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Dancing With The Stars ~ U.S. Season 20 Episode 5

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Tonight's Dancing With The Stars starts with the Disney Theme being played, and the Magic Kindgom in front of a mirror ball. Mickey and Minnie are in the ballroom. The couples are dancing with cartoon characters dancing with them. Professional dancers are dancing to It's A Small World. Tom and Erin introduce the stars to the ballroom.


Tom says, now that's an animated opening choreographed by Mandy Moore. he says, as you can tell, it's Disney Night. Erin says, Yeah! At this point we are marking the half-way point in the competition with your favorite Disney songs, characters, and even some Disney magic. Tom says, and speaking of magic, at the end of the night we'll make one couple disappear. The audience doesn't respond. Tom says, alright off to a great start, it's great to have our Disney pals with us.


Erin says, we have a tight competition, it's week 5, and so far the top of the leader board has changed four times. She says, tonight's competition promises to be fierce. Tom says, lets start off with some results. The first couple safe this week is Robert and Kim. Erin says, Suzanne and Tony, you are in jeopardy, and are dancing first tonight. Tony says, thanks. The audience boos. Tom says, don't get ugly so quick it's Disney Night.


We see highlights and practice sessions for this week for Suzanne and Tony. Tom says they are dancing when we come back.


We come back to Disney Night with scenes in the control room. Tom says, that happens every time the Director doesn't wear pants. He welcomes us back to the Disney Night competition. Suzanne and Tony dance Jazz to The Lady and The Tramp Theme song. The audience goes wild for them, and are on their feet. Tom says, before we get to the judges, what happened with the dress? Suzanne says, her heel got caught in the dress. He says, let's see what the judges have to say about all of that.


Len says, you know that's a song that's easy on the ears, and when you dance, you are always easy on the eyes. He says, she has style and a smile, and it's such a pity that she had that hiccup, because without a doubt that's her best dance so far. Julianne says, she said in week 2 that she wanted to see a little more raunchy, and that was definitely her best dance. She wishes she didn't mess up there. Bruno says, in the first half that lady was a tramp, and accidents happen to anyone. He says, next time capitalize on what she did well. Carrie Ann says, the level of competition have progressed each season. She says, today she brought her A game. She says, she almost fell down the steps at the beginning of the season. She says, this is what we've all been waiting for.


Tom sends them to the sky box for their scores, and reviews that everyone has 9 votes this week. Erin tells Suzanne it was a great recovery. Suzanne says, they had it so perfectly, she's bummed. Erin says, wardrobe, and then says she's joking. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 7, Julianne - 7, and Bruno - 7, for a total of 28. Erin says, they need the votes to make it to next week.


We see highlights and practice sessions for this week for Robert and Kym. They dance the Quickstep to Step In Time from Mary Poppins. The Audience erupts for them, and are on their feet. Tom says, the audience loved it. Julianne says, Robert's steps were not so in time. The audience boos. She says, she wanted to see that dance be fantastic, but he's not quite there with his footwork. Bruno says, time is a relative concept, and in his world he was on time, but no one else was. Carrie Ann says, boo, but his footwork was off. She says, the time makes a difference, and it was hard to stay in time, when you start off time. Len says, he was at there really popping, and he was giving it his best. He tells him, well done. Tom says, it's tonight when Len applies the bandaid.


Tom sends them to the sky box for their scores. Erin says, their smiles are the best thing about this couple. Erin asks what happened? Robert says, he stepped out on the wrong foot he thinks. Erin says, a hot Mary Poppins, right? Robert says, yes. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 6, Julianne - 6, and Bruno - 6, for a total of 24. Kym says, they've went way down, but they will pick themselves up.


Tom says, when we come back we will tell three more couples whether they are safe or in jeopardy. More to come, and Disney Night will continue, live.


We come back to the ballroom with professional dancers dancing like Buzz Lightyear and Jessie the cowgirl, with the cartoon characters dancing along with them. Tom welcomes us back, and says, the next couple in jeopardy is Chris and Witney. Erin says, Willow and Mark, good news, you're safe. Tom says, Patti and Artem, you're also in jeopardy, and you're dancing next.


We see highlights and practice sessions for this week for Patti and Artem. They are dancing the Waltz to When You Wish Upon A Star. The audience goes crazy for them, and are on their feet. Tom says, he loves watching her dance.  He says, we can tell Pinocchio must have liked it because his nose wasn't growing.


Bruno says, she manages to sprinkle her own little stardust around the room. He says, it comes naturally to her, and she has just the right touch of Disney magic. He tells her it was great. Patti thanks Bruno. Carrie Ann says, when she watches her, it's like watching the fairy godmother of Dancing With The Stars. She says, she only had one hiccup and it was beautiful. Len says, he is sitting dance, and knows he wouldn't be able to dance to that standard with his bad knee. He says, because of her knee it did need a little more movement and flow, but he likes her, and hopes she is back. Julianne says, this competition is all about attitude, and she has a presence and attitude that is great. She thanks her for letting them experience the magic with her.


