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I am sorry but Shock isn't Eric... Shock was posting on this board while Eric was in the house... Shock has been posting here long before we ever even knew who Eric was... I would love it if that were him but it's not... Check out all the threads where people are using his own words to discredit him... It will make your day... Also check out the thread where he is saying that Kaysar was towering over Ivette about to hit her... That is some more funny stuff I tell ya...
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Okay, have finally had the chance to read through some of the transcripts (they're LOOONNNNGGG!). Some highlights:
  • Janelle confirmed the pictures in Playboy are really her

  • Howie jumped into the sequester house pond . . . didn't notice the sceptic line draining into it :)

  • Beau picked the second fight with Janelle for touching his 'special' pillow

  • Jen was bummed out about the f*g ranch sequester house and pond

  • Michael's been asked to do The Surreal Life, but he's turned it down

  • Michael may sell some drawings of Janelle on his website

  • Sales of Janelle's bathrobe increased so much after that feature, the company's offered her freebies!

  • Janelle and Sara may design a line of t-shirts (cool!)

Sam - don't read the transcripts, listen to it!!! It's much better that way!!!

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They were fanstastic. It was just so neet to know the incredible friendships that the SOV have formed. They are all staying at Michael and Kaysar's places. They truley are happy well adjusted people. I think their lives are based on reality and truth and see things as they are.

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Go to "thefishbowl.com" and click on archives. That will bring you to a page where you will see the interviews for specific dates. There are two from 9/23 .... one with Michael and James and one with Janelle. Both are great.

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I just listened to Janelle's interview...

Maggot and the Nerd Herds are sooo petty for hiding Janelle's underwear and tearing it up...like what was the point of that??? What did it accmplish? Yes, Maggot you really played with integrity. :rolleyes:

Yes, that was very immature of them.......................but I think what actually happened was they hid some of her clothes under the gold room bed and talked about tearing her underwear, but didn't do it. Not that that makes it any better - just clarifying. When the two guys at the fishbowl (Josh and ?) doing the interview relayed the message, they didn't get it quite accurate.

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I just listened to Janelle's interview...

Maggot and the Nerd Herds are sooo petty for hiding Janelle's underwear and tearing it up...like what was the point of that??? What did it accmplish? Yes, Maggot you really played with integrity. :rolleyes:

Im surprised that Janelle even wears underpants

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Thanks for the link Spikes_luv. What a great interview! I was going to transcribe it, but they covered a LOT of ground. For anyone who's going through BB withdrawal (even non-Sov supporters) Kaysar provides a great update on a bunch of stuff like who's talked to who, and what the BB contestants think about each other now that they've had a chance to review the tapes.

PS Kaysar also mentioned that he's got an audition tomorrow for a sitcom, and that he's got a degree in economics but was doing graphic design to pay the bills. After he made that crack in the TV Guide interview about wanting to 'transcend' the reality show genre, I thought Kaysar might be getting a little conceited, and was wondering really what kind of opportunities he thought might be coming his way. It was a relief to hear him sounding just like good 'ole Kaysar - what a gentleman :)

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Guest Shockalot

btw.. Listening to the Fishbowl interview with Kaysar. Guy has the arrogance to say 'The house fell apart while i was gone' and that he chastisised Howie for ruining it of him.


Kaysar was FOR THAT plan before leaving and wouldnt stop talkign about kicking James and how it was nearly 'mandatory' for the team.

What a fraud!

Kaysar later admits he urged Howie to get James out of the house ASAP.

Confused by his own answers.. Kaysar then modifies it to say that he meant Howie shoud nom 2 FSers and then 'read James'.

When asked about Erics burn on him "Same Medicine", good old Kaysar cant answer what Eric said about it - instead points how Eric 'broke the rules' by talking out of turn.

Then talks about how 'they' dont want to talk about what happened.


Eric DID talk about it and YOU just refused to answer for it.


Ashlea later phones in and says Julie specifically instructed all guests to speak up and speak out spontaneously during the finale reunion.


