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  1. Utopia Friday, October 31st, 2014 **Note: Because Utopia was preempted last Friday, some of this recap information is not new to you, but it IS the first time we get to talk about the mass exodus of pioneers. Enjoy!** This Time And then there were 12. We get to see three Utopians walk through the gate never to return. A very "G" rated Halloween party was really XXX. Aaron says his "mission in Utopia is done" don't believe everything you see on TV. Amanda's sisters visit and Bella fights about what else? Food. Two weeks without a food fight, I know you missed it, don't lie. The
  2. Jonathan is a pastor and high school coach. His habitat of origin is Church Hill, Tenn.This 45 years old married men can build, hunt and fish. He is also the father of two kids. ''I'm a pastor in the community. I want an opportunity to share the message that I'm sharing locally to as many people as I can. God is no longer at the center of our society. A society that's gonna succeed needs to have God at the center of it.'' ''What I would like to see accomplished with the social experiment is to show folks that you can come together with differences. Put those differences aside and work togeth
  3. David Green, a.k.a. '5'th Avenue' is a 34 years old single homeless and unemployed cast member. His habitat of origin is San Diego. His skills: Sales; hustling; amateur barbering; smooth-talking. ''As a child, my childhood was pretty chaotic. You know, I was a foster child from the age of three till about seventeen and my mom did drugs for like fifteen years. I got involved with the wrong kind of people and I went to prison for a burglary, a non-violent burglary. Thank God nobody got hurt. The wisdom and the knowledge that I've gained in these experiences is what makes me an asset this day.
  4. Red (Arthur) is 41, married and a father. Red is a handyman, farmer, moonshiner, home builder and natural medicine man. He is from Cecilia, Ky. ''I like hunting, I like fishing, I llike my knives, I like shooting guns and I've lived off the grid for ten years. There's no electric line to the property and there ain't no water lines coming to the property. I can fix about anything.'' ''I can do things they say can't be done. I'm all for sexual freedom if somebody wants do to something more power to them. I don't want your lifestyle or anybody else's lifestyle forced upon me either. There's no
  5. Utopia Friday, October 24th, 2014 **Note: Utopia is preempted tonight by the world series. That is technically reality TV too, but it's not our much needed fix of lame food drama, bad decision making, and back-stabbing. We are going to give you a recap on this week's events to help keep you informed and addicted while Utopia is on hiatus. We've thrown in a few more video links than usual to help you forget about the missing episode. Enjoy!** This Time We have the juiciest update of the whole season so far!! (no, the show isn't canceled) but production seems to be just as disgusted as w
  6. Friday 10/31 The vote is now OPEN for voting on who you want Recycled. http://tinyurl.com/q3hgqx2 Wednesday 10/29 We have two new Utopians!! James and Jeremy, I am not sure if the Utopians will be able to choose one between the two because they have lost three pioneers in the last 4 days, but stay tuned to find out. We have the new profiles up here. http://tinyurl.com/pehk383 Late Tuesday 10/28 Josh's prize for being the most productive Utopian by online vote was a bed. He decided to exchange the oversized full bed (mattress, box spring, and frame) for 15 twin size mattresses so ALL Ut
  7. Utopia Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014. This Time The Utopians are having a "Utopian Experience" for the general public, will more than just Ben show up? The saga of Bella's water filter continues, "Bris" is no more, and so is the money. Will our pioneers finally create a sustainable business or remain a circus side show? We get the answers to some of these questions tonight. Would You Like Your Water Filtered or Non-Filtered? Several days ago there was a delivery for Bella, a $170 water filter. Bella was bathing at the waterfall and the other Utopians decided it was too much money and
  8. Name: Bri Vitals: 20, single Habitat of Origin: Westminster, CA Occupation: Veterinary aide Skillset: Farming, raising livestock, horseback riding, canning fruits and vegetables, building huts Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Expressed In Emojis: Horse, another horse, cocktail, horse Most Likely To: Build Utopia in the image of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video Natural Enemies: Anyone who gets between her and the BOYS Behavioral Quirks: Talking about humans like she isn’t one Bri’s Utopia: Bri nuzzling her horse on the cover of a supermarket paperback “It would be nice to be the prettiest girl in U
