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Found 3 results

  1. The Amazing Race has been renewed for a 29th season. It wasn't on the Fall 2016 Schedule, but finally returns Spring of 2016. This thread is for episode recaps and your comments, so tell us what you think of the teams of complete strangers racing around the world for $1,000,000! The world is waiting for you, so on your mark... get set... GO!
  2. Leg One - Spelunking For Dummies ON YOUR MARK! Welcome to a very special season of The Amazing Race. These 11 teams connect with millions of people every day. What happens when you take the world's biggest social influencers offline, to race each other in the real world? Time to Find out. GET SET! Our teams are at home and have no idea the Race is about to start NOW! You're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, Phil tells the racers through a video message on their phones, In just 21 days, you'll visit 18 cities in 10 countries and travel more than 27,000 miles. And I have your next clue, here, in Mexico City, at the Monument of the Revolution. When I say go, grab your bags, run outside, make your way to the nearest airport, and then find me here in Mexico. Let's get things started. The world is waiting for you. Good luck, travel safe. GO! Teams, which coincidentally are together and in some cases wearing matching outfits despite being "surprised" by this new way of starting the Race, excitedly grab their bags, say goodbye to their loved ones (in some cases, their parents), and head out the door. From LA, California and Enterprise, Alabama, Austin, Texas, Dallas, Texas, teams begin their race around the world. Brittany & Jessica are Instagram models. Brodie & Kurt are Pro Frisbee players. Dana & Matt are engaged choreographers. Tyler & Korey are best friends. Erin & Joslyn are also best friends. Tyler & Korey's driver asks for their autograph, thinking they are actors. College buddies from Michigan State University, they make videos online and have a podcast. Data & Matt have been engaged for 3.5yrs and work closely together creating how-to dance videos. They don't have a date set yet. Erin & Joslyn are internet hosts and producers on Clevver Media. Zach & Rachel are newlyweds for 11 months; he makes magic Vine videos. Scott & Blair are father/daughter, she creates makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube, he's a lawyer and OBGYN. Sheri & Cole are mother/son; she's a mom of 6 kids, he makes funny videos on Vine. Former national champion Ultimate Frisbee players, Brodie & Kurt make videos of Frisbee trick shots. Burnie & Ashley are dating gamers, who date, work and live together. She's a professional gamer and he runs a gaming web site. They now run an online gaming video channel. Brittany & Jessica run into Cole & Sheri at the Atlanta airport. Cole says he believes in multiple GFs and wives. Did I mention Brittany & Jessica were Instagram models? Tyler and Korey meet up with Scott & Blair at LAX, having met before. Tyler is stopped for a selfie in the airport. Darius & Cameron are brothers who meet up with Marty & Hagan, mother/daughter. Mom creates viral videos, including one of her as a Southwest light attendant. The brothers make Vine videos that don't let on how smart they are. Burnie gets recognized a lot in airports, Ashley says. Brittany & Jessica talk their way into the cockpit. All teams are now flying from LA, Dallas and Atlanta to Mexico City, Mexico. Flights land and all teams race out of the airport. Kurt forgets to tie his shoe and takes a tumble. Some teams show off their Espanol and are able to tell their taxi drivers where to go. It's dark at night and the taxis are driving super fast. Teams reach Phil at the Monument of the Revolution but he tells them to go straight to their first clue, a Detour: Mariachi Madness or Great Bulls of Fire. In Mariachi Madness, teams must find one out of 350 musicians who is faking it. In Great Bulls of Fire, teams