Other fun tidbits: Jennifer went to Kaysar to give HIM a hug... she initiated it despite being scared of Kaysar.

Wow.. Jennifer was STILL One Bigger than him despite the fact he scared her with his deathglare!

Jennifer 3 : Kaysar 0.

James was impressed with how clever and perceptive the FS was during the game.

Kaysar turns it around to being all about how 'mean' the FS HoH was and reminds everyone how disliked they were and claims they didnt 'play the game' hardly at all (Huh?).

[Doesnt discuss how he trashtalked non-stop with SoV and did not play clever either]

Regarding Maggies pledge to share the winnings with Eric (her partner) Kaysar turns it around to say this is how a Cult works.


She is sharing with her best friend and partner in the game who helped her win..

Kaysar charges money from HIS KaysarKulties.

WOW.. When asked if he regrets telling all his plans to everyone... he actually hums and haws... says yes but only because they realised what a great player he was but he thought it helped make Arabs look good.


Just stop and try and wrap your head around that one.

Gets question telling him he is superloved and so intelligent.. what would he do differently based on what went wrong the first and second times..

Kaysar actually paints a picture of himself as knowing and masterfully understanding everyones weaknesses.. then says he told everyone his plans so they would not be able to catch on to him... the only thing they could do was evict him.



Yes, you are a master alright.

He plans to do this again.

Kaysar thought sociopath Roddy was his favourite from BB3.

No surprise there.

FSers were so scared of Kaysar at the WrapParty that they had their family approach him and he was still so angry.

They did not speak to him.

Tough Guy!

Gets very heated about another question about Jennifer, He says 'SHe is NOT off the hook' (as if she is to answer for it?) "Make up your Own DAMN Mind Jennifer... enough people dont think for themselves... THAT Little girl.. she got HoH and ...."


He will NOT give this up.

Keep talking like there was an 'Sov6' when in fact James and Sarah were not loyal to any team and he himself was planning to evict James right up until his eviction and AFTER his return he would not shut up about evicting James.

For the record, Kaysar is a funny, laughy sincere sounding guy... until you mention women outsmarting him or ask him to explain why he does unintelligent things.

Just like in the House.

Thats your hero!

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Guest KaysarWinsBB6

the person who WON the BB6 grand prize money (who shall remain nameless, because she is all but forgotten, except for the lawsuits which are probably already in progress from the hospital where she USED TO WORK)

1) had no personality,

2) was the second filthiest person in all of BB history

(belching, farting, suggesting lewd activities between Beau and Howie for Eric's personal gain and wanting to watch, discussing her personal sexual fantasies about a man who has not asked to marry her after 7 years),

3) could not sleep alone like any normal adult,

4) encouraged April or Jennifer to constantly physically stroke her while spooning her in a twin bed,

5) said to America (along with April) AND to Julie Chen "F*CK YOU",

6) disobeyed many of the BB House rules, including cursing her "bosses" (Arnold Shapiro and BB crew members),

7) asked for special favors and special items from the BB crew ("give me back my cards, give me some candy, like sour apples, etc. give us a riddle, tell us a joke")

8) screwed all her "so-called FRIENDS" in the BB6 house to win the top prize by telling them whoever talked to them from the Sovereign 6 "was lying to them" (especially to Ivette about Janelle),

9) still thinks no one watched her behavior or heard her nastiness on the 24/7 live feeds,

10) and that we, the viewers never saw "all the fun" the "Friendship" had, nor "all the love" they shared...because of the way BB6 was edited.

Where are her friends now from BB6, especially Ivette who was so devoted to her that she GAVE her the game? Where is all her publicity for being the BIG WINNER? Where are all the accolades from the public?

Hmmmm...let's see!

America voted for Kaysar to return to the BB6 house.

America voted for Janelle to talk to a loved one by phone. (BB and Janelle decided it would be Michael.)

America voted for Janelle to visit the set of "Two And a Half Men".

Where were all the votes for Eric? Could the 3 viewer fans of The Friendship not drum up anymore votes?

