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  1. With the sketchy little Weasel staying, it looks to be another "Boogie" year. One of the postings I read recently, said it best. Boogie and the Weasel both lacked DR Will's charm. They're ham handed in their approach and they seem to have no bottom to their behavior, both willing to go to the gutter. Even Boogie's play on Erica was in the context of the game. The Weasels use of pre-game, private info is unconscionable. This poster called the Dr. a "Merry Prankster." What a perfect phrase for highlighting the differences between Boogie-Weasel and the Dr. The good Dr. could & would stick a knife in your back as he lovingly gazed into your eyes and then gently kissed your cheek. The Boogster & the Weasel just run the knife into your spine without the grace and style that caused so many to admire Dr Will's game. I give the Weasel credit for some great gameplay last night. He has them in his pocket now. But one Boogie type win was enough for me. I hope another turn of events occurs and the Weasel is again exposed for what he is. I wish I could find that post as I would liked to have given credit to the originator of the difference.
  2. Eric & Dustin. If those two horrid wretched malodorous oozing disgusting piles of slime win the $550,000, I fear for the world, because if that ultimately unfortunate day should come, all matter & light will collapse in on itself and time will cease to exist. Other than that, it's just a game, so who really cares.
  3. So, your argument is that there is a moral equivalence to Eric's move against Amber and any of the actions of the other HGs? Yes, of course others have lied, others have twisted things, others have raised there voices, but nobody but Eric was willing to destroy a person in order to win $500,000. The fact that he even told the secret while the feeds were active was deplorable. If it makes you happy... Dick is a tool. Dick can't control is emotions. Dick should look into his anger issues. Amber is an idiot. Dustin is a smug creep. Dani needs to apologize to her guy. Jam relies too heavily upon her god for silly things like POV contests. Zack ??? Jess is just plain gullable and far to ready to badmouth others. Kail should never have tried to get into this game. She has no game. Now, does that make Eric's deplorable threat any more agreeable?
  4. I don't know where this "the others aren't saints" argument comes from, but I don't accept that argument from my kids when they've done something they shouldn't have done and I certainly would never accept it from an adult.
  5. This is pretty simple. The difference IS: Eric's move could hurt someone on a personal level. Dick's move hurt Eric's gameplay. Additionally, Dick never mentioned what the secret was, only that the threat was made.
  6. Watching and listening to the little weasel talk to Dani is sickening. Apparently, there is no bottom to his behavior. Things the little weasel still claims he didn't do but DID. Eric DID smear mustard on Jen's belongings. GameplayEric DID vote to evict Kail Gameplay but started the search for the stray vote. ( Don't give me the America voted not eric... )Eric DID say he had something on Amber and may use it. Despicable!!! This is what is going to get the little weasel tossed!!!Nobody to blame but HIMSELF. And he's got the stones to complain about an attack on his character... What a delusional little twirp... What a scumbag
  7. Eric is a weasel. His game was weak. His threat to out Amber's secret is low. He must GO!!!!
  8. No eBay posting.... I have no need for such worldly things. I wear what I own. Thank the Almighty, the internet is free. The first copy was found some years back on a sports-related board.... Is there another imp-poster?
  9. One more decent BB season.... With yet another unsatisfying finish... I am now and will forever be the Felonious Monk!!!

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