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Dancing With The Stars ~ U.S. Season 20 Episode 11

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It's the Semifinals of Dancing With The Stars tonight. The announcer welcomes everyone, and professional dancers are dancing in the ballroom in a bowling alley. They actually have a bowling ball and knock over some pins. The remaining Semifinalists all come out onto the dance floor.


Tom welcomes everyone to the Semifinals, and Erin says, tonight the votes are for who you want in the Finals. Tom says, these dancers have all been consistent high-scorers, and could have taken the trophy on their high-score weeks. Len says, that's not surprising, because they are all doing great.


We see some highlights from Rumer from her life. Tom says, Rumer and Val lead off the night when we come back, live.


Tom welcomes us back to the Semifinals for tonight's Dancing With The Stars. He says, he met a 10-year-old birthday girl in the audience. Rumer and Val dance the Viennese Waltz to Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey). Tom says, Rumer and Val, Wow, Wow, that's the way to start off the Semifinals.


Len says, Rumer was two perfect 10's last week, and another great dance tonight, well done. Julianne says, she felt like she was back in the theater watching her. She says, her mom is right that America is falling in love with her. Bruno says, he never knew that a Viennese Waltz could be so steamy. He says, it was sensual and she nailed it. Carrie Ann says, the she's connected to the character and the movement. She says, she's just a vision in white.


They head to the sky box for their scores. Tom says, sadly, one of the Semifinalists will be eliminated tomorrow, so the viewers are voting for who they want to dance in the Finals. Erin is talking to Rumer's mom, Demi Moore. She asks her how proud she is of her? Demi says, she's giving 100 percent, and no matter where it goes, she'll always carry that with her.


Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 9, Julianne - 9, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 38. Erin asks Rumer for her reaction. She says, she's really happy, and she wants to keep working hard. She says, she's really happy, and she doesn't want to leave. Erin says, we will see more of them later. Tom says, there's more to come, and we see a video clip of a few of the dancers talking about this week.


We come back to the ballroom with a professional dance couple dancing a Quick Step. We see highlights from Noah's life. Noah and Sharna are dancing the Viennese Waltz to The Time Of My Life by David Cook. Tom tells them what a great job they did.


Julianne says, there was such an ease with that performance. She says, there was so much content in this, and she felt it was so smooth. She says, she doesn't know what's going to happen in the Semifinals, and it's been so enjoyable to watch them dance. Bruno says, some moments are very simple, and then there are times where things are totally unexpected. He says, what more can he say? It's completely beautiful. Carrie Ann says, they are beautiful, but he's a little stiff. She says, no more stiffness. Len says, to sum it up, for him, that was his best dance.


They head to the sky box for their scores. Erin is there with Noah's girlfriend, Jamie. She says, he's such a beautiful dancer, and he puts it out there every week. She says, she can't even say how proud of him she is. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Julianne - 9, and Bruno - 9, for a total of 36. Noah tells Jamie, that when she surprised him at the beginning of the season, that was the best thing. He says, he can't wait anymore, drops to one knee, and asks her to marry him, right then and there. Erin asks her, is that a yes? She says, Oh heck yes, and she tells him how much she loves him. Everyone in the ballroom is welling up with tears, even Tom. Tom says, he needs Kleenex, and Nastia will dance next.


We come back to the ballroom with a professional couple dancing the Paso Doble. We see highlights from Riker's life. Riker and Allison are dancing the Contemporary to Work Song by Hozier. Bruno says, yet again, right on target. He tells him, he has a gutsy personality. He says, it's extremely difficult, even for a professional, to do a dance like that. Carrie Ann says, he was vulnerable, raw and he was killing it. She says, it was amazing. Len says, irrespective of the dance, he loves great performances, and that was a great performance. Julianne says, she hopes Allison takes this the right way, but she could not tell who the professional was in that dance. She says, she really can't even talk, because she's so blown away right now.


They head to the sky box for their scores. Erin says, she just wants to make sure no more surprises are coming, because her heart can't take anymore. Erin is with Riker's sister, and she's really happy for her brother. Erin asks Riker why he didn't want to do this dance? He says, because it looked really hard, and he was scared, but he's really glad they did it. Allison expresses how impressed by him she is.


Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 10, Julianne - 10, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 40. Riker says, it's great, and he's loving every moment of this. Erin says, there's more from them later. Tom says, the first round will end with a Quickstep from Nastia, after the break. We see highlights from Nastia talking about how she's struggled.


When we come back to tonight's Semifinals, a professional couple is dancing the Contemporary to a special guest singing in the ballroom. Tom says, so far, Riker and Allison are at the top, with their perfect score of 40. He says, since Derek is still injured, we'll see if Nastia can stay at the top. We see highlights from Nastia's life.


Nastia and Sasha dance the Quickstep to Feelin' Good by Christina Grimmie. Tom picked up an earring that Nastia lost on the dance floor. Carrie Ann says, that was incredible, that was a show-stopper. She says, it only got better, and she loved the solo. Len says, the secret to Quickstep is to move fast, but don't hurry, and she did that. He says, it was terrific. Julianne says, the connection was great, and there was nothing out of sync. She tells Nastia she is now a dancer, and not just a gymnast. Bruno says, he saw the blonde bombshell moving around the dance floor. Tom says, anyone that can see her smile, should know that it's all worth it.


They head to the sky box for their scores. Erin is with Nastia's mom and dad. She asks them what they've seen in her? Her mom says, she has opened up so nicely, and they are so thankful for the two guys next to her. She says, they're extremely proud of all of them. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 10, Julianne - 10, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 40. Erin says, another perfect score. Derek is going to try to dance the next dance with Nastia, which is the judges scores.


