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Wednesday, May 13 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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11:40PM - 12:00 AM BBT Sarah and Bruno having a long conversation in the HN room.  Sarah doesn't understand why Bruno cares if she campaigns since he's not the one on the block. They are re-hashing all their disagreements.  After Bruno leaves, Sarah and Britt talk about how defensive Bruno is. Britt thinks that Bruno wants to provoke Sarah to have a blowout so it looks bad on her. While Britt is talking to Sarah, Bruno goes out to the other HGs in the KT and says he can't talk to that girl.  They tell him that she thinks that Zach and Bruno are father and son and they are all complaining about Sarah and making fun of her.  

12:10AM BBT HGs in the KT have been going on at length about how crazy they think Sarah is, and that she is way overthinking things.  Meanwhile, Sarah is telling Britt that she was trying to get Bruno to trust her a bit, and it just blew up. They talk it over a bit and then Britt changes the subject to what to wear tomorrow.  Sarah says she'll wear black and black lipstick and Britt says "for mourning?" and they laugh. Sarah feels she was close to convincing them, and Britt tells her she did great and thanks her for trying.

12:35AM BBT Zach and Ashley listening to music in the HOH room.  Godfrey and Bruno in the WA. Godfrey telling Bruno not to go so hard.  Sarah and Britt discussing how Ash and Pili both say they would vote Bruno out...100%...and yet Ash did not put Bruno up when she had the chance.  They are thinking that Bruno has to go first because he is so hostile and confrontational.  At least they can talk to Zach.

12:42AM BBT Zach and Godfrey saying that Sarah is losing it.  Once she loses Britt, she was going to go for Pili, but they think Pili is keeping Sarah at a distance.  They think that means Sarah will need them.  Godfrey cautioning Bruno to stay chill and keep quiet because next week others will be gunning for her.  Godfrey thought Bruno was going in there to resolve things, and Bruno said that's what he was trying to do, but she "started getting wild."  Godfrey saying that she has done a lot of damage to his game in one day by telling Ash and Pili what Godfrey's plans are.  Sarah will be a target so they don't really want her out.  And if she won HOH she could do the dirty work of getting Zach out.

12:53AM BBT Sarah and Britt in HN room saying that Ash and Pili's game has been "monotonous" so everyone is trying to take them to final.  Britt and Sarah have had to fight hard, while Ash and Pili have coasted along behind Zach and Kevin.  

12:56AM BBT Sarah looking at Britt and Britt is smiling.  Britt jumps in right away to say that she's smiling because she's frustrated, but Sarah senses something and asks Britt if she's excited or something. Sarah:  "I'm so confused."  Britt tells Sarah not to stress. They both feel like they are losing it.  [wait til Sarah finds the real reason Britt is smiling!]

1:15AM BBT Zach and Ashleigh in the HOH room.  Zach is running through the competitions by day, and quizzing Ashleigh.  They are getting set up to soak their feet in the tub.

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1:18AM BBT Zach and Ashleigh talking about how they did in earlier competitions and talking about the kind of competition they want for the next HOH, and who would do well with which kind of competition. Zach says it's hard for big guys to win endurance competitions.  Bobby did well with them because he was smaller.  The conversation moves back to Sarah going "bonkers" tonight.  They are mystified. Zach: "All she had to do was respect everyone's decision to get rid of B"

1:26AM BBT Ash and Zach discussing options.  Zach telling Ash that Sarah is actually better at competitions than Godfrey. Zach believes in Bruno's loyalty, and thinks Bruno is loyal to both Ash and Zach. Zach keeps articulating his game and expecting Ash to just agree with him.  Ash is done soaking but Zach wants to keep talking...he really likes their "little game chat" where they "recap on the night".  Zach: "We just gotta make sure people don't see us as too safe and attack us"

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10:37AM BBT - Pili, Bruno and Zach in the KT. They are discussing the jury house, and how it feels when a new person shows up every week. They then talk about what the jury house gets to see of the evicted person's episode. The jury's view is very biased based on whatever the evicted HG tells them. Jordan will have been in the jury house for 45 days, Zach says. Pili is shocked.


10:40AM - Zach wonders what Sindy would tell Jordan. Pili thinks when Willow, Bobby and Kevin walk in, it will really stir up the house. All agree. Pili comments that they haven't had a ton of Twistos Twists, Zach tells her they usually only have 3 or 4, and they've had that.


