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  1. Utopia Friday, October 31st, 2014 **Note: Because Utopia was preempted last Friday, some of this recap information is not new to you, but it IS the first time we get to talk about the mass exodus of pioneers. Enjoy!** This Time And then there were 12. We get to see three Utopians walk through the gate never to return. A very "G" rated Halloween party was really XXX. Aaron says his "mission in Utopia is done" don't believe everything you see on TV. Amanda's sisters visit and Bella fights about what else? Food. Two weeks without a food fight, I know you missed it, don't lie. The Government Loves Me, It Loves Me Not Bri's turn at governing what not really a Government, a lot of them lately have been platforms to yak about how they feel, not set up rules or a foundation to live by. One of Cal's and Rob's biggest beefs lately has been that Utopia needs a mission statement, essentially goals to (not) live up to. Bri did a mental acrobatic flip-flop as she went from a totalitarian dictatorship (because remember she said Hitler may have gotten it right) to something called Love, Unity and Community. It almost ties your brain in a knot doesn't it? In any case, the general gist was to hug your neighbor I think, everyone does their best impression of a sloth and gets the hugging done. Mission Accomplished! The Ghosts of Utopia The live feeders have taken up residence in Utopia but, instead of an unseen, unfelt presence, we have finally graduated to Poltergeist status. WE now choose which three Utopians will be put up for replacement (see the new rules), we also choose which pioneer is the most productive and conducive to Utopia's success and reward that person with gifts. The pioneers still get to choose who to ultimately send packing, but giving us a chance to be involved and squash the cliquish behavior like an unwanted bug has been incredibly good fun. The fact that we get to do this EVER TWO WEEKS is even more satisfying. So if you are still not a "passport holder", that's a fancy way of saying you signed up on Utopia's website, you should do it now and get to bug squashin' and head patting, its free and comes with two camera views. (Also, they don't spam you, thank God) The Everlasting Gobstopper Food Fight Maybe you can help me out here, I know you come here for the latest information, but Bella's organic food situation has me at a loss. Bella has brought in, to date, about $5,000. That is 20% to her personally and 80% to the group fund. If Bella wants $125 a week in organic food purchases, why can't she just pay for it herself? She seems to be asking the group for $125 out of the group money for her food and taking the 20% from her painting business on top of that. I am not sure why this turns into a fight every week when she tries to put in a food order. They each have individual debt cards now, if she can afford it great, if she can't ::shrug:: she eats leaves and dandelions all the time anyway, not sure why this fight keeps happening. This scene was typical of all the another food fight melt downs only this one had chocolate on top! Mike wigged-out on Bella saying he "only gets $52 a month" for extras, and she wants over $400!! He then takes the dark chocolate bar Bella bought for a snack (anti-oxidants and all that you know), smashes it on the table, ate pieces off the floor, went around giving out pieces to everyone that wanted some and was generally being a big baby. He and Aaron specifically went after Bella (not seen on TV) telling her "ten days Bella, just ten days and you are gone" it was pretty ugly, and made for hysterical viewing online. The Cool Kids Club has been terrorizing Bella publicly and Nikki privately on and off since the beginning, telling Bella that her days are numbered. They have stolen her art, pushed her buttons (and she has alot of them) and have just been generally smug about them being in control. Problem is VIEWTOPIANS took over!!! It's not Bella that's likely to be put on the chopping block this week. The Very Adult Halloween Party ("Not" As Seen on TV) I'm not sure how to tell you all this, but people had sex. Many people had many kinds of different sex. Instead of gory details, let's just say at least half of our Utopians had a happy ending. Josh had a threesome in the bushes, Mike got lucky with Melissa (the fan girl) in the love shack. Chris was more discreet, but admitted to some action. Taylor and Hex hooked up, and Dedeker and Jake (the BeeKeeper) also sweated it up in a teepee/fort looking thing Cal built for women on their periods. Don't ask me, I was ick-ed out with just that little bit of info about the place. We saw an online friend of Utopia @bunnylovins show up with her husband dressed as "mootopians", very cute onsie cow costumes. They kindly left them for Nikki and Amanda to wear, keeping them warm and adorable for the whole winter we hope! They also hired a band that turned out to be impossibly cool and kept the party alive with cover tunes, but it turned out their own music was even better. Check them out Mursic. I'm not into giving shout outs, so don't ask, but the mootopians and the band just couldn't be ignored! Utopia Experiences Colony Collapse After Josh reads the letter delivered by production telling the Utopians the online viewers were now in control, the reactions were priceless. The Cool Kids were angry and distraught, (hmmm, I wonder why) everyone else seemed to find the new rules good, great or really interesting. Hex thinks because she is not a "girly-girl" she will be nominated, but Bella thinks "it will take away from tearing people down and turn it into supporting each other more". She also said "people on the outside, namely us, "see what they don't". Yes, yes we do. Josh thinks it's not about the most work, it's about contributing in a positive way. Cal readily agrees. Rob says "up to today we were going to bounce Bella's big butt right out the gate", now he thinks he is going up for replacement. Dedeker and Kristen think it's about being seen getting up early and going to work. Ernesto and Josh have it figured out, if you're a jerk, American is going to call you out on it. Aaron thinks "it won't be about who works the hardest, it will be 'I don't like you' because they saw me and Rob attacking Bella". Right on Aaron! (btw Aaron thinks it will be Bella and Josh up for replacement, delusional much?) Live viewers are a little drunk with so much power, makes you wonder if we are going to turn into power hungry monsters every two weeks and start demanding a cut of the group fund! After Amanda (yes, we noticed Rob is no longer the spokesman of Utopia, hmmm) announces that Aaron, Bri and Rob are nominated for replacement the group goes their separate ways. Bri sits down with Rob under a tree and wonders why America has chosen her twice now. Bri says "If you can't even have love, what is the point of this?" "**Sigh**... Whatever... I'm going home." AND SHE DOES!! She got right up, walked straight to the gate and was gone, POOF! That was no TV editing trick, that is exactly how it went down. Chris packed up her things and wrote her a letter. We hope it started out with "I know I was a complete jerk and treated you like crap...". Next we have Mike. While the kids Halloween party (for Charity) was going on the day after the x-rated adult party, Mike got some information from production. They told him his father had called, something was wrong with his mother and he had to get home immediately, production had a ticket waiting for him. While we find out later it was not life threatening, we wish Mike and his family all the best of luck during this time. Mike will NOT be returning to Utopia. Conspiracy theorists WARP 10! Time to Play: Beg For Your Life I have to admit, I hate this part of the process, bringing people in to beg to stay in any reality show is usually pretty uncomfortable. That being said, here is how it went down. Aaron said "I have not been the nicest guy and I have been pretty unapproachable", but his mission is not done. This is exactly the opposite of what he really said. He said he thinks he IS done in Utopia, and that Rob is the better person to stay. I am not quite sure why Fox choose to edit his speech that way, because the Utopians used Aaron's speech for discussion on who to vote out many, many time. (See the full vote here). Rob says he has been in a funk since Jess left but he thinks Utopia can really be something and he wants to be a part of it. Here are the results. For Aaron to Leave Nikki - She was going to vote for Rob, but Aaron says he is done Cal - Ditto to what Nikki said, Aaron says he is done and Rob wants to stay Josh - Rob has something to add to the community Taylor - Aaron says he is done Amanda - Rob wants to find a purpose, Aaron says he is done Hex - Rob is my BFF For Rob to Leave Kristen - She still has things to learn from Aaron Ernesto - Mumble, mumble Rob should leave Bella - She has hope for Aaron who wants to change Chris - Rob threatened to walk out on us Dedeker - The right choice is not the one I want That made it six for Aaron to leave and five for Rob. At the last minute when the hands were raised and discussion was closed, Josh changed his vote and Rob was sent home to Jess. Taylor and Hex completely broke down, Taylor hitting things and Hex just sobbing uncontrollably. Rob said "don't be sad, I'm going to see Jess" Side Show Freaks & House Keeping Amanda has a twin sister! Her name is Amy. Amy and Amanda's older sister Alex came to visit and half the people online and in Utopia wanted them to stay forever. Hex, Taylor and Cal all got letters from home. Well, Cal got a letter from his commune in Oregon. He invited Bri to the commune before she walked out and Chris who doesn't care what Bri does at all, was so jealous he wanted to kick Call's ass. We saw Jake and Mike get in to it this episode, here is the full ridiculousness of it we covered in last week's recap. Mike vs Jake the Beekeeper Part1, and Part2. Aaron's emergency room visit for the attack of the ear plug turned out to be nothing. He claimed he may have ruptured his ear drum taking his ear plug out too fast. But Fox didn't even see fit to cover it. Maybe Aaron just needed a mid-day outing in an ambulance. Josh is exempt from replacement this voting cycle, but we can talk about that later. Next Time We already have two new Utopians (whom I secretly love so far), James and Jeremy. Jeremy brought tractor parts with him and his mission is to get the damn thing running. James I think brought hair dye and is re-making Bella. I can't wait! The voting is now open to kill off yet another three pioneers, you can only vote once, so make it count! That's it fans and hate-watchers. Let us know if you have any questions, and leave us any comments you are dying to make.
  2. Jonathan is a pastor and high school coach. His habitat of origin is Church Hill, Tenn.This 45 years old married men can build, hunt and fish. He is also the father of two kids. ''I'm a pastor in the community. I want an opportunity to share the message that I'm sharing locally to as many people as I can. God is no longer at the center of our society. A society that's gonna succeed needs to have God at the center of it.'' ''What I would like to see accomplished with the social experiment is to show folks that you can come together with differences. Put those differences aside and work together. There are times where diplomacy don't get the job done. You have to do whatever it takes. I love a challenge. I'm very competitive. I think that I could survive and be a great asset to those around me as we build that society that we all wanna call Utopia.'' "When I go to Utopia, God goes to Utopia," proclaims Jonathan, who hopes to build a church and baptize his fellow Utopians.
  3. David Green, a.k.a. '5'th Avenue' is a 34 years old single homeless and unemployed cast member. His habitat of origin is San Diego. His skills: Sales; hustling; amateur barbering; smooth-talking. ''As a child, my childhood was pretty chaotic. You know, I was a foster child from the age of three till about seventeen and my mom did drugs for like fifteen years. I got involved with the wrong kind of people and I went to prison for a burglary, a non-violent burglary. Thank God nobody got hurt. The wisdom and the knowledge that I've gained in these experiences is what makes me an asset this day. For me Utopia is like a clean sleeve. I get to display to the world the best characteristics of me. The best part about David.'' ''I would like my Utopia to be a place where everyone cohesively works for the edification and cultivation of the unit.'' "On paper, I'm written off," says 5th Avenue Dave, a former drug dealer and burglar who's been in and out of jail since 17. "I wanna show the world that ex-convicts and felons can make a change."
  4. Red (Arthur) is 41, married and a father. Red is a handyman, farmer, moonshiner, home builder and natural medicine man. He is from Cecilia, Ky. ''I like hunting, I like fishing, I llike my knives, I like shooting guns and I've lived off the grid for ten years. There's no electric line to the property and there ain't no water lines coming to the property. I can fix about anything.'' ''I can do things they say can't be done. I'm all for sexual freedom if somebody wants do to something more power to them. I don't want your lifestyle or anybody else's lifestyle forced upon me either. There's no shame in my game, this is Red world you know I'm saying.'' "I'll be your Hillbilly MacGyver and your go-to guy," says Kentucky Red, who won't tolerate fools in Utopia. "I can fix just about anything," he says. "But there ain't no fixin' stupid."
