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Sunday, May 17 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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1:03 AM BBT The houseguests are sitting on the LR couches waiting, and Godfrey is called to the DR.  As he leaves, Pili asks him if this is a task and they note that "he HAS been extra annoying".  They decide that if it IS a task, and he had to get them worked up, he did a good job. Brittnee is yawning and says she just wants to go to bed.

1:18 AM BBT It's party time at the Big Brother Canada house!!! Godfrey successfully completed his task of freaking the houseguests out, so they all get a Margarita party by the pool!  Sarah makes a toast saying how they've been through a lot of stuff in the last few days as the final 6, and that it's been very special.

1:30 AM BBT They get a beer each, plus soda and chips.  Lots of excited laughter and chatter about Godfrey convincing them that Bruno could be coming back in the house.  Godfrey says that Sarah and Brittnee were the most stressed.

1:35 AM BBT They have waterguns by the pool and Zach starts a water fight.  They're filling the water guns from the pool.

1:40 AM BBT Brittnee says "Piece of work, Godfrey.  Piece of work!"  Godfrey says his motivation for succeeding in the task was to do it for the have-nots. Britt thanks him and says they really appreciate it!

1:48 AM BBT After some failed twerking efforts, the houseguests make plans to head to the Hot Tub, but decide they have to hit the pool first because of all the pool toys provided.  

1:56 AM BBT Zach, Ash, Pili and Sarah are playing frisbee in the BY, then Zach makes a mad dash for the pool and jumps in. Pili asks if it's warm and he says it's great.  There is a volleyball net in the pool, so Zach sets it up and they start up a game.

1:58 AM BBT Everyone but Britt is in the pool, and there is much hilarity as they beat each other with pool noodles.  Godfrey tries to ride on the giant floating turtle and he capsizes.

2:12 AM BBT Houseguests gather their drinks and some chips with them and move the party to the Hot Tub.

2:18 AM BBT Sarah telling the story of an encounter with a bear... Her dog, Annie, has a standoff with the bear. The bear is protecting her cubs, but Annie is protecting her people. Zach shares a story of a friend who had an encounter with a bear.  BB announces that the pantry is open, and Sarah rushes off. Pili shares a bear story and Sarah returns with batteries for microphones.

2:26 AM BBT Sarah comes in and is greeted with cheers because she has brought more alcohol from the pantry.  Pili toasts Claudette and Gabrielle [the names Kevin and Zach adopted when they were dressed as maids -- she must be missing Kevin]. Zach says he can't wait to see that episode.

2:27 AM BBT They are passing the bottle...they have to say a statement in order to take a chug.  Britt starts with a comment that the HGs are some of the most interesting people she has ever met in her entire life and she is extremely grateful for them.  They have opened Britt's mind and heart and made her grow a little more each day.  She passes the bottle to Zach who says "I'm actually 26 years old and a med student in Saskatoon....and Bruno is my uncle."  Ash says her statement is the same as Britt's...she loves everyone and says they will be lifelong friends.  Pili says she has to get real...nothing matters except living in the moment and really enjoy being final 6 because they will never have this opportunity again.

2:30 AM BBT They expect something deep and philosophical from Godfrey...Ash has trouble pronouncing philosophical. Godfrey doesn't disappoint, talking about destiny and that even if they don't win, the experience will open doors that they never knew they had.  He quotes BB: sometimes the reward is the journey itself.  Sarah takes her turn, promising that no matter what anyone said during the game she won't take anything personal. She loves all of them so much and she's grown so much because of them, and she wouldn't have any other 16 people or any other final 6.  

2:32 AM BBT Zach says that BB has taught him that it isn't shared beliefs that bring people together, it's your differences.  Diversity makes the bond because you learn about each other.  BB is the most unique experience they will ever have.  Cultivate fond memories and not regrets.

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 8:50 am BBT Good Morning Canada! Yes, the feeds are up and so are the houseguests! Ashleigh is lying in her bed alone, Zach is lying out by the hot tub, and Pilar, Sarah and Brittnee are in the HOH room lying in the bed talking about last night. Godfrey is in the main bedroom getting dressed.

 8:56 am BBT Ashleigh is up and in the shower.

