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  1. 10 votes online as well? it doesn't say but i put in 10 votes for jeff
  2. kail and mike talking in kitchen kail told mike if your here and i'm gone don't trust jen and to go after dick. so it sounds like mike is up with kail.
  3. eric wearing his tye in an unusal way dustin already to party dick and nick having an argument daniel having it out with dick daniel and amber talking about dick
  4. JESSICA TAKES A SHOWER!!!! jen and jess getting out of the shower they showered together in their bathing suits zach in the mirror
  5. I wonder how Jen would feel about these pictures?
  6. i want a real picture and something not so sleepy to listen to!
  7. i think it would be interesting to hear what they have to say once they are out of the game. how much is for show and how much is really them. it would be more interesting if they did not tell them the cameras are there to be seen by live feed viewers.
  8. i live in canada and don't get shotoo i wonder if there will be any canadian channels picking this up? i know showtime at night can be very umm how should i put it? adult orientated i wonder if they will be showing any of this?
  9. I think i will subscribe to the feeds this weekend. i don't want to wait too long and run into trouble the last minute and not be able to get things working on time.
  10. me too . i love to see the new colors and furniture its so exciting!
  11. well i feel younger now! good to see a board where all ages are not just teens. i love living in canada to but i wish i was like the geese and could migrate south for half of jan. to end of feb. its really the only time it gets real cold here.
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