  5. Utopia Friday, October 24th, 2014 **Note: Utopia is preempted tonight by the world series. That is technically reality TV too, but it's not our much needed fix of lame food drama, bad decision making, and back-stabbing. We are going to give you a recap on this week's events to help keep you informed and addicted while Utopia is on hiatus. We've thrown in a few more video links than usual to help you forget about the missing episode. Enjoy!** This Time We have the juiciest update of the whole season so far!! (no, the show isn't canceled) but production seems to be just as disgusted as we all are about the pioneers squandering this opportunity at a new society and has stripped them of their rights to nominate anyone for eviction and given the power to the live feeders! So I guess Operation "Rattle Nikki" just went down the crapper, and so did the CKC (the Cool Kids Club, aka The Utopian Mafia). Here are the new voting rules. Let's Talk About the Cool Kids Behind Their Backs ...And in the beginning there was Aaron and Kristen. They decided (for no discernible reason)it was them against the rest of Utopia, and that was the snake in Utopia's garden. Some of the Utopian weekend visitors snitched on them to the other pioneers, and thus was the hate between Nikki and Aaron born. Mike, Aaron and Kristen wanted Nikki out on the first vote, but figured out they didn't have the votes to git 'er done. Since then Mike, Aaron and Kristen have hooked up with Rob and Taylor. They have all turned to the dark side. Operation Rattle Nikki was meant to upset her so she would have a verbal altercation with someone, or just blow up in general and our dark lords of dystopia could use her actions to get her up as a nominee for eviction. We pretty much knew Aaron, Kristen and Mike (Mr. & Mrs. Shady and their shyster lawyer) started out on the dark side, (although you have to admit, Mike hid it pretty well in the beginning)but how in the world did Rob and Taylor end up being seduced by the dark arts? I blame it all on Red. The minute he passed through the gate whatever mean, nasty, aggressive, foul, festering spirit left his body and took up residence in Rob's. We saw Rob go from being a calm, thoughtful, goal oriented leader to a dish/cutlery throwing, art stealing, foul mouthed, misogynistic, fit throwing douche bag. Rob managed to suck Taylor into the group even when Aaron couldn't do it with the lure of extra food and liquor. When Rob went bad, he went real, real bad. Aaron has been relieved of his "Chef" status since Tuesday the 21st and Nikki and Cal have been killing it in the kitchen! Full breakfasts and dinners with plenty for all. It's only supposed to be for a week, but Aaron is completely bent out of shape about it. He threw out a pea soup Cal and Nikki were cooking on the stove, and I mean threw it outside in the dirt (accidentally on purpose). He started an argument with Nikki over who was going to cook what with the 100 or so pumpkins Jake the bee keeper brought over, made some lovely comments like "I just don't like how late she serves it" "She doesn't give us options" "Her oatmeal tastes like snot" and "The kitchen is always a mess". He has a point about the kitchen, well the stove anyway, if the rumors of a maggot colony are true. (Pardon me while I puke.) He has also generally slept the day away rather than work in the garden like he said he would. Kristen got some strait talk from the online viewers who posted comments on her "blog". They were pretty direct, and while no one approves of personal attacks about her looks (who cares?) the rest were pretty on the money and instead of taking any of the advise or remarks to heart, she tried to tell herself and others it was from just one sad, lonely person. Many of the Utopians read the comments before production got involved and deleted everything and shut it down. But we all know, nothing ever goes away once its lose on the web. So if you want to read what she got hammered with here it is. Hex threatened to come to everyone's home (when she leaves Utopia)that left a comment and Rob wants us to fly to California and say that stuff to his face. But pay the $20 to get in first. Now we get to Mike. Mike had a complete and total meltdown this week. Mike in my opinion needed some thorazine. His breakup with Dedeker, which was all his idea by the way, has him unhinged. He threw the most massive, out of control, fit when Jake the bee keeper came by to drop off some honey and pumpkins. Mike shouted at him like a loon out on the dock and then started pumpkin chunkin all the gourds he could get his hands on. I think every Utopian on the farm at one point tried to calm him down, only problem is most of them laughed uncomfortably through the whole revolting scene. They seemed to think the best way to handle it was to make Mike feel like he was being funny. It wasn't funny, it was awkward in the extreme. I will give you the link to the shit-show because we have no episode to watch this week, but viewer discretion is advised for people sensitive to stupidity. Mike vs Jake the Beekeeper Part1, and Part2. Taylor I'm going to say is just misguided and hope that he isn't in too deep not to be able to get the stink of felonious bad behavior off of him with just a good bar of beeswax soap he can buy from Dedeker for $10. We're the Cool Kids Now By the time you read this, the voting for who you wanted booted out of Utopia will be closed, and the three people with the most votes will be up for elimination. Mike and Rob are both TRYING to get nominated and put out at this point because the payoff is about $10,000 when you leave, but only after one year or being voted off by the other pioneers. Slick huh? So look for them to go really big from now till the eviction on Halloween with the worst crap they can dream up. Before the announcement of the change in rules, several of our Dark Side pioneers were threatening others in the group with eviction. Rob and Aaron specifically threatened Bella with "10 more days and bye bye Bella". The Fox Utopian website itself said the producers had noticed this alarming trend. Now whether that means they decided it was time for some drastic action or just sped up the process of changing the voting no one is saying. I personally think this is a fantastic turn of events, no doubt it makes it seem like much more of a game show considering the next vote America has to make tomorrow (Saturday the 25th) will be who we think has done the MOST for Utopia and that person will receive immunity for the next vote and some type of gift/prize that the new prospective Utopians will bring in with them when they arrive. Confused yet? Our pioneers sure aren't I can tell you. The Cool Kid's Club doubled their work hours, apologized to whatever camera was closest and became fast friends with the people they were threatening just moments before the new rules were read. Chris becoming besties with Bella was hysterically funny to watch, but he has to keep his lip buttoned from now on or America may just nominate him for being a "big meanie". Of course this is true for all but Mike and Rob, remember, they want out, but they are only going out with the money, which means they have to be voted out. Clear as mud? Good. Side Show Freaks & House Keeping Bri must have found a stash Red forget to take with him because her blog of Oct 22nd tells us spring is almost over. Bri also tells Cal that Nikki is just not that into him when he comes to her for relationship advice. She does however think that Chris is ready to "pop the question" since they were talking about ring sizes the other day. Oh, I almost forgot, one of the cows peed in her eye the other day when she was milking it. You think that was payback for her starving them a few weeks ago? Hex and Taylor broke up last week, got back together within six hours, and now Taylor wants out again. I'm not sure if Hex really gives a flying fig at this point, but Kristen sure does if Taylor is going to be officially single. That ought to add another ring of hell in Utopia as you watch your recent lover crawl into bed with a new lover in a sleeping bag no more than 20 feet away from you and your now cold and empty sleeping bag. Bella is teaching herself how to use eBay and PayPal since Kristen won't teach her how to auction her paintings. If Bella sells her paintings, the CKC couldn't steal the profits for themselves, doesn't matter anymore however, because Bella ain't gonna be the one going home on All Hallows Eve thanks to the rules change, but Kristen might be. Don't worry about her though, she has everything covered "I can start a new company the second I walk out those doors, and just by attaching my name to it, it will be successful," she tells Aaron. Bella's latest estimate for the paintings up for auction was $2,700. Now that Fox has sped up the turnover rate in Utopia to every two weeks, (almost as fast as your nearest McDonald's) they are trying to keep some secrets for the episodes airing every Friday night so we have a lot more audio muting and highlight reels running. If you notice something is off, it's not you, it's them. Utopia is putting out something called a work log now. The idea is everyone is tracked and we get a daily report showing what type and how much work our pioneers are doing. Here is the report for Oct 22nd, before they found out about the rules change and here is the report for Oct 23rd. Some people made some huge changes for the better and some for the worse. Rob seems to have come "un-stuck" last night. He disappeared OFF the farm. Now, the rules don't allow you to come back if you leave Utopia willingly, but many people believe that Rob is pretty tight with production and gets some special treatment. Rob himself said he just had to leave and speak to some "other people". Problem is he was gone for the whole night and didn't show back up until around 10am this morning. While the Fox people are pretty diligently trying to keep us from hearing the pioneers talk about this event, it seems more than a little sketchy. We will keep you posted with any concrete info we get regarding Rob's AWOL adventure. Next Time Find out why Aaron went to the emergency room for something that happened with his ear plugs. I'm still trying to get an answer back from Fox if the pioneers qualify for Obamacare to cover all these ER visits. Find out who has switched sides and decided to come out of the darkness and into the light, well anytime there is a camera around anyway. Mama Bear Amanda had a little false alarm with some contractions a few nights ago. She isn't supposed to be due for another 30+ days, but babies don't care about Network Programming Schedules. That's it fans and hate-watchers. Let us know if you have any questions, and leave us any comments you are dying to make.
  6. Friday 10/31 The vote is now OPEN for voting on who you want Recycled. http://tinyurl.com/q3hgqx2 Wednesday 10/29 We have two new Utopians!! James and Jeremy, I am not sure if the Utopians will be able to choose one between the two because they have lost three pioneers in the last 4 days, but stay tuned to find out. We have the new profiles up here. http://tinyurl.com/pehk383 Late Tuesday 10/28 Josh's prize for being the most productive Utopian by online vote was a bed. He decided to exchange the oversized full bed (mattress, box spring, and frame) for 15 twin size mattresses so ALL Utopians would have a bed. 5:00pm Monday 10/27 ROB is OUT!! The first conversation to "recycle" someone was 6/5 for Aaron getting the boot. When it came down to the actually vote, Josh changed his vote for Aaron to stay and Rob to go. Hex was inconsolable. 10:00pm Sunday 10/26 - So what will happen on Monday? With Mike and Bri already gone will the vote go on as scheduled? The amazing answer is yes! This is what people have always wanted from a reality show. We are in control and we should be very grateful for the opportunity Utopia is giving us, let's not let them down. No more cliquish groups running the show as if you were relieving some high school nightmare, this is a social experiment that all of a sudden just included US as viewers, we are now an integral part of the process. We not only get to show our disapproval for poor behavior, but reward those we find to be contributing to the whole fabric of this new society. They could easily have chosen to NOT hold the vote considering two Utopians have already left, but true to their word, Utopia will be holding a vote tomorrow, Monday 10/27, and either Aaron or Rob will be going home. 9:00pm 10/26 Jon Kroll, Executive Producer, has confirmed that Mike's mother does not have a life threatening situation. We are VERY please to hear it. We hope everything works out for Mike's family and he is able to decided if he wants to return to the show. 4:30pm 10/26 We have heard from the Utopians (Hex specifically) that the issue with Mike's mother is NOT life threatening. We hope that is true, and she seems to be explaining it to the other Utopians as if she was "informed" of this information, not just guessing about it. We here at Morty's wish Mike and his family the best of luck! 2:30pm 10/26 We have been told that Mike has a family emergency at home regarding his mother. His father called production and asked the Mike be sent home immediately. The question of his returning is up in the air, although Utopia has used the word "indefinitely". We will post more info as we receive it. Jon Kroll aka @hippykid an Executive Producer for Utopia tells us that the vote WILL be between Rob and Aaron. There was some concern the pioneers could "opt-out" and vote for Bri because she was still a nominee. Mr. Kroll cleared that up with a tweet saying either Aaron (Mr. Shady) or Rob (Robnoxious) will be leaving Utopia on Monday. All our pioneers currently believe that with Bri's unceremonious exit on Sat 10/25, that Rob and Aaron are safe. Rob started campaigning last night to Dedeker. He has since publicly announced to everyone that he WANTS to stay. This is quite a statement considering he took aside all his buddies privately and one by one explained his reasons for leaving and said his goodbyes. Maybe Rob has a sixth sense about the upcoming vote on Monday. Aaron on the other hand is still trying to get Nikki evicted. Huh? Was he mentally "out to lunch" during the meeting when Josh announced WE, the live feeders, are the only ones that can nominate a Utopian for elimination? Whatevs. He also sees no reason to campaign, he has never even considered being given the boot by his fellow pioneers. Some one get some coffee brewing so Aaron can smell it.
