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  1. Where can i watch full episodes of 911/911 lonestar season 4 and season 2? Would there be a website/s where i can watch these new episodes? A reputable website where these episodes can actually be found? Or do i have to wait until the season is over to finally watch new season episodes?
  2. I live here in EL SALVADOR and have cable tv where i get the fox channel and foxlife channel. For some weird reason theyre not airing on either channel 911 and 911 lonestar! Whats going on??? Both tv shows have transmitted all seasons but 4 and 2 for 911 and lonestar respectively.... why is the foxlife and fox channel not transmitting simultaneously like all previous seasons where it was transmitted the same day like in the u.s.??? Whats wrong with the fox network in transmitting these 2 shows internationally to here in el salvador??? Can someone please tell me whats happening here? Thank you.

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