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  1. Maybe they should take him out to the public square and flog him. Bring Aaryn, Amanda and GM too. Oh, and bring Elissa too, just for being a snobby, fake asshole.

    sounds like a good idea! :ghost: but you forgot Jeremy and Spenser and you're wrong about Elissa..she's America's favorite!!! :clap:

    I still don't understand fans fascination with Evil Dick.

    I thought what he said to AND about the other women during his season was vulgar and vile.

    Says a lot of things just for shock value.

    He's an attention hog and seems to get it from a huge group of people.

    To each his own.

    (I swore I'd never post about him again... oh well)

    me either..i thought ED was disgusting..but a lot of people like that i guess :cookoo:

  2. Yesterday, on twitter, Andy kept apologizing for his remarks. He apologized to Elissa first, then told the fans how horrible he felt, then to Rachel. I didn't buy it for a second. He's sorry he wasn't accepted in all his nasty glory, imo. He didn't realize he was going to be so hated. He is sorry...a sorry POS.

    ITA just heard an interview with him on some radio show ..he really thinks he's the best player EVER and said he heard the talk but his mistake was not standing up to it??? WTH he's forgotten all his vile and disgusting talk calling most of the women in the house the c-word..his constant bashing of Elissa and her family..he was begging for us not to give her AF up untill the feeds went off...you're right he's a sorry p.o.s. :censored:

  3. Well, the hot Megyn Kelly they say is more gay friendly is taking over the 9 "o'clock spot pushing out Hannity so the Brit is gonna get a lot of comp. Rachel Maddow ain't got a chance. :D

    people watch Rachel Maddow to hear an informed educated woman...if you just want to look at a pretty woman..well watch Megyn..but you can't call that news :giggle: of course she would certainly be more entertaining than that moron Hannity ..his lack of knowledge makes me laugh :smartass2: but also scares me that facts never enter his life and there are people who think he knows what he's saying :omg:

  4. http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/09/19/big-brother-ginamarie-andy-spencer/

    they all try to ask for forgiveness...because all of their jobs are gone or in jeparody...do not buy it from any of them...they are scrambling!!!

    for sure ..i thought the people interviewing let them off easy ..ratboy saying he never said anything his one thing he did bad was not speaking up???? what?????? i suppose the 3 straight weeks of bashing and calling females the c-word was just fine? what a disgrace he is! and fatboy is just as bad! :censored:

    i don't want anyone to lose their jobs but i would like to see them called out on their filthy mouths..and i really think it's unfair that Aaryn got all the fallout.

  5. Too bad the numbers do not support his opinion. Also, I flip the channels but certainly do not rely completely on any Cable News.

    i don't rely on cable news either and fox is actually licensed as an entertainment network ..and it certainly is amusing but news? lol no way...the reason for the viewership? simple ..people love a trainwreck :popcorn:

  6. Julie said the voting for AFP was up 500%, not the ratings. I think that was BB's way of telling the cast that it was more than the brenchel fans who voted for Elissa.

    i agree and i love it if it p'd them off! as far as gameplay Elissa played a lot better than most of them..most were just floaters including the last 3! ..she outlasted most of them and played her own hoh ..something none of them can claim especially Aaryn...Aaryn played for Amanda ..Elissa deserved AF...CONGRATS TO HER :clap:

  7. .

    Fox News is only balanced from their perspective, which is very much homophobic and moralistic. Their core audience is anti-gay and would love to turn back to clock to the 50s (when gays stayed in the closes) or earlier because its generally perceive that humanity is not getting more enlightened\wiser\tolerant\forgiving\etc, but more corrupt and evil with each passing day.

    you are correct ...fox is a comedy channel in our house...we get a real kick out of those nutjobs! :giggle:

  8. Andy as well a GM and Spencer said pretty nasty things about Ellisa although I admit Andys's trash talk was far worse. Andy was more or less following the others dislike of Ellisa and if trashing her kept him on the good side of GM and Spencer then so be it. If, GM and Spencer NEVER aid anything nasty about Ellisa but instead praised her Andy would had ot said such bad things. It's that "mob mentality" that they they all had towards Ellisa and sever other HG's.

