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  1. I hope everyone feels the same, and that both of the Gosselins disappear from the public eye, and focus on their children. And only their children. Interviews, talk shows, book deals, and new shows rumored to be in the works, will do nothing to get these kids through a rough time. I can't help but wonder what kind of reaction they are going to have, when they are adults, and their parents have to answer to all of them why they had to air their dirty laundry on national tv. I always thought having to explain why they had the poop on tv was going to be bad, but that's nothing compared to what they are doing now. It's sick. TLC -- please, pull the plug. And any other network out there -- please don't sell out for ratings. No more Jon, no more Kate. Anywhere. Ever.
  2. That was really good -- a lot of fun. I still don't like either of them, but I had probably better warm up to them, because they will be around for awhile. I am kind of looking forward to what they will do next. As long as he and Karina don't start dating, I think I could start to like them.
  3. yes, I'm pretty sure they are all supposed to wear flats. I noticed it too, but just chalked it up to Tyra. I'm sure she thinks it will help them carry themselves taller, if they are made to feel short. I notice Tyra never gives up her heals... Off topic -- saw Wicked last week. Love love loved it!
  4. ditto. Not my first choice to go, but I'm quite sure I would have been rooting for them to be philiminated soon enough anyway. How bad would that suck though - to not even get to start? Major bummer.
  5. He made a comment during the duck challenge, that he couldn't calm her down. I didn't see him do much that I would have considered calming. I just saw him yelling at her. What I saw him doing would not calm me down either. Does all that yelling on the sidelines by their partners ever really help? I think I would find it annoying, even if it was all positive, and incredibly frustrating if they were trying to tell me what to do, and it was not helpful at all. A few helpful hints would be ok, but the constant coaching would drive me nuts. I'm not heart broken they are gone, but there are several other teams I would rather have seen gone before them.
  6. AR is 2 hours tonight? Sweet! Most shows that are 2 hours really don't need to be. There's way to much repetition and filler. AR ought to have plenty to fill 2 hours. Survivor is another show that I wish had a 2 hour premiere, for each season.
  7. Anyone else creeped out by that little mini-Tyra on the runway with Miss J? Her name is Diva? Nothing like a nice, normal childhood. I'm sure she's a real treat now, and will just get more special with age.
  8. I also think we spoke a bit too soon, about Tyra seeming to tone down the silliness. We didn't know yet about Supersmize, and I don't think they had even started using the term 'smize'.
  9. Jeff says evil Russell has delivered some of the best lines ever, on Survivor. I think that's a big part of why I don't like him. They seem a little premeditated. And he really really seems to relish the role of the evilest Survivor ever. It's just that -- a role. He's probably better at it than Corinne?? was, at trying to be the biggest Survivor bitch ever, but he's still trying too hard. I mean, if you're going to be evil, just be evil. Quit telling us about it. I'm a little disappointed that Jeff and the powers that be seem to be eating up this guy's B.S. I just hope this season doesn't become all about Russell. More Shambo, less Evil Russell, and more of everyone else, so I can start to remember who is who.
  10. Yes that absolutely makes sense. Heh-- I watch way too much reality tv! As far as I'm concerned, either get rid of him ASAP, or he can go to the finals. If his tribe mates are going to be so oblivious in a game where you need to observe and analyze people's every move, then they totally deserve the burned socks, poured out water, and whatever else he may throw at them. It's not a camp out -- it's Survivor. I tell you though, I'm going to find it hard to watch, if they let him run the show. I will start to wonder if it's a set up, because people couldn't really be that blind, could they? Or else I will be disgusted that they picked people to be on the show who apparently know nothing about the game.
  11. Bianca did look more like a transgendered person than the one who actually was transgendered. That photo was bad -- downright ugly, IMO. There are lots of times when I don't think a model looks good at all, but then I seen the photo, and it can be pretty amazing. But not Bianca. I think she looks worse in her photos, than in reality. I don't see any potential there. And with the nasty attitude on top of her not so good looks ... she can go home any old time. I'm really sorry the big eyed girl (Rachel?) left. I think she could have had some amazing photos. Sheesh -- just because she couldn't think of a song right off the top of her head. One little brain fart, and she's toast. I felt bad for her. Sundai reminds me of Kristen Chenoweth. (She's a cute little blonde actress -- used to be on broadway too --- sorry, but I can't think of anything current I've seen her in). But they both have that cute type of face. But I think you're right -- 5 ' 3" is probably too short. I don't know if they have petite models, like they do plus sized models, but even if they do, since the plus sized models aren't actually plus sized, I doubt that a petite model would actually be petite anyway. And 5'3" is defined as 'petite'.