 8:59 am BBT Godfrey has entered the HOH room as Brittnee was getting up out of bed and left the room. Sarah told Godfrey she is going to make a tea and lie outside. Godfrey asked if they think the ceremony will be later or early. Sarah said it is usually pretty early.

 9:01 am BBT Godfrey said it is so cold in the HOH room. Brittnee went out by the hot tub and sat by where Zach is lying but there is nothing being said yet that we hear. Brittnee got up and said that she is going to change.

 9:03 am BBT In the HOH room Pilar is still in bed with her eyes closed, Sarah is up out of bed and getting dressed and Godfrey is lying on the floor. Brittnee is in the main bedroom looking through her clothes for something to wear (she is not feeling good from drinking too much last night)

 9:07 am BBT Brittnee walked in the wash area and asked Ashleigh (who is now doing her makeup) how she feels and then went in the shower stall to change clothes.  

 9:10 am BBT Brittnee went back into the HOH room where Godfrey is still on the floor and Pilar is still in the bed. Sarah is in the HoH wash area doing her makeup. Pilar climbed out of bed and grabbed her water bottle and left the room. She went into the wash area where Ashleigh is putting on makeup and Pilar told Ashleigh that she looks nice. Pilar said that she can’t find her flowered romper. Brittnee walked into the wash area and Pilar told her that she looks nice too. Brittnee is talking about how that beer that they drank last night is making her feel today and that BB loves to mess with them. Pilar is brushing her teeth.

 9:14 am BBT Pilar is going to get shorts on while Ashleigh and Brittnee put on makeup. Sarah is up in the HoH room cleaning up a bit and putting her stuff together. Godfrey is lying on the floor still.

 9:19 am BBT Pilar, Ashleigh and Brittnee in the wash area all putting on makeup while Sarah is down in the KT.

 9:20 am BBT Pilar is done and said that she is going outside and Ashleigh said that she will be right there. Godfrey is now heading out to the hot tub right behind Pilar. The sun is out so Pilar is lying by the hot tub and Godfrey is sitting in one of the chairs. Zach is still lying in the sun but hasn’t said anything yet.

 9:24 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the KT. Brittnee is emptying the dishwasher and Sarah is now helping.

 9:26 am BBT Now they are refilling the dishwasher with dirty dishes.

 9:27 am BBT Sarah told Brittnee to go and chill because she does not mind cleaning the kitchen at all and she hates so much that Brittnee is a have not. They think it was awesome that they got to drink together last night. Brittnee is heading outside and Sarah told her to go and thank you for her help.

 9:29 am BBT Sarah is now in the kitchen by herself making food to eat while all of the other houseguests are out by the hot tub lying in the sun and not saying a word.

 9:33 am BBT Sarah is still in the kitchen by herself fixing food. The screen in the LR does show PoV ceremony today. All of the other houseguests are still out by the hot tub lying in the sun.

 9:43 am BBT No change, Sarah still in the kitchen by herself fixing food while the others are out by the hot tub not saying a word.  

 9:49 am BBT There is still no change, Sarah is in the kitchen by herself cooking while the others are out by the hot tub lying in the sun.

 9:53 am BBT Sarah finished cooking bacon and poured all of the grease down the drain to clean the pan and she is now fixing eggs.

 10:05 am BBT Now Sarah is in the storage room fixing toast and the others are still out by the hot tub lying in the sun not saying a word.

 10:11 am BBT Looks like breakfast is done and Sarah is dividing it all up onto four plates (for the haves).

 10:14 am BBT Sarah is delivering the plates of food out to the others by the hot tub and they are surprised. Sarah also brought out a plate of what looks like slop for Zach and Brittnee.

 10:18 am BBT Godfrey sits up to start eating his food while the others are still lying there.

 10:20 am BBT Godfrey said the bacon tastes really good so Pilar sat up to try hers.

 10:21 am BBT Pilar did not taste her bacon she ate something else on her plate because she likes bacon but she doesn’t eat it. She asked who wants her bacon. Godfrey is done eating his food already. Ashleigh got up to go and use the washroom.

 10:23 am BBT The houseguests hear some music now and Godfrey calls it workout music and gets up to start dancing around doing workout moves. The music is still going while BB is telling Zach to wake up because nap time is over. BB just keeps repeating Zach’s name while the music plays.

