeff says, yes, the beautiful, Liz. Steve asks Liz if she's cheering? She says, yes. He says, nice.


9:03 PM BBT Austin comes back to the KT with a top hat on. Jeff tells him that James just pulled a bottle of Coke out of the freezer. He says, it was cold as sh**, but it wasn't frozen. He asks, how that's possible? Austin says, he doesn't know, maybe it's some kind of parlor trick. Austin walks away. Jason walks through the KT. Liz says, Jeff, let's go, no more Mrs. nice girl.


9:05 PM BBT Jeff & Liz go to the mirror in the LR to try to practice cheering. They walk over by the grey BR. They go back to the LR. Jeff asks her if they can make out at the end? Liz says, you can't get it that easy. James tries to give advice. Jeff says, let James be the choreographer. Liz says, maybe there will be a kiss at the end. Jeff asks Liz if she's going to be putting her hands on him a lot, because they are cold, & he can put a shirt on. She says, no. Austin walks past them & walks back.


9:08 PM BBT Jeff & Liz continue to practice using the mirror in the hallway by the BR's. James keeps walking back & forth watching them. As they are practicing, Vanessa & Da'Vonne come out of the HN BR. Liz & Jeff go to the HN BR now to practice. In the meantime, Becky & John continue to practice their dental skit in the CRL.


9:11 PM BBT Liz takes a break in practicing with Jeff. Jeff is telling her about how everyone is having side alliances. Austin walks in the HN BR. Jeff tells Liz, he doesn't think a lot of people are going to be able to talk a lot of game tonight. Jeff asks Austin, if he's noticed that Jace is talking to James a lot today? Austin says, yes, & he's not sure what's going on.


9:14 PM BBT Jeff says, after the Prom is over, they really need to get back into groups to figure things out. He says, the alliance is probably busted up. He tells Austin, he's not sure what happened for Clay to get kicked out, & feels that's the only reason he was brought in. He says, Clay & Shelli are acting like boyfriend & girlfriend, & being all cutsie. Jeff says, he needs to get physical with her already. Liz says, as least go in for the kiss. Jeff asks Austin if he wants to watch them practice? He says, yes.


9:17 PM BBT Jeff says, he's going to pop a testical with some of the moves. Liz says, just do a small move. They mess up, & Austin says, you need to get this down, you only have one shot out there. Liz tells Jeff, everything in cheerleading is so stiff. In the KT, Steve & James are talking about sports, while sitting at the glass table. Becky walks in in rolls her tongue with noise. Steve says, he can't do that. Vanessa comes in there also.


9:19 PM BBT 9:19 PM BBT James asks Becky if she can speak Spanish? She says, she speaks German, & sometimes mixes things up. James says a few things in Spanish. Steve asks for a beer in Spanish, & James messes up the numbers as he's counting. BB says, HG's the SR is now open. Everyone gets excited. They go to the SR, & there is luggage & clothes in there. They are bummed.


9:21 PM BBT In the WA, some HG's are doing their hair & make-up. They can't believe that BB actually makes the HG's on the block pack their suitcases. James & Clay go to the HOHR. James pulls a shirt out of a bag & says, it's a medium, & gives it to Clay, because it will be to big for him. He pulls a red one out of the bag, & says it will fit him even though it's a medium, because it's a different brand. James asks if anyone else has initials J.H.? Clay says, he doesn't think so.


9:23 PM BBT James says, the girls are really getting ready for tonight. Clay is fixing his hair in the HOHR bathroom. James says, he wishes he could go to his hairstylist. James says, BB took all of his clothes, because they were all Duck Commander & Under Armor. He says, they took his Carthartt jacket also. Clay says, they took his stuff because it had to many patterns on it. He says, you basically have to buy a whole new wardrobe to come there.


9:26 PM BBT Meg, Shelli, & Jackie are putting on make-up in the WA. Becky is looking at her shirt in the mirror. Jason was fixing himself up. James walks in. Da'Vonne is waiting by the WC. Jeff walks in and asks if everyone is getting ready? They all say, yes with excitement. Da'Vonne says, ya'll be trippin. James says, Jace being a judge might give his group a disadvantage.