  7. Utopia Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014. This Time The Utopians are having a "Utopian Experience" for the general public, will more than just Ben show up? The saga of Bella's water filter continues, "Bris" is no more, and so is the money. Will our pioneers finally create a sustainable business or remain a circus side show? We get the answers to some of these questions tonight. Would You Like Your Water Filtered or Non-Filtered? Several days ago there was a delivery for Bella, a $170 water filter. Bella was bathing at the waterfall and the other Utopians decided it was too much money and she didn't have their permission to buy it anyway (yes, she did). They sent it back without ever telling her it had arrived. Mike has volunteered to explain it to her. He puts on a box with cut-outs as a helmet and another box as a shield. He tries his hand at olde English and explains that the water filtered has been returned from whence it came in a gathering of the pioneers. Bella is not impressed, she has just had a go-around with Aaron over whether menstrual pads are a personal expense or a regular grocery item. Now Mike is making fun of her water filter. She breaks down and tells them they are being "disrespectful and hurtful". The whole group stares at the ground as Bella walks off sobbing. Amanda speaks to the group explaining that Bella is weird, yes, but she "didn't deserve this, we agreed she could order the water filter, we just didn't want to pay for it when it arrived". Josh and Rob agree with Amanda and Josh spends some time with Aaron regarding his behavior toward Bella. As a group they all agree, it was the wrong thing to have done. Goddess' Go to Work After their brief foray into Anarchy, the group has moved on to the Women being in charge for several days. The men will go next. Bella organizes all the Utopians together and asks the men for their input about women being in charge. Most of the men are respectful and explain personally they know and love strong women. Aaron and Rob however are not so respective of the idea, both point out that it is a "fact" of life that women are hormonal, overly emotional, and can't make hard decisions. Rob closes with "it's fine, if they want to go with the Tampon Party they can, just don't go crazy". He adds that it will be a disaster. The women get together and make out a list of chores. They break them down into 3 categories, Major, Minor and Miscellaneous. The majors have pretty much worked themselves out based on everyone's various skill set, i.e. gardening, construction, electrical/plumbing, animal tech, etc. But the minors and miscellaneous are a type no one likes doing, dishes, trash and cleaning. Red especially doesn't like chores of any kind, he makes it known during the chores meeting the women call, all the chores are listed and their idea is to have people sign up for them, not just hand them out, or demand them to be done. Red has decided that the women are in charge so they can do all the chores. He wants no part of it, and he is not signing up for anything. On the first day of Womens Rule in Utopia, Bri decides she will just sleep through it. Everyone else is out and working well before 8am, while Bri snoozes in her new area of the barn after she and Chris decided it would be better if she moved out of his area. Red wants to handle the situation, again telling them he is the "old man of the group" and will speak to her like the child she is. Bella says "no, the women are in charge and we will handle it". That was the end of Red's sanity that was just barely hanging on by it's finger nails when the new rule had been announced. He starts screaming at Bella, it's nonsensical, and aggressive. He tears off the chore sheets from the refrigerator and rips them into pieces. Bella lets slip a little production info, she tells him he was "TOLD not to threaten people" he says he is not threatening people, he is going to stomp on her water filter when it gets there just like he stomped on the food when Dave and he didn't want Aaron ordering food for them. Nikki moves them away from each other, but nothing is solved. Hex and Dedeker talk to Red alone and discuss his behavior with positive, loving, comments. Red will take their compliments, but not their rule I suspect. Bri is brought into a similar conflict resolution meeting with all the people she wronged by not waking up and not taking care of the animals which is her Major responsibility. She seems determined to make good and is up bright and early the next morning in the animal paddock, seeing to the animals needs and reassuring the others she will get it together. Visitation It turns out the pioneers can receive visitors in jail Utopia! Once a month the group will nominate one person to have a visit from loved ones. Red nominates himself for the first visit. His wife and son, Jennifer and Jacob arrive at the gate and pure Kentucky catter'wallin commences. Red has found a way UNDER the barn and takes his lovely wife there as soon as possible, from the groans and moans we have a pretty good idea what's going on even without cameras. Jennifer and Jacob get a tour of Utopia, and tell the pioneers the story of when they met at a party, and Jennifer was under 16 at the time, but she knew what she wanted. A wonderful time is had by all and they are gone before nightfall. Red says he will have a smile on his face for a few days. A Day at the Country Fair The pioneers, with Kristen's help and the purchase of a used laptop for $450 begin to plan for the "Utopia Experience", this brings their total money left to a meager $1,300. There will be multiple things for people to do and purchase instead of just offering yoga. Although yoga will still be available, guided tours, archery, wine making, polyamory discussions, bootcamp, art, jewelry and goddess circle are all for sale in Utopia this time around, and with the help of the internet for marketing, people actually arrived. I would say the Utopians pulled in at least 20 people. They seems to be of all ages and several were live feed enthusiasts, including Ben, yes, our Ben, who should be the Utopian Mascot as far as I am concerned. There was also Kim, and Kim clued in a few people in Utopia to the double dealings of some of their pioneer buddies. Kim made it a point to tell Amanda privately that Kristine and Aaron were not to be trusted. Although this was not on the TV show, I expect we will hear more about Aaron and Kristen's nefarious dealings with the money and the grocery list in the future. At the closing of the weekend long "Utopia Experience" the group has made... drum roll please... $1,483!!! They end the weekend by presenting Bella with her water filter and ending the women's term in power. Next Time What will the men have up their sleeves for the governing of Utopia? Will Red "vote" Aaron off the island for his double dealing ways? And who is Ernesto? Not a new chicken I can tell you! Tune in next Friday September 25th at 7/8pm Pacfic time on CBS.
  8. Name: Bri Vitals: 20, single Habitat of Origin: Westminster, CA Occupation: Veterinary aide Skillset: Farming, raising livestock, horseback riding, canning fruits and vegetables, building huts Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Expressed In Emojis: Horse, another horse, cocktail, horse Most Likely To: Build Utopia in the image of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video Natural Enemies: Anyone who gets between her and the BOYS Behavioral Quirks: Talking about humans like she isn’t one Bri’s Utopia: Bri nuzzling her horse on the cover of a supermarket paperback “It would be nice to be the prettiest girl in Utopia -- that way, I could have my pick of the men,” says the first generation Vietnamese-American free spirit, who’s passionate about animal rights and makin’ jam!
  9. New Nomination and Voting Rules for Utopia This happens every two weeks. Online viewers now have the power to choose all three of the Utopians who'll be shortlisted for replacement. We are instructed to vote for who we think has contributed the LEAST to society, but you can vote for whoever you hate the most if that's your deal. The newest member of Utopian society cannot be replaced. You can only vote for ONE Utopian to be "outcast". The three Utopians with the most votes against them will be shortlisted for replacement. After the outcasts/nominees are announced to the Utopians, the online viewers again get to vote, this time for the pioneer we think has contributed the MOST to the society, again, no need to tell you, you can vote for whoever you love the most if that's your deal. This person will receive immunity from the next replacement vote and will receive a "gift" from the online viewers. We will be able to choose from several options what we want to reward our "bestest" Utopian with. Within a few days two new prospective Utopians will arrive and one will be chosen by the pioneers to become part of the social experiment.
  10. Name: Josh Vitals: 36, long-distance relationship, father Habitat of Origin: Salt Lake City, UT Occupation: General contractor Skillset: Building, cooking, sewing, fishing, hunting, bragging Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Expressed In Emojis: Flexing arm, hazard sign (construction), hearts Most Likely To: Erect new structures Natural Enemies: Wet blankets who don’t want to hang in his “Love Shack” Behavioral Quirks: Flaunting his sexuality like a peacock in the wild Josh’s Utopia: Caligula’s Rome “You can’t build a house without a general contractor, and you can’t build Utopia without me,” says Josh the Builder, a self-proclaimed “sexy beast” excited to help other people (into bed) and model his vast collection of “banana hammocks.”
  11. Name: Nikki Vitals: 29, single Habitat of Origin: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Medical/holistic doctor, life coach, herbalist, yoga instructor Skillset: Gardening, intense eye-gazing, cuddling Zodiac Sign: Pisces Expressed In Emojis: Banana, stopwatch, “let me touch you” emoji Most Likely To: Last the longest Natural Enemies: No-Touching policies, unchecked capitalism Nikki’s Utopia: An endless group hug An ideal society won’t take shape overnight, but don’t expect that to phase Dr. Nikki. After all: “It’s not about the orgasm, it’s about the process,” says the holistic doctor and tantric sex enthusiast sure to take a hands-on approach to communal living.
  12. Name: Chris Vitals: 25, single Habitat of Origin: Cary, NC Occupation: Glass blower, chili farmer Skillset: Skateboarding, surfing, shredding, guitar-playing Zodiac Sign: Virgo Expressed In Emojis: Chili pepper, guitar, rainbow Most Likely To: Turn your frown upside-down, man Natural Enemies: Bad vibes Behavioral Quirks: Prone to humblebragging Chris’ Utopia: The Island of the Lotus-eaters from The Odyssey, except with chili peppers He’ll infuse your spirit with happiness and burn your mouth with the hot peppers he farms with his family. Chili charmer Chris loves inspiring others, working as a team, and finding beauty in all he beholds. Well, maybe not everything. “Bible bangers drive me nuts,” he says.
  13. Name: Amanda Vitals: 30, in an open relationship Habitat of Origin: Seattle, WA Occupation: Behavioral specialist Skillset: Patience, organizing/planning, singing Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Expressed In Emojis: Baby (obviously), kissy smiley, peace sign Most Likely To: Gain weight in Utopia Natural Enemies: Anyone who suspects she’s pregnant Amanda’s Utopia: One big happy family “I’m pregnant, but not powerless,” says Amanda, who plans to keep the baby a secret as long as she can in Utopia. Her work with developmentally challenged children reaffirms her belief that if “everyone treated each other like family, the world would be a better place.”
  14. Name: Aaron Vitals: 26, single Habitat of Origin: Jackson, MS Occupation: Private chef Skillset: Cooking, foraging, personal training Zodiac Sign: Taurus Expressed In Emojis: Meat, dumbbell, knife Most Likely To: Dig underneath each camera for hidden ‘shrooms Natural Enemies: The unhealthy Behavioral Quirks: He sets six daily eating alarms Aaron’s Utopia: Everyone working together for one simple goal: survival “Food is life,” says this former military man who knows what a good meal can mean to a hungry community. A hopeless romantic and fantastic forager, Aaron envisions a Utopia free of class divisions and full of nuts and berries.