 10:26 am BBT The music stops and Sarah said thank you BB. Godfrey is going to do abs and Pilar asked him to wait for her. Zach is called to the DR so he got up and left.

 10:27 am BBT The music starts playing by the hot tub again. Brittnee is doing a robot dance.

 10:29 am BBT Sarah told Brittnee that she would make her some more cinaslops but there is no more cinnamon. Ashleigh is back out eating her breakfast.

 10:32 am BBT Zach is still in the DR. Brittnee is told by BB to fix her mic. The others are talking about drinking when they were younger and how they could bounce back easily. Pilar asked Godfrey if he was ready to work out and then BB called Pilar to the DR. Zach is back out by the hot tub.

 10:34 am BBT The hot tub group is talking about Zach’s facial hair and who he looks like.

 10:36 am BBT Brittnee is sending her love out to anybody that is a have not and she loves them.

 10:37 am BBT Brittnee said that today is day 60 and there is 15 days left. Pilar is back out by the hot tub and asked Godfrey if he is ready. Sarah is called to the DR. Brittnee said that her moms birthday is tomorrow. Pilar said that she burnt her finger yesterday. Brittnee said to put it under cold water. Pilar found a glass sitting outside and said it was Kevin’s and it is disgusting. Pilar said that is the second glass that she found of Kevin’s that he just left. Brittnee can imagine what his house looks like.

 10:41 am BBT Godfrey and Pilar are going to work out. Sarah is done with her DR and is back out by the hot tub. Zach is told by BB to wake up and he said he was just talking to Brittnee. Sarah said that she is going to have a lazy day with a bubble bath later and her shomi.

 10:42 am BBT The feeds went to FotH.

 10:43 am BBT The feeds are back and Zach is talking about how he ignored BB at 5am when they were calling him then BB told them to stop talking about production.

 10:45 am BBT Ashleigh is in the shower stall changing and then she sat down to look in the mirror.

 10:47 am BBT Brittnee is talking about someone she knew that burnt his thumb with a car lighter and the smell was awful. Brittnee said that her mom used to work at a funeral home embalming the bodies then the feeds went to FotH again.

 10:50 am BBT Ashleigh is putting on her makeup again while Pilar lays on the couch in the wash area. Pilar asked Ashleigh if she was exhausted. Godfrey walked in and Pilar said something about a headache and then she said that she is not putting shoes on. Pilar and Godfrey are discussing what kind of work out they are going to do.

 10:53 am BBT Sarah and Brittnee are out by the hot tub talking about the cities in Canada.

 10:55 am BBT Pilar and Godfrey are going to work out. Ashleigh is still putting on more makeup.

 10:57 am BBT Sarah and Brittnee are just discussing food out by the hot tub while Zach lays in the sun not saying a word.

 10:59 am BBT Brittnee does not like when people cut food with scissors. Sarah is talking about places to eat in Toronto. 

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1:57PM BBT - Ash and Pili are in the KT while Ash cooks. Ash says she'll make sure Godfrey doesn't vote to keep Zach. Pili wants to talk to Sarah again and try to convince her to put Godfrey up in Ash's place. Ash tells her to pitch it one more time. 


2:01PM BBT - Britt and Sarah are in the HT area. Pili joins them. Britt says last night was a really great night; she's still taking it all in. Sarah agrees that last night was fun. The girls ask Pili why she's stressed. She's worried about Ash's vote. Ash would be in an awkward position with both of them on the block. Sarah says, "She could not use the veto." This way, she could avoid having to make a decision between Zach and Pili.


2:07PM BBT - Pili says Godfrey is close to Zach and is planning to vote to keep him. Sarah says Godfrey told them he told Zach he was voting him out. Zach is saying differently, Pili replies. She mentions the all girl alliance, and Sarah shoots that theory down since Pili and Ash were ready to vote Britt out last week.


2:11PM BBT - Zach and Ash in the KT. She's eating and he's cooking. Ash says Pili would hate her if she voted for Zach, and she'd look like an idiot. Zach says you aren't making plays to win the game at this point, but to get farther. That's the bottom line. 