  9. New Nomination and Voting Rules for Utopia This happens every two weeks. Online viewers now have the power to choose all three of the Utopians who'll be shortlisted for replacement. We are instructed to vote for who we think has contributed the LEAST to society, but you can vote for whoever you hate the most if that's your deal. The newest member of Utopian society cannot be replaced. You can only vote for ONE Utopian to be "outcast". The three Utopians with the most votes against them will be shortlisted for replacement. After the outcasts/nominees are announced to the Utopians, the onl
  10. Name: Josh Vitals: 36, long-distance relationship, father Habitat of Origin: Salt Lake City, UT Occupation: General contractor Skillset: Building, cooking, sewing, fishing, hunting, bragging Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Expressed In Emojis: Flexing arm, hazard sign (construction), hearts Most Likely To: Erect new structures Natural Enemies: Wet blankets who don’t want to hang in his “Love Shack” Behavioral Quirks: Flaunting his sexuality like a peacock in the wild Josh’s Utopia: Caligula’s Rome “You can’t build a house without a general contractor, and you can’t build Utopia without me,” says Jo
  11. Name: Nikki Vitals: 29, single Habitat of Origin: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Medical/holistic doctor, life coach, herbalist, yoga instructor Skillset: Gardening, intense eye-gazing, cuddling Zodiac Sign: Pisces Expressed In Emojis: Banana, stopwatch, “let me touch you” emoji Most Likely To: Last the longest Natural Enemies: No-Touching policies, unchecked capitalism Nikki’s Utopia: An endless group hug An ideal society won’t take shape overnight, but don’t expect that to phase Dr. Nikki. After all: “It’s not about the orgasm, it’s about the process,” says the holistic doctor and tantric sex en
  12. Name: Chris Vitals: 25, single Habitat of Origin: Cary, NC Occupation: Glass blower, chili farmer Skillset: Skateboarding, surfing, shredding, guitar-playing Zodiac Sign: Virgo Expressed In Emojis: Chili pepper, guitar, rainbow Most Likely To: Turn your frown upside-down, man Natural Enemies: Bad vibes Behavioral Quirks: Prone to humblebragging Chris’ Utopia: The Island of the Lotus-eaters from The Odyssey, except with chili peppers He’ll infuse your spirit with happiness and burn your mouth with the hot peppers he farms with his family. Chili charmer Chris loves inspiring others, working as
  13. Name: Amanda Vitals: 30, in an open relationship Habitat of Origin: Seattle, WA Occupation: Behavioral specialist Skillset: Patience, organizing/planning, singing Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Expressed In Emojis: Baby (obviously), kissy smiley, peace sign Most Likely To: Gain weight in Utopia Natural Enemies: Anyone who suspects she’s pregnant Amanda’s Utopia: One big happy family “I’m pregnant, but not powerless,” says Amanda, who plans to keep the baby a secret as long as she can in Utopia. Her work with developmentally challenged children reaffirms her belief that if “everyone treated each other
  14. Name: Aaron Vitals: 26, single Habitat of Origin: Jackson, MS Occupation: Private chef Skillset: Cooking, foraging, personal training Zodiac Sign: Taurus Expressed In Emojis: Meat, dumbbell, knife Most Likely To: Dig underneath each camera for hidden ‘shrooms Natural Enemies: The unhealthy Behavioral Quirks: He sets six daily eating alarms Aaron’s Utopia: Everyone working together for one simple goal: survival “Food is life,” says this former military man who knows what a good meal can mean to a hungry community. A hopeless romantic and fantastic forager, Aaron envisions a Utopia free of cla
  15. Utopia Friday, October 17th, 2014 **Note: Since Utopia is down to once a week now, our recaps are going to include some items only available online, we hope it gives a clearer and more meaty update!** This Time Stealing food, stealing art, stealing a kiss, just another day in the criminal enterprise that is Utopia. And oh ya, there was a wedding and a breakup and a trial. Hijacking the Art, Ditching the Artist During Kristen's capitalist takeover of Utopia Rob made a comment that if someone had a great business they would just vote them out and take it over. Well, he is making good on
  16. Utopia Friday, October 3rd, 2014 This Time "Every society needs new blood" so says our very strange host Dan Piraro, but our Utopian's are more focused on kicking out "old blood" on this episode. Kristen takes a stab at converting the government of Utopia into a Corporation and ends up selling Josh as her first official act. Capital(ism) Sales Meeting Let me first say, this would have happened much sooner if it wasn't for Bella. Bella through a huge fit many weeks ago about "being in charge" and Kristen was convinced (by production) to give up her 3rd place in line for choosing a governm