  15. Utopia Friday, October 17th, 2014 **Note: Since Utopia is down to once a week now, our recaps are going to include some items only available online, we hope it gives a clearer and more meaty update!** This Time Stealing food, stealing art, stealing a kiss, just another day in the criminal enterprise that is Utopia. And oh ya, there was a wedding and a breakup and a trial. Hijacking the Art, Ditching the Artist During Kristen's capitalist takeover of Utopia Rob made a comment that if someone had a great business they would just vote them out and take it over. Well, he is making good on his threat, I really thought he was kidding, but the Utopia Mafia (Rob, Mike, Aaron, Kristen and Taylor) is planning on keeping all of Bella's art, which is selling really well, but getting rid of Bella at the end of the month. Bella noticed that her art was missing from the Utopian web page. She asked Kristen about it, and was told all her art was up on eBay, of course it wasn't, because the Mafia has taken it off the web until after Bella is voted out so they can take the profits for themselves. Bella looked on eBay and caught Kristen in the lie and now Kristen is telling her she doesn't have enough time to put all the pictures back up on the web page. I expected a lot of slimy, shifty, shady stuff from some of our pioneers, but this??? It also seems stupid to get rid of the goose if she is still laying the golden eggs. The weirdest part of this nasty plan is that Bella knows what they are doing, but she hasn't decided what to do about it. Note to the Mafia, don't forget Bella carries a knife everywhere she goes. Food-Crime and Punishment Our food Czar Aaron is at it again, no not stealing money from the group, no not bigger portions for his friends, no not padding the grocery list with food bribes (wheeew) this time it's stealing Josh's mayonnaise. Here is the play by play: Josh: Aaron did you use all my mayo for dinner last night? Aaron: I thought it was Red's mayo. Josh: Did you not see my name on the mayo five feet tall written in black sharpie? Aaron: Josh if you keep being a dick and antagonizing me I'm going to knock the shit out of you. Josh: You threatening me? Aaron: Yes, I did. Josh: I love how your response to any confrontation is fighting. Aaron: When you push people that's what happens. Josh: What are you gonna do? Do something! The "something" turns out to be Aaron pushing Josh with his finger tips explaining that is what it feels like to Aaron when Josh speaks to him. Josh says "don't touch me, I'm using words". Aaron says "I don't know what else to tell you" "Well that's not going to work here is it?" says Josh, Aaron gives up and says "write it up", Josh says "alright, I will". The trial begins, the first rule the Utopian's adopted (unanimously) was no physical violence, and no threat of physical violence. The mayo jar is introduced into evidence as Exhibit A. Aaron is found guilty as sin, but both Aaron and Josh have to do one hour of Anger Management with Amanda and Aaron has to do an hour of "tilling the earth" in the garden. Everyone seems good with their solution and Josh and Aaron agree with the punishments. It's important to note that Mike presided over the trial and gave a big smile when he banged the gavel at the end of the trial. That does not last. As you heard at the end of the episode Utopia will be off next week for the World Series, but they teased a HUGE, LIFE CHANGING EVENT to come. I hate to tell you, but it's not. Mike decides after seeing Aaron work in the garden with a pick axe that it looks too much like slavery. He takes the axe from Aaron and throws it over the fence. Chris is working right alongside Aaron and wants to know what the hell Mike is doing? Mike says this is crazy shit, and tells Aaron (who he is in the Mafia with don't forget) not to do any more work. Aaron never says a word, but Chris asks why Mike set up a court system then? Mike has no real answers here just base emotion. After the melt down the group tries to have a meeting about racism that Aaron says he doesn't have time for and Amanda assures Chris that he is a not a crazy racist for thinking it was ok for Aaron to work in the garden. Which Aaron will be doing anyway next week when Nikki takes over the kitchen. Everyone recovers nicely and the money game takes center stage again, right where it belongs. The Wedding Rob and Jessica got hitched, it cost the group $750. Done. Oh, wait, Pastor Jon married them, and it looked like every other wedding you have ever seen on TV. Done and Done. Side Show Freaks & House Keeping The Utopia website nick names EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, but they did come up with a good one for Jake the beekeeper. He is now JFB, Jake the fucking beekeeper for screwing up Mike and Dedekers "relationship" Dedeker gave Jake a kiss at the gate and even though Mike doesn't know about it, his spidey senses are tingling. When confronted with the fact that he kissed "fan girl" Melissa, he says "that's different". Ha!!! He moved out of Dedekers pad and on to bachelor skid row on the other side of the barn. Dedeker plays it very calm and cool but later goes out to cry alone under a tree. Rob finds her (he is in full press 1950's 2 piece plaid jammies) and comforts her. Cal and Nikki seem to still be working on a relationship although how she can stand the smell no one seems to know. Maybe Nikki is "nose-blind" because there is talk of voting Cal out just to improve the air quality. Ca$h gets to go out to the pasture with Mama Honey and Auntie Betsy, happy cows live in California remember? Enrique the rooster got the job done and a brand new chick is born in Utopia, no, not a another Bri, a real baby chicken. Bella caught the bouquet from the wedding and a very very drunk Josh tried to bed her... twice. Bella declined. Bella maybe be bat shit crazy, but she is nobody's booty call! Next Time The racial blow up and who is in the lead for the recycling vote? Aaron, Bella or Cal? Kristen accidentally leaves the comments section "on" while writing a blog and the results are devastating, but true. Is Haylor on the outs? Any bets on how long that lasts considering Bris is back at pomegranate lane? Will Josh really be interested in Bella now that she turned him down? Tune in Friday Oct 31st for the answers to these questions and everything else we have picked up on the live feeds.
  16. Utopia Friday, October 3rd, 2014 This Time "Every society needs new blood" so says our very strange host Dan Piraro, but our Utopian's are more focused on kicking out "old blood" on this episode. Kristen takes a stab at converting the government of Utopia into a Corporation and ends up selling Josh as her first official act. Capital(ism) Sales Meeting Let me first say, this would have happened much sooner if it wasn't for Bella. Bella through a huge fit many weeks ago about "being in charge" and Kristen was convinced (by production) to give up her 3rd place in line for choosing a government in order to placate Bella. There was a much, much longer discussion of this new government than was shown on tonight's episode, I will endeavor to fill in a few gaps. You should know going into this "capitalism as government" that it is Kristen and AARON'S baby, although he leaves her hanging at the meeting. So, let's see, Kristen's motto in life is MONEY. She wants to divide up Utopia into private and group businesses. No government really, after all a capitalist society will be self-correcting right? The split will be 60/40, you keep 60% of your private business money and 40% will go to the group "fund". If you don't have any skills or ideas for a private business, or don't have the money to buy supplies, you can work for her or Aaron and they will give you a very small percentage of the money they make off your labor. As you might imagine many of our Utopians were distinctly unhappy. Josh's said "that is not capitalism, it's greed, and if making money is your priority, that's not what this is all about. For anyone working in the garden, the barn or on construction there is no incentive to keep doing it, they only make $37 a week. Why should they do any group work at all? Shouldn't they just work on their private business and make real money? Rob says they will just vote out the person that is making the most money and take over their private business(lol). Amanda asks what's to keep them from competing against each other and under cutting the price to steal customers? Josh says he'll just sabotage your businesses and run off all paying customers (and Mr. Shorty, Shorts Sunday can do it too). Is it getting hot in here? Hex points out that Ernesto, Taylor, Josh and Rob will all be forced into selling their labor and it will deteriorate into an owner vs. labor class system. Dedeker says she doesn't even want to run a business, what is going to happen to her? As Rob correctly points out, Dedeker would be on "welfare" from the group fund. Aaron finally blows his top and asks them "where do you see yourself going??!! Are you happy with just $37??!! While Kristen is in the kitchen Amanda says "your idea of Utopia is Capitalism right?" Kristen says "yea, capitalism, but individual growth that helps the group succeed". I think she has that line written on her hand. Amanda, "you don't have kids right? Who do you have to support?" Kristen, "myself and my dog" Amanda "well here you have 14 other people to support". That is the last straw for Kristen, very few people are on board with her ideas. She meets Aaron out by the pasture were she is usually talking smack about her fellow Utopians, only this time it's her crying over Amanda's grilling of her. She wants to go home but Aaron reassures her that she is needed here, and that Amanda is just "afraid", because according to Kristen all the Utopians except her and Aaron are "afraid of success because they are afraid of failure". By the way, Kristen's private business is "Marketing", that puts her finger in everybody else's "private business" pie. The Utopians go on and on about this subject and I am sure it will rear its ugly head many times in the future. The Vote after the Vote With Bella, Bri and Red up for replacement it's time to get on the campaign trail. Well, everyone but Red that is, he says "the vote don't matter" to him, and oh ya, "you can't fix stupid". Bri goes around telling everyone her Utopia is about unity, love and peace for as long as she can hold you down. Most of the pioneers don't know anything about her because she was "Bris" for the first four weeks, now that's over, she needs you to know Utopia is about LOVE. Bella explains that she is a "worker", her problem, she says, is she works too much. Now she is going to relax and make money painting. I'm not sure Bella understands how to campaign. Rob is leading the charge to boot out Red, and he used the meetings to be sure everyone knows it too as he is always the host. Josh is recruiting votes left and right to get Bri out, he is convinced America saw her doing some nefarious thing on the live feeds and that's why we voted for her. He cannot tolerate someone doing something behind his back that he doesn't know about and so Bri has to go. Before the meeting we find out that Red has been at the ER for the past two days. How are they going to pay for that I wonder? Do the Utopians qualify for Obamacare? Anyway, he is pretty emotional about his finger, he got an infection you see and it went to the joint, he was malnourished (not sure how that happened since he buys all his own food) and his immune system had completely quit, he almost died. But thanks to his "hero" Dr. Nikki who simply told him to get it looked at, and some heroic saline solution he will LIVE!!! (Just not in Utopia). At the vote meeting, each of the three nominated Utopians gets to plead for their lives. Bella says she is sorry for being a "Garden Nazi" (which made me think of a garden gnome dressed up as Hitler) and "she really wants to be here", she even wore makeup and brushed her hair and she looked so sane I almost didn't recognize her. Red says there is communal living here, but if you give him individual freedom "we can git 'er done". Bri cries her way through her speech, she apologizes for screwing up the barn, and "she really wants to be here". Here are the results of the vote: Bella Chris - she is not a good person for Utopia Bri Ernesto - based on her performance Josh - the barn is a disaster and 100,000 people that voted for her online can't be wrong. Red Rob - can't forget how many times he walked out on the group Aaron - because he likes Red the least Kristen - says Red is irrational Amanda - not a good fit Hex - Red is useful only when he wants to be Taylor - thinks Red is an infection in the group Dedeker - the group changes to much to suit Red Mike - Red is a squeaky wheels and demands the grease. Nikki - Red is not in the same experiment as everyone else So with nine votes, Rob lets Red know that everyone loves him, but it's his time to go. Red says "this is not my project and I have a wonderful life outside". He gathers his stuff and walks out gate. Side Show Freaks & House Keeping We learned more about Josh's date night. Kristen sold him for $200 and Josh got somewhere between 5%-10%. Seems fair right? Josh developed a bucket delivery system from the house to the old fire pit, why you ask? No reason, just because. Mike met Melissa the "fan girl" on Sunday and made out with her. Everyone found out including Dedeker who said "that's awesome!" Next Time Two new rats possible Utopians arrive. Mike-topia is unleashed upon everyone and somehow Judge Judy is involved. Nikki becomes ill and Aaron becomes rude and disrespectful. See all of you next Friday!