2:15PM BBT - Pili might be Ash's best friend but she adds no value to Ash's game, Zach says. Other than the fact that Pili will go farther because Ash can win comps. That's the only thing Pili adds to her game. He's just trying to give her the other side of the story. Pili's not going to be able to break Britt and Sarah up, 


2:18PM BBT - Zach thinks in the jury house, he'd have JP. Ash thinks he'd have Willow. Zach thinks Ash will make final four, he'd go home before she would. Back to the HT area, Sarah is telling Pili that Godfrey was upset they evicted Bruno over Zach when they had the votes to get him out. Britt says she has to keep faith in that and hopes he lives up to his word. 


2:21PM BBT - Pili just wants Ash to get her head in the game. She can't make her vote against her will, but she hopes Ash will realize keeping Zach is not best for her game. Britt thinks Ash has a better chance to argue her case at the end against Pili than against Zach. Sarah chimes in and says no one can. 


2:25PM BBT - Sarah says Ash has played as good a game, but perception is that Zach played harder. Zach had so many alliances, ones that Ash didn't even know about (Purple Cobras). Sarah wonders if Pili has seen Ash and Godfrey talk - that's what they have to worry about at this point. It would do no good for Godfrey to play both sides, because whoever leaves will know he was lying.


2:30PM BBT - Sarah doesn't trust Zach not to swing the votes his way if Godfrey was up beside him. Sarah and Britt both say if Zach and Ash make it to the end, they'd both vote for Zach because he has been a target (quarterback) since day 1 and no one took him out. All head inside; Sarah and Britt want to talk to Godfrey and Pili goes to talk to Ash. 


2:35PM BBT - After Pili gets away from them, Britt stops and tells Sarah Pili's goal was to stay off the block and say she's afraid they'll vote for her and in the end, they'd vote Godfrey out over Zach. Sarah agrees and they head into the KT.


2:38PM BBT - The HG's are told the pantry is open and Pili goes to change her batteries. Ash goes to the HT area, where Godfrey now is. Ash says she sees both sides of keeping Zach or Pili. Godfrey tells her no one is afraid of Pili. And if Zach is gone, Ash and Godfrey are the next biggest targets. If he stays, Godfrey and Zach are the targets. 


2:41PM BBT - Sarah, Zach and Pili come to the HT area as well. Ash is in obvious stress and Sarah apologizes. After a long silence, Ash decides it's too chilly and heads inside while the HG's outside discuss the weather.


2:50PM BBT - Pili and Ash in the WA. Pili is telling Ash about her convo with  Britt and Sarah. Ash tells Pili she will always be the least target over Ash, Zach and Godfrey. In the BY, Godfrey, Britt and Sarah discuss. Britt says if Zach survives this week, he's the best player in BB history. Britt tells Godfrey how Ash and Zach are trying to scare Pili so she tries to pitch Godfrey going up. Britt says until last night, Ash wanted to keep Pili and now Zach has convinced her to keep him.


3:05PM BBT - Zach and Ash in the BR. They are whispering so I can't hear them. Back in the BY, Britt and Godfrey are now alone talking. Take Ash's closest ally away and she'll be alone. Britt has no desire to go to the end with Ash or Pili. She'd go with Sarah or Godfrey. They are on the same playing field.  They discuss BB season 1 and BB US season 15. Britt says she can't fathom sitting next to Zach.


3:15PM BBT - Britt would rather take her chances with the girls in the house than with Zach in the house. In the WA, Pili and Ash comment that they've tried everything. They head to the BR where Zach is. Not much conversation going on. In the BY, Godfrey is recounting all the great moves Britt has made throughout the game. 


3:25PM BBT - Pili tells Zach about her convo with Britt and Sarah. Britt and Godfrey discussing the impossibility of getting everyone out you want without getting blood on your hands. Zach wanted to. They discuss some of Bruno's gameplay, and how he told too many lies. Same with Bobby. They discuss Sindy next; how there was things going on behind her back she didn't realize. They all made pacts and then broke them minutes later. JP didn't play the game very well. Sarah comes out and asks what Godfrey wants on his burgers as she's making them some. 


