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    Doctor Who

    FROM TV GUIDE: The Televisionary Question: When I was a child, I loved this show called Doctor Who. I remember that it was on PBS, but no one else has ever even heard of it. I know I'm not crazy. It was about a scientist who traveled in an English phone booth to other planets and fought aliens. I know this sounds far-fetched, but I remember it clear as day. I remember that he always wore a scarf around his neck and a long coat. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Televisionary: No one else has ever heard of it? Obviously, you need to hang with the comics-convention and role-playing crowd a little more, dear lady. Then again, maybe it's easier to just read about it here. I'll admit, though, that "easy" isn't a concept that applies to summing up the legendary Doctor Who, which was broadcast by the BBC from 1963-89 in its initial run, making it the world's longest-running TV series (and one that I'll add to my long list of series with top-notch theme songs). In addition to attracting the most rabid fans this side of Star Trek, the show employed enough actors to fill this column (eight just to play the Doctor in his various incarnations, with more companion characters than I'm willing to count) and wound its way through a story line far too convoluted to do justice here. So if you don't mind, I'll keep it simple and will ask the denizens of Who-ville (they prefer to be called Whovians) to cut me some slack for doing so. When the Doctor first appeared, he was played by actor William Hartnell as a cranky, aged antihero who went gallivanting through time with his granddaughter and two of her teachers (the show was first meant to be at least partly educational). They traveled about in his TARDIS (which stood for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, though it was originally intended by the creators to be a proper name for the vessel rather than an acronym), a small London police callbox from the outside but a much larger space inside. (According to the BBC, the original idea was for the booth to change appearance as it landed in different environs, but that was deemed too expensive an idea.) In 1966, Hartnell left the show, so the Doctor merely regenerated and thus allowed the producers to replace the character with new actors, throwing in a new skill set and personality to match the different physical traits. The Doctor was a Time Lord, one of a race of beings from the planet Gallifrey who'd mastered time travel. (Again, there are way too many details to include here, but it was also revealed over the course of the series that the Doctor was half-human, had two hearts and was a Renegade Time Lord. His fellow Gallifreyans eventually learned to like him again after he saved their butts several times.) For my money
  2. Welcome to Mortys....happy posting and don't forget to check out the chat room.
  3. I hadn't noticed that WhitePhoenix...taking your 'more to arrive' theory, the 317 could be a date, 31st of July. We in the USA put our months first but most other counties put the day first.
  4. My 5 year old granson watches and loves BB. If there was nudity he would not be allowed to watch. Sorry all but I feel todays youth doesn't need to see nudity on general tv, they see enough of it on cable, dish, dvd and movie theaters. If BB were not on general tv there might be some nudity.
  5. BB is on tonight....Julie will be back on Thursday, she is on only once a week for evictions.
  6. Janelle said she lives one block from Ivette I still think they are all connected in some way..like a ring
  7. To calculate BBT you take your time and... for pacific time...its the same for mountain time subtract 1 hour for central time subtract 2 hours for eastern time subtract 3 hours for New Brunswick Canada subtract 4 hours Do not confuse this with GMT (the time stamped on all our posts) which is also called Universal Time. It is the time it is at the Prime meridian in Greenwich England. To calculate your time from GMT... for pacific time subtract 7 hours for mountain time subrtact 6 hours for central time subtract 5 hours for eastern time subtrat 4 hours for New Brunswick Canada subtract 3 hours
  8. Thank you fuskie....fantastic post. Gives me a new prespective on some of them and confirms my feelings on others.
  9. Thank you Yana for letting us know. Anyone that has lost a loved one knows how hard a time it is right now for Morty and his family. He his well loved and repected here.
  10. I was thinking the same thing jen...can anyone tell us in what order they came up to the entrance?
  11. the info is posted in the early show...its on thread
  12. Well we know the secret bedroom is off the rainbow room behind the silver wall...... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
  13. Yessssssssssssssss!!! just heard it...and my local station will be doing a live interview with Julie Chen at noon eastern. It's coming, it's coming.....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  14. LOL save Darts for the end of the season, when everyone wants to throw them at the fish.
  15. NO I would never be on Big Brother. I love the show, the excitement of, what will they do or say next, rooting for my fav and gritting my teeth at my least fav. but to subject myself and my family to the gossip, the hateful comments and the petty argueing of peopl that can't agree to disagree, no I would never do that. 2 days left...57.5 hours (eastern) ...oh hurry
  16. Camera Run is where all the mobile cameras are, they are in the walls...its why the crew is sometimes called "the moles"
  17. so does that mean BuBBles won??????!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock:
  18. Once again wtg on the name picks...out of all the names in the world you guys did great.
  19. OHHHHHH I am as excited about this as I am for BB to start Go BuBBles, Go BuBBles, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  20. Here is my theory...it could be something like this....A knows B, B knows C, C doesn't know A, C knows D etc. They all know someone else in the house but don't know that person knows someone else.
  21. my guess would be the only wall with out a window in it...maybe the metal wall
  22. Welcome Anne, I for one accept and respect your opinion...I may not always agree with you (or others) but I will not dis you for it....just remember not to dis me for mine either. Happy posting.

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