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Found 1 result

  1. It’s Eviction day! There’s a lot happening in the house this morning. This vote is still swinging back and forth the last 24 hours. I’m thrilled with that! It’s so much better than the standard ‘let’s vote with the house.” Definitely better than, “we need to do what the HOH wants...it’s so and so’s HOH so we should vote how they want.” The floaters have really been the center of the game this week. With Foute committed to vote for Steve to stay. He’s buddied up with that side of the house all week long and by the end of this first week Steve is trash talking the Level 6 side of the house. Up until last night Steve has really worked hard to make a connection with the Bro’s. So well in fact Tuesday night Winston and Brett have a whole convo about still not liking the idea of voting for Sam to stay because Steve has buddied up enough to make them feel like they can pull Steve when they need him and they have no real connection with Sam. That, ‘I’m thinking about MY game not the group’ mentality leads Brett/Winston to go to Angela and Rachel yesterday and start making the arguments to why the girls should vote to evict Sam as well. Tyler has put in so much work all week and done it very well. So when we start to see the Bro’s waiver in one room while Tyler is in another room really pushing the envelope with Kaitlin to swing her vote secure a 7th vote he thinks they need is riveting feeds but cringeworthy for Tyler and Sam nonetheless. Steve is a floater. He doesn’t belong to a team and he’s OTB. So, he’s the eldest of the cast, no ‘team’ technically, and OTB. This week wasn’t looking great when it began if you’re a long term BB fan because this typically is a position this player is certain to be the first one voted out. The one fault I see is Steve was verbally overconfident frequently and this got people talking. He should play his cards a tad closer to his chest. All in all up until Tuesday night he’s made sure to socialize with both sides. Appear swayable to players on both sides of the house and created a duo with Scottie which by appearances makes other HG’s see saving Steve as a +2 in voting next week. Scottie has not been as invisible as he perceives he has been. He’s on Level 6 radar as a rat that runs everything back to Soggy C. Problem is despite everything that’s happened this week, Soggy C tells Tyler everything all the time! I mean he walked in the HOH just yesterday and tells Tyler which HG are 100% in his group. Where the votes are. This morning Soggy goes to Tyler complaining about how he can’t trust Kaitlin (who is supposed to be team Foute). He goes on to say she’s at the bottom of the totem pole, no one in the group knows if they can trust her, that he’s at the top and she’s at the bottom. He tells Tyler that Soggy makes all the decisions and everyone does what he says. Point. Blank. And the period. I will circle back to this in a few. So all week it’s looked more likely than not it would be a 6-6 vote where the teams are involved and either side needed to secure one vote from a floater to control who goes home and as we’ve seen that has made all the floaters centers of attention. Foute focuses on Steve/Scottie with Scottie being the vote to keep Steve. They’ve been counting Haleigh as one of their side but she’s isn’t actually involved in Foute and isn’t completely aware there is a 5 person alliance within what she perceives a 6 person Team. Foute is actually Kaitlin, Faysal, Angie, Bay, and Soggy. Tuesday Soggy finally tells Haleigh about team Foute (original 5 shes neither aware of nor a part of). We don’t immediately see any consequences to this revelation but it will come back into play this morning. So with floaters Steve and Scottie leaning FOUTE. Haleigh believing she is Foute but also working Tyler, Brett, getting in right with some players on the other side she has set herself up with the potential to have some people to float over to should the other side, Level 6, get power or if something happens with Foute. This is the right way to play the game. Her flirting has caused some drama but she’s still shaped some personal connections throughout the house and you never want to be naive enough to put all your hopes in one basket, especially this early in the game. I’ve seen a nice difference this season with most of these HG this season. Most are not not getting so boxed in by week 1 decisions where they have no where else to look for safety or a vote when the situation comes they need it. This is BB that situation always comes! Haleigh has mended her friendship with Kaitlin. These Two have mutually said they should vote the same way every week. No matter what. She’s seen as a plus for Tyler as much as she sees Tyler as a plus for her. The flirting and showmance love triangle has calmed down since Monday night. Haleigh is friendly with Brett and although she worries Winston doesn’t like her she realizes the opportunity being friendly with Brett could result in a Brett +1. The Bro’s