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  1. Wow, I don't think I have ever seen more ungracious losers. Brandy, especially, should be completely embarrassed by her behavior. She acted like a spoiled high school princess who didn't win homecoming queen.
  2. Ivy


    So, it's jumpsuits for Tyra at panel this season? I didn't really notice what she was wearing the first week or two, but the last couple have been uhh... noteworthy. And she said something about 'jumpsuit #4', I believe. So has she mentioned this, or posted about why she's wearing jumpsuits? Or were the last few weeks just coincidental, and she's not having a 'jumpsuit season'. Cuz I gotta say, I hate the jumpsuits. I also thought it would be Anslee. Geez, I could not stand the drama in that house though. The one chick gets mad if anyone says anything to her, it seems. She gets defensive and starts yammering on about 'respect'. Now if the other girls could just let her rant, and then let it go, it would be a lot quieter, but there always seems to be someone who thinks they are going to make their point. Uh uhh.. Not gonna happen. They really need to just ignore Alasia. I don't really care if Alasia has a point or not, about anyone talking rudely to her, but she is way to dramatic and easily offended, IMO.
  3. I'm shocked, and all I saw of her dancing was a little snippet at the beginning. But that was some of the worst , ahem, dancing, I've ever seen on the show. And I remember Master P! I have disliked Kate, for the most part, for a long time. Once in awhile, on her show, I might see glimpses of her that I might actually like, but now, after what that show turned into, and her staying in the spotlight, claiming to be the one to be there for her kids, I really really can't stand her. The show became about 'what trip to take next', and they completely lost me, when they moved to that mansion. A bigger house, sure, but not the kind of estate they moved into. All the extravagances, all the vacations..... it was too much to take. So much for showing a slice of life, for this family. It wasn't that anymore. Everything was an over blown, over done, production. I also disliked her because of her snippiness to Jon. She was awful to him, and while he was kind of wimpy, I would have totally been on his side when they split up, if he hadn't shown his toolishness. I wonder if the fan support comes from people who enjoy seeing her do poorly. Maybe it's too soon to put her out of her misery? Just a thought....
  4. I haven't watched it yet. Now I'm looking forward to it. I can't stand her, but last week, I have to admit I felt a little bit bad for her. But it sounds like there isn't much sympathy for her anymore. I hope not. It just didn't feel right, to feel bad for her. I hope she is voted off first.
  5. It make no sense to me either. He said something about wanting to get it over with, or wanting Parvati out, and just wanting to get it done without a re-vote... But Rob did say the Russell could give the idol to Parvati. They anticipated this scenario, and discussed it. All bases were covered if everyone stuck to the plan. I'm just glad Tyson was the one who got voted out, and not some other person who did what was expected. Tyson has no one to blame but himself. And his reasoning was seriously flawed. I don't get it at all.
  6. Yeah, Pam looks fine without make up. Of course, TMZ, ET, or any tabloid rag would have us think she's looking horrible. They love to do that -- show 'shocking' pictures of stars without make up. The thing is, to me, they aren't shocking at all. They just look more like a regular person. I know since this is ballroom dancing (the land of spray tans, glitter and sequins), we will never see a more 'natural' Pam, or anyone for that matter. And I will give her a break, in that the cha cha is supposed to be a sexy dance, right? I am looking forward to seeing her do something more refined. I'm not a Pussycat Dolls fan, but I'm thinking it would be something like that girl's transformation. She'll go from Skank Barbie to a Grace Kelly type, or something like that. She is pretty. And I am looking forward to seeing her be pretty and classy, instead of the over done sleezy look she's known for.
