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  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement. If I get banned...have a Happy 4th!

  2. Kuwait, huh?? LIke you couldn't think of a better excuse to not update. I know you're doing your brackets!!

  3. Thanks for the great updates, Shel!!

  4. LOVE Calvin!! Welcome to the board :)

  5. Noticed you too were stalked on Dec 27th...odd

  6. Just read what your Governator is trying to do. 1 in 5 parks, yikes!

  7. USC just dumped a whole can of woopass in Ill!!! Woo-hoo

  8. Did you see my latest creation?

  9. Must say, I wub your new ava!!

  10. Sup Yo!! Still love the avatar.

  11. BTW - love love love the new avatar!!

  12. What happened to Dear Scuba?

  13. Completely agree with your political posts, Shug, thanx for keeping a level head and a clear mind.

  14. Are you really Santa??

  15. so post already... :)

  16. Here loosey Goosey...

  17. Dick..I mean Duck

  18. Please don't leave!!

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