are so tightly intertwined. Brett and Winston in fact are the only sure thing in the house! These two are 100% a duo, ride or die, I can never see anything even slightly penetrating the pair. Tyler is technically hovering the line and could be considered a floater. He is Level 6. He is a part of this ‘team’ but hears where his floater tendencies prevent him from locking himself into just a team. Tyler used the HOH to gain information and then through that was able to identify which HG are fluid. Which he sees can be a valuable asset, that can be potentially swayed through a connection with him and feed enough to both teams that both sides see him as leaning more to their side than the other. That’s no easy feat! Early in the week with the game he and Haleigh were playing with each other he thought she may be the easiest to swing a vote from. We saw he invested a lot of time and energy into her. That changes up after all the love triangle drama happened. He was smart to see that for what it was. Tyler sees the love triangle as a clear indication that she’s not going to be easily enough swayed. Also that the involvement with Foute is much deeper than she was wanting him to believe. The most important thing Tyler takes away from it is that he needs to create some subtle distance from Haleigh because hanging out with her is drawing some uncomfortable attention to Tyler by Faysal. Tyler says he does not want a target on his back because Faysal is jealous. Very well done Tyler! Tyler regroups. His relationship with the last floater in the house which is JC. JC is clearly more fond on Level 6 for now. JC’s been overconfident he could secure the 7th vote, continuously telling people don’t worry about it. I have the 7th vote. You don’t worry, don’t ask questions just know ‘hey I got this!’ This was so overpowering that his confidence has many believing JC has the power or at the very least knows who has the power. There’s no other explanation on Level 6 side of the things. JC has nothing but I like his willingness to play the game. He has a decent mind for strategy when you listen to him. He doesn’t have as many ‘confusing’ moments as I would have expected in conversations about the game with others. JC/Tyler/Haleigh are each all still pretending their trio alliance is a thing despite everyone involved knowing it’s not. JC/Tyler talk about Haleigh. Tyler/Haleigh talk about JC. Tyler uses all that information to nudge each floater in a direction he needs them to go to help his goal which is to get 7 votes so Steve goes. Again that way Sam stays without having to use her power and the power stays in play which could potentially be used to Tyler’s advantage over the next couple weeks if need be. Tyler’s relationship with Sam has continued to blossom. This friendship makes her a potential number for Level 6 because she should be grateful to the players who save her. It also shows Sam that Tyler can be counted on which benefits his individual game. This is so important! Tyler has really done a brilliant job all Week working all angles of the house. The down side is that has resulted in balancing a lot of plates all at once. You have to remember what you said to who, who knows what info, being careful to remember what each player and team says and does. He has to be exhausted and it’s really arduous to continue to do so without something or everything come crashing down around you. I love watching it! However, I’m cautiously optimistic because a power change creating a threat to someone like Winston, Soggy, Faysal, Haleigh, Angela could result with people spilling everything they know. If they get power and seek out information or become the new HOH target they would quickly spill Tyler’s tea from their side and immediately blowing all that hard work up in Tyler’s face. Which ends up happening to less degree last night. Sam has a convo with Scottie trying to swing his vote and she reveals too much! She tells Scottie that she just needs one swing vote to stay and it’s coming down to either Scottie Or Kaitlin. That’s news to Scottie and to Foute! Which of course in true rat form Scottie runs Right back to Soggy and tells him. Hey the votes are 6-6 with one swing vote which shocks Soggy and Steve! Steve was so cerain he had at least 9 votes to stay. Now the night before eviction to there are potentially 6 against him? Steve immediately gets pissed at Winston and Brett! He walks by Winston this morning and makes a comment along the line “wow good job bro! Bravo you had me!” and keeps walking. Real subtle on EVICTION day Steve. As I told you a few days ago Angie/Haleigh discussed throwing 2 hinky votes from Foute so the Bro’s look like they didn’t vote to keep Steve because that side was so sure there were plenty of votes to evict Sam and they don’t want Steve to think the Bro’s have his back! Foute discusses the idea and agreed as long as they feel like they have all the votes they need Angie and Haleigh could throw the hinky votes and that would have much for such glorious TV and a huge