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  1. I like how he is always going on about Tom being a liar, evil etc. Let's review this:

    Tom put up Suz and Gary for eviction. He told them both at the time he's gunning for Suz ( honest) he told Gary he's a pawn ( honest), and he'll play for veto to take him off, and he did. Then BB screwed the game with Canada's choice, yada yada yada...

    Gary told Tom he wouldn't put him up (lie), told him he wasn't the target (lie) told him he'd play veto for Tom (lie) and never took him off but continued to lie to his face saying he was safe while telling all the HGs he wanted a 9-0 vote to get Tom out. He didn't even want to let Emmett give him a sympathy vote.

    So who's evil again?

    need more?

    How about the whole fake task Gary made up to get the HGs to his HOH room to party? Telling them he failed the task after getting everyone's hopes up, leaving all the have nots thinking they just missed out on a chance to eat. How evil is that? Then he laughs about it while telling Suz and Topaz and insted of coming clean and apologizing to the HNs he tells Suz and Topaz to never mention it again. What a stand up guy that Gary is ;)

  2. I don't know what to think. It was dumb of Tom but still innocent enough, a guy thing to do and I don't believe it was caught on camera anywhere.

    I have a hard time believing Alec's reaction was genuine but if not he is a GOOD actor, I just don't personally see the action justifying the reaction by a 20 something male.

    That said tom did apologize, a few times, when he did realize how badly Alec took it...

  3. I don't get it either, I think Gary, Suzette and Danielle have said just as bad things as him, then again I'm not glued to the feeds 24/7 so I might have missed something. I like that he was playing the game since day one and got himself off the block and into HOH in the first couple weeks and won POVs too. I still can't believe that Canada saved Suzette that was just crap.

  4. I thought Tom and her would be the big hook up this season. They were talking a lot on the first show. They haven't shown much of her on the feeds that I've seen lately but so far she seems ditzy. Not sure why Jillian considers her a physical threat but I guess we haven't seen too much of the competitions yet either.

  5. I agree it looks pretty cosy for a have not room but on the other hand I think the BBUS has gotten a little crazy to the other extreme.Last season they had beds so uncomfortable they had to fix them. I think it's too much for the rooms to be THAT uncomfortable and them to be on slop at the same time but I do think the have not room this season seems a bit too cushy.

  6. I didn't like the first HOH coming from the phone, I would have liked that to have come from a comp instead but the phone thing could be interesting. I wanna see everyone diving for the ringing phone once they figure out what it's powers are but I'd like to see it burn people too.

    I think it could have the potential to lend to too much Big Brother interference though. Say two favourite players are on the block and production is worried about viewers getting mad if one of them leave. They could manipulate the situation with the phone and make it work out to those HGs favour. there is no way to tell if the phone stuff is pre-planned or on the fly, only production know.

  7. I could have swore the live feeds in season one of BBUS were free as well? Does anyone else remember? I've watched every season (the show, not the live feeds) but I don't have the best memory...

    So maybe they are just giving them free this year and will start charging next year? If they do they better not inflate the cost just because it's Canada!

    Also I miss the chat on the US BB feeds, I wish that was part of ours, it's fun to chat with others while watching the same feeds.

  8. I think the camera work needs a bit of practice. What bothers me when watching the live feed is when you hear one conversation going on but they aren't even showing those people in the camera. Also the audio needs to be worked on too, it's a lot harder to hear some of the HGs this time, they aren't upping the mics enough , and I'm not talking about when they are whispering, just normal conversations, which is mostly annoying because I put my volume up to full then switch cameras and that damn 15sec commercial blares in my ears!

  9. It's not about offending the other HGs by getting rid of him. If you are in the house and a target due to physical strength or whatever reason others are gunning for you and you win HOH if you don't try to take out an equally matched player that is not your ally than you are taking a big chance of them winning the next HOH and taking you out. You can't worry about the 'weaker' players when you are battling to stay in against others that are just as strong game wise as you are.

    So while yes everyone has to go eventually, if you are a strong player you have to take out the other strong players as early as you can to stay in the game.

  10. I had her picked to be first out. I guess I lost that one LOL.

    I think for first HOH, and I agree the way she got it blows, she should have just pleased the house and got rid of who everyone wanted first. It was too early to target one specific type ( muscle guys) right off the bat.

    That said I don't know that she'll be going any time soon even though she did that. I think the other HG started to show their cards before Tom got POV and a few of them made themselves T and E enemies as well. If they are more of a physical threat than Suz, they will target them over her for aligning with her.

  11. I don't think he's going anywhere any time soon unfortunately. As annoying as he is and as much as they all wanted him gone, He'd be a waste of a HOH to get him out, so his annoyingness is going to work for him.

    I think in all the years watching since BB1 he has to be the hardest player to watch. Thank god we don't have to pay for the feeds, I'd never pay to watch him...

  12. I've been dropping into the live feeds for a few minutes at a time a number of time throughout the day. Nothing exciting seems to have happened. House guests were prepping breakfast, doing ADL, and then getting ready for the POV.

    Lots of discussion along the lines of "I've got to win HOH now" and "I'm going to lay low/be aggressive/fit in/be myself" and

    "I really like/despise/loathe/am ambivalent towards [fill in the blank]".

    I've yet to sort out who is who. I did see one interesting exchange between two woman (see I really haven't figured out who is who) discussing one's OCD issues and the other's support of a friend with serious OCD. Interesting to me due to my support of a family member with serious OCD. It is good to see OCD getting serious discussion on TV, even if it is "only" BBCA.

    One other comment - we Canadian may be "more polite" than our neighbours to the south, but judging by the little I have seen today and comparing that to the little bits of After Dark I've seen on Showcase2, our 20 -38 year olds have real potty mouths. It will be interesting to see how the producers handle the amount of swearing. It doesn't offend me but I suspect it will surprise our American visitors.


    I noticed the swearing too, I think it seems to be more excessive than US BBs too. Maybe they get more coaching as to how to act in the house before going in?

  13. It isn't so much the cast of "characters" that I am upset about....although, I'm not overly thrilled with some of them ...it would be nice to see a few older people there..maybe in their 30's or even 40's....I'm ashamed of the prize they are offering, and how Arisa stresses it to the players, and they ooh and aah!..

    It just looks to me like they will be primping and talking about inane things...just can't take it.

    Actually, it is my husband that can't take ME screaming at the TV!!! haha

    there are three in their thirties(maybe we just age better :D ), Andrew is 38 so close to 40. I think the casting is typical, and even the way they are acting is pretty expected. When there are that many in the house and it's the first few days they always do mundane things. When ever I've bought the 24/7 feed I always waited a few weeks until there were fewer HG.

    I'm impressed with the set, even if the prize isn't what the US gets...

  14. stupid timing to have it in Feb! That is the coldest month in Toronto, I can't imagine how they are going to work outdoor contests in subzero temperatures. They should have done it in the summer here, maybe May /June since the US one starts in July.

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