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  1. Thank you ! You are on top of things!!!
  2. Ok, I need some help here please. Call me crazy but I never saw who voted for who on the finale! I know Danni won 6-1...so does anyone know who voted for Steph?? I think it was Bobby Jon , but hey what do I know! Thanks
  3. I would just like to say that while the Wearver family is good TV..I also don't want to see them win. They get on my last nerve and when they are on I want to strangle the mother and the one daughter. I must admit that I do love to hate them. At first I was rooting for them to go all the way. Until the holier than thou attitude came out. I mean to be like I can't understand why people are so mean to us and this and that. Then they turn around the next second and talk major crap on people and do everything they say that everyone is doing to them. I just don't get it. For the mother to let some of the things go one that do is beyond me. Sure kids lets all throw food out the window at the other cars...ha ha ha ha...we can do it we are the Weavers. All I need to say is GET A CLUE!!!!!I think they were expecting to come on this show and use their tragedy to their advantage and when they didn't get their way they turned into the Devil in sheep
  4. HI, I am new here and I missed last nights 2 hour final of Survivor. My question to anyone who can help me is this....is there a way to download the show so that I can watch it? Please help me someone. It is such a bummer to watch all season and b/c of a tech. difficulty in my replay tv I missed the show. Thank you all!!

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