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  1. Well, I don't know where all the Vienna hate comes from, from some of the girls in the house. But I know I don't like her. Part of it is shallow -- I don't like her looks. She is some kind of cross between Tori Spelling and Paris Hilton, neither of which I am a fan. So it's not like I'm saying she's so ugly or anything, but just ... eh... She also seems immature. I can't stand anyone who has been treated like a princess, and has reveled in it. She is 'ick' to me. But is that why the other girls hate her so much? Because Jake spends time with her, and the Vienna I see with Jake is the Vienna that I don't like. So it's not like she has a complete split personality or anything, as far as I can tell. My point is, that he seems to be seeing the same girl that the girls in the house know, and yet he still likes her. So the other girls' concern that Vienna is not right for him, seems out of place. To me, this is a lot different than when the guys were concerned about Wes lying to Jillian. But in reality, I think Jake is keeping Vienna around because he's supposed to, for Drama's sake. I don't think he really likes her that much. But they want to show her hometown date, and the father who treats her like a princess. There is something very genuine about Gia that I really like. This kind of worries me, because I think she could be real enough to step away from the show, if it because too much for her. I still think, for many of the girls, they want to win. I think most of them would 'fall in love' with any bachelor presented to them. I get a different feeling from Gia. I don't like Tenley, and hope she goes soon, because I don't like her voice and I hate her name. Not crazy about Vienna either ( her name), but I don't think she'll be around for too much longer anyway. I can't stand squeally, bubbly Ali, after last night either. Geez-- did she really ruin her boots, by running into the ocean like that? I assume they were not the Payless BOGO special. Don't most people take their freaking shoes, off before running into the waves? Stupid girl. I wasn't surprised Corrie left. Did you catch their little spoiler wannabe though? When Jake picked up Ali's picture, right after he said something about having to send someone home? Not subtle at all. But I knew after that, that Ali would definitely not be going home last night.
  2. It's unforgivable to make a model look bigger than she is, or make her butt look big, or whatever it was they criticized on Pamela's gown. Not that I loved it, by any means. But I thought it might be a little more unforgivable to send a model down the runway with her butt hanging out. Ping's.... dress? .. I don't know, whatever it was... was ugly. Ugly ugly ugly. And, her butt was hanging out! I can't believe she didn't get auffed for that. Hmm -- her butt may have been hanging out, but at least it didn't look big! But I don't really care. I'm not about to waste time being outraged by anything about this show. It's fun. I'm sure they kept Ping around to see what she'll come up with next. I can't believe they really think there is talent there. But as I sit here in my sweat pants and t shirt, I'm thinking I may not be the best fashion expert in the world. What do I know?
  3. I thought Elizabeth's initial proposal was kind of cool. But geez, did she talk about anything else with the guy? 'I don't want you to kiss me until you're sure I'm the only one you want to kiss. Do you want to kiss me now? I sure want to kiss you. But you can't. But you want to don't you? Are you going to send me home because I won't kiss you? Maybe I should kiss you. NO! You can't kiss me. But you want to, don't you....' STFU.
  4. Oy-- me too! Leave the kids out of it. I suppose we are looking at Ella as the next bachelorette, since it would be a 'first time ever' for the show. Gross and gag me. Are they ever going to break this chain though, that started when Deanna was one of the girls on 'The bachelor with.. whoever.. Brad?? And when you hear about some of the other former contestants dating each other, it starts to sound a little 'inbred' to me. I know these people aren't actually biologically related, but I vote for some new blood. Some Bachelor / Bachelorette virgins, if you will. ( not really virgins, although they will probably do a 'virgin' series -- I just mean someone new to the show.)