  12. I had never seen Tim have an outburst like that, (if you could call that an outburst). I think he was really angry, that Johnny tried to dupe the judges into thinking he was making something fabulous, that got ruined by faulty equipment. I'm glad the judges saw through it. Usually, I think they might have had a problem with the 'tattle tale', but maybe in this case they appreciated it. I don't think it would have affected it anyway though. Like Heidi said, they can only judge what they see. Nicolas??? seems to have the most issues with the other designers. I think he will be the next to go. I'm also so glad they have to switch models. Otherwise, it's not really a competition for the models, if the designers want to keep the same one, or don't want to tick off their fellow designers by picking someone different. This way, no one will have to feel like they are the bad guy. Because there were a few designers that did want to switch, I think, but they didn't want to tick anyone off. Could the models be any less mature though? Team A? Cliques? And what was with the sobbing by that one model? For pete's sake -- she wasn't being sentenced to death. She got to go home to her son. Drama queen! barf.
  13. I didn't find him one of those 'love to hate' type of characters. I don't mind the mind games, or his tactics. And his comments are horrible, but it's almost like he's trying to hard to be horrible. Like he's purposefully thinking of the worst thing he can say. I think it's partly because he's trying so hard to play a part. We don't see the real Russel. And I think the other part is, that I don't really think he's playing that smart. I am kind of disappointed in the others, who seemed to automatically trust him. I think I would have been suspicious of him from the get go. None of these people talk to each other at all? Russel talks to them, minutes after meeting, wanting to form an alliance, and every single person proclaims their loyalty, trust, and undying honesty and devotion to this guy? And no one but Marissa noticed he was spending one on one time with pretty much everyone? I'm kind of surprised, in this game, that people would be so initially trusting. And, unless they are complete morons, and terrible game players, his plans should all fall apart very very soon. I guess I think if they suck this badly at the game of Survivor, that they would let one guy dupe them all, then he does deserve to win, because the others on his tribe are entirely too stupid.
  14. If they lived privately, it wouldn't bother me quite so much. I would still probably get the 'cult' vibe, but since I probably never would have heard of them, that doesn't really matter. It does seem hypocritical to me for them to be involved with something as cheesy as a reality tv show.
  15. I probably shouldn't say this, but will instead just clarify that these are my thoughts. There is nothing about what I'm going to say that is based in any type of fact, just my gut feelings. I always get a 'cult' vibe, when I see these people. Like Jim Bob ( what an idiotic name for an adult) has this desire to father his own little community, and that he would take on more and more wives, and just keep impregnating them. I think it gives him a rush to see all these children that he fathered. Like he is super special... 'Look at what I've created'. And yes, he did have a part in creating each child. But I can't help but think this guy would love to have a stable of wives to breed. Yes, I know that's a gross way to put it, but that's how I think he might think about it. Which is a big reason why this family gives me the heeby jeebies. But like I said, these are just my simple thoughts. I'm quite sure I"m wrong -- I hope I am anyway. But I wonder if anyone else kind of gets that vibe from them.
  16. I knew this was coming, but still so sad to hear. I loved Dirty Dancing, and that skit on SNL with Chris Farley ranks up there with the funniest ever. He is no longer in pain -- he is at peace.
  17. I think the 'ick' factor comes in, at least for me, because I wonder if they don't keep having kids, in order to keep the show going. I do think they would have a few years of shows, if they did stop having kids. There's always the interest with weddings and grandchildren. I don't know if they are having all these kids because they really really want them, or because they think it will keep people interested. But anyway, I don't watch the show, so I probably should just keep my mouth shut about them. I do wish I wouldn't have to see all their big announcements splashed across the tv, and on the internet. I don't like them. I know some people do, but I still feel like they are being shoved down our throats. I think that is why the media covers them too. Because they know some people are like ' aww- how sweet -- what a wonderful family', and others are like 'gross--stop exploiting your family and join the real world'. And publicity is good publicity, so they say, so I imagine any discussion is good discussion as well.
  18. We have our avatar's back! Elle, I have missed your wiggle.
  19. Yes -- Tyra seemed to let go of the ridiculessness we've had to endure in the past. But I do hate the french accent. Tyra was looking pretty good too.
  20. Yup -- Sundai was Tyra's Oprah moment. 'I picked you'. And all the other stuff she said when she called her name. I missed the part where they said the religious chick would not be participating, and they brought Lisa back. All I heard mentioned was something during the judging, where they said something about it not working out for one of the models, so Lisa got another chance. Don't know any details though. And it looks like Tyra found a new favorite thing to do to these girls. How many got their eyebrows bleached? Had she ever done that before? I guess she couldn't shave anyone's head, since she already had one bald chick. Hence the eyebrow bleaching? Did they perm Nicole's hair? I know her hair was already curly, but it seemed much more so. Or did they just add extensions? The French thing is already tres annoying. The cycle 13 collection? She refers to them now as a collection? Nah... that's not creepy at all.
