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  1. I kept thinking of them running out of the shire after Frodo. Mary and Pippin??
  2. No, I'm agreeing with that. You can't be married and be best friends.
  3. The airplane thing could be a little tricky.
  4. Hmmmmm wonder if we can hook up Lauren with the Miss Americas??? Oops, wrong fantasy.
  5. Well, I know the Pelletier family and I think they are screwed. Oh maybe its not the same Pelletiers.
  6. Which means ya can't be married and be best friends, right?
  7. So let me get this straight. If Judd married Rafe, he'd be known as Judd Judkins?? Assuming that Judd was the woman of the twosome. Anyway, I'm going with Rafe to win.
  8. I think you could get a really good stick and play "Swannee River" on her ribs.
  9. Perhaps the "teams" are just along old party lines...Jamie's team vs. Gary's team?? Wow KOR, pong!!!! I miss my pong.
  10. Anybody that can steal an extra beer deserves the move of the week...but I didn't see the two sisters in the barrell. Oops I guess that's not what a co-nun-drum means.
  11. In Canada our censorship is probably closest to Britain's in that almost anything goes. We also get all American networks and super channels. I watched all of Dumb & Dumber on TBS just for the bathroom scene which brings me to tears everytime. They cut it after the first bit of gas passing. Now most will say that's a good thing but really, what's the point?
  12. Had to vote for Steph. Bobby Jon has to get rid of that Davy Crockett hat. What????....that's his hair??? Alright now I'm jealous.
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