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Found 2 results

  1. The Morty’s TV Big Brother Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother Contest for Season 2 is a fun way for the Morty’s TV Community to show off their Big Brother knowledge by predicting what will happen in the Celebrity Big Brother House each week. Accumulate points each week by guessing correctly who will be nominated, who will play Veto, who will win Veto, whether Veto will be used, who will be saved, who will be evicted, who will be the next Head of Household and more. At the end of the season, the player with the most points will win a Big Brother T-Shirt from Morty’s TV! How it works is each week, players can submit their picks in the Morty's TV Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother Contest for Season 2 thread for the week. Predictions will be locked at a specified time, and then the fun begins! We’ll see how well you know the Big Brother game as your predictions are weighed against the actual events unfolding in the house. Each correctly predicted event will be awarded a specified point value. At the end of the season, the point totals will be posted and the top 10 player’s cumulative scores will be presented. Example Questions: Which Houseguest will win the first HoH Competition (1 point)? Which Houseguest will be the first to lie about their age, job or background (2 points)? Which Houseguests will be picked to play the first Veto (name 3, 1 point each)? Will the Veto be used (1 point)? If the Veto is used, who will be the replacement nominee (1 point)? Who will be the first Houseguest evicted (3 points)? For the finale, it will be bonus round time where players will predict the Final 3 to Win, Place or Show. For each player predicting the finalist, runner up and winner of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2. Because Big Brother's motto is to expect the unexpected, Morty's TV is going to throw in some twists along the way. Some prediction events may carry higher point values, and as Big Brother throws in fan favorites such as double evictions or evictee battle-backs, we may throw those into contest as well (assuming we learn about them in time!). Each week will be different. This is a contest that anyone can play, and anyone can win. If you know Big Brother! So come to the Morty’s TV Fan Forums & Chat each week and be a player in the Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother Contest for Season 2. You could be the big winner! Enter now! https://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/forum/230-mortys-tv-fantasy-celebrity-big-brother-contest-for-season-2/ Note: Morty’s TV Volunteers and anyone associated with or partnering with Morty’s TV may enter the contest but are not eligible to win the contest.
  2. Welcome to the Second week of the new Morty's TV Fantasy Big Brother USA contest for Season 20! If you did not submit an entry before the season started, don't worry, it's not to late. There will be plenty of opportunities to accumulate points all summer long. The window for entries for Week 2 is midnight Tuesday, July 3rd through 8pm Thursday, July 5th. Please remember, you can only submit one entry per week (we cannot accept changes), so make sure your predictions are good ones! Contest standings will be posted at the end of each week, along with your Top 10 Fantasy Point Leaders. To make it easy to record your predictions, please copy the questions below into your reply post and include your prediction on the next line. Separate each question and response by a blank line. Note that your response to one question is not bound by your responses to the previous questions. In other words, the HouseGuest you predict will win Veto does not have to be one of the HouseGuests you predict will win HoH, be nominated or be picked to play Veto. Though we will wonder about your thought process. Unless otherwise specified, the response to each Prediction Question should be a HouseGuest currently in the Big Brother house at the time the weekly contest entry is submitted. Points are awarded for correct answers; no points are awarded for incorrect or incomplete answers. Because we don't know what Big Brother is going to do before he does it, we can only try to anticipate the events in the house for you to predict in the upcoming week. Questions for events that do not happen will be ignored with no points awarded. For example, if the Veto is not used, there would be no Replacement Nominee and that Prediction Question would not count. So without further ado, let's get to this week's Fantasy Prediction Questions. Who will be the second HouseGuest to win Head of Household (2 Points)? Which HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction (name 2 HouseGuests, 1 point each)? Which HouseGuests will be picked to play in the first Veto competition (name 3 HouseGuests, 1 point each)? Which HouseGuest will win the second Veto competition (2 points)? Which HouseGuest will the highest trending this week? (2 points)? Which HouseGuest will the lowest trending this week? (2 points)? Will the first Power of Veto be used (Yes or No, 1 point)? If the Veto is used, which nominated HouseGuest will be saved (1 points)? If the Veto is used, which HouseGuest will be the replacement nominee (2 points)? Who will be the second HouseGuest evicted from the Season 20 Big Brother House (3 points)? Wildcard Questions These questions will remain in effect until if and when the event happens. They can only be entered once into the contest. Additional wild cards may be added, so check back weekly! Which HouseGuest will be the first to climb the climbing wall on a broadcast episode (4 points)? Which HouseGuest will be the first to threaten to DOR (Depart on Request, 4 points)? Which HouseGuest will be the first to call a house meeting (4 points)? Which HouseGuest will be the first to give up and not complete a competition (4 points)? Which HouseGuest will be the first to cast a mystery vote (4 points)? Which HouseGuest will be the first to win a tie breaker (4 points)? Which Houseguest will be the first to complete a secret task (4 point)? How well do you know Big Brother? It's time to put your knowledge to the test! Submit your entries before 8pm ET on Thursday, July 5th!

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