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    Paris Hilton

    According to the radio this afternoon, she's on a hunger strike. I swear to God if someone does not shank her...I will.
  2. Francis_3

    Paris Hilton

    When a judge passes down a sentence it may require mandatory jail time (whether or not the sheriff believes it to be too harsh). Example: The Douglasville 6 were older teens ranging in ages 15-17 who had sex with a 14-year old. She was a willing participant. The young men were sentenced to 10 years in jail and branded sexual predators. Even the sheriff believes this is wrong, but there's nothing he can do. Hell, there's nothing the judge can do because of mandatory sentencing rules. A judge can also pass down a sentence with specific orders, like he did with Hilton. He ordered that there woul
  3. Francis_3

    Paris Hilton

    Well I don't know anout you all, but I feel much safer now. I still would like to know about the medical condition, though. I mean, if AIDS, TB, mental retardation and other conditions can't get you out of jail...she must be a leper. Yeah for the judge!!! Boo for the sheriff!! HA HA to Paris!!!
  4. Francis_3

    Paris Hilton

    Maybe she'll get Lil' Kim's cell.
  5. Man, and I thought actually watching movie with my kid was hard. Now I have to learn how to use a new software...
  6. Francis_3

    Hotel Rwanda

    Not a date movie...but a very good one. Don got robbed of the Oscar...but oh well.
  7. Harold as Richard Roundtree?? Maybe Richard Roundtree standing in a hole?? Isn't he about a foot shorter than Shaft? Wierd...but could be good.
  8. The Hanso people took Walt in order to attract Michael in order to capture Jack, Kate & Sawyer?? Makes no sense...what??? LLST doesn't make sense??? Get out!! No, I'm just mad that the writers in all of their creative glory couldn't figure something out. I know they are going to focus on the Others next season, but damn, they had Walt ALL of this season. And he has XMen-type powers...come on...humor me people...I live to be humored!!
  9. If this is true...this is the dumbest move the writers could do...completely drop this storyline as it is the only one that has been well maintained.
  10. Too bad...I was really rooting for her... Maybe Jack will realize he should have spoken to someone else about training and army...
  11. Great link, thanks But I played with the pictrues, myself and I didn't get those images in the cloud. I was also wondering if this is the same thing that Locke saw in the first season. He said something to Jack about seeing into the eye of the island.
  12. Were the explosions part of or a bi-product of the smoke-monster? When the camera panned through the smoke and the lightening flashed on the instide, I swear I thought I saw Danielle, or at least a figure of a woman with long brown hair. Am I crazy??
  13. My hubbie thinks that the Others may be a little off kilter (his words, too ) because of the magnetism and possible nuclear type fall-out (Siyeed talking about the construction of the hatch and it being similar to Chernobyl). At some point in time, during one of the crash sequences, I thought I saw something out of the window (maybe the window near Jack when he's having the conversation with Rose). I just remember thinking the plane was deliberately downed instead of crashed. With that being said, here's my running list of "monsters": 1. Polar Bear - from what I could tell the polar bear
  14. I think the Others stayed away from the Fronters because they were on the side of the island with the polar bears/ dinosaurs/ smoke-chain/ big black horses. Maybe the Fronters landed in a "protected zone". Kind of like mulitple levels of security. Where the Tailies landed, because it was so far from the hatch, the security level wasn't so high...making it easier for the Others to get to them. Maybe the Others are protecting the Tailies from the Monster. I'm starting to think that maybe the Others aren't so bad. I mean sure they kidnapped a few, and terrorized the rest, but they haven't killed
  15. Same return date as LOST?? Guess I'll have to catch the reruns. I liked the concept of this show and was excited when it first aired, but something's missing. I can't put my finger on it, though. It's kind of like a watered down X Files, but that's not entirely it. I don't know. Maybe it's too superficial with the storylines. I mean, the attractive leading lady hooks up/ overtly flirts with attractive soldier during the second episode...or maybe it was the first. I guess I was expecting something more involved as far as science, religion, government control, etc. It sure is a nice sprin
  16. I just found out the Michelle Rodriguez was in a movie called Bloodrayne, staring Michael Madsen, Ben Kingsley, Billy Zane and Meat Loaf. But I found out because it is the first 2006 contender for the covetted Razzie award (for the really poo-poo movies). The picture on the website looks EXACTLY like the ones from the Lost site. I don't think she has a different look, I swear!! www.bloodrayne-themovie.com
  17. Maybe he's going to use his money and new found "fame" and go into the OTHER wrestling arena..Professional Wrestling!! I could see him in tights and a cape.
  18. After watching last night's finale, I only have two things to say: 1. I KNEW IT! There's only one reason they would spend a HUGE amount of finale time reliving Matt's blubbering betrayals and commentary. But seriously, I want a re-count...weigh...whatever. Seth looked almost too thin. His skin didn't even fit (gross, but a good kind of gross). He also looked quite younger (dido for Suzy). I thought Matt still carried himself like a big guy, but that may just be his peck-ti-cular fortitude. Oh well, I'm glad they all got some cash. 2. HOLY CRIZ-ZAP!! Did you see the Ryan and Suzanne?? WOW!
  19. Crappy NBC site...i can't get any of the videos to show, so I can't get any before and after pics. Sorry!!
  20. How TV Guide totally ruined the show last night. In their "featured article" they didn't even mention Andrea, so I knew she was going to be voted off, even before Matt openned his blow hole. Man, i am really starting to not like this guy. The whole coach thing kind of gave me the creeps. I'm hoping all of the contestants got a little extra boost. If not, it just proves that Matt isn't the strongest person and would require constant handholding and personal kudos in order to stay on track. Suzy and Seth seem more motivated by how they see themselves and Matt only cares about how he appears to
  21. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of the voting off predictability of these reality shows. If you work hard, do you best and succeed, you are punished. Is that a good message to send? This is fine for shows like Survivor or Big Brother but The Biggest Loser? So here's an idea for next season... The contestants were chosen to be on the show because (1) they posses a certain TV moxie and (2) they need to lose weight. So...don't let them get voted off. Put a dollar per pound amount for the contestants. Let them compete for prizes and/ or more money. There could be voting involved,
  22. I was a little disappointed with Matt choosing to vote Dr. J off. his little overly emotional speeches don't really mean anything. Earlier in the episode he said how disappointed about Andrea eating 9 brownies and her not really deserving to be there. But then he votes off someone who "is his hero" and "really deserves to be in the competition". Waah- wah -wah. BTW... how does he know she ate 9 brownies, was he watching her? Was he eating them with her? Matt seems phonier and phonier every episode. Just once, I want a reality show where your accomplishments aren't a liability.
  23. I don't think it was a previous contestant or Bob, I think it was a family member or friend and he/ she just got the news.

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