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  1. And then to sit there and say wait til the final two, I really have some things to say then. Well whoop dee doo, that has me on the edge of my seat.
  2. You're joking right? She was 8 yrs old when the show started.
  3. Should Stephanie make it to the final 2, the Boys Club (formerly known as the Jury) will surely wake up and not give her a single vote.
  4. After a little more research, I've found that there was a Rebecca on Season 3 of For Love or Money, but can't find a photo!
  5. What in the world is Lydia's problem? I've pulled for her as the underdog from the very beginning, but last night she finally blew it. What was she thinking??????? She hasn't seen her brother for 2 years and she so chipperly (new word, don't try to find it in your dictionary) gave up her money to Steph so Steph could bid on time with her boyfriend of 7 years? And Steph????? She would crush Lydia like a bug, yet she had no qualms about hitting Lydia up for a "loan"? None of this made any sense to me, Lydia can take a hike, she doesn't deserve to win, the woman has no fight.
  6. Here's a question about Rebecca.........throughout the entire season she has looked familiar to me. Last night it finally hit me. If she wasn't a contestant on one of those "find true love" type reality shows of a few summers ago, she has to be someones twin. I kept thinking she was one of the girls from "For Love or Money" but so far I haven't found a Rebecca. Has anyone else noticed a resemblance or does she look familiar to anyone else?
  7. Yes, in this instance she probably did get a raw deal. Bill and Carolyn both pointed out sound reasons why the beauty contestant should be the one to go. The Donald decided though to give her one more chance, we all knew his reasoning, even though he didn't verbalize it. At least he was consistent in the way he got rid of the mouthy one though, using the justification that she was disruptive to the team. That was just Karma coming back to bite her in the ass . She used the very same reasoning and ran her mouth (which is part of what they used against her tonight) to get rid of Toral and the woman who went earlier in the seaon, the Latino woman. She wouldn't shut up about how disruptive they were......hmmmm, maybe it was her all the time. It was a win win for Donald, both of them deserved to go. The guys rocked with this task!!
  8. It really hit home last night that Carolyn rarely has an independent thought. All she ever does is mimic what is said by either the Executives of the Task Corporations or by Donald himself. Her comments on that float last night were straight from the mouth of the movie director. "And the scale!!! It was horrible!!!!" Once in a great while she will step up and tell someone to not speak until its their turn, but otherwise she has very little practical input. She did seem a little disappointed that Donald didn't fire the beauty queen though.
  9. Not that I have to explain this to you, but here goes. I saw the previews, I read the pre-show hype, I turst the opinion of friends who did try to watch. I didn't have to watch five minutes to know that for me (not you who has never been to the states) staying in the states where there was no challenge in language, transportation or any of the other issues that arise in being in a foreign land would be and is a let down from what TAR has always been. I believe I also said that it would have been great as a summer replacement show.
  10. So....Bobby Jon made a smart move....or did he? He said in his candid session that he wasn't ready to break an alliance yet but when he saw the way things were going, he thinks he saved his own butt. What he actually did, was save Danni's since she would have been the Judd of this tribe and betrayed her owh original tribe.
  11. Thanks, Danni was the one I was wondering about. Bobby Jon flipped at the last minute and voted for Blake also, so Brandon was his only vote to stay. Thanks again.
  12. I have to agree with most of what was said in the original post to this thread, both BB and TAR have been major letdowns. The downhill slide for BB started last season with the DNA tiwst that was a bust, then this summer of secrets held no real secrets at all. TAR.......just a real let down for the fall season> I still think this would have been a great summer show though. Mike's point is well taken and one with which I also agree. When it became obvious that BB was a bust, I just gave up watching. TAR, I haven't watched one show, not because of the families, and not because I don't care about the wonderful sights and locales we have here in the US but because it isn't the race I love watching, where is the challenge?? Survivor remains high on my list of fun shows to watch. This season so far has been really exciting not just because I am partial to the setting; but because I think the challenges have been fun to watch. They've done a great job at incorporating Mayan history and games into the show, adding a little variety to the challenges from past shows which were becoming repeat after repeat of the same old thing.
  13. As much as I liked Stephanie the first time around, she is really getting tiresome this time. Bobby Jon, he just never impressed me. I say double whammy em.
  14. I thought when I watched last night that everyone but Brandon voted Blake out. I got the same impression watching CBS this morning when they interviewed him. However, the show recap on the Survivor page says Danni voted Brian. Can anyone clarify for me? CBS does not have the voting results updated.
  15. Looks like maybe next week will be Jim's week to go.
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