  5. Regarding Laura being a Grandma.... I only heard her mention it during the finale, but maybe she made more of it while on the island, or since being on the island. I don't really know or care. But I can understand why some may be annoyed by her saying it the way she does. I know someone who was a grandma by age 38. I also know one who was a grandma by age 32, but she didn't announce it all the time, like the 38 year old did. It's not that she denied it, or was embarrassed. But the 38 year old just loves loves loves to tell everyone she's a grandma, just to see their reaction. 'You're a grandma? OMG! You sure don't look like any grandma I've even known' etc... etc... etc... Yeah, well she's a young grandma. Big deal. She is 38, and looks 38. Yeah, she's cute and everything. But she had her kids young, and her son got a girl pregnant when he was 18. It happens. It's not really that unbelievable. She just really loves to have people gush over how young she is, to be a grandma. That's my opinion anyway. Laura is a beautiful woman. She is 39? I think she looks 39. A gorgeous 39, but I wouldn't mistake her for someone in their 20's.
  6. That's what I thought would happen this next season -- everyone scrambling, looking for the hidden idol. But since they didn't see any of season 19, they probably won't even consider that, unless they come up with it on their own. In hindsight, I'm kind of surprised that Russell was the only player to take the initiative and do that. I wonder if they will have another exile island, and hide the idol there again. That was kind of a good twist. It was miserable to be sent to exile, but you did have the opportunity to find the idol, that the others didn't. My favorite was when they kept sending Sugar, and she had already found it, so she was able to take advantage of the amenities they put out there, rather than taking the clue and searching for the idol. Previous exile islands were nothing but miserable though, I believe. There was no choice, to skip the clue, and take shelter, a hammock, and snack instead, was there?
  7. It really does put Russell at an advantage, if the others didn't know anything about him. He gets another chance to play his game. With another jury, it might work. That's the thing. You really can't say who has the better game or strategy, because you have no idea how the jury will take it. If they are offended by the player... the one who makes things happen.... they will vote for someone else. But a lot of people on the juries have been better sports, taken everything in the context of the game, and voted for the person who really made things happen. There are some people who would never vote for someone like Natalie, who many would call a coat tail rider. Not me personally-- I think she had a little more going on than that--- but that is a strategy I don't really care for. It isn't fun to watch. And there have been lots of coat tail riders who have made it to the finals. It's all a gamble. There is no 'perfect' game. No matter how awesome you think you played, and how everything worked out as planned, right up till the end, if the jury doesn't want you to win, you won't win.
  8. I was surprised not more was mentioned of Russell's wealth. I know Jaison brought up the fact that none of the finalists were in desperate need of money, and that votes should be based on something else, but I find it hard to believe that a young pharmaceutical rep, has built up the same kind of wealth that Russell supposedly has. Did I miss something about Natalie? Is she wealthy due to inheritance, or something? And Mick being a Dr. -- well, whatever. I don't think they are as rich as they used to be. It depends on what kind of Dr. you are. And he does have a lot of debt from student loans, most likely. I don't think anyone did not vote for Mick because they thought he was a rich Dr. though. I think he didn't get any votes because he was supposed to be the leader, and he was perceived as failing at that task. But maybe some did not vote for Russell, because they found out he was a millionaire. And that he was bragging about it. Maybe they heard about his early stories about surviving Hurricane Katrina, but his poor dog did not. To me, it's stuff like that that will turn people off. People might have been better able to respect his game play, if he hadn't been such an arrogant jerk about it. And if you're going to start off with a lie about who you are, don't tell a few 'trusted' people the truth, and expect them to keep your secret. To me, Russell just did not play the whole game. He made mistakes. He didn't finish, and didn't think things through completely. Telling your team mates that you initially lied to them about who you were, and made up what you wanted to be heart wrenching stories, is just plain stupid. I don't really understand why he did that. But whatever -- he's an odd little troll-man. If he is on H vs. V, he could be entertaining. I do hope it isn't another 'Russell' show though. He's going to have lots more competition searching for the hidden Idols though. Everyone will be doing it now. I don't know time lines though. If season 20 is in the can, the contestants would have still been able to see parts of season 19, wouldn't they? It doesn't seem fair, if they didn't, if there are people from season 19 on H vs. V. They wouldn't know anything about them, while they would know the 'games' of the other contestants, if they watched Survivor, which I assume most of them do.