10:44AM BBT - Sarah and Brittnee are in the WA. Sarah is laying on the couch, Brittnee is doing her ADL's. Brittnee says she is not going to be bitter; they did what they felt was best for their game. Pili joins the girls and says her leg is still sore. Talk turns to general chit chat and silence before Pili says they've been building the competition for tonight for over a day; she's a little scared of what it might be.


10:49AM BBT - Brittnee reassures Pili she's not going to campaign. Pili tells her it's okay, and she hopes Brittnee knows it's nothing personal. If she could change or do anything differently, she would. Brittnee says she understands and she knows Pili is a great game player. Brittnee explains that she doesn't understand how things are said and then change moments later. Pili doesn't want Brittnee to feel useless; she fought hard.


10:52AM BBT - Pili says Brittnee fought hard for the house too, and accomplished a lot. Godfrey comes in and looks awkard about interrupting but the girls tell him to just come in. Pili doesn't want Brittnee to leave upset. She says she won't be, she just hopes Pili plays her own game, not what they want her to do. Godfrey finishes in the WA and heads to the KT.


10:55AM BBT - Zach and Bruno are cleaning up the KT while making up imaginary Twistos Twist ideas. Talk then turns to general chit chat. Godfrey is just hanging out, chatting with them. Back in the WA, only Sarah is there, laying by herself. Zach is cooking bacon; he offers some to Godfrey who will eat some after his shower. Godfrey and Pili are now in the WA, both going to shower.

11:00AM BBT - Sarah tells Pili she is going to win HOH this week. Pili's reply cannot be heard - she is in the shower. Ashleigh is primping in the HOH WA - she seems to be by herself. Godfrey is now in the shower and all is quiet on all feeds, except the sound of the showers.

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11:10AM BBT - Bruno is laying on the LR couch while Zach has breakfast. After awhile of silence, Zach walks over and quietly tells Bruno there are going to be 6 girls in jury - Sindy, Willow, Brittnee, Sarah, Ashleigh and Pili. Bruno says they have to vote all the girls out; they have no choice. None of the girls will sway and side with a guy in the end. They both think it's sad that the game tried to be turned into men vs women. All the girls will vote for a girl if there is a girl at the end, which is why they have to get all the girls out.


11:15AM BBT - Ashleigh is sitting on her HOH bed, staring at one of her pictures. Brittnee is back to primping, Bruno gets into the shower that Pili just vacated. Sarah and Zach are down in the KT talking things that can be pickled; beets, green beans, eggs, asparagus. They discuss borscht soup - both love is. Zach's baba makes amazing borscht. He thought it was gross as a kid, until he tried it.


11:25AM BBT - Bruno and Zach move to the LR couches to discuss the first 4 HG's that went home and how hard it would be to have been in the house, be evicted and then go home to watch the rest of the season. Bruno says the 4 at home are good players. It would kill him, says Bruno. See each competition and think "I could've been playing in that. I could've done well in that." They think Sindy would've done really well at the Pick Your Poison comp. Then they discuss how hard that comp was. Bobby would've done really well at that comp too.


11:30AM BBT - Johnny and Naeha would've done really well in all the booth comp's, they agree. Jordan likely would've too. Graig would've been frustrated by them and the lack of physical comps. They feel the comps have been pretty evenly spread across everyone's skills. General chit chat about the different comps.

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11:40AM BBT - Godfrey brings his breakfast and joins the guys on the LR couches. Zach says Godfrey is becoming a cook in the house; he's going to leave the house a man. Godfrey's sister and father are the cooks in his house. He thought cooking was harder than it is but now he'll be able to help. The guys think they have a couple of hours before they have to finish getting ready. The competition is still being built - they can hear it.


11:44AM BBT - Sarah, Brittnee and Pili in the BR; Brittnee is packing. Brittnee says when she's in the jury house, at least she won't have to eat slop. Brittnee says Godfrey will have to carry her bag downstairs. She says they don't know what it feels like to pack their bag every week - it sucks. Brittnee is tired; Pili is stressed and anxious about the upcoming HOH. Sarah isn't saying anything, just looking very depressed. Sarah finally speaks, saying she has faith in Pili or her to win since Ash can't play.


11:47AM BBT - Pili doesn't think Ash would take Pili to F2. Maybe she'd take Godfrey? Pili can't take Zach, she hopes Ash realizes she can't either - neither of them will win against Zach. Especially if the last 3 HOH comps are physical. Brittnee points out that Zach has so many friends in jury, even if they do get to F2 with him. Sarah thinks people in jury underestimate Godfrey. He was a target from day 1 and has made it to F7 having only won 1 comp - a POV. Brittnee agrees.


