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  1. I keep hearing the promo video on TV that says ...Voiceover: "Then... 3 will go to Exile Island." Do you think there is a chance for bonus points?
  2. I agree, it looks like someone was there and vanished!
  3. Terry hasn't been in the loop at all. Not even when he promises to use the idol. I can't figure out why they don't believe him! Eventually they will have to catch onto the fact that Cirie is stirring things up! Terry should approach her again. Or maybe they know Terry's time is running out for use of the idol!!!
  4. Recheck points for crying. Crying is 10 points.
  5. Bamboozled means: To take in by elaborate methods of deceit; hoodwink; To conceal one's true motives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end; Who to trust? Courtney said Cirie was "Devious"; Well she is! Then I looked at the pictures of the families from the promo: Voiceover: "And who... will get nothing?" Doesnn't Aras have a twin brother or sister or girlfriend? Is this a Jonny Fairplay ploy? This one has me confused! Need to think some more!
  6. * Excitement over winning the Reward Challenge reaches a new level when the winners learn that they can compete for a second Reward. Which lucky Survivor walks away with this season's biggest Reward so far? 1. Part 1 might be the car reward. The second part...giving cars away like Survivor 10. * As winner of all three Individual Challenges, Terry knows he must win again to stay in the game. Will he be able to win his fourth straight Immunity, or can the former Casayas finally knock him off his throne? 2. Terry probably continues to win immunity as per spoilers... * As the finale nears, the Survivors begin to focus on the pros and cons of alliances. Can Terry finally talk any of the Survivors into being his ally? 3. No, I think Terry must keep his immunities. However, Casaya now has to get rid of one of their own.
  7. Is the Medical Emergency another case of Mark Burnett and the Survivor gang "playing with our heads"? (When a medical emergency sends one survivor off the island for treatment, the others are left wondering whether or not the fallen castaway will recover and be able to return to the competition.) And will they let that person back???? Really!!! And won't the rest of the players be upset? I can't get the Videos at the CBS site to load so I can't view "Cirie Breaks It Down". If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!!!
  8. I also had Aras exiled and Shane getting naked. I broke even with Sally winning Reward, but getting Booted. Terry did well. Did anyone have Sally in Episode 6 being Exiled? The Fantasy League has never given her the 40 Bonus Points, plus she read the Tree Mail. Lost points for my Team since they were never counted!
  9. That's an awful lot of information. And I am not sure about the Reward Challenge. It could go Bruce, Courtney, Sally, Terry OR Aras, Cirie, Danielle, Shane. Not enough clues yet!
  10. Do you really think Cirie will go along with Terry? Do you really think she will believe he will "carry" her? Well, maybe, if they both are on Exile Island. But Cirie seems so secure and Terry is not a good salesman.
  11. Sally has to be the luckiest gal on Exile Island for Episode 6. But wait, CBS cheated all of us out of the 40 Bonus Points for her Exile on our Fantasy League. Also for Sally reading the Tree Mail = 10 points. What gives? Did anyone else have Sally and check the Bonus points for her to be Exiled? I sent Feedback to CBS which sometimes has worked in the past. So for Episode 6 it says no one was given points for Exile!!!
  12. Fantasy League - Episode 6 Sally was sent into EXILE by Casaya and should have been given 40 Bonus Points. She wasn't! Sally was not given points for reading Tree Mail = 10. I sent a Feedback message to CBS to Please update as our Team needs these points. This worked in the past if enough people complained. Did anyone else have this problem?
  13. CBS Website Clues 1. Winning the Reward Challenge ends up being a raw deal for one tribe. Title of Episode 5 is "For Cod's Sake" - So we can assume it is probably raw fish... 2. A couple of Survivors secretly bond when they selfishly share one of the Reward prizes and anger their fellow Tribemates. Nick and Austin ??? 3. Two Survivors fall ill, keeping them up all night and leaving them drained right before the Immunity Challenge. Can these two strong players pull through, or will they bring their tribe down? Nick and Austin are shown as sick from the previews... Unfortunately, 1., 2., & 3. sound too much alike so I am sure there is some trick!!!... 4. It's a long afternoon for one tribe as chaos and confusion hampers the decision of who to vote off. Will an alliance stick or fall apart? Still thinking about this one...
  14. Starvation and Lunacy... In a surprising turn of events, a banished Survivor thrives on Exile Island, leaving the tribe back at camp struggling for food and fire. 1. I think maybe Terry ... He definitely would have some kind of survival training... The excitement over winning a Reward Challenge immediately causes a stir within one camp, as a tribemate contaminates a prized possession. 2. I think might be Shane... Shaky Shane could contaminate anything he touched at this poinit... If they did finally win a Reward Challenge, he would be sure to place some sort of crazy claim to it!!!... Constant bickering between tribemates leaves one Survivor regretting an alliance with a bunch of lunatics. 3. I also think Aras... may be regretting his alliance with some crazy people... Shane bickers with everyone... After the previous Tribal Council, one Survivor begins to worry. Will valiant effort and a competitive nature be enough to keep this castaway in the game? 4. I believe this to be Ruth Marie... Misty was smart and athletic, so Ruth Marie and Sally are both going to feel insecure...
  15. The First Exile - My bet is on a young woman! The tribe losing the first Reward Challenge must choose a member to stay behind and cope alone on Exile Island. Who will be the first tribe to have to Exile a tribe member? Young Women Will that same tribe loose Immunity? Probably What group will be the strongest early on? MEN Young and/or Old.

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