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  1. I have to admit, watching BB is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have to come here to discuss the show, because my friends and family can't even believe I watch it! I won't go so far as to get the live feeds, or record a show if I have to miss it. It's almost more fun to come here and read everyone's thoughts and reactions than it is to watch! Can't wait for the fun to begin!!!
  2. Ivy

    Trading Spaces

    I saw that show. I couldn't believe they even let them consider doing the kitchen, because it was obvious that is suited them so well. The kitchen is the heart of the house, and functionality is important. I think that was a big issue with that couple. They didn't think they could use the kitchen the way they were accustomed to. They had a good attitude though -- they still said they had a great time, and would be on TS again. Who knows what they said when the cameras were off though! I used to watch this show religiously, but haven't for quite a while. This was my first Paigeless episode. It was ok -- I have to admit -- I love it when they hate the room. And I have more respect for the people who will say they don't like it, rather than the ones who grit their teeth, and smile, while it's obvious they can't stand it.
  3. I wonder if any of the houseguests have been unwelcome at their previous jobs because of how they behaved in the house. I would imagine that would depend a lot on the type of job they had. But, as mentioned before, because so many are young wannabe actore and models, they don't have a solid career anyway. Nothing to lose!!! I have always wondered about Heidi, from Survivor. She was a teacher, and took off all her clothes on TV. Didn't she also pose for Playboy? I wonder if she is still teaching.
  4. Carn that Bravo!! They just had to show a marathon yesterday of this show --- that's how so many of them get me hooked. I just can't stop watching! This guy is so funny. Is he who they modeled Johnny Bravo after? You know-- the cartoon character. (is that cartoon on anymore? )
  5. oooo ooooo!!! Pick me !! Pick me!!! How much fun would THAT job be????? I would really love to go in and mess with their heads. heh heh heh....
  6. I, for one, sure hope they don't have any type of all stars. The term just kind of makes me laugh, when referring to BB houseguests. The ones we love to hate would probably play the game the same way. And the ones who seem genuinly nice, while it is nice to see decent people play, they are rather boring, and I don't really think we need to see them again. Bring on new people -- young...old... gay....black.....eye candy.......I don't care. My only request would be to stop with the wannabe actors and models. I guess if they wanted to bring back some familiar faces, it might be fun to see them involved in some of the challenges. I find the 'twist' aspect rather annoying. They built them up so much last year, and they all kind of fizzled. If they must have these twists in the game, I sure hope they have new people coming up with them.
  7. I would like to see more of a real 'slice of life' in the house. But I don't think that's going to happen. I enjoy the show, but I don't like how they cast it. It seems many are playing a part, rather than just being themselves. Too bad -- I think it was more interesting before they stocked it with wannabe actors and models. A few is okay, but that almost seems to be a requirement anymore. I'm all for putting interesting characters on the show, of all ages, but not if they are acting the part. In spite of my criticizm, I will watch religiously, and check here for updates. I can't help it ---I get hooked every time!

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