  17. Utopia Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 This Time Who voted for whom? Bri who obviously entered the Utopia environment at way to steep an angle is burning up. Bella finds new skills, and Hex is worried Utopia is not unique. Bri, Ouch, Ouch! OUCH! When your boyfriend is telling his buddies that he is not attracted to you anymore, I'm guessing it's over. When the other pioneers find out you are cutting the cow's food down just to save money, I'm guessing (again) it's over. Our Bri tries to make amends with Chris by writing down her innermost feelings in a letter and giving it to him. She
  18. Utopia Friday, September 19th, 2014. This Time The Utopians are dealing with the California drought and some blazing heat is coming their way, are they prepared? Deciding on a government comes down to a game of chance? What do you do with a choking chicken? and how much tequila can Hex drink before she remembers she is an alcoholic? We get the answers to some of these questions tonight. Dead Deer, Free Meal It turns out there is another way to leave Utopia besides the front gate. Red is out hunting before the sun comes up and finds himself a deer. The pioneers are allowed to leave the
  19. Utopia Friday, September 26th, 2014 This Time Our Utopia is officially a game ladies and gents! We are called upon to vote for the least productive member to be put up against two more the pioneers will vote for. I know who I am voting for, do you? We have a 15th member of Utopia (again), Ernesto, but how long will that last? How will the vibe change in Utopia when three people are up for renewal? replacement? replenishment?? ... whatever. Ernesto Our newest addition to Utopia was not voted on, but sent in to replace Pastor Jon. He is a 39 year old licensed contractor. Bella has desi
  20. Utopia Tuesday, September 16th, 2014. Well, Kristen and her pitch that she is "here to make them money" led to the first unanimous decision the pioneers have ever made. Money wins!! The pioneers meet with a REAL farmer, Hex has trouble living without sex and the Utopians first money making operation is flop. But first, news about our injured Pastor Jon. The End of Pastor Jon? The doctor arrives to show Pastor Jon that he has broken his thumb and needs surgery. He will have two pin in his thumb (through the skin!!) and will need a clean environment for the next 6 to 8 weeks or risk losi
  21. Utopia - Part 3 Friday September 12th, 2014 As we begin part three of the "Largest ever Televised Social Experiment" we see the pioneers slowly but surely upgrading their living environment. Spending money on food, appliances, electricity and plumbing. They still have no clear strategy for making any money as we watch their limited funds dwindle quickly. Will these pioneers get their priorities straightened out in time or will it take actual starvation to kick them into gear? Rob and Josh continue the back breaking labor of digging trenches for electrical wires and now plumbing pipes.
  22. Who's watching the live feeds? The free Utopia live feeds started already, are you watching? You can post screen caps and live feed re-caps here. I'm very excited about this, I hope we'll get a good following of voyeurs and fans. Click Here For the Free Live Feeds
  23. UTOPIA September 7th, 2014 was the premiere of Utopia, the new reality series created by Big Brother creator Jon De Mol. It was technically day ten for our Pioneers, but the show flashed back to the first three days of their Utopian experience. There are no camera men, or production crews lurking behind any walls, or hiding behind any trees, these people are completely on their own. No rules, no religion, no government and seemingly no innate ability to compromise or get along. Utopia is a 5 acre spread NW of Los Angles with 130 cameras, some obvious, some not so obvious. They begin t
  24. From unscripted mastermind John de Mol, and based on the hit Dutch television series of the same name, comes television's biggest social experiment since Big Brother, "Utopia". Since the dawn of time, humans have always wondered: does a perfect world exist? Now, we get the chance to build one. Will it be ultimate happiness or utter chaos? Fifteen pioneering Americans leave their everyday lives and move to an isolated, undeveloped location - for an entire year - where they are challenged to create their own civilization from scratch. With no existing power structures and limited amenities
  25. AMERICAN IDOL Season 5 Finalist Chris Daughtry recorded the theme to UTOPIA. You can download the MP3 of it here: https://app.box.com/s/vidduwusa8hdtujrvkhh It’s a little rock, a little pop -- a great addition to the American Idol alum’s sound. Listen to the song above, and check out the lyrics below. (As Daughtry sings, “That’s a good place to start.”) Hear his sweet voice again when UTOPIA premieres this Sunday, Sept. 7! Chris Daughtry is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Daughtry and as the fourth-place contestant on the fifth season of American Idol. After h

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