  9. Natalie's game wouldn't have been the same without Russell, and Russell's game wouldn't have been the same without Natalie. Sure, Russell made the big moves. He was the one who seemed to call the shots, and therefore, upset the most people. I don't know if it was Natalie's intention all along, to latch on to a player, and go to the end with him, but she was smart enough to do that with Russell. She was smart enough to take advantage of his ego. Like it or not, that is game play. She could have blown it with Russell, but she always let him think he was in charge. I don't know if that was on purpose, like she said, or if that is just the way she is. She makes a good point, in that all the strong women, and anyone who dared to stand up to Russell in any way was immediately sent home. So she didn't do that. I would think at some point she would have wanted to. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Natalie may have played a brilliant game.. just as brilliant as Russell''s, but obviously better because she won. She let someone else do the dirty work, stayed somewhat protected because of him, and never made him suspicious of her. Or maybe she is just a sweet southern girl, and that is just how she is. She trusted Russell, and just lucked in to winning, because everyone was so ticked off at Russell, that they couldn't stomach a vote for him. But I think the jury respected Natalie too, and it wasn't just an anti-Russell win. Mick didn't get one vote, did he?
  10. Russell didn't get screwed. He didn't play the whole game. I guess his momma never told him that people don't like an arrogant, egotistical braggart. An ounce of humility, the tiniest bit of gratitude, or credit given to anyone but himself, would have worked wonders for him. I bet the jury was glad that he didn't not win, after watching the show and how awful he was . The way he talked about others, the sabotaging of his own team, would have been something that would have really bothered me, had I been in the game. I understand that you will probably be lied to, and misled. But to me, him dumping water, burning socks, and whatever else he did to his own team, early on, would have made me really upset, had I voted for him to be the winner.
  11. I was never aboard any kind of Shambo love train. She didn't really but me that much, on the show. But from what I saw, I knew she would have bugging the living crap out of me, if I had to spend more than an hour a week with her. I don't like it when people automatically don't like the 'old' one, or whoever is odd man out. There is a difference from being the odd man out, and just being an annoying oddity. She is not endearingly quirky, IMO. Not the mullet, not the aging hippie speak... none of it. And she did nothing to redeem herself at the final tribal, or the reunion show. I don't need to see her again, and hope against hope she is not one of the players, next season.
  12. I didn't watch this past series. It was just too soon after the last one. But I did watch a bit of the finale. And it didn't even seem like the same show. They didn't show them learning the routines at all. Did they do that all season? It also seems shorter than their normal season. But that's hard for me to say, since I didn't watch any of it, except for the finale. I was just really surprised when they said it was the finale already. Was it some kind of abbreviated season?
  13. I think we should all do the kids a favor and ignore both of these twits from now on. BS on the kids crying because the show is over. Unless Kate said, 'We can't film the show anymore because Daddy is stupid, and so now we won't be able to go on any more trips or have any more fun, and our lives are ruined'. I guess then I could see the kids crying. And I could see Maddy getting overly emotional, even if it was just a 'Ok kids, you won't be seeing the camera crews around anymore because we aren't going to film our show anymore. But that's ok, because now we won't have as many P-people ( Kate's word.. oy...) following us around, and you probably won't have to listen to your friends at school talking about us, or making fun of us anymore, because we won't be on tv all the time anymore.' I so agree with the previous poster who said, if they really did cry, all the more reason to pull the plug on the show and get them away from the cameras. I also agree that it's probably a little late for Jon to be the 'concerned responsible father'. I find him a little less than genuine. But on the other hand, if he is for real, then better late than never! It's been refreshing to not hear something about them every day for awhile now. I hadn't thought about these clowns for a long time, until I hopped on here and saw some recent comments on their thread. I hope it stays that way.
  14. I'm pretty sure she wasn't auditioning for American Idol. I'm not really sure why they showed that though. Did she sing that song because the original group that sang it was called 'Survivor'? Maybe to show us her fun and silly side? I dunno. Shambo reminds me of a 'friend' of mine. A good hearted person, but still kind of annoying to be around. I also hate the 'Shambo' thing. I can't help but think of 'Sham WOW' whenever I hear it, and that is not good for anyone. But I still hope she does well and goes far.