  7. I don't really care how long she's there. But for crying out loud -- she acted like she was posing for Playboy more than dancing. All the 'hands through the messy hair', and 'parted , panting lips'. I cannot believe no judge gave her any crap about her hair in her face. They have criticized other antics, like hats or masks, when they obscure the dancers face, because they want to see the facial expressions. I know Pam's look is very much that 'just been you-know-whated' look, but she's not posing for a poster here. She's supposed to be dancing. But even with that, she didn't bug me all that much. I do think she tried to dance, and did some steps. And I know it's as much about 'selling it', as dancing. I would have liked to see Pam go a different way though. Steer away from the sex kitten image, because let's face it... she's getting a little long in the tooth for that kind of thing. I'm sure lighting, make-up, etc... can make her look pretty good, but I'm not sure we'd get the same effect on a bright sunny day, and Pam with no make up. However, it was nice to see that Pam didn't disappoint most of her fans. Remember Kim Kardashian? I think people expected her to have more fun with it, and she was stiff, awkward, and obviously uncomfortable. Pam may have been drunk, stoned, high, loopy-- whatever the kids are calling it these days----- but she was not uncomfortable sexing it up out there.
  8. I love it too. I also think Cirie loved it, as odd as that may sound. Not being voted out, but being voted out by a blindside. I think Cirie is smart enough to have respect for the game, rather than to whine about someone flipping and messing up her plan. She wasn't a baby about it. I am, however, really glad she's gone. I did not like the way she controlled people. I should probably address my dislike on the people that she easily controlled, and I do hold that against them as well. But maybe now, with her gone, we can see what other's game plan might be.
  9. Not a problem, as long as you had the sham wow to soak up the mess.
  10. Kinda loved Tenley for asking Jake about him being so conflicted. How do you ask someone to marry you, when two minutes before you weren't quite sure who you wanted to marry? But I know that he had to say that stuff for the benefit of the show. I do kind of wish now, that Tenley was the next bachelorette. I suppose she wouldn't have been able to pull off the 'I am falling in love with 10 men" thing though. I think they gave this one away.. Earlier on, when Vienna and Jake were on the pirate ship, they played the 'on the wings of love' song. And I think that was the same date he asked Vienna what type of ring she liked. Also, last night, with the awkwardness on the boat with Tenley... It made me think he wouldn't pick Vienna, because you know how they like to mislead us. And all signs were pointing to her, even for people who don't read spoilers, or message boards. I agree, that the drama set up with Vienna being disliked, or unpopular, or however they wanted her portrayed, was a set up. And Jakes confusion was set up as well. I don't doubt that he does love Tenley, as a friend. But he knew long before that Vienna was the one who had that spark. Boo, two thumbs down to Alli being the next bachelorette. I won't be watching. I didn't like anything about her, and I've seen enough of her bad acting to last a lifetime.
  11. This is not something that bugs me a whole lot, but it seems like there are less and less what I consider to be actual 'stars', and more and more people who are famous, or just infamous. The show should be 'Dancing with people how have made recent headlines, mostly in tabloid news..." The have their slots to fill. Olympian, current, and or former, old lady or guy, sports figures who are not Oympians, aging model, or not-so-aging, and of course reality show personalities. Kate Gosselin. Kate Gosselin???? gross. The only reason to watch, and the only reason I will watch is to hope that she sucks, or even if she doesn't suck at dancing, that she will be the first to go, simply because most people think Kate just generally sucks. Don''t they? I can't fathom how anyone could be a fan of her, or her smarmy ex. She is a media, you-know-what, if ever there was one. I have to watch though, because I love Tom, hated Samantha and Lacey, who won't be there this season. ( yippee). Now if they could just get rid of that mouth with hair, Mary Murphy.... oh wait. She's on that other dancing show. No 'not tamale trains', just Bruno's wildly inappropriate comments. ( which I love and find hilarous, largely thanks to Tom) Yeah, I'm in.
  12. Yeah, ,yeah.. I know I know. These hats are more of a fashion statement, not really functional. I know they are expensive. And I was glad to see he didn't hesitate to use it for another purpose. Honestly, I didn't mention it to make it a big criticism. It just made me chuckle. I have read a few trashy romance novels, and if I'm reading one there the hero is a cowboy, I just know he would not stop to put on a hat condom, if it started raining. Now that's a real cowboy.