11:52AM BBT - Godfrey comes into the BR, interrupting conversation. Godfrey is now packing his stuff. Pili goes to get some water; Godfrey asks where Britt/Sarah think Pili is at. Sarah thinks Pili has Godfrey's back, Britt agrees. Sarah says Pili doesn't trust Bruno. Godfrey doesn't know if Pili will have what it takes if she wins HOH to put Bruno up. He knows she won't put up Zach or Ash. So it's down to Godfrey, Bruno and Sarah. Godfrey thinks she'd put him up, she's too scared not to. Sarah agrees. Sarah says her head is telling her to do one thing but she's too scared.


11:57AM BBT - BB tells the nominated HG's their big bags need to be packed and in the pantry in 3 hrs; small bags at the bottom of the stairs in 3 hrs. They discuss Bobby and what he told everyone; he told everyone stories. Brittnee calls Bruno the Wizard of Oz - a small man working behind a shield. Godfrey says they want Britt out to separate Britt/Sarah. Britt wonders about Pili/Ash - why aren't they feared? Godfrey doesn't know. Britt tells them this will be an uphill battle. Sarah wonders why they don't trust her when she's the only one that speaks her mind.

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12:02PM BBT - Godfrey comments that Pili has no backbone; can't make her own decisions. He has no faith in her. She nominated him when she had no reason to; he never said he was coming after her. She did it on behalf of the rest of them. Britt says of the 7 left, 5 were the first in the house. Godfrey says Ash, Bruno and Pili are all about giving Zach the cash. Jordan would've too.


12:07 PM BBT - They comment how Ash has played the same game as Zach, except she has let him take the heat for her. She's never been on the block; she's pretty much coasted. Ash, Pili and Bruno are on the LR couches. Not much chatting going on. Bruno comments Britt knows she's leaving. Pili leaves the LR and heads to the BR, so back to that camera. Britt says why don't people want blood on their hands when they're HOH? Cause at the end, they'll have a better chance of winning. That's just what it is. It surprises her that superfans aren't more frustrated by it. Zach comes in the room, interrupting the conversation.


12:10PM BBT - Bruno joins shortly after. As Zach is picking out his outfit (a dressier one), Sarah suggests they all dress up tonight. Pili chuckles and says Ash is dressed casually - jeans and a shirt. Godfrey carries his bag downstairs. Zach leaves and finally Bruno leaves. Britt has a quiet conversation about how Graig and Bruno said a lot of untrue stuff before Graig was evicted - Johnny had told Britt things they were saying. Britt adds that there were times Bruno would not leave her by herself so she could have conversations with others while Graig was on the block.


12:20PM BBT - Britt tells Pili they'll be great - just make sure they nominate the right people when they win. Over in HOH, Zach is ironing his shirt while Ash watches. Neither is saying anything. Zach comments how tired Ash is. Ash is watching her Shomi and says it's like her TV. Zach teases her that she's a bum, she says only for now - she's earned that right. Ash goes to leave HOH, Zach says he wants her to hang with him. Ash tries on Godfrey's glasses and says they look ridiculous on her. She will just wear her own.

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12:30PM BBT - Sarah and Britt are now alone in the BR. Not much chatting going on, a lot of silence. General chit chat in the HOH. Britt tells Sarah not to freak out; she can see it in her face. Britt tells Sarah she loves her. Sarah loves Britt - so much. She feels sick to her stomach. Britt feels sick too. Britt goes and sits beside Sarah on the floor. Sarah is crying. Britt tells her again not to freak out, it's ok. Britt says look at Graig, that's a big goof! Sarah chuckles through her tears. Britt says it's funny talking game with Pili; Sarah says everything she said was essentially what Ash said. Bruno interrupts the conversation by coming in the room to lint roll his shirt.


12:35PM BBT - Britt randomly mentions she hates feet; she thinks they're ugly. Can't really hear the conversation with Sarah and Britt now as they are very quiet and Bruno's lint roller is loud. Pili is now in the HOH room with Zach and Ashleigh. No talking going on. Bruno and Godfrey are in the other room of HOH, discussing that they have each other's backs - it can't be anyone else in F2. They've been together since day 1 in the HT.


12:40PM BBT - Bruno says no one ever suspected them of having such a close alliance. Zach joins them and they discuss his scruffiness. BB announces it's time for HOH lockdown. Sarah kisses Britt's cheek and Britt mutters they'd rather be locked alone in the BR to be away from everyone else. All HG's head to the HOH room.