  15. I can't remember all the winners, but I do enjoy seeing the 'tmia' segments. As far as winners go, I'm with those of you who are still baffled by Teyonna's victory last cycle. I don't ever really feel too bad for the girls for not winning though. Tyra has done so many of these cycles, they can't all be 'Top Models' anyway. And we never really hear or see anymore from the winner, than from the other contestants. It might even hinder their career. I don't know. But I imagine there are those people in the modeling and fashion industry who hate ANTM, and anything associated with it. I feel a little worse for the girls this cycle though. Because they are not your standard model size, they are already at a disadvantage. I would imagine there are modeling agencies that will not even look at someone of their height. So in this case, I can see the advantage of winning. Or maybe even just being on the show -- it may give these girls what they need to get noticed by someone.
  16. Ditto the ditto. I did think she was a bit better this week, but then I believe she said 'ridonculous', about the challenge at the opera house, or whatever it was. Not a fan of combined words to begin with. They absitively make me groan. But I'm not even sure what ridonculous is. Ridiculous, and what? And why do I care? Arrrgh-- like I needed another reason to be annoyed by Miss 'Brian..... BRIAN...."
  17. Survivor at it's best. How could you not be rooting for Russell now? Awesome. I don't care if it's staged. I was entertained. I cheered when Jeff pulled out Russell's name. Too bad Kelly had to go. I would have loved to see Laura go, but I think next week's show will be even more fun to watch, with her still around. They might be kind of ticked off at Dave?( long haired guy), because he basically poo pooed them, when they predicted that Russell could very well have found another idol. Worst case scenario for me would be for some snippety snot like Monica to win over... well, pretty much anyone else. So proud of Shambo for not giving away their plan. I know that those other guys would not have trusted her. One of them kept calling her dim, or stupid or something. Well, she showed them. I'm glad she still voted for Russell. I know they don't completely trust her, but they don't really have any proof, yet, I don't believe. I love Natalie. 'Hey y'all I killed somthing..". I guess you are hungry when rat kabobs are a treat. Good for her! And I was also proud of her for sticking with her team, on the reward challenge. I would have been easy to pick the other side, and probably tempting, given her teams' challenge record. But it was way more important to stick together. Sending most of the other tribe away on the reward was good for them.
  18. Yeah, that's how it goes in Tyra's world. They give her chance after chance and tell her to pull it together, and then she does, so that's when she gets cut. Not that I liked Erin or anything. But if they are going by this week's photo's, Erin's was better than Laura's. But I don't think this week's photo shoot really mattered. I think they knew who was going to be in the final long ago, and they just had to figure out a way to make the most out of the drama of eliminations.
  19. Agree. I love Laura and think she takes beautiful pictures, but I did not care for the bug eyes, scared, or shocked eyes, or whatever you call it, on this one. I also noticed this. I liked her, but I did not like that about most of her photos. And when they show them all like that, it really stands out that she always has her mouth open. I didn't think she was the best by far, but I thought she was going to be in the final two, because of her ethnicity. I was shocked by Erin's first photo, when she had brown hair. I'm glad she left though, even though I loved her photo this week. I wonder who often you have to bleach eyebrows. I don't know why I'm wondering, because I have no intention of ever doing it, but sheesh -- just one more thing to do! It's not enough to have to keep them plucked I guess. I don't know how much she actually helped the girls at the first challenge, with the dancing. But if she actually helped Laura a lot, it would have been a really nice gesture, for Laura to pick her to win the prize also. But you know, Erin may have over -estimated how much she actually helped, or maybe she spent more time with Nicole or Jenn, than Laura. Or maybe Laura just doesn't like her, and did not want to share her prize with her. Loved Nicole's photo. But I always do.
