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Morty's TV Big Brother USA 17 Live Feed Meme Contest


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Andrew "Never Happened With Jen" Never%20Happened%20with%20Jen_zpsnotibp9



Brenda "Devise a Way" Devise%20a%20Way_zpspi1xcrug.jpg



Bernadette "Rip It Off" Rip%20It%20Off_zpsyyokfi6r.jpg



Bernadette "Don't Worry Boo" Dont%20Worry%20Boo_zps5k5l7x4g.jpg



Glenn "Since Your Leaving" Since%20Your%20Leaving_zpsmcylpvqg.jpg



Wendy "Cutest Couple" Cutest%20Couple_zpspomcy2wy.jpg



Andrew "Smoke 'em" Smoke%20em_zpss7suzqkt.jpg



Wendy R. "Top Model" Top%20Model_zpsmght60hd.jpg



Wendy "I Feel Pretty" I%20Feel%20Pretty_zpsfnjidg4y.jpg



Glenn "It Wasn't Me" It%20wasnt%20me_zpsccwvoklm.jpg

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These 4 memes were submitted by our loyal Twitter followers.


Wendy "Oops" oops_zpsag6plu4w.png


Leslie "Pair of Balls" Pair%20of%20Balls_zps78xda14q.png


Wendy "I Kill You" I%20Kill%20You_zpsas3myxcj.png


and Tonya "No More Meds" No%20More%20Meds_zpsnz4egxzs.png







The Next Gazillion Memes were submitted by members of Morty's TV Facebook Group:


Richard "Why Stop Now" Why%20Stop%20Now_zpscz3otoob.jpg


Melody "Change Your Vote" Change%20Your%20Vote_zpsmqjkscay.jpg


Melody "Developing Story" Developing%20Story_zps9zditset.jpg


Brenda "Hope They Don't Notice" Hope%20They%20Dont%20Notice_zpsc7xoi5ta.


Mandy "That Kool-aid" That%20Koolaid_zpsrbw2xbq2.jpg


Robynne "Good For You Too" Good%20For%20You%20Too_zpsqh6yxp4q.jpg


Robynne "Achmed" Achmed_zpssqzjhaci.jpg

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The last of our meme entries:








The rest are from members of Morty's TV FB Group

Jennifer "Things I've Seen"  Things%20Ive%20Seen_zpsllprwuua.jpg



Wendy "Thinking of Thinking"  Thinking%20of%20Thinking_zps9ytb1uk2.jpg



and Tonya "Since Austin Left"    "Which Color"      and "Was I Eating This One?"










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Ladies and Gents: I present to you our weekly winners. Now it's up to Morty to pick his favorite Grand Prize Winner: My commentary on these memes are my own opinions...and does not reflect how or why Morty will choose his overall winner. Morty has a mind of his own (twisted as that may be) and I simply couldn't help myself.


Melody is a FB friend of Morty Port and posted this meme on week one. We never knew just how long this strategy would work: "Royal Flush" Royal%20Flush_zpspbgdkx8t.jpg



Mina ZombieVixen is a twitter follower and created this meme demonstrating Jace's attempt to not be the first HG out the door: "Not a Weiner" Not%20a%20Winner_zpsoo7ij4dg.jpg



Christina, also a FB friend of Morty Port posted this meme week three. It portrays James' playful side that I feel contributed to him becoming America's Favorite Player. "Cat and Mouse" Cat%20amp%20Mouse_zpsi2k5gtgs.jpg



For week 4, Kaylan, a member of Morty's TV Facebook Group, captured a wonderful example of a HG checking out before checking out. "The Light It Burns Us" The%20Light%20It%20Burns%20Us_zpshbehxqf



We had a tie for week 5. Andrew's meme (from Morty's TV Facebook Group) demonstrates how many of us felt about the showmance that you either loved to hate or hated to love. The other meme for week 5 belongs to Fan Forum member app. He shows us that when you are bored, you can always be creative....even if you are a smarty pants dentist.


"Face of Love" The%20Face%20of%20Love_zpsunjvmihm.jpg


"Cereal Builder" Cereal%20Builder_zpsev0rfpms.jpg

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Christina (Morty's TV Group) won week 6 showing Clay's flirtatious side. No explanation necessary. "When Mama's Away" When%20Mamas%20Away_zpsww6nhi0l.jpg



Sandra posted this meme to Morty's FB Wall winning week 7. It was at this point that I realized that Becky really was in there to play the game. "I Will Get You My Deary" I%20Will%20Get%20You%20Deary_zpsbra3jyzj



Jennifer, member of Morty's TV FB Group, won week 8 with "Maybe It's Cleaning Spray". I don't care if you loved or hated her. This was funny to watch. Been there, almost did that. Maybe%20Its%20Cleaning%20Spray_zpsixywno



Janice, also a member of our FB Group, explained her strategy in this meme perfectly. Why not let everyone else get bloody instead? "No Blood On These Hands" No%20Blood%20On%20These%20Hands_zpsfrmui



Andrew is a member of Morty's TV Facebook group and won week 10 by depicting exactly how we felt (as viewers and fans of the show) after watching week after week of pure domination. "Nothing on TV" Nothing%20on%20TV_zpsmevjfgj1.jpg



Wendy from Twitter won week 11 with this meme "Ball In Hand". America hoped he kept some balls to himself and it turns out he did. Ball%20in%20Hand_zpst6yydcty.png



The last and final entry also belongs to Andrew from Morty's TV Group. Turns out taking her to the finals wasn't on HIS to-do list. To%20Do%20List_zps2wkbx5or.jpg



Well Morty, it's on you now. Good luck picking your favorite.

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