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  1. He's lost in the house now that his 2 best friends, Cassi and Dom are evicted. Those 3 were so close. Now he's stuck with kalia, who doesn't really like him, and Dani who only tolerated him because of Dominic. poor guy lol
  2. I think Cassi is more popular than Dominic , but Dominic can allow for a better storyline in the show, if you get what I mean. When Cassi was evicted, #teamcassi was trending on twitter for several HOURS. Dominic was only trending for 30 min at most. Plus , i read alot of big brother message boards and Cassi is always in the lead. However, people are skeptical about her coming back because she will just side with Shelly/Jeff/Jordan. Dominic would obviously side with Dani, but people don't like how he basically let her bring his game down. Idk, I would love both to come back personally. These were the only 2 newbies that had potential to me all season. Let them come back, do and do 2 double evictions down the road.
  3. He shouldn't have thrown the POV first and foremost. NEVER do that when your ass is on the line
  4. I don't like her, but she's much better than anyone else in the house. I hope she gets rid of Brendon next week, Jeff goes the next week, then she leaves right after.
  5. I was in Dick's chat the other day and he said don't tell anyone but the Fortune teller WILL come into play. But he didn't tell us how
  6. Porsche is playing a pretty good game. Even though it's obvious she's with Rachel, she isn't seen as a huge threat to anyone. She should easily slide into the final 5. This is the type of game Daniele should've played. Laying low. Porsche didn't need to win HOH this week, because there is too many other bigger fish to fry. She'll let them pick each other off one by one and be the last one standing.
  7. Everyone should play for veto. Sucks that some people are backdoored or have NO chance at all to save themselves (Cassi) If you're the first to fall or be eliminated from an HOH competition, automatically a have-not. Start making them compete for stuff like they used to, such as having to earn the privilege of using the hot tub. Make more fun stuff, like how in season 6 rachel found the secret room. Stop mixing old and new players. Sucks that the newbies this season didn't even have a chance. Get rid of Grodner. Bring back Shapiro.
  8. Shelly is annoying. the newbies never stood a chance with her. She will drop out of the game, just so Jeff/Jordan can get further. Does she not realize that when one of them needs to go on the block they will turn on her quickly? She is too obsessed with them. At this point, I don't know if I would want Dom to come back, or Cassi. That is, if someone is coming back of course
  9. Daniele! i really don't like any of the other vets this season. They act like they are such pros at this game, and act so entitled. Can't stand any of them. So a Daniele win will at least get rid of brendon, which i'll be perfectly fine with. oh and this season sucks so far. all the good people are leaving. (Cassi, Dominic, Dick)
  10. Am I the only one who thinks it's smart of Brendon and Rachel to keep Dominic still? Think about it. If Dom goes, Dani will be pissed, as she already told them. Therefore, if Dani wins HOH thursday, she would most definitely be gunning for Brendon and Rachel probably. If Dominic stays, then they would be sticking with the original plan. Brendon and Rachel would be MORE safe if Dom stays. If he stays, then Jeff/Jordan would be gunning for Dominic/Daniele. Vice Versa. That way, no one would necessarily be gunning for Brendon and Rachel and they could easily make it at least another 2 or 3 weeks in there together. Plus, if Dom goes, then Jeff and Jordan would have Adam, and Shelly on their side. Kalia probably would run over there too, seeing how Dani is target number 1. i think Porsche and Lawon will kinda float in the middle for a while. Instead of doing jeff/Jordan's dirty work, take the safe route this week. They should really think this through.
  11. Rachel has NO social game what so ever. Competitions can only take you so far. Ask Janelle. Rachel will NEVER win this game, due to her bitchy attitude. She said she wanted to come in the game to change the way people think about her, but she's playing and doing the SAME stuff she did last year. Guess she didn't learn. She's a great competitor, but a VERY unlikeable person.
  12. I honestly think she's going to win this game. Or at least be in the final 2. She's putting Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel against each other. And she's just going to smooth right on by. But i don't get why the houseguests don't see how hard she's pulling for Dominic to stay. Clearly, that should be a red flag.
  13. Wow. this is embarassing. Excuse the language. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opAAQDlpM9s&feature=channel_video_title
  14. what the hell? this game is getting more predictable by the minute.
  15. #teamcassi is trending on twitter so fast! She WILL be voted back in
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