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Dancing With The Stars ~ U.S. Season 20 Episode 14

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The announcer says, Live from Hollywood, this is the Finale of Dancing With The Stars. Professional dancers start the show off by dancing outside on a stage. The stars from this season are there to dance as well. The judges are toasting by the mirror ball trophy with champagne.


Tom announces all three of the finals, Noah and Sharna, Rumer and Val, and Riker and Allison. Tom says, that's how you start a Finale. He says, it's choreographed by Mandy Moore. Erin is inside the ballroom, and says that the crowd is ready for this Finale. Tom says, before they present the 10th year golden mirror ball trophy, there will be one more round of competition.


Erin says, last night's competition was great! Riker and Allison and Rumer and Val finished at the top of the leader board with an 80, and Noah and Sharna finished at the bottom with a 72. They show some highlights and behind the scenes footage from last night.


Tom says, what a night, and he was just telling Erin how pretty she is. He asks how he is shorter tonight? She says, because she has on heels. Tom says, the viewers have chosen to see Riker and Allison's dance again from last night. So, they dance their freestyle again to I Won't Dance by Fred Astaire.


Tom says, they got your Tweets, but did they get your votes? We will see. Tom says, there's more to come on the Finale event that everyone is talking about on Social Media. He says, here's Willow to take us through it. We see highlights from the different Social Media outlets.


We come back to tonight's Dancing With The Stars Finale with Riker being carried to the outside stage holding a guitar. He and Allison dance a short routine for the outside audience. Erin says, alright, back to the Finale, and great job Riker and Allison. She asks Riker if he thinks he has the votes to win tonight's Finale? He says, yes, and he hopes he does.


Erin told Tom she's sorry that he's inside now. The first star that was eliminated this season, Redfoo, is back to dance with Emma inside. He is singing his song Juicy Wiggle, holding a microphone, and dancing with Emma. Other dancers from this season are wearing big glasses just like he is, and dancing along.


Tom says, Redfoo and Emma said goodbye just after two dances. Highlights are shown for the first three shows. Charlotte and Keo are back to dance tonight. They dance a short routine to California Gurls by Katy Perry Featuring Snoop Dogg. Erin says, there is a lot more to come when we come back to our Finale that is live.


When we return to tonight's Finale Witney and Mark dance with Alfonso and Sadie to Wrapped Up by Olly Murs. Tom says, that some of us know that he wrapped up his career on America's Funniest Videos. He announces that Alfonso is the new host of America's Funniest Videos. Tom tells Alfonso to wear a cup.


Susanne and Tony are back to dance to Copacabana (At The Copa) by Barry Manilow. Tom says, that's Susanne and Tony. Erin says, they and the stars have a lot to say in private moments, but sometimes the sound doesn't always pick up all the voices. We see a highlight real of voices over some of the parts that the sound didn't pick up. They made it seem really funny!


Tom talks to Robert and Kim about their chemistry they've made this season, and they dance the Cha Cha to Bills by Lunchmoney Lewis. Tom says, that is one happy shark right there. Erin introduces Jason Derulo to the ballroom to sing his hit song Want To Want Me. Professional dancers are dancing along with him on stage. They bring a huge car on stage with huge speakers in the back seat. Smoke is blown into the air, and a little fireworks at the end. The audience erupts for them when they are finished.


Tom says, in rehearsal Emma actually melted a wind machine. Tom and Erin both say there is more to come after we come back, live.


We come back to the ballroom inside with Noah and Sharna and Amy Purdy and Derek dancing to Ten Feet Tall by Afrojack Featuring Wrabel. Tom says, he was a little worried about Noah last night, after his first dance didn't go so well. Noah says, everyone told him just to brush it off, and go out there and kill it. Tom says, and you did.


Chris and Witney are performing their dance again to Footloose by Kenny Loggins. Tom says, Chris and Witney, getting a standing O from the judges this time. Highlights are shown from Disney Night and Spring Break Night.


Tom says, there's a lot of Patti to come tonight. Nastia, Derek and Sasha do their dance again that they did the night they were voted off to Honey, I'm Good by Andy Grammer. Andy Grammer is in the ballroom singing live for their dance. Tom says, that's one of his favorites this season.


Tom asks Rumer and Val if they left something in rehearsal that they didn't bring to the show? She says, she's brought everything, and loves being here, and she hopes that shows. Tom says, her being here, and her family being there to support her, so they wanted to do a spin-off franchise, but they figured her dad would be to expensive. So, they have Tony doing the scenes that they show, and call it Dance Hard.


Tom says, there will be more dancing from this season's stars, before the last three stars hit the floor for one more round of judging, when we come back, live.


We come back to the Dancing With The Stars Finale with Rumer and Val dancing to Turn The Beat Around by Gloria Estefan on the outside stage. There are audiences inside the ballroom and outside as well. Tom says, Rumer and Val dancing us back in to the Finale. Willow and Mark do their dance to Alice's Theme by Danny Elfman.


