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Dancing With The Stars ~ U.S. Season 20 Episode 12

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Tonight's Dancing With The Stars is the Semi-Finals Results Show. Tom welcomes everyone to the show, and Erin tells us that one couple will be eliminated tonight. Tom and Erin talk .about the last four couples dances from last night. Tom says, not only did Noah receive his first perfect score for this season, but he also gave the first proposal in the history of the show. They show the clip of Noah's proposal to his girlfriend.


Tom asks his girlfriend if she had any idea that he was going to propose? She says, she had absolutely no idea. Tom asks if Noah may have changed his mind? Noah says, no, he even pulled Riker aside to ask him if it would be o.k., because he had the dance after him, and he didn't want to take that away from him.


We see the highlights for Noah and Sharna's dances from last night. Tom says, we have to get back to tonight's results. Erin says, let's get to it. Tom says, Noah and Sharna are in jeopardy. Tom says, there is more to come after we come back, live.


Tom welcomes us back to the Dancing With The Stars Semi-Final Results. Erin says, Almay is sponsoring an Almay Bus Show. Witney is performing as part of a group for this show. The group dances to the song Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams. The show is a tribute to women in the U.S. Military. Tom says, it was choreographed by Mandy Moore.


Erin is backstage with the four remaining pros. She asks Sharna about her journey with Noah to the Semi-Finals with Noah. Sharna says, it has been so different, and to get to know Noah, and be inspired by him, is so emotional and amazing. Erin says, it's amazing to see her grow so much. Erin asks Allison why Riker should be in the Finals? Allison says, she's been pushing Riker all these weeks, and this might be the chance to take the trophy. Erin says, it's a tight, tight competition with Val and Rumer. Val says, she works hard for it, and he would love to give her this gift. He says, this is his 8th season, and he's never won, and it would mean the world to him to win, and share that with her. Erin asks Derek about Nastia. Derek says, she's amazing and a champion. He says, no matter who wins it this year, they are all champions. He says, there will be one winner, but it will not take it away from anyone. He says, last night's show was amazing, and they all deserve to win.


We see the highlights of last night's dances for Riker and Allison. Tom says, last night the judges were nervous, and tonight, the dancers are nervous. Tom says, Riker and Allison are dancing in the Finals. Erin says, Noah and Sharna are in jeopardy. Tom says, we have a lot more results, and more dancing to come, when we come back, live.


Tom welcomes us back to tonight's Dancing With The Stars Semi-Finals Results Show. Erin says, there was a challenge put to Emma and Sasha to see if they can go through a century of dances in 2 minutes. We see the highlights for them doing this challenge.


Tom says, 100 years of dancing, but they really didn't learn to socialize. We see highlights for last night's dances for Nastia, Sasha and Derek. Tom says, Lens twinkle got a tan last night. He says, last night's scores and the viewer votes have been combined. Nastia and Derek are in jeopardy.


Erin asks Rumer about her experience. Rumer says, she's found a confidence and believes in herself more than she could ever have with being on this show. She says, she feels so greatful for being a part of it. Erin tells Riker what a great job he has done as well. The professional dancers from Dancing With The Stars perform a dance routine to I Am Woman by Jordin Sparks.


Tom says, that's another great routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. Highlights are shown with the last four professional dancers talking about the remaining stars.


Tom says, Flo Rida performs after we come back. Erin says, we are obviously live, and we will be back.


Tom welcomes us back to the ballroom, and he and Erin welcome Flo Rida to the stage. They are performing their smash hit GDFR.


Tom and Erin recap that Noah and Sharna and Nastia and Derek are in jeopardy, and that Riker and Allison are dancing in the finals . We see highlights from last night's dances for Rumer and Val. Rumer and Val are in jeopardy. Erin says, 3 of the couples are in jeopardy. Tom says, there's more to come after the break, live.


Erin welcomes us back to the Semi-Final Results. She is backstage with Nastia, and asks her how it is to dance with Derek again after his injury? Nastia thanked both Derek and Sasha, as well as everyone at the show, for everything they've done to help her, and give her such a great experience.


Tom introduces a highlight clip for the highs and lows of the season for the four Semi-Finalists for this season.


Tom says, Riker and Allison are the only couple that knows they are going to the Finals right now. Erin introduces Riker's brother Ross, and the cast of Teen Beach 2 to the stage. He is singing Gotta Be Me.


Tom says, that was great, and it was choreographed by Christopher Scott. Erin says, 3 of the couples are in jeopardy. Tom says, we will reveal who will go to the Finals when we come back.


Tom welcomes us back to the Semi-Finals, and says, Riker and Allison will compete for the mirror ball trophy next Monday night. Len says, after last night's fantastic Semi-Finals, none of these couples deserve to go home, it was such a brilliant night. Tom says, one of them has to, so let's get to it now. Tom says, Noah and Sharna are safe. Either Nastia and Derek or Rumer and Val have received the lowest combined votes and on this ninth week of competition, the couple that is leaving right now is Nastia and Derek.


Erin asks Nastia about her reaction. Nastia says, she thought last night was a magical night, and wants to thank Len especially, for giving her the chance to do that dance. Highlights are shown for Nastia and Derek's journey for this season. Tom tells them to take a bow center stage. He says, the Finals will be next Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. He says, he will announce the new host of America's Funniest Videos next week also. He tells everyone that a new Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is up next.

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