Tom says, the four couples have another chance to impress the judges with the judges choice dances. We see highlights about the upcoming tour for Dancing With The Stars. Tom says, the perfect 10 cast will dance when we come back, live.


Tom welcomes us back to the Semifinals for tonight's Dancing With The Stars. He says, we have a performance from the cast that is going on tour this summer, including Melissa Rycroft. At the top of the Leader Board right now is Riker and Allison with a 40, and at the bottom are Noah and Sharna with a 36. We see highlights for tonight's judges choice dances. The judge that is helps a couple will not be judging them.


Tom says, you have never seen the judges like this before. The judges choice dances will start after the break, live.


When we return to the ballroom we see a professional couple dancing the Argentine Tango. Tom says, Bruno helped Rumer and Val to perfect their Contemporary Fusion dance. They dance the Contemporary to Swan Lake, Op.20, Act I:2. Waltz (Temp Di Valse).


Tom says, the judge that helped with the dance will not be critiquing or scoring the dance their couple does. Len says, if I had my own private Leader Board, you would be at the top. He just loves the dance. Julianne says, they really look on Bruno's challenge. She says, like Bruno would say, they were the ugly duckling, turning into a beautiful swan. Carrie Ann says, that was great, and a very difficult routine. She says, that's the most difficult lift of all, and she did it will grace, elegance, and beauty.


They go to the sky box for their scores. Bruno tells them they nailed it, and he loved it. He says, they played the part beautifully, and he feels so good. He says, he can relax, and they did such a good job. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 10, and Julianne - 10, for a total of 30. Val thanks Bruno for his help. Erin cuts them off, and says, she's going to get killed on Twitter for this, but it's a 2 hour show. Tom says, more to come after the break.


Tom welcomes us back to the ballroom, and says, he's loving this. We see highlights for Carrie Ann helping Noah and Sharna with a Paso Doble. They dance their Paso Doble to Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus.


When they are finished, Tom asks, how do they top this next week? He says, it was great. Julianne says, she has chills from head to toe. She tells Carrie Ann that was an unbelievable concept. Bruno says, no one can get you down. He says, the top bull taking control of the heard. He says, the execution and shaping were absolutely mystical. Len says, he came out and gave them a battle. He says, he did it all the right way.


They head to the sky box for their scores. Erin says, she agrees with Julianne, and she's crying. Carrie Ann says, she has even more respect for Noah now, since he did this dance, and he continues to inspire him. Erin says, this should be sponsored by Kleenex tonight. Judges scores: Len - 10, Julianne - 10, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 30. Noah says, he put a lot of pressure on himself to do this tonight, and he's so happy. They give a group hug. Tom says, there's more judges choice dances to see when we come back, live.


Tom welcomes us back to the Semifinals of Dancing With The Stars. We see highlights of Julianne helping Riker and Allison with an Argentine Tango. She is actually going to dance with them during their routine. They dance the Argentine Tango to Fur Elise by Ludwig Van Beethoven.


Bruno says, no doubt my dear, you are a leading man. He says, those two girls were dancing like hell cats, and he was controlling it like a lion tamer. Carrie Ann says, not only can you handle it like a champion, you are a champion. She says, he nailed it all. Len says, he is a triple threat, and to top it off, Julianne helped.


They head to the sky box for their scores. Erin says, glowing comments from the judges. Julianne says, she couldn't be more proud of these two, and they killed this dance. She wanted America to see what they are capable of, and they did it. Erin says, Julianne isn't even breathing hard. She says, it felt amazing to be a part of it. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 10, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 30. Erin tells them they've had a perfect night. She reminds the viewer's to vote. Tom says, despite Derek's injury, he's going to dance with Nastia, and so is Len. He says, this is a first. We will see it, live.


Tom says, we are back with the final dance of the Semifinals. We see highlights of Len helping Nastia and Derek with a Viennese Waltz, and he will dance at the end of the dance. They dance the Viennese Waltz to Fall For You by Leela James, who is in the ballroom singing the song live.


Tom says, great stuff, after they are finished dancing. Containing the ballroom audience tonight has not been possible. All the emotion from the audience and judges. Carrie Ann says, what an incredible Semifinals this has been. She says, that was a true moment, and something spectacular. She says, she will remember this forever. Julianne says, she is looking at everyone, and this night has been really special. She says, that was the most special dance she has ever seen, almost connecting for the first time. She says, it was so beautiful and gorgeous. Bruno says, my darling, sublime refinement and skill. He compliments Len on everything, and says, he's humbled and honored to be in his presence.


They head to the sky box for their scores. Erin says, she feels bad for ever calling Len grouchy. She hands Kleenex to them all. Len says, it was just about how he used to be a dancer, and is no longer to be able to. He says, he was so happy with the vocals, and loved being a part of it, and working with them. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Julianne - 10, and Bruno - 10, for a total of 30. Erin says, there wasn't a 10 from Len, but a 10 for Len, and it was a perfect night.


The phone numbers to call for voting are given out for each of the couples. Tom says, they are all an emotional puddle. Tom says, at the top of the Leader Board is Riker and Allison and at the bottom of the Leader Board are Noah and Sharna.  Erin says, this is the tightest, and probably most emotional cast ever. She says, all the votes are needed for these couples. Tom says, we have to say goodbye to one of the couples tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. An all new Castle starts right now!

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