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  1. Now that I'm out of school and have a real job, it makes getting in here harder. Good to see some of the same old faces here. I'm still giggling about cheese.
  2. The cheese scene is fantastic! I loved the peanut gallery.
  3. I don't see extraordinary beauty this cycle.
  4. Life would be better if they at least gave everyone their bathing suits.
  5. Being thin does not equal an eating disorder. Funny how these cruel comments are always made about any thin reality contestant. Some people have as much trouble gaining weight as some do losing it.
  6. AmazingNut

    'Veronica Mars'

    Darn I liked it too!
  7. Ugh... "I don't know if they are on the show for the right reason." WTF? They didn't know him until they got to the show. They can't fall in love with what they see in pictures and google. Tessa is the only one with a brain. She's thinking about reality beyond the make believe tv land.
  8. Bleh never an Asia fan. Mel R was much better.
  9. Perhaps next year we'll have a show on who they are going to get rid of :-D
  10. Search "America's Next Top Model Cycle 8" on youtube and you should be able to find the shows.
  11. UPN, it's CARRIE Underwood. Actually, she's pretty good (better recorded than live). Usually I only find a song or two I like on a CD, but her CD was good. If you don't like more modern country music than you won't like her, but that doesn't mean the show is rigged.
  12. No it wasn't those three words. It was the implications that the thread was made based on her skin color and that opinions would be different if she was white.
  13. There are a lot of factors other than race that play into what we are shown and what we aren't. Please stop implying that everything is solely based on race. I find it very offensive.
  14. Honestly, until upn commented race wasn't mentioned. Voice type/style/range were which may be correlated but this isn't a discussion about race. Actually, I'm rather offended at the comments made by upn. I think I and other readers of this thread deserve an apology for the discrimination and negative feelings based on the color of our skin (be it white or black). On topic, I enjoyed her but also didn't see her as head and shoulders above the rest.

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