Yes, Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, Rachel, James and Sarah all said nasty things about Eric, Maggie, Ivette, April, Beau, and Jennifer. AND WE LOVED IT! We knew they were telling the truth! They were telling it like it was!

The vicious lies told by The Fiendsheep, especially Maggot, were not true, yet not one of the liars has to this day admitted they were deceptive, especially to each other. Maggot told lies to keep the sick cult following in "The Fiendsheep" so she could win and share her proceeds with the most hated man in BB history!

Let's see...what else?

Oh, yes...

1) Viewers and fans who contributed to www.teamkaysar.com have just rewarded the Sovereign 4 of Kaysar, Janelle, Howie and Rachel each with a $500 gift card for their honesty and integrity as the true winners of BB6,

2) Kaysar will appear on The Young and The Restless Oct. 5,

3) Kaysar has an offer to appear on a primetime CBS sitcom,

4) Kaysar has a long line of speaking engagements already in the works,

5) Kaysar and Janelle or Michael will probably appear on The Amazing Race,

6) Kaysar and Janelle will definitely be cast on BB All-Stars,

7) Janelle had to agree to appear with Maggot on Regis & Kelly because Ivette wouldn't, and they would NOT take Maggie by herself,

8) Janelle has appeared or talked on House Calls 3 times so far and will be on Oct. 3 again!

9) Janelle got a call from MTV today asking her to be a guest judge on The Reality Show with Andy Dick! She is flying out to LA next week. (She'll be staying with Michael while in LA.)

10) Kaysar, Janelle, James, Sarah, Howie, and Rachel have all been interviewed on www.TheFishbowl.com,

and Howie will be on again Oct. 7.

Let's compare the two lists of top 10! Hmmmm....wonder which one is more favorable? I doubt anyone could list 2 things that Maggie, Eric and The Fiendsheep did in the BB6 House that sheds any positive light on any of them!

P.S. Sorry to be so brief. Next time I'll go into some detail! :rolleyes:

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Guest Shockalot

Kaysar goes down in history as the worst player in BB history, getting voted out twice in a row in landslide evictions.

Never mind his absolutely dumbass moves and determental 'plans' which ended his 'teams' chances although he now BLAMES HOWIE for instead of admitting it was himself.

(hmmm.. thought you didnt like that?)

Now consider that instead of letting Kaysar stand or fall on his own lies, arrogant statements and temper tantrums - we ONCE AGAIN see a list of how perfectly Maggie played and won the game (winning 500K).

Were we talking about Maggie?


Is this the 'Maggie Interview'?


Contrary to beliefs - Maggie being 'Mean' does not 'erase' something stupid, arrogant or untrue Kaysar did.

Sounds incredible doesnt it!

Id like to ask Kaysar why he scared the women so bad because he was 'still pissed off' even after the game is over that when THEY tried to come hug him they had to approach him fearfully or send others?


Id like to ask Kaysar why he cant answer Erics comments about getting a taste of his own medicine and trying to humiliate 'that little girl' who is 'still on the hook with him' called Jennifer WHO WHOOPED HIS ARSE BADLY.

Why did he LIE and say that Eric 'broke the rules' by commenting on that when in fact they WERE encouraged to speak spontaneously?


Wow.. Just imagine if 3 years from now Maggie murders a patient?

Then Kaysar will have a FREE KILL of whoever he wants with absolutely NO BLAME since Maggie will 'Cancel it out' again.


Dangerous dangerous Morons!

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You're so over the top. Come on Shockalot, nobody's perfect - you of all people should be more accepting of that.

And if you weren't so fixated on bashing Kaysar, you'd have heard him say that his number one priority for going on BB was to introduce America to a Muslim American. He didn't care about winning or the money nearly as much. So Kaysar did succeed - 82% is an excellent score on any test of life!

Plus, you have to admit Kaysar made an excellent point about Jennifer being so confused inside herself that her thinking is clouded - saying she did think for her self, and then also saying that her group swayed her decision.