12:44PM BBT - Ashleigh is complaining that she scratched her glasses. Godfrey comments she only needs them to read, right? She says and nighttime driving, not that she's doing that here. The feeds then go down. "We've temporarily locked down the BB house. The feeds will return soon."

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(I woke up late to my computer that crashed so I fixed it and then went back and got a couple of early morning conversations)


8:00 am - 10:00 am BBT Bruno and Godfrey are in the main BR discussing Sarah winning HOH next week (today) and Godfrey will talk to her about not putting up Bruno. Bruno said the only way for them to be 100% safe is if they win the HOH. Godfrey said that one of us three (Godfrey, Bruno or Sarah) have to win today. Godfrey said that Sarah told him that she would put up Zach and Ashleigh on the block. Bruno said that she says all kinds of things to all kinds of people. Godfrey said that would be the smartest thing to do. Bruno said that he tried telling Sarah that at this point they don’t have a choice but to work together or they are sinking themselves. Godfrey said hopefully HOH goes well. Bruno said that he thinks they are going to do well today. Godfrey speculates that they are going to get locked in the HOH in about an hour. Godfrey said finally break those three and Bruno said it is about timing. Bruno said that you see how Sarah was working on those two (Pilar and Ashleigh). Bruno said that Zach has to undo all of Sarah’s work brainwashing those two girls. Bruno said it is down to six and asked Godfrey if he has talked to Brittnee. Godfrey said that he talked to her in the HOH while Sarah was campaigning. He said that Brittnee told him if he stays that he has to take down Zach. Now the two boys are discussing the jury being pissed for those that Brittnee sent out. Godfrey said that Brittnee was tired of Sarah campaigning. Bruno said that everybody was tired of it, but it helped your (Godfrey’s) game. Bruno said that Sarah sunk Brittnee. Godfrey said in any other circumstance they would have bought her lies. Bruno said that Zach is going to stay beside Pilar and Ashleigh all day so Sarah can’t get to them and when they walked in the room yesterday they quit talking. Bruno is going to make coffee.

Houseguests are doing ADL’s. Brittnee is in the WA doing her makeup, Godfrey just finished taking a shower and Bruno is in the shower. Zach and Sarah are in the SR not saying a word and they were just going through the cabinets and drawers, but neither one of them took anything out of the SR and they both went out to the KT. We hear Brittnee called to the DR, but before she left we heard (but do not see) Bruno talking to Brittnee asking her what is wrong. Brittnee said other than you don’t have my back. Bruno said that Sarah’s latest story is that him and Zach are related and he thinks that Sarah is losing it.