must build a Torito, a bull frame for fireworks, then set off the fireworks. Brodie & Kurt (Frisbees) choose Mariachi. Brittany & Jessica (models) choose fireworks. Marty & Hagan (mom/daughter) choose fireworks. Erin & Joslyn (BF Girls) choose Mariachi. Burnie & Ashley (Gamers) choose Fireworks. Dana & Matt (Engaged) go Mariachi. Darius & Cameron (Brothers) pick Fireworks. Tyler & Korey (BF Guys) choose Fireworks. Scott & Blair (father/daughter) choose Fireworks. Zach & Rachel (Newlyweds) choose Fireworks. Sheri & Cole (mother/son) choose Mariachi. Got all that? Teams search on foot for their respective Detours. Frisbee is first to find the Mariachis, all 350 of them. They find the trumpeter with no sound and then run with him to the Mariachi leader. He was actually playing and they have to go back. Aye Yay Yay Yay! BFG (BF Girls) arrive at Mariachi and begin their search. Engaged arrives at the sea of mariachi players. Mother/Son are in the wrong place - they find a real mariachi. Newlyweds are lost in the plaza. Gamers arrive at Bulls of Fire and have to recreate a paper mache fireworks bull frame. They are joined by Mother/daughter and BFB (BF Boys). Father/Daughter arrive. Brothers and Models are back where they started, unable to find their detours. Teams at Mariachi are asking musicians if they are pretending. That's not how it works. Frisbee finds their non-musician. They must make their way to the Cuevas De Teotihuacan caves. BFG gets teased by the Mariachi Leader but they also find a musician who wasn't playing. Engaged also complete the Detour. Mother/Son find the Mariachis and begin their quest for silence. Newlyweds reach the mob of Mariachis. Over at fireworks, teams continue the intricate construction of their bull frames. Brothers arrive as some teams are proving faster than others. Models arrive. Engaged arrive at the Cuervas de Teotihuacan and get the earliest time, 4 teams at 7:30am. Frisbee is the second team for the first time. BFG get the 3rd spot. Cole thinks he's found the fake Mariachi and they head to the judge. He's all air and they complete the Detour. Newlyweds find their guy but dance with the crowd before heading off to complete the Detour. Sheri thinks she's messed up because they haven't seen any other teams. Bull frame teams work through the night. BFB present their frame to the judge and he gives them the green light to ignite a live bull frame, completing the Detour. Mother/Daughter complete their bull frame and light off their fireworks. Gamers don't pass the judges' inspection. Mother/Son reach the cave entrance and are surprised to snag the 4th of the earliest time. They thought they were last. Newlyweds get the first of 4 7:40am times. Gamers complete their Detour, followed by Father/Daughter, models and Brothers. BFB gets the second 7:40am spot. Mother/daughter gets the 3rd, father/daughter the last. Models, Brothers and Gamers get the last time at 7:50am. It's morning and the first 4 teams race to the clue box. Roadblock: Who's ready to pick up the pieces? One team member must search in the Teotihuacan cave for 13 pieces of a Teotihuacan mask and then reconstruct the mask with the approval of a tribal elder. Kurt, Matt, Erin and Sheri take their first Roadblock turns. They descend into the candle lit archaeological site. Sheri and Erin are claustrophobic and didn't realize it was a cave. They find sandboxes in which the mask pieces are buried. Sheri and Matt have 13 and listen for drones to find their way out. The second wave of teams enter and Korey, Zach, Scott and Marty take the Roadblock. Drums, not drones. First wave teams are assembling their masks; Sheri shows Matt how to do it. They think it has to be all the same color. There's a sample mask for them to follow but they don't seem to see it. They head back for more pieces. The third wave of teams enters, with Darius, Jessica and Burnie doing the Roadblock. Scott returns to the surface looking for the drums. Teams