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  1. Dear Hayden, Please be careful,I can't see a thing! Scared, Your eyes
  2. on the live feeds, Andrew just walked up to Hayden and asked if he thought anyone knew that Andrew and Hayden were in an alliance and Hayden said no. Did I miss something?? Is Hayden just playing him? or are they really in some sort of alliance? I thought Hayden wanted him out?
  3. I have liked different ones throughout the season but, when I thought about it Jeff was my favorite since the 1st moment they showed him. I loved the fact that he didn't side with the meatheads in the beginning just cause he was in their clique. He made me laugh the whole time and I hate that he isn't in there anymore. I voted for Jeff.....I hope him or Jordan will win.
  4. oh course they didn't have any chemistry.....she is a boy!!!!! She wanted to talk game with him and could have cared less about kissing him or seeing him. She is such a dude!!!
  5. I think Jordan is just feeling obligated to Jeff to say those things, but in no way really means them. She wants the money for her family.
  6. NO MORE NATALIES!!!!!!! I hate to hear her speak, she only breaths in and never out, she clasped her hands like a man does, she holds her head up high like she is looking over something and she moves her head and eyes around like Ray Charles. What is wrong with this girl!?! I would have liked to have seem Kevin be aligned with different people other than Lydiot, Gnat and Screama.
  7. I agree, he still would win though probably. I CAN'T STAND NATALIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. If she was dumb enough to use it on him then she DESERVES to go home!!! OMG are you kidding me? I would vote her out for pure stupidness!! BUT we don't have to worry about that now.....
  9. Yeah I think it was more of a luxury comp. At this point they need to include us on somethings so we will watch the dang show! Natalie is so annoying....do you think her man is looking at her differently now that he can see her away from normal stuff at home?
  10. ugh.....Jeff and Jordan on the block. Jordan just said we should have saved Lydia and sent Kevin home......DUUUHHHH!! Oh well, Jeff is gone now.
  11. yeah that box will be something but not sure what......curious. No way Michelle will use it and No way Kevin would put up Nat as replacement. It was a smart move to put Michelle and Jeff up but, I HATE IT!! I want Jeff to stay!!
  12. whatever it is, I need a major twist because I am SO bored right now! Seriously, Nat....Jordan.....Michelle......Kevin....HOW BORING CAN IT BE!!!!! Jeff is funny at least. Kevin is funny but not with Nat! Michelle just makes squeaky noises and Jordan is cute but what will she do to make it interesting? I can't believe I have already stopped watching BBAD! That makes me sad.
  13. If she uses it on him, she should go home. There is no way possible that Michelle is going to use it on Jeff......no way possible. NO WAY she would be that stupid. Could you imagine her going to Jury house and telling them......duh I used the Veto to save Jeff and they voted me out! hahahahaha no way it's gonna happen. Natalie loves stirring crap up, they should have gotten rid of her already.
  14. hey, did Kevin already show his HOH room? I'm watching Showtime, but haven't seen it yet.
  15. watching Insider Dish with Ross and Dick....Ross asked him who should Jeff put up, he said Russell or Michelle. Russell is his biggest competition. I don't think Jeff is thinking about numbers...he is thinking who may beat me out on comps. I can for sure say one thing....as far as his comments. Yeah they are tacky, however I would DIE if people heard what I say when I get that pissed off.....heck I have screamed way worse at drivers in traffic or under my breath about my TEENAGERS! (I am trying to figure out a way to vote them out!) JUST KIDDING.....Don't call child services!! He was aware what he was saying was stupid, but he needed to blow off steam and that is how he did it. I think everyone has commented in there already, you can't trust ANYONE!!!
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