Bruno walked in the HN room to change batteries for Sarah and Brittnee and then he left. Sarah asked if it will change Zach’s attitude and Bruno won’t be sitting on such a high horse. Brittnee said that everyone else wants to bring Zach to the end. Sarah said that is how they are acting. Sarah said that he is going to only have so many chances, but there is a chance that Pilar can pull it out and maybe she will change her mind. Sarah said this week she is going to win. Brittnee said that everyone wants to take Zach to the end but how many people want to take Bruno to the end. Sarah said Godfrey and probably Ashleigh. Sarah said that Pilar knows that Zach will not bring her to the end. Brittnee said but doesn’t she think that he will. Sarah said that you can’t take three people to the end. Brittnee said the final three. Brittnee said that she can’t stop thinking. Sarah said that it is a tossup either way with those guys. Brittnee said I know because they both have a lot of pull. Brittnee said that these girls will never smarten up so it is just a matter of kinda lose lose. Brittnee said that it just hit her that Bruno needs to go the only difference is that Zach points out that she is a good player. Sarah said maybe you are right about the Wizard of Oz thing. Brittnee said that Bruno seems to have more of an issue with Sarah than her but still he has the ability to manipulate so many people. Brittnee said that Ashleigh should have sent Bruno home this week but she did not want to risk sending home someone who saved her closest ally. Sarah said this far in the game if someone is a threat to you then they are a threat. Brittnee said that Bruno told her that Sarah is toxic and poison. Sarah said that Bruno has the numbers this week. Sarah said that Zach knew the whole time about JP. Sarah said maybe it is better that we get Zach out first because Zach is gunning for Brittnee and Bruno is gunning for Sarah. Brittnee said I don’t know that though and Zach said he is an emotional player.  Sarah said if we get Zach out who would those girls have would they go to Bruno or us. Brittnee said that Pilar just likes Zach and thinks he is a good guy. Sarah said yesterday Pilar said she is not going to against something that Zach wants and he wants Brittnee out so that is what they are going to do. Brittnee said why did Bruno see it more beneficial to keep Godfrey instead of her. Sarah said because he feels super comfortable with Godfrey and he knows that eventually we would have gone after him. Brittnee said that her gut still says Bruno and Sarah told her to go with her gut. Brittnee said that no matter what she feels like she is a target but without Bruno in the equation how much of an argument would Zach have. Sarah said if Bruno goes then we have Godfrey. Brittnee said that we don’t have Godfrey. Brittnee said well then Bruno has to go next week. Sarah said that they have to win HOH first. Brittnee said that his is the most ridiculous thing in my life. Sarah said it is just a game. Brittnee said that she is struggling so hard with it because you are trying to figure out who should be your target so that you can survive the guy who might have control over the girls, but one of the girls doesn’t trust him. Sarah said if Zach wins he is putting us both up, but if Bruno wins is he putting us both up. Brittnee said that Zach is a target for everyone or he should be. Bruno is a target for everybody and is Zach really a target for Ashleigh. Brittnee asked Sarah if that seemed sincere to her. Sarah said she would vote him out over Pilar but not one of them. Sarah told Brittnee to go with her gut but either way those girls have the vote to save each other. Brittnee said it would be shitty if Zach was the target and we send him home then the girls are stupid enough to go with Bruno. Sarah said if those girls win HOH she is sure they would put Bruno up. Sarah said she thinks it is Zach because in that situation If one of those girls won HOH they would put up Bruno but they would not put up Zach. They told Zach everything that was said yesterday and then Zach told Bruno. Brittnee said if you get rid of Zach then Ashleigh is but-headed about it then Pilar comforts her and Bruno swoops in. Sarah told Brittnee not to stress about it and do what her gut tells her because it is the same thing. Brittnee said yea I guess it is the same thing either way with either guy but one just happens to be sleeping in ones bed every day. Brittnee asked Sarah why did he have to use that veto and Sarah responded because they both have been working together to the final two. Sarah said maybe she (Ashleigh) will be mad at us that we didn’t go for Bruno first. Brittnee is so mad that Bruno don’t have her back this week. Sarah said it is Bruno and Godfrey, Zach and Ashleigh, me and you, Ashleigh and Pilar and that is why they find it all beneficial to do the same thing this week. Pilar has Ashleigh, Ashleigh has Zach, Zach has Bruno and Bruno has Godfrey. Sarah said if those girls are gone then who are they fighting to take. Brittnee said each other still and they need to go for Bruno and then Ashleigh, but she is still scared of Zach. Sarah said either way it all comes down to veto’s. Brittnee said that she is scared of Bruno too. Sarah said either way we just have to win the vetos. Brittnee said it is Bruno and I just have to stick to my gut and my decision. Sarah said that Canada voted us as have-not’s and now the others think they can write them off as human beings. The discussion is over and the two left the HN room. 

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10:01PM BBT Feeds back with all HGs in the kitchen. Zach is fixing cinnaslops for Britt.  Pili and Godfrey talk about how Britt kept the secret and it would have been hard for them. Sarah points out that they were better about being on slop after Britt won the power. Godfrey thought that the two of them were talking mad trash in the DR.  Pili points out that Britt really ate alot and Britt says she was so grateful she was like OK Canada you want me to eat slop I will eat it.  They figure out that when Britt was called to fix her mic was when she got the safety. Now they are talking about what the gals wore for the eviction. Goodbye messages were super late and they did not rehearse. BB tells the HGs to stop talking about production twice. Godfrey talks about the clue and how BB seems to love math this season. Sarah and Britt both say they are bad at math and Sarah says it was not hard math but there was pressure and a time limit that they did not know when it would run out. Godfrey tells them they are the best actors and he would have never known.  Initially he though they were looking for a secret veto but when they came out all dejected he never would have guessed it. Then the task for the sandwich reward made him sure that they were just Have Nots.  Ash is the only one not at the table so she must be in the DR talking about her non HOH.  Pili gets another stop talking about production warning with an additional Stop That. 


Britt says she can finally sleep again even though it will be in the Have Not room.  Britt talking about this is now two solid weeks in a row she has been on slop.  Sarah recalls she got food for one day during her stay on slop and she gained 6 pounds that day.

Feeds go to FOTH.

