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  1. WTF are the old peeps.... 

  2. To your next journey Pokey. Rest well. 

  3. Run while you still can...

  4. looking for victims

  5. If I say I'll get points or banned lmao

  6. spork

    1. OkoBoji


      Used a spork recently. I'm not a fan.

    2. WickedOne


      Did you spork somebody?

  7. Not if I stab your eyes out.

  8. Not if I stab your eyes out.

  9. WTF? TWB is still allowed on the cyber hwy? who'd of thunk'd it?

  10. ppfftttttttttttttttt

  11. You're human. It's expected.

  12. ffttttttttttttttttttttt

  13. Leaves a funky smell...

  14. Ass spankings with a broom? So not out of my norm.

    * burps *

  15. fffffffffffttttttttttttttt

  16. Brew N sip... Brew N sip... ~ burps ~ Flew myself into AZ again. Still unpacking my spare br00ms.

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