  17. Utopia Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 This Time Who voted for whom? Bri who obviously entered the Utopia environment at way to steep an angle is burning up. Bella finds new skills, and Hex is worried Utopia is not unique. Bri, Ouch, Ouch! OUCH! When your boyfriend is telling his buddies that he is not attracted to you anymore, I'm guessing it's over. When the other pioneers find out you are cutting the cow's food down just to save money, I'm guessing (again) it's over. Our Bri tries to make amends with Chris by writing down her innermost feelings in a letter and giving it to him. She waits for him to lie down in his corner of the barn, gently gets down on her knees and gives him the note, he tosses it on the box next to him and tells her he will read it later (ouch). She says "it's ok if you want "this" to be over, I just don't want it to be weird". We heard this same line the day before Chris's birthday, but they both succumbed to "birthday sex", although Chris did make her move out of his corner of the barn and live on her own. Chris says "you made it weird" Bri asks what he needs to feel better, and he says "space and time". Oh, ya, and he wants his sweatshirt back, and that black shirt too (Ouch!). With the vote looming, Momma Bear Amanda sits down with Bri to discuss who really is the "least productive member". Amanda has been speaking with other pioneers and Bri's name has come up several times. As Amanda a Bri milk one of the cows, Bri says coyly "who did you say you were voting for?" Amanda, "well Bri, I was actually thinking you." (OUCH!) If I was Bri I would have tapped out right then. Bri bravely goes on talking about "her" Utopia being about Love (because we know it's not about the starving barn animals). The Barn Apparently the Vets watch the live feeds! who knew? Not Bri, the vets watched her reduce the amount of feed to the pregnant cow, and the milk producing cow until they decided they needed to intervene due to a "marked difference" in body appearance. Red has been taking on the care and feeding of the animals for a long time now. The vets are impressed with his knowledge and attention to the animals. The vets gently explain why Bri should let Red take care of the animals from now on. Red gets on to Bri later and says you can call yourself a vet assistant all you want but the group comes to me to make sure you have ordered the food for the animals because they know you forget and they don't trust you. Red tells the group that he doesn't want Bri to get voted out because she is the only one that can help birth the calf who's birth IS imminent, in fact so imminent, it is born in the next paragraph. Congratulations, it's a girl!! CASH is born!! They name the new calf Cash (as in Cash Cow), we don't get to see how this happens, only Hex screaming that the calf has been born and a shot of Bri with a towel helping to clean the new born up. They want to sell the new calf so it has to be removed from its mother right away and be bottle fed. This is extremely upsetting to Bella (I have to admit a mild upset myself), who wants the calf to be able to drink from its mother milk. The mother is none too happy about the boys running off to the barn with her new born daughter either. Cash has a new hay bailed fenced area all its own, Red seems completely smitten and so do several of the other Utopians who stop by to play with her. A chicken stole the umbilical cord from the birth and ate it. I didn't have to tell you that, but I saw it, so you have to read it. The Vote before the Vote Many of you know who America voted for, Bri, and most of you know that Bella and Red where put up by the group for replacement. Let's have a quick rundown of who voted for who and why. It was Bella with 5 votes, a tie with 4 votes each for Bri and Red, and 2 votes for Aaron. Once the three nominees are decided, they will have a second vote with just the pioneers that are NOT nominated and decide who should be recycled. Votes for Bella Taylor - I think she has just given up Chris - She just never completes anything she starts Bri - Because Utopia is about unity, love and peace and Bella is none of those things. Kristen - No info Aaron - His best day was when Dave left and he thinks Bella forces her beliefs onto other people. Votes for Bri Josh - Because she has done the least Bella - Because she is lazy Ernesto- Strictly for business reasons Amanda - No info Votes for Red Rob - He gets too angry and it hurts the group Hex - He doesn't want to be part of the group Dedeker - He doesn't want to be part of the group Mike - Too rebellious Votes for Aaron Nikki - He doesn't make healthy food Red - We need a cook, not a chef, a cook would be up before the others for breakfast and keep the kitchen open during the day When it turns out to be a tie between him and Bri, Red nominates himself because he says "I know she doesn't want to go home." The group allows this and their two nominees are Bella and Red. Rob opens the envelope with Americas vote and several of them are very shocked to find that we have nominated Bri anyway. Side Show Freaks & House Keeping They did manage to sell a date with one of the Utopians, Josh went on a double date with two men who they affectionately called "plaid" and "stripes". Bella blamed some of the plants dying on the fact that Rob didn't help out with the watering. He tells her they bought her a hose for that and a sprinkler and the plants still died. Bella's new skill you say?? Oh yea, she is a now a painter. My guess is landscapes. Josh's government was ... "whatever, I don't care... but I am building a workshop which I am calling the love shack and I bought us some thick black plastic for a water slide". Hex is still worried that Utopia is no different than the outside world and it should just be called little America. The Bee Keeper, Jake, that Nikki liked is polyamorus and has much more in common with Dedeker, what will Mike think? Next Time We will find out who is going out the door and meet the two new replacements which the Utopia's will then vote who to keep. Will Bri and Bella change their attitude now that they know they can be "recycled" at the end of the month? The show looks to be scaling down to just one night a week on Fridays, would you like to see some spoilers here about what's going happening on the live feeds? Leave us a comment and let us know!!
  18. Utopia Friday, September 19th, 2014. This Time The Utopians are dealing with the California drought and some blazing heat is coming their way, are they prepared? Deciding on a government comes down to a game of chance? What do you do with a choking chicken? and how much tequila can Hex drink before she remembers she is an alcoholic? We get the answers to some of these questions tonight. Dead Deer, Free Meal It turns out there is another way to leave Utopia besides the front gate. Red is out hunting before the sun comes up and finds himself a deer. The pioneers are allowed to leave the compound if they are hunting, Red and his crossbow aim true and bring down the groups first free meal. He has field dressed the animal and is hosing down the carcass when Bella gets wind of the murder. She is power walking to the area of the dead deer, Amanda asks her where she is going, she tells her "to make sure it's dead", Amanda tells her they are "rinsing it out with a hose, I'm sure it's dead". Bella power walks on, telling Amanda very darkly "sometimes they aren't". Bella takes one peak and walks quickly in the other direction, she tells herself, "it's little spirit is gone, it's just the body left now". Red finishes up with the deer, and turns to the next thing listed on his resume, Hillbilly Wine making. He uses several condoms, water, a large box of raisins, and a good amount of sugar. This is a 5 gallon bottle of wine they are attempting. It would have cut their shopping budget in half if they had started it earlier, as someone has now decided Tequila is now on the menu. ...And Freedom Anarchy for All Dedeker gets the group together to discuss starting a government. Bri wants a dictatorship because, you know, Hitler could have been right. Bella wants a few days of just men in charge and then a few days of just women. Amanda wants the U.S. Government system down to elected representatives that make the final decision. Rob says he just wants to be "Speaker" this entails everyone telling him their ideas and he brings it to the group for a vote. Hex believes in anarchy. They decide they want to experience them all so leave it up to chance. They put little pieces of paper in a bowl and the first government (or non-government as the case maybe) is Anarchy. Hex tells them to forget everything they know about anarchy and just listen to her. There are no rules, but you can't forget you are a human beings and have morals. Don't do anything you wouldn't want done to you. Meeting adjourned. Taylor and Helen? Taylor and Hex have become an item, and it happened within 24 hours. They lounge on the grass in the heat of the day and talk about governments and how to rule, Hex quickly realizes that when Taylor told her that school and him just didn't mix, he wasn't kidding, he doesn't know the meaning of half the words she just used. Later, Hex and Taylor are back on the grass, chilling out when he accidentally calls her "Helen", she realizes after some teasing that he really has forgotten her name. It's no problem for Hex though, they wonder out to the pond for some wet cuddles and kissing. During a conversation, they come to Rob for an opinion on whether bad sex is a deal breaker in a relationship. Hex says she would still be in a relationship with a man if he had a 2 inch penis if she really loved him. Taylor says if it's not working downstairs with a girl, what's the point? He thinks people should have sex right away to determine if they should continue to be a couple, Hex thinks that a relationship can determine how good the sex can be. Rob says Taylor is right, case closed. Trouble in Peanut Butter Paradise Our other couple, Bri and Chris have hit a rough patch. He made her some breakfast because she had to get up early to deal with the animals. Bri has called in the veterinarians to deal with a cow that has gone dry and a chicken who seems to be choking to death. It's an emergency visit that costs the group $125. Bri accidentally drops her plate of breakfast and leaves it on the floor for someone else to clean up saying "she just can't deal with this right now". Turns out she didn't even go down to the animal paddock and help out. When she returns to the barn, Chris lets her have it. "You think you are some princess! What were you thinking leaving that mess for me to clean up? You shouldn't do that to me, and you shouldn't do it to anyone else." Bri has little to say for herself, including not saying sorry. She runs off to other pioneers to explain how mean Chris was to her. He catches her in the middle of her "poor me" speech and calls her out again, adding that she didn't even go down to talk with the vets until the last 5 minutes they were there, were was she? What was she doing? They pretty quickly agree it's over between them. Surrrrrre it is. The Question of Racism and Smack Talkers Kristen and Aaron decide to take advantage of their new anarchistic life style, and grab the phone for a food buying bonanza. Everything is in, candy, liquor, pizza, etc., etc., to the tune of about $500. No one in the group knows what they are up to. Kristen has become something of a "shit-stirrer" in the group. She gets together in the pasture with people and really runs down, gossips and backstabs all our pioneers. Not the one she is currently talking to, of course, but everyone gets their chance to be bad mouthed by Kristen. Her favorite smack-talking buddy is Aaron. They have decided to make an example of Josh. Josh said to Kristen "he hoped the next pioneer arriving would be a girl, "one that was not interested in black men" so she would have no choice but to choose Josh. Kristen got the joke, Josh had hoped they could hook-up, but it's clear Kristen prefers Aaron's company over Josh. They laughed and continued to talk. Kristen later brings up this conversation with Aaron and Amanda explaining that it was very uncomfortable and what a racists Josh was. Amanda is unconvinced, but says Josh better not come at her with any of that stuff. As things will, word gets back to Josh that Kristen is calling him a racist, he confronts her and she says it was a racists comment, he tells her she knew the context of the conversation and he has lost all respect for her and walks off. Josh then speaks with Aaron and tries to explain what happened. Aaron just adds fuel to the fire, during the mens drag-burlesque show that was a "Roman" theme, they used the chicken transporter as a chariot, and Aaron pulled it with no shirt on. Aaron has now decided that was a racist thing to do and he is worried how his grandmother, whose mother was a slave feels about that. Josh is now completely lost and tries to explain about the Roman theme, Aaron is not having any of it and calls Josh a racist mother fucker as Josh gives up and walks off. Rob and Red listen to this conversation from the stairs and seem completely baffled. Red says "I have to deal with Hillbilly stereotypes all the time", Rob nods his head. They both look unimpressed by the whole display. Red heads off and comes across Mike writing a letter. Red says "Dear Mom and Dad, these people are fucking crazy. P.S. please send more cookies" Mike laughs and agrees that is gist of the letter. Happy Birthday, Here's Your Sex! It's Chris' Birthday. That means liquor for our pioneers. Aaron presents Chris with a bottle of tequila. It's the girls turn to do drag-burlesque, and a good time is had by all until Hex takes a few shots too many. Her and Taylor have an argument that had no substance, several people try to get Hex to go to bed, but she is not having it. The argument rages on about nothing and who is drunker than who. Mike and Dedeker watch with disdain, Chris and Bri have hooked back up in the bushes, and she tells him she is glad their relationship didn't end over spilled peanut butter. Later, Hex comes out to the dock where Taylor is sitting, she is still pretty drunk but it appears she's sober enough to play the victim card. She tells Taylor she has a problem with alcohol and how sorry she is that she dragged Taylor into it, through little sobs she says he didn't deserve that. Taylor buys into it and says he is sorry too, he shouldn't have shouted at a women. Rob comes to take Hex to bed and Taylor helps the unsteady women to the barn. Next Time Well, Mike is furious about the money spent this week on garbage, $500 worth of garbage. Red has figured out that Aaron orders food items that each of the Utopians like and keeps them aside and presents them in private as a bribe to gain an edge with each person. Kristen has been called out for being a shit-stirrer, and Bella is about to find out what really happened to her water filter. Tune in next Tuesday to see who's true personality will emerge next.
