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  1. If John and Steve don't vote out Julia tonight, they both deserve to be evicted next and lose the game. Vanessa thinks she is some kind of queen and everyone needs to run to her for permission to cast their vote. I hope James wins the HOH tonight and sends her packing...
  2. I do NOT like that Shelli girl... Too bad that she want's Day gone over Audrey. But as they say, every dog has their day. She will be on the chopping block soon fighting for her life
  3. Amanda is totally DISGUSTING !!! She has the nerve to call Elissa thrash, when she is the most disgusting female that has ever played on BB. And all her diary edits that are trying to favor her just proves that she really is friends with Grodner and they are trying to rig the game for her. She is just beyong DISGUSTING
  4. I agree. I totally don't understand what is this fear the rest of the house have when it comes to her. She shucks in the game and her personality sucks too.. Smh
  5. Exactly, she voted out the people that had her back and was protecting McManda. She played a stupid game and now it's coming back to get her in the butt. I have no sympathy for her, even though she has all that water works (boo hoo). She should not have helped vote out Howard, Candice and Jessie. Now the same person that she saved is sending her out.
  6. That comment "at least Rachael had some class and chose a bush" had me rolling on the floor with laughter..haha.. Yuup, Amanda is a train wreck. I think she is only a bit of brains to manipulate and bully emotionally weak people. Other than that, I don't think she has much mental skills. Hahahaha!! She is such a joke
  7. For real, I cannot believe how absolute stupid these people are. They have had two weeks in a row to break up the power couple and they did nothing. It would be so sweet to see Helen get evicted on Aaryn's HOH this week. And hopefully Candice or Judd comes back in the house and puts Amanda and McCrae up on the block. Personally, I can't stand any of them really. I hope Elissa wins, and that is not saying for much. But she seems to be one of the only decent person in this house for now.
  8. I could not have said that any better. sooooooooooooooo true !!! Well said, Bravo !!! This has been the most pathetic big brother
  9. why should she. People as vile and GM and Aary need to be stood up to. Glad she made it to sequester so she could at least get a few thousand dollars for what she endured in that house. But Candice and Howard are the ones who have the last laugh. All the rest are laughing stocks all over the internet and news feeds, even on TMZ now. She is just a hood rat with a big mouth. She is one of those tacky women who only have mouth when she is in a crowd with people around. Yeah right, like she can beat Candice. In her bulimic dreams
  10. I agree. And the fact that she was the prettiest girl in the house, and a Miss Pagent queen to booth with all those young insecure women... Sheesh! Anyways, she will come out the better for it in the long run. While the rest like Aaryn, GM and Amanda will never live down their shameful behaviour At least she did not lose her job and is being shamed on every internet and television sight. Both Howard and Candice still have their integrity and self respect outside the house. Can't say the same for those two hood rats that were fired and then the other one Amanda with pics of her with all her boobies outside floating on the internet that will never go away.
  11. I agree. GM should at least have given Candice that respect. But what else can you expect from a hood rat.
  12. She won three HOH, but all of them were ruled by Helen. Helen and Amanda just used her to do their dirty work, so they have no blood on their hands. Then they will get rid of her
  13. Amanda and Helen used her to do their dirty work, then they will get rid of her. I can't believe that Helen told her that now she is like Janelle. Yeah right....not in one million years
  14. This woman is beyond despicable. To tell Candice that he mother did not even like her after she knows Candice was adopted, and that Candice was a degenerate because her own mother gave her away was the lowest thing that anyone can say to someone. I have no words for this horrible woman
  15. I just think she is mean spirited and self entitled too. You can kinda tell she gets her way by bullying people and rail roading them YES, AND WE WILL KEEP PUTTING THAT DISGUSTING GIRL ON THE BLOCK EVERY CHANCE WE GET. AMANDA IS NOT A NICE WOMAN AND PRETTY VILE. GLAD THAT WE HAD THE OPTION TO PUT HER ON THE BLOCK EACH WEEK. SHE IS CERTAINLY NOT PLAYING THE BIG BROTHER GAME. SHE IS PLAYING "HIGH SCHOOL" WHERE YOU BULLY AND THREATEN THE OTHER KIDS WHO ARE A BIT EMOTIONALLY WEAK me too, that would be the sweetest part of this really boring BB this season. of course her father has to say he is proud of her. He has to save face for the embarrassment.
  16. really? "midly racist". Did you ask the people who had the racial slurs thrown at them if they thought it was "midly racist"
  17. I totally disagree that it is the worst twist in BB History. Personally, I love it. I like the fact that I can watch the show, but also have input. This game is suppose to be about competitions and mental skill. But this year it has turned into being a bunch of racist bullies who manipulate and bully and threaten their way into power. And I for one was glad that I was able to put up Amanda on the block time and time again. And will continue to do it if given the chance. Hope Amanda goes home and Candice is saved and wins next HOH ! Why should there not be any outside influence. I take time to sit and watch these ding bags right? So, I'm glad I am at least getting something for my time invested in watching them. And that is helping to shape the outcome of events by putting Amanda on the block over and over again. Whhoo !! I agree
  18. He will never be interested in her. He seems like a smart guy with some class. She has no class and not too bright.
  19. Because it seems like they are all dumb and useless. If they keep Amanda this week....they have two opportunities to take her out and didn't. Then she deserves to win if she is final 2. They are a bunch of morons. And I hope that Amanda turns around and gets Helen evicted with a blindside
  20. I really don't understand why GM and Aaryn has such a dislike for Candice. Personally, I think it's just jealousy. She is the prettiest woman in the house. And she is Miss Louisiana, which GM never won a pageant. I really hope they all wake up and evict Amanda. I feel sorry for her. She looks broken. I pray that she stays strong. That house is just full with emotional abuse this season. SAD
  21. I agree. The biggest drama in the house is Amanda and they are all so manipulated and stupid.
  22. Me too. He deserves it after all the crap he put up with in that house. And he had so much class and dignity with a house full of snakes
  23. I loved it when Spencer told off Amanda and told her to SHUT UP !! Good to show her that he is not threatened by her. And he called McCrae a little punk...hahaha I'm rooting for Candice and Spencer Howard did great last night.... And he did not back down. So glad that he told Amanda off.... Go Spencer !!!
  24. I voted for Amanda. And yeah, that's why she wanted Howard out and were always saying that Howard was shady. Because she could not read him or manipulate him. When she and Helen are the shadiest of all. I'm looking forward to Helen being evicted too.

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