3:38PM BBT - Godfrey says JP thought he was a mastermind. So does Zach, says Britt. Back in the BR, Zach is now gone. Pili and Ash are discussing the goodbye messages. Pili wishes she'd said something different in Kevin's. They are told by BB to stop talking about production. Pili says she told Kevin she loves him in hers and is told again to stop talking about production. She apologizes to BB. They discuss what to wear for the eviction show. Pili doesn't want to borrow anything in case she goes home. 


3:45PM BBT - Britt and Godfrey are discussing Bruno's sudden eviction this past Wednesday. She can't believe she did that. She can, but she's still in shock. Bruno had never said anything out loud about who he wanted to go home each week until this past week when he admitted it was Britt he wanted to go. Sarah brings Godfrey a double burger which Britt eyes with envy and says smells amazing. Zach has 3 votes each week because Pili and Ash vote his way, they both agree. 


3:51PM BBT - Sarah joins Britt and Godfrey and Britt tells her how fake Bruno was, never admitting who his target was. There is still not a lot of discussion going on with Pili and Ash. Ash tells Pili to say "the usual" in her speech. Nothing cray crazy? teases Pili. Ash tells her no, and nothing sassy either. Godfrey tells Sarah and Britt how Ash has been stressing since she won veto who to keep and who to vote for. 

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4:00PM BBT - Britt says it's crazy that Ash wants to vote her own friend out. Godfrey says it's not even about Pili being her friend, it's a stupid move to keep Zach. Sarah agrees. 


4:45PM BBT - Nothing has been going on since the last update except general chit chat. 

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5:42 pm BBT There has been absolutely nothing going on this past hour except for general chatting between Ashleigh and Zach in the main bedroom about fast food and Ashleigh’s first time getting drunk. Brittnee, Pilar and Sarah are in the HOH room talking about movies and how they will feel after they get out of the BB house. The last sight of Godfrey was in the WA sitting on the bench. They are all just waiting for the PoV ceremony to take place. 

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9:01PM BBT All HGs in the hot tub listening to Sarah talking about the history of New Orleans and how levees were perhaps broken on purpose to flood poor areas to save the richer areas.  She thinks this happened in the 20s and then again during Hurricane Katrina. Zach Ash and Pili are in the tub, Britt has her feet in and Sarah and Godfrey are dressed sitting on chairs. 


Talk comes around to Kanye West and Zach loves his songs as they are really crazy and tell stories.  BB tells the HGs to please stop singing.  Now they talk about the Beyonce album that prompted Kanye's outburst at the Grammy's and how it was pirated before it was officially released. Same goes with movies.


Sarah and Godfrey now debate the basis of awards like the Oscars and the Grammys. (Ash and Pili are doing their best to look cute in their bikinis. - DRG) 


Pili sits up on the edge of the tub and wraps a towel around herself.  Zach asks if the Saints won the Super Bowl right after Hurricane Katrina and Godfrey says yes. Sarah adds and then they got charged with the targeting.  Zach going on about how Drew Brees is one of the best guys in the world. Ash clims out too and she a Pili head off to the main house as Zach drifts into talking about "Deflategate."


The gals head into the bathroom to shower and change.


Sarah leaves the hot tub area now too. Zach and Godfrey return to talking about music and a rapper. 


Gals still in the showers and the wide shot shows Sarah carrying something back downstairs. Ash now sorting through her clothes in the bedroom and Sarah comes back upstairs into the HOH bathroom with a towel. 


Outside the guys with Britt are talking about watching sunrises and sunsets. 


Sarah starting to run the water in the HOH bath tub to clean the sides. Pili still in the shower when Ash returns to the BR. She goes in the stall and comes out dressed in shorts and a t shirt. Pili out of the shower and in to the stall. Ash heads back to the bedroom after lotioning her legs.


General chatter ongoing outside. Zach likes gold becasue it is something he can do anytime and can do alone.  It is a tough game and you can't enjoy it until you get good at it. Neither Britt nor Godfrey know what a full game of golf would entale. (Mark Twain described it as a diabolical way to ruin an otherwise perfectly lovely walk through the countryside. - DRG)

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9:30PM BBT Ash and Sarah in the kitchen with Pili working on her hair in the bathroom. Ash goes into the store room and announces that there is nothing there, absolutely nada.  She goes into the freezer and pulls out a huge tub of ice cream. Pili has now joined them in the kitchen. 


