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  1. She can be funny...

    I think she may be the best strategist in the house, and I have enjoyed watching her stand up to the mean team but there have been times when she has also been such a blunt instrument that watching her feels like being whacked in the head with a brick.


    Monk! Long time no see!!!!

    She doesn`t really bother me, and she seems to have her head in the game. Definitely deserves MVP over Elissa, who is still only getting it because of Rachel and NOT her game.

  2. Perhaps that's why he was crying in the Have Not room and reported to be so mad that he was "visibly shaking" (I believe Spencer said that), because he realizes that he shouldn't let these comments ride, that he should be saying something about it. Because he's letting his desire to win this game overrule his ability to speak out for himself, Candice, Helen and Andy.

    Or it could be as he said, that if he let himself go there, to get mad and lash out, that it would be bad. Maybe he felt that he would be no better than the people who are trying to bring him down. Sometimes it is better to walk away from something like that than to stoop to someone's level. A person like Aaryn doesn't need Howard to call her out, she's doing an excellent job of showing exactly who she is. When she gets out of the game, everyone is going to know she was the racist on Big Brother. She's already done herself in and Howard didn't have to say a word.


    Honestly, even without him defending himself, he is the bigger person IMO

  3. I commented on this elsewhere (on Candice's thread) explaining more of the dynamics of his way of acting there. He was right to carry her out in that moment. However, he has been a coward in the face of the comments that he could have rightfully said something about. I am not afraid to LOUDLY refuse to accept racial comments. I was standing in line at a hardware store when the man in front of me said something about how one could not get good service from the other cashier because she was a N... and the Bible shows the inferiority of those people. He said it loud enough that others heard it, but not so loud that it was broadcast. I responded and broadcasted that his use of the Bible to back up his racism was repulsive and ignorant and that i was embarrassed that he thought he could say such a thing to me as though I would agree with him just because I have blue eyes. I reminded him that we are of one human race but that he was, because of his mindset, a disgrace to thinking humans everywhere. O yea I was loud and clear. What a thing to have to do. No one who overheard him had any doubt that what he said was unacceptable and the mutterings of an inferior mind. I have been in a situation where I have to defend a person on other occassions. I do not like to do it. I have even been hurt doing it; however, I know that when some things happen in our vicinity, we are called by spirit and conscience to act and not allow bullying, harm, pejorative to go unopposed.

    I am the same way! I hate seeing it in any way, shape or form. Totally bothers me.

    As for how Howard has responded, perhaps it is the way he was brought up to respond. And like he said, he can't control his temper, so it's better for him to try and ignore, remain passive, rather than making a huge problem even larger.

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