They go to the sky box for their results. Erin tells Patti she is the fairy godmother. Erin asks Patti how she's feeling with her bum knee? Patti says, she is feeling great, and it's o.k. Noah has one leg. She says, her knee is nothing, and God is good. Erin says, she is absolutely correct. Artem says, she puts him to shame on her work ethic. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 6, Julianne - 7, and Bruno - 7, for a total of 27. Erin says, they need votes to make it through.


Tom says, there's more Disney magic when we return. There will be more behind the scenes drama also.


Mickey and Minnie are dancing in the ballroom with professional dancers when we return to Disney Night. We see highlights and practice sessions for Willow and Mark. They are dancing the Foxtrot to the Alice and Wonderland Theme song.  The audience goes crazy for them when they are finished. Tom says, Willow and Mark, WOW. He tells Mark that he managed to make his mask dramatic.


Carrie Ann says, this is hard because it was such a big production that was thrilling. She says, there were times when she lost her time when they were in hold. She says, the second time she was insane. Tom takes out Mark's contacts. Len says, she comes from Hunger Games to fun and games. He says, she's getting better and better, and it was great. Julianne says, she definitely took her down the rabbit hole for sure. She tells her to work on her fluidity in her arms. Bruno says, that was a big scary rabbit, and he wouldn't dance with him. He says, she is becoming a force to be reckoned with. He tells her to do a couple ballet classes if she has time. Willow says, thank you to Bruno.


They head to the sky box for their scores. Erin tells Willow that her dad was always giving her snack time. Erin asks Mark how his eyes are? He says, they are fine. Erin asks if he can breath through his nose with the rabbit mask on? Mark says, no, but now he has his carrot. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Julianne - 9, and Bruno - 9, for a total of 34. Erin asks Willow what she thinks about her scores? She says, it's great, she loved that dance, and Disney Night is the best night ever.


Tom says, more dances to come before one couple is eliminated. More to come after this, live.


We come back to Disney Night with professional female dancers on stage dancing to the Aladdin theme song. Erin asks Tom if he washed his hands after taking out that contact? Tom says, he's Purelled to hilt. Erin says, good. We see highlights and practice sessions for Chris and Witney. They are dancing to the Theme Song from Hercules.  The audience goes crazy for them. Tom asks Chris how his leg feels? He says, it hurts.


Len says, way to go Hercules, no one else would have been able to perform with that injury. He says, he did well with that injury. Julianne says, we've been really tough on you the last few weeks. She says, remember to have fun, because he's not connecting, and they can tell. She tells him to work on his musicality, by walking and clapping to the beat of the music. Bruno says, he was magnificent on Mt. Olympus. He says, it is difficult to adapt, but he has to listen to the music, and let the music transport him. He says, don't put a barrier between him and the orchestra. Carrie Ann says, she doesn't agree, and she believes this was his best performance by a long shot. She says, he pulled it off, and was in character. She says, there was a mistake, and had to knock him for it, but, by far, this was his best performance.


Tom says, they've heard some wildly different opinions from the judges, as they head to the sky box for their scores. Erin says, #calfgate. She asks Chris how fun this was to play the part? Chris says, it was fun, and he's in a shirt. He shows off his legs, and has a compression sock on his left leg. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 6, Julianne - 7, and Bruno - 7, for a total of 27. Erin says, they need votes tonight, and reminds everyone how they can vote. Tom says, there's more to come tonight, and the Disney Night competition is live.


We come back to the ballroom with all of the couples lined up on the walkway. Tom welcomes us back to a very fun Disney Night. He says, so far three couples are in jeopardy, and aren't having so much fun. Tom says, Nastia and Derek, Noah and Sharna, Riker and Allison, and Rumer and Val you are all safe. Erin says, Noah and Sharna will be dancing next. Tom says, Noah and Sharna's dance from last week has already reached 33.5 million views on Facebook. Erin says, as well it should.


We see highlights and practice sessions for the week for Noah and Sharna. They are dancing the Foxtrot to Aladdin's It's A Whole New World. The audience erupts for them on their feet. Tom says, Noah and Sharna, WOW, that was great! Julianne says, I think is his first traditional ballroom dance, and that is a challenge in and of itself. She says, she loves his clear and assertive direction. She says, when he makes his moves he's confident, and that's a tough thing to do in general. Bruno says, looking at him makes everyone believe in magic. He says, his connection and interaction are flawless. It's great, and it's expertly guided by Sharna. Carre Ann says, he's captured the hearts and imagination of the entire audience, and she really enjoys it. She says, she's starting to miss certain movements, and she wants to see a little more. She says, in this dance, it was lacking just a little bit of content. Len says, he tries to judge just one dancer against another, and he was doing great. He says, he lacked some of the elements, but overall he's great.


They head to the sky box for their results. Tom says, they are giving it their all. Erin says, they are, and Jasmine has never looked so good in her life. Erin asks Noah what's up? He says, Sharna told him to stop acting like a baby in rehearsal. Sharna says, it wasn't actually that brutal. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 7, Julianne - 7, and Bruno - 7, for a total of 28. Erin reminds everyone they get 9 votes tonight, and to get the votes in. Highlights are shown for the top four couples int he competition so far.