Outside Zach observes that tomorrow is Monday and Godfrey remarks that they will get the camera.


Ice cream being dished out. Sarah is called the the DR just as she is telling the gals she is going up to her HOH to have a bath.


Godfrey heads in to the kitchen. Zach asks Britt how she is doing and they start talking game with her telling him how he has played a great game and is phenomenal as a player. (Therefore she has to vote him out. DRG) Zach says you get to a point you just have to accept it and move on. She calls him on his BS and says he is not just rolling over and going home. They laugh and acknowledge the truth. She tells him she is the last person he can BS at this stage. She goes on to say that first half of the time was slow and dragged and the last part is flying by.


Upstairs Sarah is looking behind the red bench.


Zach says to Britt so what you are saying is I don't have your vote. (Ya think? DRG) Commercial drowns out their conversation. He is trying to sell her on the fact that he is not as good as they seem to think he is and that they jury will vote based on who made game plays. He tries to tell her he has not done anything in the game.


Downstairs Godfrey talking with Pili about things that happened in the past in the game and how he never really worked with Willow or told her anything. Pili trying to get assurances that he has her back if she has his back and she just wants to be told beforehand if he is going to vote her out and he promises her he will. He tells her she has blockitis right now and to calm down and as of now he is not planning on voting her out.


Outside Zach still not completing the pass with Britt.


Pili trying to convince herself perhaps that she really is not stressed right now.


Britt complaining that they did not get to keep their letters that they received after the last HOH. They both say they read them many times.  


Ash eating a hot dog at the counter as Pili and Godfrey continue to talk.  Pili can't understand how Ash eats like this and still looks like she does. Godfrey jokes that she trains in the middle of the night when they are asleep. Pili says she thought she had a fast metabolism but Ash is ridiculous.


Zach and Britt now closing up the hot tub before they had back to the house.


Inside Godfrey and the gals talking about hair care and what it is like when Godfrey gets dreads. Pili says when she gets her hair braided at the beach it lasts about a month.  (Think the movie 10. DRG) 


Britt heads into the HOH to chat with Sarah about her palaver with Zach outside and BB thankfully asks her to fix her microphone.


Hair conversation still weaving on downstairs.


Sarah tells Britt that they need to let Godfrey know that there is not an all girls alliance. BB tells Sarah who is in the tub to please put on her microphone. She is worried that Godfrey does not trust her and Britt says that all they have done shows they are trustworthy and they have done the opposite of Bruno.  Sarah thinks that Ash and Pili are close now and seem good so she hopes this morning was just one last move to try and keep all three of them safe.  


Ash and PIli now in the BR doing ADLs getting ready to retire for the evening.


Britt still talking about how Zach had a condescending undertone with her outside and she wonders if he has some sort of a power or some deal with Godfrey. Sarah wonders if he is just trying to scare them and Britt says she will not let it get to her if he stays she will deal with it then.  Sarah thinks that really Ash is just as big a threat as Zach is and Pili is the last on the list since she does not focus in competitions.  Britt thinks that eventually Pili will not have anyone to ask what to do and she does not trust Godfrey. 


Zach has joined the gals in the BR.


Sarah drops the iPod into the tub and says she will have to dry it completely before trying to play it again. She asks Britt to wrap it in a towel.  Britt going on about how she told Zach they knew that he was not going to roll over and quit.  He tried to say they would beat him in the end and their response is he will take them out before that happens.  Sarah understands that Zach is frustrated and will do whatever he can especially wooing Ashleigh.  Sarah wonders what to say to Godfrey to be sure and keep him feeling safe with them.  Britt says not to talk too much game and just to respond if he starts it.  Sarah says if the girls act like they are going after Godfrey then he might think it best to keep Zach.  Sarah thinks that is why Zach gave the speech at the Veto ceremony that he is going after Britt and Sarah but Ash and Pili are going after Godfrey. 


In the other bathroom QB1 has just rescued the damsels by killing a mealy worm. Ash comes to tell the gals in the HOH about wormgate and Pili joins them. Sarah speculates that BB is fucking with them but Ash wonders if it just fell out of something like the robes the wore after the POV.  They all think it is awful and suddenly they are itchy.  Sarah is freaking out now and is sweaty she thanks them for coming to warn her.