realize that not all colors have all the right pieces. Scott dropped some of his pieces on the grass. Jessica returns to the surface as well to look for the drums. Jessica and another team realize they should be down below but Scott is still looking for 2 pieces he dropped. Sheri has cut a finger and is bleeding over her mask. Matt completes his mask and returns to the surface with the next clue, the first Pit Stop at the Museo Soumaya. Tyler completes his mask and BFB heads to the Pit Stop. The non-Roadblock team members dance for their partners on the surface. Scott finally finds his 13th piece and returns to the cave to find the drums. Zach completes the Roadblock. Frisbee is missing a piece. Brothers complete the Roadblock. In their taxi, BFB pass the Dancers (Engaged). Dancers reclaim the lead. It's a foot race to the Pit Stop. Dana and Matt are the first team to arrive at the first Pit Stop of the race, and win. Tyler and Korey are Team #2. Phil picks on Tyler's hair. Zach and Rachel are Team #3. Gamers complete the Roadblock. Frisbee completes the Roadblock. Brothers reach the Pit Stop in 4th place. Models complete the Roadblock. Mother/Daughter complete the Roadblock. Brodie & Kurt are Team #5. Burnie & Ashley are Team #6. Erin, Scott and Sheri are still down in the cave; Erin and Sheri discuss taking the penalty. 4hrs. They decide to do it. Jessica & Brittney arrive at the Pit Stop in 7th place. Marty & Hagan are Team #8. Before they take the penalty, Erin decides to try her mask. She has it and completes the Roadblock. She offers to help Sheri but Sheri tells her to go. Scott checks in on Sheri then realizes he needs more pieces from his box. Sheri is missing a blue piece. Scott is looking for more pieces too. Sheri finds a blue piece. But is it the right one? It is and she completes her mask. Scott knows he's in trouble. Sheri apologizes to Cole. Cole wishes Blair good luck as they race away. Scott finishes his mask and gets his clue to the Pit Stop. They race off. Mother/Son's taxi is speeding down the highway while BFG's taxi has a broken speedometer. Father/Daughter aren't giving up. 10th is just first with a zero, Cole says. Sheri and Cole reach Phil at the Pit Stop looking petrified. You're not 10th, Phil tells them, you're 9th. They are shocked. Erin & Joslyn arrive in 10th place. Scott and Blair are the last team to arrive. But they are not eliminated. That's impossible, Scott says. This is a non-elimination leg, explains Phil. Bring on the speed bump, Blair says, I just want to go more places with my dad.
  3. In a series first, 11 new teams of social media stars depart from their own homes all across the country and head for Mexico City, where they set off fireworks and dig deep at an archaeological Roadblock, on the season premiere of THE AMAZING RACE, Friday, February 12 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS. Phil Keoghan is the host. Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl Name: Tyler Oakley Age: 26 Hometown: Jackson, Mich. Connection to Teammate: Best friend and Co-Host of “Psychobabble! Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @tyleroakley YouTube:www.youtube.com/tyleroakley Name: Korey Kuhl Age: 30 Hometown: Jackson, Mich. Connection to Teammate: Best friend Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @koreykuhl YouTube: www.YouTube.com/koreykuhl Podcast: www.itunes.com/psychobabble Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins Name: Burnie Burns Age: 42 Hometown: Austin, Texas Connection to Teammate: Boyfriend Follow on Twitter: @burnie Follow on Instagram: @burnieburns YouTube:www.youtube.com/roosterteeth Name: Ashley Jenkins Age: 33 Hometown: Austin, Texas Connection to Teammate: Girlfriend Follow on Twitter: @AshleyJ Follow on Instagram: @jinxcellent YouTube: www.youtube.com/roosterteeth Erin White Robinson and Joslyn Davis Name: Erin White Robinson Age: 31 Hometown: St. Paul's, N.C. Connection to Teammate: Work wives and