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  1. i thought "all-stars" was some of the best players ever. if america voted for ALL the hg then then some wouldn't be all-stars but just favorites. we need a mixture of great players, fun (entertainment) and of course villains (for other entertainment purposes). america should only vote for for like 5 or 6 hg into the pool and then the producers can fill in the rest.
  2. i know, i mean, the have names. and if he didnt know their names he didnt have to say that the "black girl" is beating you" (running to get airplane tickets) he could've just said that "woman".
  3. so far, they are one of my fav teams. ray & yolanda did really show self-control when those pervs in brazil kept ogling at yolanda's body.
  4. oh no.. this team might wind up like jonathan and victoria. but then again, that's entertainment, but i'll prolly personally won't like this team. we'll see.
  5. no matter who was in the final 3 w/ the linzes my favorite team would've been the linzes regardless. they were always my favorite and having the weavers in the final 3 and then lose and come in 3rd made it even better
  6. congrats too to the bransens! u fought hard and made it! thank goodness u beat rolly and the dead weights
  7. rolly and the dead weight. had he done the race alone he could've won
  8. oh yeah! orgasm city!!!! UGH GROSS lol, that was funny
  9. sooooooooooooooo glad this team came in 3rd. if it took them THAT long to finally get to the finish line they dont even deserve to win. and dont say "those linzes were mean!" cuz they did the same damn thing! the only reason why they are disliked so much is becuz of their attitude. they did that to themselves. they are not better than any team as they claim to be. don't expect a good response if u throw trash at another teams car. don't expect to find the clue by sitting there and lying down on the cot waiting for it to come to u. and it looks like the linzes were never sorry to use their yield cuz apparently it helped them alot!
  10. whoo! congrats linzes! i've been rooting for u since leg 1! these guys really are the best of the final 3.
  11. i SOOOOO hope they come in 3rd. they don't even deserve to be in 2nd. i wonder how the eliminated teams that are waiting at the finish line will cheer for the weavers when they come? prolly the occasional claps and that's it... lol. who knows
  12. wow i cant believe im sayin this but the paolos are starting to be more fun and entertaining to watch and less annoying than usual. just an ep or 2 till the weavers become my #1 hated family. the "shut up ma" is still really annoying and rude but im starting to like them a lil more. keep it up paolos. ur doing great
  13. oh yeah... some christians they are. "they're in front of a garbage truck!" "he looks like a squirrell". just a bunch of bull**** to me. the whole family is bull****. they bug the living hell outta me and they must be eliminated! they're making the paolos seem like angels. i can see why the other teams despise them so much cuz i hate em w/ a passion.
  14. not much to really say about this family. i was surprised that they were able to win back to back first place finishes on a leg.
  15. this is a really likeable family and i wouldnt mind seeing them at the end (but i do think eventually they may get eliminated but hey u never know). the kids aren't disrespectful and just having fun, it's normal for a brother and sister to call each other names like "dork" and "weirdo". the kids should see this as an adventure (but yeah, i'd LOVE to have a million bucks lol). the parents are great role models and are always positive around their children. the only thing i didnt like was them making the comment at the very first ep about how the other families probably havent even left the state they lived in and couldnt handle traveling (not really a big deal but kinda insulting to me). but other than that i'm really pulling for them.
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