blindside! I rarely get excited about how a vote appears because after 20 seasons of BB there is really one sure thing the votes can and often do change right up until eviction voting happens! We Lose feeds mid day, some wheeling and dealing or a blow up happens and BAM! So now Scottie telling Soggy blows any chance Foute screws up their own plans. Sam tells Tyler what was said and he knows Scottie ran that right back to Soggy and tells Sam about Scottie being a rat for Foute. Tyler knows the work he started after the love triangle blow out with Kaitlin is his only hope of getting that 7th vote. But wait! Winston and Brett have now made their own plan and go to Rachel and Angela last night like hey, we need to keep Steve. We don’t want to vote Sam. So we are back on the hamster wheel! SO much work has gone into trying to get the votes to keep Sam and it looked like there were 3-4 scenarios where it could actually happen and in a couple of seconds Two floaters threw all of that work out of the window! I’m screaming at Sam like NOOOOO! Didn’t your mama tell you that just because someone tells you they’re your friend doesn’t mean they are! Scottie’s little bit of effort to befriend the robot and make her not feel so isolated just paid off huge for Scottie because Foute is up in the wee hours saying everyone votes Sam out! It gets intense enough that Faysal/Soggy tell Kaitlin if their is a Rogue vote we will know it was you and we will target you! Meanwhile Tyler is doing damage control up in the HOH last night just after midnight trying to snuff out any talks of voting to keep Steve without having to give up too much info. It volleys back and forth and back and forth and you can see on Tyler’s face he is ready to lose his mind because Winston is throwing out his ridiculous perceptions and still convinced the other side has a power. Tyler finally breaks and says SAM has the POWER WE have to vote for Sam to stay!!!!! BOOM! The whole room erupts with excitement (except Angela) and now they will all vote to keep Sam and pray Tyler can swing Kaitlin. Angela is sitting on by bed quietly while everyone else is jumping up and down and bursting with excitement at the news. So what does she say? Mmmm now I don’t know. I don’t trust Sam because she hid this power from me a little too well. The night ends with Tyler telling Level 6 if his hair is down vote to evict Steve. If he wears his hair up vote to evict Sam. I say there is not chance we won’t get to admire those beautiful blonde locks tonight! As far as Angela. Tyler manages to explain away Sam keeping it a secret just enough. When I heard her say it I was like, ‘Omg! I’m beyond annoyed with that! She rarely opens her mouth and that’s what she takes away from this news! Jeez.’ So now it’s eviction day! Soggy heads to the HOH and spills more tea to Tyler about how his side isn’t trusting Kaitlin. They don’t know she’s with them. She’s on the bottom of the totem pole, yada yada yada. Thank you Soggy for always managing to do exactly opposite of what you should in nearly every single situation. Hahahaha. Tyler of course tells Kaitlin and the waivering shifts immediately. While he tells her not to say anything she runs straight to Haleigh like I’m out! There is a power in play. Anyone that votes for Steve to stay is in danger. Soggy told Tyler I’m unreliable and no one on Foute trusts me. I trust Tyler we need to vote to evict Steve. Eventually Angie joins the convo and Kaitlin tells Haleigh and Angie she’s voting for Sam to stay. Kaitlin says they can do what they want but Soggy isn’t loyal to her. She’s encouraging those two to vote for Sam to stay as well but regardless she is. It’s about that time we lose feeds. Will this hold until the live show and eviction votes? Who knows. It was exciting feeds. We are left with the hope it’s possible but either way there’s a really strong chance Sam won’t go home if she is evicted. If the power is nothing more than a ‘chance’ it’s unlikely production would build all this up to make her do some task and then go home anyways. What’s really on the line is will Steve go? I don’t think Steve leaving hurts anyone’s game. I mean Scottie will be sad and have to do some work, but he’s not a real threat to anyone alone in the game so it won’t put him in immediate danger and Tyler made sure to tell Sam not to trust Scottie. Tonight could be a blindside either way. Worse case is Sam gets voted out and she will likely return and it’s like a complete reset. It’s mind blowing of all the conspiracy theories about the power all week not one person considered America would vote the Robot has most trending. This week 2 HOH will be huge. I could see Scottie winning it if Steve leaves tonight just so he feels safe and allows him opportunities to make some alliances. It’s been an exciting first week and one thing is certain EVERY single player in the game is here to PLAY! Come back after eviction to get all be RealiTea on event from the eviction and the fallout after.
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