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  1. just stopping by to say hello. Hope you are well and your family is safe.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Gizz looks so good. You cant even tell that mean old snake got Gizzy.
  3. TheWatcher

    Picture Thread

    Boys will be Boys. I so enjoy having 2 boys I have nieces and I would rather beat the girls then listen to them whine.

    It is the most wonderful day of the year.

  5. That was 3 of the bigger gold stars all standing up. I am sure each kid gets something for his apperance on the show. Now how do I get my kids on there so I can have a vacation.
  6. They actually had a good relationship I thought I mean who could put up with that overbearing man that long like she did.
  7. I came here forever and a day ago too. Old boards Morty Mauraders chat. Crazy Hugs girlie miss you.
  8. TheWatcher


    Stiles if you get the canned pumpkin there is a recipe on it that my mom always made and everyone always thought it was a labor of love. They couldnt figure out it was from a can and the recipe off the can. LOL.
  9. TheWatcher


    Sweet Potato Recipe I promised. Sorry it took me so long. 3 cups mashed Sweet Potatoes 1 cup of Sugar 1 1/2 tsp salt 2 eggs 1/3 stick of butter 1/2 cup of canned milk 1 tsp of vanilla the topping has 1 cup of brown sugar 1/2cup of flour 1 cup of nuts (I use pecans) 1/3 stick of butter melted Mix all the first ingredents and place them in a greased pan. I use the extra butter to grease the pan it makes it yummy. In another bowl mix all the stuff for the topping and then put it in the pan on the top of course . It should be like nuts with a coating. Bake in the oven at 350 for 35 minutes
  10. Thought I would come stalk you. I can't believe DB won't tell you her Deviled Egg secret. :giggle:

  11. TheWatcher


    You wont be having Gerard's turkey farm for the holidays? I can't believe I still remember the name of that place. It left a great impression on me.
  12. Thanks for the stalking you did. That cat in your avatar is too cute.

  13. Stalking you back. Thanks for coming by this is cute the stalking thing.

  14. Hi... I thought I'd give you a stalk since you haven't been stalked in a while.

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