9:29 PM BBT James want Meg to five him a kiss during their talent. Jeff says, he may give Liz a kiss on the cheek at the end of theirs. Jeff says, James went for the ratchet girl. Meg gets offended. Da'Vonne gives an awful look on her face. Liz brushes her teeth. Jason is putting hair gel in his hair. Meg says, she hates all on them. The way Jackie has her hair lying, you can see a scorpion tattoo at the base of her neck.


9:31 PM BBT The HG's in the WA discuss whether or not this is the first BB Prom. They think it is, & say that several other things have been done in previous seasons to include weddings & beauty pageants. They believe this is the first Prom. Jason is now putting lotion on his legs, & pointing out which cameras might be active at the moment.


9:34 PM BBT James says, he can't wait to see all the special talents. He says, he feels they are just going to surprise him. James says, he thinks Becky is going to be on all fours twerking it. Jason points out what camera was on the WA. Jason says, the sooner it's 12 a.m., the sooner they eat. Meg says, when she had her first dance, her dad at cop cars in front of her house when her date picked her up. She says, there were 2 or 3 there, & she was mortified.


9:37 PM BBT Meg says, she can't remember what her dates reaction was, but it was before the date. Jeff asks if he's the only one getting dressed up? Meg tells James to put on his hot pants (khaki's). James walks out of the WA, & then so does Meg, after she finishes her hair. Jackie, Shelli & Liz are still in the WA getting ready. Shelli tells Jackie she has a pretty suitcase. She says, thanks.


9:39 PM BBT Liz asks Jackie if she's going to really pack? Jackie says, she has to because they take it. Liz can't believe it. Da'Vonne comes out of the WC with a towel on as a skirt. The girls say they like it, & ask how she's going to get it to stay on. Meg walks in & tells Da'Vonne that she looks ferocious & fierce together. Meg goes in the WC & comes back out.


9:42 PM BBT Jason comes back to the WA, & tells Da'Vonne, she's on it. He says, she has to leave the split in the towel skirt. Jason says, looking curled up, Jackie. Liz uses a toothbrush to brush her eyebrows down, & she checks her teeth in the mirror. Shelli puts powder on her chest. Jason says, feeders are made that Jackie isn't wearing a f***ing bathing suit right now. He says, they are loving what Shelli is doing right now.


9:45 PM BBT Shelli says, she started taking showers with her bathing suit top on, because she had a close encounter the other day when she was drying off. BB tells Shelli to please put on her microphone. Jason says, they don't want to not hear about your potential nip slip. She puts her microphone on. Liz is checking her lipstick in the mirror. She says, I hope they're not getting this God da** it. Jason brushes his teeth.


9:47 PM BBT BB tells Jeff to please put on his mircophone. He walks in & out of the WA. Jason is finishing up brushing his teeth. He puts more hair gel in his hair. Da'Vonne comes to the WA with a crown on her head. Jackie comes out of the WC, & everyone says how nice she looks. BB tells Da'Vonne to put her microphone on. Everyone leaves the WA, except Jackie.


9:51 PM BBT Liz walks in the WA, & tells Jackie she looks gorgeous. She says, this is a game of dress up. Shelli comes out of the WC. Jackie puts her lip gloss on. Shelli says her dress could be a real Prom dress. Jackie says, it's beats her real Prom dress. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Jeff goes back to the WA. He's adjusting his tie, while Shelli is brushing her hair.


9:54 PM BBT Shelli tells Jackie, she should never tell a guy to get ready, & she'll work around him, it's the other way around. Liz comes out of the WC, & everyone goes crazy over her blue dress. Jeff says, she's hot, & he's got the best date. Jeff says, they say he looks like he's going to sell his house. Jeff puts hair gel in his hair. James walks in & says he feels like he's under-dressed.


9:56 PM BBT Steve walks in & tells Jackie she looks great. He asks her if he should change his shirt? She says, he may want to if he has one to change into. He says, when she's done getting ready, he'll show her his shirts, & she can choose one. Everyone says, awww. steve says, ya'll should try that sometime. Steve says, he can never be a girl. He says, he didn't have to do anything to get ready. He walks out. The HG's tell James he should change into his black shorts to match Meg.