  19. Utopia Friday, September 26th, 2014 This Time Our Utopia is officially a game ladies and gents! We are called upon to vote for the least productive member to be put up against two more the pioneers will vote for. I know who I am voting for, do you? We have a 15th member of Utopia (again), Ernesto, but how long will that last? How will the vibe change in Utopia when three people are up for renewal? replacement? replenishment?? ... whatever. Ernesto Our newest addition to Utopia was not voted on, but sent in to replace Pastor Jon. He is a 39 year old licensed contractor. Bella has designs on him right away. Aaron clues in Ernie on the type-A personalities in the group and who is trouble, he conveniently leaves out his double dealing ways, but could probably get him anything he wants on the black market grocery list. Bella takes some time to get to know Ernesto, she finds out he was married for 17 years and his wife unexpectedly passed away 4 years ago. Bella is gracious and not overtly needy as she welcomes him to the group. Nikki spends some time with Ernesto in the pasture (where Kristen is usually stirring the pot), and, unless I miss my guess here, Ernesto is making eyes at Nikki, not sure if she feels the same. What Fresh Hell Government Is This? Apparently, nothing interesting happened during the men's turn at governing. No hard decisions were made, and the money remained intact. So we are on to the next. This is Amanda's turn, she originally said she wanted a democracy with elected representatives, mirroring our current form of government. She has tweaked that just a bit, she has chosen herself, Rob and Dedeker as a representative sample of the group and if you have any problems you will take them to one of these three people. There will also be Titles and Responsibilities in this new regime. Amanda asks for everyone interested in a job to have a speech ready and make it in front of the group, there will be a vote and the title bestowed upon you. Red isn't running for any office in case you hadn't guessed. First we have the Barn. Bri is currently head of barn operations, she didn't wake up (again) like she promised to in the last episode, but no one else stands up for it(including Bri) even though Nikki prompts Red to throw his hat in the ring. Bri is confirmed the Director of Barn Operations. Hex says she never wants to hear another word about it, ever, ever, ever. Second is Construction. Josh is the current head of construction for the group, having set up their plumbing, electrical, and indoor kitchen. He says "I am currently heading up that department and would like to remain the head", Hex seconds his motion, no one else asks for the position and Josh is confirmed as Director of Construction. Third we have the Garden. We all know that is Bella's domain and her pride and joy in life. She has prayed over her garden naked, set up chickens to till the soil, and worked out intricate keyhole patterns. Hex however has had enough of Bella's management style. She says in her speech "she would not tell everyone what to do," she would "find out which plants aren't sprouting, and which are". Just as she says the last Bella excuses herself from the group and says she is done with this meeting and good luck to everyone. So we have our new Directors: Bri, Josh and Hex. We have our new representatives: Amanda, Dedeker, and Rob. Seems like an awful lot of work for about 4 days of governing. The Rice and Beans Revolution Somebody in Utopia is unhappy. Someone wants to succeed. I'll give you three guesses who, and the first two don't count. Red, of course, is at it again. This time he approaches everyone in Utopia, including Ernesto, to join him in open rebellion. I am not sure what government Red doesn't like since it changes every two minutes, but... he doesn't like it. Red, Amanda, Rob, and Mike have a private meeting about his terms for secession. He will get his 1/15th of the money once again, buy his own food (which seems to be his major complaint) and decide what he does with his time. They also come to decision in case his current secession attempt is a failure like his first one. He will not be allowed back in the group. Period. There will be no vote, no one can help him if he is in need. He says "that's fine, I got suckered back in the last time", Rob says "no one can sucker you Red, c'mon!". So I guess we won't see Red around the dinner table anytime soon, I am not sure where he will sleeping since the barn uses electricity, and water/sewage and the Utopians ARE required to pay for all utilities they use. Better hire an accountant. The Vote The Utopians are given very little time for this upcoming vote. They have to chose two of their own for "recycling" (lol). We the people will come up with the third. We only have until noon tomorrow, that's about 14 hours and you only get one vote so make it count. I was trying to keep up with who wanted who out and Aarons name came up quite a bit. It must be strange to just the TV viewing public why that is, he gets almost no camera time and seems to quietly go about his duties, but... there is a very scheming, double dealing, conniving dark side to our chef. I notice his job was not up for grabs during the Directors vote. Kristen doesn't have clean hands either and the Utopians as well as the visitors know all about it. Other than that, it seems to be either Bella or Red, or both that will get the first nominations. Rob suggested Red was like a chicken that caused problems with all the other chickens and asked Dedeker what they would do with a chicken like that? She said "so you are suggesting we eat Red?" Taylor had a spat with Bella and called her the rudest person there. We will have a result on Tuesday, I suspect the online feeds will have it way before we watch the televised episode if you want to take a sneak peak. Side Show Freaks & House Keeping The Utopians opened up over the weekend for the same type of services and entertainment as last weekend and brought in about the same amount of money, $1,400. Kristen and Hex are trying to work out a "date" with the Utopian males and sell it online. None of these business models seem to deviate from the side show variety and once the newness wears off I worry our pioneers will nothing left to fall back on. One positive money making opportunity arrived in the form of a very cute bee keeper. Nikki is VERY interested, (in the bee keeper, not the bees) and deal was struck immediately for him to split the honey and wax 50/50 if they allowed him to use some of the land. Mike tells Dedeker he has never been this happy in his whole life. I'm not sure Dedeker bought that, and neither do I. Bella decides to sleep next to the chicken coup, but Hex finally convinces her that coyotes will eat her so she comes back to the barn. Hex and Taylor finally consummate their relationship near a wood pile. It didn't sound very passionate, more getting down to business I would say. Next Time Someone will be leaving on Tuesday, and someone else will be coming in to replace them, can Utopia stand all the comings and goings in their new society? I didn't see anything online about Bella leaving voluntarily, but she seemed to packing her bags at the end of this episode, do you think she is just walking out? Who do you want to see go home and who do you just want up for nomination so they can eat a nice steaming slice of humble pie? Tune in on Tue, September 30th for some of these answers.
  20. Utopia Tuesday, September 16th, 2014. Well, Kristen and her pitch that she is "here to make them money" led to the first unanimous decision the pioneers have ever made. Money wins!! The pioneers meet with a REAL farmer, Hex has trouble living without sex and the Utopians first money making operation is flop. But first, news about our injured Pastor Jon. The End of Pastor Jon? The doctor arrives to show Pastor Jon that he has broken his thumb and needs surgery. He will have two pin in his thumb (through the skin!!) and will need a clean environment for the next 6 to 8 weeks or risk losing mobility in the digit. It's an easy decision for the Pastor, but hard for everyone including him to swallow. Everyone gathers around the fire pit and the Pastor tells them he has seen arguments and fighting in the group and he has the answer. The kingdom of God is the answer, and all they have to do is put God first and he will take care of them. Lots of weeping from the gathered pioneers and Rob takes a moment to speak to the Pastor. He says in the Marine Corps., they have a saying, "People wake up every day and wonder if they will touch someone's life, Marines don't have that problem and neither do you." He is very choked up and the Pastor is as well. Red and the Pastor speak with each other at the Pastor's little corner of the barn, he gives Red his personal supplies, and his spot in the barn once he is gone. The Pastor is reunited with his wife Wendy at the gate, and Red notes, "well, we are down to 13". Everyone Red has been close to is now gone. He will have to find a way to get along with the group or he may be making a walk to gate soon himself. Red comes back to the barn to see that Bella has taken over the sleeping spot for herself and he quickly throws her items out of the corner and tells her this is HIS spot. Bella says "I refuse to argue with you today" and walks off. Lefty the Farmer Bri contacts a real farmer in the area named Lefty. Bri haggles to buy a rooster from him for $15 with the unlikely name of Enrique. Lefty gives them some general advice about chickens and confirms that Bella's style of gardening will work fine but it is not near large enough. He tells them by winter they will have no food to eat and will starve. Kristen and Hex are up early the next morning milking the cow, the see Bella come outside and release the chickens from their coup, including their new rooster. Bella tells them they are "free", and walks down to the garden. Hex is very upset that the chickens are eating the cow manure in the barn, she say that Bella can eat all the manure eggs, she can have them all. Some quick research tells me the chickens are fine eating the manure from cows (I had no idea) they pick the seeds and bits of edible food from the manure and leave the rest. After Bella has been yelled at by Hex, and had her things tossed all over the barn by Red for invading his territory, she decides to take the next day in the garden 100% Eve style. As in completely naked and with no fig leaf. The other pioneers make disparaging comments and liken her to the show 'Naked and Afraid' only she is naked and they are afraid. Money, Money, Money Amanda calls a business meeting and the group discuss ways to make money yet again. Camping, Hillbilly survival classes, jewelry, and yoga classes are some of the ideas they come up with. Bella suggests the rocks she has put in the garden can be sold for "pet" memorials. Josh and Aaron smirk at this and Kristen quickly steps in the remind them that the Utopia "Brand" is important and should not be diluted by too many things at once. Mike, the lawyer is reaffirmed as the treasurer, and reminds them they are down to $3,133.03. To "fix" the stove for a gas line and Bella's water filter to get rid of the nasty fluoride will set them back another $600. Party Time Mike and Josh decide to lighten the mood and put on a "Drag-style, burlesque" show for the other pioneers. Josh (Meeshell Bobcat) ends up looking like something from the movie 'South Pacific' with strings tied to his arms and an orange bra that passes fairly well for two coconuts tied together. Mike (Blanca Chocolate Late) is wearing a black leather corset and Rob provides the music. A good time seems to be had by all, even Red who says he is now blind but had a few laughs as well. Let's All Welcome... Ben The day of the Yoga classes has arrived. All our pioneers are nervous. They have reminded each other to put on deorderant and remember to smile. Everyone speculates on how many, or how few people might arrive. The price has dropped to $40 per person from $50, and now includes a tour of Utopia itself. When the large brass ship bell at the front gate finally rings... Ben greets them. Just Ben. Alone. He and his roommates became obsessed with the feeds and he decided to come and meet them and do a little Yoga. The pioneers welcome him and begin the yoga class, Nikki leads, Hex, Amanda, Josh, Bella and Ben. Rob is yelling in the barn that "this is not a joke, they need food and money", the yoga group can hear every word. Hex excuses herself from continuing because her butt hurts too much. Josh waits for a meditation portion and crawls away while the remaining group have their eyes closed. Ben is escorted out and the pioneers while sarcastic about the turn out are grateful for the money as Amanda puts it "today was a fabulous day, because we didn't lose money". Barn Baby Nikki the holistic doctor talks to Amanda about her pregnancy, Amanda says it has been great so far. Josh joins them and talks about the lake of sex in Utopia. Nikki and Amanda ask if he wants to have sex with Nikki, he says "yea, she is the only one left he can turn to", they have a good laugh and Nikki tells him whe will "have to let him know". Hex and Kristen together in the hammock pray for the new pioneer arriving today to be a "boy". Kristen prays hard for Hex because she is in a real drought here. Hex says she is in the desert. Taylor, Nuf Said... Taylor arrives, and he looks like the front cover of Harlequin romance novel. Hex immediately jumps up to help him carry in his crate. All the girls are pretty impressed and very giggle-y about Taylor. He tells them he has worked in high end landscaping lately, building water features, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. Learn more about Taylor here. Josh calls out Hex for putting on make-up and brushing her hair, she doesn't disagree. Taylor has brought a HUGE slab of Omaha, NE beef with him and has now won over the guys as much as the girls. Looks like he will fit in just fine. The group gets together to play a game of "stick baseball" to welcome Taylor to Utopia. Next Time Looks like Taylor is off to a good start. Will Hex and Bella become puppy dogs chasing after Taylor and Josh respectively? Amanda mentioned she did not want to have her baby in barn, so will she be leaving Utopia to have the baby? Will Enrique the rooster rise to the occasion and do his job? Tune in Friday September 19th for some of these answers. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think of Utopia. Have you checked in on the live free feeds yet?
