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  1. YOU are telling people who should be respected? That's the funniest thing you've written so far!!! Seriously, Shock , you should take your act on the road...i bet theres a few loons out there that would get a kick out of it!
  2. Oh please...Kaysar did NOTHING to Ivette!!!! Really, i know it bothers you that you're in the minority in your insane love for the "moral" friendship..and it must just tear you up that they're falling apart at the seams ..but seriously, don't make up shit...if anyone was disrespectful to women it was Cappy and his bossy attitude and his "lights out bitches" ...he acted like a dictator...and it was so nice to see him being booed on t.v....i suppose you think it was respectful to Ivette when Cappy said he couldn't stand her and needed to get her out of there but he was going to string her along as long as he could? Cappy disrespects women, but you would never admit that, right?
  3. Talk about grasping at straws! Give me a break...Kaysar has not been disrespectful to women! Eric bossing them around and calling them bitches....now that's disrespect!
  4. Hateful comments? LMAO! He simply said to think for herself...if you think that';s hateful you must have not watched the live feeds ...the "friendship" spewed hateful comments every night in their 4 hour bashing sessions.
  5. I have read your posts attacking Kaysar so many times and it's so obvious you have something against muslims...makng him out to be a woman hater and continually saying he cornered Ivette...seriously, Shock ...GET A GRIP...how dare you use someone's religion to attack them? You put that freak Cappy on a pedastal and praise the "morals" of the friendsheep and yet are completely blind to the back-stabbing they did to each other...Maggot and Ivomit both lied to each other even in the last days they were in the house ..Maggot telling Ivomit that April didn't tell her that Janelle said she was taking her when it was seen on the feeds ...Maggot telling her she didn't have a deal with April (lie) and Ivomit telling Maggie only some of what Janelle proposed to her. Actually Ivomit was more loyal then Crappy or Maggot put together. You keep saying how Ivomit did the "right" thing by being loyal to the friendsheep but it's so obvious that Maggot and Crappy just used her. When i hear the saying "there are none so blind as those who will not see" it makes me think of you.
  6. You're joking right? Maggie knows good and well that she will get the 500,000...she successfully had the girls work to get her there...were you watching the same show? Maggie has done such a good job of guilt tripping Ivette ..that Ivette actually chose her over her own family...pretty pathetic for her to just hand over that money to a girl she knew for 3 months...i bet her family is ready to wring her neck. I wouldn't blame them..she is constantly proclaiming her love of her family "they mean the world to me" and then screws them over for Maggie...she has to be the dumbest HG ever.
  7. This doesn't make a bit of sense...if Janelle really said that why would Tush say she likes Janelle? I say BULLSH#T!!
  8. Especially since the biotch has said before that she hated Holly...once again..Evilette lies...
  9. It ain't over till the fat lady sings...i don't see Maggot singing anytime soon!
  10. You said it! Maggie and "hot" are two words that should never be used in the same sentence!
  11. LOL! Maggie unbelievably hot? It's unbelievable all right...all i can say is "to each his own"...while Mags is not the ugliest woman in the world...to call her "hot" is hysterical!

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