When we come back to the ballroom a professional dancer is doing the Samba with two crabs to Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid. Tom says, that's Peta getting crab handled. He says, this is the half-way point in the competition. We see highlights and practice sessions for this week for Riker and Allison. They are dancing the Paso Doble to the Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song. The audience goes crazy for them, and they are on their feet.


Bruno says, Captain Jack Sparrow you have this in your hands, that was mad and wonderful. He says, a super production for a super talent. Carrie Ann says, Riker, what the heck was that, where did you pull that from? She says, that was a beast of a Paso, and he killed and slayed it. She says, that was her favorite ever. Len says, that was awesome and well done. Julianne says, that was artistry, and it was a combination of everything, well done. Tom says, rave reviews.


They head to the sky box for their scores. Erin says, they may have just performed the dance of the night. Riker says, it was a good one. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 9, Julianne - 9, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 38. Erin says, this is their first 10's of the season, but they still need votes to stay in the competition. Tom says, he likes those 10 paddles, very nice. There is more to come with Disney Night, and it's live.


Tom welcomes us back with Goofy conducting the orchestra. We see highlights and practice sessions for this week for Rumer and Val. They are dancing the Samba to Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid. The audience erupts for them on their feet when they are finished dancing. Tom says, WOW, that is one good bad girl, and he calls them over to him. Tom tells Rumer he wants a purple hug.


Carrie Ann says, what is going on tonight, everyone is drinking the Disney juice. She says, it was out of this world and weird, but it turned her on. Len says, she is a fantastic dancer. Julianne says, she just made Ursula the most sexiest character on this planet. Bruno says, she dances brilliantly. Tom says, the dancers are coming up with brilliant dances tonight, and he loves to see all the stops pulled out like this.


Erin says, every little girl will want to play this hot, hot Ursula now. Rumer says, it was awesome to play the villain, and have a sexy eel next to her. Val says, his grandmother is going to be very concerned about him. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 9, Julianne - 10, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 39. Erin tells them, they take the top spot. They show a picture of Rumer with Mickey ears on when she was 3 years old. Minnie comes over to say hi to Rumer. Rumer says, she's so beautiful. Erin reminds everyone to get their votes in.


Tom says, Nastia and Derek will dance to a song from Frozen when we come back. He says, and then one couple will feel like Eeyore when they get eliminated, live.


We come back to the ballroom with professional dancers dancing to Hackuna Matata from the Lion King. Tom says, Rumer and Val are in the lead with a near perfect score. We see highlights and practice sessions for this week for Nastia and Derek. They are dancing Jazz to Love Is An Open Door from Frozen. The audience goes crazy for them when they are finished, and they are on their feet also. Tom says, a dance and a lift in the performance, and she said yes, that's right.


Len says, there was nothing frozen about that dance, that was a like a warm hug on a cold day, and I loved it. Julianne says, that was so Disney, and they can take it to Broadway. She says, she loves this side of Nastia. Bruno says, that captured the wonderful side of Disney, and she is great. Carrie Ann says, it was great, and she was trying to follow it, but it was like a Disney dream come true. Tom says, remember, this is the woman that couldn't say Captain Jack Sparrow. He says, what a wonderful finish to Disney Night.


They go to the sky box for their scores. Erin says, can I ask something crazy? Nastia says, I like crazy. Erin asks Nastia how this week was? She says, it was great, and she loves the dance. Erin says, not that many people saw that movie, jokingly. Derek says, yes, small budget, again jokingly. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Julianne - 10, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 38. Erin says, two 10's and even better news, they are tied for second place. Erin says, to get out there and vote. They get the ice on the screen, and Erin and Nastia both say, No, Elsa.


Tom says, there's more to come, and sadly they will say goodbye to one of the couples, live.


We come back to the ballroom with the three couples that are in jeopardy on the walkway. Tom says, here is where it is tough, the next couple who is safe is Patti and Artem. Erin says, Chris and Witney and Suzanne and Tony, while not in any particular order, one of you had the lowest scores and viewer votes last week, and will be eliminated now. Tom says, at this the mid-point of our 10th Anniversary Season, the couple now leaving is Suzanne and Tony


They go down on the dance floor by Erin, and the audience erupts for them again. Erin says, this week was difficult for you, and you said you wanted to prove that a woman in her late 60's can do this. Suzanne says, she did, and all women her age should go on hormones. She says, Tony is a gentleman, and gave her everything he had. Tom sends them to center stage.


Tonight's performances are recapped with the phone numbers to call to vote. At the top of this week's leader board are Rumer and Val, and at the bottom of this week's leader board are Robert and Kym. Erin says, every couple needs votes to make it through to the next week. Tom says, Suzanne and Tony will be on Good Morning America and Live with Kelly and Michael tomorrow. He says, they will be back next Monday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT for their live Spring Break Special. Tom says, starting right now is Castle, bye.

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