  21. Utopia - Part 3 Friday September 12th, 2014 As we begin part three of the "Largest ever Televised Social Experiment" we see the pioneers slowly but surely upgrading their living environment. Spending money on food, appliances, electricity and plumbing. They still have no clear strategy for making any money as we watch their limited funds dwindle quickly. Will these pioneers get their priorities straightened out in time or will it take actual starvation to kick them into gear? Rob and Josh continue the back breaking labor of digging trenches for electrical wires and now plumbing pipes. Their goal is an indoor bathroom. Bella continues her composting and strange gardening techniques. The pioneers all get together to discuss the two new candidates for admission into Utopia. They will have to feed and provide bedding for them for the next three days. They will be allowed to live with and mingle with the pioneers for three days then a vote will decide which one stays and which one goes. First we have Kristin, a 24 year old Entrepreneur that brings her happy, positive energy, and the statement that she is here to make them money to the table. To learn more about Kristen click here. Next we have Rhonda, a 48 year old Political Activist for the Tea Party. Rhonda actually brought silverware to the table, she had some goodies in her bag: silverware, soap and hot sauce. She says she is Tom-Boy at heart and has experience with plumbing and doesn't have a problem doing a hard day's work, learn more about Rhonda here. The Utopia State of Freedom (Red and Dave) wonders how they are going to make money aside from any group efforts which they will not be participating in. Red says they can sell 2,000 hemp bracelets and make $5,000 in two days. That seems to work for Dave. No other conversation necessary. Several of our pioneers show Kristen & Rhonda around the compound and end up at the water fall where everyone spends a little while frolicking in the water. Bella is especially impressed with Josh and his "banana hammock" swim suit. She slaps him on the butt and says "I just want to pinch his little behind". Later in the day Bella talks to Bri about Josh and how attractive he is. Bri eggs her on saying she can "see" the chemistry between them. Rob and Josh in the barn discuss how terrible Bella is and imagine coming home to her as she micro-manages every single thing in her imaginary boyfriends life. This is a recipe for disaster. During this episode the pioneers have several deliveries, a stove, refrigerator, plumbing pipes, and a toilet. They are left with just $3,350 and still no real plans to make any money. The "Compound" is open to the public one day a week, if you are in California (near L.A.) you could visit and participate in Yoga Classes, Boot camp, or go Fishing in the stocked lake. Also, there is the chance to meet Bella... Mike and Dedeker talk about making some kind of money for the group but are really just making "googly" eyes at each other. Later they take the shower curtain and turn their row boat into a sail boat and take a ride around the pond. They are now bedding down next to each other and it hasn't gone unnoticed by the other pioneers who actually see them kissing in bed together early one morning in the barn. Mike is single, but Dedeker has two boyfriends and a girlfriend on the outside. She lives a "poly-amorus lifestyle. Dave gives Pastor Jon a shave and a haircut in exchange for a baptism this Sunday. Both are looking forward to giving Dave's life to God. But, when the food delivery arrives all of Dave's good intentions go out the window. Dave loaned Amanda six banana's earlier in the week, she asked for 1 pound of banana's to replace the ones she used. Dave is offended that it is only four little bananas that were returned. He says that is not how he plays. Amanda says it was her responsibility to return the bananas and she will get them (USF) 2 more bananas on the next food delivery. This not at all satisfactory to Dave who now wants one apple and one orange because he is not going to wait for the next delivery. Both of the new recruits are there to see Dave dive right of the deep end. Several pioneers break away and eat their food away from the arguing. Amanda, Mike and Dedeker sit on the barn stairs discussing what it's like living with Dave and that they are not going to be able to change him. Amanda calls him stupid. Bri and Chris eat over by the boat dock and marvel at how the whole argument is over two bananas. Hex has heard enough and makes a smart ass remark to Dave. He asks why she is getting involved, he tells her she is the kind of girl that her boyfriend beat up. He then says she is the kind of girl that gets her "man" either in jail or killed. Hex is having none of it, she gives it back to Dave insult for insult. Dave brings up the first night that Josh got very "grabby" with Hex and even tried to drag her head in for a kiss. Dave blames the whole thing on Hex by saying she was provoking him. Rhonda stops by the barn stairs group just to ask "is this normal?" They say "from Dave, yes" Rhonda says "so just ignore it?" They group just nods as Rhonda finds somewhere else to be. Red has moved Dave away from Hex several times now. Dave finally walks away from the fire pit and tells Pastor Jon he is going to finish his meal and he is "out". He says he wouldn't even talk to any of these people in the real world. The Pastor tries to settle him down, but Dave has made up his mind, he is leaving. None of these people like him, and he can not sleep with the enemy. (This is the first time we notice the Pastor has a soft cast on his right hand, we learn later that the Pastor will need surgery and his time in Utopia maybe shorter than he first imagined.) Rob admonishes Hex about engaging with Dave, Hex says he just gets her so riled up. Dave goes into the barn to pack his things. He speaks to the Pastor and Red about "having" to leave now, he either leaves or "he will go to jail". Dave is suggesting he can not control himself and will harm someone if he doesn't get out of there. He walks down the path and out the front gate without another word to anyone. He sits on his crate of belongings and waits for whatever happens to pioneers that quit. Dave was homeless and unemployed when he began preparing for a spot in Utopia, I can't imagine what kind of life he is going back to. Josh, Hex and Pastor Jon try to comfort Red on the loss of his best friend in Utopia. Red whips out with some deep dark information about his family life. He tells them he is considered the "good one" in his family, and he has had family members murder other family members. No one is quite sure what to say about that, but they reassure him that he is welcome in the group and loved. In the end, Red takes Mike and Dedekers make-shift sail boat out for spin around the pond. The rest of the pioneers gather in the barn for an impromptu barn dance. Mike plays some silly mouth keyboard and Chris plays the guitar, they are both terrible, but nobody cares. Everybody moves to the music and claps along enjoying the lightening of the mood now that Dave is gone. They notice the difference in themselves right away and feel a little guilty, but are still glad that Dave is no longer a thorn in their side. As a new day begins, Rhonda decides to try to help out in the garden, but that is Bella's domain. As soon as Bella catches site of Rhonda she begins to rant at her. She tells Rhonda that she "must first ask before doing any gardening" because this is a special Bella type of gardening. Rhonda gets fed up with Bella nagging at her, throws the spade down and walks away. Kristen made the much wiser decision to learn how to milk the cow. Nikki tries to tell Bella that no one wants to help in the garden because Bella always micro-manages them and no one wants to put up with it. Bella take this opportunity to talk with Josh about the problem. Bella: "I need a little more respect around here if this is going to work" Josh: "You're going to have to let go of control a little bit" Bella: "I have let go" Josh: "Just relax" Bella: I have relaxed" Josh: "and listen to other peoples suggestions" Bella: "I do listen to suggestions" Josh: "and not get too upset about little things" Bella: "I don't" Josh eventually gets something across to her, telling her she needs to stop telling people what to do and just suggest things, and pet peoples ego just a little bit. She gushes all over Josh, thanking him for his advice and throws in a little giggle just for him. After the stove and refrigerator are delivered Josh makes the terrible suggestion within ear shot of Bella that they need to get a microwave. Bella immediately goes into meltdown mode. She says "no, no, no, no. No microwave. Rob says, yes, they are getting a microwave. She says "we can't do a microwave ya'll, cuz that is radiation poisoning and that causes cancer and all kinds of stuff." Aaron says "we got to get a microwave". Bella says "ya'll just aren't educated, I understand that, we will talk about it later". Aaron says "whoa, watch yourself, I know the radiation it emits and it's really not that bad" Bella interrupts and says "it IS that bad". Online Bella goes on to tell the other pioneers how many times she has cured cancer and the first thing she does is get the microwave out of the house. Mike says very sarcastically "I think it should be a good discussion later on" Everyone else gets that he is teasing, but Bella agrees that is a good idea, Mike says they should devote an hour to it later on. Rob, Aaron, and Kristen begin to laugh. After Bella leaves to tell Nikki "her Utopia does not have a microwave in it", Hex reminds them it's ok to tease each other, but be careful not to be bullies. Dave has sent the pioneers a letter. He apologizes for his behavior and wants to come back to Utopia. Rob stops Pastor Jon from even reading anymore of the letter, he says no way is Dave coming back. They agree to hear the rest of the letter and in it Dave asks if they don't want him to come back to stay, can he at least come back on Sunday and be baptized by Pastor Jon. Pastor Jon asks Amanda to finish reading the letter as he is too choked up to continue. The pioneers take a vote and agree that Dave can come back for the baptism but can not become a part of Utopia again. When he arrives on Sunday for the baptism, it is a beautiful ceremony. Dave gives his pitch to everyone about coming back but they gently explain that there is no chance. He accepts their decision and says he will move on with God in his life. The last chore left for the pioneers for this episode is to grant either Kristen or Rhonda acceptance into Utopia. They have a big decision to make. We won't find out until next Tuesday. We also get our first look at Taylor who has been chosen to replace Dave and the pioneers will finally be up to full capacity of the 15 members the show intended. But don't get too comfortable, the Pastor's broken thumb is going to cause some new decisions to be made.