  21. If they weren't doing the tv show, I wouldn't' have a problem with them. I wouldn't agree, but that's why I am raising my children the way I am. I can respect their right to raise their family however they want. But to me it seems like they say one thing, and then do another. I just can't grasp not letting children watch tv, or limit it severely, and then be on a television show. I'm sure there are other families like the Duggars, but they are living their lives privately. A lot of what I hear about the Duggars seems hypocritical to me. But I also respect that other people have different opinions. And I can see the points their fans make, in that they aren't in debt, are seemingly happy, and a loving family. It also wouldn't surprise me, if down the road, some of the kids step forward with less that flattering accounts of what life in the Duggar household was really like. It's not that I suspect or am suspicious of anything, but it seems like that is real possibility. Could be one of the kids looking for their own 15 minutes of fame? Or a kid with a genuine complaint? I don't know, and I really don't hope for that, but there's something about the Duggars that rings insincere with me. Just a gut feeling -- nothing to base it on.
  22. My 16 year old said something about this family -- he said the kids are 'manufactured'. He meant because the parents are so controlling about what they expose this kids to -- it's like they are controlling their personalities. How can they decide what they like or don't like, if they don't get to see much about the real world? I'm not really sure what they are or aren't exposed to. But I do have concerns about kids who's parents are so over protective and controlling, that they don't even get a glimpse of what the world has to offer. And I also the the 'manufactured ' term was kind of appropriate, because it does seem like they are running a baby factory. To me, it seems to have less to do with religion, and letting God determine how many children they have, than with 'making hay while the sun shines'. I think they are purposefully keeping the interest in their family up, while people are paying attention. I think they show has some loyal viewers, but I also think more people might be tuning in due to the Jon and Kate fiasco. Whatever their reasoning, for having more kids, for doing the show, and for raising their kids the way they do ( but really , how else would you raise a brood like that -- they couldn't be involved in outside activities-- there's no way they could get everyone where they needed to go when they needed to go there ), it still gives me the creeps. Some people fine them admirable. Not me.
  23. I agree-- get off the TV. I think it's ridiculous for them to have their own show, but that I can simply choose not to watch. It's the coverage they get from the Today show, and other media that irritates me. They had a big frickin' deal on the Today show to announce the sex of the grandchild. I was just innocently starting my day, and expecting the normal Today show 'infotainment', or whatever you might call it. Maybe a bit of news, a bit of fluff, a bit of weather... But then this segment came on, and they made such a big deal about it, but I could not figure out why I, or anyone, was supposed to care. ( aside from immediate family). It annoyed me so much, partly because this family annoys me, and also because it was such a non event -- I couldn't believe it. People all over the world are finding out they're expecting, finding out the sex of their child, finding out all kinds of amazing wonderful, or maybe not so wonderful things, every single day. So why is it national news worthy to cover the freakin' Duggers? And of course, baby 19's announcement made big news too. I don't want to see them anymore. I hate that I know that they have a daughter named Ginger, but they have to spell it Jinger, because of their stupid 'J' issue. Why do I know that? I don't care about these people, and I don't want anymore of them taking up my limited brain space. Stop shoving them down our throats.
  24. I think this is awful. Not as bad as octomom, but getting close. Why it's not as bad, is because they obviously wanted a large family. I'm not sure at what point they started their show, or started thinking 'hmm -- maybe if we have the obscenely huge family, maybe we will get famous', but it seems to me like having babies has become less about creating a new life, than getting more attention for their family. I wouldn't really care if people wanted that large of a family. There are probably other families out there who live like the Duggars do. ( not that I can claim to know much, since I don't watch the show). Aren't they religious? Don't they limit tv time, and what they watch on tv? The kids are home schooled and most likely somewhat sheltered from the real world. I'm really not trying to criticize that, or make a statement as to if that is an appropriate way to raise children. I have an opinion, but I try to keep my nose out of other people's business. But they supposedly live this certain lifestyle, far from main stream America. And yet they allow themselves to be filmed, just like your average fame-you-know-what, on any other reality type show. Seems hypocritical, and a sell out. I have no respect for the parents, and feel bad for the kids. Either stand behind your lifestyle, and live it. Or cut the crap. On a more petty note-- can't stand the wife's voice. How could anyone stand to listen to that for very long? And all the J names annoy me. It even kind of annoys me, when someone only has 3 or 4 kids, and they all start with the same letter. So this is beyond annoying. Also, the dad's name is Jim Bob. Oh for John-Boy's sake! What adult male would allow people to call him Jim Bob, if you're not living on Walton's mountain during the Great Depression.
  25. I agree. Combine that face, and 'teen pop sensation', along with Karina, and you get...... shudder...... I don't like Karina, but she is the best thing about this team.

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