Tom says, he loves that dance, it's one of his favorites. He says, Mark can barely breath in the costume. We see highlights from some of the behind the scenes from dress rehearsals. Erin says, they always say the real show is going to kick a$$, and they hope it does. She introduces Fifth Harmony to the ballroom to sing their hit song, Worth It.


Professional female dancers are on the outside stage dancing to the song, that is being performed on inside the ballroom. Fifth Harmony comes to the outside stage as well. Both audiences erupt for the singers and dancers when they are finished.


Tom and Erin are outside, and Tom says, their album, Reflection is available for purchase now. Tom says, there is more to come. Erin says, she can't wait to see the male dancers. Tom says, they are coming back, and they are live.


When we come back to Dancing With The Stars Finale the male professional dancers are on the outside stage dancing to GDFR by Flo Rida Featuring Sage The Gemini and Lookas. Both audiences go crazy. Erin gets in the middle of the male professional dancers. She thanks the producers for that delicious dance. She tells everyone to go to DWTStour.com for tickets for this years tour, and you will see some of these male dancers on the tour.


Tom says, he hasn't seen Erin that happy since they told her her birthday cake didn't have calories. Tom says, right now, we have something incredible. He says, Derek and Julianne Hough are going to dance together to Elastic Heart by Sia, who is there singing the song live. Derek and Julianne are on one side of the stage and there is a younger boy and girl on the other side, portraying them when they were children. Both sides are doing the same dances. The audience erupts for them when they are finished.


Tom says, by the way, that was Joey German and Emma York playing the younger versions of Derek and Julianne. Tom says, the Deluxe Edition of Sia's album is available now. He says, Fifth Harmony is upstairs on Social Media, so you can see what they have to say about the competition. Erin says, the last three weeks have had some tight competition and breakthroughs. Highlights are shown for those weeks.


Tom says, by the way, only on this show, would we set up a mosh pit when we are taking down an apartment building. Tom and Erin welcome back Patti and Artem to dance to In Da Club by 50 Cent. Everyone in the ballroom, including the judges are on their feet, and chanting Patti's name. Tom says, Patti will be on tour this summer, and will sing in the ballroom a little later.


Footage is shown with the other stars talking about the remaining three finalists. Tom says, well Redfoo and the rest of us don't have to wait much longer. He says, a final fusion dance will be performed by each of them. Erin says, the final round of the competition is next, live.


We return to the outside stage with the stars from this season dancing us in. Erin says, welcome back to the Season Finale, the competition is about to start. She asks the audience to yell on the count of three who they think will win the competition. Erin says, at least they didn't say her. Tom says, from what he could hear it sounded like garble.


Tom says, this is it, the final round of competition, the 24-hour fusion challenge. He says, the couples got their music and dance styles after last night's competition. Tom says, the first couple to dance will be the couple that finished in last place last night, Noah and Sharna. Highlights and practice sessions are shown for them.  They are dancing a Cha Cha/Argentine Tango fusion to Surrender (Acoustic) by Cash Cash.


Tom says, WOW, good strong finish, the best. Len says, watching this show back tonight he would be remiss if he didn't say how good the professional is. He says, he's not always the judges favorite, but he's constantly and consistently he's been the viewers favorite. He says, you gave so much to America, why shouldn't America give you the mirror ball? Julianne says, both of you have been the heart of this competition, and you've taken the hearts of America and brought it to this ballroom. She says, she thinks he is a warrior and a champion. Bruno says, not just from the dancing, but from a human point of view, he's been one of the most inspiring people he's happy to share a stage with. He tells him, he is legend. Carrie Ann says, she's so sad that's the last time they will see them dance. She says, every time they come to the stage they change people's lives, and for that she thanks them.


Tom tells them to head up to the sky box for one more time for their scores. Erin says congratulations to Noah, and she asks what Riker just said to him on the way by? He says, he said it was great, and he killed it. Noah says, it doesn't feel like a competition, because everyone on the show has been incredible, and have motivated him, and that's why he lobes being on the show. Erin thanks him for motivating them. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Julianne - 9, and Bruno - 9, for a total of 36. It's a total of 108 for both nights. She says, the viewer votes since count for half of their scores when they total them in.


Tom says, Rumer and Val and Riker and Allison still to perform when we come back, live.


We return to the ballroom with a close-up shot of a golden mirror ball trophy in the judges table. Tom says, welcome back to our Finale, so far Noah and Sharna have 36 points for this round. We see highlights from Riker and Allison. They are dancing a Salsa/Quickstep fusion to Classic by MKTO.


Tom says, Riker and Allison with a Salsa/Quickstep fusion. He says, there you go, their last dance. Julianne says, she can't believe they only had 24 hours. She says, it was sharp and clean, and everything you would do in 1 week. She says, if it was just off that dance alone, it's yours, but we will see. Bruno says, Riker, he is a unique and outstanding talent, he has an incredible range, and an individuality that is so exciting, it can only be him. He says, he really is a multi-talented powerhouse of a performer. Carrie Ann says, to her is really is a superstar. She says, every time he gets out there she cheers. She says, his dances are innovative, and he is something special, and she just loves watching his dances. Len says, Riker, you are the boy that brings joy. He says, sometimes he doesn't like like his wild and wacky style of dancing, but he loves watching him, because of his enthusiasm and the way he attacks the dances. Tom tells them to head to the sky box one more time for their scores.


