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  1. vyv, you didn't  complete the following questions for the BB Fantasy game. If you answer them I will make sure your answers get accepted. Thank you.


    1. Which HouseGuest will win the third Veto competition (4 points)? DONE
    2. Will the Power of Veto be used (Yes or No, 2 points)? DONE
    3. If the Veto is used, which nominated HouseGuest will be saved (2 points)?
    4. If the Veto is used, which HouseGuest will be the replacement nominee (4 points)?
  2. gma46

    gma46    Dade

    Where do you go to post & read comments about BB15 houseguests?

    1. Dade


      http://www.tvfanforums.net/ thats to the main forum, then scroll down to the show you want. enjoy

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