  13. I really didn't have any problem with James' thought process. I can't argue against any point that he made. He just needed to make those points in a much more subtle, less confrontational, kind of way. Yes, Steph, or whoever was talking and not listening to JT, did need to shut up and do what JT said. They agreed on this before the challenge started. So then if JT is wrong, then it's on JT's head. Still, I understand their frustration, if JT was wrong about the puzzle, but at that point, you have to hope for the best. Because eveyone going off in a different direction is not going to win challenges. That is 100% for sure. You really have no choice, but to pick a leader, on something like this, and then follow through. I also understand what James was saying about Steph. I don't think it was her fault she survived her entire tribe. She was a tough competitor at all times. But maybe she is a little too headstrong to be on a team. Maybe it is impossible for her to not be in charge. And if that is the case, she isn't good for the team. But James did not do himself any favors by losing it, and ranting as he did. I do understand his frustration though. It's just not good game play, to act that way.
  14. Yeah, I thought of calling them 'hat condoms' too. lol. It's nothing that really bothers me. I just found it funny. And it did come in handy, for carrying the eggs!
  15. Nah-- I don't think they should have told those other teams about the bus situation. It's not like they lied to them, or gave them wrong information. Any of those other guys could have gotten that information, but they didn't think about asking. It probably taught them a good lesson. There are a few things I didn't like about the cowboys tonight though. First was the 'oh my gravy'. Yeah, ok. He's not cussing or anything, and the first time I heard it, I chuckled. But after about the third or fourth time hearing it, in about a 10 minute period, I was finding it annoying. They seemed to have stopped though, because I had forgotten about it by the time the show ended. I also didn't like their hat protectors. I know, I know, their hats probably cost a small fortune. But the cowboy hat was designed to protect the cowboy, in weather such as what they were going through. I know these were their 'dress cowboy hats, ' I guess is what you'd call them. But since they are supposed to be real cowboys, I wish they would have worn their 'work' cowboy hats, and let them get wet. Show us what the cowboy hat is all about, instead of wearing those sissified ones than needed a rain bonnet. Minor annoyances-- I do like these guys and am glad they did so well tonight. I hope they don't tell the lesbians anything next week!
  16. i don't know how much time had passed between Rob's episode, and the challenge, but he sure seemed to be back 100 %. Back here in the real world, if you get sick like that, and over do it too quickly, you are more likely to be headed towards a relapse. And Rob is not exactly in the best conditions for recovery either. But whatever. I'm really enjoying Rob, and I was always one who could not stand him. For awhile I thought Jeff was telling Rob that he was out of the game, but I think he was telling him that he was out cold. I'm just glad he's still here. Seeing Russell chasing after that chicken was hilarious.
  17. I think he'll pick Vienna. But he won't propose. He'll have a ring, I suppose, but it will be something along the lines of 'I want to pursue this and see where it goes... hopefully to marriage...' Which is really what they should all do. Say he did propose to one of them though. If that were you, wouldn't you be really hurt and angry after watching the show, when Jake continually states how he is falling in love with everyone? Even though Jake, ( and other bachelor/ ettes) can say that they had to say those things, contractually. But I still wouldn't buy it. Because it's clear to me, that he is either lying, or he is so far from being ready for a committed relationship, that he has no business asking about rings, talking about marriage, etc... If what he keeps telling us is remotely true, then Jake is not even ready to date exclusively.
  18. Well, yuck, but you're probably right. I don't see any reason to pick Alli though. Previous bachelor / ettes have been picked from the rejects, either because they were fan favorites, or somehow it seemed like they were 'wronged' in some way ( Like when what's-his-name picked neither Deanna or that other girl..) But I guess Jake doesn't really fall into either of those categories either. But people did think he was a little too clean cut, too good to be true, sort of guy. But Alli? To me, she is completely forgettable. She is a terrible actress, and that is exactly what she was doing on the show last night. I bet she practiced for hours on her 'stressed' face. And it ended up looking just like every other pouty face she ever made. If it's her, I don't know how they will get me to watch. I can't find anything interesting about her, and I certainly don't want to know more. Do you really think it will be Vienna? Because they seemed to be trying to tell us that, and that usually means they are trying to trick us. Notice how they played the 'On the Wings of Love' song while Jake and Vienna were on the ship. And then they only showed him asking Vienna about what kind of ring she liked. I do think it seems like he has more fun with her. Maybe he's more himself, instead of 'the Bachelor'. They do other things besides just kiss and talk about how much she is falling in love with him, and how he is falling for her, and...ah... for 2 other women.... I don't think he will propose to either, and I also thinks he lays on the 'I'm falling for 4...3..2... women' thing a bit thick. I understand he can't let us know who he is leaning towards, but if he's really not leaning towards anyone at this point, well, then what's the point?
