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  1. Moonlighting was the show with Bruce Willis.
  2. I like how he is always going on about Tom being a liar, evil etc. Let's review this: Tom put up Suz and Gary for eviction. He told them both at the time he's gunning for Suz ( honest) he told Gary he's a pawn ( honest), and he'll play for veto to take him off, and he did. Then BB screwed the game with Canada's choice, yada yada yada... Gary told Tom he wouldn't put him up (lie), told him he wasn't the target (lie) told him he'd play veto for Tom (lie) and never took him off but continued to lie to his face saying he was safe while telling all the HGs he wanted a 9-0 vote to get Tom out. He di
  3. Hopefully before too long Emmett will go so she can start to focus on the game. I have high hopes for her.
  4. I don't know what to think. It was dumb of Tom but still innocent enough, a guy thing to do and I don't believe it was caught on camera anywhere. I have a hard time believing Alec's reaction was genuine but if not he is a GOOD actor, I just don't personally see the action justifying the reaction by a 20 something male. That said tom did apologize, a few times, when he did realize how badly Alec took it...
  5. Please let her be meeting Arissa tonight
  6. I don't get it either, I think Gary, Suzette and Danielle have said just as bad things as him, then again I'm not glued to the feeds 24/7 so I might have missed something. I like that he was playing the game since day one and got himself off the block and into HOH in the first couple weeks and won POVs too. I still can't believe that Canada saved Suzette that was just crap.
  7. I thought Tom and her would be the big hook up this season. They were talking a lot on the first show. They haven't shown much of her on the feeds that I've seen lately but so far she seems ditzy. Not sure why Jillian considers her a physical threat but I guess we haven't seen too much of the competitions yet either.
  8. He is a lot more boring than I first thought he would be. I thought he had a lot of personality on the first show before going in the house but seems to have fallen into a floater type position. I do think he's funny though, uses humour to socialize quite a bit.
  9. I agree it looks pretty cosy for a have not room but on the other hand I think the BBUS has gotten a little crazy to the other extreme.Last season they had beds so uncomfortable they had to fix them. I think it's too much for the rooms to be THAT uncomfortable and them to be on slop at the same time but I do think the have not room this season seems a bit too cushy.
  10. I didn't like the first HOH coming from the phone, I would have liked that to have come from a comp instead but the phone thing could be interesting. I wanna see everyone diving for the ringing phone once they figure out what it's powers are but I'd like to see it burn people too. I think it could have the potential to lend to too much Big Brother interference though. Say two favourite players are on the block and production is worried about viewers getting mad if one of them leave. They could manipulate the situation with the phone and make it work out to those HGs favour. there is no way to
  11. I could have swore the live feeds in season one of BBUS were free as well? Does anyone else remember? I've watched every season (the show, not the live feeds) but I don't have the best memory... So maybe they are just giving them free this year and will start charging next year? If they do they better not inflate the cost just because it's Canada! Also I miss the chat on the US BB feeds, I wish that was part of ours, it's fun to chat with others while watching the same feeds.

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