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10:20PM BBT Feeds back all still on the kitchen. Ash is there now but Sarah is gone. Cams 3 and 4 focus on the DR door. Britt says to Zach that she made coffee and he replies that he has a tea.  Britt talks about BB using clips from their families to break them down. DR leak of Sarah squeeling Thank You (HOH winner?? - DRG)

Feeds cut to FOTH again.

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10:02 PM BBT Feeds are back almost immediately. Zach is making slop for Brittnee. They are going over the secret power and talk about how Jeff did that move in #BB11 with Chima’s nominations and put up Jessie and Natalie. Pilar asks Sarah and Britt what it was like playing for the power. 

10:06 PM BBT


They are talking about production and keep getting called out for it. Zach and Britt are the have nots for the week.

10:09 PM BBT

Pilar gets called out for talking about production. Britt isn’t happy about repeating as a have not, but she’s okay with it as long as she knows she wasn’t voted by Canada to be that again.

 10:20 PM BBT

Feeds are back after a FOTH.  Zach is upset that he can only drink tea and coffee and water as a have not.

 10:36 PM BBT

Sarah is in the HoH room and has won. Britt is reading Sarah’s hoh letter.  Sarah says she got the perfect letter from Scott and she found out her dog Sally is doing well. Sarah got her temporary tattoos but not her tarot cards. Ash is bummed because she wanted to have a reading done with Sarah in the house.

10:39 PM BBT

Sarah, Pilar, and Ash are listening to her Ipod because she requested some Beyonce music. They talk about Beyonce announcing she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

 10:45 PM BBT

Ash, Pilar, and Zach are left alone in the HoH. Pilar says let the week begin. Ashleigh says well this will be my first time on the block and Zach says this will be my third week in a row on the block. Pilar wonders how they know. Pilar says don’t worry if one of you wins veto I’m going up to try and break our trio up. Pilar asks if she’s going to talk to her before tomorrow and Ashleigh says she doesn’t know. Zach says he’ll wait until he goes on the block and then he’ll talk to her.

10:48 PM BBT

Ashleigh is mad that her HoH was flushed down the toilet and that the three people she put on the block were playing in the HoH. Ashleigh says it’s a dagger that Canada wanted it to happen. Zach says we just have to fight now until we leave. They said it was a really hard HoH and it was impossible to count to 100 minutes with them playing messages and sounds while they were doing it.

 10:51PM BBT

Britt comes back in the room and breaks up their game talk. Zach goes down to check on the slop for he and Britt.

 10:58 PM BBT
Britt and Pilar talk about how they were tortured in the glass coffins with smoke, freezing water, Graig on repeat saying “Ginga Ninja 604 Propa”,  clips from their family members, and bugs crawling around them while they counted and they were not okay with it. Zach is down in the kitchen preparing cinna slops for Britt and himself.

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11:00PM BBT Ash and Plii in the HOH where they are talking about who they will save if they win the POV so Sarah must be the new HOH.  


Britt in the bedroom telling Godfrey she has a blood blister on her foot and he is telling her she shold not pop it. He looks and says see it is bleeding so she broke a blood vessel. He tells her if puss comes out then you should pop it but if blood does you should not. (Got your time machine handy Britt?? DRG) Britt says it has been an incredible day and now she has to sleep in the same room as Zach (Have Nots?)  They talk about how crushed Zach was when Bruno left and Godfrey now wondering about what Sarah told him last night about Zach and Bruno having a final two deal.  


Ash and Zach in the kitchen where he is eating slop. Pili joins them and sits at the counter.  


Britt and Godfrey talking about how Graig was paranoid and it rubbed off.  Britt leaves for a band aid and Godfrey says he is going to listen to music and then go to bed.  Britt heads down the stairs with Godfrey following and she warns him that she spilled coffee .  She cleans it up and Zach tells her the slop concoction is pretty good and she replies that she is coming to get some.  She thanks Zach as she sits at the counter to start eating.  They are talking about the videos of home they were shown during the comp. Godfrey is alone in the HOH listening to the music. There is a new stuffed kangaroo on the bed behind him. 