  20. I really think Russell will be around another week. I don't know if it's because of an immunity idol, or if he will get the support he needs to oust someone else, but since they made it sound like he was in danger, on the previews, I'm pretty confidant he will be safe at this weeks' tribal council. I think a lot of people are not as stable as some think, so anything is possible. I think it would be easy to get into someone head and make them doubt their team mates, and get them to change their minds. Easy to convince some of them that they are better off switching sides, or starting a whole new alliance..
  21. Erica is horrible. He is way way way too good for her. I wonder if it is shocking to her, when she hears how she actually sounds. Maybe she doesn't even realize that she yells at him all the time. He is so nice to her, when she's having a rough time, and all she does is yell Brian..... BRIAN...... When they had to ride that space needle type ride, and look for the arrow, she kind of sighed and said 'I guess it's me', like poor Erica has to do everything else, so she might as well do this too. Gary and Matt are my favorites, but I don't mind anyone left in the race, except for Erica and Brian.... BRIAN!.....
  22. If it were me, I would rather play the idol unnecessarily, than leave with it in my pocket. But I'm not giving Russell credit for this one. I don't think he was the first to bring up voting off Erik, was he? But in any case, it worked out pretty well for him. Until next week..... Anyone besides me think Russell could be full of it, as far as bios are concerned as well? I know he is on the show, but is he what he says he is? Do they check that stuff out, and make sure people are who they say they are? Just curious, because I wouldn't be at all shocked to find out Russell was... well, I don't know..... but something a little less prestigious than what he claims to be. Doesn't he claim to be rich, or something?
  23. If I believed the judging to be completely fair, I think Erin would have been booted last night, if Sundai had not used every excuse in the book as to why she had trouble during the photo shoot. But since she did one of the biggest no-no's ever, I was not at all surprised that she left. But....it might not have mattered anyway. And I also suspect that was maybe not Sundai's best photo. I think they picked it for an example of what not to do. I think Sundai was a goner, even before the shoot started. They are kind of lucky Sundai did not perform well, or they might have had a hard time justifying keeping Erin. In the bottom 3 weeks in a row ... wow. I"m sure she'll pull herself together next week and win. But if Nicole has a rough week, or poor shoot, for whatever reason, they better not be kicking her off. She's taken some of the most amazing pictures, and has consistently been towards the top of the pack, has she not? If Erin can stink for 3 weeks, and they believe enough in her to give her another chance, Nicole had better get the same consideration. I'm wondering though, if they want a Jennifer / Erin finale. I also think they will pick Jennifer for the win, so they can say they've had an Asian ANTM. That might be difficult to justify, when competing with Nicole. She has kind of rocked at pretty much everything, hasn't she? For the record, I don't really care what Tyra does. It seems like the girls who don't win have some pretty great careers anyway. I find it funny though, how predictable she is getting. Their agenda is so obvious.
  24. I used to really enjoy this show, but I can't stomach it anymore. I can't stand Mary, or Nigel. And so many of the choreographers are also a little full of themselves, IMHO. I have felt, for the past few seasons, that the choreographers are anxiously awaiting for praise from the judges, rather than hoping that their dancers do well. I really don't mind that they give recognition to the choreographers, but I feel like the judges comment on the routine as much as the dancers. The dancers are who is being judges. They are the ones competing. I don't mind the occasional 'great routine', or even a 'the routine didn't suit you', but the choreographers matter too much, IMHO. But even with that, I still think I would be watching if not for Mary and her loud cavernous mouth. She is not charming, funny, or endearing. I can't stand her, and she is the reason I no longer watch this show.
  25. I really would not mind a Russell win. But you know how those juries are, when they feel like they've been betrayed. On the up -side, the jury will not have heard any or Russell's comments, about the dumbass girl alliance, and all the other offensive things he's said. They will have heard them by the reunion show, so it may be fun to listen to the responses and reactions, or it may be Russell, brushing it all off in the name of the game. It sounds like I'm assuming Russell will be in the finals. There's a lot of game to go yet, and I think we'll all have a better idea of how it will go for him, after the merge.

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