Downstairs Zach and Godfrey in the kitchen as Ash comes down and repeats the meal worm catastrophe. (Where is Arlo Guthrie when you need a song writer? DRG) 


Pili now telling the gals about her talk with Godfrey and then she says that Ash will not vote her out.  Sarah pricks up her ears at this. All girls in the HOH bathroom now. 


Ash and Godfrey still talking about the meal worm and there is a debate as to whether they are maggots or not.  


Zach woking on fixing himself some slop alone in the kitchen.

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10:09PM BBT Gals talking about how last night was creepy too and BB knew that Bruno would freak them out.  Pili letting them know that she did not know Sarah's last name even now.


Godfrey fixing his bed in the main bedroom.


Gals trying to recall former HGs full names with marginal success. Ash asks Sarah if she would ever get married and she say she might get some type of certificate. She would never call him her husband as she likes the work partner better since it does not reveal any gender preference information.  They talk about hyphenating names if they did get married and then they talk about kids and Sarah again says that she is too anxious for kids since she goes nuts now when the dogs get out of the yard. Pili starts talking about her nieces and nephews and how her brother in law gives directions to her mom when she baby sits them even though she is the mother of 10.


Godfrey now sitting alone in the orange leather chairs.


Ladies now discussing birth complications and C sections. Pili goes into a story about when she had surgery on her wrist and she saw the pin they used to hold things together while she healed and from then on it hurt.

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10:22PM BBT Sarah now ranting on about how any woman who can give birth is a god in her eyes and how she would be so resentful if she had a kid that started mouthing off to her. She would be tempted to pull out the video of the birth and pictures from days and weeks afterwards. (Yeah, stick with the no kids plan, honey. DRG) Now they talk about how men are silent when they get hit in the balls but women are different. Ash likes how people give birth in bathtubs now and it is more natural that way. However the childbirth video she saw in school was so scarring.  They keep saying that after childbirth it is just all one big unihole down there.  


Zach joins Godfrey upstairs who tells him they are having a girls night out.


Britt gets up to go make some slop and Sarah tells the others about drowning her iPod.  They test it and it turns on so she is quite relieved. She has a iPod touch at home.  Sarah now going on about how she had forgotten about emojis and then she got all emotional when she saw some again. Zach joins them and Ash asks if he shook out his clothes and Sarah says maybe it came from an ass crack. They wonder how it managed to stay alive all these days since the comp. Now they discuss where maggots come from and Ash says they come from fly larvae. Ash now heads out to the white couch to join Zach and cuddle with him. Sarah takes off her mic and BB tells her to stop that. She says she is not going to talk anymore and Pili gets up to leave her alone in the tub.


Pili leaves the HOH with Zach and Ash lying down beside one another on the white couches.  Ash says she has had a couple boob slips as have the others so she feels like they are all in it together. He asks her about the biggest fish she ever caught and she says it was a Pyke.


Pile and Godfrey in the bedroom now where he is assuring her once again that he will do what he said he will do.  She says that Ash is not voting her out either and he warns her that people don't always do what they say they will do and JP got voted out that way.  Pili says she is not going to campaign against Zach but Godfrey says that he is going to campaign against her. Pili says by now you know who you trust and who you don't. He assures her again he won't vote her out. (Of course not his only chance to win is to sit next to her at the end. DRG) 


Fishing talk continuing in the HOH.


Godfrey again talking about how Keven told him to keep his girl Peels before he left. Godfrey thinks that at least Kevin in the jury will know that he kept his promise. Pili says she trusts Ash 100% and Godfrey tells her to think what she would do in others shoes and then she can know what the other person will do. He keeps walking her through how to think strategically and tells her again he is voting Zach out and he hopes that Ash votes him out too. Pili says that you don't want the person you vote out to be pissed at you either. Britt joins them and also gives Pili her promise to vote Zach out. She says that when she jives her word that is it and she speaks more with her actions than with her words. Godfrey says Britt is like Mother Teresa and she laughs him off. 


