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  1. Somthing like, "wouldnt it be a coup d'
  2. How long do you think this twist with multi-hoh's will go on?
  3. Where can i recieve the ringtone? Where can i download the song? This may seem insane that I would want these, when thinking about how many times im going to hear it on the feeds...
  4. Ya loved it. My favorite was when it showed marcellas planning to betray him by telling everyone that the main character was wearing lisa's underwear, in reality marcellas was the one wearing it... THAT IS FUNNY. Even better, after marc told will that it was just a lie, and he was only telling it to ali, WILL STARTED TO JUST SAVE HIS CHEST< OUT OF NOWHERE, very funny indeed.
  5. In past years, dosnt Julie give a tour of the house on various shows; if I remeber correctly Diane and Drew went on the early show to host a tour. Then on Entertainment tonight; Julie and Arnold Shapiro gave a tour as well, I remeber this cus it looked really akward with Arnold in the shower, asking julie if there was enought privicy.... I might have these pixed up but to get to the point... You guys have any idea when these little trinkets will air. I know we have seen some of the house already, but anything BB i can get makes my day.
  6. Has any one thought of this? As sad it would be, which i hope it isnt true, what if...the screens were just left over from when they had 14 houseguests last year?
  7. No im using "U" torrent. Should i use azureus?
  8. Yes, sure thing. Im not sure how to do it exactly tho... Help?
  9. Ive been downloading BB3, and have been stuck on "part five". I am currently at 96.6% and its killing me. Some....anyone out there...please seed your part 5 Big Brother 3
  10. Nice job Dream Angel. Your turn!
  11. I think it could be cool if maby someone like Amy(or someone else just random) took over for marc while he went into the house...He would have like a 10 min segment on his take on whats going on in the house....It would just be like a DR sesh but live. I think CBS has invested way toomuch money and time with house calls to loose the main attraction, Marcellas, but HE HAS TO BE IN THE HOSUE>
  12. Who cried to the rest of thier housemates beacuse he/she cant drive a remote controll car.
  13. That would have to be in season four....if i remember right, the blimp displayed a message...somthing around...Congradulations FINAL FOUR? YA, it must have been Jun and Alison.
  14. Lots of house guests appeared. AND YES Julie chen was there.
  15. RIGHT ON! The bed room MUST CHANGE!........AGREE 100% The backyard....overdue for a change 400000 seasons ago.
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