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  1. No one is trustworthy in this game. Jordan was only going to be loyal to Jeff and Rachel was only going to be loyal to Brendon. Now that B&J are gone, Jordan and Rachel will do like everyone else and lie/betray/whatever to whomever in order to win the game.

  2. Has Daniele considered putting up Rachel as a replacement? Both are really strong competitors, but as psychotic as Rachel is, she has a better social game than Brendon. If Brendon leaves (again), Rachel will turn on the waterworks and immediately replace her partner with Porche. Brendon has no such go-to person.

    Daniele also seems to have the numbers on her side, so the chance that Brendon gets HOH next week and puts her up, she will more than likely stay (if she doesn't win POV).

  3. That seems to happen in every season. The first few evictions are purely whether or not a person is liked. We've seen people vote against their best interests in order to please what they perceive is the majority, just so they don't stick out. Last year, Braden was voted out first over Chima and the year before that Brian was voted out over Renny.

    We'll see more strategy now that people will go to the jury. I think there will be more thought into who gets evicted and who will hold a grudge.

  4. Unless he seriously tries to break up Brachel, he will remain a spineless douche.

    In BB, lies of the "sick wife" magnitude ALWAYS come out (whether it via HGs actually comparing notes or DR sessions leaking info), and his acting is no different. Now that he's wearing the HOH crown, his ego is growing by the second. Between him and Rachel, I'm not sure their heads can fit in the same room.

  5. Here's a question for the villians tribe... Why, in the immunity challenge, didn't they pair Sandra and Courtney in the first leg? Hand that leg to the Heroes but then win two out of the next three with your strong players? Russell is a bad strategist for not having thought of this. And I say him because he's the one that believes he's leading the tribe. Bad leadership call on this one.

    I was thinking the same thing!! But then again, Russell does appear to be as strong as he thinks he is. Sure Sandra was dead weight (and I think she was doing it on purpose), but Russ didn't look too spry. Why didn't they make Courtney/ Sandra team, then Parv take out Rupert and have Coach / Russ against Colby/ JT? Unless they editted out which team went against whom.

  6. And Danielle voted for ....Coach?

    Danielle is the female version of Coach...all bark and no bite.

    "I wanna win, I'm tired of losing, I'm voting off the person who doesn't deserve to be here" blah blah blah what crap

  7. I can kind of see the strategy here. There's probably what? Two or three comps unti lthe merge. If the heros stay on this streak, JT can make a point to cut Pupert and Gimpy now pre-merge. That gets the Hero-Team in with about four members against the Villians.

    As we've all seen when a small group merges with the big group, the big group can't keep their sh*t together and they vote off their own thinking "we'll still have a majority." We'll hear, "This is our best time to get ____ out, let's do it now and we'll take care of the other group later". But that later never seems to come. By then, the small group has bonded with those that are at the bottom of the totem pole and the game gets "flipped".

    I still don't like what JT did, though.

  8. Russell is smart enough to spend his time FINDING the idol and smart enough to know that his real competition is Boston Rob. Not only does it make for good Survivor but it also makes sense.

    True, but he isn't smart enough to keep his trap shut. Now people like Caoch and Parvati will help flush out the idol, then engratiate themselves by voting him out.

    I was constantly yelling last night, "Shut up, Russell"..."Shut up, Coach"..."Shut up, Pupert"

    Maddening, I tell you.

  9. I have a feeling Russell will use the time to make a fake idol, gather all the Villans around to throw it in the ocean...then play the real one. That just seems like a Russell move

    But then again, blabbing to everyone that he stuill has the real idol is also a very Russell move

  10. Pupert showed his true self-serving colors last night at tribal council, and SHOULD be the next to get voted out. You cannot vote out strong players and expect to win challenges. Your loyalty, at this point in the game, should be to the entire tribe, not some little core group of weak minded meatbags floating around a conniving planet of a player who has her own charismatic gravitational pull.

    But he admitted he would vote out someone who would help his team, because someone else told him to. Mindless drone = worthless player

  11. Why she was EVER part of the hero team, I will never know. Getting out strong players to make you look more important is a bad way to go, this far from the merge.

    Had big dummy kept her trap shut, Candace may have been voted out. But noooooo, blab all you can. Dumb move by a strong competitor

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