BFFs Follow on Twitter and Instagram:@HeyErinRobinson YouTube:www.youtube.com/ErinsReality www.youtube.com/ClevverNews www.youtube.com/ClevverStyle www.youtube.com/ClevverMovies and www.youtube.com/ClevverTV Name: Joslyn Davis Age: 33 Hometown: Downey, Calif. Connection to Teammate: BFFLs and co-workers Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @JoslynDavis YouTube: www.youtube.com/ClevverNews www.youtube.com/ClevverStyle www.youtube.com/ClevverTV and www.youtube.com/MissJoslynDavis Sheri LaBrant and Cole LaBrant Name: Sheri LaBrant Age: 45 Hometown: Enterprise, Alaska Connection to Teammate: Mother Follow on Twitter:@SheriGirlz Follow on Instagram: @SheriLaBrant YouTube:youtube.com/user/sllabrant Name: Cole LaBrant Age: 19 Hometown: Troy, Alaska Connection to Teammate: Son Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @TheSuperCole YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-CH0epzZpD_ARhxCx6LaQ Vine: Cole LaBrant Zach King and Rachel King Name: Zach King Age: 25 Hometown: Portland, Ore. Connection to Teammate: Spouse Follow on Twitter:@finalcutking Follow on Instagram:@zachking YouTube:www.youtube.com/user/FinalCutKing Name: Rachel King Age: 25 Hometown: McHenry, Ill. Connection to Teammate: Spouse Follow on Instagram: @rachelmking Dana Alexa Boriello and Matt Steffanina Name: Dana Alexa Borriello Age: 29 Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y. Connection to Teammate: Fiancée Follow on Twitter:@DanaAlexaNY Follow on Instagram:@DanaAlexa_ YouTube:www.youtube.com/user/DanaAlexaDance Name: Matt Steffanina Age: 30 Hometown: Charlottesville, Va. Connection to Teammate: Fiancé Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @MattSteffanina YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/MattSDance Jessica VerSteeg and Brittany Oldehoff Name: Jessica VerSteeg Age: 28 Hometown: Oskaloosa, Iowa Connection to Teammate: Best friends Follow on Twitter and Instagram:@JessVerSteeg YouTube:www.youtube.com/user/jnversteeg Name: Brittany Oldehoff Age: 26 Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Connection to Teammate: Best friends Follow on Twitter: @brittoldehoff Follow on Instagram: @brittanyoldehoff YouTube: www.youtube.com/brittanyoldehoff Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman Name: Marty Cobb Age: 51 Hometown: Lubbock, Texas Connection to Teammate: Mother Follow on Twitter:@Flygirlmom Follow on Instagram:@MARTYCOBB3 YouTube:www.youtube.com/channel/UC8ODoz1W_Ghiz8pVygAFWxA Name: Hagan Parkman Age: 22 Hometown: Dallas, Texas Connection to Teammate: Daughter Follow on Twitter: @haganelizabeth Follow on Instagram: @haganparkman Scott Fowler and Blair Fowler Name: Scott Fowler Age: 58 Hometown: Kingsport, Tenn. Connection to Teammate: Father Follow on Twitter:@ScottFowlerMD Name: Blair Fowler Age: 22 Hometown: Kingsport, Tenn. Connection to Teammate: Daughter Follow on Twitter: @BlairFowler Follow on Instagram: @MissBlairFowler YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/juicystar07 and www.youtube.com/user/otherjuicystar07 Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson Name: Brodie Smith Age: 28 Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla. Connection to Teammate: Ultimate Frisbee teammates and best friend Follow on Twitter and Instagram:@BrodieSmith21 YouTube:www.youtube.com/channel/UCixstNkzkK0aUzo6N9OVl6Q Vine: Brodie Smith Name: Kurt Gibson Age: 30 Hometown: Westport, Conn. Connection to Teammate: Ultimate Frisbee teammates and best friend Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @kurtegibson Darius Benson and Cameron Benson Name: Darius Benson Age: 22 Hometown: Memphis, Tenn. Connection to Teammate: Brother Follow on Twitter and Instagram:@MrLegenDarius YouTube:www.youtube.com/user/dariusjbenson Name: Cameron Benson Age: 19 Hometown: Memphis, Tenn. Connection to Teammate: Brother Follow on Twitter: @CamerontheB Follow on Instagram: @picsofcam
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