General chatter and flirting still in the HOH room. (Lucky Sarah gets to listen to it all as she soaks in the tub. DRG)


Review of recent events and the day numbers starts in the bedroom. Godfrey talks about Bruno almost returning yesterday and how it was a reallly long day yesterday.  


Sarah comes out of the HOH bathroom dressed but with wet hair.  Ash gets off of Zach and the two gals start snacking from Sarah's basket.  


In the other bedroom Pili is talking about how much she loved camp last summer but by the end she was so tired and ready to go home and this is the same thing. Godfrey wonders how much he reallly misses home except he does really miss eating chicken from the bone at home.  Pili tells him he would love a soup that her mother makes from chicken and tortilla chips sour cream and avocado. 


Ash is back on the couch with Zach when BB tells her to fix her microphone. Zach wonders where she would go on vacation and where has she gone.  She says she has been to Santa Monica. He wants to hear about her whole vacation.


Other bedroom talking about what all may have happened in the outside world for the last two months.  Godfrey now talking about actors like Arnold and Jamie Foxx and Denzel.

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10:00PM BBT: Brittnee and Sarah are in the HoH Sarah in the tub. she drops her mic into the tub. Brittnee saying no one trust Godfrey now. Zach, Ashleigh, and Pilar are in the wash room.


Pilar is saying she would be happy if Zach stays it's been a great ride. 


10:05PM BBT: Ashleigh gets freaked out over something gross on the floor. Zach gets it up. They walk out of the wash room. Now in the kitchen with Godfrey. 


#BBCAN310:10PM BBT: Pilar and Ashleigh are in the HoH with Sarah and Brittnee, Ashleigh is now walking out. Pilar is talking about being on the block. She says she isn't happy about it. she says it's pretty wicked being final six. Sarah well let me know how you're feeling the feeling you're getting from people. Pilar says Ashleigh told her that she was keeping her. Brittnee tells her that she is Keeping her Godfrey and Ashleigh come in. It was a magget on the floor.


10:15PM BBT: talk in the HoH turns to last night and how creepy it was. Godfrey is in the blue room by himself. Zach is in the kitchen talk in the HoH turns to just chit chatter.


10:20PM BBT: In the HoH they are going over all the HGs last names. Godfrey is in bed. Pilar is telling them her mothers last name. now Sarah is talking about why she doesn't call her husband a husband put it's her partner, talking about how gay people call it partners. Ashleigh asked her if she were to get marred if she would keep her last name. Oh yeah. Now Sarah says if her dogs got out of the yard, it's like kill me I'm done.


10:25PM BBT: Godfrey is actually downstairs sitting on the orange chairs sleeping. Zach is making slop says he thought he was hungry until I cooked this.


10:31PM BBT: Sarah is talking about giving birth she says any woman who has given birth is like a God!! Sarah says getting hit in the "balls" hurts worst then childbirth. And how men who get hit in the "balls" are like saying nothing and men couldn't stand the pain that woman have to go though giving birth. Men would be all whimmpy about it. 


10:35PM BBT: Nothing new to report Godfrey and Pilar 

are in the blue room laying down, Zach and Ashleigh are in the HoH, Sarah is still in the tub, Godfrey asked Pilar if she

is worried about the vote, she says no, Godfrey says that he will do what he said he would people say one thing then do another. Action speak louder then word. Pilar says she isn't campaigning against Zach. 


10:45PM BBT: Pilar and Godfrey are just talking about the vote, Brittnee comes in says that Pilar has her vote and when she gives her word she means it, You can see what I'm all about, I speak with my actions. I try to be real. I don't have time to be fake.


10:50PM BBT: Godfrey asked if they would be able to do another BB right after this, if they could Brittnee says no Id need a break I would need to get back to life. and my family. Pilar says I'm going to miss it. Godfrey says I'm going to miss the food. Now he says they food I miss from home is eating chicken from the bone like the dark meat, not the white meat. Pilar is now talking about Mexican food. and how her mom makes it.


10:55PM BBT: Now talking about how little time they have left in the house, and what all they miss from real life, Watching TV. Brittnee says she really wants to see her family and friends. 


11:00PM BBT: Godfrey is talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and how he bankrupt the state of California, now just talking about different actors. Samuel Jackson and such. 

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