PS Thank goodness I made notes while listening to the interview because Shockalot did NOT write down some of the interview correctly - what a shock (no pun intended). Will have to clarify some of James, Kaysar, and Ashlea's quotes later :rolleyes:

:D:D:D Welcome KaysarWinsBB6! :D:D:D

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Guest Shockalot

You guys love calling people delusional who wont see that Kaysar is 82 times greater than everyone else in big brother history but you now want to start spinning a new 'story' you hope will 'become true' if you just tell it enough - Jennifer being confused, weakminded, unable to make decision etc etc.

Dont even bother bullsh!tting anyone who watched the show (esp livefeeds) on this one girls.

Jennifer wasn't nicknamed 'Chupacabra' for not reason.

She was wallpaper for weeks and then when she opened up she was sheer self-driven laser cannon.

She knew exactly what everyone was doing but especially Kaysar.

"Thats was I loved about Kaysar.. " she mentions to April after they evicted K the first time... "I dont have to do anything, he just finds me and volunteers all of his plans and schemes"


She was a shark and even better when she outlasts Kaysar in the pressure cooker and totally 'owns' him by appealing to his weakness (ego) cries a bit then .. lol.. winks at the cameras... lol.. and then 'agree's' with Kaysar while biting her tongue.

He 'gives her' nothing and in fact she, on her own accord, decides what will happen and she decides she will own HoH.

She decided it would be a group decision. Then it was. Sucks to be you Kaysar.

Dont worry, Jennifer isnt confused at all.

Just like when you made a fool of yourself on the finale trying to hurt her with it - she doesnt have a problem - her group swayed her decision.

Thats how she had it roll.

Instead of being ashamed that Janelle squeals and shouts 'Gimmme the key bitch.." Jennifer throws the key into the yard for her to fetch it.

The facts speak for themselves and stop you from 'retelling' a different made-up story but theres more to it than we saw Im sure.

The reason Kaysar just despises Jennifer is obvious - she is what he wishes he was.

Very clever, reads people flawlessly, independant minded and able to carry it out.

He wishes.

Janelle cant stand her either and you know thats a woman jealousy thing all the way down the pike.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is not even phased by any of it.

Her 'Team' won with a lot of thanks and credit to her.

She made it to the Jury.

She is just fine and able to deliver what is probably the best interview yet:


Sorry folks but Kaysar is no Jennifer.

Not even close.

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You guys love calling people delusional who wont see that Kaysar is 82 times greater than everyone else in big brother history but you now want to start spinning a new 'story' you hope will 'become true' if you just tell it enough

No Shock that is you... You are the only one that spins things to suit yourself and try to make everyone else think what you are saying is true...

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You people are stroking Kaysar's enormous ego. Do you actually think he's this brilliant strategist? He was outsmarted by a girl and like it or not that obviously drives him crazy. I have no concrete proof but I believe he has no respect for women and it's probably part of his Muslim faith. The vast majority of Muslim's believe a woman is the property of her husband or father.

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No Shock that is you... You are the only one that spins things to suit yourself and try to make everyone else think what you are saying is true...

Oh come on.....there is a thread where the SOV followers are saying that Janelles DUI is ok because Eric might have done it but not got caught. Not to mention the multiple threads justifying when Kaysar lied to Eric and there are many many many more examples.

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I never said Kaysar was a brilliant strategist. I think he's smart and methodical, but way too nice and above-board to have won against a self-serving manipulator like Maggie. And what exactly did Jennifer do that could be classified as "outsmarting" Kaysar. She knowingly lied about a material fact. How is that smart?

I don't see anything that could lead anybody to conclude that Kaysar is upset with Jennifer because she "outsmarted" him and is a woman. If you look at what he values - honesty and above-the-board strategy regardless of gender, then wouldn't you have to conclude that Kaysar is bothered by the fact that a liar was rewarded? That's called disillusionment, not chauvinism.

Jennifer wasn't nicknamed 'Chupacabra' for not reason.

Shockalot: What's a 'chupacabra' - a slut? :lol:

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