9:58 PM BBT Jackie & Steve are in the colorful room choosing a shirt for him to put on. They choose a purple shirt. Steve asks her if she can help him roll up his sleeves once he puts it on, & she says, yes. He changes into his shirt, & tells her they should try to dance in their outfits. Steve says, he thinks these are new shirts, he found them in the SR with his name on it. She asks if his mom sent them. He says, probably. He tells her he is such a momma's boy. Jackie rolls his sleeves up for him, & he thanks her.


10:02 PM BBT Jackie & Steve walk out of the colorful BR. Steve asks if he has the correct number of buttons buttoned? She says, yeah. They hug each other. Audrey is in bed, & isn't participating tonight. James, Da'Vonne, Jason, Meg, & Shelli are all sitting in the LR. Clay gets told he needs to get dressed. Steve & Jackie go to the CRL to practice what they are going to do for the talent show.


10:05 PM BBT Steve & Jackie continue to practice a dance routine where he's dipping & spinning her, & she sits on his knee at the end. He asks if he can give her a wrist corsage at the beginning of the dance? She says, yes. He made her a wrist corsage & tiara out of tin foil. BB tells Steve to please reattach his microphone.

10:10 PM BBT Clay is in the colorful BR finishing up getting dressed. He sprays some cologne on himself, & then folds the sleeves up on his shirt. He has his cowboy hat lying on the bed in front of him. He puts the cologne on his wrists, & rubs them together. He puts his microphone back on.


10:13 PM BBT Clay walks out to the LR & everyone claps. The HG's all get up & go the WA. Da'Vonne says, they need the first couple to line up. They figure out Vanessa is in the DR. Da'Vonne says, they can do her last. Steve says, he's going to be a gentleman to his lady. Da'Vonne welcomes everyone, & says, she is the host for the very first BB Prom. She says, the them is Under The Sea.


10:15 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, the first couple is Jeff & Liz. She discusses the clothing they are wearing tonight. Liz doesn't know where he dress is from, just that it's from a boutique. Jeff says, his tie is from Express. Da'Vonne introduces the next couple, John & Becky. He says, his clothes are from Target. Becky has on Abercrombie. Da'Vonne is using a wooden spoon for a microphone.


10:17 PM BBT Da'Vonne introduces Meg & James. They both say they have on Target (they pronounce it Tarjay). Da'Vonne introduces Austin & Jason as the next couple. Austin says, he has on a beefcake original. Jason says he has on Target (pronounced Tarjay again) from head to toe. Austin says, he wants to be the Queen so bad he can taste it.


10:19 PM BBT Da'Vonne introduces Shelli & Clay. They both say they have no idea where there clothes are from. Da'Vonne introduces Steve & Jackie. He is carrying her. Da'Vonne says, that is how you make a an entrance. Jackie says she has on a designer dress. Steve says, his clothes are bought & sent by his mom.


10:21 PM BBT Da'Vonne introduces her date, Vanessa. She doesn't say anything about her clothes. Da'Vonne says, they are going to get this started, & tells everyone to enjoy. Da'Vonne chants talent show, talent show. Jeff tells Jackie, if her & Steve win, they have to kiss.


10:24 PM BBT Vanessa welcomes everyone to the First Annual BB Talent Show (it should just be first). They draw colors to see who goes first. It's team Purple, which is Clay & Shelli. Da'Vonne asks if anyone has any comments. James says, they have a surprised special guest, Taylor Swift (meaning Meg).


10:26 PM BBT Shelli & Clay dance the two-step together. He twirls & dips her, & the HG's are clapping along for them, & they all get up & clap at the end. Jace comes to the LR to watch. Da'Vonne tells everyone to call their votes in. She says, for Shelli & Clay, that's 01. The next couple to do their talent is Liz & Jeff, team red.