  19. I figured they would be hard to like when I found out they were both lawyers. But the 'mom-prenuer' thing clinched it. I hate them. That sounds harsh, but you know what I mean.... in a reality show kind of way.
  20. The painting thing was funny. I'm surprised those guys let them go ahead and paint. Maybe they figured they could pass off that paint job as their own..?? But the racers were good sports. Pull boneheaded stunt, and own it. That's what I feel about the cowboys as well. I didn't feel like they were blaming anyone but themselves. They didn't really want to admit they had done something stupid, but they did. I also felt like maybe the one guy mentioned the show 'Carmen Sandiego', not because he thought it had anything to do with San Diego, but because that show was about geography. Now little miss The Iraq, and such as, or whatever the twit said -- she and her partner pulled a bonehead, and didn't seem to think it should have mattered. Her little quip 'Technically, we were second', made me want to throw something at the screen. No, technically, I think they should have been sent back to ride that thing (funicular??). They got off easy with only a 30 minute penalty. And she should use such big words, like the Technically, and such as... She might hurt herself.
  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't remember her. (didn't remember Aras either-- well , maybe just barely) I was starting to doubt my status as a true fan of Survivor.
  22. It's just too bad that the Heroes suffered those injuries, but didn't really gain any advantage, since the villains managed to get fire too. I wonder if it was as easy as it looked. I liked Rob. I just cannot stand his accent. However, I did not expect to like him at all. Too soon for Russell again. If he just didn't get so much camera time.......... I would have been rooting for Sugar, except when she stalked Colby. That was odd, and I'm glad she's gone so we don't have to see any more of that. The Jerri / Coach thing is hilarious. I hope they live happily every after. Is it terrible that I barely remember Candice, and still don't remember .....Danielle? Is that her name. A brunette on the villains that is not Parvati.??... I will have to read her bio to see if I can remember her at all.
  23. I thought they were supposed to announce this during the super bowl, or something. Oh well--I must have misunderstood. It's probably too early to announce the cast. But I have to say, from the previous list of 'rumored possibilities', the few who I might tune in to watch probably won't be doing it. And there are also a few, who if they were on the show, I would make a point of not watching. And a whole lot of 'never heard of's. I used to love this show. Am I just getting tired of it? Who the celeb's were didn't ever really matter to me before.
  24. Way too much Ali tonight. It looked like a bad soap opera audition, IMO. I didn't buy a thing about it. I'm annoyed, but not at all surprised that she will be calling him next week, or sometime in the future. But her pouty face and bawling were enough to make me really happy she went home. I don't want to see more of her, and I hope they aren't setting her up as the next bachelorette. I did think her dress at the rose ceremony was super cute though. Hometown dates are always pretty boring to me. And tough to watch. I couldn't imagine doing anything like that, myself, and I always have to wonder about the people that do. I mean, gross. Your daughter is on some stupid dating show, and you have to meet the guy in front of the cameras, ask stupid... er... I should say questions that will reveal everything you ever needed to know about the guy.. And then him asking all the dads permission to marry his daughter? Have they always done that? I know I have seen it done on this show, but I really don't remember a bachelor asking 4 fathers for their daughters hand in marriage. I guess I didn't see if he asked Gia's dad, or maybe her dad wasn't even there. I don't know. And I'm noticing more now that thing that bugs Gia so much -- that he does something that a girl will think is special, or unique to her, but he's doing it with all the girls. Like the legs on the lap thing. Eh... I do pretty well with this show, until it gets to this point. Then I find all the drama a bit staged, and the professions of love ridiculous. I do not for a minute believe that he doesn't know which girl is 'the one' yet. If he doesn't know, then he shouldn't be considering anyone to propose to. Not yet. It's not like picking out a shirt. You really like 2, but can only afford 1, so you weigh the pros and cons of each, and make a decision. I just can't take all the tears --- I can't take it seriously anymore. And the fantasy suite dates are disgusting. Disgusting.

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