    Does that clear things up fo you Edieann?

    i get the "mob mentality" thing we saw a lot of it this seasom ..except i don't think Andy was following them ..in fact i think we would have heard a lot less of Elissa bashing if he hadn't started it...he was the culprit ..he just couldn't stop ..i think gm and fatboy more or less followed him what makes me mad is they got the fallout from what they did and he walked out free ..and he is still lying about it :censored:

  9. We watched Andy and we know who Andy is....a mean, self-centered person. And do we believe you are "so sorry for what you said about Elissa"?? No, we don't believe you. You meant every word you said...THAT is who you are.

    you speak for me and a lot of us :cheers:

    Anything said about anybody in the house for any reason up untill the F2 are decided can be considered gameplay. We (excuse me, I) may not like it but it is what it is.

    Not finding a sponser to host the wrap party is total rubbish.

    come on Stevea11..how in the world is bashing someone 24-7 gameplay?..his bashing did nothing for his game but make him look like a creep..between the last 3 of course he won..i don't think we'll see him in all-stars ..

  10. so true - Andy just separated himself from what the world saw - and categorized his behavior as game play. Dear Andy we watched you 24 - 7 and got to know the real you - not the one you portray yourself as. The obsessive meanness you exhibited in your non-stop rants about people go far beyond game play.

    You are not an all star although congratulations for being the first gay man to win big brother (sorry wish it was Marcellas - or Regan) . And the game you played this time - will never get you far - as we all know who the real andy is. Your conduct was extremely despicable and we don't celebrate your winning - we watched your game play. it was something to be desired.

    right on! you said it all

  11. very telling..because last year after the finale..Ian, Dan and Danielle F3

    were in house at "The Talk" day after the finale and engaged with all "The Talk" Ladies...today's show..Julie only showed a snippit of Andy winning last night..no invite to the set...think CBS wants to disengage from this winner and all of the baggage with such hatred shown...IMHO

    it really bothers me how ratboy keeps saying he was never a part of the hate speech and yet he spent the last few weeks constantly bashing Elissa and her family ..why wasn't he called out for that?

  12. Barf and puke, over and out

    :cheers: right on ,Fatcat! hope ratboy holds on to some of that money ..cause he's going to have a hard time getting a job..but YEA Elissa won AF!!!!!!!!! i am one person who voted for her because i loved her..i really hope she never speaks to Andy again after she hears all the things he said..i think he's a disgrace to gay men everywhere! love you, Fatcat.. :2thumbsup:

  13. The majority of us can't even name a Favorite player... just one that might be a little less offensive than another.

    AND if Elissa wins the America's choice $'s ... it's only because there were no other clear favorite HGs to vote for.

    i respect your opinion but i voted for Elissa because i wanted to ..i believe she deserves it ..loved the way she played and she did it with class.. :clap:

    The night of the bed-flipping incident but not why you think.

    BEFORE Aaryn flipped the bed, Kaitlin made a very profound statement. Kaitlin - "I feel like I'm back in high school but on the other side." Aaryn - "You mean like on the loser side?"

    At that point it was obvious neither one of them had ever found themselves in that position before that night. When Helen won HOH, Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin and Jeremy were hiding out in the square bedroom because the tables had just turned on them and they didn't know how to handle it. When Kaitlin made that statement is when Aaryn lost it and flipped the mattress. It was a very telling moment for me. They were used to be the most popular kids in school and my guess is they did their own fair share of bullying back then because it seemed to come too easy for them. They were confronted with a situation that was foreign to them.