Zach Ash and Britt in the kitchen where Britt is staring in on her slop cookies and talk turns to this being her fifth week on slop.  Pili comes back in and asks how the cinnaclops are and Britt replies pretty good.  She says maybe they should start putting oatmeal in there.  Ash is so surprised that they did Have Nots and says it was not fair that she gets to be a have for two weeks automatically since she was not competing in the HOH comp.  Ash says this is going to be a lovely week (with Zach on slop) and he says you just have to take it in stride.  They wonder when slop ended in past seasons.  Britt jokes about if the first six had a final six deal and then says it was not for Godfrey not trying.  Pili thinks that you only control about 30 percent of the game and Ash chimes in that she thought she had some control last week and look what happened. Britt says it was Canada that did that then goes on to say that she had to remove one nominee.  She hopes she will be able to sleep tonight even though she is in the Have Not room again.  What a whilrwind of a day and then she notes it is already 10 o'clock. Zach says good that means he is almost a a day closer to food. They comment about Bruno leaving and how he said "Well played, good move." Zach commenting about how some of the cinnaslops were harder than others but some were a little soft in the center. Commercials on two of the four feeds. 

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11:17PM BBT Ash talking about parts of the comp that BB used to freak them out especially the clown the looked at her and blew her a kiss and she was not even playing.  Britt says she is sorry she had to see that.  Ash going on about the clown and Britt says that when he said her name she told herself to not open her eyes.  Ash said she would have shat herself right there if that was her in the comp.  Britt says she should not have answered the question about what are your fears on the application.  Pili wonders what she put then recalls it was sharks.  Pili going on about how clowns are fake and put on a happy face to cover the fact that they are creepy and really just want to hurt you. Britt says her brother used to hide under her bed and then act like a clown.  Ash going on about her brothers trying to make her watch It. Britt asks if there is flax in the slop and Zach says maybe. Still no sign of Sarah and no talk about her. (Could she have won a trip out of the house? DRG) Pili hopes they get a task and a reward and they are trying to figure out what where the Twistos Twists. Canada voting, the double eviction and the special power. They do not count the triple eviction as a twist.  Ash asks Britt if she and Sarah had to compete and Britt tells her what the competition was like and the math problems they had to solve to get the clue to the combination.  Britt details the math problems and where she miscounted and had to count again.  She laughs and says it is a lot of math to keep in your head without a calculator and with out being able to write anything down.  Ash says she told Zach that something good was going to happen to you guys and then she and Bruno talked about what if the two girls were faking it.  Britt telling how Sarah was beating herself up and the apologized to everyone when she thought that Canada hated her. Britt details how the lights in the Have Not room changed before the safe came up out of the floor and she told Sarah to get up and they read to card that came down from the ceiling.  Godfrey comes by and tells them that he is heading to bed. Britt thanks Zach again for making the slop and tells him that they can do this. We just need a million and one robes. She wonders if he knows where his is and Ash says he can have hers too. Britt remarks she got to listen to the Carly Rae Jepson song today. Ash is so bagged but does not want to go to sleep yet. Britt and Pili clearing up the dishes. Britt wonders if she should make some cold coffee. Pili says she could put it in the freezer but Ash points out the Graig said they should not put hot stuff in the fridge due to bacteria. Britt remarks that he was so silly.

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11:33PM BBT Pili heads to the BR. Britt says she honestly thought that Godfrey was just going to sleep through the whole comp.  Zach says he put the slop in the fridge and he will make some more in the morning before heading off to the bathroom.  Ash still sitting at the counter while Britt cleans up.


Godfrey has gone to bed with all the lights on in the bedroom.Zach collects a handful of clothes from the room and hauls them down to the Have Not room.  He comes back throught he kitchen and says he is glad that Godfrey got something from his family. Britt agrees and remarks that he cried.  


Ash and Pili now in the BR doing ADLS while Britt has gone into the BR to collect clothes to ward off the cold of the Have Not room.  She comes to the BR and asks Ash how her belly button rings are and is told they are good and she has just kept the same ones in.  Britt asks if these are Ash's glasses and then says they have a few scratches on them.  ADLS progressing for the four who are vertical. 


Godfrey horizontal in bed and Sarah still not on any of the feeds.

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11:00PM BBT: Brittnee, Pilar, and Ashleigh are up in the the HoH room talking about the HoH competition Brittnee says it was weird. Godfrey and Zach are in the kitchen. Zach is making cina-slops for him and Brittnee. Who walks downstairs for cina-slops.


11:05PM BBT: Brittnee, and Godfrey are in the room talking about how upset Zach is about Bruno leaving. Ashleigh, Pilar and Zach are now in the kitchen. 


11:10PM BBT: Brittnee comes down and says I don't think I was supposed to pop the blood bluster. I want to know who said "Balls to the Walls." I think maybe my boys.  Says Brittnee. 