10:28 PM BBT Jeff & Liz do a cheer, & we see FOTH because of the song at the end. Da'Vonne says, call your votes in, & for them it's 02. The next couple is Austin & Jason. Jason runs to Austin & he lifts him over his head. Da'Vonne says, that was Jason & Austin, 03. The next couple to go is yellow, Steve & Jackie. He puts the foil corsage on her wrist. They do their dance, & the corsage falls off. Everyone claps for them.


10:31 PM BBT The team number for them is 04. The next team is green, John & Becky. John says, they are going to tell everyone how to deal with someone with bad breath. They start their skit. He switches a glass of Diet Coke with mouthwash. Then he says he has something for her, & it's dental floss. She puts a raisin on her tooth, & John uses a toothbrush on it, & says it was bugging him. He says, if you follow these guidelines you'll seal the deal if with a friend laying lame pick-up lines. He counts shoulders & pretends to kiss her. Da'Vonne says, they are 05.


10:35 PM BBT The next couple is James & Meg. They do a dance with a towel in front of them. Everyone claps. The next couple is Vanessa & Da'Vonne do their Mime routine of coming into the BB house. Da'Vonne says, the last person up is Jace. He gives his speech that he was going to use tomorrow, but was told it's too long. He says, it's compliments for everyone. Everyone claps when he's done. Jace says, John & Becky did an amazing job.


10:39 PM BBT Da'Vonne pulls red for the King, which is Jeff. She pulls an orange skittle for the Queen, & that's Meg. Liz puts foil crowns on their heads. Jeff starts to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow, & we see FOTH. Da'Vonne says, they have the King & Queen of the Prom, Jeff & Meg. She signs out. They all want to eat, but they still have 1 hour and 20 minutes left.


10:41 PM BBT HG's scatter & go different places. Jeff is in the KT trying to make sure his crown stays on. Jackie is in the WA. Audrey is in her bed in the grey BR, with the red comforter over her head. Jace was standing by the HN BR door. Meg walks in the grey BR, & says, that was so fun, everyone was so creative. Jace says, it was. She walks out. Jace goes to the WA to pop a pimple in the mirror. He goes to the WC.


10:44 PM BBT The HG's want alcohol. Jason says, he already checked the SR, & there wasn't any. He says, if they put on that da** show & don't get nothin, that's not right. Vanessa is looking through the refrigerator in the SR. She walks to the KT. Shelli is setting plates at the round table. There are 4 blue round plates, & 12 square red plates on the table. Her & Liz are putting silverware next to all of the plates.


10:47 PM BBT Jason says, they are going to eat so much food today, they won't want to eat tomorrow. He says, when the show is on for the West Coast, it's not live, but when he watches on the East Coast, it is live. Becky is asked what she put on her tooth, & she says, a raisin.


10:49 PM BBT Steve tells the HG's in the KT that he's not a percussionist. He says, he doesn't know anything about drums. He tells Vanessa, he's not even basic. She tells him that she can play the drums. They discuss what D.J. equipment she uses. She tells Steve she buys her stuff from E-Bay, Craig's List, or the music store.


10:51 PM BBT Jace gets called to the DR. Steve says, Las Vegas is a pretty popular city for BB. Austin is doing hand stands in the LR area close to the front door. The lights are off in the grey BR, & Audrey is still in bed. Other HG's are in the KT.


10:54 PM BBT HG's are commenting how much food there is to eat tonight. Jeff asks Austin if he felt any connection with Jason during their talent, a spark or anything? Austin says, he committed to it totally. Meg says, everyone did so well. Austin is doing hand stands again. Clay is taking food out of the refrigerator. HG's say the BB Prom is sponsored by The Golden Corral. HG's don't think they will get alcohol tonight, because of tomorrow.



10:57 PM BBT Jason says, the next time they throw a party, it won't be on a Wednesday. Clay says, even 1 bottle of alcohol could impair them for tomorrow. HG's say they are going to stare at the food for another hour, since they have to wait for the current HN's to eat. James says, it's 10:58 BBT.


10:59 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, someone that hasn't been watching for a while will cut on the feeds & be like, what the he**? Becky says, the sauce is done, but they will reheat it when it gets closer to the time to eat. HG's agree to play a game until they can eat, & they go back to the LR.

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