    Like I've always said, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. lol

    very good post, Moxie ita! :cheers:

  14. I have to say my favorite part of this season was Elissa..she won comps and ran her own hoh..the first person to play the way she wanted instead of going with the "house" or Helen and Ratboy..i loved how mad everyone got when they couldn't control her..and she played without swearing or saying vile racist things or saying disgusting things or being an a-hole to anyone ..she didn't bully or make fun ..she did get her digs in when she was over the b.s. most the time she did it in such a way it went right over their heads..i loved her sarcasm..people were so wrong about her..she didn't miss a thing she just chose to not hang with people who behaved like lunatic children..i admired her determination to do things her way..now i can't wait for her to get AF and then she can go back to her lovely family..run her wellness center ..sounds like a good life to me :2thumbsup::D

  15. I am trying to set aside my dislike for these three and going on game play and jury reaction but it ain't easy.

    Worst mistake I can remember in this game was Andy not getting GM out in final four. Could you imagine McCrae's speech in finals? I played a great social game and won a lot of competitions. When I wanted to get out of bed. Taking him along was a no brainer for me.

    IMHO if GM gets to final she wins regardless of who is up against her. Ratboy beats Fatboy if it gets to just them. I think the 8 times on the block actually works against Fatboy. No one thought enough of him to vote him out! They will reward Ratboy for getting over on them, esp. Helen and McCrea maybe even Elissa.

    i agree with you that gm wins over ratboy and i think she wins if it's her and fatboy in the end..i think if Elissa knew how Andy and fatboy have been bashing her and her family neither one would get her vote..gameplay or no their bashing is just mean pure and simple and shows what creeps they both are

  16. Thanks folks for making this unusual season a lot better than what it could have been.

    Kudos especially to the LFUs that hung in there watching and reporting on HGs that

    most likely tested their allegiance to being a fan of Big Brother. :notworthy:

    And of course it wouldn't be the same if we didn't have great Feed photos posted

    to comment on and make fun of.

    Almost farewell time to BB 15


    Thank you from me too. :)

    me too! :hurray:

  17. If you're referring to the bickering here in this forum, I don't mind it either as long as people don't get too disrespectful toward others for having a different opinion.

    At the end of the day I always find comfort in knowing that I am always right and those who don't agree with me are delusional. :lol2:

    Edit: Oops. Reading your post again, I see that you're referring to bickering within the house. IMO, bickering is fine and to be expected. Nobody would watch if everyone sat around singing Kumbayah every week. It's unfortunate that some of the HGs felt compelled to go in the direction of using race, physical attributes or family members in their attacks, and I sure didn't ever see any reason for anyone to ever be called the c-word. I lose all respect for someone when they do that.

    yes! agree totally :animated_rotfl::animated_rotfl:

  18. While I do agree that many people see Elissa as a martyr and that they are voting for her due to that, I can say that I wasn't going to vote her as that until later on in the season for the following reasons:

    1). She was a beast in the OTEV competition and I suddenly realized that she had been holding back on previous physical competitions;

    2). When Elissa played in the wall HOH competition, she was a serious bad-a$$. Even though there was initial doubts on if her foot touched the ground it was clear later that it didn't and she got back on her step in one of the most thrilling moments of the season.

    3). Even though EVERYONE was trying to get her to do their bidding both as MVP (she refused to nom Howard) and as HOH (refusing to nom GM) she did what she thought was best for HER game, not others.

    4). She was one of the only players who put aside her feelings for a player in order to try and make alliances.

    Now obviously she made errors in the game both socially and strategically but that game play that she did firmly put her as my favorite player. I simply have the added pleasure of knowing that it will piss the others off and I am also good with that. :-)

    perfect reasons..i agree with every one of them..too many people refuse to give her any credit for game play ..in this season she was the ONLY one who played her own hoh..no matter who liked it and i will vote for her for favorite player because she was my favorite! :D

    I guess her lies will be told as many times as that story, her health problems and Nick will be told here.

    you know, if she didn't want to be talked about maybe she shouldn't have gone on this show....she knew what she was getting in to..if she wins she can get more fake hair and more liposuction


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