11:15PM BBT: Nothing much going on, Brittnee is now eating her cina slop, She is saying she can't believe she is  in final six. If you were to tell me that I would have been  here six week ago I wouldn't of believed you. 


11:20PM BBT: Ashleigh, Pili, and Zach also Brittnee are now just talking about the HoH competition and a jack in the box?


11:25PM BBT: Pilar says that she is scared of clowns because they are so fake. Zach mentions the movie It. Pilar says that her brothers used to hold her down and make her watch IT. which creeped her out.


11:31PM BBT: Pilar says she would like a video or a task with some kind of prize for the house. Now they are just going over the twists for this season. Brittnee is talking about how her competition went for her to get her power, it was counting. like the amount of letters in everyone's name there are 90.


11:35PM BBT: Godfrey is off to bed, Brittnee is talking about making ice coffee, Pilar says don't put hot stuff in the freezer, because of Bacteria. Brittnee says the pitcher smells bad. Someone didn't wash it out too good. 


11:40PM BBT: Brittnee says she thought that Godfrey was going to sleep his way through that competition. yup seems like my nap time. Zach goes into the blue room to get cloths. 


11:45PM BBT: Brittnee is talking about how Godfrey cried during the family videos. She walks into the blue room to put something away walks out. Godfrey is in bed sleeping. She goes into the wash room with Ashleigh to brush her teeth. Zach walks in Pilar is doing her hair. 


11:50PM BBT: The HGs are getting ready for bed now Ashleigh is taking a shower, Zach is going to go hang out on the sofa down stairs Brittnee is hanging out with Zach, Sarah is still DR.


11:55PM BBT: Brittnee and Zach are talking about the competition and who was it that said "Balls to the Walls" Brittnee says she would have known if it was her buds that said it. During the competition. Sarah says they all got three messages from home. Brittnee says hers was "you're a shinning light."

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11:42PM BBT Britt saying that math is definitely not her strong subject whether it is complicated or simple.  Pili says goodnight and she and Britt head out to go to bed. Britt asks if Zach collected the robes and Pili gives her some more layers to wear. Britt says goodnight and heads out the door after talking briefly to Godfrey who is inaudible since he has his mic off.  Ash cannot find her robe.


Zach finishing up in the BR alone.  Britt up in the HOH room arranging pillows and the stuffed animal and putting the items back in the basket that where spread out on the table. She heads out and teases Zach about putting something back on since it had been all meal wormy. Ash is in the shower alone and Britt lies down on the red couches wondering if Sarah is going to come out soon and Zach asks if she is still in the DR.  Britt says she was going to wait to say goodnight.


Zach wonders who was in her messages and his and they can not be sure who was who.  Ash finishes changing in the shower stall and heads back to the BR. 


Zach and Britt sprawled out on the couches still talking about the messages they heard during the HOH comp.  Sarah finally emerges and Britt asks how she is. She says good just a little light headed.  Britt says she waited for her and Sarah says you are not going to be are you.  Britt and Zach go back to talking about the messages from folks at home. 


Ash and Pili talking in the BR but their mics are blocked. (On cue BB tells Pilar to fix her mic.) 


Britt and Zach still trying to figure out who was in the messages.  Britt asks Sarah if any of her guy friends said something to her in the comp, especially the balls to the walls message.  They think that they all got three messages.  


Godfrey is called to the DR and has to get up and put his mic on. He comments that at least he won't be called in the middle of the night now. 


Zach remarks that this means that they will all get called to the DR still.  Ash has gone down to the SR then enters the kitchen where Sarah is fixing a plate of food and pouring herself a soda from a litre bottle.  Ash remarks that it looks like Godfrey's breakfast when she sees Sarah's plate.  Sarah wonders if she should have one beer now to celebrate and it will help put her to sleep.  Ash says why not.


​BB tells Britt to fix her mic as she was lying face down on top of it. (Is that a technical motorboat? DRG)  


Ash back upstaris and delivers a filled water bottle to Pili before climbing back into bed.


Zach and Britt get up and he tells her he will see her in a bit. Sarah comes over to hug him goodnight and they talk about her pics. Sarah and Britt head up to the HOH with her food and Sarah is surprised no one is in the HOH.  


In the BR Ash is telling Pili that she is going up next to Zach and they want him out and then us.  She tells Pili that they both play in the HOH next week and they need to put up Godfrey and Sarah or Godfrey and Sarah. Sarah pops in and tells them goodnight. She says love you and we will talk tomorrow. 

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