  22. Who's watching the live feeds? The free Utopia live feeds started already, are you watching? You can post screen caps and live feed re-caps here. I'm very excited about this, I hope we'll get a good following of voyeurs and fans. Click Here For the Free Live Feeds
  23. UTOPIA September 7th, 2014 was the premiere of Utopia, the new reality series created by Big Brother creator Jon De Mol. It was technically day ten for our Pioneers, but the show flashed back to the first three days of their Utopian experience. There are no camera men, or production crews lurking behind any walls, or hiding behind any trees, these people are completely on their own. No rules, no religion, no government and seemingly no innate ability to compromise or get along. Utopia is a 5 acre spread NW of Los Angles with 130 cameras, some obvious, some not so obvious. They begin their experience with $5,000, a barn, some live stock, a pond, water fall and a precious little amount of food. Electricity and plumbing is theirs for the taking if they can figure out how to connect into the facilities near the entrance gate. Their job essentially is to create a working governing system, provide basic amenities and find a way to make money or the experiment ends. DAY 1 We begin by meeting our pioneers. An interesting twist is each month a new pioneer will be considered to join the group. Once all 14 or the pioneers have arrived they sit around a table in the barn and begin the process of determining what stuff they have brought with them will be allowed to stay and what must go. They have a giant crate in front of them and only what will fit will stay. This immediately sets of Dave our ex-con from NY. He is not having any of this, he is taking all his stuff and he is screaming at the top of his lungs so everyone knows it. He and Bella our survivor "prepper" begin a screaming match that everyone else try's to deescalate. Ultimately Dave dumps all his stuff in the large crate and the problem is solved. Our pioneers spend some time touring the compound, there is one toilet some distance away, a bag full of water for a shower, a barn to sleep in (no beds), a cow, some chickens, and a few goats. There is also the pond and the waterfall. The ladies begin to shed their clothing, all of it, and dive right in. Jonathan a Pentecostal Pastor has a really difficult time with this and prays to God to help him resist temptation. The girls are oblivious to his discomfort as he is careful to keep his back to them. He spends his time with Red, a handyman, they discuss the bible and get to know one another. In the late afternoon they break out the liquor. Everyone seems to be having a good time until Josh, our carpenter, has just one too many. He becomes staggering drunk, aggressive and very touchy feely with the lady pioneers. No one is happy about this, Hex, an unemployed 'Huntress', tries to talk to him about his actions and he grabs her butt, and then her face going in for a kiss. Rob, the gun loving Libertarian, dives between them, trying to move Josh away from the situation. Eventually Josh begins talking smack about Dave who promptly tackles him and brings him to the ground. It is determined that Josh will sleep in the shed for tonight and the pioneers will discuss what to do in the morning. Pastor Jon and Aaron, our chef, have a conversation about God and Jesus, Aaron is adamant that Jesus was not god, we was a man born from Mary and Joseph, he is very abrasive. He repeats several times that Joseph f'd the sh*t out of Mary. Jon keeps his cool but it's clear that Aaron is very agitated about the pastors religion. As the pioneers bed down for the night, outside under the stars, Bri, a veterinarian, and Chris, a chili farmer, cuddle up together and begin a very passionate make out session. Love at first site? Doubtful. DAY 2 In the morning, we see Hex, who had quite a bit to drink herself last night, puking her guts out on the ground outside. It is determined she is unfit for work and should lay down. Josh is still sleeping his bender off in the shed. Morning chores commence such as milking the cow, collecting the chicken eggs, cleaning the stable, etc. Hex is not getting any better as the day progresses, she can't keep any food down and medical personal arrive and take her away in an ambulance. Josh finally wakes up and brings everybody together in the barn so he can apologize for his behavior last night. Mike, the vegetarian lawyer, says that's fine and we all want to talk about it, but not until Hex returns since she was the aggrieved party. Josh agrees, he spends the rest of the day working and privately apologizing to most members of the group. Josh begins digging a trench in the 100 degree heat with a pick axe for electrical wiring, while at least 7 of the other pioneers lounge around naked in the pond. Soon we see Hex return telling everyone she was dehydrated and had an IV, she is fine now. Everyone convenes in the barn to address Josh. He apologized to everyone including Hex. She says she understands and believes in second chances because she's had "trouble" with drinking in the past and knows what it like to wake up the next morning and have to apologize to friends and family. Mike presides as the Judge and they vote 7 to 6 to keep Josh under certain probationary rules. This vote was similar to everything the pioneers have tried to do as a group, very contentious with a lot of screaming and ultimatums thrown around. Dave and Aaron have a particular problem with this system of justice, Aaron is asking if this is a democracy or not?? But give no explanation for his words, he and Rob just storm off saying that Josh is staying and that is that. Josh will not be able to drink for 90 days, and any further sexual or physical harassment will result in a call to 911 (they don't have a phone yet, so that would be a good trick) and he will be banished. Bella was originally on the side to keep Josh, then after some discussion, she wanted him gone. After giving Josh his probationary sentence, she has a minor breakdown saying "this is not her Utopia" and softly cries. Amanda announces to the group that she is pregnant and is due in Nov or Dec. She says this in a very clipped and curt tone of voice. She does not smile, nor will she reveal who the father is or if she is in a relationship with a man or woman. Mike and Josh trying to prioritize a list of projects to be done are educated by Bella who explains about using the chickens to till the soil. She explains you put a box on top of the chicken and it scratches and fertilizes the soil. She calls it a chicken tractor. Bella later tells Josh she is glad he is staying and begins to giggle, toss her hair around and bat her eyes at him. Hex and Pastor Jon have a polite conversation about him being a pastor and her being an atheist, she asks him about his discomfort concerning the girls bathing naked together. He explains that it is not the naked form that bothers him, it's the temptation it brings with it. Hex defends herself by saying she did not choose her body, Pastor Jon says he understands, it's just difficult for him. Without being asked, Hex speaks to the women and tells them of Pastor Jon's dilemma, they agree they will set aside some time for the Pastor to be in the waterfall and pond area privately. As the day comes to an end, Bri and Chris cuddle up in a hammock together as the rest of the pioneers either sleep outside or bed down in the barn. DAY 3 Today is Sunday and Dave's Birthday. Pastor Jon presides over a small gathering of pioneers, he discusses baptism. Dave, Nikki, Bella, Red and Amanda attend the service. Bella finds a dead chicken in the coup and wonders if it is edible. Aaron the chef says no, he would not feed it to his dog, but Red calls that baloney. Red walks away to get a glass of water from the hose in the stable, he lets the water run for a long time, Bella is outraged by his wasteful display. She tells him there is a drought and they only have a very limited supply of water. Red becomes more enraged and runs to the spigot to turn the water up even higher. Bella turns the hose off, he turns it back on, Bella calls for help from the others but they want no part of the argument. Rob tries to show Hex what a great bow man he is, but archery seems to be Hex's specialty and she smokes him with one shot dead in the center of the bull eye. Rob says it was an ok shot for a girl. Red begins to talk badly about Bella and the water incident, implying she took the hose from him when he was getting a drink. She comes storming over to him and says "don't spread lies about me, when all I said was we should conserve water". Red begins arguing with her as she is walking away, she says he is a hot head, and he calls her a dumb bitch. Arron is standing right there and tells Red to watch his mouth. Red begins an intense argument with Aaron, they go toe to toe, forehead to forehead and scream it out. Aaron threatens to pound Red into the dirt if he doesn't get away from him. They are both posturing, but Aaron has the height and the weight to back up his threats. Five or our lady pioneers sit in a meadow far away from the turbulence brewing back at the homestead and talk about menstruation, meditation and yoga. It's been hours since the argument between Red and Aaron, but Red has not stopped talking about it for one minute. He has now decided he is leaving. He gathers his stuff and heads to the gate. Dave tries to talk him out of and tells him that Red is his favorite person there "please don't leave, not on my birthday brother, come have a drink with me and we will talk it out" Dave tells him. Red eventually agrees and has a drink with Dave. He spends some time talking it out with Dave and Pastor Jon. When Red finally returns to the barn, Aaron apologizes very sincerely to him. As the group gathers just before bed, Aaron takes the time to apologize to the whole group for his threats of violence and says it was "not very becoming of him as a person or a Utopian." Everybody hugs. That is the end of the premiere, hope to see you all back her on Tuesday 8/7c for the next episode. Remember, the 2 camera feeds are free and you can by the whole package for $4.99 a month. You can stop the feeds at anytime. Please read the instructions for further details.
  24. From unscripted mastermind John de Mol, and based on the hit Dutch television series of the same name, comes television's biggest social experiment since Big Brother, "Utopia". Since the dawn of time, humans have always wondered: does a perfect world exist? Now, we get the chance to build one. Will it be ultimate happiness or utter chaos? Fifteen pioneering Americans leave their everyday lives and move to an isolated, undeveloped location - for an entire year - where they are challenged to create their own civilization from scratch. With no existing power structures and limited amenities, these "pioneers" will be faced with rewriting the rules. Will they choose democracy or dictatorship? Fidelity or free love? Will they punish or forgive? Choose religion or rationalism? Share with others or hoard for themselves? What conflicts will emerge, what leaders will arise? What principles will guide their daily lives and inform their deepest decisions? As the Utopians build the new society, every decision counts.
  25. AMERICAN IDOL Season 5 Finalist Chris Daughtry recorded the theme to UTOPIA. You can download the MP3 of it here: https://app.box.com/s/vidduwusa8hdtujrvkhh It’s a little rock, a little pop -- a great addition to the American Idol alum’s sound. Listen to the song above, and check out the lyrics below. (As Daughtry sings, “That’s a good place to start.”) Hear his sweet voice again when UTOPIA premieres this Sunday, Sept. 7! Chris Daughtry is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Daughtry and as the fourth-place contestant on the fifth season of American Idol. After his elimination from Idol, he was given a record deal by RCA Records and formed a band called Daughtry. Their self-titled debut album became the fastest selling debut rock album in Nielsen Soundscan history, selling more than one million copies after just five weeks of release. The album was recorded before the band was officially formed, making Chris Daughtry the only official member present on the album. In its ninth week of release, Daughtry reached number one on the Billboard charts. Chris Daughtry is now the third most successful American Idol contestant in terms of record sales, behind only Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, who both won their respective seasons. At the 50th Grammy Awards, the band was nominated for Best Rock Song for the single "It's Not Over". VERSE 1: We're all in the gutter nowWith cigarettes and alcoholLife can surely beat you downAnd throw your back against the wall(Singing oh oh oh oh oh)It's funny how your life can changeTurn around on a dimeYeah it can take you down the darkest laneThen lead you into better times(Singing oh oh oh oh oh) CHORUS: Say Heaven, heaven, heavenWhen all we've known is hell, hell, hellIf we make a new worldThen we got a story to tellWill we stand together, gether, getherOr just get torn apart, part, partLet's find UtopiaThat's a good place to start VERSE 2: I don't claim to have wrote the book of lifeBut read it all a couple timesI'd rather be soaking up the sunAnd sippin' on the cheapest wine(Singing oh oh oh oh oh) CHORUS: Say Heaven, heaven, heavenWhen all we've known is hell, hell, hellIf we make a new worldThen we got a story to tellWill we stand together, 'gether, 'getherOr just get torn apart, part, partLet's find UtopiaThat's a good place to start BRIDGE: Money can't buy usNever said our souls were for saleBut they're gonna try usWhether we succeed or failThis is Utopia,Let’s make a brand new start CHORUS: Say Heaven, heaven, heavenWhen all we've known is hell, hell, hellIf we make a new worldThen we got a story to tellWill we stand together, 'gether, 'getherOr just get torn apart, part, part This is Utopia,Let’s make a brand new startThis is Utopia,Let's make a brand new startThis is Utopia,Let's make a brand new start

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