Tom says, they are getting support from Rumer and Val who have yet to perform. Erin says, wild and wacky, she'll take that anytime from Len. She tells them to get by her. She tells them they had rave reviews from the judges, and she loved watching them all season. She asks Riker what is what like being out there one more time? Riker says, it was actually one of his favorite moments. He said it was so much fun being out there with Allison one more time. She congratulates them. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 10, Julianne - 10, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 40. Erin says, 40 out of 40, an absolute perfect two days. Riker says, that's unbelievable.


Tom tells Len, that's the last 10 for them, but he doesn't have to be anywhere else for about another 20 minutes or so. Tom says, Rumer and Val will dance when we come back, live.


Alfonso and Witney are by the golden mirror ball trophy with a selfie stick when we return to the ballroom. Tom says, welcome back to the Season Finale. He says, so far Riker and Allison are in the lead with a total of 120 points from last night and tonight.


We see highlights and practice sessions for Rumer and Val. They are dancing a Foxtrot/Paso Doble fusion to Take You Higher (Original Mix; Club Mix) by Godwill and Hook N Sling.


Tom says, Rumer and Val, and congratulates them. He says, what a finish, what a finish. Bruno says, these guys are on top of the game. He says, it's amazing to see how dance has transformed her. He says, she has really become an utterly irresistible shining big star. Carrie Ann says, you are just the real deal. She says, the way they combine everything, and the emotion they show together, in her mind they saved the best for last. Len says, the quality of movement, and the precision is great. He says, she is as good as anyone that has ever been on Dancing With The Stars. He says, that was brilliant. Julianne says, they probably have been the toughest on her, and she thinks it's because when there is talent, you push it. She says, they believed in her since day one. She says, she is a fan, and Rumer makes her be a better dancer. She says, she is going to follow her dancing career, and she is going to fan girl out for her. Tom tells them to go to the sky box one more time for their scores.


Erin says, she may have to fight her way through this. She asks her to come back every season, because no one wants to let her go. Rumer says, she is unbelievably greatful for this experience, and she would do it again. Erin says, so come back every year. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 10, Julianne - 10, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 40. Erin says, 40 out of 40 for a perfect score tonight, and a perfect score last night. She says, we are going to see if that's enough to take home the title.


Tom says, that was the final competitive dance of the season, what a night! He says, it filled with fun, emotion and perfection. He says, we are going to factor in your votes, and break it to one couple that they are in third place. He says, Patti LaBelle will when we come back, live.


We return to the ballroom with the final three couples on the dance floor. Tom welcomes us back. Erin introduces Patti LaBelle to the ballroom to sing 2 Steps Away. Highlights of the dances from this season for the final three couples are shown in the ballroom while she sings. The audience goes crazy for her.


Tom says, Patti LaBelle, that was so amazing. He says, Patti's on tour this summer, and don't miss that, she may be coming to your town. Erin says, we will now reveal the couple that will fall short of the title landing in third place. Tom says, the couple in third place is Noah and Sharna. The audience goes crazy for them and chants Noah's name. They hug Tom and Erin.


Erin asks if there was one thing about the whole experience that motivated him the most? He says, all of the support has been great, and he made it to third place. He says, everyone told him to keep pushing through when he had a bad day, and he's appreciated it. Tom tells Sharna what a great job she has done choreographing the dances this season. He tells them to go to the middle of the ballroom for a final bow. Tom says, we will find out if Rumer and Val or Riker and Allison become the new champions next, live.


When we come back to the ballroom for the final time, Tom and Erin are standing behind the golden mirror ball trophy. Tom welcomes everyone back to the Season Finale. He says, it has been an unforgettable season, and we can now reveal our new champions. Erin says, they have the final results and wishes both of them good luck. Tom says, Riker and Allison, Rumer and Val the winners and new champions of Dancing With The Stars are Rumer and Val.


The audience goes crazy, fireworks go off on stage, and all the dancers go by them and lifts them up into the air. Tom says, this is usually when he asks how they feel, are they happy. He says, I think so, I think probably. Erin goes by Riker for him to talk about his experience this season. Riker says, the experience is unbelievable. He says, the great friend he's made, the time they spent together, great memories and laughs, it's all been so great, and he'll never forget it. Erin says, Congratulations and tells them she loves them both.


Tom picks up the golden mirror ball trophy, and says, oh, this is a heavy one. He yells out that Rumer and Val are the champions of Dancing With The Stars, and hands them the trophy. Confetti falls from the top of the ballroom. Tom says, they will be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning. Tom says, we will be back in the ballroom in September with a new cast. Erin says, until then, goodnight everybody.

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